Zuby Member Podcast: Transgender MMA fighter Beats Female Competitor Igniting Controversy

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Zuby Member Podcast: Transgender MMA fighter Beats Female Competitor Igniting Controversy

147 responses to “Zuby Member Podcast: Transgender MMA fighter Beats Female Competitor Igniting Controversy”

  1. NeoN says:

    You know what’s better than winning at women’s sports? Not being a faggot…

  2. Snake616 says:

    I’ve heard this dudes name a few times but I’ve never actually looked into him or heard anything he’s had to say. Dude is awesome.

  3. LarryCanary says:

    Could we stop using the lefts terms and call the man in the ring a man or is that just something you say and not practice Tim?

  4. mainsoda says:

    Having a mental disorder about your sexuality is one thing, competing in sports when you are a man so that you can beat up a woman is disgusting. How could anyone do such a horrible thing just to satisfy their own mental disorder? It’s selfishness on a level that I can’t comprehend.

  5. bstim80 says:

    Ian, as a younger non-menstrator, was a nappy headed hoe. Confirmed!

  6. Bigly12025 says:

    Please watch the match before commenting on it. There’s a lot of foot in mouth going on.

    • Skynet0225 says:

      I watched it. The tranny waded through the girls punches like they were nothing. Dude actually lost his footing once and they made it seem like the girl landed a blow that shook him. She did not. He kept swinging haymakers looking for a knockout, and to the girls credit she managed to deny him the pleasure of knocking her out. But just barely. Once it went to the ground he flat manhandled her. The authentic female NEVER had a chance. She’s lucky she only suffered a fractured skull and a concussion. I doubt she ever gets in a ring with a man again.

  7. Tyson@timcast says:

    Oh my god. Ian “horizontal ” gene transfer. Ok ian i have a question if im balding and fuck people with hair why dosen’t it fix my male pattern baldness.

  8. s.sand@t-online.de says:

    Well, look. Women learn to fight so they can defend against men. Period.

    So, if they win against a ‘man’- hiding in dresses and makeup, they finally could share the bathroom with them. lol

    No, if she wins, I count this as win for huManity.
    Men are better at anything.
    Ever seen a he-female pornstar

    We can be stronger, more feminine and by sheer brainpower we build a machine which gives birth and does sex, … while Women develop Social Justice…
    Man can be ‘woman’, ‘woman’ will never be man.

    Let them be replaced by more or less feminine men.

    They can’t even secure their gender, shame on them.

    When States and Cities are gone, there won’t be sports anyway. Just Human against Human.
    Let trans enter their field and smash them.

    Dont argue.

    Let them sue the Sh*t out of themselves.

    Get some Popcorn and enjoy.

  9. joshohmygosh says:

    That genetransfer thing brings to mind the way women sync their periods when they live with each other for long enough. I’m not sure if it’s psychological or if its biological, but it’s a thing…

  10. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    Some of Ian’s ideas are ridiculously stupid.

  11. RockettMan says:

    Hey guys and gals, not sure if it’s on purpose but you seem to have your youtube tags in your timcast only videos (smashing the like button, though you have given the access to share)

  12. PresidentGaius says:

    Horizontal gene transfer is a fun way to fucking. Hey babe wanna go do the horizontal gene transfer?

  13. Mud911 says:

    Ian was glitching out lol. Understandable though.

  14. B3hemoth44 says:

    the horizontal gene transfer thing is an interesting concept, if you see people in a time line who have been in a long-term relationship they slowly start looking like their partner.

    • TimChandler5150 says:

      Yes, what Ian is referring to so ineloquently, which is not helped by Tim ridiculing him so, is the fairly recent discovery that everything they taught us about DNA and our genes was wrong. Well, not everything, but some very major things. Like our DNA changes throughout our lives, and it is affected by environment and stress. And I don’t think we know the full extent or mechanisms, but it is very possible that the people around us, by the behavior and the circumstances they help create that affect our lives, are changing our DNA to some extent. Our mind and our thoughts certainly affect it too, and it is constantly (I’m not sure how constantly, so maybe periodically, I don’t know) adapting and changing based on the world around us. Zuby’s joke about them turning black was funny, and it obviously doesn’t work that way. Or at least if it in any way does work that way, it must be through very minor changes that would take generations to become noticeable, maybe brought on by subtle adaptations to become more like those around us for safety purposes, if I had to guess at what possible evolutionary type of reason could exist to explain such a change. But I doubt that is how it works. We do know that when a baby is in the womb and when it is a newborn, if it is very hungry all the time its DNA will adapt and write into its code some kind of instructions for conserving energy and storing whatever they body can as fat, causing these individuals to have difficulty with keeping weight off for the rest of their lives. I think some kinds of therapy may help with this, but the changes made by/to the DNA in utero and during the critical first few months to maybe a couple years (don’t hold me to any numbers here, but I think ballpark a few months to a couple years if I remember correctly) are when the DNA is by far the most malleable or adaptable compared to the rest of the person’s life. It’s actually quite fascinating, and I immediately thought of all kinds of circumstances “they” would have said were just coincidence and impossible to have been traits passed down or gained from a parent or caused by other external influences, such as early life or in utero trauma, which I am now uncertain about. Considering how much they were so confidently wrong about, for all I know these “coincidences” could have been caused by DNA adapting or otherwise being affected by environment or mechanism previously or still yet unknown to science and most certainly unknown to public school teachers until recently, if at all.

