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Alec Baldwin: 'I Didn't Pull the Trigger' of the Gun

Alec Baldwin will appear on ABC Thursday evening to address the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins.

Alec Baldwin says he never pulled the trigger of the gun that shot director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.” He will address this claim on a new special airing on ABC Thursday evening. 

“The trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger,” says Baldwin in a preview of the interview released on Wednesday. This is Baldwin’s first major appearance since the October shooting.

When Baldwin was asked why pointed the gun at Hutchins and pulled the trigger, Baldwin said, “I would never point a gun at anyone and then pull the trigger, never.” Interestingly, the entire scene that played out and ended in a tragedy wasn’t even in the script. 

Baldwin is also seen in the preview stating that he has no idea how a live bullet got in the Colt .45 revolver he used in the scene. “Someone put a live bullet in the gun, a bullet that wasn’t even supposed to be on the property.”

Baldwin visibly fights back tears when talking about Hutchins in the preview.

“She was someone who was loved by everyone who worked with her, liked by everyone who worked with her — and admired,” said Baldwin. “it doesn’t seem real to me” Baldwin added.

George Stephanopoulos asked Baldwin if the shooting was the worst thing that had ever happened to him. Baldwin said yes, “because I think back and I think, what could I have done?”

ABC is set to air the interview Thursday night at 8pm EST.

Hylana Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza injured in October after Baldwin discharged a weapon during a rehearsal that contained what authorities believe was a live round.

The incident, which remains under investigation, has renewed calls for better safety practices on sets with regards to the use of weapons.

Since the incident, Baldwin has been vocal that law enforcement and specialists should be present on any set where firearms are used as part of the production.

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8 responses to “Alec Baldwin: ‘I Didn’t Pull the Trigger’ of the Gun”

  1. zakki says:

    Wouldn’t matter if he didn’t pull the trigger, if that is true (doubt it). Facts as we have come to understand it:
    – Neither the director nor Baldwin checked the gun
    – it’s a single action revolver, meaning trigger Doesn’t fire a bullet unless the hammer is cocked. Therefore either, the director handed a long standing a gun with a pulled back hammer (i.e. like handing someone with the safety off and therefore unlikely) or Baldwin cocked the hammer.
    – Baldwin pointed the gun not only at the camera operator but also in along that path was the director.
    – none of this was in the script

    Sounds like a deliberate action to me and if this wasn’t a celebrity, he would already have been arrested and charged.

  2. MisterElsewhere says:

    I saw a snippet of this interview and felt the whole thing was like a joke. Do they really think most of us are that stupid? And I am like, “nah nah nah. You don’t get to taint the jury pool with your Disney produced interview.”

    Not sure if there is a law or rule preventing you giving interviews like that. Probably not. It just shows how connected he is and how Baldwin is banking off public opinion.

  3. MisterElsewhere says:

    And the award goes to…….someone else. Baldwin is pathetic.

  4. MassSkeptic says:

    I have the Ruger version replica of the original colt and I demonstrated to a friend the other day that there is simply no way to make that gun fire without cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. The pistol has a transfer bar that prevents firing in the case that the gun is dropped or someone wants to carry the gun cocked. The pistol has to be cocked and then the trigger pulled. Maybe if the transfer bar were removed an almost cocked pistol would fire so possibly that’s what we’re dealing with here. In any case whether Baldwin partially pulled back the hammer on a defective gun or actually squeezed the trigger he’s responsible.

  5. Retiredtrucker says:

    Has to be cocked first

  6. Cleffy says:

    A single action revolver can go off without pulling the trigger. If the spring fails for one reason or another, the hammer can release.

  7. Vashts1985 says:

    i can believe he didnt pull the trigger and it was a malfunctioning sear or something.

    still would have to cock the hammer.

  8. Skynet0225 says:

    Will Baldwin’s performance be Oscar worthy? He better put on quite a show. Guns don’t go off without pulling the trigger. Especially single action pistols that must first be cooked.