Vaush And Charlie Kirk Extended Debate: Discussing Religion, How Wokeism Is A Non-Theistic Religion, What Is Socialism

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Vaush And Charlie Kirk Extended Debate: Discussing Religion, How Wokeism Is A Non-Theistic Religion, What Is Socialism
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440 responses to “Vaush And Charlie Kirk Extended Debate: Discussing Religion, How Wokeism Is A Non-Theistic Religion, What Is Socialism”

  1. redmuskrat says:

    Respect for everyone involved.

  2. danholo says:

    Very good conversation.

  3. Ramsaur says:

    Vaush’s faction is the reason we won’t be able to beat the globalists. They just can’t let go of the narrative the establishment brainwashed them into, to join the libright into fighting the good fight. They get it, they know the establishment is fully corrupt and out to get us. But they STUBBORNLY refuse to take up a bow and get on the wall because “muh racism”. If every DSA retard like vaush and shoe could have their mind un corrupted from the woke narrative the establishment programed them into fighting for, we’d have an army to fight the urukahi.

  4. UppityG says:

    Ok, so back when this happened, the next day I commented a few times here but one was a reply to someone who said something along the lines of ‘you should watch Vaush’s uploads’, that was it. I replied something like ‘no, because it makes people more stupid’ and then someone replied to me ‘this^’ and guess what? I can’t find that little exchange here. I search my user name and it’s not here.

    I don’t think there’s another Vaush bonuscast but I’ll go look, just in case I mistakenly left my comment on that one. I’m NOT trying to spark some kind of conspiracy or rumor or whatever. If I can’t find the other Vaush bonuscast or comments by me there if there is, well then it just means my comment was deleted. We don’t have a delete button so it wouldn’t be my doing. It wouldn’t make sense for someone to censor comments here in the paid Members section, so, what gives?

  5. NephroRock says:

    Vaush and Kirk should do a regular show together.

    • Stauffer6780 says:

      Yeah I think that would be great! Even though I don’t agree with vaush surprisingly I can listen to him hear most of his arguments and respect them even if I think he’s wrong. I don’t think I can think of even 1 other person on the left that after like 1minute of listing to them I’m not totally discussed and having my brain go infuriatingly numb because of how ABSOLUTELY stupid they are! Also they can’t have a conversation and concede that even one word that is said by someone that isn’t a part of their indoctrinated leftist cult! There’s no talking to them and they lie through their teeth to follow the leftist narrative no matter how many times it changes and directly contradicts itself! My step father actually believes the whole white supremacist thing and that the FBI, CIA would never do anything bad because “they love this country so much!” He won’t even admit blm is a MARXIST organization after watching the founder say “I’m a trained and practicing MARXIST!!” Nor will he believe that biden and the left gave money to and dismissed like every charge no matter how bad it was! Even so stubborn and low information he argues that crypto is fake and I’ll never be able to withdraw my money because “it’s all a scam and all owned by the same company that’s why you can move money from 1 platform to another.” It’s infuriating to say the least! These people refuse to believe what they can literally see and hear with their own eyes and ears! It’s always ” I can’tfind the proof when I looked!” Then you show them and it’s”that’s not a credible source. ” that is if they’ll even look at it at all! They’re to afraid their entire world view would be obliterated in my opinion cuz there can’t be this many people that are this incredibly stupid!

  6. ragman755 says:

    hearing tim swear will allways be trippy

  7. Sleepy.Alx says:

    I like how real dick vs dildo is still on youtube, real good moraled fellas over there.

  8. electronicosmosis says:

    Vaush truly is eye-rollingly disingenuous. He MUST know it, even if it’s only on a level he’s not even willing to admit to himself. Nevertheless, kudos to both of them for coming on. Timcast deserves to be the future of news media!

    Tim, have ME on to talk about religion. I was also raised Catholic, walked away into pantheism, zen buddhism, towards shamanism, then God caught me and I became a self-taught theological Protestant who worships at a Messianic Jewish synagogue. 🤣 You’ll love it!

  9. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Where the hell is the like button? I enjoyed this conversation.

    • Stauffer6780 says:

      Lol the like button would be cool as well as a dislike… I see there is a share button under the video but it doesn’t do anything… I was like how could there be a share button on this video of it’s behind a pay wall.

  10. IraA says:

    Tim’s view on religion is very close to Judaism- unknowable Creator. We also believe that The Creator also is benevolent enough to give us the manual to his Creation – which is Torah (Hebrew Bible). There is everything in it.

  11. Kristen says:

    Great conversation! This took me back to the discussions my family would have at the dinner table when I was growing up – open, respectful, philosophical discussions where listening, thinking freely and exploring well-reasoned ideas was encouraged. I love seeing this.

    Re: corporatism/cronyism: it is one of the biggest problems we have. Markets over systems, with the enforcement of anti-trust policy, to encourage competition and allow for small businesses to compete unimpeded by the regulations that currently choke them out may be the best answer for workers and entrepreneurs alike. In my experience, owners of small businesses tend to treat their employees better. We recently sold the company that had been owned and run by my family for 50 years. We sold because the industry has become untenable for the smaller companies due to regulations and political corporatism. We were approached by a much larger corporation and reached a deal. Some family members, including myself, continued working there and we witnessed this corporation, with significantly more resources than we had had, provide fewer benefits and tiny fractions of the bonuses we had provided for our employees. Because we had recognized the value of our employees and had taken good care of them, they worked as if they had skin in the game. They were loyal and we had a socially tight environment where friendships formed and it was great. After selling, we saw that the more the parent company intervened in our day-to-day functioning, the worse it got for everybody. I do believe this microcosmic experience is representative of the larger corporate environment in our country. The personal element is eliminated the larger the companies get and IMHO, that’s not good business.

  12. Kristen says:

    Socialism: you vote your way in and shoot your way out.

  13. SunnyShowers says:

    I was worried at the beginning there when Charlie kinda came out swinging (and missing)…I was like UH OH this is gonna be Blaire White and Candace Owens on the Rubin Report all over again. lol.

    And I will say, I went into this thinking Vaush was the worst. THE WORST. I’ve seen some of his stuff and I can’t stand him. I also went into this thinking Charlie Kirk was the worst. THE WORST. But after watching, I have a new understanding of both of them. Almost respect, although I’m not sure yet haha. But I respect the fuck out of you Tim. I love that you had these guys on, how you kept the conversation on track. I loved listening to these opposing views, dudes just discussing things like old timey philosophers. This is what I pay you for! 🙂 Take care crew – see you next time!

  14. Whiskeydevil86 says:

    Bernie Sanders is like Christ to Vaush. I almost fell for the Bernie propaganda in 2016, but I’ll never forget when some BLM chick walked up on his stage and took his microphone from him. Then I started asking questions. Why would you give ppl free college if ppl cant pay off their student loans because they cant find college level jobs as it is? Bernie and vaush are the equivalent of having a couple bad games of CoD and deciding to totally change up your load out because the guys in the kill cam looks more effective, then you end up losing because you don’t know the load out, you don’t know how many times that guy lost. Stupid argument I know but I stand by it.