      Ian’s colorful description of people “swapping DNA”, or however he said it, made what he was trying to say sound comically ridiculous, and I suppose Tim can be forgiven for mocking Ian, even if he went a little overboard, given Ian’s slightly less than stellar track record of arguing vigorously for ridiculous ideas without properly thinking them through–exactly like a leftist . . . contrary to all evidence or arguments in front of him–exactly like a leftist . . . even when it obviously and overwhelmingly disproves exactly what he is arguing–just exactly like a leftist. I think It’s fair to say that Tim has been fed a pretty steady dose of all that nonsense over time, which makes his reaction actually seem pretty understandalble considering the fact that we were all taught that DNA was pretty much fixed and immutable other than by mutation, which would only cause all of an Individual’s DNA to change if it happened in the very beginning around conception. And I mean, those stupid teachers even tried to tell us that DNA couldn’t be changed by a radio active spider bite or the radioactive, four legged turtle/rat to two legged, two armed ninja-turning, radioactive toxic waste sewer spill kind either, or the toxic waste exposure up in the . . . uh, yeah, anyway, only pretty much every comic book character that got super powers got them by mutation, which–listen up, teachers, you might learn something–almost all happened from some sort of exposure to radioactive waste or a radioactive object or some sort, like cryptonite. Yeah, they don’t fool me with that “only harmful to cryptonians” bullshit. It’s a glowing green rock of super irradiated material recovered from the remnants of the supernova that resulted in the destruction of planet Krypton. I’m not completely blind and ignorant enough to bite on their fake news style recharacterization of the the facts to fit their narrative, which is that this stuff is not harmful to humans, and therefore collecting and keeping stockpiles of it onhand to try to control or kill superman is not a criminally depraved act subjecting millions of people to harmful radiation every day in total disregard for their lives in order to keep superman from interfering in their little criminal enterprises and political empires of lies, money, and almost unlimited power–except for the flying space dork, who they try to pass off as some kind of super cool bad boy who goes out and has his way with defenseless women, recklessly gets in the way of the proper authorities rescue efforts and their criminal investigations, and is far too dangerous walking around with the ability to just kill everybody on the city in the blink of an eye whenever he gets in a fit of rage, which of course he does whenever he runs out of crack or heroin and can’t find any because he’s too strung out and sick to think clearly . . . It doesn’t take a genius to see they are Donald trumping him, and those space rocks are clearly dangerously irradiated, which is how superman got his abilities in the first place. But without the technology developed by the Kryptonians to deal with the radiation once a kryptonian has been properly radiated into a super freak, superman has no tolerance for any significant further exposure. I mean, just connect the dots. I may not be a super smart teacher, but I did drink a glass of milk this morning and stay in a Holiday Inn last night, so I think I’m legally a genius right now, so you all should trust me and believe whatever I say.

      But being a genius for a day has it’s cost, and right now it’s costing too much of my time because of it being my duty to inform the rest of you while I’m super smart. Damnit, I think I just wasted it all. I feel it fading. I was gonna teach my daughter how to read today, but now I guess I’ll have to wait until the next time I happen to stay at a holiday inn and drink a glass of milk in the same day. That could be never!!! You’re welcome, and I know–I’m too selfless, I’m sure. Wait–I think I’ve got a little bit of juice left in the tank:

      I’m pretty sure the actual effect of the environment on DNA is much more subtle and less direct than changing white people into black people. Pretty sure. Just a hunch. Or wavy hair into curly hair, unless you’re a member of the Jackass crew who was stupid enough to go to sleep around the rest of them. Ever. So stupid. I know that even when I haven’t slept at Holiday Inn or drank milk. Wait, shouldn’t I be getting paid somehow for promoting them? I don’t know, my genius must be flickering in and out. I’d best hurry.

      And I know that the effect of the mother’s state while in utero has a profound affect. Likewise early childhood trauma. Also it is important to understand now that your genes are not nearly as determinative or as hard limiting as we once thought (like it’s different now, just because we know it), and many genetic deficiencies or predispositions can be overcome with the right environment and attitude of the individual, such as genes for certain diseases may never activate, or mental illness that runs in the family and is in one’s genes may actually only result in that mental illness if the person is abused as a child. It is fascinating, and another major fail by the school system to teach us with such certainty, and even mockingly belittle any who thought otherwise as ignorant, superstitious morons. It would suck to get treated that way about something you thought, then to find out later the assholes were completely wrong. Not hinting that happened to me or anything tho, just thinking out loud, so to speak. I bet Ian thinks that’s what’s going on to him like 4 out of 5 days.

      Wait, who wrote all that crap in my comment box? I just wanted to know if Zuby is really a trans, and if so is . . . are they a he now or a she? I’m not any good at figuring out all these complicated things like gender. It’s so confusing. I’m so dumb I always thought there were just 2 genders. Man and . . . uh, man and . . . gay. Yeah, man, and gay. But now they say there’s like a whole bunch, and their like water that changes with the weather or something. I don’t know, man. I mean I don’t know, woman. Women are the fairer sex for sure, so I don’t mind saying woman instead of man. I know a woman is the female sex, but what is her–their gender? God, it’s like you have to have an Ivy League education to be able to understand any of this stuff. I’m glad people much smarter than me are in charge of things. I’d hate to see what would happen to us if we got taken over and rules by like an average, normal person. They wouldn’t have any idea how to handle any of the gender stuff, or be able to analyze all that intelligence and figure out that the proper way to get out of Afghanistan was pretty much the opposite of what the rest of us thought. That must really take a super genius. I’m sure glad they are there to tell us what to do.

  15. Mundy3780 says:

    I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the comments already or not (there’s a few more than a few to go through), but in the rat Utopia, ample space per rat was provided as well as food and water. While not unlimited, it was set up to support a population far above where the numbers began to stagnate and then decline.

