Media Pushing People To EAT CICADAS, Tim Talks Chickens And Ian Claims Shrooms made his Dog Sentient

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Media Pushing People To EAT CICADAS, Tim Talks Chickens And Ian Claims Shrooms made his Dog Sentient

77 responses to “Media Pushing People To EAT CICADAS, Tim Talks Chickens And Ian Claims Shrooms made his Dog Sentient”

  1. Sindriss says:

    Its good that Tim is cool with eating bugs and living in a pod, because he will be.

  2. Natebham says:

    Billy speaks is the YouTube channel I think Tim is talking about .

  3. EmperorReno1st says:

    😆 the city I live in cited as the middle of nowhere. It’s true tho. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Kwani says:

    IKEA used to make their meatballs from horsemeat i believe.

  5. Alanbchav92 says:

    I have had chickens for about 2 years now. Went from big city to small small town and always wanted farm type animals. You don’t NEED a rooster but you are missing out on a lot of the fun (and possible chicks) without one. My Carey protects them and it’s so cute to see him peck at food and do his little call with food in him mouth and drop it for one of his girls to eat. He’s takes such good care of them. I have hatched 2 chicks so far (and 2 ducks). I have hatched way more in an incubator but with a real hen all natural it is different and more exciting.

  6. Leonis88 says:

    I would call Sparky’s Homemade Ice-cream in Columbia MO to see if they have any Cicada Ice-cream in stock if so take a road trip and pick some up.

  7. Neversummer160 says:

    Lydia dropped an F bomb… how do you supper chat/donate on this damn thing? lol

  8. Adam.Matis says:

    Grind them up with onions and garlic, mash them into patties, slather it in sweet baby Ray’s over some charcoal. I’d eat it.

    • AutumnShades says:

      When I was a kid, my Great Grandfather, now deceased, has a rooster that attacked me and drew blood on my face with its talons. My Great Grandad picked it up, twisted its head off with his bear hands right in front of me as we both were just getting covered in blood from the decapitated chicken, and we ate the thing for dinner that night. That’s the kinda thing that sticks with you.

  9. Milliganc says:

    I have eaten cicadas, both raw and cooked. They aren’t bad, but you want to make sure to take the wings off.

  10. crash55 says:

    FYI, People that are allergic to shellfish are also allergic to insects.

  11. derekknight says:

    Ian the real play is brining in pickle juice. Help to tenderize harder tissue. May also be the secret to ChickFilA chicken. I’ll never tell😇

  12. nick.zeimer says:

    Owls, Osprey foxes ECT… will take your chickens out tim

  13. Textra says:

    Nope. Not eating bugs. Not living in a pod.

  14. says:

    chicken nugget pink slim (at least McDonalds) was fake news, what’s more fucked is when they kill all the male chickens right on the line

  15. jeffersMORNING says:

    ian is fumny

  16. c0de6349 says:

    there is a study that shows how the stinkbugs spray can cause allergic response. stuffiness etc.

  17. Caladors says:

    Please, for the love of God and all that is holy bring back Adam, I want Adam budget Adam (Ian) is so frustrating. See he is good sometimes, even great sometimes it’s just more often than not, he gets lost in the woods.

  18. says:

    In the south of Mexico where Im from, we eat fryed scorpions and crickets.

  19. Bleu-Ghost says:

    If you put smaller chickens in with your larger ones, they will peck. If blood is drawn all the other hens will peck the smaller one to death.

  20. Willehart says:

    The cicadas will only be around for about a month.

  21. Merdrah says:

    You’re already inhaling bug parts from the air as you breath.

  22. BarryBooma says:

    Chickens are dinosaurs

  23. Bigx5murf says:

    The tiger scared of a pheasant, is the perfect example of why the elites love socialism/communism. Doesn’t matter if you’re a tiger. Complacency, and being provided for, will negate millions of years of predator Darwinism.

