Timcast, Live Hangout featuring performances by Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuck

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Timcast, Live Hangout featuring performances by Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuck
Comedy event featuring Ryan long and Danny Polishchuck. Musical performances with Tim Pool and Ian Crossland. This event is FREE for members of Timcast.com. Please RSVP. 2 tickets are allowed per member so members can bring a +1. Doors open at 7pm for RSVP'd member's. Tickets are limited. After 8pm, it's first come first serve for the public if space is available - $25 per ticket Location: Harpers Ferry, WV - We will send out the exact location to RSVP'd guests closer to the event date. Schedule 9pm - Danny Polishchuck 10pm - Ryan Long 11pm - Jam Session with crew *This event is for member's ONLY. We will be verifying your membership at the door.


75 responses to “Timcast, Live Hangout featuring performances by Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuck”

  1. benmac1089 says:

    Someone at a live event quietly tell Tim to say hi to Adam.

  2. @MisterX.com says:

    Yeah, where’s the live event video???

  3. Adam says:

    Soooo no video for us lowly $10 members? Or will you post it?

  4. svin83 says:

    I’d love to go, but I live in Norway, so visiting WV is way easier said than done right now. Hoping for live streams though.

  5. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    I got my ticket last week, but am now unable to attend, so please take me off the list and use that ticket for someone else. Thanks.

  6. JoeSC says:

    Can we get a livestream for those of us who live in other freedom-loving states nowhere near WV? 🙂

  7. allen.king says:

    Keep checking for tickets. I snagged one are 1230pm EST, so some people might not be able to attend and get refunds.

  8. RidingFree says:

    Here in communist California… next event all sneak out to experience some freedom! LOL!

  9. GWOH says:

    Could you of sent a notice via email to the members who pay $25 a month? 😣

  10. Sillywhiteboy says:

    I got a one ticket. Do they not include a plus 1? Was planning to have a friends who’s a fan come with

  11. Sillywhiteboy says:

    I got a one ticket. Do they not include a plus 1???

  12. Michigan_Dan says:

    (Said in tim pool’s Mitch McConnell voice) “I hereby declare that this is DISCRIMINATION against the $10 members!”

    Just kidding, keep doing events, hopefully one day everyone will get to go to one.

  13. Rawdog says:


    I suspect that, like me, most members of Timcast are working for a living. I live over a 1000 miles away.
    I would have to take vacation days in order to go to this event. NOT going to happen…but I COULD see taking a vacation where I spent a week or 2 in Freedomistan
    This event COULD work very well like a Special-a Timcast Members Special. There will be members in the audience and it will be ONLY available in the members section.

    That would work…really well, actually…

  14. 02haemind says:

    Members only livestream or full video would’ve been better

  15. RobertBruceKingofscots says:

    Well if they ever come down to the deep south and do something like this I’d be there but WV is to far of a trip.

  16. InkedX1072 says:

    Forgot to check earlier, so maybe next time… Might ride the bike up anyway, it being a great time for motorcycle riding and all. Never been to Harper’s Ferry…

  17. DerbyFritz91 says:

    Would have absolutely loved to attend this event, but unfortunately I’ll be away this weekend :*( Hope there will be similar events held in the future!! Have fun everyone!

  18. Pointbreak says:

    After 8 first come first serve for 25$!
    I only live two hours away.
    Thinking of chancing it!

    • Jacob_C says:

      It’s not quite clear if that first come first serve was only if they didn’t sell out of the free, might want to wait on clarification before making concrete plans.

  19. PseudoSwede says:

    For those who missed or are dissatisfied/underwhelmed with the live event rollout and as a result are practically threatening self-harm;
    I don’t understand how that is going to help anything, but I’m sure you have everyone’s attention.

    Sure it sucks, and sorry if it ruined your “year of perfect luck and things happening exactly as imagined and envisioned,” 2020 & 2021 weren’t like that for everybody. But my understanding is that this is supposed to be the first of many live meet & greet events, which will ultimately become scheduled and available in other regions of the country.

