Allen West Will Challenge Governor Greg Abbott in Primary

By Hannah Claire Brimelow

Allen West announced on July 4th that he will challenge incumbent Governor Greg Abbott in the Texas GOP Primary.

West, who served as the state party chair from 2020 until last month, was elected to Congress from Florida in 2010 — during the height of the Tea Party movement. He lost reelection in 2012 and suggested fraud and ballot tampering had caused his defeat. 

The Dallas Morning News reports “in 2015, West was hired as chief executive officer of the Dallas-based National Center for Policy Analysis, a free market think tank credited with hatching such GOP policy advances as Health Savings Accounts and Roth IRAs. In less than two years, the nonprofit was bankrupt. A chief financial officer hired during West’s tenure embezzled more than $600,000, and the board ended up accusing West of mismanagement.”

Reportedly, West considered challenging Senator Marco Rubio in 2016 but ultimately decided against it. 

The retired Army Officer has been critical of Governor Abbott. He has even joined protesters at the Open Texas Rally in front of the Governor’s mansion decrying coronavirus policies and restrictions.

“In September, West and others escalated their feud with Abbott by filing a lawsuit straight to the Texas Supreme Court looking to stop the governor’s six-day extension of early voting. They argue Abbott was not authorized to do so without input from the state Legislature, which is out of session this year and won’t meet again until January,” KXAN wrote at the time. 

Speaking at the Sojourn Church in Carrolton, Texas, West invoked his faith and his patriotism saying “Let’s stand up for God, for country and for Texas” after announcing his intention to enter the race.

In a video posted to his Twitter page after the service, West pledged to fight against the ‘Green New Deal,’ to secure the southern border, and to address human sex trafficking in Texas. 

He is, by all accounts, in for a tough fight.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is up for a third term and may also be eyeing a 2024 presidential bid, has already locked up the endorsement of Donald Trump — whose voters West would need to have any shot at winning a GOP primary in Texas,” said AP News.

Abbott is known for his fundraising abilities. Even with concerns over his handling of COVID-19 restrictions, he already had over $40 million raised at the start of the year.   

In addition to West, Senator Don Huffines and Blaze TV host Chad Prather have announced plans to challenge Abbott in 2022. 

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16 responses to “Allen West Will Challenge Governor Greg Abbott in Primary”

  1. VedderV says:

    As a Texan myself, Greg Abbott is weak, I hope Trump reverses course with his endorsement. I look forward to voting for Col. Allen West

  2. I will be voting for Allen West. Abbott went way too far with the covid restrictions in trying to please the liberals.

  3. Wolv256 says:

    I had never heard of him until I saw him on Timcast IRL. Big fan. I dislike all politicians, but this dude was rad.

  4. UppityG says:

    I WILL vote for West over Abbott. When Abbott declared GAB anti-Semitic I was floored. Nah. Been a fan of Col West for years now, so he’s got my vote.

  5. BigJoe77 says:

    Allen West 2024

  6. cutter says:

    I want a bumper sticker that says “White Supremacist For Allen West.” Ponder that one a while.

  7. Viewtifuljoe says:


  8. Vmanzo says:

    I live in San Antonio. And I LOVEEEEE THIS IDEA

  9. roflo1804 says:

    Hopefully he wins the primary. I like the guy even more since he came on the show. Maybe you can have him back on as the race heats up. I’m not a Texas resident, but he’d have my vote if I was.

  10. MontyLalado says:


  11. MontyLalado says:


  12. Jaysindix says:

    I like West. I okay with Abbott.

    Im from Texas. Id prefer someone i dependent like West

  13. Olquin says:

    Abbott did better than many governors but “Do you believe Gov. Abbott is better for Texas than Allen West is the question Texans should ask themselves?”, if you are voting in the Republican primary, I believe even if Allen West just get a sizeable vote (say like 30%) it will send a message loud and clear.

  14. Scootouchard says:

    Greg Abbott seems too much like a deep state sleeper. Any governor that ordered shutdowns and mask mandates should be removed as they believe they have power beyond the Constitution and can violate your rights by decree.

  15. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    I love Allen West, but I also like Greg Abbott as well. Abbott’s response to the coof wasn’t terrible but I did see a few long standing restaurants (ex: New Braunfels Smokehaus- opened in 1945 as a shop and then again in 1952 as a restaurant, closed August 7 2020) and movie theaters (Alamo Drafthouse) close their doors for good. So I can see how his Covid policies hurt fellow Texans. Barring 2020, I also know Abbott has done good for the state of Texas (where I live) and out economy. I’ll look into Allen West though, I saw him on Timcast IRL and already like what he has to say and what he’s done in Texas as well. Allen West has been very instrumental in fighting against sex trafficking in Texas and our state is that much safer because of it. So in deciding between Abbott and West, I’ll have to do my research.

  16. MINI says:

    After seeing him on the show and listening to him first hand I’ll be interested to see how that goes for him.

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