  24. Bigx5murf says:

    Checkout the anime “Are You Lost?”. Really entertaining slice of life anime about 4 girls stranded on a deserted island.

  25. groberts1980 says:

    It absolutely cracks me up that they can show six people chugging donkey semen and piss but can’t show them throwing up on TV.

  26. StannisBaratheon says:

    I’m not going to eat bugs. When I eat shrimp or crawfish I take the meat out of the shell.
    Bugs don’t have musculature. There’s just an exoskeleton and goop.

  27. mannyu78 says:

    Sentient Dog brought me to watch this

  28. AaronBunnell says:

    Go check out chicken of the woods and hen of the woods these mushrooms are so thick meaty and delicious that I pick it off the ground, fry it in a good batter and eat it like chicken nuggets or a chicken sandwich.

  29. Cristiano says:

    The HHH-WHITE chicken is the Captain, Tim??? I see how you run your Ranch of Racism! I’m calling Media Matters! 😉

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      HAHA.. I like this one. His Ranch of Racism. Good one. Media Matters is totally gonna steal that one, when they read the comment. No doubt they have a spy in here.

  30. Pyro says:

    Go get English Shepard’s, They are some of the smartest dogs i have ever owned. They are also some of the best farm dogs farmers have. There is a HUGE following for farmers who own these dogs. They are fantastic herding dogs and are fantastic with knowing boarders. The have amazing temperament and 2-3 dogs will protect the chickens no problem. If you want more information contact me and I can give you the breeders information.

  31. LarsaValeth43 says:

    great now I’m reminded of snow piercer where the elites in the upper carts of the train were getting the people in the back carts to eat bars made of bugs. thanks for that.

  32. John3667 says:

    Look at coqhill farm, a 11 year old girl who can tell you a thing or two about chickens and breeds. I learnt a lot in any case

  33. RyanMac says:

    Look into the micro Modular reactor that is being built by Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation in cooperation Global First Power and Canadian Nuclear Labs. Gonna be a few years until operation but this will be one of the first of the new generation of Small Modular Reactors to operate in Canada. This one is to be fueled by waste products from the conventional reactors.

  34. Finecast says:

    Love tonights guest, also first time hearing Lyds swear

  35. MailOrderBride says:

    Beef tongue is amazing! My favorite.

  36. ArrantChip says:

    Cricket Flour is still a thing, Tim.

  37. James Haddock says:

    Your area Tim has red hawks and eagles. I would worry more about the hawks. But the smaller birds will chase the hawks away. Hilarious to watch a group of sparrows chase a hawk off.

  38. says:

    You know if you dried the bug carcass,, grinder up, and put it into a salt shaker someone used they would never know they are eating bug salt lol. They might like it.

    I heard that The body gives off different scents depending on what you eat since your body is basically a factory converting what you eat into energy

  39. Pritzkrieg says:

    You will eat zee bugs

  40. Vashts1985 says:


  41. Darksto says:

    fried bugs = juicy crisps

  42. ThePigman says:

    I think the guy with long hair has done way too much LSD over the years. He’s one step away from turning into Syd Barrett.

  43. says:

    Every time Tim closes the segment, I feel like I’m getting booted out of Cheers at the end of the night.

  44. jabrann98 says:

    I always love Daniel as a guest, & totally thought of him when the pipeline fiasco happened.

    • tlehrer1 says:

      I can understand the eating of bugs for a source of sustenance but Cicadas? Yes, let’s rely on a crop that takes 10 years to cultivate…. That makes total sense… On a non sarcastic note, scorpions taste like walnuts (actually delicious). But the texture is more like popcorn. Expect chitin wedged in your teeth….

  45. Janart48 says:

    I look at as number of lives to be sustained, one cow six months to a year of food, 50 bugs for one meal.

  46. MattCraig says:

    Am i the only one surprised that this dude is gay? Seriously never would have guessed until he mentioned his partner, Andrew. Great guest, great chat, even with Ian’s strange dog-sentience tale.

