Kyle Becker Members Podcast: White Americans DROP By 20 Million, Nearly 10% Decline, But American Is One Of The LEAST Racist Countries

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Kyle Becker Members Podcast: White Americans DROP By 20 Million, Nearly 10% Decline, But American Is One Of The LEAST Racist Countries
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282 responses to “Kyle Becker Members Podcast: White Americans DROP By 20 Million, Nearly 10% Decline, But American Is One Of The LEAST Racist Countries”

  1. says:

    Ian is off base as per usual. Generational wealth is normally lost by the people who inherit it.
    70% of families lose inherited wealth by the 2nd generation, 90% by the 3rd.

    It’s also strange how Ian keeps claiming the money is finite considering how often he complains about the Fed. I think it’s more evidence that Ian attaches himself to an idea and repeats it without doing any research.

    It’s like how he keeps repeating the obvious CCP misinformation that COVID is in frozen food. Timcast needs to invite an actual graphene expert so Ian can learn how uninformed he is.

    Adams’s ability to admit he is wrong and learn is what made him better, Ian is a poor replacement.

  2. JamoeCW says:

    damn, Ian did great. the guy’s response was to blanketly applied British values to all of Europe. it shows how little he knows about history.

  3. D-man2233 says:

    Get Em Lydia!!!!!! She came in and dropped a TRUTH BOMB!!!!!

  4. rancidl says:

    No Ian. I grew up poor, way under the poverty level in the USA. We ate crap and were starving most of the time. Even though I received school lunches because I was that poor, I refused to eat them because the lunch ladies were so mean to me the first couple times I tried to get lunch. I chose to starve sometimes. I have an IQ over 160. I’m successful in life. Very much like some of the guest you’ve spoken to on the show like the defector from North Korea who also starved most of her life.

    STOP HAVING REDUCTIONIST THINKING. Think larger, upward. It will change your life. You will also stop talking as much and coming to bad conclusions. Lately you have turned into an authoritarian, sound ignorant speaking on topics you know nothing about but have ego towards for some reason, are tending towards being a little racist, and continue to yell to get your point across when others disagree. Please, please, please… change your thinking.

    • rancidl says:

      Also, another point. I have known children born into millionaire families and they too, can work hard. Sometimes, they work even harder than the average Joe because they understand money in a way that is not based on consumerism or materiality – they truly understand it.

  5. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    The Left convinced generations of women to forgo being a wife and mother and to instead become wage slaves that have tons of meaningless sex and multiple abortions by 25. They also run abortion mills in black communities. There’s your population decrease.

  6. Leeann says:

    I love how Tim & Ian can go from screaming to completely calm in a matter of seconds! Amazing!

  7. ItsNeriku says:

    I rather enjoyed the argument. It’s nice to see that Tim isn’t in an echo chamber. Differences in opinion help us all stay sharp. If we can’t disagree then how can we better understand our points of view?

  8. RRBB says:

    Ian once again single-handedly makes the title meaningless by derailing the video into and endless rabbit hole with a black hole of meaninglessness at the bottom. Bravo.

    • Uselesshumor2010 says:

      I was born into severe poverty. My friends were born into wealthy families. I am successful they are not. If you are given everything you lack drive and heart. If you struggle and keep fighting you will eventually succeed. If wealth and gentics was all that it took why isnt micheal jordons son the next best basketball player. I believe all greatness comes from struggle.. you dont get strong unless you lift weights. They say necessity is the mother of invention i say desperatation is its father. So many people come from nothing it has more to do with drive and determination then wealth. Look at all the immigrants that come here with the clothes on thier backs and make it. I know a lot of intelligent people that did nothing with thier lives the people that succeed are driven people not necessarily super smart people.

      • JamoeCW says:

        i know a lot of rich people that did nothing and ended up being successful. i know a lot of rich people that worked hard and ended up failures. i know a lot of poor people that did nothing and were successful. i know a lot of poor people that worked hard and ended up failures. there is a lot of random chance to skew the amount of perseverance needed to succeed. to simply say that you worked harder than someone else which is why you succeeded where they failed is simplistic and depending on phrasing, wrong. this is the crux of reality, in that things are not equal to start and thus there is not equality of opportunity. of course equality of outcome is the exact opposite of fixing this issue, as it removes how hard one works from the equation. in a magical world you could have the government step in and balance everything so that there is true equal opportunity, but we do not live in a magical world.

  9. EpsilonNeon says:

    Jesus christ man, Tim I know you’re great friends with Ian and that’s cool, but dude holy shit he has no grasp on reality. The only time Ian speaks up is when he has a half-assed idea in his head that makes no sense in reality. We define people’s skin color as “White” or “Black” because they’re easy ways to describe your skin’s melanin content. That’s it. More ink = Black. Less ink = White, like a piece of paper. I am not sure how Ian doesn’t understand this, but it has never been addressed by Tim, and I think it’s just because Ian is a bit fucked in the head and Tim doesn’t want to exclude him, despite providing nothing meaningful to the conversation.

  10. Bigly12025 says:

    I’m proud of y’all for finally coming to agree on a simple and obvious truth. But, it sure wasn’t a good use of 40 minutes.

  11. Halos_Horns says:

    Ian should be put out of Our misery. He’s such a tool. He should be the poster child for what happens when you abuse drugs. Smdh

  12. jacob.elliott says:

    I can’t stand Ian. He provides literally no substance to the show. All he does is get emotional and make stupid arguments. I don’t think I’ve seen him be on the correct side of any of these arguments even once.

  13. EvanW says:

    Ian is a pure example of the failure of our educational system and our parents failing to educated kods about the basics of Economics. Money IS created. Money IS Fiat. Money is simply a temporary substitute for someone who exchanges their labor to fullfill the needs of value for somrone else in order for the laborer to acquire somethong that they value at a future point in time. Anyone can get ahead if they understand this, regardless of their starting point in the economic ladder in life. But like Lydia said, it all comes down to how you raise your kids early in their development. Instilling the understanding of money, work and exchange for work for a gained value through hard goods exchange or for money for future purposes will launch your kids into a successful future. You must also teach your kids that they only one responsible for their decisions (good or bad) is themselves. Not someone else. And Ian, MONEY IS NOT FINITE!!! If it were finite then there would be no point in the stock market.

    • EvanW says:

      Also, Ian, you react on emotion rather than thinking things through before you response and sometimes your emotions lead you way off track and into another dimension not inline with the point in the conversation. Think more, bark less.

  14. James Haddock says:

    Grew up super poor. Think no electricity. Outhouse. Well water. In rural wv. With 12 siblings. I own my own house. I have a nice middle class life. I fought and never gave up. I didn’t blame my parents. Too easy to blame someone else. Lame excuse Ian.

  15. mainten84 says:

    The census is a fraud. Do you remember how much promotion for jobs as a census taker there were across liberal cities??? Gas lighting white people anyone? If liberals can steal an election with over voting they sure as hell can over and under count a census. How many whites didn’t fill out the census???? My family didn’t.

    • THREE12161 says:

      I was never contacted about it either, nor were my kids. None of us moved or anything, active online employed, taxpayers active out in the world so 🤷. Including kids & Grandkids that’s another 20 unaccounted for. Lol

  16. Medgarjr says:

    Does Ian like drama or does he just argue for the sake of arguing?

  17. M.p.v.carney says:

    I don’t do this very often, but I’m kinda gonna defend Ian. We aren’t as pure a meritocracy as we should be. Tim kept saying Taylor Swift didn’t build walls to stop others from success, but there are a lot of groups that do. They use their resources to prevent others from following them. Regulations, some copy right laws, etc.

  18. Draco0420 says:

    Damn, Lydia is the type of moderator Dave Rubin needed on the candace owens vs blaire white debate.

  19. Deebeegoods says:

    Ian…. love you brother. He doesn’t claim to be an expert on any issue. I would love to see the haters take a seat on the podcast. It is a lot harder than it seems. Keep learning and adding to the conversation. We appreciate you!

    • Deebeegoods says:


      • UppityG says:

        @DEEBEE, speaking for myself, I don’t hate Crossland. He’s simply not ready for prime time, not in this format. He could learn to be so, but so far, he appears to be either unable or unwilling to improve. I’ve noticed Pool making improvements. So if he can temper his pride and be salubriously self-aware for the 5-6 times in a row it takes to form a new habit, so can Crossland. Tough love is still love. Assuaging Crossland’s feelings is what is making and keeping him soft.