  15. Dperez90 says:

    Jesus Christ. All governments fall apart. Not just democracies. Charlie you really let this pos get away with a lot of dumb fucking statements.

  16. Wolv256 says:

    Vaush is a fartface

  17. JoshuaRipp says:

    This disingenuous FUCK! fUCK Vagsh

    The dude had hour-long videos during the elections about how his followers should vote for Biden because he was weak and would be puppeted into signing bills to initiate more communism. Vagsh is the kind of Hitler/Stalin/Mao type figure that you’d have people saying they wish they could go back in time to assassinate him fifty to one hundred years from now if he ever took a high position of authority within out government. He’s a fucking evil silver-tongued fuck who will lie, manipulate, and misconstrue pretending to be one’s friend while plotting your demise. I wish Tim would stop giving him a platform.

    • JoshuaRipp says:

      it’s like watching someone you enjoy interviewing the dude that you know will be running the brown shirts and putting people against the wall in the next decade.

    • onemanrockband says:

      From what I’ve seen of Vaush’s content outside of Timcast, this comment is one hundred percent accurate. Vaush has stated explicitly at least once that I can recall that he would support anyone on the left no matter their position if he thought it could drag the discourse closer to his own. He is willing to say or do anything he possibly can to gain more power for his tribe, and his feigned ignorance on Timcast is more evidence to me of this.

      The only thing I will give him credit for in all of these segments is his masterful command of deceit. Unfortunately for him, his masquerade is poorly executed outside of Timcast. Unfortunately for us, he’s already managed to convince a lot of people just through Timcast.

    • Dperez90 says:

      He is a gd snake.

  18. JoshuaRipp says:

    This disingenuous FUCK! fUCK Vagsh

    The dude had hour-long videos during the elections about how his followers should vote for Biden because he was weak and would be puppeted into signing bills to initiate more communism. Vagsh is the kind of Hitler/Stalin/Mao type figure that you’d have people saying they wish they could go back in time to assassinate him fifty to one hundred years from now. He’s a fucking evil silver-tongued fuck who will lie, manipulate, and misconstrue pretending to be one’s friend while plotting your demise. I wish Tim would stop giving him a platform.

  19. BeaverActual says:

    So refreshing to listen to good faith constructive conversations with opposing opinions. If every news network aired content like this, I think we’d see this country in a very different place, perhaps better place.

  20. Wolv256 says:

    Vaush looks like he farts a lot.

  21. Richbuscus says:

    AMAZING segment!! We NEED more of this.

  22. StMyles2 says:

    Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

  23. Chrisj2000 says:

    This was beautiful Tim, thank you for providing a space for opposite philosophies to come together to talk and grow. As a nation we need to learn to agree to disagree respectfully with each other and allow for growth in that space.

    • timhacksaw says:

      Been listening and watching on the podcast and YouTube for a year, but your hosting Charlie and Vaush caused me to bite the bullet and subscribe. I appreciate your work, honesty and integrity. I’m a right leaning, conservative semi libertarian, Christian pastor. I closer align with Charlie, and believe the only hope for the world is Jesus Christ.

  24. Felen says:

    Vaush claims to come from a family of wealth and prestige. Lived in Beverly Hills, not exactly a bastion of blue collar conservatism. Does it surprise anyone that he acutely leans towards a more communist\socialist form of government? He, due to his status and access to wealth, would land squarely in the elite class. Not having to worry his dacha, or his privilege will be denied him.
    I did indeed enjoy the conversations, I also realize the they both were on their best behaviors.

  25. M_laney says:

    I did not want this interview conversation to end! Great show!

  26. rhettglover1982 says:

    The major reason I am an atheist is because I take a look around and see how easy it is to trick or fool someone in order to control their behavior today when almost every human can read and has access to information. Flat-Earthers for example. Then I imagine how much dumber people where 2000 years ago compared to an average person today. They couldn’t read and the only access to information they had was their priest. It would have been super easy to indoctrinate and control people for generations. The effects are still felt to this day when people raise their children to believe that their parents faith is the one true faith invented 2000 years ago and the earth is only 6000 years old. A never ending cycle of indoctrination that 2+2=5.

    • Kristen says:

      “Information is not knowledge,
      Knowledge is not wisdom,
      Wisdom is not truth,
      Truth is not beauty,
      Beauty is not love,
      Love is not music,
      Music is the best.”
      Frank Zappa

  27. DrVinnyBoombatz says:

    Vaush is a classic case of a moderate providing cover for the fundamentalists in his woke religion. I don’t mean he is literally a political moderate, but the role of people like him is to soften, spin and present a more reasonable sounding version of the insane tenets of the religion/belief system.

    The most crucial part was the part when Kirk said, “That’s not actually happening that way!” about how CRT is taught in schools. Exactly.

    The reasonable, watered down version of wokeism that Vaush presents is a fantasy. The shopkeeper being mugged by looters who were told they deserve to loot is the street level outcome of the “academic questions to provoke thought”

    • Dperez90 says:

      100% agree. He is pretending to be unaware of the extremism on his side of the aisle in order to provide cover for them. Just like when Biden said Antifa is just an idea.

  28. darknight118 says:

    Just subscribed because I had to see this .. hope it’s ok if I share with my family..
    Thank you Tim and guests..

  29. Annu6is says:

    this was fantastic!
    amazing discussion and it shows how different perspectives can talk without killing each other 🙂
    thank you for being an example of diplomacy in the age of screaming!

  30. Adam.Matis says:

    Fyi there was alot more to what happened with Galileo. It wasn’t specifically about the sun.

    • Joshua1991 says:

      Would like some references or elaboration to know more. I’m super curious about this

      • Space-TimeCurvature says:

        Galileo’s 1632 book not only supported the Copernican view that Earth
        revolved around the sun, it also seemed to make fun of the Catholic
        Church. The dialogue took place between three characters. Salviati argued
        the Copernican view and represented Galileo. Sagredo was intelligent, yet
        without specialized knowledge to give an opinion. Simplicio, who
        represented the Church, said the Aristotelian view that the sun orbits
        Earth. Simplicio was characterized as not very intelligent. Because he
        represented the Church’s view and teachings, showing him as the loser in
        the debate offended the Church. There was still another offense. Galileo
        wrote this book in Italian instead of Latin, which made it available to
        everyone. The Church saw this as case of disobedience and ordered him
        to travel to Rome.
        He wrote his book in Italian and not Latin, thus it was available to be read by everyone, that was the biggest problem with what he was doing.

  31. existenz1982 says:

    Are not a lot of religions basically the same thing or have fairly similar ideas? So the Greeks referred to all of them as “gods” but still had Zeus, the leader of the gods. Similarly for the Romans. They referred to all of their deities as gods and you were pray to whichever god you needed to based on what you were wanting. Catholics/ Christians, arguably do the same thing. Though we say there is only one God, they still pray to God, or Mary, or Jesus, or any number of Patron saints based on what they need to pray for. Patron saint of lost causes, lost socks, etc. Just because they pray to “saints” doesn’t mean that is really any different than praying to a different god for something. Sure the saints were real people, but in the end, you are still praying to something different than just 1 god. Even other religions are similar to this (not all). In the end, most religions want people to be good people and they all make mistakes. That’s called being a human. Again, not all religions are like this but a lot are similar in this regard. Again, whether you call the being a god, or saint, or whatever, doesn’t matter. But hey, thats just an opinion.