    Doesn’t exactly sound like the end of the world to me, but hey, different strokes for different folks I reckon…

    • MrJimboFox says:

      You’re being hyperbolic and I did no such thing. I wasn’t expecting this to be handled perfectly — just a bit better than it was. It not being perfect doesn’t mean it’s above criticism and I said several times that I understand this is their first event and there will likely be others. You don’t have to be such a flippant asshat about it.

  20. MrJimboFox says:

    First I wanna make it clear — I was set and ready to attend this thing just to support the Timcast peeps and hopefully get to meet some of them and shake hands and just thank them for what they are doing — but the way this was handled I think is a bit underwhelming. This was posted with zero notice, late at night in Tim’s timezone (EST same as mine) and those of us who upgraded to the $25 plan just for this got absolutely ZERO notice. Timcast — some of us have to sleep and you posted this at what, nearly 10pm at night? At least that’s when it was announced. I get up at 5am to go to work in DC and I can’t catch every single ep of the Timcast pod (although I certainly try). You guys can do a lot better than this. You announced it on a pod in the very late evening and by the time some of us who were already asleep wake up, we find it’s already sold out for $25 members, and to further confound it — you are charging $25 at the door when it’s a members only event? Is that really how you should treat the loyal supporters of your show/company? I get this is your first event and I’m sure things will change in the future. I just think this was a real slap in the face to some of us that support your show and have for a very long time. I’m one of the few people that agree with Tim on the premise of “reject the vax mandate. If it means you lose your job then so be it”. This is coming from a guy with a LOT to lose working as a fed contractor for nearly 17 years and I am pretty far from well off. My entire industry has now adopted the vax mandate so it’s not just losing a job — it’s losing a career. One of the few things keeping me going was getting to attend this event and talk with some other like-minded folks so I’d feel alot less alone in these uncertain times. So much for that. Thanks Timcast. Please do better next time.

    • MrJimboFox says:

      For the record I’m likely being let go as of this Friday due not “bending the knee” to the vax mandates. I was gonna come to this unemployed and nearly broke.

      • Jacob_C says:

        What department are you working for? DOE still hasn’t put out anything for contractors, just for the Federal workers.

      • Jacob_C says:

        Two things of advice. Elijah Shaffers channel ( https://www.youtube.com/c/SlightlyOffensive) regularly talks about a list of religious exemptions, and where to find a list of them. Look into this you might be able to keep your job. We might be able to set up a meet up discussion group unofficial as well if you would be into that. Like a locals page for Timcast fans in the DMV area.

        • MrJimboFox says:

          I’ve applied for a religious exemption but based on the news reports I’ve seen, they aren’t exactly handing them out. A lot of companies are flat out denying them and hiding behind the “well it’s a pandemic” bullshit. They aren’t legally compelled to do anything on the basis of religion. It would have to go to trial and the burden of proof would be on me. That being said — it’s nice to meet another Timcast fan in the DMV. Thank you for this.

      • FxTwT says:

        Hey man, I agree with what you’ve said. My father is a senior executive in a major branch of the government, and he will be losing 20 years’ worth of dedication, along with his retirement and possibly his insurance, because of this coercion.

        I am getting tested weekly and have had to miss a day of work without pay because my testing facility can’t keep up with the individuals coming in for testing, and I live in Connecticut, which is deep blue.

        You are absolutely not alone, and we are all sacrificing. Hold the line.

        • MrJimboFox says:

          Thank you for posting this and I’m sorry about your father. My father was cut loose just shy of 20 years with his company for some total bullshit (long time ago) so I totally get where you’re at on that.

    • Aaronhealthnut says:

      Whoa, relax. He can only do what Timcast can do. He said he was trying to get permits and do something else but he caved and booked a venue. Also, did you defy the mandate for him or yourself? I would think about that if I were you. I appreciate your situation. I recently quit a job over a mask mandate. Not a career, but a job, that means I am even worse of than you. I have like $30 to my name and I quit for me not him.

