Wokal Distance Member Video: Loudoun County Teen Girl Raped By Trans Student Sparking Major Scandal

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Wokal Distance Member Video: Loudoun County Teen Girl Raped By Trans Student Sparking Major Scandal

167 responses to “Wokal Distance Member Video: Loudoun County Teen Girl Raped By Trans Student Sparking Major Scandal”

  1. turtleborn says:

    28:00 actually because of harmful chemicals in plastic(phthalates) that has also contaminated all the water supply worldwide the amount of testosterone is decreasing from generation to generation
    there is definetly a social aspect to what is going on right now but also a biological one and most of it happens in the womb and is irreversible so if your wife is pregnant cut out all the plastic countainers but even then you cant stop drinking water

  2. redmuskrat says:

    I can’t believe that father was so contained. If that was me, that boy wouldn’t exist. Sorry not sorry.

  3. ajax253 says:

    Bruh CRG let Paul out of the basement and is rocking with Luke??

  4. Sweetenm101204 says:

    This is exactly why I don’t like this idea. It’s not that it’s about trans specifically, it’s about the MEN who will take advantage of this. I don’t trust anyone with my kids, I don’t care who you are.

  5. NeoN says:

    Luke should draw a mouth on his bellybutton and talk with his flabby flab. I can’t stop laughing every time the camera goes onto those talking hands.

  6. KoR33 says:

    this episode was great for three reasons:

    1) Wokal was fantastic
    2) Luke’s camera
    3) Tim holding the blade menacingly

  7. c2real7@yahoo.com says:

    If this were to happen at a school I taught at, I would not allow them to hush it up. It would come out, whether they fire me or not.

  8. Vashts1985 says:

    i dont know where the beanie compound is, but i used to live in Frederic MD and worked around Dulles. i have family there in Lovetsville, across the bridge from New Brunswic, so im pretty familiar with the area. great country out there.

    • Daltonix7 says:

      Cumberland here.western Maryland is so much different the downstate. Much more beautiful up here. We just have so much problem with the opiates up here.

  9. sportscardude says:

    I really enjoyed Wokal’s intellectual points added. I do also really want to support this student’s family and cause. Now that your company is getting big, any intentions of having some outgoing journalists to go get your own interviews & scoops? If the father doesn’t want to come into the studio, maybe you could go to him for an interview.

  10. Alicia22 says:

    Wokal was a fascinating Guest. He made it clear the woke weapon is the manipulation of the language. Leftists are so good at it. Watch Jen Psaki do it all the time. She never fails and gets away with it every time. Too scary!!

  11. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Blair White looks like a fake woman plastic surgeon carved out of plastic. They can only make that one face and that face can’t emote like a normal human because it’s been cut into and sculpted. Women that get the Kim Kardashian face all look like they’re wearing a mask of a woman.

  12. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    I’m sorry but the truth is that the majority of transwomen are into prostitution and porn because they are sexual deviants and perverts that are obsessed with weird sex. They fried their brains with porn and as a result, they are constantly getting weirder and more extreme in their sexual activities. Look at how many are doing porn, working the streets, or have OnlyFans accounts. That’s what you get when you base your entire identity on your sex life. They’re on Twitter constantly talking about sex. They sell sex toys. They have videos on Youtube rating sex toys. There are so many deviant subreddits based on rape porn and they are full of trannies. You have to be blind if you don’t see this. They are obsessed with sex because all they care about is being pleasured and entertained. Transmen, just get their surgery and go on quietly living their lives. Transwomen are just weak beta males trying to bully lesbians into having sex with them and getting people kicked off every social media platform because they don’t take these fake transwomen seriously.

  13. Politically_Homeless says:

    If women are referred to as birthing people than I vote men should be called inseminators. Sounds bad ass to me.

  14. likesdarkgreen says:

    I kind of wish he went a little more in how to counter their game, but I suppose that’s still an ongoing effort to figure out. Still, it was good to break down their philosophy and technique.

  15. matts says:

    Tim, your crew needs to go do on the ground reporting there. It’s so close you might as well use a few resources and do it. You will be the only independent media on the ground covering these stories out of the county.

  16. Bundy says:

    School staff hiding assaults?
    Yeah thats just normal procedure, all the way down here in western australia the school deacon got caught taking photos up the skirts of the girls in a class during christan studies where we were told to place our heads on the desk and close our eyes and think about god.
    School fought tooth and nail to keep that shit quiet.

