Will Chamberlain Members Podcast: School Sued For Segregating Classrooms By Race, Tim EXPLODES ON Hypocritical Activists

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Will Chamberlain Members Podcast: School Sued For Segregating Classrooms By Race, Tim EXPLODES ON Hypocritical Activists
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111 responses to “Will Chamberlain Members Podcast: School Sued For Segregating Classrooms By Race, Tim EXPLODES ON Hypocritical Activists”

  1. kln1671@yahoo.com says:

    The premise of the first couple seasons of the old British show “Primeval” is a “bad” scientist who wants to go back in time and prevent the evolution of humans on order to save the planet, and a group of “good” guys who try to stop her. I wonder sometimes nowadays if the antagonist would be the protagonist.

  2. RSW66 says:

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this already, but Sgim means she/he, as in tranny.

  3. Devon says:

    Fun fact , antifa is mostly wemon . Not winners by any means , but , still mostly chicks

  4. NephroRock says:

    Man! I was on the fence r/t getting a membership. Gotta say, it’s totally worth it.

    Keep up the great work.
    Never Give Up!

  5. Neversummer160 says:

    This is my favorite bonus segment so far. You are all saying exactly what we are thinking as far as the left-wing crazies (not normal people), and climate change freaks. BTW this is coming from an Environment Science Major! A lot of us in school (here in eastern WA at least) HATE the climate hypocrites!

    Plus Tim called someone a cunt. That was gold.

  6. superneil says:

    I am fine with his wanting to be himself. You can have YOUR opinion.

  7. Crusader2001 says:

    I don’t know why he keeps bringing up the “gala event” and wearing jeans, t-shirt, and a beanie. Are you kidding me? Rent a tux, try it out, you might like it. You’ll be happy, have a good time, and be glad you went. Stop bringing it up, it’s OLD.

    • UppityG says:

      True, but Pool is still a little too immature for his physical age, though I find him a bit more mature than Crossland who is chronologically older than Pool, but emotionally only about 20.

  8. doremind says:

    Italians are white.

  9. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Ian you are on a good trail of bread crumbs for functionality of systems that negate regulations and caution to exhaust products that produce pollution. Though remember t follow CO2 from every countries population/development/power generation and then each has a military(functionalities that negate caution to environment{Groom Lake, unsafe nuclear waste disposal sites} and need of optimal operation, at expense of lack of caution to exhaust products, and where to dispose of them, or how or what is released. The fact is The largest population developed countries, inevitably release larger amounts of CO2 through simple physics, leeching increases as density and mass increases(entropy), thus even a army though less tech equipped, use vehicles to get around place to place, and they don’t use electric, thus production of exhaust can be extreme, regardless of USA, when we apply simple physics, development of country, and availability of goods and services. Like they say follow the money, follow the CO2. Each pound a person burns in weight from their mass, is converted to 70% CO2 that they breathe out, when you are at the gym burning fat, you literally breathe out your weight.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      which leads to the best contradiction of all. if promoting less CO2 to cool the planet down is desirable, then promoting the elimination obesity is proportional. Being the bigger someone is the more CO2 they have sequestered, that can be released into the environment, either if they get thin, or die and begin to decompose. Gyms are like giant CO2 emitters, based on the physics of how weight(cellular respiration). Thus do people really understand the context and nuaces to CO2 before they try to control other peoples lives, or is it like Tim says, and a person will expect a world to fix a problem, but not change their own responbility of how they act and what they use in this world. If what Tim is saying is correct, and it is more of the “be the change you want to see” that really makes an effect of decreasing the incentive for production to move in the direct of what consumers want even if it produces more pollution. Then simply, the Environmental movement, though in theory, a great idea, is now disregarding the axioms that promote individuality and self responsibility, in exchange for promoting the need for state to step in to fix it, centralizing power out of the individuals hand. Thus to get back to environmentalism, to those that give a shit(Vegetarian, not a communist), we must check and rebalance the structure of what environmentalism truly is about, and what it should promote, and where it should stop in forcing ideas on others.(Why is it now corrupt? How did it happen over time? How can we fix it, and leave a system that checks itself when it begins to fall to the “vice” of centralizing power?)