  20. Bishop says:

    Wow its great to see Ian get passionate and avoid the phrase learn to code

  21. says:

    I really don’t understand why Ian is still part of the show…

    • Wolv256 says:

      I’d say primarily because him and Tim are friends. I do think Tim likes that he makes him look smarter by comparison, but I think it’s just mostly because they’re friends. Ian definitely details the conversation sometimes, but I think he got some reactions the first time he went off on a rant like that and now plays it up as an act. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes he’s insightful and/or funny, sometimes he’s too high and gets into nonsense. I think Tim’s a little harsh with him when he counters him to get him back on topic, but Ian obviously respects Tim and as long as he doesn’t have any problems with him (which he doesn’t appear to), it doesn’t need to be our problem. I’d prefer Tim be a little less rude to him, but they seem to work together fine. I think when he’s not just playing it up, I think the problem is just that Ian wants the world to be nicer than it really is, so he’s too optimistic and unrealistic in his ideas. But if we were all as nice as Ian, we probably wouldn’t have the problems we have. And he seems like he’s be an aloof slacker, but I think he’s actually pretty successful with his programming stuff. If he were a poor loser who acted that way, it would be one thing, but he’s not, so I’ll defend, Ian.

  22. sunray1978 says:

    Does it feel like Ian has a conclusion first then tries to tie everything to it to justify that conclusion? For Ian’s understanding of money, it seems like it’s like an item that you store. If that’s the case, then he would be right but money is not stagnant but ever flowing. You make money to spend money. If everyone horded cash and never used it, then his argument would make sense. Money being finite isn’t an argument since that isn’t how money works. I am surprised no one seem to point that out.

  23. Ericmcdonkey says:

    Lets get some outro music I expect it from watching so many Rogan podcasts and it makes the ending kinda sad even when it’s a great show keep up the great work

  24. says:

    I bet whites are less trusting of the government and chose to not fill out the census, as before.

  25. says:

    Man sometimes Ian is whack and annoying, but Lydia came in to save the day!

  26. Zacchaeus says:

    I feel like Ian made some real breakthroughs lol. I’m pumped to see so many comments too! I haven’t looked since the second week of the website launch and you guys are active! Who thinks there should be a notification bar???

  27. athenae says:

    So this was weird.

  28. Devilsgun says:

    The American “Meritocracy” is completely malfunctional and should be considered essentially destroyed after decades of Globalist Corporatist employers shipping jobs and factories offshore, firing workers from their jobs en masse after they’ve ‘paid their dues’ for years, suppressing wages (since the Seventies) via global slave-trade deals with horror nations like China, and creating a ‘paper ceiling’ by requiring a fiscally enslaving, Leftist indoctrination college degree for droll make-work office jobs with more livable wages (i.e. Credentialism)

    Tim might have made it through sheer determination, but he probably also ‘hit the jackpots’ before he was totally broken and demoralized from decades of seeing everything fail in spite of his best efforts. As a person that came from a shitty dead-end town and who ‘paid his dues’ time and time again only to get cut off at the fucking ankles repeatedly by the back-stabbing Globalist employers that dominated that shit hole I have absolutely zero interest in pretending that this country has an actual, functioning ‘Meritocracy’. What we have is a popularity contest/unending groveling and obedience test where the person who can ‘jump through the hoops’ hard and happy enough to make Massa take notice AND who can bullshit with them about the latest football game AND who isn’t distracted at work because their home life isn’t a full fucking nightmare might, MIGHT have a chance to sniggle up to the bossman and get somewhere in the organization… Assuming they have a full head of hair, aren’t ugly, or fat, or black, or whatever fucked up criteria the owner has for selecting ‘winners’ from ‘losers’.

    Meritocracy might work slightly better in Chicago, fuck if I know. I do know that in small town America it’s not fucking working. When the town’s only widget factory unceremoniously dump off a hundred or so long-term employees to save a few bucks by cozying up to China and her slave-worker armies meritocracy ain’t shit, and it’s ridiculous that Tim always tries to act like the broken, betrayed ‘losers’ are somehow always 110% at fault. Ian seems to get that the dice are loaded for many, but he can’t really articulate the notion well before Tim comes at him with the high and mighty act because he ‘won’ the so-called meritocracy game… So what’s the answer? Should all of the ‘flyover state nobodies’ get into their trucks, ‘stop whining about it’, and head to the deathtrap Leftist cities to seek work again? I did, and Fun Fact – If you’re not FROM the city (*ANY city) you don’t really go anywhere in a job because of Urban Elitism (which Tim complains about a LOT), see there’s an assumption that you’re just some ‘dumb fucking bumpkin’ and that they can stick you in some shitty position forever, doing the work of 4-5 people for a shitty wage “because those stupid ass rednecks are too dumb to know that they’re getting fucked, LOL I’m sooooo smart” and the manager thinks they can bullshit you for YEARS.

    Globalists murdered true Meritocracy in their quest to pull their greedy bullshit and get billions instead of millions at any cost, Tim. People might, MIGHT sniggle past if they persevere AND get incredibly fucking lucky like YOU did, but chances are they’ll just get caught up in the shit show and stuck, ground like hamburger in the machine’s gears, and eventually done with trying to fight for better vs. an entire fucking system that needs them broken and in ruins.

  29. thequez says:


    Blue eyed

    Born in Latin America

    Ape index over avg

    Everyone is a racist to me. My DNA is 50% native american. 50% iberian. My dad was dark skinned my mom is fair skinned. Everyone has always said I have some advantage… its bullshit. Its served to discriminate me by skin color and then by name by racist fucks.


  30. danad13 says:

    Dude, Ian’s ignorant takes make me cringe so hard. I literally had to turn this off. He just gets on a soapbox and spouts word vomit, never knowing what the fuck he’s talking about. It really takes away from the show. It’s a shame.

    • says:

      I try every week to try and like Ian. I’m no prude, but he may need to notch down just a teensy bit on the DMT and graphene cocktail he snorts on the weekend. Maybe not quit outright, I mean a good time every once in a while don’t hurt, but some of the babble that comes out makes me wonder if he partakes right before the camera’s roll and spends his time swatting shadows trying to seem like he’s making a point…

      Love the show however, even if I dislike some aspects. Most of the guests make up for Ian’s lack of actual thought based arguments.

  31. Jman6670 says:

    I love and enjoy all of the cast’s opinions, but Tim really drove it home for me. I’m a guy in a shitty situation, and I refuse to say it’s anybody fault I’m in the situation I’m in. My decisions brought me here, and I’m going to persevere till I’m out of this shitty situation. Thank you Tim for being you.

  32. Neversummer160 says:

    “If you’re poor and have less access to nutrition then you’re not going to have much brain matter”

    Remember that scene in 300 where Xerxies met Leonitus on that golden throne and those servants got down and formed stairs for him to walk on? Yeah I think That still doesn’t compare to the amount of elitism Ian is flexing.

    Does he think before he talks, or does he just open his mouth and hope smart words come out?

    Go ahead and explain why so many doctors and scientists and doctors come out of China and India.

  33. gauge998 says:

    Is it possible to worry about race without it being racial? Yes, it’s cultural. White people only come from Europe, European culture is preferred, by America, and Europeans are White. Brown, non-European, can be let in as long the flow doesn’t disrupt our culture. The heart-seller act has changed our entire culture. We let in white people who want to destroy this country and refuse brown people who love this country.

  34. UppityG says:

    I like Becker and I wanted to hear more about his adventures from around the world. I hope he gets invited back, but not with Crossland as co-host. I noticed Becker felt the need to do some mediation and calming down Crossland.

  35. ellie says:

    Tim, please, please, please stop bringing up the water “crisis” in Flint, Michigan. You guys have no idea what happened here. You read “news” stories and conclude these people were failed, they were, but it was their own votes that caused it. The Flint, Michigan city council is corrupt, as corrupt or more corrupt than Washington D.C. They took the funds to fix the water pipes and funneled them through their own pet projects and into their own pockets and the citizens of Flint continue to vote, over and over and over again for the same criminals who steal their tax money. It was not the fault of the governor of Michigan until he found out, but in a sense, he was right to tell them to fix it…it was their corruption that caused it. The kids suffered, however, there are five, yes 5 other counties in Michigan with the same lead levels as Flint, but it doesn’t fit a political narrative, so, oh well. These five other counties have ZERO problem with their water, ZERO. Stop blaming the U.S. government for not getting involved, it is not their responsibility, should not be a part of ANY infrastructure bill, it is a city problem and then a state problem, but it is NOT NOT NOT the federal governments problem. I am so sick of people bringing up Flint and frankly, this podcast is the absolute worst. You do not have the correct information to make a statement, period. Full Stop.

    • UppityG says:

      @Ellie, maybe I missed it, but I thought it was Crossland who brought up Flint, in this bonuscast. I’d have to go watch the podcast again to see if Pool brought it up first there because I don’t remember right off hand.

      Ok, that said, I was nodding my head in agreement with you throughout, right up until you say “this podcast is the worst” and then I started shaking my head no. That is provably incorrect. I have sampled a wide variety of podcasts across many a platform and let me assure you, there are many (many) demonstrably worse. Sad but true.