  17. JaeSea says:

    Regarding how they take a caricature of everything they hate and apply that to everyone they don’t like or that they disagree with, this person on twitter is the epitome of that. A child psychiatrist that writes long thesis-type multi-tweet rabbles about what Trump supporters are through the lens of CNN. Then you see the like minded all agree and retweet them in an echo chamber. It’s madness…


  18. shadowbanned says:

    31:28 *sees tim touching the blade* *angry swordsmith noises*
    it’ll rust if you do that. you’ll end up with a fingerprint of rust pls stop. wipe it down with a dry paper towel then wipe it down again with olive oil. or if you want to get fancy, there is this stuff called “frog lube” that works fantastic for swords or guns if you’re not going to use them and dont want them to rust.

  19. shadowbanned says:

    i want to hear from one of those cops that took him away in the start. i want to watch them squirm over their actions and ultimately end up saying some variation of “i was just following orders”… followed by an execution.

  20. Sekur says:

    I’m sorry, but Ian needs to get a realty check. His semantic arguments contribute nothing to these kinds of topics. Sure, he means well and wants to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that’s not the world we live in now. These people are evil, they should be under the damn prison.

  21. Kommencentz says:

    Would like to see wokal on again.

  22. RhadMasters says:

    Bathrooms are not gender-segregated, they are sex-segregated. You do not pee out of your social identity. You pee out of your biological structure. I’ve never understood why people use the term “gender” when talking about restrooms. If you are going to separate the terms, woke cathedral, Use them correctly.

  23. AutisticVeteran says:

    Star Trek:TNG
    Chain of Command
    There are 4 lights.

  24. JoshuaRipp says:

    Ian; the king of semantics should be excluded from these types of conversations… He contributes nothing. Can they finish the fedeverse so that Ian can stop holding the show hostage with his useless input?

  25. TheInfamousScratch says:

    So I missed the free beer and comedy tickets? Because I listen the next day at work WHACK, that’s whack, totally whack. Guess I’ll go to my brothers Halloween party on the 23rd. And make the damn app already, signing in while I’m driving is a pain in the ass to listen to the extra content, I’m gunna text and die, and it’ll obviously be someone else’s fault.

  26. prcntm says:

    A school board chose to “redefine” rape in an effort to avoid the consequences of their actions. And based on everything said in this video, which in the interest of open debate may not contain the full context of what has transpired, they got away with it.

    Think about it. Initially, the story was about the father exploding on them for allowing his daughter to be sexually assaulted in a bathroom. Then the story shifted to the investigation into the person who sexually assaulted the girl. It eventually cooled down with the individual responsible for the attack getting arrested, and everyone patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

    No where in that story did it mention what happened to the individuals on the school board who enacted the “genderless bathroom” policy, nor did it expand on the consequences, if any, those on the school board faced for misrepresenting a fucking rape as a simple physical assault.

    So we can all be happy that this sadistic fuck has been arrested for the crime he committed, but so far as I can tell, nothing has been done to address why it was possible in the first place, nor how to mitigate future instances of similar violence in the future.

    We really need to stop playing their game. We don’t control the rules and they keep changing them.

    • AmericaFirst says:

      His daughter was not “sexually assaulted in a bathroom”

      His daughter was FORCIBLY ANALLY RAPED !!

      Saying “sexually assaulted” is the schools way of trying to minimize what actually happened to her. Don’t play their word games. Speak the truth – the truth is powerful.

  27. KMerckCPA says:

    Who is saying 2 plus 2 equals 5? One person on twitter? I’ve never in my life heard anyone say that, but Tim seems to be obsessed with it. Straw man argument.

    • prcntm says:

      I don’t use Twitter so I cannot provide you with any numbers, but I know for a short time it was a rallying cry for those who were trying to redefine basic mathematics in an effort to claim superiority over everyone who utilized mathematics. So a rather small but extremely loud portion of people were saying it. And I agree Tim brings it up quite often, but then again it was one of the more brazen attempts to be logically and morally superior to the general public by the weird cult-y leftists so I can see why he’s got a minor obssesion with it.

    • Skynet0225 says:

      Not a straw man argument at all. Pedo Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are now on TV telling you that 5 trillion now equals zero. That’s some pretty funky math if you ask me.