  10. skibum says:

    “Kill yourself or shut the fuck up” – finally, the based Chamberlain comes out!

  11. PadreMortalis says:

    That last thing about Portillos not letting you do it, I don’t know man. They did open one up in Tempe Arizona. I went there a few times when I lived down there. Same tastiness as when I lived near Chicago and tasted the original.

  12. MikeM says:

    When tim acts like this it seems like he wants to criticize individuals in specific. That’s probably incorrect though. Ian would know.

  13. Hottaco says:

    Papa Jimmy John’s lol

  14. Grizztang says:

    Lmao buy your own milk! Dont touch my chocky milk

  15. Freedumb says:

    How dare you make fun of the fat, funny guy! I am both fat and very funny and I find that extremely offensive! Also, why do I have to scroll to the bottom to post a comment?

  16. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim has brought up about 8 million times some comic where somebody says you’re participating in society, and I still don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO SAY TIM!!!

  17. JulieSlater says:

    Seriously? Corn plastic?
    Howbout you just wash your silverware? People have been doing it for years.
    Or… if you really wanna get green… have everyone pack their own fork and spoon around. You clean your fork after you eat, put it in your pocket, you’re good to go for the next meal.

    Also… see how much money you spend on boughten meals. include the gas it takes to go and get the food or have it delivered. Hire a cook for that crew of yours. See how you come out. Better for the environment. better food for everyone.

  18. ZachWilkerson says:

    As someone who lives in one of those small towns (Kenton DE), I’ve dreamt about doing what you said for a long time. The only problem being I’m 21 and haven’t built a business yet. I love this idea and I really hope you follow through and succeed, so that more people adopt this idea.

  19. Rustyshackleford3814 says:

    Tim sure did tell lydia to stfu haha

  20. Sikrik665 says:

    I once questioned if Tim came from the hood ,but dude sounds like me when I’m on a rant…can’t hide hood shit

  21. Sikrik665 says:

    You dickheads need to read your fucking water bottles…municipal source….otherwise know as reverse osmosis city water. Shut the fuck up….

  22. Shimcast hilarious! Great conversation.

    Thank you for making the point about “Native Americans” not being homogenous. As an American Indian AND a Native American, I define a Native American as anybody who was born here.

    I loved the point about land ownership. Progressive members of my tribe screech about nobody is illegal on stolen land. Inspired by your point, I posed this question: “To those who say American Indians didn’t “own” the land, if that’s true then how can you say it’s “stolen” land?”

  23. Gobsmacked says:

    Take my money. I’m in. I’m a fabulous cook and the consummate secretary/organizer/mom/researcher/mediator with way too much energy.

    Let’s do this.

  24. UppityG says:

    Pool & Crew, look into what Charlie Chaplin did when he created his own movie company.
    Chamberlain’s POV is always welcome.

  25. Jewelz1313 says:

    I’m in for having Tim Town. I work from home so as long as there’s the internet, I will stay employed.

  26. pigdog5150 says:

    Do not compromise. Object all the way. Mitch McConnell is weak and pathetic.

  27. CNN_sucks says:

    This was one of the funniest episode. Good job.

  28. covfefeovich says:

    Bill Maher is alt-right? lol. Only after moving the Overton window to the left of Mao and Pol Pot.

    I do wonder if Bill Maher would see the irony in having something in common with Ronald Reagan.

  29. Jeyaraj94 says:


  30. tinydanser says:

    When is that Loudon County school vote happening again? Hope Tim does goes out there like he was talking about before. If he can’t do a show out there maybe send someone to be there and witness it since they’re so close? What do y’all think is gonna happen with all that

  31. Trailblazer68 says:

    Its a scary conversation but i know many that have it and have had it with many people, the leftists, progressives etc know not what they are poking. Look at gun sales. During the 2020 riots gun sales skyrocketed to never before seen levels. Highest sales ever recorded for a year with over 8million first time gun owners. And 2021 hasnt exactly slowed that trend jan and march were the 2 Highest months for gun sales ever recorded with over 4million each month.

