Weird Videos Claim Magnets Stick To Vaccine Shot Site On Arms, Tim Says BULLSHIT

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Weird Videos Claim Magnets Stick To Vaccine Shot Site On Arms, Tim Says BULLSHIT

42 responses to “Weird Videos Claim Magnets Stick To Vaccine Shot Site On Arms, Tim Says BULLSHIT”

  1. Rem3 says:

    I can honestly attest to this happening. I actually sent a video to luke and Ian on instagram of me doing it to a lady who is a student of mine. I was joking around with her after she told me she got the vaccine and I said lets see if the magnet sticks. I grabbed a magnet from her refrigerator and tried a few times by where she pointed on her arm. I then moved it to the right a little and it actually stayed! so because i saw a guy on youtube debunk this, i wiped her arm down and did it again to make sure. I tested it on both of her arms and in different spots but it ONLY stuck on that one spot. Im not suggesting microchips or anything like that, but I do think it is freaking weird

  2. pteague says: … i think they did a pretty good job trying to debunk this on the street … the issue is the … i don’t even remember what it was called … it’s a hyper magnetic material that’s added to the vaccine to help it’s life cycle & is listed somewhere on the NIH website … paramagnetic or something?

  3. SamH says:

    What is most likely if these are fake is that people are using something like the same substance women use for their magnetic eyelashes now or they are just using a regular adhesive to which any solid would essentially stick.

    • tobie.lepine says:

      It should say. True – magnet visibly sticks to arm. The vaccine contains no ferromacnetic substances and from our last research one can order 132 types of clear adhesive. Magnets can ALSO stick to crazy glue. There is obvious foulplay in this video.

  4. LiquidLogic says:

    I was skeptical until I saw this it for my self, So maybe empirical research might help before calling “bullshit” from your attitude that people are idiots. I am still inquiring about it, but being obnoxious about it does not help answer the question.

    Again, Jack, whose is still the worst regular guest ever, probably helped in creating the annoying tone. I’ll never forgive him for how he treated the official story of Jan 6. We remember wha actually happened and you will one day when you acquire wisdom. Send Jack away and get true intellectuals on.

    Tim once said vaccines were the greatest accomplishment of science. Translation? Tim knows nothing about the history of vaccines. He is a good guy but when he talks like he knows something to be bullshit because his cynical clickbait approach to life, no one wins in learning the.truth.

    Be better or learn to be empirical instead of talking bullshit you know nothing about. Skateboarding is a forte. Biowarfare is not. You run a business to please many people but many of us are defending your liberty so try not to be obnoxious. Please?

    • TheRealGman says:

      Tim – I work in the hospital industry. I would be happy to take a video with a small magnet applied to a vaccine bottle to prove it is false. Let me know when I can contact you.

      • CBScott7 says:

        Don’t worry about it, anyone with a functioning brainstem and IQ above room temp can logically deduce that a few ml dose of vaccine doesn’t contain enough ferrous material (even if it was pure iron) to make a magnet stick with electromagnetic force…

  5. SAycock says:

    Vaccinations do have metals in them but not enough to be magnetic

  6. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    Big Pharma and the corporate medicine have colluded with the insurance companies to turn American medicine into a cash cow that can be perpetually milked as long as they’re propped up by the taxpayers. I see these vaccines as just another way to milk the cow. If you go to a HMO for treatment, they’ll alleviate your symptoms and never treat the underlying cause. The vaccines being touted keep you from having symptoms of SARS-COV-2 while allowing you to actually become infected. Now they say that we’ll have to get boosters every year. Again, cash cow getting milked.

  7. BlipSqueak says:

    “I’m not anti vax but I’m not taking it” seems to be a pretty common statement these days. When will we all address the elephant in the room?

    • TRose says:

      Is that anti-vax though in the traditional definition? I’m pro vaccines but not all vaccines are the same.

      • TheHauntedRaven says:

        I will eventually get the vaccine… I am just waiting on the guinea pigs…. oops I mean the first generation of those vaccinated to have it their system first. You know … like with the polio vaccine….

  8. SuperROBOChrist says:

    Love the segments with Jack, Illinoise Boys is a thing. Can tell you’re havin’ a good time and that’s important.

  9. says:

    clearly this vaccine is taking it to BIG MRI, so they can’t profit off us americans ever again. because how do magnets even work.

  10. jwfoto says:

    Jack Murphy is definitely one of my favorite guest on the show

  11. Element says:

    The trade deficit increased every year Trump was president. How can you call that a success?

