Mikhaila Peterson Member Podcast: Court Awards Full Custody to James Younger’s Mother Who Wants To Transition James To Girl

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Mikhaila Peterson Member Podcast: Court Awards Full Custody to James Younger’s Mother Who Wants To Transition James To Girl
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176 responses to “Mikhaila Peterson Member Podcast: Court Awards Full Custody to James Younger’s Mother Who Wants To Transition James To Girl”

  1. garyha says:

    Sorry for this outburst but Ima so crazy crush on Mikhaila can hardly stand it.
    Feel better now thanks.
    Eating one thing at a time makes sense to me like 5000 years ago.

  2. garyha says:

    The mother’s pursuing self-glory.
    I’m going to Ian you: The cause is that she’s into oral sex which spreads toxoplasma gondii according to NIH … https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32315924/ … and that’s because it eats GABA which removes all empathy for others in the victim due to the extreme anxiety three-alarm fire in the brain and it is a pandemic now. Look at the rioters, antifa etc, lefty orgs (you can sign up for their emails), the perceptive among us will be able to see their fundamental religion is to remove all sexual limits.

  3. MasonicPleb says:

    If you see something that’s raspberry or vanilla flavored and has natural flavors listed it’s likely derived from the castorium glands of a beaver’s butthole, the secretions of which they mix with urine to mark their territory.

  4. LarsaValeth43 says:

    you can use the egg whites to make meringue’s.

  5. BUY_XRP says:

    Female judge. Thats the comment.

  6. EricRyan1976 says:

    This is heart breaking. I know what I would do.

  7. BarryBooma says:

    I’d just sit back, relax and get heavily into Minecraft.

  8. RatDad says:

    I would have just cut my loses and moved away and had another kid

  9. AaronA says:

    Honest question here.
    Can you be suffering from depression and not know it.

  10. Tmass2020 says:

    That was the whole idea in jurrassic park, they used frog DNA in the dinosaurs to fill the holes and it caused some dinosaurs to change there gender. That’s how they were able to reproduce

  11. Topflitecop says:

    The James Younger story is exactly why you don’t stick your Dick in liberals. They’re easy, but you’re gonna have a bad time.

    Interesting that the judge restricted his custody because of support non-payment but I’m pretty sure there is case law against that… maybe Texas is different 🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. JoshWah333 says:

    Hey guys – stop dating leftist women! Make political affiliation your number one priority in relationships.

  13. kgres1 says:

    Zeus is the greek version of Satan.

  14. KMerckCPA says:

    Bernie Sandets is a COMMUNIST. He always has been. Maybe Tim os too young to know this, but Bernie has always been a joke in Congress because he’s a straight up communist. You are fucking retarded if you even thought about voting for him in 2016. More evidence that Tim is FAR LEFT

  15. Gobsmacked says:

    I feel like such a good kid. Watching this while eating an English cucumber for lunch. Winning!

  16. Bstone says:

    Mommy would be “disapeared” pretty quickly if that were my kid.

  17. KMerckCPA says:

    She batshit crazy but she foine!!

  18. DannyGoog says:

    This is crazy when I was his age my older sister use to dress me up like a girl , if she did that in today’s world I would be considered trans

  19. Miguelskoke says:

    One thing that is slept on big time is wild game. Best way to eat imo.

  20. Trailblazer68 says:

    You CAN survive on rabbit but ONLY if you eat the organ meat. The reason people typically get the rabbit fever is because they only eat the flesh. The organ meat, liver, heart etc are full of the nutrients you need that for some reason i dont know the flesh itself doesnt hold. Of course that could be said of most any animal meat if you eat only the flesh and never the nutrient rich organ meats.

  21. Craigragan29 says:

    Not that i know every thing but isnt nick cannon and antisemite and racist to what people being in hip hop?

    • Fifth says:

      Makes lot of sense. It’s always divided along religious lines, even if people themselves are sometimes unaware of it.
      In this case, multiple women for one man is an obvious reference to Islam. Muslims and antisemitism, well, no surprise there it’s an ages old rivalry between those two.