    • BrianL says:

      Christians ≠ Catholics. Some Catholics may be Christians, but the doctrines of Catholics and Protestant denominations are not compatible. Christians do not pray to Mary, or saints, or angels. Christians believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the same single being that exists outside of space and time. It is difficult, if not impossible, to fully comprehend that because we do not exist outside of space and time.

      Monotheism is completely different from polytheism. Monotheism is the only belief system that stands up logically, because there can only be one unmoved mover.

      • JoeTony says:

        What do you mean by monotheism though? Because you recognize a God that has three different forms: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. There have been various schools of thought among polytheistic Hindus, Greeks, and others who recognize a single, distant Divine Source, that exists in hundreds, thousands, or infinite forms, forms that represent the different deities. And I would argue this is the natural philosophical evolution of polytheism. But monotheism, strictly referring to a single male God with a limited form and limited characteristics (love, peace, justice, etc.), I would argue is just as flawed theologically as the idea that there’s a celestial family of superhumans who curse you if you piss them off (which the old testament God does as well)

        • BrianL says:

          “What do you mean by monotheism though?”
          One being. Christianity differentiates between being (what something is; human being) and person (who someone is; who you are; your soul). We do not believe that God has three different forms (beings). We believe He is one being with three different persons. One infinite and eternal being, and three distinct persons. We cannot fully comprehend it, and the analogy of human beings separate from persons breaks down, because God exists outside of His creation, space and time, and we do not exist outside of space and time.

          God is not a male. We refer to Him with male pronouns because He is a person, as opposed to an impersonal force, and that is how He teaches us to communicate with Him. But God is not male or female. He exists outside of space and time. Our language is limited to describing the world that exists inside of space and time. Therefore our language can never fully describe what God is. We are limited to human pronouns and flawed analogies.

          I would argue that your limited caricature of a monotheistic god is not the same infinite and eternal God that Christians believe exists. Our God is infinitely powerful. By definition, that means there is no other being as powerful, meaning there can only be one infinitely powerful being. It is impossible for there to be multiple infinitely powerful beings, because they would then by definition not be infinitely powerful. This is why polytheism is self contradictory if it holds the definition of a god as a supremely/infinitely powerful being. If it does not define gods as supremely powerful, then it cannot explain the creation of space and time. Polytheism must instead assume that space and time are eternal.

          In the end, there are only two options. Either space and time and all the matter that exists are eternal, or a single infinite and eternal being that exists outside of space and time created space, time, and matter. Something has to be eternal.

    • JoeTony says:

      Some of those saints were also pagan gods originally

  32. Ktotheswiss says:

    After this I have a higher level of respect for Vaush.

  33. TheSkoalBandit says:

    I know this won’t be seen but figured I’d toss it out. The perception of God being male is the idea that God is a man because God presented “himself” as a man. The idea that possibly if the chosen people were per say the Amazon women God would’ve presented himself as herself. Presentation on the society being presented to based on their norms of culture in order to be heard believed and listened to.

  34. Brooknom says:

    I think vaush is a very intelligent dude with a somewhat juvenile utopian view of possible outcomes. And i believe this is the problem i see with most intelligent people who argue in favor of socialism/communism . Freedom/ free choice and small government doesn’t work because it’s perfect it works because people are free to make individual decisions unencumbered by authoritarian mandates. The socialist/ communist world view sees the world that’s wanted but not the world that is. The communist/ socialist model will work when every single man and women on earth is out for the common good of every other man and women on earth which has happened throughout the course of history a total of hmmmmm nevermany times. So in that regard i completely reject those two forms of governance as viable options for society period. I don’t have to see it fail for the umpteenth time to know it won’t work. As Tim said small scale those ideas are solid but they do not scale up they never have and never will.

    • UppityG says:

      Exactly. I’ve said as much across my lifetime. Vaush will remain stubbornly devoted to his utopian version of socialism and die before ever admitting he’s wrong. Marx did the same thing. Paz.

    • mrmguy says:

      I believe the other issue with Vaush is his thorough indoctrination into the idea of moral relativism, leaving him unable and unwilling to pass judgment on how right or wrong certain ethical/moral frameworks might be. Evidenced by his repetition of the mantra “I can’t make a STATEMENT about these issues I can only give MY BELIEFS” which even he, upon some prodding would realize he doesn’t ACTUALLY believe because how else would he be able to support workers over the CEO? How can he make the claim he did about religion just being a tool to trick people into toiling their whole lives for no material reward? Obviously he doesn’t 100% embrace this ideology because it’s impossible to think critically whatsoever when this idea of ‘moral relativism’ is 100% accepted. There is no longer a distinction between right and wrong and he OBVIOUSLY has some strong opinions on what is right and what is wrong. Tim has a touch of it too but I believe in a healthier way, people who entirely reject it are why people sometimes can’t stand conservatives like Michael Knowles because he 100% stands by his convictions, sometimes to the point of being too close-minded to some ideas as was evidenced by his recent total rebuke of Atlas Shrugged which, while not an entirely perfect metaphor for how one should live their lives, did a BRILLIANT job in thoroughly depicting the excesses of the socialist/Marxist frameworks in a narrative form that many people fail to be able to concretely craft.
      It’s one of those areas that are almost impossible to truly find the perfect balance on, but the excesses on either side are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for.

  35. Wolv256 says:

    There is no “God” per se. We were seeded here by a higher intelligence alien species who intermittently monitors us. But they’re definitely not a three “O” species, they enjoy fucking with us, like the mischievous Greek Gods did.

  36. kaesar says:

    I am soo happy this was longer. I enjoyed listening to both gentlemen. Great Job to everyone

  37. DeLairious says:

    Loved it! Thank you all very much! Applause from the peanut gallery! I’m probably 99.9% in agreement with Charlie, 65% in agreement with Tim, and surprisingly found myself 35% in agreement with things Vaush said. Great discussion!

    • michellesings says:

      Same. I think he missed out when given the opportunity to share more about Christianity. It’s not merely a ticket to heaven, though I agree with the point of treasures in heaven. I would have pounced on that. But I know it was stressful and I think he was trying more, just to listen. I pray for Tim. I can see why he rejects all religion because of his background. But Christianity is not a religion. The laws were not abled to be followed, that’s why the need for Christ.

  38. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    I’m claiming a conspiracy here about tonights missing episode. I think Tim cancelled the Aug 4th show to get more views on the Vaush/Kirk show. Let it fester for an extra day.

    We’re onto you

  39. zBlizzle says:

    Hey Tim and Crew…every time I try to tell Alexa to play “The Timcast” or “Timcast IRL”, it says “Got it, playing Pod Save America on Amazon Music.” Perhaps add this to the list of censorship conspiracy theories.

