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14 Businesses in NYC Fined for Defying De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate

More than a dozen Big Apple businesses have been fined by the De Blasio administration for defying New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate since the rules were implemented in September.

Fourteen out of about 27,000 inspected companies were hit with a $1,000 penalty for failing to adequately inspect their customers’ vaccine passports.

“We are trying not to get people sick around here,” a city spokesman said.

“The enforcement stats come as a new website touted a list of 61 businesses it promises ‘will not enforce vaccination mandates,’ an effort the city slammed as dangerous,” reports Fox News.

“For those who are unvaccinated or don’t have identification, the businesses on that website are the only places they can go out to eat with their family,” said the site’s creator.

“Is it dangerous for these businesses to be up there?” he asked. “Yes, it is. And we all understand that reality. We are basically handling over a list saying, these are the businesses in New York City that are not compliant.”

A representative for the mayor’s office released the following statement:

“It’s odd and disappointing that some people are crowd-sourcing ways to make New York City less safe from COVID-19. The vast majority of businesses have made a smooth transition to the Key to NYC, and we’ll continue taking action against those who haven’t. Thanks for the tip.”

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7 responses to “14 Businesses in NYC Fined for Defying De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate”

  1. ApecoreBreakdown says:

    Every business needs a bucket of tar and a bucket of feathers in the back at all times

  2. UppityG says:

    Weird. For the first time ever, a comment I just posted simply vanished. No “your comment is awaiting moderation” display of what I wrote, just, poof. Usually when I include a link, but don’t delink it first, I get moderated.

    However, I did delink it, so it should have appeared per normal. At a minimum, if the delinked link is still a problem, shouldn’t it be flagged and displayed to me anyway?

    Take 2:

    TIMCAST TEAM: Have you seen this Sharyl Attkisson report re how the Amish handled the coof? (Repair link head, remove spaces)

    [Rather than risk it again, I’ll just say go to Attkisson’s website to see her report]

    Herd immunity is real, has always been real, is many, many times more effective, dependable and durable than the _still_ experimental drug being pushed on us by our authoritarian electeds and appointeds for reasons still murky and disturbing, precisely because they refuse to advise the use of the other treatments proven to be as effective if not more so, because they never encourage us to exercise our own free will.

    It defies logic that there must be one and only one “legal” treatment, one that is so new, so unlike all previous vaccines that have worked safely and beautifully for generations, and that “requires” we be forced to comply or lose jobs, free agency, and free speech.

    And by “they” I mean Fauci all the way down to whichever authority feels the need to issue edicts “for our own good.”

    Including all the Useful Idiots on the left who force multiply Chairman Xiden’s authoritarianism by doing exactly like the run of the mill German citizens did — who didn’t critically analyze the propaganda pumped out by Goebbels — by snitching on their neighbors and passing judgment on the Juice.

  3. UppityG says:


  4. UppityG says:


  5. Westerland says:

    Could not agree more! Well said Uppityg.

  6. UppityG says:

    Except, he hasn’t defended the vaccine itself. He has, to keep from being silenced all the way, advocated repeatedly, ad nauseum, for us to consult with our own doctors and do not listen to online pundits like him about your medical care.

    Dude, go outside, you need a big dose of Vitamin D and actual reality. Geez…..

    Fuck Joe Biden. 👏👏 👏👏👏

  7. MontyLalado says:

    I hope Tim knows that when the tide turns against the vaccine, EVERYONE will remember he defended it to keep his youtube money