      I just keep in mind that this is a new business venture being handled by a mostly a still young leader and crew. I’ve noticed the product Pool & Crew put out is improving, becoming more focused, more grounded and more uniquely Timcast. It’s not as tight a ship as it could be quite yet, but it is definitely getting there. I suspect Pool is still trying to come to grips with some impending decisions that will be very difficult to make, he sees it coming, he’s not happy about it, but contend with it he must and will, when he’s ready.

      Everything in life is a trade off. That is a wisdom that I dearly wish Crossland would learn. As in learn. And the sooner, the better, for him.


    • wedonotkneel says:

      Ellie, most of what you say I agree with. However, the lead issue was not entirely the fault of the Flint city council. The city council voted to get off of Detroit’s Great Lakes Water Supply system which would have increased the water costs for the residents substantially. During this period of time I was on city water in Waterford Township and my rates had jumped substantially over a couple year period. Nearly all of the nations older water lines have lead within them. The main issue is that the private company Veolia that was hired to manage the conversion to to the Flint River cut costs my not treating the water with the chemical that prevented lead from the pipes to leach into the system period. If they had, this would have never been an issue. You are correct, the city council and former mayor are/were completely incompetent. If they weren’t they would have never been under state oversight. Regardless, the true fault lies with Veolia (as they were the ones actually managing the water supply) and I don’t believe that they were ever held accountable.
      Look at it this way, as a home owner, I know very little about designing and implementing a well and septic field. I hired a company that specializes in these items. If the company promised me clean drinking water, drilled into a water table and didn’t test for arsenic when they said that they would make sure that I had clean water and falsified the water test results, it is not entirely my fault that they made a guarantee to me and lied to me to get paid.

  36. wcouch8 says:

    Race is frequently confused with origin. The 2020 Decennial Census combined race and origin. The Decennial also asked that multiple boxes could be marked. While white and black were broad categories by race. However, the Decennial went into the weeds on Asian origins, which makes me question why and how they will use that data. Here are the Decennial categories – look at the Asian origins: white, black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Chinese, Filipino, Asian Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Chamorro, Other Asian, Other Pacific Islander, some other race or place of origin. Note that the Decennial defined Hispanic origin as not a race (their words). Again, Decennial directions for race were to mark one or more boxes to account for crosses.

  37. timcastxan says:

    There’s no brain activity inside Ian’s head.

    • jmc2543 says:

      I cringe at a lot of the stuff he says. After the digital ownership debacle I don’t care for him much

    • Edork says:

      I blame tinder for decline in population period.

    • DCMoore84 says:

      Tim: America is a meritocracy.
      Ian: You can’t make it out of poverty because North Korea has slaves…

      Ian is becoming everything I fucking hated about Adam when he was on Timcast.

    • UppityG says:

      @TXAN, confirmed, every time Crossland opens his mouth to blurt out something non sequitur. But lately, Pool appears to be circling the wagons around Crossland to defend him, because even though Crossland sometimes drives him nuts, he still basically likes him and they’re friends. None of us are suggesting he give up their friendship, but for the sake of his brand and the health of the podcast, he needs to consider cycling Crossland out for someone else on some kind of regular basis.

      It’s too bad Murphy is no longer a semi-regular, I got the impression from what Pool & Smith said last night (Fri aug13) that Murphy elected to end the collab. A pity, but Murphy has his own YT channel and it’s pretty good.

  38. Kain21 says:

    Ian please read Thomass Sowell and educate yourself. My god.

  39. Textra says:

    Ian’s dumbass idea of zero-sum game pisses me off no end. A person is not disadvantaged by virtue of having been born into poverty. My father certainly wasn’t. He was indigenous minority in Australia, born in a tin shack with dirt floors in the 1940’s when real racist government policies existed. He left school at 12 to help support the family because they had so little money. By the time he was 26, he owned his own home. How? Work ethic. His mother taught him a good work ethic and to recognise that no one is going to come along and give you things for nothing. If you want it, you work for it. So he did.

    His children (my siblings and I) had the good fortune of being born to this hard working man and took that ethic and propelled ourselves into the middle class. Dirt floors to the middle class in one generation is pretty good in my estimation. Once our government got out of our way (by removing racist laws preventing natives from being fully fledged citizens) we flourished. Yes, some of our peer families didn’t. Do you know why? Because they bought into the ‘poor me’ narrative. They jumped on welfare, bought the whole I’m oppressed so I can’t succeed, and languished in self-pity and dependence. Sorry, but there it is.

    • UppityG says:

      @Textra, zakly. When America is in fact American, as she was designed by her Founders, that means the govts stay out of the way of the Individual such that they can flourish and excel, just as you say occurred for you. And in fact, govts clear the way of impediments to us doing so.

      The marxist turn just enough too many in our society have taken threatens America The in Fact Beautiful like never before and we must beat it back and put it back in its box RTFN. Once we get America back to her original and Christian principles* guided course, the Great Experiment need not end in failure.

      *Before the anti-Christian religion types start frothing, or those who are not Christian start to object, I didn’t say let’s become a theocracy. If the Founders, who were mostly Christians and devoutly so, had wanted America to be a theocracy, it would’ve been written in the Constitution quite clearly. But no, those devout Christians, wishing to not discriminate against other beliefs, as theirs had been by the Crown, specifically provided that America would not — not — be a theocracy. However, Christian principles still influenced the formation of this country and the evidence is still everywhere, in communities orderly, well-maintained, keen on justice, excellence in our endeavors and fostering a meritocracy. Christians prize building that which will please God (whatever you call your god, that god; atheists and satanists are SOL, sorry). We need to get back to that ethic that spawned America. Because when we give ourselves a goal that elevates our lives beyond meeting the commonplace every day corporal needs, we start to dream bigger, we start to want better, we start to consider we are not just mumbling calorie consumers, but actual descendants of a mind-bogglingly powerful master creator. When that happens, we move mountains. America is the only place where it’s not only possible, it is banked on. (Well, banked on by conservatives, lefties want us to just be NPCs in mao style dull gray uniforms where no one stands out, no one is a man or a woman naturally, where we are all just parts of a machine.)

      Carry on y’all.

  40. Texasrob@patriot says:

    Crew: do a deep dig into Jan 6. Looking at TikTok videos if Antifa both IN the capital as well as posing as cops…cmon Tim. Dig deeper.

    • Tgatt89 says:

      The real information is in the livestreams from that day but have since been removed by youtube. There was no insurrection.

      • UppityG says:

        @TGATT, guaranteed such video footage is somewhere else. Likely some can be found on Bitchute, Rumble, GabTV, NewTube, Minds, something called Rockfin? Rokfin?, and very likely on such platforms in other countries, like Russia and China.

        There was no conservative or MAGA insurrection on 1/6, I call it a mostly peaceful protest with a few hot popouts. None of the illegally incarcerated attendants, wittingly or unwittingly, have been charged with insurrection because Pelosi’s Praetorian Guard Capitol Police have no grounds to do so. Hence the flimsy trespass placeholder charge.

        The ones who ARE seceding from America is the Democrat Socialist Party, in slow-motion, with many layers of attention diverting palaver we keep listening to, at our imminent peril. We MUST stop caring what they say, esp in their agitprop outlets like the NYSlimes, WaPo, Buzzfeed, Vox, Slate, PuffHo, LASlimes, AP, NPR, PBS, ABC, CBS, etc, etc.

        If we’d put on our game face and stiff neck ignored them entirely, hard, they’d stop jawing, they’d notice we’re not buying it anymore and then, THEN, they’d start chasing us. That’s the only healthy dynamic we can have with the DNC in any form it takes.

        Conservatives, adults, strong and honorable men, have to be in charge at all times, no power sharing, no handing the keys back and forth with the juveniles in some misguided act of fairness. The DNC regressives are juveniles with no wisdom or maturity, just power lust. They are not suitable for governing any country, least of all the greatest the world has ever known, America.

        The DNC has to return to being the minority permanently, time for them to return to being the controlled opposition.

  41. jldavis5 says:

    “you have to provide a goodier service”…lol

  42. BrotherMunson_Roy_E says:

    Is it possible (actually, of course it is) that white people are being stigmatized as ‘bad’ or ‘racist’ or ‘the cause of …….’ therefore simply not identifying as Caucasian? There are no requirements to declare your race just an option.
    I guess most similarly, Trump voters don’t show up in the polls, yet they clearly exist. Whether they don’t answer, or don’t answer honestly the polls, doesn’t mean they don’t exist

  43. Science_Ben says:

    No one is willing to go to the theatre or pay an extra 30 bucks to a service they already pay monthly to see things they can see for free later or in the comfort of there home

  44. TheDarkworld says:

    I’m actually 100% with Ian on the semantic argument. There are no white or black people. To call them such is in fact the most ancient form of race baiting there is, for the same reason one would refer to magic being “white” or “black”

    • UppityG says:

      @Dark, if using semantics to help you contend with a friction that troubles you, by all means, but it’s not a sound basis for public policy, as is evident from the corrosive effects of word re-definition currently being attempted by the marxist left so as to help them attain power.