  28. cathy.drazek says:

    Anatomy and Physiology should be required every year for all kids starting in 5th grade. Watch the show Bones. She never identified a set of remains as transgender… it was a male or a female.. she did it with ethnicity, profession, hobbies – all by the musculature, tendons, and bones..

  29. Chris_Bravo says:

    Wokal seems like a chill dude. Great guest, I hope he’s on again.

  30. Bradio says:

    Me and my Wife are having our first kid in January. It’s a girl. And this scares the shit out of me even more.

  31. MisterElsewhere says:

    Luke has transferred his soul into Alpaca!!! Mind blown!!

  32. Small-El says:

    I laughed out loud while sitting on a bucket at work on a construction site when Wokal described my exact sitting situation. Unfortunately everyone next to me speaks only Spanish so no conversation could be had.

  33. renowell says:

    You can’t deconstruct the deconstruction.

  34. Relientruss says:

    Timcast should be at the next school board meeting in Loudoun. Livestream if possible.

  35. If my kid were in this school system I’m not sure what I would do honestly. The amount of rage I feel now is hard to describe. I would not want to think of how I would react. If people do not fucking do something then they want this shit. Fucking do something parents. Put an end to this shit.

  36. VolkN@sty says:


  37. Liberservative says:

    Social constructs are not biological facts. XX or XY or some variant thereof (XXY, XYY, YY, XX, etc…)—those are the definitions. You can disfigure and destroy your body to make it seem one way or another, but your chromosomes are what make you what you are.

  38. DCrockafella says:

    YouTube is shadow banning, please help my channel is “DCrockAfella” please help stop this b.s.

  39. Stoned says:

    I commend that father. I would have found that kid and beat him to death if he raped my daughter. I have no patience nor sympathy for those that cannot control their sexual desires. Rapist, pedos, molesters after found guilty should be immediately hung in public. No last meal either.

  40. Snake616 says:

    Honestly, I would of turned that piece of shit into a “woman” and burned the whole fuckin school down. You protect a child rapist and cover it up just to protect your political agenda??? Nah, I don’t play those fuckin games.

  41. GMoney says:

    Woken keeps saying, if you say this then the trans activist will say this to counterpoint. Sooner or later he’ll say the trans person out of frustration with the discussion will try and rape you.

  42. Winston_6655321 says:

    Ian: “without being disrespectful to the insane….”

    Probably one of my favorite Ian quotes thus far.

  43. PseudoSwede says:

    Luke Rosiak of The Daily Wire broke this story. Read his article or at least watch one of his interviews.

    The school called the dad in under the pretense of a “physical assault” on Smith’s daughter and called the cops on him when he reacted to hearing the truth of what happened followed by the school’s “decision to handle the incident ‘in-house’.” It’s so much worse than it even sounds…

  44. MZero1294 says:

    Women are more likely to be leftists than men.

  45. BeKindBeSafe says:

    All of this is insecurity. People are not happy within themself so they try to take the happiness from you in hopes they will find it, and when they don’t get it, it’s to keep you just as unhappy as they are.

    They want what YOU have cause it’s YOURS. It’s childish mentality that was not taken away from them because of bad parenting. What you have is more valuable cause it looks like you have more fun then they do.

  46. BeKindBeSafe says:

    f bombs are nice

  47. Dreadpool says:

    How is that kid still alive?

  48. CrispyBacon says:

    I think we just found the plot to the next Death Wish movie.

  49. nicgrimley says:

    I would literally search down the people involved and physically castrate them if they did this to my family

  50. MrTreestan says:

    The Elites saw how CRT/Trans destroyed Occupy from the inside like a cancer. So they pushed it to the world so the plebs would be to focused on in-fighting and they can continue their plundering. Genius.
    Too bad I was 12 years old during Occupy, didn’t get to see the destruction for myself in realtime….

  51. Gbrown97 says:

    Every day I have less hope in humanity when I turn on the news

  52. BlazeCast says:

    Takes a special kind of people not to kill evil when it’s inside your daughters butt holes

  53. Adudenamedalex says:

    Every single point in this conversation is exactly why this country needs to fucking split in 2!!!!!

  54. The_Middling says:

    This guy is a semantical idiot at least vausch uses some reason behavior his argument. This one doesn’t have anything to add and just let’s Tim run over him.