  16. eclectic.field says:

    Epigenetics is the piece we’re missing here. Genes are not always expressed, but many factors can influence which genes we access and express. Factors like chemicals, hormones, pollutants, sugars, sunlight, thought patterns, movement patterns, your emotions, microorganisms that live in you and those you get from your environment and other people, the Schumann Resonance, other sources of electric and/or magnetic fields….these all have the potential to turn genes on or off. This is epigenetics–you can affect which genes are read and which are suppressed through environmental exposures and internal factors.
    You can consider how you have 1 set of DNA, yet many specialized cell types. Muscle cells know to produce actin and myosin, skin cells know to make collagen, hair and nail cells know to make keratin, etc, all from 1 set of DNA; they express the genes to make these proteins based on signals from their environmental–the body!
    The body produces an architectural plan through the “DC electric nervous system” as Robert Becker terms it. This system is distinct from the nerves which transmit via electrochemical impulses in a binary, digital way. The DC system is comprised of the myelin sheaths that wrap the nerves and the fascial network that permeates every cell. Electrically continuous, analog signals can be transmitted through (or induced into) this network. This provides the signal to tell the cell what it is and what genes to express. These also provide the signals for growth and healing and are much stronger in lower species like salamanders which can regenerate entire limbs. This is also why stem cells are so valuable because they are undifferentiated–when introduced to the signal they will form new cells of whichever type is needed.
    So the body is truly designed to have genes turned on or off based off of various hormonal/chemical/electrical signals–epigenetics. Other species play with this too. Ants spray larvae with hormones to assign them roles. There’s some great videos on types of super soldier ants that had been lost, but scientists reintroduced a hormone that unlocked this monstrous variety of ant that even the ants had forgotten was in their DNA. I wonder to what extent our crazed exposure to sex-hormone like compounds from plastics and pharmaceuticals could be affecting the development of future generations. What patterns of gene expression are we altering with these exposures and to what ends? Scary stuff. All of this not to even mention what’s been documented to happen when you put someone else’s DNA into your body…
    I’ll have to send Ian a book sometime. Tim won’t read it. Maybe he’ll get a cartoon. LOL. <3

    • Rawdog says:

      This, THIS is why I pay subscription.

      Tim is nice but not worth paying to listen to.

      It is so nice to know that there are other people with a few brain cells out in the world. (I realize that there are those who would argue about my own assessment of the number of brain cells I have…)

      This website and the infrastructure that lets me know that I am not completely alone, surrounded by zombies, IS worth subscribing to.

  17. RyanShhit says:

    Forgive me if this has been said, but I can’t help but disagree with Zuby about consent to fight. By that same argument, a woman who hits a man first would arguably be consenting for whatever comes next; providing its on equal grounds like fist to fist. I just can’t ever rationalize hitting a woman/female/Cis female.

    • Rawdog says:

      So which are you…

      Kapitan Savahoe?
      White Knight?

      You are just a bully trying to justify himself. I went 8 different schools in 12 years. I’ve seen your type before.
      Thanks for telling me your threat level.

  18. ZzirAng3l says:

    This Trans Dude is Antifa btw, check out their instagram

  19. SteadyEddy says:

    Tim really fucked up the evolution analogy. He said humans are outpacing evolution but that is objectively false. Evolution doesn’t have an end goal and people that use evolution in analogies need to realize this.

  20. Rawdog says:

    I have even greater respect for Tim now.

    Tim found a sad individual with early onset dementia. Right there and then, Tim decided that he would give this actor a loving home where it can spend its sunset years.

    If not for the courage of the crew…

    Think of the work that the crew has to do. Every day those intrepid men & women struggle to get Crossland ready for the day. Imagine the stress they are under.

    Is Crossland in a manic state? Swinging from the bars of his cage while flinging feces? Or just completely somnolent? Which combination of tranqs and/or uppers will they need?
    Then, after getting him dressed (&, hopefully, his butt wiped), the crew has to give Ian the daily script. Ian loves this. It makes him feel special…like an actor. Every day we see their heroic efforts.
    But we only notice those rare moments when Ian’s medication need to be adjusted. We’ve seen Crossland ‘having a spell’. He starts trying to conflate weird, wild stuff, then the aphasia kicks in, then the Tourette’s…poor thing. It is so incredibly sad.
    And dangerous.
    Fortunately, they have trained Crossland to obey a safe word (I hope they trained him ethically. I don’t like seeing the elderly abused).
    We all have heard That Word.
    Also, as a final solution, Tim has his single shot, pneumatic powered, tranq gun.
    You’ve seen it. It is disguised as an old timey flintlock. It is loaded with just one hypo filled with a huge dose of a formulation designed to bring him down fast & hard. But due to the inability to test and uncertainty of how his body will react, the dose may euthanize Crossland. Talk about stress, I could never do what they do.

    As I wrote the above account, I was struck once again by the grace, generosity and sheer bravery of Tim and, of course, the Crew.
    You all work so hard to make that sad, old, doddering, dementia suffering creature feel special…and loved…and important…like a leader.

    Thank you

  21. MitchStew says:

    The trans genocide is by their own hand

  22. UppityG says:

    No, mental illness is the right word, Pool. If you are mentally healthy, you at least are inclined to ask questions about something happening that sounds or feels off, weird, non-standard. And mental health comes in degrees. Some people are only mildly out of step, all the way to severely mentally ill and those people present in many different ways. Some will appear to be and behave perfectly normal, but their secret hobby is serial murder. Only a very few will behave openly “unwell.” A man who denies his own natural born self and dresses up as a mad woman (drag queens go out of their way to look cartoonish, which is insane) is quite obviously out of touch with reality. They become the Ideal Subject, as described by Hannah Arendt.

    Zuby is a top shelf human and we need a lot more like him. Great guest, hope he becomes a regular whenever he’s on this side of the pond.