    And i dont mean that a democrat vs Republican thing no no its a center vs extremities thing. There are normal people that fall right and left of center and i guarantee a significant portion of those gub buyer especially the first timers were more left than right. But when the extremists push to far people will push back. The normal people left center and right wont put up with groups like antifa and blm coming to their homes. We saw it happen in many areas in 2020. Hell less than 20miles from me in Pennsylvania a man shot a group of blm activists illegally tresspassing on his property while gathering for some sort of protest in a nearby town. According to the reports he asked them to leave nicely, then demanded they leave with the barrel of a shotgun. They got aggressive and threatening and so he shot em. He suffered poltitically innthe courts but i saw dozens of small articles about similar events across the country.

    For all the antigunners claims if the gun owners were not saintly in their patience the anti gunners would all be dead. I mean think about the numbers. 12000-15000 on average die by gun not including suicides every year. Best estimates put the number of guns in civilian hands at over 660million with something like 100-150million+ citizens owning those guns. Thats damn near unimaginable. If you took all the variables into account in a completely unbiased manner looking from the outside id even propose its a numerically impossible achievement. So what happens when you upset that balance? What happens when the scales finally tip? Honestly i hope i never see it because it will quite likely be the single bloodiest event in human history. Certainly in the history of the us. The civil war will pale in comparison. Youd think the people propsing such things as taking away folks police and guns and rights and freedoms would be terrified of the retaliation. But that would assume they ever took a thought to its full conclusion i suppose.

  32. Anders21 says:

    In regards to speaking of the family dynamic with opposing political views of the parents in the ice cream shop scenario. No just no….Parents do not undermine eachother with their kids. The best thing I have learned in having and raising and teaching my children is that my wife is my spouse and partner. We have to communicate and be on the same page. Do our opinions always align? heck no, but we play for the same team and the commonalities far outnumber the differences. What’s the bible verse about spare the rod spoil the child… Structure love and having two parents who are invested in growing the family into a happy safe secure life. That is what children need, not to be exposed to overt political propaganda to turn them into nodes of a system, unable of a free thought.

    • UppityG says:

      Pool is not above using a strawman when it suits him. That said, humans have no natural defense against corruption, so all of us are vulnerable to doing the same. I’ve seen the unhealthy dynamic of the mother countermanding what the father says in favor of the child which is always a mistake that starts a fast moving corrosion in the family the first time she does it. A healthy family does not give in to that temptation, ever. Children are born feral and are ruthless power seekers. It just doesn’t look that way to the parents because they look at them through rose colored glasses. But that is what happens and it’s the parents who must civilize their barbarians. Cf. Hanna Arendt.

  33. PseudoSwede says:

    If schools are segregated by race, then there won’t be any more interracial groups of friends, cliques, etc, and therefore no more cultural appropriation.

    Is that the line of
    “”thinking”” that supporters of this garbage promote?

    Right to jail right away!

  34. StMyles2 says:

    🤔🤔…. Interesting

  35. Aracore says:

    Is the player supposed to be so small on the page?

  36. ElijahFrye says:

    I would just like to state your podcast on YT about the cyber symposium was legit misinformation….. they never claimed nasa, dod etc rigged the election they said they have former workers from national intelligence agencies the DOD, nasa, etc working at the symposium….. tim you legit lied (misheard) and need to make a correction about this cause you were making statements as fact based on things that are not true….. plz correct your statements and make corrections to the blantent non truth you told to thousands of people… will chamberline come on and you just make wild accusations that are not true and makes me question if you watched it or had someone else watch it for you

    • CNN_sucks says:

      Agreed. Tim should fact checked his fact checker.

