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Ammon Bundy Releases New Ad Vowing to Stop 'Perverse Assault on Our Children' By 'All Means Necessary' on Day One

Idaho gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy has released a new ad vowing to end the “perverse assault on our children” by “all means necessary” on day one.

The campaign ad features videos from all-ages drag performances, children at Pride events, and the Canadian teacher who recently sparked viral outrage after being exposed by the feminist website Reduxx for wearing absurdly large fake breasts with prominently protruding nipples under his clothing.

“Something is happening across America, and it isn’t isolated to California, New York, or Washington, DC,” the ad begins. “It’s in our classrooms, it’s in our libraries, it’s online, it’s in our streets, it’s in our parks — and it’s happening right here in Idaho.”

“Our children are being groomed,” Bundy says after footage of a child rubbing the crotch of a drag performer dressed as the little mermaid flashes on the screen.

Bundy continues, “Idaho’s governor has not only remained silent, he is actively partnering with the corporations, lobbying groups, and state agencies who have overseen this perverse assault on our children.”

“My name is Ammon Bundy, and when you elect me governor of Idaho I will protect our children and use all means necessary to keep them safe from this perverse sexualized ideology,” Bundy says. “It’s time Idaho puts groomers where they belong.”

The ad concludes with the sound of a jail cell closing.

Bundy rose to fame in 2014 during a land dispute that culminated in an armed confrontation between law enforcement and supporters of his father, cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. He made global headlines again in 2016 for his involvement in the standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge.

“I’m running for Governor because I’m sick and tired of all of this political garbage—just like you are. I’m tired of our freedoms being taken from us, and I’m tired of the corruption that is rampant in our state government,” Bundy’s campaign website states.

“We can not afford to have state leadership that lets the federal government bully us, or walk all over us,” Bundy wrote. “And it’s an unfair fight, when the federal government unlawfully attacks the people—believe me, I know as my family and I experienced this first hand, when we were unlawfully attacked by federal officials at our family ranch in Nevada in 2014. But we did not back down, and thankfully, like-minded patriots across the country stood with us, as we fought back against federal tyranny to protect our land and our rights.”

“I am running for Governor to bring that same vigor, and willingness to stand for what is right, to the state of Idaho,” Bundy asserts.

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