  23. arrowkneeous says:

    I was trying to search for the womens world records for lifting but couldn’t find anything but trans world records. Does anyone actually know what the highest world records by actual women are?

  24. UppityG says:

    Just gonna say, when Pool brings up Curtis Richter and his shit experiment on rats, it just reminds me how sadistic psychiatric “experiments” are and it just makes me hate psychiatrists, psychologists, anyone in the “mental health” fields. For shit like torturing animals for days on end just to announce what any of us could’ve told them, and for helping governments to mindfuck their own people, along with military POWs.

    And it makes me wonder how Pool is gonna fix the human imprinted chicken problem: teach them to eat bugs. Because if the chickens stay vegetarian, unlike the chickens who know how to eat bugs, the eggs they produce will be pale, flimsy and less nutritional.

    • TashaSchlittenhart says:

      Read the book “The Men Behind Hitler”. Psychiatrists and “mental health” experts were the driving force behind putting Hitler into power and conducted the eugenics programs in Germany and around the world, including in the US. The Rockefeller Foundation funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the psychiatrist Dr Rudin. Evil shit.

  25. nicolemarie0420 says:

    Let all the Trans people weed themselves out with genetics. They dont need to be raising children anyway

  26. guzzi27012 says:

    Here’s one for Ian. They got rid of DDT for population control

  27. bowhuntmuledeer says:

    I believe they have shown that trauma can change gene expression. I think theyre both right, your genetics dont actually change, but the way they are expressed can change based on your environment.

  28. roflo1804 says:

    Side note: the genderly challenged blob with a knob ended its acceptance speech with, “my name is Ron.”

  29. MPSheild2007 says:

    This “trans” that beat a woman in MMA? So we’re supporting men beating up on women now? This is BS. Sorry not sorry.

  30. Rachael says:

    LMAOO @Ian screwing the black girl and his hair going curly! I busted Up laughing so loud I startled my husband. That is the funniest thing ever. Ian is a gem! His unirionic takes are the best

  31. c0de6349 says:

    Zuby is one of my favorite humans, i saw he was in states was hoping he would pop by!

  32. guzzi27012 says:

    Zuby is the only other person I’ve heard, and he said it on the YouTube show, that Hitler never killed anyone. This is absolutely true. So when Hannity says “ the rank and file”. Who do you think loaded the train cars up in Germany? The rank and file. Hitler never put one person on a train car. I wish he would have expanded more on this.

  33. cboyer6060 says:

    I had the same experience as you posting a COVID fact on a meme. I posted a comment on a local news article about “gun reform” a few years ago that was simply, verbatim, the Second Amendment. The amount of shitty comments telling me that I was an idiot or the typical “that was only before guns had multi round magazines” was staggering. My personal favorite was when someone referred to me as “a radicalized Trump supporter”. Anywho, keep up the amazing work!

  34. Rawdog says:

    OH. MY. GOD. History is rhyming itself RIGHT NOW.
    You guys were talking about the female soldier who said she would shoot Americans…
    Look up OPERATION KEELHAUL (you can find some quick information from TIK). When I was a little kid I would ask WW2 vets about their experience because, well novels and movies. I remember hearing some weird mutterings from some of them which didn’t make any sense then, but now…

    What had to happen to make that crime against humanity go forward…

    The Media controlled the narrative by censoring the stories about what we were doing to help murder millions of “Soviets”.

    There were either enough psychotic scum in the military who would do whatever they were told as long as they got to hurt people or, like the UK soldiers, such good little slaves that they followed WHATEVER ORDER GIVEN no matter how wrong those orders were…

    Collusion between the Western “free” nation leaders and the Communists…

    All of the “good people” sitting on their hands because they aren’t organized, most are weak religious types who will denigrate those who do what needs to be done to stop the militaries from carrying out the will of traitorous presidents and generals (they’ll be the ones ON THEIR KNEES “praying”), a bunch will pretend to not see anything and lie to live with themselves. The few who do try to do anything will end up on the trash heap.

    That happened…

    Look at who was giving the orders in that operation…

    • NoOne123 says:

      love TIK. That dudes coverage of WW2 and fascist/nazi ideology is incredible. It makes so much more sense to think of national socialists being on the left to the slight right of marxist communists then something explicitly right wing. There’s SO many lies and purposeful misinformation regarding WW2 its kind of unnerving actually.

  35. prcntm says:

    Had an online conversation regarding the new vaccine mandate being a political issue instead of a medical one. The conversation eventually led to me breaking down the math for the survival rate of COVID-19 in my area. The math was a bit rough, but it basically just took the number of deaths due to COVID-19 in my area and divided it by the number of new cases in my area (both numbers counting from January 1st to Sept 9th). In my city, the total survival rate is 99.325%. In my county, it’s 99.311%.

    I think COIVD-19 is serious, but I don’t really think we should be scared of it at this point. It honestly feels like ever since Operation Warpspeed produced that first viable EUA vaccine, the pandemic from that point has all been for show. I mean COVID-19 has mutated into no less than 7 different strains in less than two years, the vaccines aren’t 100% effective at preventing infection in the first place due to said mutation, and COVID-19 has been detected in animals that we can never hope to contain and quarantine. When this came out and we had absolutely no protection, I was compliant because we literally had no better option. That is no longer the case.

    If you are worried about catching COVID-19, talk to your doctor about getting the vaccine. If you are unable, self-quarantine.

    If you are worried about spreading COVID-19, self-quarantine and wear a mask when you are unable to isolate yourself from other people.

    Those two steps should be enough to mitigate all the problems this “pandemic” has caused.

  36. Anony says:

    The response by the MMA fighter is nonsense. If they weren’t bad at their sport they would be competing with the men. Just because he’s shitty at his sport doesn’t make it ok

  37. CylorDM says:

    I identify as a TimcastIRL member. I am going to cancel my subscription now. I better still get all the benefits of being a member, because I am one, cause I said I am one.