    • crash55 says:

      I agree. It’s almost like Tim has become controlled opposition. He rants about inconsequential cultural stuff and Como’s resignation, but ignores important issues like the Chinese hacking of the election, or the censoring of real treatments for covid like Ivermectin and the mass death’s that that causes. I guess I am going to have to quit his website. It’s become a waste of time.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree. Lindell consults a wide variety of experts in their field of endeavor, which skills and practices cross-pollinate to analyzing election data very nicely. Pool is skeptical of Lindell because he sees him as basically a crackpot with a lot of money and so he makes the mistake of dismissing everyone associated with him as crackpots too. I wonder if he does that with Jack Dorsey, who is definitely a crackpot with a lot of money. I admired it when he buttonholed Dorsey and his obsequious lawyer whatever her name is, on Rogan’s podcast.

  37. Username. says:

    If you buy up your own small town then you can become the mayor and the sheriff

  38. AshleyMarie says:

    Honestly, I haven’t said anything when I saw this last week but I CAN’T FUCKING STAND when Lydia gets snapped at for simple comments or a response such as “oh my god” or something equally inconspicuous and yet supportive to the narrative that’s being talked about. SHE BARELY SAYS ANYTHING to begin with. Some of us would like too hear more from Lydia but whenever she says something at a time that’s inconvenient for the main speaker, she’s told to “shhhh” in one way or another. Sometimes with a hand up in her direction and attention is ONLY brought to the whole thing when someone directly says something like “can I just 😒 ugh…” like she’s talking too much or something! 🙄 As if Lydia is a main voice on the show! Which she isn’t. The show probably couldn’t even happen without her and deserves all of our respect. I love the show and staff and guests, I watch every night but this hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. I’ve seen it happen on 3 separate occasions including this episode in the past few weeks. And then its like she feels like she can’t say a word for a long time, multiple episodes of virtual silence because she’s told to shut up in what amounts to a rude way. Her insight is useful, and another perspective that we barely get too hear from as it is. This literally drives me crazy. I get that she’s the producer and has other things to worry about during the broadcast but she sometimes speaks up at certain times and then seemingly isn’t aloud to utter a reactionary or commentary response at others. There’s no rhyme or reason too it either so how is she supposed to know?! It just rubs me the wrong way and I had to say something. Didn’t mean to rant but it just bothers the shit out of me when I see that.

    • Jeyaraj94 says:

      I Agree!!..TIM is an arrogant idiot for snapping at lydia..its so rude and childish..learn to value and respect the people who stick with you TIM..they are your family..treasure them..dont be brat

      • Fifth says:

        Well said. Tim’s suffering the curse of above average intelligent person. Tim’s got extremely high IQ combined with fast reaction, so he’s got the curse way worse than the most. Considering all the above, it’s actually pretty amazing how well he’s still managing this curse most of the time… Doesn’t absolve him from anything tho, we all have our weak spots and we all have to deal with em.

    • UppityG says:

      @Ashley, you do realize that this is Pool’s show, right? Smith has a role as an employee and she is good at her job, which I appreciate. But I’m not going to lobby Pool to elevate her to the same level of import as him. She has a job thanks to him. Have you ever heard the expression “no one is indispensable”? She can be replaced. Maybe not as easily as before covid, but everyone can be replaced, with one exception: the owner of the company.

      Sometimes Pool keeps the floor rather than ceding it to her when she chimes in, but I’ve never seen him be intentionally rude to her. He may not be super deferential and solicitous of her feelings on camera, but likely he is more so when off camera and time control is not an issue. Likely you’ve missed it, but Smith is a believer in stoicism. If you don’t know what that means, I encourage you to look it up using any search engine that does not start with the letter ‘g’.

      You may not like that there are hierarchies in humanity, but there are, and in many other life forms. Far too many of us pay too little attention to how much luck plays a role in our fortunes and misfortunes, and far too many of us act like someone is supposed to make life fair for someone else. We are the arrogant bad actors when we assume we know what’s fair for someone else and when we horn into their lives uninvited because we wish to white knight for them.

      Smith can and does handle herself just fine. That’s just my opinion in response to your opinion.

      Paz y salud.

    • loveleoslunch says:

      I totally agree with you. This is the 2nd time recently that I’ve heard him do this and it’s so disrespectful and makes me respect him less.