    • Anony says:

      Yes Nick Cannon said people with less melanin are less evolved baha

  22. GunsTheMonkey says:

    I need to be the manger of the shimcast restaurant! Not joking, at all.

  23. Juicepeezy says:

    Mikhaila what a treat

  24. BeyondTilted says:

    This story has made me more viscerally angry than I have ever been before. This is the most disgusting ruling I’ve ever heard, it makes me have violent thoughts and I’m an very non violent, non confrontational person. how do we succeed as a society if courts allow for this kind of child abuse. this judge should be put in jail for this ruling this woman should be in a psyche ward.

  25. realistpatriot says:

    First time here, it’s astonishing how shocked I was by hearing the cussing. What have we done to speech that leaves me flabbergasted by some swearing, Carlin was right.

  26. RuthlessAdmin says:

    I’ve been falling apart lately in some really alarming ways (depression, physical pain, extreme fatigue, among others). This show made me realize that even tho I don’t eat as bad as most Americans, I need to do a whole hell of a lot better. Tonight I decided to just eat chicken breasts for dinner and I am already feeling some significant relief from my recent symptoms. Mikhaila may have saved my life or at least given me some hope that I’m not going to end up in the ER soon…Time will tell. Either way, thank you.

  27. mainten84 says:

    Is anyone going to mention the judge in this case was A WOMAN, or does that not apply in our PC bully culture.

    Women have plausible deniability when being psycho with the development of their children? How many mothers out there wanted a girl, and justify feminizing their male children with rhetoric?

    Now they literally can get away with it by saying their kid is trans. How does anybody know the judge does not feel compassion for a mother who wants a daughter and goes along with the mother’s feelings?????

    If you’re not trained by society to not see gender, when upset by a case dealing with forced gender alteration, then you can see questioning the judge’s motives because of her gender is practical and rational, but not politically correct.

  28. MeSoTrashed says:

    On the main show when Tim asked about pets, did anyone else think about a lobster tank?

  29. KDiddy says:

    I tried to see a nutritionalist, once, about what kind of diet a person like me should be on and it wasn’t extremely helpful and would have cost me more to keep seeing that person because insurance doesn’t really cover figuring out what foods are best for your body. I believe that’s up to the person at this point. A doctor cannot prescribe a diet. You can describe your diet to a doctor, but the best they can do is recommend avoiding certain foods. Doctor recommended diets are hogwash and typically don’t work for most people. There’s liability there too. Look at the nutritional facts of each product you buy. Take a human nutrition class. Learn about fat soluble and water soluble nutrients and start to pay attention to what foods have in them so you can combine them properly. Listen to your body before and after you eat. My favorite meal at subway was a turkey sandwich with all the veggies, mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar. Every time I’d eat it, I’d get a burst of energy and feel really good. I worked there and survived on that food for years and that was the only sammy that would make me feel that way. That and gala apples. Taking supplements and restricting certain foods might not be what you need and there are thresholds of what your body can take. B vitamins can easily be overdosed on and harmful, but they’re in all sorts of energy drinks and supplements. Learning those things are more important than most school activities but instead we teach everyone to turn to a pyramid for their answers and then privitise healthcare. Most diseases come from malnutrition. It’s so fitting.

  30. huddle_house56 says:

    Anyone who’s watched the “Dino-sawer” part of Jurassic park knows that frogs can change their sex lol

  31. Thequaz says:

    Honestly I’d straight up just kill the psycho mom. Rather be in prison than have my son mutilated and commit suicide

  32. lilwyverngirl says:

    I usually just come here and to the YouTube channels to just listen and watch but this bonus segment and the main podcast struck a chord within me. Mikhaila is definitely right about knowing when something is wrong within your own body as I had a similar personal experience. Even so – talk to your doctor before deciding to seek a second opinion or taking matters into your own hands as you might have a competent doctor.