  40. Elaine116 says:

    Hi what happened to tonight’s show for August 4th 8pm???
    Did you get a strike for the Aug 3rd show. YouTube Sucks if you did. Love you Guys. Xoxo

    • MONSIEUR60 says:

      Consider 10 bucks a month. No this isn’t a bot

    • 99centfury says:

      On youtube in community section of timcastirl he mentioned something about scheduling errors plus lyd’s birthday tomarrow. So i took it as lyd’s birthday she can have the night off… I’m just glad he posted something, because yeah if I don’t see a stream up when I’m supposed to my mind goes to he got banned already

  41. UppityG says:

    Happy Birthday Mlle Lydia! Thank you dear woman for all you do for us.
    The mandate of vaccinations as public policy was and is focused on childhood diseases. Covid is most deadly to those on the opposite end of the age limit. Vaush tends to speak in absolutes – “it is undeniable” – and that is a weakness in his persuasion powers.
    If targeted ads were made illegal, I’d turn off my ad blockers to encourage YT to keep doing that. I’ll wait and see.
    One of the many problems of socialism is that it acts like it will simply assign jobs to the people who are ideally suited to them according to their talents and skills. Who decides? People are often mistaken about what they are talented or skilled at. When decided by someone else? Depends on who the someone else is, and likely strangers will always insist they’re totally qualified. And if they have the right friends, that will be what goes.
    I am, unsurprisingly, closer to Kirk’s way of thinking than Vaush’s. His loyalty only to his family ignores the fact that were his country not keeping dangers far, far away from his family, from where he lives, his loyalty to just his family would be of negligible benefit.
    No, Vaush, school is supposed to make our children smarter in the subjects necessary for personal achievement, civil harmony, common competency, for nominal infrastructure construction and maintenance, for tempting them to excel in whatever field of endeavor they have a realistic chance at. Once they reach age of majority, then, and only then, can they decide for themselves what that is. They are then rightly entitled to make, and be on the hook for, that choice. That is part of the rights and responsibilities of being an adult individual.
    If I want my child to be an activist, then I will model that lifestyle choice to my child in my home. Then he is more likely to activate for values and causes that I believe in. That is not for a teacher to do to my child. Once my child is in charge of his life, then he can choose different values and causes, if he wants.
    Re the untested rape kits: gentlemen, sad but true, many women who report being raped later back away from it. They withdraw their cooperation for a whole host of reasons, good and bad. When that happens, the govt makes the decision to save the money to spend on rape kits in those cases where the victim is committed to going forward, is not backing down, is genuine. Are there some kits that have fallen through the cracks on legit cases? Likely, but doubtful they are representative across all PDs.
    Life begins when the cell divides. Period. Under all sciences. Sorry Vaush, your equivocation is political, not scientific, nor moral.
    I think one reason Vaush is compelling to some very young and the very envious of any age is because of his speaking style. He superficially appears to be very level headed, very even keel, very reasonable. Once one drills down further into his positions, it requires much more critical thinking and assessment. However, Vaush exhibited more maturity, circumspection and humor than socialists tend to be famous for. Bravo. And kudos to Kirk for staying focused, good humored and so very well informed. Bravo.
    Pool, wonderful hosting job and great guests discussing excellent topics so very vital to all of us right now. Great job, truly. Big thanks to everyone.

  42. Ericmcdonkey says:

    Should’ve known this would be the comment section from hell but while we are here can we get full screen for mobile in members only content and an app in the future would be nice but just FULL SCREEN on mobile for the paid content would be fucking fantestical fomorbidity fishsticks! Please Just change the video player or make the entire page rotatable or both would be great. Thanks in advance if you can fix this easily

    • Bridgeburner77 says:

      I’m not sure what your talking about, I have always been able to watch full screen on mobile(iPhone), and I am easily able to rotate the screen if I wish, and the video rotates as well. That’s really weird if it doesn’t work for you, because it has always worked for me, and I have been a member for like 3 months or so now.

  43. John_Beart says:

    😁👍🖖❤️🙏 great stuff. Thankyou all involved.

  44. MFnHammer says:

    Honest question, I’m just getting home there was no IRL video today? I thought maybe #b00btube took it down, but I’m not seeing anything on here either.

  45. nbonasoro says:

    reposting a comment I saw on Shoe’s stream, “Charlie has the mannerisms of Chandler Bing.”

  46. RJIsaac says:

    Why do people hate targeted ads so much?

    A couple months ago I had Hulu with ads and I was getting all sorts of ads on there for tampons, the Real Real, and a bunch of pharma ads I didn’t want to see.

    When I’m on Facebook I get a bunch of ads for things that are actually relevant to me.

    If we get rid of targeted ads it is going to allow big corporations to buy up everything and the guy that us trying to sell a revolutionary product in a very narrow niche market is pushed out.

  47. says:

    I’m not religious but I do belive in religion. I can see religion and have found most religious people in western society to be very good people, I just don’t believe the same as they do.
    My only regret is if they are correct they will be able to tell me ” I told you so”, if I’m right, I will never get the chance.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Nah… if we’re right (and we are) you won’t know until you’re dead. Not a lot one can say to the body when the soul is in hell. I feel like I can speak for most Christians when I say that our concern isn’t proving our beliefs correct… rather that we can convince you so your immortal soul is saved from damnation. I’ll pray for you like I do everyone else that your eyes and heart will be opened before it’s too late.
      ( Sorry if that felt preachy. )

  48. DermyWermy says:

    I was actually expecting a all out brawl, and was pleasantly surprised. I wish we could have more discussions like this, and less fighting.

    • Feller53 says:

      I totally agree. And I was genuinely surprised with Vaush this time around. The last time he was on was my introduction to him. From that I figured Charlie was going to “pick him apart “. And I found myself agreeing with some of his view points. It’s so nice to actually see people have a constructive discussion, from different ideologies be able to disagree and agree. Be respectful of each other. And possibly find a lil common ground, that we have lost. Due to tribalism.

  49. says:

    vaush was way better this episode compared to last time, but i just don’t know why he doesn’t realize he’s acting the same way tim is explaining about the woke crowd. like he says he’s not tribal while not seeing how tribal him and the left are behaving. like he critiques religion to control people and tim will agree, yet vaush wont see how some people from the progressive left are operating the same way the religious authoritarians were behaving. instead of religion they’re using socio political terms to control the people or believers the same way; like you can critique both. like tim will agree with vaush, but when it’s something towards something vaush agrees with specifically “wokeism,” he doesn’t realize he’s behaving like that primitive man who he says religion was purposeful to mankind’s development. i hope i articulated that well enough, but it really seems like a pot calling the kettle black because he doesn’t realize he is confusing his own reflection for the others identity?

    • UppityG says:

      @Michael, I remarked the same to myself during the whole public and private parts of the show. Socialism requires a certain depth of self-delusion to be held seriously in the mind of a creature designed to question, to critique, to analyze and then draw mature conclusions. Vaush’s powers of persuasion and level of argumentation will continue to fascinate the young who stumble upon his channel, because they’re naive and eager to be influenced. That is where he’s dangerous.