      We might reach an agreement if we say we are all members of the Human Race. (Well, so far as we are sure there are no shape shifting extra-terrestrials among us, that is. <– {That's for Crossland's amusement, should he dip into the comments here.})

      Re sub-categories by certain immutable characteristics, I find such distinctions to be fascinating and useful in a variety of ways, and in two fields of endeavor, they are in fact essential to know and distinguish: when in pursuit of a fugitive, and in medical treatment.

      Crossland's obsession with not calling a black man, black, or the trite for far too long now, African-American, is both a waste of his time and ours, and it points up that we were tricked into using a marxist method of classifying ourselves by our surface qualities so we could march all the closer to calling ourselves either oppressed or oppressor: self-identifying as [country of original ancestral manifestation]-American.

      Why do we do allow our country of birth designation to be placed in the secondary position, behind that of, ostensibly, our family's blood line of origin? It was sold as a means of elevating the worth of other nations so that they are on the same plane of importance as America. It's the same mindset that has led many websites to list all countries alphabetically rather than listing USA first even if the website is based and founded in America.

      Trouble is, it does not have that effect. What is has done is subtly train us that America is second class, less than the country listed before the hyphen, and we should think less of the country where WE were in fact born and where we have rights that the country listed first does not have or protect for their citizens.

      As a result, for many decades now, I refuse to hyphenate. I'm American. Period. All countries that value their sovereignty, culture, morays, language and native peoples do not hyphenate their nationality. Having a shared nationality makes academic the consideration of race. When we all call ourselves what we, in fact, are, American, and just American, we stop caring what else about us is different for the sake of separation, and instead can celebrate our differences for the right reasons (such as diversity of cuisine, sports, music, literature, art, etc). We have a commonality, a shared state of being, that we can and should be proud of, citizenship of the Greatest & Freest Country the planet has ever known. We have a right to be proud of it.

      So, that's just my two centavos. Paz.

      • TheDarkworld says:

        I agree with you completely, it’s about how, when, and by who those descriptives are used. Personally I’m not hung up on it I just don’t like how Tim gets all dismissive with Ian because he’s rather make the same point differently.

        • UppityG says:

          @Dark, solid. I hear ya but Pool isn’t trying to steal Crossland’s thunder, he’s trying to get the show back on track, the clock is ticking. Crossland usually does not know how to get to the point. He tends to wander around, usually in a feverish state of agitation, because he senses he’s lost the thread he had only a tenuous grasp of to begin with. He always needs help, and in this case Smith swooped in when she saw him floundering, and Becker, the GUEST, had to calm him down too.

          I’m sure Crossland promises Pool he’ll do better “next time” and Pool gives him more rope. It’s beginning to feel like I’m eavesdropping on Crossland’s visit with his psychiatrist.

      • UppityG says:

        *All countries that value their sovereignty, culture, mores, language and native peoples

        [Not eels, I was watching a NatGeo DVD while I was typing, heh….]

  45. Taking78 says:

    Ian got so heated😆

  46. annunaki0311 says:

    Love this show and never miss an episode. Ian though, them tirades make me want to shut it off at times.

  47. morty56 says:

    This got a little spicy! Great conversation! Also there’s a lot of Ian dislike happening here and though I disagree with Ian like 99% of the time, I do enjoy hearing his thoughts.

  48. rachelgrabow says:

    Tim should have Carol Swain on. She’s a good counter to Ian’s argument.

  49. ThomasAquinas87 says:

    Ian actually makes a good point but when Tim doesn’t agree he gaslights Ian and makes him feel stupid which makes Ian nervous, Tim bullies Ian. Maybe everything that Ian is saying isn’t 100 percent agreed by Tim, but Tim interrupts and doesn’t let Ian finish his fucking ideas, he just dominates because it’s his show.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      100% true

    • RRBB says:

      Ian just kept making the same points over and over which were objectively false anyway. He pulled the ‘fact’ that eating processed food makes you have less brain mass out of his ass. He does the same for most of his other points. I don’t want to listen to Ian make the exact same false argument over and over for 20 minutes, so I’m glad Tim nips it in the bud. Ian derails the conversation a lot in these episodes, but at least he allows Tim to show more reasoning behind his points. This is why I’m not opposed to him being on it in the first place.

    • says:

      i agree. Ian has a different way about thinking of thinks, and I imagine it’s more in a “gestalt” sort of way. as in, he makes a lot of small points that ultimately add up to a whole, more impressive, picture. tim always shuts Ian down, ALWAYS. that being said, Ian makes some good points, and some are like ehhh, but for God’s sake, at least let him finish his thought bc he might surprise you. and even if he doesn’t, he still makes good sense to some of us. idk what’s going on but it seems like theres been some animosity between them and Ian brushes it off, and Tim just abuses it and keeps coming at Ian. let the dude make his point, please…

      • Lnchbox says:

        If Ian ever makes sense to you there is something wrong. Nearly every time he opens his mouth it is to argue semantics and spout falsehoods. This time it is no different.

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Tim does not bullied Ian. Ian unfortunately could not articulate his point. Maybe he should just sticked to graphene.

    • UppityG says:

      [Tech Team, please consider including the comment being replied to already in a block quote for reference while replying WAY DOWN HERE and which we can erase if we wish]

      Sometimes, Crossland happens onto a good observation, but that is the exception, not the rule. Just for me to know, what point was it you considered to be good? Pool does no gaslighting of any kind. Either you don’t know what that word means, or you misunderstand that Pool is making a counter-argument to Crossland, and is actually trying to help him understand the flaw in his logic. Crossland routinely fails to notice that his friend is trying to help him and instead gets angry.

      No one can make you feel anything that you do not want to feel. If Crossland is feeling stupid, that’s between him and his personal agency and level of maturity. You are projecting your feelings on Crossland because you feel sorry for him. That is of no use to him or anyone else. In my view, the only time Pool approaches “bullying” Crossland is when Crossland becomes hostile, agitated, stubborn, possessive of the floor so not even the guest can have it back, frustrated and irrational. For Pool to wrest the floor back from Crossland, which Crossland requires Pool to do by verbal force, is not bullying.

      If Crossland is off on one of his drug addled tangents of no import or consequence, I EXPECT POOL to take back control. My time is valuable, and the guest’s time is valuable, and I do not appreciate having it wasted by someone who takes the show hostage so he can indulge his flights of fancy.

      If Crossland were contributing insights of value and displaying signs of learning from his mistakes, We Would All Know It and this comment section would so reflect.

      Lastly, Thomas Aquinas is a good exemplar for you to aspire to. Keep working on it, you have a ways to go.

  50. Optimistic_Pessimist says:

    Listening to Ian is frequently very grating. He comes across as rather educated, and incredibly ignorant at the same time.

  51. FishoutofWater says:

    Ian Rocks, I love you bro! (Too much Ian hate I felt the need to offset some with some positivity)

  52. Nasasniper says:

    I think that Ian has been taking too many cycadelic drugs! I do agree with Tim, on the fact of nutrition being essential to brain power. I grew up on beans and potatoes in the south dirt poor. But, myself and my family worked our asses off and are successful entrepreneurs today! Ian is an idiot!

  53. EricRyan1976 says:

    Ian = New Adam… I would love to see a debate between Ian and Adam.

  54. kgres1 says:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” America is awesome because you can succeed no matter what your background is. Hard work betrays none.

  55. God_of_Anarchy says:

    Thank you Lydia. Ian was driving me nuts.

  56. wysockivi says:

    Team, PLEASE source a better video player. This shit sucks. What are you doing with our money?? Can’t upgrade infrastructure?

  57. covfefeovich says:

    Yes work ethic matters, and the concept can be taught.

    Poll question I:
    Is everyone you have ever met as self motivated and intelligent as Tim Pool?

    Poll question II:
    Is self motivation evenly distributed across the human species?

    Poll question III:
    Is self motivation as easily taught as work ethic?

    • lemonysnick says:

      I – No way.

      II – Absolutely not, and it’s obvious empirically.

      III – No.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      One gets a simple answer: no.
      Two and three get a compound, and more complex answer.
      I think self motivation has actually been bred out of us collectively speaking by the government and media in a variety of different ways. Many people believe they can’t succeed and so they never try. Many people don’t have a good role model or mentor to show them how to even figure things out. We’re given a pretty one size fits all formula for how to succeed in life when there is actually a rich diversity of paths one can take and they’re each rewarding for different types of people. For instance, I was always driven towards either academia or to be a concert violinist as a child but as it turns out, I’m a pretty hang-up welder. Sometimes you just have to brave the potential of failure to know what works and what doesn’t.

    • UppityG says:

      @Covfefe, no, no and no. Sadly. What would redistribute self-motivation uniformly to everyone would be, I hate to say it, some very hard times. Another Depression, where no one has time to point a camera at themselves and put on a show. They have to do actual work, with their hands, to feed themselves.