  39. Xylanor says:

    I was a chef for years . If you need some culinary help…

  40. fellowshipotr52@gmail.com says:

    I’m not out yet but I’m close to canceling membership. Sometimes I get the feeling that you are indeed only controlled opposition. What are you guys doing with all of our money? You couldn’t even send someone to Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium? You guys were awful quick to dismiss it but no interest in actually listening to it? This is an extremely important and controversial event, you guys should have someone on the ground. And if we KNOW the election was stolen and YouTube won’t let you say so maybe it’s time to stop BENDING THE KNEE. You call everyone else a coward for backing down to muggers and criminals but you won’t even risk losing your job. You gotta pick a fucking side dude.

    • ElijahFrye says:

      Yea tim bold faced pulled claims out of his ass about the whole nasa BS…. they never said nasa rigged or cause anything they said they had former employees from nasa, dod, and intelligence agencies … they spend a whole 30 minutes commiting defamation then go and hold up dominion cause will Chamberlin is on…. just cause he has education doent mean everything he says is fact or anything a fedaral judge says is true… they legit just take what they are told do no research and roll with it like its true and nothing could change it…. im honestly pissed rn told them to make a correction but we will see… if tim doesnt make a correction im done with him and ill rage everytime he fucked up at this point in the past i try and be charitable but this is fucking dumb and if i were mike id make tim make a correction or sue him for defamation cause thats what they spent 30 minutes doing defaming mike lindell then bitched about how dominion shouldnt be defamed like the hypocrisy from tim is hitting full retard and my trust for his company and show are going out the fucking window fast…. and im not even saying the election was rigged but tim just fucking lied or misheard the intro and fabricates it from there…. its ethically wrong and he fucking knows it cause he bitches about everyone else doing it then fucking does it himself

  41. DNOLAN says:

    This is how the entire IRL podcast should be I hate the PC bullshit faces they have to wear to not get banned. Tell people how you really feel I swear every 5 seconds, if you don’t want people cussing go listen to fucking Disney Channel’s bullshit. Tell it how it is people should here the damn truth.

  42. Damonovitch says:

    How ironic a southern Democrat is trying to introduced segregation yet again

  43. HemiWk says:

    Infastructure passing just means that were fucked the amount of insanity that’s in this bill is unbelievable like all new vehicle by 20xx (forgot the year) are required to have a breathalyzer type of insanity who know what else is in there

  44. frosthound says:

    i’m kind of getting more into throwing this 100 bucks to make a new country thing.

  45. Wolv256 says:

    Bring back dodgeball and Smear the Queer to playgrounds. Put these whiny little fruitcakes back in their place and stop empowering them.

  46. NoOne123 says:

    On Noam Chomsky’s quote regarding the context of punching, “nazis”
    “wrong in principle, and tactically self destructive. When we move to the arena of violence, the most brutal guys win – and that’s not us.” – Noam Chomsky

    Tim is delusionally wrong along with Noam Chomsky. The left are FAR more brutal in the arena of violence than the right. When it comes to fighting, the left typically seems to overtake the right due their ability to organize and mobilize quickly. The right is stronger on an individual level sure but without organization in a war you will lose. The body count on the left far outweighs the right. Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, ect ect, were all leftists. After the riots of last year the left have gained A LOT of experience in regards to urban warfare(laugh in cope all you want but CHAZ/CHOP was basically a live military exercise) and police response as well as organization and funding. If a war breaks out between the right and left in this country, the left WILL win. They’re better funded, better organized, and they have the support of the state as well as probably foreign actors as well.

    You may try to default to, “but the right has war veterans!” sure but rarely is the psyche profile and individualist that of aggression. They tend to play defense and while a strong defense is great, you dont typically win a war by just playing defense. Most right wingers will just stay in their homes and will want to be left alone. If you’re on a farm its very easy to destroy your food supply. A bullet in your farm animals and just burn the crops and you’re done(Mao did this to basically smoke out those living in the country side and pull them into the city before having them executed). I also want to mention that during communist/socialist/marxist revolutions there were plenty of war veterans around and they still got executed and thrown into a dirt ditch along with everyone else.

    Don’t buy into the lie that the right is, “super strong and brutal”, they’re not. At all.