    • says:

      I found out previously. I was a little surprised but not terribly. I would have been shocked 15 or 20 years ago. Given the way the “conservative” movement has been more accepting over the years by allowing others in and agreeing to disagree on issue of personal life choices in the name of individualism and shared ethical frameworks and mostly shared moral frameworks. At the same time many otherwise socially liberal, fiscally conservative individuals who agreed on 85% were forced to stay on the left because they, rightfully so, refused to compromise their personal morals. They have also grown up in a generation when they all were friends as kids and taught not to judge others, when it turned out their childhood friend was a gay adult it didn’t change their perception of the individual although they disagreed on lifestyle choice. It’s that “conservative” generation that has reached out to their now adult friends and said, we still agree and don’t believe the lies the left is feeding you. Your personal choices are none of my business and you are more than welcome over here where we agree on virtually everything else and can defeat these lunatics together. Well, that’s my 2 cents…. well, more like $1.42 but probably only worth $0.02.

  47. DaltonC says:

    My dog has gotten into my L before. He ate probably 3-5 hits maybe 400-600 ug. He was more loving than ever before. This was 5 years ago and he still seems a little off. He will stare into space for minutes at a time. But he is healthy and happy

  48. AUDREK says:

    I had chickens twice. I love chickens they are hilarious. My first set were lost to Bobcats or something. The second set were young and in their outside coop for a few weeks then the heat lamp exploded and burned it down. Thank god for my neighbors. We had Silver Fox a leg horn that was like a dog, and Footless Fran who hated all humans but me especially my wife. She would ride on my head and shoulders. I miss them. No more till we move to Utah

    • DaltonC says:

      Sounds like you prob shouldn’t have chickens

    • DaltonC says:

      My dog has gotten into my L before. He ate probably 3-5 hits maybe 400-600 ug. He was more loving than ever before. This was 5 years ago and he still seems a little off. He will stare into space for minutes at a time. But he is healthy and happy

  49. OliveJuicer says:

    OMG i made THC and Shroom infused steak stroginoff for a Hippy Halloween party we were throwing out in Humboldt County. Well, i had been moving the pot to the counter and some dropped. It went in the trash and we went out to be good hosts. Well… We came back to our 1 and a half year old pupp on the floor next to the knocked over trash…. Just from the bit he got he couldnt walk straight for a full day. We were freaking out but vet said it just has to run its course, he since has managed to sneak edibles a few times, seems to love them so i have to be careful to put them up if i have to walk away from anything infused (although he doesnt do that with regular food just infused) pets are as odd as their owners 😝

  50. TheDarkworld says:

    No crickets! They can make you sick.

  51. Lildav3232 says:

    Haha. The crawfish. That’s what I do for a living. They are bugs. And whoever looked at one and said I wanna eat it is my hero. I got the recipe tho. They are amazing

    • says:

      Most people have summer, fall/autumn, winter, and spring. We have indoor season, hunting season, fishing season, and crawfish season.

  52. LVIII says:

    Chickens don’t experience shame, that’s anthropomorphizing, but they do operate on a pecking order. The weakest is at the bottom, and the strongest is at the top. It’s about dominance. If the rooster can scare you off, they show their dominance and you are its subject.

    Chickens also have a language whereby they can alert one another to dangers. When you have multiple roosters in an area, even in different flocks, they will call to one another to “check-in” and alert each other to danger. Multiple roosters in a flock will also have a pecking order, whereby one will be the top, and the others answer its calls. Too many roosters for not enough hens, and you’ll have constant challenges. If you have enough hens, the roosters fall in line.

  53. Plaguen says:

    Kinda was hoping there was more to the shroom story, not gunna lie.

  54. chaoticendeavors says:

    That’s it, I’m pissed. I’m going to start a not for profit organization for the ethical treatment of insects! You will have to quit feeding the stink bugs you feed to your chickens and eat them yourselves in an ethical manor!