  58. Crusader2001 says:

    This is ridiculous. I’m not watching, just listening. These discussions are going on all over, we are fighting each other instead of cooperating. This is a microcosm for what is going on in America.

    This is what the China and the Marxists want, and it appears to be working.

  59. keldan says:

    My son lived in S. Korea and was married to a Korean woman who HATED HATED Filipinos. She said Koreans are very prejudiced against Filipinos.

  60. GalaxyWhoop says:


    • GalaxyWhoop says:

      Damn, and I just unpaused the video after writing my comment and it put me back at the beginning of the video. I have no idea where I was at. Please get a better video player for members only people paying you money to watch your videos, sir.

    • didymus says:

      I looked at where the site is pulling the video file from and it does look like this is a video hosted on Rumble. Most of the videos are hosted on YouTube but I imagine for some of the more “sensitive” content they use Rumble.

  61. Northern says:

    Damn Tim had a pretty smooth brain take on meritocracy there. Rich people obvious will have better access to resources that can put them farther ahead.

  62. Aracore says:

    Ian “America… It’s not even a real country anyway.”

  63. jod919 says:

    Ian annoyed me on being born rich and meritocracy.

    Ian, my father was born poor in Mexico, he was illiterate, and came here illegally. He went from being poor to being middle class. I and my siblings grew up middle class. We are all legal here. I saw my father run his business 7 days a week year around to give us a better life than he had. He showed me that it was not education or well that gets you ahead in this country but how hard you work. All my uncles run their own businesses now and they all worked for my father.

    My father built so much on the east coast but decided to come back to Texas to watch us grow up and be around us. We struggled for a couple of years because my father never saved any of what he made but eventually we were back in the middle class.

    I know so many people that were poor in Mexico and came here and run their own business and are middle class.

    My brother when here got married was poor but now is in the middle class. All four of us have our own home and are middle class.

  64. drspinaltap says:

    its not about whiteness, or blackness its Good and Evil. they are talking about Evil lives matter. They want to tear down anything that is good in our culture. If you get rid of everything that is good, evil is good by comparison. And if you want to know why they disregard the constitution, it is the same reason they disregard the bible. They have a hatred of anything that tells them they are wrong. Have you noticed how they talk about whiteness? They mean goodness, black people are not embracing whiteness, they embrace goodness. This is why criminals, evil, are glorified. Good and Evil are not confined to immutable characteristics, it is just easy to identify immutable characteristics because judging between good and evil is impossible for those who have no morality.

  65. Fifth says:

    Ugh, sry typo: 4-5 times times LESS than today, not more.

  66. says:

    So, when it comes to race, binary is fine.
    But when it comes to gender and sexual orientation, binary is bad.
    I’d love to hear the logical explanation for that if it exists

  67. Fifth says:

    Ian is a perfect example for the reasons why America is fucked up and on it’s way down. Fruits of the leftist mindfuck on full display.

    Want examples? Here’s an easy one: For me to succeed I have to take money away from someone else (also known as “zero sum game”).
    Think about for a moment. What was the population of planet Earth 100 years ago? What was the average wealth of a person 100 years ago? 4-5 times times more than today, and that’s globally. Abject poverty, which was universal norm all over the world has been almost eradicated on this planet during the last 100 years. Thanks to leftists, nobody know that.
    Now, do the math. Population has increased significantly, yet everyone didn’t get poorer, they get significantly more wealthy than before. Destroys the myth of the “zero sum game” once and for all. If you have any working brain cells left you can understand this, it’s all pretty simple and obvious. So, you were told a lie all this time. Very big lie, this lie is the very foundation of the leftist ideology. Your next question should be, what else was I lied about?

  68. bencarr242 says:

    It’s getting real exhausting having Ian derail the conversation with his semantic arguments. I think his tirades could affect the chance of some guests coming back. I like when he brings up historical stuff, although usually he’s missing some details. I think Ian would bring charm to the show as the common man who is just trying to learn and ask questions, but he comes off as tinfoil hat crack-pot.

  69. Paigeholland says:

    Ian, I am 28 years old. My mom was a single mom with four kids and only made 12,000 a year while I was growing up. I refuse to believe your thoughts. Just because I was raised poor doesn’t mean my life will be poor. I think going throw a poor childhood has prepared me better than some ppl I know that grow up with money.
    Also, the poorer you are the more you get. When my first child was born he needed speech therapy. Because I made 38,000 a year (and can hardly paying the bills) I could not continue his therapy passed 3 years old. My sister. 0$ a year. Free housing, free food, free tramsmass busing, free medical, her child needed speech therapy as well. He is 5 now and still get the at home speech therapy. Because she is poor.

    There is many times I thought maybe I should give up my job and get all the free stuff she does. Poor ppl get treated better than those who make many. Link, school programs, food banks. I can’t see how any child is going without food! Unless the parents has decided not to feed their kid.

    You thought is flawed. I don’t know if you have ever lived poor before Ian. In America. There. Is. No. Excuse. You only fail because you want to fail.

  70. andrewpuckett57 says:

    damn. tim ruined this one

  71. CNN_sucks says:

    Poor Ian. Try to articulate you point of view. Read more. Learn your subject. Or else you just lose in the argument everytime.

  72. drspinaltap says:

    when it comes to being white, with all the nonsense going on, don’t you think people are simply not identifying themselves as white. my guess is the number of females has also dropped in favor of mental illness genders.

  73. Yaro says:

    With freedom comes responsibility… to stand up against tyranny. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Commie and how he ran on the republican ticket is beyond me.

  74. SirDabsAlot says:

    Ian is great at ruining a conversation hahahaha

    • Martin9 says:

      I think Ian is there as a PSA against using drugs and how dopey you look in a conversation amongst those who don’t freely test mind boggling substances. Ian couldn’t support himself without Tim.

      • andrewpuckett57 says:

        you know ian is co-partners on a app right..? so he’s got probably more money than you and i combined.. don’t tread on someone without doing research first bro it’s not good for you and it makes it a toxic place

  75. ARichter says:

    For the love of God, please get rid of Ian. Every single time he opens his brain addled mouth is brings down the IQ of the show. I’m not even clear on why he’s there. I miss you and Lydia leading the show. FFS, put him on the production side and let Lyds speak more often. She’s sane and not drug addled.

    • Enclyclo says:

      I agree, Ian I am sure means well, however, he really hurts the show.

    • andrewpuckett57 says:

      ehhhh people like you are the problem thinking you’re smarter. you know most of what he does is a act right, he’s clarified on it and if you watch the podcasts you’d know, he’s a chill dude.. ya know unlike you

      • andrewpuckett57 says:

        actually i only got to where they were in america.. now he’s talking about north korea.. idk i was here for you but you lost me man. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • DavidFlora says:

      What everyone fails to understand, something Tim’s preached, is building culture, building Bridges, sometimes that means having an opinion or belief not backed by knowledge involved in the conversation. Ian was a fucking college trained theater major at an arts school… Calm down, it can be painful, but missing this kinda demographic might result in much more pain later on.

  76. prcntm says:

    The United States isn’t an absolute Meritocracy, but I do think it is a better example of Meritocracy than any other country. Ian made a good point with the idea that Capitalism can’t fully support Meritocracy due to the way wealth is transferred, but Tim is also right that success isn’t measured by a single metric (in this case wealth) and perseverance is usually the delimiting factor. I think the biggest problem those two had during that exchange was that they weren’t arguing the same topic.

  77. JonSch581 says:

    Ian, I just don’t know sometimes…

  78. PseudoSwede says:

    Has anybody made the sure-to-be-popular argument that “Tim was born with ‘poor privilege?’”


  79. Ryanhinnard says:

    I think Ian is talking about something different but I think he brings up a valuable point like Adam says Ian is on to something, but fighting with Tim he gets flustered and loses his point and doesn’t explain anything well. Tim had a huge advantage having parents we need to change our culture to give more kids a better chance at a successful life. There is a combo of nature and nurture that makes a person who they are and some animals are more equal than others.

  80. Jme3 says:

    Both Ian and Tim are correct and Lydia clarified Ian’s point at the end. Tim seems to go off the baises that “if I did it so could you” without weighing in each individual factor that plays a role. Ian is correct with one’s upbringing just didn’t make it clear as Lydia did at the end.

  81. Graysfang says:

    The point Ian is missing is a meritocracy doesn’t guarantee equity of outcome. There are multiple levels of success like if you start at 0 you might get to 2 or 3 before you die but your success allows your kids and others to start at a higher level and progress further or fall based on merit.

    Ian, your view of success is subjective. Hard work and merit will get you far from your starting point but you’re never going to have full parity with everybody around you.

    It’s that level of idealism hidden at the core of the leftist foundational rationale that leads to totalitarianism.