    • Maiafay says:

      You mean the lefties that need people to wave in the air because clapping triggers them? The Antifa fools that did get arrested last cried like babies and dragged their feet like two year olds when officers tried to bring them to the squad cars.

      I see what you’re saying, and I agree to a certain extent, but when push comes to shove, I think many of these lefties will buckle when the right flips out.

      • Maiafay says:

        I meant to say arrested last year* they cried.

        Tim needs an edit button.

      • NoOne123 says:

        Yes. Those Lefties. Those lefties literally destablized cities, defunded police, burned buildings, occupied blocks of cities for weeks, successfully fended off police and pushed many to quit their jobs, usurped positions of power in both government, media, business, and education, changed dictionary definitions, altered cultural language, and are very successfully brainwashing your kids and prepping them for revolution in school, on tik tok, and television shows, and they’re doing much much more.

        A video of a proud boy punching a single glass jawed skinny leftie is not a win. A few videos of parents at school board meetings lecturing and wagging their fingers at the lefties that are educating their kids on CRT are not wins, that’s the right attempting to regain lost ground. I don’t know what the right is winning? The right doesn’t flip out. That’s not the psyche profile of the right. When push comes to shove, the left pushes the right and the right doesn’t push back but instead just walks away and says, “leave me alone”. This happens over and over again throughout history, today will be no different. Sorry for the blackpill, it IS still worth fighting against because you dont have a choice but the outcome is grim.

        I think it is in your best interest to stop dismissing lefties as weak soyboys who cry about their feelings and start very seriously assessing their position and where they’re at in society. Their tactics are working.

        • Fifth says:

          True, very true. The reason WHY left keeps winning isn’t even that they’re better organized. It’s their religion, I mean, their ideology that in the end, counts. Think Islam in the 10th-11th century. Ideologies are like viruses, if they have more effective infection mechanism they will spread faster than their competition and prevail over time. The new members will bring in all the necessary skills and resources.
          That’s also the weak point of the left, that it’s fundamentally a virus. That’s how their little empires end, like parasitic organisms end when their host dies. That’s how Soviet Union collapsed, and that’s how US is keeping China alive.

  47. 1984ishere says:

    wowza..fun to hear Tim let lose with the fowl language..so now we know how you really feel about shite! That was fun.

  48. Cab00se says:


  49. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    In Kentucky our Governor Andy Beshear recently imposed mask mandates statewide for schools and one of the counties super intendants got on the county wide school call, saying he is sorry that kids ps-12 will have to wear mask calling the governor a liberal lunatic, he is suing the governor with AG Daniel Cameron on the unconstitutional mandate he might be a good guest to have on the show, His name is Jimmy Dyehouse and the AG of Ky is Daniel Cameron

  50. thewrongrighter says:

    New Product just in. Angry Milk

  51. ocnier says:

    At the end of the podcast in terms of buying a town is going all “roadhouse” or “walking tall”…. LOL

  52. Turk_Longwell says:

    Black woman disagrees with CRAP.
    let me fix that.
    American Mom Disagrees with CRAP.
    American Mom Believes in an Equal Meritocracy System.
    American Mom is Based.
    Caucasian People are not a Monolith.
    No ‘Race’ Group is a Monolith.
    Ian Understands “The Others”
    Lydia, We’d Love your Mic to be a Bit Louder.
    2k pages +, Sir. the Infrastructure Bill, that is.
    The Republicans were Trash, then back in 2018.
    A Lot of Us are New Here. That Needs to be Fixed.
    Run for Local Office, Folks. Anything Helps.
    Jordan has a Good Deli. But Ian wants to go to Subway. lol
    The CRAP People have been Actively Infiltrating the School Systems.
    Get ’em Tim!!!
    I, Me, am Always Picking up Trash when I Walk the City Streets
    I Never See Anyone Else Here Do That. j/s
    YouGov.com always asks me if “I buy the newest technology before my friends and family”, I and I think Most of Us would Say.. “No, I Don’t Give a Shit to be the ‘Cool’ One.”
    The Left are Stale Bread People.
    What? The Military? Polluters?
    Gotta have the Soft Twist Ice Cream Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles.
    Strong Families are the Future.
    Fathers and Masculinity all day, err day.
    Tim wants a Town for Himself.
    Shimcast was the Fifth Beatle.
    Great show.
    Cheers all.