    Long story short I was having chest pains and weakness that I brought up to a previous doctor that I was worried about blood clots. I was 25 at the time. Fast forward to 26 and a new primary care doctor, I was rushed to the ER from my work vehicle by my supervisor’s overriding decision to call 911 instead of let me drive home. Even the EMTs and the Emergency personnel didn’t believe something to be wrong and I was almost discharged when the AM doctor (who replaced the PM ER doctor) came in and saw me, seeing that I could barely move due to my condition. Later on, it was discovered I was going into heart failure from a submassive saddle pulmonary embolism and my left lung was also dying from the blockage. The ER environment changed from “this young person is exaggerating” to “Oh God she might not make it” as I was rushed to an emergency procedure to break down the clot.

    You know when there’s something wrong and yes you should definitely talk to your doctor first but there are a lot out there who don’t consider rare circumstances. It turns out that I have Factor V Leiden disorder which causes me to clot more readily than a normal person and hormones is one of the triggers. I have stopped taking any hormone therapy unless it’s approved by my hematologist now because I don’t want to almost die again because another doctor isn’t thinking straight. There are good doctors out there and bad ones – but if you feel your health is at risk by something you should take steps to change it or seek help. Mikhaila feels better now that she’s figured out the issue and I haven’t had a recurrence of blood clotting since stopping the activities/medications that could increase them happening for me. I also quit seeing my OB/GYN because she is a psycho woke doctor who doesn’t understand the fact I cannot take estrogen at all and keeps trying to put me back on birth control. Hormones are not safe for most people and hormone blockers can also trigger terrible consequences for individuals with rare disorders.

    On the child’s situation, they should not have gone to the step mother who is actively advocating to give hormones to a child or hormone blockers. It seems like there was bias against the father for non-payment as an extenuating factor but jeez the judge shouldn’t make the child’s medical info a secret from the father. That’s putting the child at an extra risk in my opinion.

  33. Nasella23 says:

    “What do you just put them on your face?”

  34. MitchStew says:

    I’ve been doing fasts for the past several years. My aim is for about 5 days every month. Although sometimes it is very hard to do, it is a habit that I will probably continue doing for the rest of my life.

  35. maxpirk@gmail.com says:

    Can you please improve the video player just add tape twice to rewind I cant move the video at all right now.

  36. Anni says:

    This is child abuse and the trophy goes to the judge.

  37. CJS3 says:

    If I were James Younger’s father, I would happily spend the rest of my life in prison, to save my son.

  38. LeviU2287 says:

    This infuriates me

  39. peachbeanis says:

    Please give Ian his own show. I understand you want to keep Timcast about politics and current events, but I think you have a lot of fans who would love to hear Ian go off about the weird stuff.

    • Junho says:

      Thats a good idea seeing as they are expanding

    • Garce says:

      Agreed. I think if Ian is free enough, have him do a solo show where he does all those tangents and weird topics like once a day or whatever and put it up as another show for the website. Almost like a live look at him researching the topics and his reaction to the information sort of a thing.

    • Fifth says:

      Ian has his own show, has had for a long time. So you don’t have to guess how it could possibly do, this experiment has been already run and we have the answer.

  40. BobZ says:

    Yeah, religions are weird. Fenrir and Odin’s horse are both Loki’s kids.

    The prophet Elisha summoned a bear to maul some village punks for calling him bald

    Muhammed liked em young.

    You will find weird things in all religions.

  41. Ronin_Jack says:

    What does she think about Clone Beef?

  42. Wayfadeddude says:

    this actually brought tears to my eyes as the single father of a son. I can’t imagine the confusion and fear the little boy must be going through.

  43. Mattpark says:

    Chad Prather had Jeff Younger on his show on The Blaze this same night. 10 Aug 21. The show was also streamed on YouTube. Just put Chad Prather in the search bar.

  44. Paragonal says:

    “My kids are being taught racism by racists.” “Having you tried eating better?” -Joking aside, a good way to eat better is to move out of the city. Problem solved, indirectly.

  45. JacktheRippa says:

    Ian is random as hell.. it’s fucking great. Also great podcast as usual.