  82. Chuker2s says:

    Honest question…does Tim actually know how to use the word “fuck”? He seems like a grade school kid who just learned it and feels the need to use it in every sentence when mom and dad (YouTube) aren’t around haha.

    • CodyGriffin says:

      Yeah, he curses too much. I cuss like a sailor, but there’s a art form to it. If you saturate your sentences with F bombs, it’s distracting and just sounds crude/immature. It is supposed to help emphasize the point. Tim would sound better swearing less. Especially in the presence of some guests who might not enjoy it (like older ladies, for example. It’s just manners).

  83. PseudoSwede says:

    “Like a Viking, ready to do some Internet Piracy,” LMAO!!!

    If I still had a Twitter account, I’d unfollow Kyle Becker just so that I could follow him again!

  84. This was PAINFUL to listen to, rich, regulator class ass holes have kept me out of success exclusively. Fuck this episode and Tim and Lydia’s take on this, you guys are dull.

    • kidjaw44 says:

      Can you elaborate on what has kept you held back?

      • ThomasAquinas87 says:

        America is a rigged system for the elites and upper classes – you are lucky if you go from Rags to riches, most of Americans work there asses off HARD and get little in return (working class America) its a Neo-feudalist state. Think that’s what he means.

  85. Regulation ruined merit for us poor folk, you tim, are a lucky case. calm down and be nice to Ian.

  86. miannone9 says:

    Michael Iannone 23 White American

    I was born poor, all we ate was garbage. During my childhood my parents educated themselves. We went from living in a terrible neighborhood next to an abandoned factory, to living in the suburbs and eating organic in by the time I was 16.

    People need examples. You must hold those who are poor up to the same standard. If my parents never saw other middle class parents and the way that they lived or had an excuse for their lifestyle, I would still be in a disgusting environment with no values.

    Ian’s excuses will cause more poor people. Instead, societal shame should be put on those with less, not more, because they do not provide adequately for their children, and are a burden on the community.

    Education is plenty and abundant. It is ridiculously easy to get a job with a high school diploma. Building businesses is getting harder, but we can change that. We all just have to grow up and accept reality for what it is, and not how we would like it to be.

  87. OkieSciFarmer says:

    Here is pure free market example for those who don’t get it.
    A farmer down the road 3 miles has 170 acres of pasture of which 130 has good grass on it to cut, bale, and make hay. He doesn’t have the time to do it nor does he need the hay. I am in need of hay for winter feed and have the time. His first offer was I bale it, fertilize, and weed kill it all and will then keep 2 out of every 3 bales I make. The cost per bale to me was not worth it so I said no. He comes back the next week and goes you do they baling and keep 2 of every 3 and afterwards do a burndown on the field. I look at the cost to me against the value I get and went. Done deal. I start baling next week if weather permits.

    We do had something of value the other was interested in. We made proposals until both parties are in agreement each side is willing to pay the cost for the exchange to happen. The exchange happens and everyone walks away.
    That is pure free market the way it is meant and should be.
    The only time a third party (the gov, arbitrator, spiritual guide, etc.) becomes involved is if after the agreement/contract is made, one party violates the terms.

    This has nothing to do with equal opportunity. Which is anyone in the area can go to the farmer with the field and ask to do it and make their bid.

    Meritocracy comes into play here because the farmer came to me and asked me because I am know to do the best job and leave the field in good condition if not better and have never cheated on an agreement. Being the best in an area at something has its perks as it should.

    None of this is hard to comprehend unless you make it so.

  88. Element says:

    Wealth is not a zero sum game Ian. Wealth is created. In a voluntary exchange both people are better off otherwise they would not make the exchange.

  89. KeenSama says:

    Ian sounded like he was trying to compare starving people in third world countries to Americans

  90. Vmanzo says:

    Lebron and Shaq were not born with the same wealth as me (which was not much but average middle class) but they were born with one in a billion athletic builds/gene pool. There background did not give them a great chance at success but their genetics did. Merit comes in many shapes and sizes.

  91. Element says:

    “By 2017, those of us of European stock will be an absolute minority in the United States of America, […] not a bad thing, that’s a good thing” – Joe Biden

  92. DionysianPirate says:

    I think Ian is on to something and Tim is being disingenuous when saying there are no excuses.
    Rawls said that one good argument against meritocracy is that not everyone hits the genetic lottery. Therefore not everyone has the same access to the meritocratic system. I guess my question is: Does success have to be all the same?
    Well, I’ll digress on the “genetic lottery” argument and continue on to the point Lydia was making. Some three year olds learn math from their mother and other three year olds guzzle lead-tainted water. Minus all the CRT stuff that’s being pushed we need to make sure that we protect out children from these pitfalls in this country if we want something that can come close to the meritocratic system you and I desire in this country.

  93. sirshade says:

    Ian must have been drinking some of that Flint water.

  94. Zedshow says:

    I love it when Lydia steps in and mediates the more heated arguments between Tim and Ian. She’s always able to distill Ian’s scattered thought trian and make his points for him in more coherent way. Great work, Lyds!

  95. Neyxous says:

    Wow, calm down Bevis.
    Ian needs to smoke some weed.

  96. DarthSarkas says:

    Is it just me or does Ian go into semantic tangents at least once every show now?

  97. Bruce says:

    Every now and then Ian reminds me he is the enemy

  98. Plaguen says:

    White people created the Circadian Rhythm! Haha, wow.

  99. KVanBogart says:

    Calm down Ian, holy cow.

  100. Gawnfall says:


  101. Intergalactic cheese burger says:

    Just logged in to call Ian a flip flopping fuck face

  102. Dn1984 says:

    Ban sugar and every single problem in the world is fixed.

  103. Dn1984 says:

    And lastly why do you emphasize education so much ian? You’re the most educated person there and you can’t figure out meanings of basic words and concepts. The dumbest people I know are the most educated people I know. School takes away from real life experience you are the perfect example

  104. Dn1984 says:

    Do you even realize how ignorant it is to make it excuses for sixth generation descendants of slaves. You know six generations ago there were slaves that were freed and became successful the second half of their lives. To say that people can’t do it hundreds of years later because of an ancestor they never met is the most condescending self-righteous bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life…. if only everybody was as Superior as you…. take a week off from the drugs.

  105. Dn1984 says:

    IanThe radical left and Marxist who think the way you do are the reason this country is going to s***. It feels like just yesterday we could just agree on basic fundamental things. But you can turn the word the into an argument. And every time Tim calls you out on it Lydia has to give you a participation trophy. America is America white refers to some shade of tan we all f****** know that holy s***.

  106. Sinjito says:

    Jesus Christ Ian…
    I love you sometimes man but…

  107. rhyolite says:

    Meritocracy has nothing to do with equal opportunity, it simply means that the person with the most ability will earn their rightful place, regardless of how they attained it (expensive training, hard work, luck, etc.). These arguments are painful to watch when nobody even knows the definition of the concept they’re fighting over.

  108. says:

    All I have to say to Ian is look at Ben Carson grew up poor with a single mother that couldn’t read and yet he became a surgeon of the highest caliber simply off of his merit.

  109. onelastchris says:

    Thank you for injecting reason into that ridiculous pissing contest, Lydia

  110. Dn1984 says:

    Ian if you put that much energy into things that weren’t absolutely fuckingretarded you would accomplish so much.. you’re white not literally everybody knows what that means everybody understands English except you

  111. HotSauceage says:

    Damn Sour Patch!

  112. jwschwalb says:

    Hot take:

    Both of their arguments have good and bad points. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

    For Ian side, if you take a runner and clone him then let one start 100 feet a head of the other we all know who is going to win a race. They both have the same drive and ability, but one of them had a head start.

    An easy example of this is trump he started with millions and now has billions, thats impressive but when you can afford to take risks because you come from a rich family its not as impressive.

    Mean while poor people can achieve greatness. It take more work and more luck. When you no money every investment has to return profits instead of just one investment out of many.

    So yes we have a meritocracy that does give some people a major advantage. One of Tim’s points that was horrible was Hunter Biden. The man is successful despite not doing anything. He has gotten all of his successes from his fathers name. In a true meritocracy Hunter would be in jail right now not selling his art for millions to people who want to buy favor from his father.

  113. Koko says:

    I would debate with you guys. Even tho I’m a norm with some college experience. The people Tim refers to are basically..It’s basically like talking about a rollercoaster you rode in another area and gas lighting and saying yeah or something or whatever. But yeah

  114. JohnGalt says:

    If, in the absence of coercion, two individuals exchange goods or services, it can be only because each party to the exchange values, at least at the time of the exchange, what is obtained more than what is surrendered. Each anticipates enjoying a more valued situation by making the exchange than obtained before making the ex change. There are two winners, not one. This is a positive-sum, rather than a gem-sum game. ( article. Thomas Sowell talks about this a lot but couldn’t track down quotes)

  115. reinsteder says:

    I think it has less to do with white people not having kids and more so people in America are more likely to have to mixed race families, which is the natural progression of our country. I see this as a major advantage over mono-culture countries. My wife is Filipino and I love being able to experience her culture and she loves experiencing American culture. It creates a better understanding of people in general.

