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2 Tickets To Hangout With Timcast LIVE! (Round 3)

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5 responses to “2 Tickets To Hangout With Timcast LIVE! (Round 3)”

  1. LetsGoBrandon says:

    Hello all. So I emailed Timcast about this but haven’t gotten a reply; I have two tickets, but my friend bailed so now I have an extra one. I’m not looking to sell it for anything, I just want to give it away because I feel bad holding an extra ticket if someone else can use it. If you want it, leave a reply!

  2. brandon_jang says:

    The current bid of $1000 is a testament to the great work you guys are doing; this is the type of stuff that people want to see and be a part of. Keep it up Tim, Lydia, Ian [and Luke]!!!!