    • TimChandler5150 says:

      Perfect. I identify as a billionaire. People keep misgendering me by taking my money and not giving me their money. Perhaps you can give me your Timcast sub money and do your part. Then I won’t have to report you to the internet and get you de-shatformed. I bet if I tweet that I identify as a billionaire trans, but people are always being mean to me and hurting my feelings because I have a penis and no bank account, a bunch of dumbass leftists will probably set up a hofundfree for me and give me like 2 billion dollars. Man, I wonder what the Vegas odds would be on that? I mean–Timcast Member, I wonder what the Vegas odds would be on that? Sorry man–I mean sorry, Timcast Member! Please don’t make the take away all their methods of control disguised as platforms for my unique voice to be heard by people who who care.. No, don’t do that. Anything but that. Racist! Yeah, that’s what this is! You’re just a white supremist pizza, like Papa John, who can’t handle the fact that I’m more special than you because I negated my white maleness by choosing to identify as a bigoted, bullied, pathetic, and totally envied by all the leftists who never thought of it, Billionaire Trans. Wait, I feel it changing. Now you must call me Multibillionaire Fairy Joe Biden’s Favorite Uber Charity, Krystlyn Haley I. Methany. I think the trans is heavily implied in that beautiful gender. And you had better get it right, you racist fascist, you! And don’t forget to pay my income taxes on the money you donate to my hofundfree account when they set it up. I also identify as a non-taxpayer, but somebody has to pay the taxes on my gender realization money. It sure as hell ain’t gonna be this MFJBFUCKHIM.

  38. byrnedk says:

    The AOC “It’s Congresswoman” reminds me of “It’s Lt. Colonel Vindman” when he was called mr.

  39. Bittalion says:

    I strictly only will ever deal in pronouns that are biologically sourced and reflect biological reality. Pronouns are part of language and the goal of language is to impart meaning in the clearest and most precise manner. Nobody will dictate to me the words that must come from my mouth. My duty to myself is to operate in this world as honestly as possible. Objective reality defines life, and pursuing objective truths allow us to make clear the mysteries of the universe. If we allow the perception of reality in the mainstream to be defined as a subjective larp then we’ll come to exist in an endless cycle of civilization degradation.

  40. DionysianPirate says:

    Eugenics goes back to the 1920s, not the 1970s. Just lookup names like Harry Laughlin and Charles Davenport. Population control was being dealt with internally (Buck v. Bell) and externally (Immigration Act of 1924.) Larry Laughlin consulted Congress on the Immigration Act of 1924; he also consulted Virginia State Senator Strode on what became buck v. bell and Anti-miscegenation laws in Virginia. Adam Cohen’s book, Imbeciles, documents what was happening in the United States in relation to eugenics; Edwin Black’s book, War Against the Weak, documents what was happening in the US and Europe.

    Just because it started here doesn’t make the US an evil country. This is what can happen in a free country and we need to use that freedom to better ourselves and find our way out. I do not want to see this portion of history bastardized like the 1619 project did to the founding of the country. I want people to look at buck v. bell and see how easy it is to get wrapped up in an ideology. In the 1920s it was the science of eugenics, today it’s wokism.

    Interesting fact, the Catholic church was the only one in the 20s and 30s speaking out against these eugenic’s programs. Butler, a catholic, was the sole dissenting voice in buck v. bell.

    Also, the Banality of Evil comes from Hannah Arendt. She is probably one of the most influential thinkers on WWII with her extensive background as a journalist and philosopher.

  41. dr_d says:

    How about we just remove “mens” and “womens” sports and then see how it plays out in the long run. I’m sure the women would have to come to their senses and stand against it. Or inject testosterone.

    I say the latter is more likely, sad as that is.

    • Anony says:

      I’ve been saying this for a while now that the only inevitable conclusion from all this is that divisions in sports are erased. Then we won’t see any more female sports ever

  42. Fxs888 says:

    “The human” as Ian says is absolutely correct, after the dumbing down comes the removal of individuality. The first part of anyone’s identity is gender.

  43. SIMONTACCHI says:

    Say what you want about Putin, but he has successfully reversed the demographic decline of the Russian People, he literally paid them to have babies and no other western nation has or tried. With luxury and comfort the joy of a challenge has been lost, the Romans called it Luxus and it was what ended them, along with some Barbarians.

  44. Smokingburrito says:

    When someone on the extreme left gets very upset and they start screaming and insulting and cease to have a logical conversation or a rational conversation their face seems to change as well like there’s almost two faces there.. almost like they are possessed.

    • MrSooop says:

      Maybe possessed by conditioned rage-triggers. Maybe those superior attitudes toward certain subjects and specific insults towards “others” are set in a certain way to elicit certain responses to specific stimuli. “aka manchurian candidate type-shit” on a massive level.

      • DCDave says:

        Yeah and when their viewpoints are threatened [most of these people are never questioned] and they can’t get you to bend to their irrationally ill conceived notions [of which they do not actually believe] – they freak out and it is not because you do not agree with them but because they agree with you. Having to admit your “beliefs” are unfounded nonsense is much harder than continuing to pretend. They are stuck in perpetual childhood which is why they are for most part followers and betas [not leaders].

  45. Mattical1980 says:

    I remember getting into an argument with a relative in the oughts about Obamacare. The retort to my opposition to it was the same “how would you know, did you read it!?” I got 200 pages in and quit. When I mentioned that and asked how far they got in reading it, miraculously the conversation ended.

  46. Gonzoisfree says:

    Love the Zube!

  47. Sith4Brains says:

    Tim, transgender people are also removing themselves from the gene pool in another way at a rate of about 40% after transition

  48. Sith4Brains says:

    Ian, horizontal gene transfer is generally known as the missionary position

  49. Wolv256 says:

    Counterpoint: Boys rule, girls drool?

  50. Ty_Bo says:

    Watching women beat the fuck out of each other is sick. I said what I said.

  51. PhatPhingers says:

    Ian blew my ears out 🤣

  52. Scorpion911 says:

    Ian, if you never suffered from chronic pain. then you don’t know crap about the actual effect of legal pain meds. Try living in constant pain 24/7 for 20+ yrs and then talk to me about how bad pain medication is. Thanks to people like you, many people are suffering after surgery because doctors are afraid to prescribe pain medication, and chronic pain suffers are comitting suicide, because they can’t live with the pain. Do some research before spouting the media narrative. Over 85% of the opiod epidemic is people doing illegal drugs and not people being treated for pain.

    • the7tower7falls says:

      Pharmaceuticals save lives, but they can also be used as crutches and too easily abused. It doesn’t always solve the problem, but it masks the problem until it’s too late to actually do anything about it. I have very severe chronic pain and so did my aunt, same genetic condition. She did pain killers and I smoke weed. She died of overdose 4 years ago. I’ve also had 3 friends die of fentinal in the past few years.

      What Ian is referring to is totally legit. So many kids these days are on all sorts of drugs, dependent from the age of 4. Look at all the “artists” and “writers” in Hollywood that are on zanax and shit and stumbling around like zombies remaking old movies and failing miserably. D&D from Game of Thrones were laughing in an interview about how they were so stressed out about the show they had to get on zanax and then…well, if you saw the show, you’d know what happened.

    • Wolv256 says:

      No one wants you to be in pain, man, but be careful with opioids. You do you, but I recommend looking into kratom and weed, over opioids if you can. Kratom can still give you some issues, but way safer than most opioids typically are. Just try to keep it in moderation.

    • UppityG says:

      @Scorpion, truth. Far too many people will not truly think about all the consequences of their blanket policy ideas. When they’re young, it’s out of inexperience, when they’re mature, it’s out of expedience. (In Crossland’s case, it’s both.) Needless suffering is happening for many people because of the few who misuse a pain killer. What happened to the “better for 10 guilty to go free (to be treated as if telling the truth when they might be lying just to get a drug) than for one to be wrongly imprisoned (in a cage of unrelenting pain)”?

      If we don’t live the principles enshrined in the COTUS, and the Presumption of Innocence (currently considered only applicable to defendants charged with a crime by the morally myopic) and Due Process, then we can just keep ignoring how America is being hollowed out by her own.

  53. Goodwin1776 says:

    Statistically, strength is a bell curve (weakest men overlap with the strongest women). Male and female energies are like that too (a small portion of men are feminine and a small portion of women are masculine. But that doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

  54. ThorAsgard says:

    Alright the fucking a black girl part with ian was hilarious

  55. DrewishAF says:

    Honestly this Ian segment was the best if all time. All I want to say though is that this was a dude who bested a woman who didn’t hold a men’s title, like what the fuck are you even doing? You’re a dude who proved he could beat the shit out of a woman. Good job, join the fucking club. I generally have no issue if a woman wants to fight a man knowingly. Even if a woman isn’t engaging in sport like this, if she hits a man she absolutely understands what she’s getting herself into and, newsflash, those will only end one way 99.999% of the time. If a woman strikes a man unprovoked in a bar or something, she’s an equal. The morally correct thing to do in the eyes of feminists is to punch her in the fucking face. And who am I as aan, to tell a strong, feminist woman that she’s wrong? Now sop up that blood, I don’t want that sandwich to taste like copper or menstruation.

  56. JeDalton says:

    You guys are killing it with these guests! I’m not sure if you read this stuff, but great conversations that I hope continue. It’s so great to hear, legitimate, loving criticism of our culture even if tonight was a little dark. Thanks again everyone keep up the good work

  57. Scorpion911 says:

    Man fight men and women fight women. Any man who fights a women is a pussy.
    Oh I almost forgot-Fuck YouTube.

  58. thndrbrd says:

    Wtf are we even discussing this? Dems are winning! Let’s just all get together grinding in the shower! People love mandates to get injected with whatever, the dollar getting destroyed and pawned internationally.

  59. Thequaz says:

    I swear Ian is the dumbest mother fucker I’ve ever seen. Like legit somehow below mentally retarded. So you dated a black chick? Yeah. And seeing as you’re an art degree having druggy loser you probably crashed at her place right? Yeah. And probably used her shampoo and conditioner? Yes. So you used hair products ment for black people with curly hair? Yeah I guess. So you think that may have had something to do with your hair being more curly? Oh no of course not. She was passing black genes to me with her vagina.

  60. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Behavioral sink is useful when the goal is to condition those in the sink to act as operatives with out their knowledge to implant in the good habitats and corrupt them, and reduce them to vacuum to be consumed by another larger source.

  61. Lildav3232 says:

    Ian. The real woman was actually lighting up the guy the first round. The guy isn’t very good. But the strength difference was easy to see. Skill wise the natural girl was much better. Valentina or Amanda would easily beat “her”. Just like Fallon fox. Skills weren’t good but overpowered the real girls. Finally fought a decently skilled girl and got beat. Any half trained man her weight would destroy her

  62. NoOne123 says:

    Why does Ian need EVERYTHING to be pointlessly technical and, “sciency” sounding? Why can’t he just understand concepts described with simple words? What is wrong with this dude? He does this SO much.