  50. DorseyWoods says:


  51. KimHunt says:

    Anyone know why Timcast IRL isn’t on YouTube tonight? (Wednesday)

  52. DorseyWoods says:

    8:00 Wednesday and IRL isn’t up on YouTube…

  53. D4nwarr says:

    Would love to see more content like this.

  54. Kraftsman says:

    More, MORE, MOOOORRRE!!! I love these left and right discussions! They give me hope for this country!

    • Awchurch says:

      This segment needs to be free in the world. Some of the best dialogue we can get nowadays! Tim, you and your team are inspiring. I share as often as I can!

  55. JamoeCW says:

    i have an idea for a sort of Libertarian system in which people put a proposal for something in government, and then people fund it instead of voting. government would hold the money in a holding account until enough money is raised for the project, then once (and ‘if’ within a given time frame) it is raised to implement the project. that way if you want to defund the police you can decide to not fund the next year’s budget for police. if you don’t like the military you can decide to not fund that. if you don’t like how welfare is being handled you can stop putting money into that. rich people can fund their own pet projects (like the can already), and poor people can collectivize up to the amount of money they can afford to put up. if you are poor and decide to not fund anything then you have to hope there are enough rich people that are willing to pay your way, or be willing to live in squalor (just like now). that way you can still pay for roads and such, but you are not forced to pay for stupid shit. it would effectively mean that things that cost money is ‘voted’ on with people’s dollars directly.

    • dji82 says:

      No, I don’t think it would go that nicely. The problem would be people benefitting from the program you paid for and they didn’t. Your suggestion would be great if it also allowed for people to be bared from enjoying what they did not contribute equally to (I changed my mind on this at the end). For example, if you did not want to pay for roads, you can’t use the roads. Then we come to the military, as you mentioned… Everyone benefits from the protection of the military, it would be nearly impossible to only give that protection to those who paid for it. And after all that, the rich would then live like kings with all their privileges and the poor would have none. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Cool. No one cares. It’s not about what is good for society. We’re run by demonic satan worshipping pedophiles who only care about stealing tour money and keeping you oppressed. They don’t care what ideas you have. They have power and they’re not giving it up. Democracy is a sham to keep you placated, while your vote means nothing. Grow up. You’re a serf.

      • Wolv256 says:

        “Your”, not “tour”. Can I request an edit button? I know you’re getting started, but add it to the list when you get a chance. Thanks.

    • JoeTony says:

      Interesting. I think Michael Malice proposed something like that, except he didn’t want there to be any government lol

  56. Vashts1985 says:

    whoever said you dont have freedom if you are dropped in a desert is a fucking moron.

    of course you have freedom. you are free to attempt to change your outcome at all times.

    it may not pan out,


  57. Orztirr_Studio says:

    You don’t have to ban targeted adds on the internet, it’s not a “middle ground”. You just have to give the user CONTROLE of their experience on the site. LET THEM TURN IT OFF, let them sell their own data, give them a say.

    As for the other part of the issue; stop letting kids on the internet, how about?! I played outside every day as a child. Never needed the internet to stay busy, ever.

  58. Rawdog says:

    Well, I started to watch the main show on Screwtube. Had to stop. It was the CRINGIEST show I ever saw. I saw so MUCH arrogance & elitism. The only way it could have gotten worse is if they were sitting around in overstuffed chairs, smoking cigars & drinking port while being served by native servants.

    I mean, we have a cuck-bun, neck bearded simpanzee who grew up in BEVERLY HILLS claiming he knows all about “poor people” because he “traveled out to the wilds in order to view them in their natural habitat”

    We have a Chicago SUBURBANITE who loves death, being on his knees, being abused and sucking up to the Nobility (aka, a christian) who was upper middle class…but he knows all about “poor people”

    And finally, we have Tim Pool, “I’m one of the people. I grew up poor in the southside of Chicago.” (talk about virtue signaling)…but then he tells us he built a computer when he was 7. Ummm…NOT POOR. Poor kids don’t build computers, because they CAN’T AFFORD THE PARTS and TOOLS. He grew up Upper Working Class or Lower Middle Class.

    Not 1 of them knows ANYTHING about being poor. So maybe they should SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    Then the members segment started.
    It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad.

    PopSci Nutland did his best to prove how stupid he is.

    Publix is “owned by the employees” in name only. If the employees had any power they would NOT be wearing masks.

    • Tbrunschon says:

      why are even a member if you dont want to hear what they have to say? poor people definitely can build computers. building one is much cheaper than buying one generally. iirc tim did paper routes and shit like that for cash so he was grinding not just sitting on his ass. Not that tim would have but comp parts can be acquired for free if you steal them js

    • jaydav04 says:

      Rawdog lives up to his username.

    • ChildishUzumaki says:

      I’m just gonna assume that this is satire. lol

    • nmason930 says:

      I built a computer for my senior project in high school, it cost me $35. You’d be surprised the parts you can find in a flea market.

    • Traveman says:

      Lol then why pay to watch it if you hate it so much? save your money buy some pot instead and chill the hell out x)

    • RipWheeler says:

      I’m hoping it’s satire, but judging by your lack of comedy it’s probably not. Listen, people have to talk about these things whether or not they lived them directl… because it fucking matters. I’m genuinely relieved that 3 people with opposing and yet similar views could discuss such difficult topics with grace and objectivity. What are you doing? You’re just a troll. Trolling as your contribution to societal political discussion. Kicks rocks homie or grow some balls and go on the show and tell us YOUR “truth” and do something more fucking productive.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Bro, you sound like you need a hug.

  59. JonathanGalt says:

    The best debate/discussion I’ve seen in a long long while. Tim was a GREAT moderator. He threw the bullshit flag just enough times to keep everyone honest. If I were to score the YouTube portion, I’d say Vausch won the most points on vax, but he did give ground on vax passports. Kirk won BLM/CRT hands down. The post YouTube was more of a discussion than a debate and was VERY interesting as well. Love love loved it!

  60. natdog1090 says:

    Please do this again!! Great conversation and very hard to find nowadays

  61. groberts1980 says:

    Why is being “way over” a problem? Why is that even a consideration? This is the private segment. It could be 4 hours if they want it. Hell the YouTube segment could get 4 hours if they want. Though I’d prefer it be here where it’s unrestricted. I could watch these guys talk for far longer.

    • JonathanGalt says:

      I think it was way over because Charlie had to catch a flight.

    • MurderBoner666 says:

      Bro I was thinking the same thing. I wanted the to keep going this was legit one of the best conversations I’ve watched/listened to. Vaush was mad reasonable and supposed the hell out of me and kirk was what I expected and was a little turned off by his approach in the very start of the YouTube segment but gosh darn I would listen to them have these discussions for hours. So good.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Tim had to poop. Give him a break. He films like 8 hrs a day.