  55. DCDave says:

    Assuming the school leadership is made up of the usual suspects [white bread pseudo intellectual intolerant devolved gated-community types] they do not fuck in the traditional sense of the word so they sadly have no chance of ever having to deal with this parent’s unfortunate situation. Because I was thinking that if they did they might take it more seriously.

  56. Kyle253 says:

    Protest that school and police department. This is not the story I was expecting at 4 am getting ready for work. Push back everyone. This is wrong

  57. Seabird says:

    There is a distinction between “sex” and “gender”. Gender may be a social construct but sex is determined through biological markers. Yes, it may be true that there are occasions where the biological markers are non-binary, but this is not the norm and is usually the result of a biological aberration. Even in clinical research they make an important distinction between the Sex and Gender as it is a scientific fact that biological differences can impact how a drug is metabolized by the body.

    • Seabird says:

      What I am saying they can coat it any way they want there is no hiding from the fact that biologically, males and females are distinct.

    • IrateModerate says:

      About 5 years ago my otherwise brilliant 26 yr old nephew said to me
      “Gender is just a social construct anyway, right uncle Jim”
      Uh no, that’s not right! Why would you say that?
      But I wanted to be sure so I looked in Webster’s

      Gender: 1) Sex, male or female. Applied across the biological kingdom plant & animal
      2) literary: gender of words e.g. nouns, verbs

      They’ve conflated the meanings of
      * Gender
      * Gender Identity
      * Gender Expression
      * Gender Dysphoria
      Into the one word
      They’ve removed the nuance from language
      Like Big Brother’s Ingsoc party Newspeak Project in Orwell’s Dystopian Novel 1984
      Newspeak was meant to make it impossible to speak, and eventually to even think, any thought not approved by The Party. Today we call it PC speak. I call it
      PC TrueSpeak ™
      Its purpose is to obfuscate truth beneath a sea of lies. But why?

      Because the malevolent architects of this movement intend to collapse Western Civilization from within.
      They realize that if a person can be coerced to testify something is truth, when they know it is false, that person’s honor and integrity is diminished. Eventually the entire culture can be diminished and collapsed in this way.

      Trans ideology has nothing to do with trans rights, it’s meant as an assault on objective truth and Reality.
      Western Civilization is an Enlightenment project, this radical subjectivity is antithetical to individual rights and liberties

      Just say screw you to these lunatics

  58. beharris9 says:

    Can you believe these parents think they can protest their kids being raped???

    -some Democrat, probably…

  59. jamessuraciart says:

    I hate woke “people” and their hypocrisy so fucking much. They literally endorse rape, segregation, and communism. Can we start rounding them up and gassing them yet? I mean, if there was any group where committing genocide against them was justified, woke “people” would be that group.

  60. FergusonRage says:

    John Dies at the End.

    The ax story.

  61. RapCat says:

    The members only content is not good enough for me to want to continue my subscription.

    • jamessuraciart says:


    • Maverick says:

      For 35c a day? OK you only get am extra 40minute video but you also get articles.

    • DCDave says:

      well… bye

    • Ayemoe says:

      Sometimes I feel the same way, but our membership is to contribute to the fight, and personally can’t find anyone else fights better than Tim. I’m also a member of the mug club but I’ve lost all interest in Steven crowder. He is becoming more deranged than logical in my opinion. So that portion of money will move here.

      • Skynet0225 says:

        I am definitely someone right of center on the political spectrum, but I like Tim because he is honest and believes a little differently than I do. The key word being honest. Most of the left are lunatics and borderline insane or flat out retarded. Tim recognizes thst fact and states it plainly for the world to see. Steven Crowder does much the same but leans harder into humor to make his point. I support them both because both views need to be aired openly and honestly without corporate filters such as the legacy media. They are corrupt and rotten to the core.

        • Ayemoe says:

          100% agree with everything you said. I believe Tim’s attitude is more effective than Steven in convincing people. What I like about crowder that he’s a bully and we need more of it. Sick of everyone being soft

  62. kramit says:

    everyone who helped cover up a CRIME, is an accessory to a crime. I say arrest them all.

    • Jme3 says:

      Don’t blame tim for not knowing VA politics but last year the house and senate passed a bill that made it OPTIONAL for schools to report assaults and other incidents. Passed through with all D voting yes

      • kramit says:

        Thats dumb, and should be changed, however not reporting a crime is different than actively trying to cover up a crime. If the school administrators were legitimately covering for the rapist, then they are aiding and abetting the rapist. Arrest them.