    • Fifth says:

      The inevitable and completely natural consequence of having large areas of your brain fried… Nobody would be surprised if, say, a math processor would start throwing random errors after you short-circuit some of it’s wirings. It’s the exact same effect here.

  46. UppityG says:

    I see the auto-pop out of the burger menu still persists, an annoyance growing into an intolerable, Tech Team.
    New tech diff: I just now tried to reply to JUMPMANKAIN, twice, and both times got the following error:

    “Insufficient Storage
    “The method could not be performed on the resource because the server is unable to store the representation needed to successfully complete the request. There is insufficient free space left in your storage allocation.
    “Additionally, a 507 Insufficient Storage error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

    Re last night’s podcast and bonuscast:
    I tuned in a bit late and did not join chat at all, as I waited to see who the guest was and to see how Crossland would comport himself. Miss Peterson is a lovely person and has interesting insights I was beginning to dial into when Crossland did what Crossland does, ask a banal question, then Pool answers it in one pithy sentence, which Crossland reacts to as if it can’t be that simple, when yes, it can be, he just doesn’t give his own questions the critical analysis most healthy adults manage to do before trotting it out to elicit more info, so he becomes agitated and starts adding or subtracting qualifiers in order to prolong the life of the question so he can keep the floor with the guest.

    A waste of my time and my money. It is not useful to me, the paying member, it is not respectful of the guest, and it caused me to turn off the podcast and go watch other content. Based on the comments here, I will watch the bonuscast some other time, if at all.

    Pool & Crew can’t win ’em all. But I keep wondering out loud when Pool will consider cycling in alternate co-hosts so we can get a break from the Crossland Chaos. Yes, sometimes Crossland says something funny and one-off. Sometimes. Not nearly enough to off-set the drug addled blurts. He’s otherwise a fairly decent fellow. But he’s not ready for prime-time.

    • Dusty Oldman says:

      I like that Ian is an honest contrarian. He does get spacey but he adds to the show. It took me a while to like him but I’m happy he’s there. He challenges the conversation so it’s not a circle jerk. He’s wrong sometimes but it’s the fact that he challenges everyone is why I like him. Although he pisses Tim off at times but that just makes me laugh.

  47. Thejester11 says:

    Women: Why can’t little boys like dolls, princesses, and other girl things?!
    Also Women: He liked Disney princesses so hes A GIRL.

    There’s no such thing as a trans child. We don’t let kids drink or smoke until at least 18 because of what it does to the brain, why in the hell is this nonsense acceptable?

    • UppityG says:

      Ok, Tech Team, please note that I clicked Reply to THEJESTER11 and I was given a text box to do so, per usual.

      @TheJester, excellent question. We’ve become a nation of overly tolerant in the over-emphasized cult belief of the noisiest of us that we MUST be “tolerant” of every fucking thing that’s different from what we believe, what we know, what we prefer, what we are accustomed to. And because those cultists don’t understand the meaning of boundaries, nor the meaning of tolerant, they do what they always do: require others to enforce their boundaries to keep the cultist out of our personal space and push back against the re-definition of words such as tolerant into meaning “to prize and advocate for” their cult demands.

      There’s a poster floating around the interwebs that illustrates nicely Popper’s Paradox re tolerance. I highly recommend everyone to find it, download a copy to your computer or cell and have it at the ready when anyone you are with starts to wax rhapsodic about how “diversity is our strength” (which is marxist drivel) and “we must learn to be tolerant” (meaningless platitude).

      Paz y salud.

  48. Rumham says:

    I wish they would’ve talked more on the original topic rather than sliding into food and diet. While important it’s not the title of this vid.

    • UppityG says:

      @Rum, I left the show when Crossland started to do his chaotic question routine so I’m glad I found your comment. Now I know the podcast did not improve after I left, and I think I’m going to skip the bonuscast too.

  49. mikery says:

    “Do you ever talk about happy stuff?”

    Ian: “magic” 🤣🤣😭

  50. bearwithme says:

    Oh boi this episode was a pain to watch.