  55. benben says:

    i once ate shrooms and my cat ate my soul

  56. Rawdog says:

    Shut up Ian. Going to have to start calling you “Popular Science”. As in, pie-in-the-sky bullshit that sounds good but is NEVER going to happen.

    • Rawdog says:

      Nothing wrong with heroin, the bad stuff is what it is cut with. Read the book by Johann Hari (Chasing the Scream (?)) or watch his TED Talk, titled Everything We Know About Addiction is Wrong.
      The reason that town is full H is because their lives are shit. Fix the joblessmess, hopelessness, etc. & one will see a reduction in the use of H.

      • Rawdog says:

        Raised chickens. As long as the younger, smaller chickens are introduced as a group & watched for the first few days, they will integrate just fine. Let them free range. The only time one has trouble with the chickens fighting (continuously not pecking order stuff) is if they are stuffed in crowded barns with no stimulation (cities anyone). Free ranging is also cheaper because they eat free bugs. Set up a compost pile, let the chickens at it & they will ready the area for next year’s garden. Let them roam your garden & they will eat most of the pests eating your vegetables.

        • Rawdog says:

          That “whistling sound” Tim speaks of is called singing. Happy chickens do this. Also, get at least 1 rooster because you will get more free chickens and IMHO fertilized eggs are better.

    • says:

      One might say, that is midwit thinking. The midwit thinks he’s more intelligent than he is, which leads him to the conclusion that his perspective is superior; therefore he must be the most intelligent of the two. In reality he is the least of the two. He has just enough intelligence to know what he knows, and know what he doesn’t know. However, he doesn’t realize that he also doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

      • says:

        To clarify, I think Ian simply lacks the ability to clearly articulate his ideas. In that sense, he reminds me of Elon Musk, who he very awkward when trying to articulate thoughts into words.
        Speaking of Elon, it’s pretty incredible to watch him and his company accomplish what the concensus of aerospace engineers, chemical engineers, material scientists, and “midwits” around the world said for decades was physically and technically impossible, as recently as last week. Most notably the successful test launch and landing of Starship SN15 a few days ago. Not only did they successfully launch to 10km and back what amounts to a glorified grain silo made out of a proprietary stainless steel alloys developed in-house with various parts from a Tesla (motors, battery packs, etc..,) mostly built/assembled in giant tents in the middle of a saltmarsh right on a beach in South Texas that literally has a “pointy end” not because it’s aerodynamically efficient, but because Elon thought it would be funny based on a line in a comedy movie (The Dictator.) They landed it and controlled it in a manner thought to be impossible, using “full-flow, staged combustion cycle” (FFSC) engines built and developed in-house; which were also thought to be virtually impossible. Only one had ever been successfully built in history. It was built in the Soviet Union many decades ago, and only ran once on a test stand before being abandoned by the entire scientific community for the rest of rocket science and space flight due to it’s complexity, difficulty/impossibility of machining parts capable of withstanding more than one firing. It was considered the “holy grail,” or “unicorn” of space flight due to it’s extreme efficiency and low waste/emissions. That was until a rich “tech mogul” with no degree in rocket science or anything close decided to design and build one, literally himself, because the ICBM’s he wanted to buy from Russia were just too expensive. Then, SpaceX and it’s Merlin, followed by it’s Raptor engines were born. The Raptor engines also run on a unique fuel, liquid methane and liquid oxygen, known as “methalox.” Most run on RP-1 (basically kerosene) except a very few that ran on hydrogen. The reason why Elon chose methalox is because it can be produced in a carbon neutral fashion using solar energy and CO2 extraction on earth, as well as using the Sabatier Process on Mars.

  57. raifo92 says:

    I wish that I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana

    • JSynMoor says:

      Fucking Great! Sucks I can’t see this on the brave App, but worth the investment cause I got information about raising chickens I needed

  58. FatTireCowboy says:


  59. Rlawrence says: