Yossi Gestetner Member Podcast: Why Ben Shapiro Vanishes EVERY Friday Night And The Truth About "Jewish Love Making Sheets"

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Yossi Gestetner Member Podcast: Why Ben Shapiro Vanishes EVERY Friday Night And The Truth About “Jewish Love Making Sheets”
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154 responses to “Yossi Gestetner Member Podcast: Why Ben Shapiro Vanishes EVERY Friday Night And The Truth About “Jewish Love Making Sheets””

  1. Sorceron says:

    I know that medieval Europe Christians weren’t allowed to do money lending but Jewish people were and with the building of a lot of cathedrals that needed funding you had Jewish people getting you know pretty rich and they were already pretty prejudiced against them. But because the Christians hands were tied and Jewish people are allowed to you do have them being a big part of the early bank industry in Europe and unfairly being targeted for that.

  2. Quiz525 says:

    Ooh! Seems Tim has read Starship Troopers! My favorite book.

  3. judisdesigns says:

    It may have been a Christian group you were talking about dining with. Before every meal Christians stand and hold hands and pray. At least in my Christian circle!

  4. Bignate says:

    Oh wow. I just realized that Gavin Newsome was really following a similar path of not sinning out in the open community when he violated his own mask order. I think it was stated do not “… piss on God” as it was put, but do it somewhere else. That kind of makes it less verbose and he did kind of apologize. But Still, Larry Elder for Governor!

  5. vivarium_asylum says:

    should look into Rick Strassman’s “DMT and the Soul of Prophecy: A New Science of Spiritual Revelation in the Hebrew Bible”

  6. Roseofsharron1962 says:

    Sure sounds like mormanism with 8 heavens. Blacka wetent allowed in. But changed it. Now allowed in to 1st heaven. All those wives cuz of different heavens.

    • Roseofsharron1962 says:

      The undergarment worn sounds like the holy underwear.mormens have to wear at all times. Mormanism is sounding more and more and off shoot of jewdism..wow

  7. Gsxxr4ever says:

    To bad I refuse to use Twitter or I would follow Yossi ..not Jewish ..but more ppl of faith should be pushed to the top!

  8. Bigly12025 says:

    Good episode.

  9. KDiddy says:

    Kind of off topic but I’ve been considering this documentary I watched with Woody Harrelson long ago. I’m going to try to vote with my money here. Here’s the deal, I’ll give this site a year long membership purchase for $50 a month if you get rid of the Twitter and Facebook icons for the members only portion of the site!? One time offer! Or, since I’m so busy now and have no time to really capitalize on my membership to read and write out my messed up thoughts in the commentaries, I probably cancel. You see, I’d support an “independent” news agency if it didn’t rely on a little birdie icon to be popular. Twitter supports free speech for the Taliban, you use Twitter to share your cast content, Twitter bans American citizens from speaking freely. I was hoping for the mystery stuff so maybe I’ll member in the future but man I’m having a weird moment where I’m like, wait, so this is how it happens… this is how I convince myself that I’m supporting a cause that goes against tech censorship by membering with people that use Facebook and Twitter more than anyone I know, and I got into it by watching them on YouTube which I do more than anyone I kn… fucking aha! Never in my life did I see myself… I mean the comment sections were always my diary. I got into supporting channels by leaving a comment, then I started reading others, then I started responding and coming up with more than just the, ‘good video’ response and here I am… three years later, subscribed to three (let’s be an honest man) good content creators that I watch for free mostly on an app I would pay monthly for just to skip ads while I half listen and play into a illusion that I’m done sort of special person. It’s all my fault. I’m up late finally coming to the conclusion that my life would be more interesting working for a defense contractor instead of trying to find direction in online videos. At least I can say my ICC career was somewhat during a pandemic. Shit if there’s free mental health exams after this whole pandemic is all over, I’m going to need one and some opiods I feel like. Maybe get some rooms with uncle cid and Molly and just touch myself until I’m comfortable being awkward around people again.

  10. Worm says:

    On its face it is anti-Semitism, But underneath it’s true motivation is anti-individualism and anti-meritocracy.

  11. wittyusername says:

    Did anyone catch the super chat talking about a YouTube video/movie titled “*something* psychosis”? It sounded interesting but I can’t remember the title.

  12. mainten84 says:

    Notice the spin the guest put on Tim, when Tim was speaking of living in New York, having a Hassidic neighbor asking him to push the elevator button? The guest smiles and says shabbas goy. The shabbas got is the non-jew that serves the interests of the new.

    Goyim does not mean nation. That is a spin of the truth. Goyim means everyone who is not a jew. That is not a nation, as there are many nations outside the Jewish nation. But saying goyim means nation sterilizes the contempt behind the only group of people in the world who have a noun, a name, for the entire rest of the world’s population that doesn’t begin with the prefix non. And the shabbas is the one who does what they want them to do for them. Spoiled elitist princess mentality.

  13. JPfaff1028 says:

    Really Ian???? LCD on Sabbath. Oy Vey

  14. matguerra says:

    So is the latest episode up on Rumble? The main reason I signed up for this website was Tim peddling that fact that the episodes would be up ONCE he gets banned.

  15. c0de6349 says:

    LOVE this guy, one of my favorite guests

  16. justingault1@outlook.com says:

    Small POC was contested, Ian keeps bringing up and he is wrong that all accepted it.

  17. CopperMike55 says:

    So are you going to upload from where big brother shut you down??

  18. CanadianMastiff says:

    Great guest, well spoken in his explanations. A real Mensch!

  19. Blade0351 says:

    Ian is a complete idiot on most things but when it comes to talking about religion, he takes the gold in being an absolute moron. His questions are absolutely stupid and his ideas of the religions are just stupid. I think his brain is just fried from all the drugs he’s talked about taking. I say it on YouTube and I’ll say it here, get him off Timcast. I don’t think he adds anything of value and he always de-rails the conversations.

  20. Pauldaunoras says:

    It`s so frustrating when they don’t say anything about getting pulled to keep us informed. Ugh!!


    Same here tonights episode is no longer on YouTube

  22. Septastic says:

    Yo, if there’s a private segment can you go over what was said on commie tube? Just a rough summary is fine. Was 10 mins in and it was taken down. Keep up the work y’all.

  23. DavidFlora says:

    Did YouTube just pull tonight’s episode?

  24. JoshuaRipp says:

    Today’s episode August 18th just got taken down… Can Tim upload it here?

  25. wcasker65@gmail.com says:

    As a religious person, I love my Sunday’s. It used to be the the stores were closed in Massachusetts on Sundays. When I moved to Tennessee i. 1989, I was shocked I could I grocery shopping in Sunday’s. There is something wonderful about the Sabbath Day!

  26. MKLonestar says:

    The Abrahamic faiths are actually Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There are a lot of people who do not realize that Islam falls under the Abrahamic faiths due to the fact that they use “Allah” more than “God”. Mohammed had actually been a follower of Jesus Christ before he began writing the Koran and started the Islamic religion in the 6th century A.D.

    • Kevinc183 says:

      He said as much. He just didn’t want to derail the conversation. Most people who pay any attention know that Islam is in the same grouping but they certainly are different.

  27. Shapeofevil says:

    I could listen to the ins and outs of his religion all day. Find it super fascinating.

    • Bignate says:

      Shapeofevil, I am thinking the same way. I am from Texas and only knew two Jewish families growing up. It’s fascinating. But he is also funny as hell. I love the way he finished Tim’s words “it makes me think more and more about.. “
      “Become Jewish?”

  28. Freedomluvr says:

    They view goyim as deplorables and are ok with killing children that could harm them in the future. They say all goyim would kill us if they knew what we teach about them[goyim].

  29. UppityG says:

    Per my usual practice, I watch the bonuscast the next day so I’m not fighting to stay awake waiting for the encoding to finish.

    Great guest, I very much enjoyed his sense of humor, his wisdom and his analysis of the current global conflicts. When he told the story of the tzitzit on the clothesline it was hilarious and very nicely illustrated so many aspects of human behaviour, at its best and at its, shall we say, too immature. lol

    I am also appreciative that Crossland kept himself restrained for the most part. Good, do that more, please.

    I also noticed the jump cut that others have mentioned. I believe that’s the first time I’ve seen that happen in any Timcast upload. Weird. Perhaps someone had to take a break.

    Would really like to see this guest again and for the bonuscast to be longer when so. His dialogue style is very natural, respectful and generous without being a doormat.

    I continue to request that the public podcast be cut down from 2 hours to 1.5 hours, specifically to lengthen the bonuscast that we pay for. I hope one it will be given more serious consideration.

    Nice job Pool & Crew.

  30. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    Geez, Ian. You are such an embarrassment sometimes. “Judaism is all about helping yourself”. FFS you just repeated the most basic anti-Semitic lie that exists.

    • CopperMike55 says:

      If there’s something stupid to be said, he’ll say it!

    • NERV-doc says:

      Also, unless I’m mistaken, Jews were not held out of finance careers, in Christian areas of the world, specifically because Jews were the only people around that could make a business out of lending money to non-jewish people and collecting interest on the debt.