  62. Lyle says:

    This was a really good discussion. I expected to be pissed off by this episode but these guys actually agreed on quite a bit. It’s sad how far people in this country have been driven apart by the media and it’s by design.

  63. says:

    I very much enjoy Ian’s point of view and many of his comments. Ian, however, is a master at derailing conversations.

  64. says:

    Vaush sure puts a lot of mental energy into cultivating his own ignorance.

    • Probst07 says:

      I was wondering when I would see if someone was going to notice that too. Obviously Vausch has never tried to start a business and constantly says, this is not my area but then acts like he knows all about it. He is quite eloquent.

  65. An elderly couple was asked, “when does life begin?” They answered, “when the kids move out and the dog dies.”

    The big debate over the “legalization” of same sex marriage was a big lie on both sides: the first time I remember reading about same sex marriage taking place was around 1976 in the Seattle Times. Same sex marriage has been legal for a long time. The issue was about the state licensing same sex marriage. We don’t need a license for most contracts, we should not license the marriage contract.

    Vaush is clearly a materialist, I think he would agree with that, and materialism rejects anything like a soul or spirit. Hence, their ethics reject that there can be a higher consciousness. Traditional Conservatives accept higher consciousness on faith. As do some Classical Liberals. I had to experience the framework to accept it.

    Rejecting the NAP, however, reveals the fallacy of the Progressive or Socialist Libertarian. The NAP is fundamental. Just as Progressives, in the guise of Neocons, infiltrated and corrupted the GOP, beginning in the 90s Progressives in the guise of “Socialist Libertarians” began to infiltrate and corrupt the Libertarian Party. Vaush is not a Libertarian.

    • Tipmn2 says:

      Vaush did great on YouTube…soon as it got back here he became his psycho, excuse ridden self for the racists and psychos that hate America push BLM, and CRT theory…I forgot that BLM terrorists burning down and murdering people couldn’t spread COVID-19…vaush’s true religion came out here

  66. BrianL says:

    Libertarian Socialism cannot exist as a system, only as a personal ideology. Libertarian Socialists are free to exercise their beliefs inside of a Capitalist system. Once they start trying to change laws in accordance with their beliefs, then they are no longer libertarian, and they are just lying to you.

  67. BethanyJM23 says:

    This was one of THE BEST episodes! I love you guys. Everyone in the room participated with nothing less than grace, kindness, and civility. I’m a Christian, I’m also a socialist libertarian. I love our nation’s forefathers, and I I’m absolutely opposed to any type of authoritarianism. Much respect, love, and hope to you ALL. ❤️

  68. quazaar says:

    I consider myself an atheist. However, there are 2 main groups of documents that I think are the basis for almost all people.

    1. The 10 commandments are strong guidelines for a successful society.
    2. Declaration of Independence/Constitution are the guidelines for a successful government for the people.

    As an atheist, I encourage people to a believe in a god and religion. I think attending many are good. It gives establishes a moral basis. It gives a common ground. Another thing, humans are seriously flawed and have trouble following the rules. I grew up in a small town, and as an atheist, I learned quickly I can be more religiously moral than people that attend church regularly. If when I die, I am wrong. I am able to respect denial even though I am more moral.

    • Wolv256 says:

      I will not apologize for coveting your ox. It’s a good ox. I wish I had one like it. I will not repent for it.

    • JoeTony says:

      Yeah. Religion is important for people to have, socially and spiritually. It’s interesting the time we live in right now, where people are leaving churches en masse, but they’re still seeking out some kind of religious view, so there turning to Buddhism, yoga, Asatru, New Age, and others. People are drawn toward religion, and whatever form it takes.

  69. Meowmaliga says:

    My company is pushing Critical Race Applied Praxis and I’m trying to respectfully oppose it from within while I can.

    I like what Vaush said and I may use the quote in my signature line in emails:
    “If you are ideologically opposed to racism you should be equally capable of identifying it regardless of the perpetrator and the victim.”

    • Wolv256 says:

      That is the problem. Stop being respectful. Sue them and tell them to go fuck them selves. It’s time to grow up and be a man before we lose our country. These people aren’t playing, neither should we.

  70. says:

    I really enjoyed this debate / discussion format. I really hope you do more.
    Tim is a very good moderator I think .

  71. Nyarlethotep says:


  72. says:

    Never thought I would agree with Vauch as much as I did. He acutely had some good points and ideas. This was really cool to have these conversations. Gives me a bit of hope for our future.

  73. DavesTrippin says:

    I could have listened to you guys go back and forth for hours. I found myself agreeing with both Charlie and Vausch. Very enlightened articulate men. This conversation made me re think the other side. If every leftist was like vauch and not an authoritarian dick then there would be a lot less hate and alot more cooperation

  74. Robiscore98 says:

    What I got from this segment is that Vaush’s ideology is more anarchistic or not guided by a specific set of morals or guidelines other than what he said in the original segment “no pedophelia, no rape, no murder etc” whereas Charlie’s and Christian conservatives are more guided by the principles and moral teachings of Jesus Christ and his disciples. There is a sense of purpose and a defined moral compass that guides your actions, thoughts and behaviors than having such an agnostic/atheistic belief system where you are guided by what you are taught is right and wrong from an early age (which can differ based on how you are raised by your environment).

    I was very amused at how Charlie explained his faith not as blind faith in the gospels but laid out why he believed them to be true.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that Christian morality serves as a better guideline of how to behave and interact with individuals and keeps us on track for the ultimate goal of making ourselves and people around us better

  75. NorAtlantis says:

    Appreciate the point of views.✌

  76. Hapyy says:

    Great stuff as usual. But can you please let me know when are we going to get the mobile timcast app. thanks.

  77. BeLogical says:

    Openness to ideas leaves people both edified.
    The spirit of this debate and overall respectful dialogue felt really good.
    I felt the spirit of wellness leave when Kirk was lambastic torards Vaush, coming off like, your idea is trash, and then to hear Vaush explain where he was coming from, really reeled back in the conversation to a respectable tone. I’m a conservative and instead of leaping to , “Your Wrong”, having an open discussion like this is what congress needs to do and I believe we could really get better results than the current political environment.
    Well done.

    • Rawdog says:

      I noticed that as well. I have a hard time taking anything a cuck-bunner says seriously but he actually got a little respect from me when he was talking about his view on religion at the beginning.

  78. Shaun_H says:

    Didn’t care for Vaush at first. He’s earned my respect this time around. A shame more aren’t like him.

  79. JakobMN says:

    This video made me a subscriber. Keep this kind of content. Its what we need.

  80. led_zep1025 says:

    Vaush defends CP.
    Start at 3:30
    Anyone who defends this has no valid points imo. Only California produces degenerates to this extent.

  81. KDiddy says:

    I’ll probably have a few comments on this one. You can tell what gases you’re breathing in! How do they know what gases are on Venus? Jupiter? Europa? A spectrometer! Certain light waves become absorbed by the molecule that it passes by. When you look at a body of gas with a spectrometer, you’ll see gaps or a reduced imprint of the waves of light that are being absorbed by the gas. Oxygen absorbs a certain few, Nitrogen absorbs others, etc. etc. You need the idea of gas, coupled with the knowledge of light, along with a tool to measure.