  51. BurnAcademy says:

    I’m a natural vegan men’s physique competitor. I was an OCB pro for 2 years before not renewing it after covid. I did a high carb, low fat, high protein diet for one show and a high fat, low carb, high protein (vegan keto style) for my first pro show. I had amazing results both times. I did all the nutrition myself and workout program myself for both shows. I did IF and timed my macros specifically around my day. I found 4 fundamental pillars to living a healthy lifestyle no matter what diet you eat. Book will be out sometime in the future.

  52. Andersondavid88 says:

    Look up beef and how they glue together steaks. Cancerous chemicals are used to do this. Buy your own full cuts and slice them into your own steaks it’s game changing. Same goes with shredded cheese. They use something to keep it from sticking that is cancer causing.

  53. Goon_Fishing671 says:

    Can’t survive off fish.
    Said no West pacific and South pacific Islander.

  54. GovernmentIsRape says:

    The easiest fix for eating is to realize that fat is good. If you lots of fat you’ll have less desire for sugar. Ideally you switch your body from running on glucose to running on fat. That’s when you can permanently lose weight because it reduces your insulin. What your body is used to matters greatly.

  55. Tahoove says:

    If your ancestors primarily come from northern European roots. Your body is designed to be more protein based. All other groups ancestors had more of a veggie diet due to warm climates. It’s the reason Tim prefers veggies over meats. I’m 89% northern European both Recent DNA and Ancient DNA. So I need protein in my diet and would have a really bad time going vegan. My kids are a 1/4 Asian and as such are likely to be lactose intolerant and do best with more veggies.

    • Weltmaschine says:

      Great smart comment and couldn’t agree more. I find that the ‘Mediterranean’ diet is what really works for me personally (veggies, olives, humous, fish etc.) Also it’s pretty much where my family’s roots are from genetically way back when although we’re of Central European family background.

  56. Bryan_Liem says:

    On the YouTube portion, too much talk about psychedelics creating the concept of God. OMG, would you rank getting high as more authoritative than God Himself? Think about that. Why would you trust the latest pop culture trend over the Bible teachings that built Western civilization, not perfect but the best civilization there is?! Saying God comes from psychedelics is dumber than AOC and her Green New Deal. Please mention the famous, permanent trippers that crippled their minds via psychedelics, it is possible to overdose, immediately or over a long term of steady “safe” use.

    • anne289@gmail.com says:

      Permanent trippers🤣 You may want to take a look at some actual scientific data in regards to psychedelics if you still believe that old farce. Also, you may want to try asking more about psychedelics in lieu of talking about something you have no idea about. Humans and animals have been “tripping” on psychedelics for millennia friend… for the record lots of references to psychedelics in the Bible as well. Your bias is palatable and unfortunate but it’s never too late to open your mind to new ideas!

      • Fifth says:

        Not against new ideas but OP has a point, doncha think? If there was “a better way” how come no successful culture figured it out? From evolutionary standpoint that’s what cultures are, complex machinery for testing different combinations of social norms.
        Also, it’s a little unfair but can’t avoid mentioning Ian here. This guy has clearly fried large areas of his brain. Not the best poster child for your great Tripping God theory…

    • Dino2gunZZ says:

      Open your mind dude there was alot more there

  57. JediRonin says:

    The hermaphroditic frog DNA is what they used in Jurassic Park that caused the all female dinosaurs to turn male. Life finds a way.

  58. Joann says:

    This is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, an intentional production of illness in another for gained attention.

  59. jamessuraciart says:

    Any “doctor” who performs sex changes or prescribes puberty blockers to someone under the age of 18 should lose their medical license, be arrested for sexual assault on a minor, and be executed just because. If you want to get a sex change when you are an adult, that is one thing, but kids/their parents shouldn’t be able to make such decisions. If I had to wait until I was 18 to get tattoos, then people with transgender disorder should have to wait to get their dicks cut off as well. A doctor giving such surgeries, or even calling a tranny by their preferred pronouns/their trans name is enabling mental illness. It is no different than telling an anorexic that she is fat when she actually looks like she just got liberated from Auschwitz. Felt good to get that out. every time I say something similar on social media it immediately gets deleted.