  116. Goodwin1776 says:

    Ian needs to learn how to argue intensely without yelling… But this was a wicked good show! Excellent back and forth among Tim, Ian, and Kyle then Lydia swooped in with a great summation!

  117. reginaldbkearney says:

    I think Ian doesn’t believe in meritocracy is because he’s a failed actor. He talks so often about how he used to act, went too college for it and racked up a bunch of student debt, lived in California and even appeared in some stuff, but he doesn’t do it anymore. Why? Because he wasn’t good enough at it and he knew that and gave up. So, I’m only guessing since he couldn’t make it despite his upbringing; which sounds like a lower middle class family; he’s assuming people who are worse off then he was can’t make it either. But he’s wrong, he didn’t fail because he was bad, he failed because he gave up. If he was truly passionate and dedicated to being an actor, he would have kept to the grind stone and polish out every flaw he had. If he’d done that, he probably wouldn’t have been the best actor in the world, but he would’ve been better than he was and would most likely still be acting.

    Long comment short, meritocracy only works when people are dedicated to their passions and put forth the effort to achieve what they want. If they aren’t, then they give up and the result is obvious.

    • Dn1984 says:

      Nailed it…. He was probably given a script. And argued with the director for 4 days about the meaning of frying pan. Because you know you can do so much more with a frying pan you don’t just fry!!!! Not to mention there’s different kinds of fry.. like stir fry. And what is fry for that matter. What if someone thinks I’m asking them for a French fry. What if somebody can’t afford a french fry because they’re a 6th generation descendant of slaves. Think about it!!!

  118. Dan.Diggler says:

    I’m getting really tired of Ian’s unhinged rants. I think he’s a loveable guy but he’s not really productively contributing to the conversation anymore. Ian needs to take a minute and collect himself to make a point, I want to hear more from Ian but probably not on a live show when he gets flustered and incoherent.

    • welder1 says:

      I agree with that perspective. He seems to be commenting on conversations that he alone is having.

    • BudLipton says:

      I usually find myself empathizing with him and wishing Tim would just cut him some slack. I think there’s generally something worthwhile in what he’s saying even if the delivery is a bit whacky.

      not sure about this evening’s show however. maybe it was just hot in that room, I dunno.

  119. Rivian_Kriek says:

    Ian needs to spend more time talking to Dave Smith. He’s blue-pilled as fuck on economics.

  120. Doug1965 says:

    I hope this comment finds you, Ian. You are a fuckin retard!!!!

  121. Kharn says:

    80% of millionaires started with nothing only 20% are from inherited wealth. Nutrition can help with brain development but perseverance is a far higher predictor of success then anything else by a large amount.

  122. neilinda says:

    Wondering about the rationale behind Ian being a member of the ‘on air’ team???
    Think he usually comes off as a sort of occasional ‘Idiot savant’ like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman. Sometimes what he says is brilliant, but mostly pretty lame. Don’t think he is bad or evil, but do think his presence makes the show seem less professional and more like a bunch of ‘big kids’ with a camera just hanging out and talking garbage.

  123. LilyAnne says:

    Sometimes I just can’t deal with Ian.

  124. voidward says:

    Ian is offensively stupid. The kid fried his brain with drugs.

    Jay-Z grew up in the projects with 3 siblings and a single mother. No father. Poor. Black. He’s worth a billion dollars today. You can start further down in the race but that doesn’t stop you from winning or moving forward.

    Capitalism isn’t a zero sum game. The only way you gain money is through creating value. People willingly exchange money for the value you create. To top it off, money is not finite, they’re printing this shit like crazy as we speak. As much as resources are finite, we aren’t anywhere near to hitting the cap on the resources in the planet to not have enough for everyone. Literally nothing said was even close to accurate.

    I don’t know why this guy is on the show and it boils my blood every time he opens his retarded fucking mouth to try and derail whatever actual conversation is happening. He makes the show less respectable.

  125. says:

    i though ian was like biden saying black kids are as smart as rich white kids quote, but ian though i still enjoy him. it’s just ian reminds me of friends that used big words to sound smart. like i actually treated patients from the diagnosis to follow-ups, but remember talking to friends who read some medical articles or a nutrition class try arguing corruption within america. yet they will just use big words to try to strengthen their weak argument, but i still like ian even though he frustrates me.

  126. Gabbers says:

    Sounds like your team may need an auditor for your article integrity venture! Over 15 years of internal control auditing, and a love a statistical & judgmental sampling in my repertoire (I’m a nerd!). Love you guys!

  127. DevilMayRage says:

    Good god Ian….giving me a migraine with this bizarre pseudo-logic

  128. nfsmm says:

    Ian literally have no idea what wealth is. Time to listen to Mises Institute’s lectures.

  129. Deutscher says:

    Timbo starts to become unearthed: “I did it(succeded) on my own”…
    Not true, Tim: you had your family, your friends…

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      When he was a kid, yes. But when he left Chicago, he left with nothing, all by himself. He took a bus to LA and slept on park benches at first.

      • BudLipton says:

        I’ve known people like Tim in my life. Brains and motivation for days, and there’s really nothing you can say in the face of it. not that you should want to.

        the problem of course is the arrogance that tends to go with it. what comes so naturally for them may not come so easily for others. if it really were so simple, then of course everyone would be doing it.

  130. StephenLonghi says:

    Ian becomes very red when he is angry.

  131. LVIII says:

    Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson. There are methods to working to get where you want to go. If you want it, you will work for it, and you will get it. If you don’t get it, it’s likely that you didn’t want to put in the effort to get it, not that someone else was somehow keeping it from you.

    Question: If we started out as a clan of cavemen, and the first wealth was picking up a stick to use as a weapon… and now we have 8+ billion people on the planet, but wealth is finite. How can we all have sticks? If wealth is finite, how much wealth is there, total, and how did we get to that amount?

  132. BFairfax123 says:

    Saying early childhood development is a deterring factor and not an excuse of the left is shoot down in families where one child succeeds and another fails , though they both may have been raised dirt poor . Oh I get dirt poor I lived in Mercer Co WV as a child and in the 70’s coal miners were in and out of work which destroyed many communities . Though i still know people who how some of their kids where and still are successful and others still live in trailers on their property ,because they never made anything of themselves . Personally I’ve been far more successful than either of my brothers and it’s not as though Mom feed us any different which at some points I remember just eating potatoes for several weeks because till the Church helped and Dad got a pay check that’s what we had. Ian needs to grow up because he has never obviously lived though real hardship as a child or an adult . His opinions are all based on books and leftist talking points not lived experience .

  133. pita says:

    Ian, sometimes you’re cool and sometimes you annoying… especially when you lose your temper. It makes the episode hard to watch.

  134. GreMIO420 says:

    Jesus Christ Ian, you need to lay off the crack. And learn how to argue.

  135. BFairfax123 says:

    Ian should look up Thomas Sowell’s background if he still thinks an extremely poor person and yes someone who was the from a broken family of former slaves is doomed to failure . Though a plan and meritocracy in America has had great success in his life .

  136. empire92892 says:

    am i weird for saying ian and tim are both correct?

  137. Sith4Brains says:

    No Ian. NO

    • says:

      Ian derailed the FUCK out of that conversation. Seriously, you guys have to get on top of that shit earlier. Ian provides tremendous value to the conversation sometimes, but other times, like in this clip, he completely sullies it.

  138. Manbearpig says:

    This is one of those episodes where you really can tell that Ian grew up and was taught mostly leftist ideals. His argument tonight, to me, shows the cultural rift that our country is in. He believes that there are hills to big to climb just because you started to close to the bottom, and out side influences might push you back from time to time.

    I grew up in small town Iowa where when you moved out of the house you likely had nothing and no money just a drive to make it that was engraved from birth. If you want to go to college you paid for it not your parents. If you went straight into the work force you started the climb to have what you want. The reward from trying to climb the hill is directly tied to the risk you take to climb faster. There will never be a way up that doesn’t require risk. My dad owned a painting company before I was born and sold his portion of the company and took a job as a painter at the local hospital to remove risk when my sister was born. My dad and my family had just enough but no extra. His partner went on to be a millionaire and retired from normal day to day work at 40 and became a business investor exponentially expanding his worth.

    So swing how this played out in 2007 at 20 years old I dropped out of school and started a construction remodel company with nothing and no loans and proceeded to smash it till the end of 2008. I had tons of work lined up and had made a ton of money going into the election but most of my customer base was in healthcare. It looked like that was a good move as I was working when many had had to close down already due to the recession. I lost 6months worth of work and my company in one night. I went from 70k to 25k in one night. Obama win the election and everyone in health care voted for him and then had a stunning realization… No one knew what Obama care was or would be. The doctors and nurses all freeked out and halted all the work they were going to have done because they didn’t know if they were still going to be making the same money now that it looked like single payer healthcare was coming.

