AOC Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene Calling Her a ‘Little Communist’, Says ‘First of All, I’m Taller Than Her’

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to Majorie Taylor Greene calling her a “little Communist,” by declaring “first of all, I am taller than her.”

While speaking at former President Donald Trump’s rally in Ohio over the weekend, Rep. Greene had took aim at Ocasio-Cortez, “the little communist from New York City,” by calling to “lock her up,” and claiming, “she’s not an American.”

“She’s not an American. She really doesn’t embrace our American ways,” Greene said while discussing the Green New Deal.

The crowd began to chant “lock her up,” to which Greene responded, “Yeah, lock her up too. That’s a good idea.”

Shrugging off the other comments, Ocasio-Cortez quote tweeted a clip of Greene’s speech with the statement about her height.

“First of all, I’m taller than her,” the tweet simply read.

Ocasio-Cortez is reportedly 5’4, while Greene is 5’3.

The New York congresswoman did not respond to being called a Communist or the call for her imprisonment.

There has been an ongoing feud between the two representatives for some time.

The New York Post reports:

In April, Greene posted a photo of the two on the House floor, adding “I’m glad I ran into you today @AOC to plan our debate about the Green New Deal.”

“After I finish reading all 14 pages, like we agreed, I’ll schedule time for our debate,” Greene wrote on Twitter.

And in May, Greene followed Ocasio-Cortez down a House corridor, calling out to her, “Hey, Alexandria,” claiming that she supported “terrorists.”

Ocasio-Cortez reacted by throwing her hands into the air in frustration.

Speaking to reporters days after the encounter, Ocasio-Cortez invoked her previous job as a bartender. “I used to work as a bartender,” she said: “These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time.”

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17 responses to “AOC Responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene Calling Her a ‘Little Communist’, Says ‘First of All, I’m Taller Than Her’”

  1. QuantumP says:

    excuse me, big** communist.

  2. thndrbrd says:

    Man to me the best thing Trump could have done was to release Assange and let him get back to the good work of letting America know what government is doing.

  3. Nyarlethotep says:

    lol says first of all but only states one thing. love it.

  4. Magster73 says:

    Hahaha! Classic AOC response. Her pineal gland is DEFINITELY calcified.

  5. LVIII says:

    We can only hope. Especially with the most popular president ever completely and totally large and in charge.

  6. Irris30 says:

    I would rather be short than a communist….

  7. Dale.jr71 says:

    Is this the female version of a dick measuring contest? Remember, they both now have a lifetime pension courtesy of our tax dollars.

  8. Chukui says:

    ha, yeah thats kinda funny.

  9. dylzz says:

    Keep up the great work

  10. Echrisinthemiddle says:

    She didn’t mean little as in height she meant little as in small and insignificant lol.

  11. Echrisinthemiddle says:

    lol what a dumbass rebuttal like a child “well first of all you’re a pee pee head…”

  12. Crusader2001 says:

    I wish they could just stop calling her AOC like some rockstar. She’s a commi, simply. Call her AO-Commi if anything.

  13. PolishMP731 says:

    Read a news story where they felt the need to correct MTG and state that AOC was born here, and therefore American. The issue is, AOC has 0 respect for America and holds no American values, therefore, MTG’s statement is true, from a certain point of view…

  14. Heathenairsoftnj says:

    Please stop saying former president trump. He doesn’t lose the title of president even after his presidency.

  15. riien87 says:

    You know those Democrats, always focusing on the important things …

  16. UppityG says:

    BTW, I expect Fairbanks to file an item sometime today about Assange due to this latest development (h/t CitizenFreePress):

    This must lead to Assange’s immediate release, or there is no justice in the UK or the US.

  17. UppityG says:

    Why am I not surprised that AOC objected to “little” and not to “Communist.” Notorious MTG keepin’ them on their toes. 👍