    • UppityG says:

      In full agreement @James. Disgustingly, in America, with a 1A, our mature speech is seen as offensive and gets routinely removed or trolled. At least here, as paying customers, we can speak freely.

  60. Rockstarsteph13 says:

    Mikhail a is awesome, much love Tim, Lyds and In 😇

  61. JoshHickey says:

    Moral of the story. Don’t fuck mentally ill people

  62. GtheBattleAxe says:

    Least interesting members pod yet, imo

  63. Dn1984 says:

    The one thing every advanced civilization had in common is that they became obsessed with sex and gender leading up to their Extinction

  64. Koko says:

    I bet Mikaila likes Donair, haha. I’ve always wanted to try it. Also how is Ian your number 2 and doesn’t even know how to cook spam! For shame! I’ll teach y’all How to make it right.

  65. UunholyBacon says:

    is chrome blocking this for any one else? i had a “Video is restricted, please check your whitelist/blacklist” i checked my list on 5 different devices not on any black list works fine in brave browser and edge just fine.

  66. Enochulator says:

    oh no, something has “indigestible plant matter” in it. ie: fiber. this is actually good for you. is store bought parmesan good for you? probably not. but it’s not necessarily because of cellulose.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Fiber is generally bullshit, except for inulin and fermented fibers that help feed the gut microbiome. Otherwise it’s at best useless and irritating to the gut. You do not need fiber. The other “benefit” is that it interferes with absorption of other foods, so foods with sugar, like fruit, don’t spike your insulin as much when eaten whole, as opposed to juice. However, in general fiber is just another lie you’ve been sold.

  67. Xylanor says:

    If you add salt to your water. Use sea salt. It has the sodium, magnesium and potassium all together in it.

  68. Enochulator says:

    and raspberries, while delicious, are drupes, not berries.

  69. Xylanor says:

    Glucose, lactose, fructose are generally the same with C6 H12 O6

    Sucrose is more complex at C12 H22 O11

    • Wolv256 says:

      The problem with Sucralose is that it hurts your gut microbiome. It tastes great, it’s no calorie, it doesn’t spike your insulin, but it kills your gut microbiome. That is the danger of it. Instead of that or sugar, use erythritol, monk fruit, stevia, or allulose.

  70. Deutscher says:

    Sick, dark shit.

  71. Enochulator says:

    appeal to nature argument: says we’re supposed to eat cheese. lol lydia. at least be consistent. you like cheese, that’s cool, but cheese is a processed food.

  72. DoubleDownDee says:

    Tomboy here, raised in the country, rural Oregon. I like Mikhaila, she feels like a tomboy sister. Mikhaila just gives it to you straight, no bush beating, i appreciate that in a conversation.
    Am the only one who so damn sick and tired of false admirations, fake morality, and destructive female/male contemporary norms?
    The thing that keeps me awake at night: IT only takes a small minority population to overthrow a government system, example, Nazi, Mao, Lennon, less than 20%. The peaceful silent majority is irrelevant, they don’t matter when it comes to governance. The time has come.

    • DoubleDownDee says:

      PS The sugar comment Tim, every day people didn’t even eat sugar on the regular 100 years ago, and you gotta go back thousands of year to talk about the Sahara? Did you ever even listen to Jordan Peterson? He gets based on how miserable life was like for the average human just a short century ago….

  73. WafflesSensei says:

    pretty sure Ian n Mikkaila are a thing now

  74. Wolv256 says:

    Salt is healthy for you. You just need to keep it in balance with potassium and magnesium and drink enough water. Before going to the gym everyday I chug a half teaspoon of salt in water with some potassium electrolyte powder. I no longer get headaches, cramps, or side aches.

  75. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Spam in my family is called “Skunk meat.” Used to eat it only when camping as a kid now it’s more of a novelty I bring to the folks when I visit.