    Outside factors make a difference but not as big a difference as the drive to succeed. I still don’t make what I did then but I have also had a child and taken a bit less risk. But I have crawled back to nearly the same as I was before and here soon depending on how hard I push I might even exceed where I was in the next year or so. It’s all about drive and will. To say there is anything that is more important is to fall prey to the idea of predestined failure. America is destined to succeed because many of us still have drive and will. Things will get better and all Americans can achieve anything but there will always be risk

  139. says:

    i am with tim. i am dying. i am in complete heart failure. i dont stop. i wont listen to my doctors. i take my meds but i work 60 hours a week. i want more so i keep working. i will not stop. my heart condition will not define me. i work and work. getting close to 100k a year. oh and born broke… i remember as a kid the Christmas trips shopping with firefighters because my mom could not afford to buy us anything.

    • EchosandWhisper says:

      Don’t work yourself to death, bro. If you’re bedbound you won’t be wishing for more hours at work. I hope.

      Best of luck to you, man. Sorry to hear the bad news on your part.

  140. Cursed108 says:

    im sorry but im gona say it Adam was better then Ian….

  141. Tribe39 says:

    Winners do what losers just won’t do. It really is that simple, anything else is just bullshit and waffle.

  142. Tom Collins says:

    Ian is making my head hurt. He is talking like an eleven year old that knows big words.

  143. tefulkerso says:

    OMG!! Ian needs to leave. his “semantic arguments ” takes so much from the conversation. Sorry Tim, I know he is your friend but this is so hard to watch, he has got to go. horrible…

  144. Lildav3232 says:

    i own a little store. passed on from my papaw then my dad. i have been here since i was born. i have watched so many generations of families grow up. many kids with money end up broke. ian is totally wrong on the poor kids. welfare families have money to waste on candy and energy drinks. hard work pays off. one family. lived right down the road from my store. terrible mother. 6 kids. all different fathers. 4 ended up bad. 2 went in the military and are great kids. and both of those two were cutting grass when they were young. my family owned this store and i had to pay for my own college. got two years of scholarship for tennis but then i had to pay for my own after that. we were not rich. sever poverty in the us is because of parenting. adoption almost needs to be initiated to bad parents. bad parents are the main problem in our country. i was going to bring up the trump and hunter thing, but just heard tim say it ha. welfare has too many people getting by for doing nothing. every person should have to work in a retail grocery type of store to see what so much of the welfare money is wasted buying. i think ian now is an example of why not to do dmt. he just lost his mind. ian and lydia are still missing a point. being disadvantaged doesnt take away your ability or knowing right from wrong. problem with the world now. everyone blames everything for their problems. nobody care. work harder

  145. Stickywicket1977 says:

    Both my parents came from NOTHING! My mom came to this country with a suit case of clothes and nothing more! Now she has more wealth than people who were born here. Ian is so fucking dumb why is he on this show?

  146. AUDREK says:

    Maybe a bunch of us didn’t fill out the census too

  147. tealmarimba12 says:

    Ian is a leftist, can he just admit it already?

  148. JJKing says:

    Rock on Lydia!

  149. Wrath of Jen says:

    When the census taker asked my race I said I was American since it was one of the options. I don’t identify as a skin color and I think there may be a lot of other people who don’t either. Might be why there was such a large drop in people self identifying as white.

  150. kellybw says:

    Hash it out – this is complex stuff. We’ve gotta develop solutions. Keep talking, hash it out.

    • kellybw says:

      Watching you guys has changed my life. I’m wondering how I can get this going in my community – we really need it here. So many are robots, beep-beep ignorant, beep-boop completely oblivious to what it takes to operate a country.

      I really appreciate seeing the friendship y’all share. Lydia coming on-screen with her points was absolutely fantastic. Keep it up, team – you guys are needed right now.

  151. RDCruz says:

    How many white people created mix race kids?

  152. Tigranes says:

    My great grandfather, slave of the Ottomans, escaped to the United States and applied himself and succeeded. From him came Farmers, Engineers, Judges, Teachers, Doctors, Dentists….. We draw strength from his effort and sacrifice.

  153. bighsker250 says:

    Ian , Ian , Ian this is America and everyone can succeed if they work hard and give no shits what others think.

  154. DrewishAF says:

    I actually read a post earlier from someone advocating for the K-12 curricula to include Critical Race Applied Principles on a national scale. My reply included “you couldn’t possibly inundate our children with more C.R.A.P. than the 7 hours a day they already endure” but the stupid fuck didn’t even understand the retort.

    I mean, come on, if you’re balls deep into an ideology with an acronym of CRAP then you’ve clearly missed the “Minimum IQ Requirement” to have any input in society. In fact, I bet you could spoof someone prolific in the CRT/CRAP “movement” (pun totally intended) on Twitter with quotations straight out of Mein Kampf and get tons of likes from these retards.

  155. Hangca42 says:

    Ian is such a fucking dipshit

    • AUDREK says:

      And you sir are rude. So fuck you and you and the horse.

    • Stickywicket1977 says:

      Ian really is dumb as shit I really am starting to dislike him. What the fuck is he talking about? Dude just says the dumbest shot every time he opens his mouth. How am I not surprised he sleeps until 7pm, did you catch that? I don’t even think Tim likes him.

      • EchosandWhisper says:

        Have any of you considered maybe he’s there as the other side? Almost like we always talk about how we can let other people be themselves so long as they don’t impose? Ya’ll are failing the test.

        I don’t agree with Ian a majority of the time, but I wouldn’t watch the show, pay money to get access and then go the extra mile to insult him. That reads a lot more about you than it really does on him. Kinda sad when you think about it.

        • Dn1984 says:

          But what does test really mean? Allowing systems where people can potentially fail is unacceptable. Especially 6th generation descendents of slaves there great great great great great grandfathers were tested by the masters every day in America which isn’t really America. And in not really America that thing($$) that we print unlimited amounts of every day, is actually limited just like the limits people who aren’t white have to deal with, not that white means anything when you break it down. What is white, not me, I’m the king of towing knots any body who needs a knot tied comes to me. But not a noose knot because that could be offensive to 6th generation descendants of slaves, who by the way will go nowhere in this non meritocracy….,. Don’t go to college is all I heard tonight.

      • Demosthenes says:

        I actually think Ian and Tim are good friends. You can see it from the rare occasions that Tim does bits during the podcast; Ian is perfectly able to smoothly play along and help Tim get to the punchline. The joke they did about the word ‘Congress’ really highlighted that for me.

        Also keep in mind that Ian is an actor; he has mentioned previously that he puts on a persona for the show. His opinions are probably genuine, but he might not normally argue that aggressively. Also, if you’ve ever seen Ian on Adam’s podcast, you would see he’s like another person on there. He acts super weird there.

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        Ian needs to take a chill pill, but he often gives a voice to the other side (even if it tends to be stupid–to us); lots of other people are thinking what he says. Ian gives Tim a chance to flesh out his arguments more, which is a good thing.

        • Rawdog says:

          Yep, I noticed that. Tim is playing 8D chess with us. I noticed that a while ago. I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing and was afraid that I was misreading the Nutland-Pool dynamic.

          Thank you, it is very appreciated.

      • Dn1984 says:

        I’ve never heard anything like it. He is starting to make AOC look smart.

    • NoOne123 says:

      This is a very frustrating episode to listen to. I complain about Ian all the time and often say mean things but its actually good to get his perspective because its how people who don’t understand economics think. His vocabulary is also somewhat revealing in that he views capitalism not as a system of exchange but rather a system of, “take”. In his view, you have to, “take” money from someone which carries a sub conscious implication of thievery and parasitism which is something a delusional leftist who doesn’t understand economics would view capitalism. That’s kind of an interesting revelation even though its kind obvious hes still a lefty.

      Ian should heavily consider investing some time in learning about economics. Its just as strange as evolution in nature. The shoemaker story that Tim brought up is a fantastic example of the strangeness of economics. Who knew that having the best of intentions when it comes to donating shoes to a country could have such an impact on economy and jobs?

      Anyway, despite the frustrations this is actually a REALLY good episode.

  156. Grizztang says:

    Not bitching about it but how did Robert Downey Jr. Pull off playing a black guy in tropical thunder without geting canceled. ” I’m a man playing a man disguised as another man”

  157. tice4m says:

    Anyone else getting an error message?

  158. Tcim1984 says:

    Foiled AGAIN!!!

  159. Tcim1984 says:

    It’s almost done gentleman

  160. SermonFapple says:

    Must be a good segment if its taking this long to encode.

  161. Slayer666 says:

    How much Adderall do you think they give Joe Biden every day?

  162. Trgreatorex says:

    Dang they went pretty long tonight