  53. RjMcDougleheim says:

    Shimcast = BestCast

  54. kellybw says:

    Now you’re talkin’ my language.

  55. TheDarkworld says:

    This here is what I pay for

  56. Kaladin says:

    Portillo’s is expanding. Found one in Tempe AZ

  57. rachelgrabow says:

    Excellent show! Serious stuff and then so fun at the end.

  58. Jesstard says:

    Ad free experience my ass, there’s an ad at the top of my dang keyboard now!

  59. Turk_Longwell says:

    Things Encode, Newbies.
    I hope to hear some spicy shit.
    They did tease that.
    The Lawsuits, I’m thinking.
    They went hard, and rightly, on Trump not coming back to office.
    I think we all agree on that.
    No matter how wrong that is.
    Shout out to the IRL Cast Team!

  60. Mahatma___Mundi says:

    Why does it take 20-25 minutes to “encode” almost every night?

    • UunholyBacon says:

      because video cards and bandwidth are not cheep 🙁

    • Thequaz says:

      Because the millions of dollars Tim has apparently aren’t enough to make a functional website. Just enought to buy a mansion and skatepark and keep he’s retarded deadbeat friends like Ian afloat

      • Stephen Menard says:

        Stay mad loser. Nobody is forcing you to be here.

        • Thequaz says:

          Eat a fat dick simp. Daddy timmy isn’t gonna notice you white knighting

          • MFnHammer says:

            Keep feeding Timcast money, I’m SURE your comments are getting his panties in a wad!! 🤣🤣😂

            Did typing those words make you feel better Karen? Do you need to see the manager now? Maybe subscribe for a few more months, and THEN you’ll get a response, and be ‘noticed’.🤣😂

          • ElijahFrye says:

            Dude tim made legit false claims on the YT show last night the stuff he said about the cyber symposium claiming “nasa rigging the election” was a straight up lie they said they had former nasa employees at the symposium….. dude might be bitching but at the same time there are multiple things to bitch about with tim making flase claims and being a huge fucking hypocrite…. also nah dude you eat a dick since you sound like every other bitch ass cuck on YT. Grow up there is no reason for that kinda dumbshit…. i like ian too but going of on some dumbass name calling is going to change nothing….

        • jeremy says:

          Dang right….had to back you up,I too have the last name you do. Maybe we turn our whole family based limb cruel fans.

      • UunholyBacon says:

        thank you for supporting him with at least ten of your dollars 😉 i enjoy this stuff all the way to the dogecoin on the moon.

    • Snuffy357 says:

      every video on every website takes a while to encode, the only difference here is that we see it.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      We’re real time here, Fren.

    • KDiddy says:

      Back in my day, we had 56K internet. We would have to wait 5 hours for a song to download. 5kb per second was good for a download. We would ‘finish our business’ before the jpeg would fully load. All you’d see was a woman’s head and bare shoulders after 2.5 minutes. And the page was just the image! You would use the the URL bar for searches, not Google. Your question of why it takes about a half an hour makes me laugh. Why does a near gigabyte video take 20 minutes to 30 minutes to upload and be available for me to stream? I’m still just surprised all this stuff works. Actually, if you can answer that question, you’ll be well off. Infrastructure, billions of dollars of infrastructure and networking with cables underground, spanning poles and constantly passing data over thousands of miles or out to the atmosphere and back. I worry that people don’t appreciate that they can even get this video in 24 hours. Answer that question. Why does it take 20 to 30 minutes for all this data to be uploaded to a computer system in 0’s and 1’s and then be decoded to provide me a 1080p audio video copy? Why? How can we make it more secure? And faster than than minutes?

    • Wolv256 says:

      To annoy whiny little punks like you.

  61. UunholyBacon says:

    hell ya great show tonight guys