  12. Finecast says:

    The fact that they changed the definition of “Anti-vaxxer” is fucking psychotic. Dr. Karlyn Boryenko covered an article about the return to work regarding vaccines and one of the data showed that people who aren’t getting vaccinated, with 44% waiting to see if there are unintended side effects and 26% being anti-vaxxers.

  13. Bjorg says:

    I think the story about more people dying from the covid shots than all other vaccines in the last 15 years combined deserves discussion rather than this BS. Sure it’s not a sizable percentage of the millions of people who have gotten it but still it’s kind of alarming and a much more reputable story than some dumb tiktok videos.

    • Bjorg says:

      The story about the control group in at least one of these trials being given the vaccine because one of them died from covid is also more worthy of discussion in my opinion. How can these ever be considered safe if double blind studies are considered unethical now? I think it’s kind of strawmaning the hesitancy argument by focusing on tiktok videos of people putting magnets on their arms.

  14. Waterrose says:

    Don’t know about this, sound like BS, BUT the one thing I have heard and observed from people that have been covid vaccinated, they are very hmmm, anxious, depressed… something has changed in them mentally. They also say the same thing, they don’t feel like themselves. These are people at all points after vaccination days, weeks, months…. Also, what M fucking son of a bitch bull shit god damn kind of honey does fucking Tim use that can hold a M-fucking magnet to a M fuckin arm? Lol, we tried a very scientific experiment and have proven Tim fucking wrong! Honey will NOT hold a magnet to your fucking god damn arm!

    • Bree says:

      What kind of honey are you using? I did my own scientific research. Meaning I grabbed 4 jars of honey from the pantry – liquid, churned, honeycomb, ‘natural’ – and they all worked to varying degrees (natural was the best, with liquid being the worst).
      Granted all my honey is organic so maybe that’s the X factor. Maybe all the commercially produced honeys are colluding with the vaccine manufacturers and the organic producers are rebelling xD

      (yes, this comment is a pisstake, as if I’d get the fucking vaccine, I’d be happier taking sheep drench aka ivomectin)

  15. Maverick says:

    Stupid. You can see what they’re putting into you. No metal. I mean aside from the fact the whole things ridiculous anyway.

  16. Fosterma says:

    Idk man this shit is weird. I’d be skeptical too if I wasn’t seeing it but this many videos of it happening to people. I’d like to think people aren’t all shitty and would lie but you never know.

  17. ricky_6ixx says:

    I like hamas. I like to eat mine on Wheat Thins. However, that does not mean that I support Hummus, the Islamic terrorist organization.

  18. enajor66 says:

    I loved the comment about the 20 year old socialists… As a 20 year old myself I voted Trump.

  19. raifo92 says:

    So much for the party of “my body, my choice”.

    • Bree says:

      IKR!!! This is what I told my employer when they asked if I’d be OK with them requiring me to get vaccinated:
      “My body, my choice. If it works for abortion and rape, it works for this too. And if you are saying the company requires I get it (the vaccine) then…” I just smiled and waved.

  20. KaizerKilborn says:

    Real question is, can a drunk individual give consent to have the vaccine given to them?

  21. Christopher says:

    This is a hoax built upon the shitty vaccination system we’ve been using.

    Just people looking into vaccines get spooked, because lax and crappy centers would use mercury to damage a virus to the point of vaccine use.

    It is the bodega vaccine version, but they have little over site….

    We have treated vaccines like a road… and roads suck…. tattoo parlors are more sanitary than a vaccination or blood donation.

  22. Turk_Longwell says:

    This all reminded me of Timcast at 1pm.
    My favorite time slot.
    A little bit news.
    A little bit angry,
    A liitle bit Patriotic.

    “you ignorant slut” LMAO!

  23. Kpilgrim609 says:

    I miss that short period where Ian said yuck to stuff he didn’t like.. shit was funny

  24. BigJoe77 says:


  25. Jay.Lawson says:

    In reference to the anti-vaxxer definition on Merriam Webster, the Way Back Machine shows the same definition back in 2018. It hasn’t changed.*/

  26. andrei says:

    I love hearing Tim swear like this, it’s the best invention since the rock! (MTG, “Shock” reference)

  27. Turk_Longwell says:

    The Headline brought me here.
    I wonder how Tim feels about this.
    I just started live streaming Reuters Israel vs the Hamas feed.
    Death is bad, Esp. stupid death. Change my Mind.

  28. Jdrapeau82 says:

    Don’t they have a “needs context” categorization?