  76. VannicWolf says:

    What a doll. Shes so cool too.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Yeah, she comes across as she’s really sick of a lot of people’s bullshit, but once you learn about what she’s gone thru and how they’ve treated her and her dad, you understand she’s right and justified to seem like that.

  77. Enochulator says:

    you also need to break out comment posting from full page refreshes. it’s not super great to post a comment and have the whole video reload from the start.

  78. Enochulator says:

    11 pm pst and we’re looking at 320p… you guys need to upgrade your workstations. i know crypto is pushing prices of gpus up, but surely you can get something…

  79. TruckeeCrawdad says:

    I think their should be an investigation into this judge. She just ordered full custody to a woman who openly wants to harm the child. A child who is only biologically related to the father.

  80. SirPhoenixKnight says:

    think you mean Step Mother… she is not the Biology Mother.. if i remember the story from last year.

  81. FatalFate says:

    Can we PLEASE get Jordan Peterson in the house now?

  82. JumpmanKain says:

    If someone was trying to do this to my son, I’d take him and go straight to Mexico and he’d never see his deranged, abusive mother again.

  83. FACTBOT5000 says:

    I heard her father in her voice when she said “Well, nobody knows; so that’s why.”

  84. JiltedValkyrie says:

    It’s very interesting somebody on the opposite side of the food spectrum. I eat probably 95% clean vegan diet and she can’t eat anything but meat and stuff. She definitely eats like my cat, and my cat has super soft fur. I wonder if meat and stuff is better for your hair/nails than beans and lentils.

  85. Marilyn says:

    Mikhaila is adorable! Love how honest and real this this girl is.

  86. munchhasen says:

    Hey please Book Rich Barris of Peoples Pundit fame as a guest. He has consistently been one of the most accurate yet ignored pollsters.
    Loved your show tonight btw

  87. BlazeCast says:

    This society is what happens when a bunch of 40 year old virgins create something to get friends and then algorize what they think society should be.

  88. LeviStrickland says:

    Unics aren’t a new concept to civilizations. Sad and grotesque, but also weird where it’s making it’s come back. The best case scenario for these castrated kids, is to learn to be Unics instead of suicide.

  89. Locke-n-Paine says:

    This degree of widespread mental derangement is only possible b/c of media (of all types) devouring our reality. When we experience our existence through the lens of our phones, a surreal virtual reality that is highly manipulable, AI driven, consists of 100% crafted hyper-narratives, and allows for pseudo-commonality and consensus to be artificially produced, belief can indeed be twisted in ways that result in parents and judges cooperating to turn LITTLE KIDS into social statements as an act of “righteousness”.

    An EMP might be the best thing that could ever happen to us…

  90. KekLordGrey says:

    AT 31:20 ish… Bruh… your BRAIN needs FATS…. and sugars

  91. Yobuyahouse says:

    Ghrelin is the ulimate monster and We are all just Pavlov’s dog

  92. Devilsgun says:

    That fucking psycho Wokemom has, in effect, murdered her exe’s son and replaced him with a mangled, gender swapped “phemale” wreck that’s ruined for life so the cunt mother can gain massive Wokepoints and destroy her former husband, using the retarded asshole legal system’s propensity towards White Knighting for the “empowered” chicks like it’s still the fucking 1800s… She’s walking human fucking cancer, like all of the Woke CorpDems and Twittershit

  93. Turk_Longwell says:

    Small Steps.

  94. Pugpugpugs says:

    I’d kill a whole lotta people if they were trying to castrate my future son

  95. KekLordGrey says:

    I do feel sorry for her… being hit so much with the NON Ability to eat certain things. That is sad. BUT MOST Humans do and are capable to process MOST Natural foods….

    • TCappo3 says:

      That’s just the thing, what is left that’s “natural?” It’s all gmo clones and chemicals. We weren’t made for this and she’s just more sensitive similar to the canary in the coal mine allegory.

  96. benben says:

    -Mikhaila is right. Eat a steak for breakfast, it will make you feel better.