  31. MattRam90 says:

    I am now going to practice sabbath hearing this discussion made me think of the benefits of the practice and the good it can do.

  32. Blairp says:

    Tim must be humble, he’s always covering his head….

  33. Latterdaygamers says:

    Rich atheist Jews do horrible shit, poor religious Jews get blamed for it. Your welcome, the last 5000 years of Jewish history has just been explained.

  34. SMyers says:

    I really loved this interview. I didn’t know most of this. 🤯


    Great guest and interesting informative banter back and forth… Well done guys!!

  36. CodyBrandt says:

    So, what do the do for an ingrown hair? If they can’t pull out the root, do they just live with it forever?

  37. Justino-Mids says:

    Never mind the a**holes n the comment section. This guest was awesome. Learned a lot here. And that sheet thing… hahahaha

  38. Pritzkrieg says:

    Crazy. I thought Goyim were cattle..

  39. jsnforce says:

    I’m not a fan of purely symbolic religious rules.

  40. Chuker2s says:

    Shout out to Yossi for being the first guest to cut Tim off for once from his continuous ranting 😂 Tim has to learn better communication skills like Joe Rogan or Lex Friedman. Two words: “active listening” Limp Tool haha 😂

  41. Usersproblem says:

    I enjoyed this content a lot i would like to hear from more religion talk like this

  42. joel1991 says:

    Tim I’m an orthodox jew from Williamsburg Brooklyn and I was your next door neighbor on myrtle and Nostrand. Small world

  43. Solomon_ says:

    It’s ShabbaT with a tët…… not a samëch …

  44. Cilantro Parsley says:

    Whats with the weird video edit/hop at 10:12 🤔

    • ToSwift says:

      Its very nice to see a brother on the show. You should of asked him about Jewish relationships between man and wife, it would have been a interesting convocation.

  45. Zazen says:

    Wow, I didn’t know anything about Judaism before I watched this conversation. I kinda wanna convert now lol. The structure and discipline is attractive.

  46. NoOne123 says:

    oh hey he mentioned the Talmud. I wonder if that book says anything about Jesus Christ?

  47. Koko says:

    When you remove religion from your life you also remove a portion or a big piece of history as well. The ignorance in religion at least towards Christianity is not only if god is real or not although that certainly plays a huge part in it. We all know how people who are ignorant to history turn out.

  48. Headrock says:

    Live as a secular Jew (or anything other than a Hassidic Jew) in a predominantly Hassidic neighbourhood in Israel, where they have substantial institutional power, and you will VERY QUICKLY learn that much of what he said here was bullshit. At best you’ll be INTIMIDATED to leave, and it can (and will) reach VIOLENCE if you don’t conform to all demands.

    The only reason Hassidic Jews in NY can keep pretending they’re so nice and harmless is solely because they’re a relatively powerless minority that has to be wary of angering the powers that be.

    • Solomon_ says:

      As a former member of the IDF, (Golani ,51/gadsar from 2014-2016) I’m gonna call bull shit. I’ve heard stories about this a whole bunch living in Israel and after I went back for my service there.

      Those stories are just journalist starting shit because nothing happens negative among Jewish to Jewish. Well things that are police worthy don’t. It was like that in tzefat, it’s like that in meyasharim.

      Understand that when we would do briefings for interacting with other soldiers in the field, we would have to know what we all had in to the T. not cuz it was uniform code but because hamas would dress up like us and try and bomb us.

      I can’t begin to tell you how many hich hikers were killed because of this tactic. Think about that for a second…. In Israel the culture is so good to each other that you can get in a car with another complete stranger from one side of the country to the other. I’ve done that before…. But….. terrorist do terrorist acts and unfortunately it is hard to come back from a lie.

      • Headrock says:

        Well I’ve been living in Jerusalem for over 40 years, and I’ve not only seen it with my own eyes a hundred times (not to mention once every single Friday evening when they blast Hassidic music into your window for 15 minutes to let you know exactly who is in charge), but have been pushed out of my old neighbourhood by the encroachment. And that’s not to mention people I know personally from places like Bet Shemesh who were literally afraid to let their kids out of the house and had to leave the town altogether. Your three years of service notwithstanding, even life-long Israelis who don’t live in these places have no idea what’s going on. And then it arrives in their neighbourhood, and it’s already too late.

  49. battygirlrachel@gmail.com says:

    this was one of my fav guests, he pushed back when he needed to and was rather polite about it. made for a great conversation! the after show was worth the wait. I now know a little more about Judaism.

  50. joea says:


  51. BREESE says:

    BOOOOOO we want the ghost show BOOOOOOO

  52. VannicWolf says:

    Jews are sexy.

  53. Goodwin1776 says:

    Excellent guest!