  63. DCDave says:

    I identify as a sperm-roping person.

  64. Calvin says:

    hey ians camera is alil on the green side just so uk

  65. MrKnavish says:

    If I had a daughter and I learned she was raped in school and the school covered it up I would go on the fucking WAR PATH. These people in the positions are not humans they are demons that care nothing for anyone other than themselves and how good they appear on social media. They deserve nothing less than to be removed either by election or by force. If it unfortunately got violent than so be it but something needs to be done and I hate to say it but we are running out of options that don’t result in normal people getting stabbed in the back by these lunatics.

  66. JordanJ0888 says:

    I hope you guys do put a bullhorn in front of this guy to let his story be told. @Ian, run for office in Loudon county. Get a virtual office there as a residence and say you live there.

  67. ThorAsgard says:

    When you got to the point “if your daughter was raped in the ass”….damn that pissed me off, and i dont even have kids. What would you do if this happened to your daughter? This is the line that has been crossed. There is no more compromise, this must end now, one way or another.

    • ThorAsgard says:

      I cant imagine getting a call that a loved one had just been raped. Im against the death penalty, but here…i just know id be having homicidal thoughts. I just hate thinking this stuff exists.

      • KVanBogart says:

        And too see the picture of those Sheriffs arresting that man was terrible. He was arrested for expressing his anger at how the school was run so poorly that this happened to his daughter and that they were covering it up. Those Sheriffs should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Skynet0225 says:

      At the very least the school officials and even the school board violated this girls civil rights. Those are federal crimes and the dad should demand federal prosecution and file massive Civil suits. Go after everyone, including the sheriff for violating his civil rights. But especially target the school board. Go after them individually so they’re on the hook personally.

  68. MrSooop says:

    Maybe local community police can be used to defend locally owned businesses. Then maybe go ahead and let the big corporate chain stores fend for themselves.

  69. HumanLivesMatter says:

    if without outside interference the anterior pituitary gland produces luteinizing HOrmones it’s a male.If the anterior pituitary gland can’t produce Luteinizing Hormones, it’s not a male. How would awoke (in german translate be woke is erwache, look for “erwache” and Propaganda) argue that away?

  70. @MisterX.com says:

    The rape of this poor girl is a serious and disgusting thing. However, having watched Tim for years and never hearing him say the phrase “fucked in the ass” (as I sipped my beer and it went down the wrong pipe causing me to spit it out) I laughed uncontrollably when he said it. I admit it now, I’m a week away from being 44 and I obviously have the brain of a juvenile! I didn’t want to laugh, it just came out uncontrollably.

  71. rcontinijr says:

    This was one of the best guests Tim’s ever had on. That school board and the administration are the scum of the earth. There’s not a punishment harsh enough for them. I’m at the point that I could find myself to be in favor of rounding up all these defective people and permanently exiling them. Just 2 days ago I got cussed up one side and down the other. Why because I made the grave sin of saying hello sir. You’re over 6’2″ wearing men’s clothing. You have a beard so thick and long that I’m jealous and a baritone voice. What part of that would make me or anyone else think your a woman? I’m done at this point. If you’re born with a dick you’re a man. If you’re born with a vagina you’re a woman. The human species is binary. Take your white privilege bs and stuff it. Commie economics is an oxymoron. A country is defined by it’s boarders language and culture. Oh and fuck Joe Biden you have no idea just how corrupt and evil he is. Why was the states mechanic report for his dead wife’s accident never released? Did you know that Joe was having an affair with the babysitter who was Jill when his wife died? Dunn went to his grave a despised man because of the lie Joe told the world.

  72. Icedude94 says:

    I am a former director of sales for a major hotel brand. December is the time of the year when you have to submit your bids to be a partner for the government travel programs. This is why you are seeing all these companies involved in the travel industry making vaccine mandates with the same deadline.

    Government employees and contractors have to use the government’s booking engine for their air travel, train, and hotel accommodations. For years the government has been including critical race theory questions on diversity and equity as part of the bid process but never made any of it a deal breaker. The government used to only care about getting their agreed rate and certain benefits like free breakfast and free local shuttles. They have never before forced anything so controversial as a condition for acceptance. If your bid doesn’t get accepted, you don’t show up on the government’s booking engine. It’s worse than being shadow banned on youtube.