  97. LastPlaceProdigy says:

    This judge is a fucking disgrace and shouldn’t be allowed to preside over any case. At what point are these judges decisions gonna cause people to snap.

  98. KekLordGrey says:

    When it comes to the food Pyramid… count your teeth… as an omnivore… balances do count.

  99. Aesatidlam says:

    She’s so adorable.

  100. RallyK148 says:

    This is happening to my friend’s daughter. Her mother has been coaching her to say she wants to be a boy. She has zero interest in being a boy when she goes to dads house. She loves being pretty, pink is her favorite color, and loves glitter. The mother is filthy rich and has the support of the woke pretentious school. She is 6 years old. Dad will fight for his daughter’s freedom and mental health until his wallet runs dry but it’s not looking good in this climate.

  101. AvengerXP says:

    Do not take any advice from any food talk on this podcast. Talk to YOUR doctor about what’s right for you. Besides “switch to water” or “white flour/sugar is bad”, there is nothing here that’s science based in solid facts.

  102. Steezymac23 says:

    The only food you can survive solely off of are Potatoes. Studies done during WW2 in Russia proved this. I bet Human Breast Milk would work as well and they say kale but I don’t believe that.

  103. dareneq@gmail.com says:

    Can’t believe anyone trusts Wikipedia for reliable information.

    • Biased_Confirmations says:

      Wikipedia literally states that their purpose is to only share establishment narratives, whether true or not. In fact, they don’t care about objective truth.

  104. KekLordGrey says:

    ZEUS… as a SWAN… to F a human woman ( Alcmene (see Amphitryon), granddaughter of Perseus) mum… that begot HERACLES. or as you would call him… Hercules … the Roman name.

  105. Joshrcp72 says:

    If its got a dickk, its not a chick

  106. AvengerXP says:

    It’s really easy to understand WHY this is happening and how we got here. Fear of backlash from a reverse judgment and also to get with the “times” and show how progressive and understanding we are as a society. It’s the same reason Chauvin is in jail. This is what mediatisation does to human behavior, it’s exactly the same as on the atomic level. If you observe something it does not behave the same.

  107. Steezymac23 says:

    There are articles written about it from a left leaning news source saying that the fathers concerns are invalid, stating that the mom wasn’t going to put the kid on puberty blockers right now cause the kid was not going through puberty…… The disingenuous nature of the left is astounding. We are literally worried about them fucking kids up by blocking their natural puberty and they come out with that saying the concerns are unfounded.

    • Old_Frog says:

      I see the mother encouraging the kid, and not knowing any better since he is 8 will get castrated and turned into a girl, and when he turns 18 realizes that he can never be a parent will become depressed, think about suicide, and then kill his mother before he does himself in. If a kid turns 18 and wants to transition, go for it, but no child should ever even be allowed to transition. Period.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Yes, but the left wants to groom children to molest them.

  108. Ballout says:

    These treatments how dangerous long term effects essentially is child abuse

  109. Ballout says:

    These treatments are dangerous it’s technically child abuse

  110. DeafBabydwiver says:

    A friend of mine, sister is now the 3rd brother….
    I told him to read up on it. Nothing. The older brother full on in the cult. :/ sad.
    Hopefully nothing bad happens.

  111. Slidpanther says:

    Anyone else getting video error?

  112. BladeMcCool says:

    u need better video encoder server

  113. Grizztang says:

    How long to videos take to encode?

  114. Turk_Longwell says:

    Shout out to Orion!

  115. JordanJ0888 says:

    Video is encoding, stuck at 35%

  116. Kshthymyla says:

    She’s awesome. Super interesting guest, great mindset, great call there! Carnivore diet, heroic doses, non-victim mentality, fascinating conversation all around!

    Get her dad on sometime too!

  117. Thebootmann says:

    ICan listen on my iPhone but when I try to listen on my iPad it’s not letting me sign in.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      I had that issue initially. Make sure you’re successfully logged out of your timcast.com account on the iPhone’s browser before attempting to log in using the iPad. That was my experience anyway.