      • MrJimboFox says:

        I defied it for my own reasons, not Tim’s. I was simply making the point that I wasn’t one of these armchair supporters who was afraid to back it up with action. The vax mandates are wrong and I feel that with every cell in my body. I simply appreciated Tim’s clarification on it (thus I quoted him). I’m sorry you lost your job but but a job can be replaced, man. IMO It’s a harder pill to swallow when you’ve invested 17 years of your life into something then suddenly might have to totally pivot when you’ve done one thing for your entire adult life and might have to learn something totally different. I’m certainly not above change, I’m simply saying, that’s not an easy thing to navigate for most people.

  21. Jacob_C says:

    I guess that’s what I get for going to sleep and watching the extra video before checking the rest of the site. Already sold out, I wonder if the $25 part is still available.

  22. tomrat247 says:

    I’d love to but doubt my wife would let me spring for a ticket from Blighty to Yanksville. Sad.

  23. Joshbrandenburg1985 says:

    Anyone know how you can upgrade your member level?

  24. MichaelFernandoMelo says:

    Time for a roadtrip from California.

  25. Ganadorious says:

    I will be driving from Philly. So ill be hanging out in WV all day untill the event. Hopefully theres some things to do. Also saw Ryan Long at Helium when he was here last time. Enjoyed it. Sounds like a fun time. See ya’ll there.

  26. Demosthenes says:

    Were the $25 tier people not supposed to get an email notification about the event in advance? I was pretty shocked when Tim said on his show earlier tonight that tickets were already up for RSVP. Nearly had a panic attack thinking that I missed my chance.

  27. Cahalanquacks says:

    Hey, so everyone is asking for member’s access streaming… I would love that, but from the fiscal p.o.v. I understand that is improbable. Any chance you could stress the current crew and consider a member’s only pay per view event?

    • Cahalanquacks says:

      Sidenote; registered myself, and my mom&dad. The possibility of exponential commercial flight collapse made me think to ask..

      Are there any hook-up/black-water/RV owner amenable areas near by?

  28. MeltedCheese says:

    Man oh man I wish I could go, I registered but then had to promptly cancel because I had other plans (plans that have been in place for months now)… too short notice. I live in Texas and was ready to throw down $1k just to risk bait lines canceling my plane tickets just to get to experience a real fall season… but also to see y’all in real life too I guess.

  29. djc707 says:

    Dammit… it’s the same night as the Joe Rogan/Dave Chappelle show in Nashville that I already have tickets too :/ maybe next time.

  30. Adudenamedalex says:

    When is the meet up? Somehow I didnt catch it in the show

  31. DavidFlora says:

    Got my tickets!!! Can’t wait to meet you all! I’ll be the 6’5″ 350# long haired bearded Giant they call Tiny! This is gonna be amazing!

  32. FergusonRage says:

    Hell yeah. I’m an hour and a half from there.

  33. Zuni8816 says:

    Hell I’m up in Mass but if I can take time off I’d be down to go to an event maybe later on

  34. bluethunder1080 says:

    would love to go……but work….hoping that some of this may be added to the members only for us to watch later

  35. Jme3 says:

    got my ticket!!

  36. AaronSearcy says:

    What level of membership does one need to have to get live hangout events? I pay 10, didn’t realize there was a membership tier. Willing to upgrade, Love y’all God bless!

  37. Nighthawk says:

    Any chance of a live stream for those of us who live on the other side of the world? Im in Australia. Would love to come but no chance of getting there.

  38. redmuskrat says:

    I wish!!! Hope you get someone cool!!!

  39. tt13 says:

    Will you stream it live? I’m about 2k miles away :/

  40. TheDarkWall says:

    I’m not sure if this is just an error since it’s the first live hangout you’ve done, but is there some video component to this? It’s saying that my membership tier isn’t high enough to view it, but I was under the impression the membership tiers were mainly for priority in purchasing tickets to attend these events.

  41. John3667 says:

    I love to go but I live in Bulgaria and thats a bit of a travel for 1 night with all of you
    Hope everybody has a good night there and a lot of fun, Tim Pool grew in my believe to the best news site on the www.
    Stay doing the good work and greetings of a dutch guy living in Bulgaria, this is a bit simular as someone from California living in west virginia lol

  42. Doughppe says:

    I’d love to go but live on the other side of the country! I’ll be there in spirit!