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Alex Jones Joins Steven Crowder's Mug Club Network

Jones: ‘This Is True Leadership And History That We're Watching Right Now Today'

Infowars‘ Alex Jones will host a new show on former BlazeTV host and comedian Steven Crowder’s Mug Club network.

Crowder, who signed an exclusive deal with video streaming service Rumble in March, announced the launch of his Mug Club network last week. The network will feature shows from Crowder, along with fellow comedians Nick Di Paolo, Bryan Callen, and YouTuber Mrgunsngear.

The network has been dubbed “The Replatforming.”

During Tuesday’s Replatforming Conference, Crowder revealed the Infowars host would host a new show on the network.

“I’ve not been this excited ever!” Jones exclaimed during the announcement.

Jones detailed his previous relationship with the comedian saying Crowder saw the Infowars host’s initial deplatforming as a danger to free speech.

“It’s that type of instinctive courage that I really respect,” Jones said, adding himself and Crowder had become good friends.

Jones said his work with Infowars would continue during his collaboration with Crowder’s network.

“We don’t just have the left, and the globalists, and big tech, and the intelligence agencies,” Jones said regarding efforts made to censor information on social media platforms. “It’s the big think tanks … that are so-called ‘conservative’ that have billions of dollars over the last decade to buy and control the populist, nationalist, common sense capitalist movement that this country was founded on that made it the apple of the world’s eye.”

Jones said himself and the network were not only challenging legacy and liberal media but also “Conservative Inc.”

The Infowars host referenced Crowder’s public sparring with the Daily Wire regarding their company’s business practices and contractual agreements with hosts saying the outlet “interfaced” with Big Tech.

“[They] literally sit around in smoking rooms laughing at the conservatives,” Jones said. “It’s disgusting to people that have authenticity like Steven Crowder and this incredible crew.”

“These are real people,” Jones said, referencing Mug Club network’s affiliates. “All these people have turned down tens of millions of dollars to tell the truth.”

Jones insisted there was a need for an independent network that wasn’t “controlled.” The Infowars host praised X, formerly known as Twitter, for being “halfway free” following tech mogul Elon Musk’s October 2022 purchase of the platform, though noted it wasn’t without censorship issues.

Jones detailed Crowder’s intention to bring hundreds, if not thousands, of creators to “energize” the network.

“You are this operation,” he told the audience. “If you get excited about this, it’s game over for the new world order.”

Jones compared Crowder’s efforts with the Mug Club network to the founding of America and Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt.

“We don’t have to wait fifty years … to cross the [Jordan River],” he said. “We’re doing it right now.”

“That is a true American success story of dedication, work, not backing down, and it challenges the entire system.”

The Infowars host added: “This is true leadership and history that we’re watching right now today.”

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