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Ana Kasparian Criticizes California, Newsom Over Push For Green Energy Transition

'Cenk, I Don't Give A F--- About Tax Credits'

The Young Turks co-host Ana Kasparian criticized green energy initiatives in California citing the cost to replace home appliances and install charging stations for electric vehicles.

In a recent episode of the political show, Kasparian sparred with fellow co-host and creator of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur over Californians carrying the burden of funding green energy initiatives in the Golden State.

“They just ban the sale of new gas powered cars or any new gas stoves … the technology you have in your home, the gas stove you have in your home,” Kasparian said. “If it breaks, not only are you unable to buy a new one but it gets increasingly more difficult to just repair it.”

Uygur responded by suggesting the burden was part of the “normal bumps in the road” in the transition towards renewable energy.

“Cenk, don’t minimize the financial burdens associated with these things,” she said. “Cause I am literally freaking the f— out about the charging station thing … we’re gonna take out a massive f—ing loan to pay for it. We’re not getting help from the f—ing government on that!”

“Did you guys ask [if] there’s any tax credits?” Uygur asked with a chuckle as Kasparian appeared unamused. “But seriously, there’s no government help at all to transition you guys?”

“Cenk, I don’t give a f— about tax credits,” Kasparian rebutted.

Uygur noted he was referring to Kasparian’s home owner’s association regarding tax credits or financial assistance.

“There’s been no talk of tax credits. I haven’t seen anything about tax credits. I should look into it. Maybe there are tax credits,” she continued becoming agitated. “But I don’t give a f— about tax credits because you have to shell out cash!”

The Young Turks co-host went on to say she wanted to do something in response to climate change, but criticized a lack of financial assistance.

“I don’t want the tax credits. Give me the money!” Kasparian said. “Don’t tell me this bullshit about how I have to buy some new f—ing thing cause the government’s forcing me to do it and then like after I file my taxes there’s a certain portion of that purchase that might be tax deductible. Like f— off!”

“I’m so sick of it! It’s just like … endless pressure!” she continued as Uygur conceded too much was asked of the middle class in America, to which Kasparian said the middle class was “the most f—ed group of people” in the country.

Uygur reiterated the need to transition to renewable energy, saying “we don’t have a choice.”

“The planet’s burning so we gotta go to electric cars,” he said as Kasparian gave him a disapproving smirk. “When California says, ‘Hey, let’s go to electric cars by’ whatever they number is … yeah it’s gonna be tough. But at the same time prices are now coming down.”

“Cenk, let’s not minimize the cost of actually charging those cars,” Kasparian continued. “So Gavin Newsom pushes for, and succeeds, in passing legislation in California that would ban the sale of electric cars at a certain year … Pretty soon you’re no longer gonna be able to buy a gas powered car in California.”

The Young Turks co-host further criticized the California governor’s request for Californians to not overwhelm the state’s energy grid last year.

Kasparian supported the 2021 recall effort of Newsom.

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