  82. smilomaniac says:

    Isn’t it funny how Vaush will complain about “people being mean to him online” when as soon as he’s comfy on his own stream, he’ll back talk everyone and denounce them at any given chance?
    When he’s with Mark Meechan/Count Dankula, he’ll utterly and completely paint him as a fascist with no chance of doubt?

    Yeah he’s a real piece of work and the ONLY reason he comes off as remotely polite is the same excuse he has for Dank, that he’s only pretending to be nice, because at heart he is the unreasonable fascist.

    Vaush is a grifting liar who can talk nice when he has to. You need to stop inviting him on to the show and allow for the possibility that he is playing a role.

  83. sweetnessinatube says:

    I’m sorry but Charlie is incorrect. The 4 gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John have MANY MANY contradictions such as:
    The women reported the resurrection to the men (Matt. 28:8).
    The women did not report the resurrection to the men (Mark 16:8).
    Google it.
    I’m agnostic but I’m team Christianity and believe we need a moral compass/framework for those who cannot think for themselves.

  84. BennyQ83 says:

    This was one of the best left/right chats I’ve seen, two guys able to actually have a conversation. Didn’t agree with many of Vaush’s ideas, but at least he’s able to put them across with seemingly a level of intelligence. Have some level of respect for that. If there was more of it we may eventually get somewhere…

  85. NovalisR@nsom says:

    “I believe the world is constrained to that which we can empirically measure.”

    Take music. A song is technically nothing more than sound waves, right? So are we comfortable stating that is ALL a song is? Of course not. Deepest reality consists of patterns which CANNOT be empirically measured. You cannot measure the concept that 2+2=4, you cannot measure what it’s like to fall in love, and you cannot measure your experience of awe while viewing something like a sunset. “The four walls of materialism are a prison.”

  86. MageOfdarkSouls says:

    Tim, great show. This here is a good way to bridge the gap between the two sides of the culture war; get 2 mainstream people on with differing views and get them to have a conversation, or at the very least have a moderated debate.

  87. Daffyman says:

    Tim and Team,

    thank you for putting this conversation together! It was so refreshing to have to people with differing ideas come together and talk about their thoughts and beliefs. I have always held that when it comes down to it, we Americans have more in common at our core that we have difference. I think this conversation proved that. A Conservative and a Libertarian Socialist can find common ground and agree on policy ideas! Mass media is having a fit that Timcast is able to have these conversations! Bravo to all involved! More conversations like this please!!! Loved it!

    • Shreeded says:

      If you would like to go more in depth with theological philosophy or just philosophy in general, you should have on Dr. David Wood or Dr. William lain Craig.

  88. says:

    Excellent show! I’m a conservative for the most part, and for the first time, in a long time, I have found two people who may not agree on many things but, can at least hear out the others thoughts and ideas. I really liked Tim’s role in this discussion as a clock welding fly on the wall: keep it moving, but allow for thoughtful and courteous exchange… truly an excellent conversation!

  89. Marcos says:

    I learned Gnostic required empirical evidence, not agnostic. Maybe I didn’t hear the ‘a’ back in the day.

    Richard Dawkins said religion is a virus of the mind. I see Woke in that way.

    I disagree on mom’s were anti-trans on the issue rapid onset gender dysphoria. These mom’s didn’t like people manipulating their kids without consent.

    Parents should be responsible of what their kids watch and shouldn’t let an algorithm do it.

    Great Show 👍

  90. Sewho says:

    Love these behind the scenes. Worth every penny 😛

  91. hlam85 says:

    Is it me or does Vaush look like the left version of Carl Benjamin?

    Amazing Show!

  92. JonathanQ95 says:

    I really enjoyed that.

  93. Wolv256 says:

    I bet 90% of leftists could be cured by giving them TRT and fixing their hormone levels. They are all weak, unstable, and essential on their periods because they have low T, which in turn messes up their estrogen levels. This is a systemic problem caused by the American diet and lifestyle, particularly our food and water supply. These people are sick and they don’t even know it.

    • Wolv256 says:

      And I’m not trying to be mean, I’m serious. You look at this guy and he most likely has a total T level of about 250 ng/dl. Seriously, leftists, go get bloodwork done. You don’t realize what’s happening to you all.

      • Tgatt89 says:

        I agree. If Vaush really is 27 like he said at one point, I don’t want any part of his lifestyle. The guy looks 35+ easily. The full head of head could be explained by a lack of DHT and he seems to be retaining a lot of water which could be estrogenic side effects. He needs to make some lifestyle changes Now (!).

  94. kroqmonar says:

    Imagination isn’t a means of gaining knowledge. The fact you can imagine an alternative existence doesn’t give credence to its existence in reality. For something to be claimed as knowledge, it has to be brought your level of awareness. There is no evidence for the existence of the supernatural. Every entity within nature is limited by its quantity and its qualities. So what does it mean for something to be supernatural? It would mean entities existing apart from their quantity and their qualities, apart from their identities. It means to not exist. There is no logical process that can take you from existence to a belief in the supernatural.

  95. Wolv256 says:

    Hey, Vaush, your haircut looks like a lady. Be a man.

  96. Stickywicket1977 says:

    So many people wanna suck Vaush off after tonights show, good lord you people need a brain scan he just keeps talking in a calm voice but its all garbage but yall lap it up

  97. CaptainFreedom says:

    Vaush may seem like he has good intentions regarding workers. However he grew in Beverly Hills and makes his living on YouTube. Where has he actually worked? The road to he’ll is paved with good intentions.

  98. Martin9 says:

    Ask yourself why Vaush and the Lgbtqbigbwtf community want to contact children???? Or ask Ricky Gervais!

  99. JonSch581 says:

    Tim thinking that Christianity is about a “man in the clouds snapping his fingers” shows how little he understands the Bible. Or rather how little he thinks of God. God is so much greater and powerful than we can possibly imagine and Tim’s description ironically matches more of what God really is.

    • John3667 says:

      First thing that came to mind for me was where is the evidence, Iḿ a believer in a higher power but not in any group of religious people. To give you evidence to my believe simply put 1000 people together and let them read the old and new testament and they come up with 1000 explanations of what these books realy mean. In my eyes these books are that well written that anybody can find the vision they are looking for. In case of Tim, you probaly missed him saying he was thought the bibble in his youth at catholic school. sorry for gramma mistakes, it is not my native langauge

    • Ayylutch says:

      i agree as an atheist lol. whenever they talk about religion its so cringy because they dont understand what religion is about , much like they think atheism is claiming to know if theres a god or not. he rails against atheism all the time but vaush is an atheist who just used the term agnostic which are different things. they need a conservative atheist who used to be christian on. that would be an awesome conversation lol

    • Jaybediah says:

      Everyone would benefit greatly from reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

  100. Chuker2s says:

    Tim let them talk until they’re done…stop prematurely ending these members only segments. We don’t care if it goes up right after the main show on YouTube. We just want more of their conversation and dialogue.