  54. brandon_jang says:

    Yossi doesn’t mention that the Sabbath starts and ends with the sunset (rather than the modern convention of sunrise) because in the Biblical tradition, the universe starts in darkness – as described in Genesis. He also doesn’t mention the importance of observing the Sabbath as an act of imitating God, who rested on the 7th day, and in order to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, in contrast to animals, who have to toil every day. This insight and other excellent commentary on the Torah (the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible), is set forth in Dennis Prager’s excellent Rational Bible series.

    For the record, Yossi is great! I merely wanted to point out somethings that he takes for granted that lesser informed individuals such as myself didn’t previously appreciate.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Thanks! 🙂

    • brandon_jang says:

      On the blood libel, Yossi doesn’t mention that it’s prohibited for Jews and non-Jews alike to consume blood – from humans or otherwise, as set forth in the Noahide laws, as understood in the Jewish tradition. This understanding would make the blood libel absurd on its face. Again, not a promo, but Prager’s Rational Bible Series makes these things clear.

      I suppose my commentary is more reflective on my previous (and I suspect the general American ignorance among millennials and Gen Z) ignorance of key Biblical concepts than of Yossi’s baseline assumptions of Biblical knowledge.

      • KMerckCPA says:

        I just looked up blood libel. Didnt know what it was, but it’s a ridiculous belief because jews aren’t allowed to eat blood! It’s right there in the Bible just read it!

  55. MrSooop says:

    Food supply shortages now at Jack in the Box restaurants.

  56. MiriamtheLevite says:

    One of my favorite guests, Yossi is awesome. I grew up always knowing I was a Jew, but never religious or even cultural. In my late 30s I decided to explore Judaism and found my home. He’s right about the commitment it takes. It’s a dedication to following G-d’s laws every moment in every situation, regardless of the temptations. That is not easy, but is worthwhile, for it gives purpose and meaning to life.

  57. Turk_Longwell says:

    Yossi is Legit.
    He makes ya think.
    He has good points.
    I appreciate his perspective.

  58. Sc0rp10N says:

    We all know the queue when Tim gets tired. Maybe we keep the discussion going?

  59. DavidJay says:

    What’s up with the jump cuts in this one?

  60. UunholyBacon says:

    lol leave it to Ian to break the f bomb while talking about holy tradition. this was actually very informative I’ve highly enjoyed this chat.

  61. Turk_Longwell says:

    We need to not worry about overseas. We need to worry about the homeland.
    It seems every couple months, in 2021, that we have to start to worry about some other country for some reason or another.
    Fuck that!
    If we don’t focus at home then we’ll be just like these other countries.
    Speak Up and Speak Out.

  62. Kashatka says:

    Video error…

  63. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    video no load says error

  64. Inspectorwilliams says:

    Ben Shapiro disappears every Friday night because he is getting busy.


  65. Enclyclo says:

    Barack Obama Released The 5 Taliban Generals Who Are Now Taking Kabul

  66. RichLumetta says:


  67. Killerbill8 says:

    And so they encoding has begun

  68. ajr5244 says:

    anyone else still getting ads eventhough we’re members?

  69. Ericmcdonkey says:

    Why is there no UFO to spin while we await the encodening

  70. Stevenesparza577 says:

    Life’s a garden. Dig it

  71. TheDarkworld says:

    Anyone notice the recent spike in antisemitism and general ZOG nonsense on Memeology’s comment section? They’re tryin hard to shut him down.

    • Brett_Aint_Dead says:

      Memology 102 , in case your not following . Such a good channel .

    • AvengerXP says:

      Saying you hate jews is not antisemitic any way more that saying you dislike islamists is islamophobia. Antisemitism would be active steps in making sure that the jewish culture does not spread or that the jewish people do not thrive.

      • TheDarkworld says:

        Ok welly point is if I posted a clown emoji it would be gone in seconds

      • JTSmith says:

        Yeah hating someone solely on the basis of race is racist, and hating a Jew on the basis of their race and or religion is antisemitic.
        Definition: Antisemitism – hostility toward, discrimination, or prejudice against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.

        Looks like we found ourselves a bigot boys!

        • Justino-Mids says:

          If what he were saying was about race then you might have a point. He was not referring to race. He even pointed that out with a direct comparison.
          Read more of that dictionary.

          • TheDarkworld says:

            Not all Israelis are Jews I understand you there, but discriminating against someone’s religion still breaks the TOS and basically any employment contract so your point is a nothin burger

  72. Ericmcdonkey says:

    So Ami still waiting
    For this world to stop hating

  73. UunholyBacon says:

    encoding…. add more graphene or something