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70% of Virginia Dems Want Parents to Have LESS Say in Education, Independents and Republicans Disagree

A 70 percent majority of Virginia Democrats want parents to have less say in their children’s education, according to a new poll.

Meanwhile, 79 percent of Republicans and 57 percent of independents want more parental influence over school curriculums.

A recent poll conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today asked Virginia voters if they think parents or school boards should have more of an influence on a school’s curriculum.

In total, 50 percent of voters want parents to have more influence, while 39 percent favor the influence of school boards.

Just 16 percent of Democrats think parents should have influence on a school’s curriculum. Only 12 percent of Republicans believe school boards should have the most control over the teachings.

Virginia has been one of the hot points for the debate about the use of controversial Critical Race Theory in schools. School board meetings have been met with protests and rallies.

While multiple states including Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma have banned CRT from public education, Loudoun County in Virginia has repeatedly publicly defended their use of it — making it ground zero for this portion of the culture war.

A Monmouth University poll released last week found that education and schools ranked as the second most important issue in the upcoming gubernatorial race in the state.

Suffolk University polled 500 likely Virginia voters between October 21 and October 24, with a margin of error of +/-4.4 percentage points.

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7 responses to “70% of Virginia Dems Want Parents to Have LESS Say in Education, Independents and Republicans Disagree”

  1. Garce says:

    Looks like I have another topic to research that I didnt get taught in school. Big shocker right there.

  2. Browns says:

    “Suffolk University polled 500 likely Virginia voters between October 21 and October 24”

    500 people. I don’t care what 500 people say. These polls are taken on small sample sizes and when the numbers skew in the left’s favor, they plaster it all over MSM. I’m done with polls. Clearly they are not the correct measuring stick for society.

  3. Skynet0225 says:

    Well kids….what have we learned today? I’d say we’ve learned that 70% of democrats don’t have kids but want to tell you how to raise yours. A warning to parents, if you live in a large blue urban area get your kids out of public school. If you have to commute 90 minutes to work, so be it. These evil people mean your kids harm. Another option is to home school them, but you can count on democrats trying to outlaw homeschooling if it starts significantly hurting public Indoctrination camps. At this point I can’t see how this ends in anything other than violence. Tim, if you want to know what the next American Civil War looks like, I give you the former Yugoslavia with special emphasis on Sarajevo. Do a little research on the breakdown of civil authority in that city and you will see the end game for our large urban centers. The combat was horrific. Replace Muslim and Christian with the terms Blue and Red.

  4. prcntm says:

    Democrats are trying really hard to create a dystopian nightmare.

    I do not have kids (full disclosure so you know my biases), but I have noticed that schools are increasingly taking on parental burdens. I have had other debates on the issue and some possible reasons for this offered were that parents are working more and don’t have time to raise their kids as they have in the past, parents don’t really care that their kids are being taught familial ethics in a non-familial setting, and that parents simply don’t want to be the “bad guys” to their own kids leaving the bulk of teaching their children right from wrong up to state actors. I’m not sure I lean one way or another, but I do tend to lean away from the whole parents-don’t-love-their-kids arguments.

    In a nutshell: Families should be teaching children morals, or a personal understanding of right and wrong, while schools should be teaching ethics, or a communal understanding of right and wrong. Instead what we’re getting is that schools are teaching morals AND ethics and the family unit is getting left out in the cold.

    I don’t like this trend. I don’t want to give school boards even more control over children while simultaneously freezing parents out. I want school boards to be representative of what the parents want and run school districts according to the values agreed upon by the parents sending their kids to these schools. I want this because one day I will have children, and I will not be told by someone (anyone) that I am not allowed to have a say in own child’s education. And if I don’t oppose shit like this now, I won’t get what I want out of these schools when I need to use them in the future (assuming I don’t give up and homeschool my kids).

  5. Surewhynot says:

    Might want to add a metric here that covers just asking oh I don’t know THE PARENTS what they think I’m sure the numbers if you just had it being the parents on this issue would be way different for me at least on the dem side I feel like a good portion of them don’t have kids in these schools so figuratively speaking “don’t have a dog in the fight” so they don’t really care either way

  6. polaris5555 says:

    No. They just want OTHER parents to have less say. If the state was pushing conservative values, then they would want parents to have more say in education.

  7. frankaron says:

    The left has gone insane and this is another proof.