    Ian: “you dont understand tim! people can’t just have sex! they have to procreate through a complex technical process involving the physical shuffling mechanisms of bilateral and bihorizontal compositions admist an occurance of intimate repetitive docking thus resulting in a culmination of epistemic and physiological climax that may or may not or perhaps even crypto-quantumly result in the end production of a newly created prokaryotic but soon to mature bipedal bio organism!”
    Tim: “you mean sex?”
    Ian: “i don’t know what sex means tim! What is sex? What does it MEAN? i mean you have to define what sex is otherwise its just impossible to know! Sex can have so many definitions depending on who you are. What do you mean by THAT? I CANT UNDERSTAND! NOW IM SCREAMING AND RAISING MY VOICE FOR NO REASON AND NOW IM UPSET!!!”

    Ive said it before but i legitimately think….Ian 100% for real might have actual autism to some degree.

    look i made meme! enjoi!

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Horizontal Gene Transfer, I was going to say is mainly a asexual form of transferring usable genetic material but seems not only are Prokaryote cells (no nucleus) using the mechanism Eukaryote cells are too. But the means seems to be an adaption to asexually reproducing organisms mainly. At the very least microbes were the main vector of such, though it would seem larger animals may phenotypically change their genes cell by cell in ones own body over time HGT wise, and the mutations wont transfer to the next generation. Though if all Marco animals use HGT compared to microbes utilization of HGT to VGT of the macro organisms, is still up in the air it seems. Ian may be on to something with his hypothesis, possibly something as simple as DNA acts as a wire for signaling using redoxing(reducing/oxidation reaction) allowing extracellular activity if electrical or magnetic to interact with the nucleus and DNA operations. By the way I love all the science words and science related topics that Ian brings to the table. haha
      3 functions of transfer (horizontally);
      Transformation – the uptake of naked DNA is a common mode of horizontal gene transfer that can mediate the exchange of any part of a chromosome; this process is most common in bacteria that are naturally transformable; typically only short DNA fragments are exchanged.
      Conjugation – the transfer of DNA mediated by conjugal plasmids or conjugal transposons; requires cell to cell contact but can occur between distantly related bacteria or even bacteria and eukaryotic cells; can transfer long fragments of DNA.
      Transduction – the transfer of DNA by phage requires that the donor and recipient share cell surface receptors for phage binding and thus is usually limited to closely related bacteria; the length of DNA transferred is limited by the size of the phage head.

      • canadianthought says:

        Even if this was theoretically true, it is not something someone “gains” by being transgender. But as Tim said, you do lose the ability to procreate. This was all a useless diversion from the main topic.

        I think maybe Ian was talking about if the transgender movement has a strong enough social influence it might affect people’s DNA via behavioural changes imprinting into DNA somehow, but I would argue that the transgender movement isn’t even primarily run by transgender people so attributing those changes, even if they were happening, to people who have actually gotten sex changes would be questionable.

        • NoOne123 says:

          There’s two ways to pass on your, “legacy” onto someone. There’s genetically(sex/procreation) and then there’s simply talking to someone aka memes(in the classical sense pre-2010). This was actually a HUGE theme in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. One of the main things the game talks about is that you’re more than just your genetics because the game has characters who go on and on about their genetics and how they’re all connected to a central figure within the mythology of the series. You can pass on your legacy by influencing the world culturally, passing on traditions, playing master/teacher to a pupil, ect ect. Pretty obvious and intuitive stuff but for some reason its still interesting to hear it said out loud? There’s that saying about how people die two deaths. One is the physical death and the other is when someone utters your name for the last time in the world. Anyway,

          Whats happening a lot within the Trans community is that a lot of people are being indoctrinated with ideology that i’d argue is traumatic in nature thats causing them temporary gender dysphoria and then you also have predatory trans communities that purposely go after young children through social media and feed them all this ideological nonsense to which they have no defense against because they’re children who are not adapt at how the world works or the philosophies being forced onto them. Mind you not all trans people are predatory but there are predatory communities. It is a thing.

        • Space-TimeCurvature says:

          Yeah a “phenotype”- the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment. I have a hunch it is social based transfer based on peer pressure, and group theory. People change a whole lot of their thoughts and attitudes to be part of something and be included, be noticed, etc etc, augmentation to body to achieve such is just an evolutionary step of social animals forming a structure of new avenue to travel to gain desired result as a group and not a solo unit, being A boyish girl use to be a tom boy, now she will by pushed toward chopping parts of her body off and be called a him, which is fine if they want to be a him, freedom of expression, the fact is the process of thoughts that moves people to this idea of dissecting their body to feel at peace in their mind forms a slippery slope. Being if you have Body integrity dysphoria should you have the right to go to surgery to get your arms or legs removed, is it truly helping?

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Ian is just a dumb (or high) person who uses big words because he thinks it makes his ideas sound smart.

      • jwschwalb says:

        I would argue Ian has the potential, he gets soooooooo close, but wiffs it at the last step to greatness. This intern means he doesn’t really understand anything or does and is purposefully confusing the argument.

    • William07182 says:

      LMFAO, this sounds exactly like one of their exchanges

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      NoOne123, that is a great imitation of Ian!! But he is just dumb/ignorant and uses big words because it makes him feel smarter.

  63. ImArthurGomes says:

    Kinda weird how all these mtf trans people are winning on their first go while ftm dudes who should be more likely to end up in sports are to my knowledge nonexistent

  64. Stephen Menard says:

    So thats why Ians hair is curly

  65. Kshthymyla says:

    Hey, when are y’all holding live events? I’ve been at the $25 threshold since basically the beginning hoping to hear about something interesting happening.

  66. DorseyWoods says:

    If they dig your body up 300 years from now… your dna will reveal that you are what you are. No amount of pandering or surgery will ever change that. Born a dude die a dude, born a chick die a chick… end of story. If you have a penis I’m gonna call you sir. Period.

    • Kshthymyla says:

      Trouble is, that only means so much. Biologically, yes. But personality-wise? Individual variation greatly outweighs it. If we had healthier expectations of individuals with regards to gender norms, we might see gender dysphoria decline.

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        Yup. Statistically, srength is a bell curve (weakest men overlap with the strongest women). Male and female energies are like that too (a small portion of men are feminine and a small portion of women are masculine. But that doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

      • canadianthought says:

        Even the most insane liberals never claimed gender dysphoria was a social construct, they have said from the beginning it is a medical condition. That is why you can tell the massive amount of people claiming to have “gender dysphoria” to become transgender are actually just normal males and females that have been confused by society into believing they have it. Children are extremely vulnerable to suggestion, and can be easily manipulated during puberty into being sexually confused.

        At the beginning of this transgender revolution gender dysphoria was estimated to occur in a very tiny percentage of the population, but for that tiny percentage who were born with this psychological condition we should be accepting and accommodating. (That’s how they sold it.) And now you have some families claiming all 3 of their kids are trans. Because the true goal was to target and confuse the young generation, more depopulation/weaken and feminize the west stuff.

        • DorseyWoods says:

          Absolutely agree… we need to stop pandering to it because it just reinforces the delusion. Don’t allow the child abuse of sexualizing kids and don’t use preferred pronouns.

      • UppityG says:

        @KSH, by “healthier” what do you mean, specifically?

        Because in a healthy marriage, a well-realized and moral man models male behaviour, comportment and values for their son, and a well-realized and moral woman models female behaviour, comportment and values for their daughter. When we let nature take its course (imitate the adult parent who you resemble) and not apply artificial “fixes” to it, boys grow up liking themselves and look forward to being men, and girls grow up liking themselves and look forward to being women.

        All the Inside Multi-Intersectional Gender Studies Invented Words to Impress the Chicks BS and Accumulate Political Power for Some Future Misuse and Money BS is just that, BS.

      • DorseyWoods says:

        It’s not even that IMO. Mostly just social pressures and like someone else said sexually confusing impressionable young minds. There are studies showing it happening in social groups among young girls and parental (usually mother) pressure for boys. They are being sexualized early and confused. They want me to use their pronouns but I refuse to contribute to their delusion.

  67. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    How did you guys not bring up clones .

  68. Jcisneros99 says:

    Media has called the recall race in CA in favor of a no vote. This was my last hole for California being a native and resident. I’m ready to leave but have no idea where to start.

    • Kshthymyla says:

      See how it plays out. Then? GTFO by whatever means necessary. If Tim bothers to reply, he’ll probably say he went there with nothing but a backpack. Or the clothes on his back. Or something-something uphill through the snow both ways. Just get out. It’s too late. And learn another language. The rest of the country usually trails California by about 5 years, policy-wise. Time to start shopping.

    • UppityG says:

      @Cisneros, ese, if you’re a conservative and vote that way, then come to Texas. What the DemonKKKrats ignore is that most common man Latinos are conservative by nature. Most Latino elites, the cheating elites are who trend socialist and that’s true here in America too.
      The pendejo Ds tend to hyperfocus on the Latin countries that have socialistic govts, and there are far too many of them. Spain has a socialist VP that wears a long ass ponytail.
      Ok, muy bien, never interrupt your enemy while he’s making a mistake.
      But if you do come here, never vote D, not even once. Good citizens running for office as a D will read the writing on the wall and learn to change party affiliation. If, that is, they really want to serve as a conservative with conservative values.
      Until we purge America of the D party in the form in which it exists as of now, we’ll always be dragging a ball chained to our leg.

  69. Hangover_Bear says:

    Ian says some crazy shit – and I love it!

  70. Brianziskie says:

    Ian saying his hair started getting curly when he was pounding some chocolate taco was the best thing I’ve ever heard that special needs adult utter😂.

  71. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    Henceforth, Ian shall be known as “Curly”

  72. Plaguen says:

    The dude could barely throw a punch and was special forces? I think he was holding back to make it look close or they really let anyone into special forces.

  73. Jrrush1988 says:

    Ian is a national treasure. 😆🤣😂

  74. UunholyBacon says:

    i know we should call biological males cumshooter’s and and biological women eggbearer’s. is that politically correct? menstruating person just sounds to vial.

    • Hunter_biden says:

      The Romans didn’t know their empire was falling, until it did.

    • UppityG says:

      @UUN, it not only sounds too vile, it sounds Orwellian. The people coming up with this crap ARE CCP agents, they are advancing maoism. Mao instituted the drab gray unisex uniform to make everyone a NPC. So exceptionalism and beauty were oppressed, because he was ugly and unremarkable, outside of his banal evil.

  75. munchhasen says:

    Finally yes yes this is the Ian we’ve been waiting for. Ian you are finally making sense. Don’t get me wrong you are a brillant guy but some of your other takes like on intellectual property rights are out there. We need more of this Ian and less of the other

    • UppityG says:

      Well @Munch, I’ve been wondering about you and now that I’ve read this comment from you lavishing praise on Crossland, I see that you have a hard time perceiving the world the way it is like he does, which is a pity. I’ll not rely on your opinions until further notice.

      No offense.

  76. Defiance412 says:

    Only 1 comment damn what happened

  77. FoxOFire says:

    Zuby is an ok dude…. 🙂

  78. munchhasen says:

    First yeah for booking Zuby fantastic guest fantastic show. Now book super lawyer Robert Barnes he represented Alex Jones, He currently represents Kyle Rittenhouse and he is a leading several lawsuits challenging vax mandates. He can answer many questions people have on the legality of them and what people can do. Please book him

  79. UunholyBacon says:

    yay no encoding