    Hotels and airlines track how much revenue their different accounts contribute and government travel is a very big source of revenue for my industry. I’ve worked for small hotels with less than 20 employees and have seen government travel make up hundreds of thousands of dollars of our revenue.

    None of these companies want to fire anyone but they are being forced with threats of losing their government contracts for 2022. THIS IS FASCISM.

    There are fights going on in backrooms now between hotel management teams and the owners/investors. They are weighing the loss in revenue versus the loss in productivity from terminating unvaccinated workers. Most big brand hotels are franchised and they cannot afford this loss in revenue, especially with most of their corporate travel having not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

    The Biden administration has put hotels in a spot where they will not have the time to acquire new accounts either to make up for the loss in revenue.

    I am telling you right now that what happened to Southwest Airlines is about to spread to the hotel industry and you will see hotels being without staffing to handle the holiday travel.

    The burnout is real right now in the hotel sector and a vaccine mandate will be the thing to make the overworked staff finally break.

    • Icedude94 says:

      In the hospitality industry, especially in our smaller hotels, we treat our employees as family because we want them to treat our guests as family. The hospitality culture is one built on always making it right and having high moral principles. My colleagues in management circles are calling me up crying because they know this is wrong and and they are being coerced to terminate people right before the holidays. This evil needs to end.

  73. Boden says:

    can we just get individual bathrooms already? Just put up walls instead of stalls and move the sinks into them instead. Cheap asses won’t do that though.

  74. DorseyWoods says:

    I am the father of 2 daughters and I’m in Virginia. One is newly 14 and the other is approaching 5. Homeschooling is the only way.
    If this state falls any further into hell were fucking moving. The families of myself and my wife live here and we’re in the country with a little land/distance between us and the closest city, I commute there to work and it gets more and more “woke” by the day. Even the waivers offered by my place of business (tattoo studio) have been remade to pander to increasing number of “trans people” and their SJW libtard mobs. Several coworkers share the delusions as well. We’ve had several heated discussions. I’m so fucking over it.
    … and if I was that girl’s dad… I can’t even begin to tell you the things I would have done. A lot to answer for there by a lot of people. And they would absolutely answer.

  75. munchhasen says:

    You have very good guests. Please consider Richard Barris he is also known as the Peoples Pundit. He is a pollster. He was hired by The Epoch Times in 2020 to do polling in that election. He has consistently been one of the most accurate pollsters since 2014 particularly in the state of Florida. Please consider him as a guest.

  76. Tunamitch says:

    Bummed I didn’t hear more from wokal got great insights into post modernism. To many people at the table for a guest to get their point across

  77. h_marie says:

    2021 and “1984” are really starting to line up.

  78. Nimitz says:

    I was watching Carlin today, small world

  79. DoobieMcNasty says:

    This is a it was sodomy of all three types reportedly. And it happened in all three types at the second school as well. So they covered it up, transferred the perp, and he did it again. This person is not gender fluid, he puts on a skirt when he feels like raping someone.

  80. tracy15 says:

    I am from Loudoun County and went to Stone Bridge High School. It does not surprise me that they would overlook something like this. On the day of this event, they sent out an email to the community saying there “was a disturbance” at school but did not go into details.

    When there was an unfortunate situation where a student took their life at school a few years ago, instead of admitting fault in not keeping a close eye/preventative measures to avoid the situation with the student (who was on watch), they instead deflected blame to teachers who accidentally let it slip to students what was going on because they scared the other students.

  81. GreMIO420 says:

    I just want to make a point, Ian smokes crack

  82. Mattical1980 says:

    Ok, so if the woke attack meaning in words, then everything they say is literally meaningless.

  83. Intergalactic cheese burger says:


  84. MrDominoss says:

    I’m transphobic

  85. Travis says:

    Nice friggin tanto!

  86. benben says:

    Papa Luke Alpaca

  87. thedeugs says:

    i have 3 daughters. i can promise you if it was my daughter theyd be looking for bodies

  88. nrol34 says:

    The father should sue the school board. For millions of dollars. Put the school out of business.

  89. Kshthymyla says:

    As a teacher, I can say there are laws about mandatory reporting. Those involved could face fines or jail time if MD/WV/VA laws & procedures are similar.

  90. Heimburglar says:


    “She might get an erection” -Ian

    wtf world am i living in?

  91. ThatGuyChad says:

    Why can’t I share this on social media?

  92. munchhasen says:

    Two more wins in Federal Court against vaccine mandates. Federal Court reaffirms New York cannot deny religious exemptions by NY health care workers. I believe there is an injuntion against negative actions against them. In Texas a temporary restraining order against United Airlines from enforcing the msndate while the court takes a look at the main lawsuit. Please book the Great lawyer Robert Barnes he has consistently argued litigated and explained why the religious exemption claim is one of the strongest weapons against vaccine mandates. That would be a title VII claim for employees of private companies for religous discrimination against the Civil Rights Act. For government employees or contractors its a violation of the Religous Restoration and Freedom Act.
    I’ve learned all these things from the lawyer Robert Barnes please book him as a guest

  93. MykC says:

    Is there an error with the video ?

  94. JeremyZ says:

    We need to throw these semantic word games back at them. If biology is just a social construct then I identify as being vaccinated.
    This story is disgusting, and unfortunately it will not be the last if this shit continues.

  95. patrickstover says:

    “Video error occurred”, bummer!

  96. MykC says:

    I knew where we were going to be at on the encoding. Seems like it’s more my fault at this point

  97. Heimburglar says:

    brooooo i got to go to bed hurry up and encode

  98. deepseeded says:


  99. Tazmonster says:

    I got a free ticket!!!! Hour and a half drive… Hope parking is not a problem.

  100. Turk_Longwell says:

    US Military Service Members… Please stay where you are. Get the jab. We got anthrax jabs back in the day. We need you there. Become Generals.

    • Ambrossia188 says:

      Regarding Jab ⚖ Principles…
      Those who choose their principles and leave will be leaving behind future Generals who set their principles aside. Either way adding to the ever growing amount of Generals without Principles.
      Quite the conundrum… IMO.

  101. guzzi27012 says:

    The real question is, while uncle Joe is on his set who is in the Oval Office? Could it be Obama?

  102. Defiance412 says:

    Why is it only 25 or more in disappointed because 10$ is alot to give away each month but I believe in ur cause so now im not as relivant as a 25$ member makes me sad I thought u where better than to social class us

    • Tazmonster says:

      10 monthly gets you free tickets if you get it now…

    • Tazmo says:

      Tim has gone over this multiple times. even multiple times in the last episode. Remember you can also drop it down to 10 a month after you go to an event.

    • arakitai says:

      Tim has publicly spoken about this. He has his personal money. Everything else is spent almost as quickly as it comes in.

      I’ve worked on projects like this with wealthy people. People who dropeed $25 million a year on things like a carriage museum. Fourteen years ago when that was way more money, that $25 million was never enough for what we wanted to do. We had a curator, a small admin staff, security and a tech guy (myself.) We had very modest goals. And yet buying two Freisan horses at a million each nuked our budget for 16 months.

      Tim is asking for the money because he is trying to singlehandedly change culture in this country. Unlike guys like Philip De Franco, who raised tens of millions and never actually started a news organization, Tim started a news organization and then raised money to do even more. And he’s doing it. He’s not keeping much for himself.

      I am a broke, broke dude. But that 10 bucks a month isn’t a luxury for me. It’s my duty. And when I get the financial means, I’m pumping it to 25. And that’ll be my duty too. I’m not some intrepid journalist taking down ‘the man.’ I’m a schmuck who builds things out of wood and supports a family off shitty income. So this is how I fight this war. This is my battle.

      So, in short, give what you can. It’s not about what you get for it. It’s about what Tim builds with it.

      • Cahalanquacks says:

        Cheers dude!
        I’m in a similar situation(minus the fact that I’m making shit with metal instead of wood)..
        Hope you get to the place where you’re doing the $25+ membership soon 🍻

        Out of all the crap people could talk about him, Tim has hustle, drive, and he puts his money where his mouth is.

        Arakitai; be well, keep well, do well, and again.. Cheers🍻

      • Laharl says:

        I’m in the exact same situation as you, and I agree with everything you said.

        And you know what ? I’M FRENCH.

  103. ryansandquist says:

    too fukin bright lights ur guest looks like a fuzzy ghost

  104. Trentoid says:

    Wokal was cool never seen him before. Love the new studio setup too.

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