  101. QKing says:

    Great talk guys

  102. Boo_Radley says:

    My only gripe is that Tim cut the conversation short. “We’re running low on time” says who? Let them get burnt out and have the conversation come to a natural end otherwise great episode

  103. Dean_Gullbeary says:

    The closest thing to understanding the nature if the universe, is Aleister Crowley’s system of magick.
    There is the infinite material world. There is the innermost point of your being.
    And their conflict is what we experience as the universe.

    • Dean_Gullbeary says:

      Sorry for grammar. Yeesh I should proofread.

    • JoeTony says:

      I think Crowley was a weirdo, but the occult stuff is fascinating to me, and there’s a lot of overlap between occultism and mysticism. I’m what you would call a Christian druid, and so I see the divine in nature, but I also started reading up on magickal and esoteric thought. Fascinating field.

  104. SMyers says:

    I do not agree with most of what Vaush says… But damn this was amazing! I loved this! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • MikeH says:

      Apologies but this is a general comment. Great show Tim! I channeled my inner Ian Crossland and saw enlightenment. I’m a big Charlie fan, but now I understand why Vaush’s modus operandi works and works well :).

      Charlie if you want to stop “the jab” mandate you can’t take an opposite position, you actually need get out in front of it. For example, they say mandate the “jab.” Something that will NOT resonate with common folk is ideas on freedom and liberty… too esoteric. And a reasonable response would be let’s start with the vulnerable- those in nursing homes. This is too logical. NO! We need to go bat-shit! Let’s say we not only agree with a mandate but the ONLY way forward is to start mandating for kids to go outside their homes and for pregnant women to be the first in line. This is only way forward (co’mon Jack Murphy!). Then as Vaush noted all the screaming progressives will come-out in flocks crying, “you can’t do that, it’s misogyny!!!” Then gvt get’s wrapped-up in a nothing burger. Ultimately no mandate!!! You guys need to be more creative. When the army says soldiers should get CRT, Charlie you need to grow-up. Here you need to shout, “Of course, CRT is so important! But the ONLY way forward is to have all generals take 300 certified hours of CRT training so we feel confident the soldiers are getting the most up-to-date information.” Those generals will run from CRT like it’s the plague. One more, abortion. You can’t say I’m against it. NO! You say well I guess they can rip the baby from the womb and then comfort it like they do in Virginia (remember ol’ Ralph). Then progressives will come running saying that’s messed-up, you have no humanity; we are against that kind of abortion… small WIN for the conservatives.

      Remember Mr. T. – “I should have said hydroxy is bad! Don’t take it!!” “I should have said don’t build the wall.” It’s a game of opposites and extremes!!!! Open your eyes. We can’t win by playing the abstracts “freedom, liberty, and justice for all” because it doesn’t work for the suburban soccer moms or for gen z’ers. Why? because you don’t care when something has never been taken away from you. You want salons open, tell gvt to mandate soccer moms from getting a mani-pedi without v-passport… progressives will come running to rescue. Old style tactics no longer work guys. People want big GVT, you need to shove it down their throats! Or, like Ian describes today’s porn.

  105. thejudge6060 says:

    I gotta be honest. Vaush wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. But I have to wonder how much of that was simply because he largely got to spout off leftist ideology in the most social acceptable manner possible with little pushback. Pushback was non-existent in the free portion, and bare minimum, imo, in the members segment

  106. Pollyg says:

    Loved the show ! I feel Vaush had one excuse after another for what is seen as his sides awful behavior, CRT is because people want to make money etc. And I have a little trouble believing he doesn’t know what woke-ism is, and if true he is deaf to half of what is being said in the world. I call B.S.

  107. BladeRunner says:

    I must say I wasn’t prepared to agree with Vaush on a couple of points and he’s more intelligent and articulate than I expected. I will never agree with his Marxist view but his views on Religion parallel mine. Vaush really hit on my big belief that Religion was created as a mechanism by which to control people. By the way he’s an “Empiricist” which he didn’t convey particularly well. His views are the same as Stephen Fry who is a famous Atheist. I could also easily debunk Tim on his Einsteinian view of God which very quickly also requires faith. The fact is the Universe is as it is because there is an infinite number of them thus an infinite number of permutations and combinations. We just happen to live in a good one. Just my opinion.

  108. Pupdog says:

    By far one of the best podcasts and after show I’ve seen thus far. Keep it up Tim and crew!

  109. Wolfhausen says:

    Excellent discussion I was really iffy about it being drama filled but these gentlemen kept it very very civil so props to Cast n Crew for hosting as always and keep fighting the good fight.

  110. Dusty Oldman says:

    Great fucking show. Seriously.

    Tim. Rent/buy/create a nearby airstrip. Do it tomorrow. You’ll be surprised how many folks will find their way to you if they can get off a small plane nearby. Your neighbors may have enough land for airstrip if you don’t. I bet your guests would have been stoked to catch a plane to DC or their hub instead of drive. The conversations like this can go on if you do. You can write it all off.

    I’ll pay $10 more a month if you do. Hahahaha


    • Pollyg says:

      Loved the show ! I feel Vaush had one excuse after another for what is seen as his sides awful behavior, CRT is because people want to make money etc. And I have a little trouble believing he doesn’t know what woke-ism is, and if true he is deaf to half of what is being said in the world. I call B.S.

      • Dusty Oldman says:

        I kinda agree. The divide has made it hard to see the other side though. I understand where he was coming from in a moderate position. I haven’t gone to BLM protests but he has, so he offers a different perspective I can learn from. Libertarian socialist is really weird but I still found him smart and being honest in his perspective.

    • NurseShark says:

      I’d add my extra $10 to yours, Dusty. We need more round table discussions like this, and less time in our respective bubbles. Time to see each other as individuals, as people, as fellow citizens, to understand each other ‘s POV, and have meaningful dialogues that may just result in real positive change. I’m genuinely hopeful it can be done, Tim, and it could all start here! Mush on!

      • Dusty Oldman says:

        Agreed. I don’t agree with Vaush on much and found his tone kinda elitist. He did make some good points that made me think. Charlie is much smarter than I gave him credit for but was kinda hostile.

        In the end though, I learned a lot from both guests. I was hardcore political 08-12 and dropped out after Ron Paul left Congress and Rand Paul was elected to senate. It’s wild to see these young men that are younger than I am being the next leaders of political thought.

        Great show and we definitely need more of it to bridge our divides.

  111. Trogaf says:

    Unfortunately I think Charlie was way too emotional and more attacking the general picture of what a person on Vaush’s size iz like vs countering Vaush’s points or arguments. I generally would disagree with Vaush’s side but his calm points seemed at least reasonably calmly argued, and he knows how to make arguments.

    • BIGDOGDAD says:

      I agree. At the start of the IRL show Charlie was too fired up and Vaush trounced him. As the discussion went on it equalized out. Very great show though as a whole with the IRL and members only combined.

      • Tgatt89 says:

        He trounced Charlie because Charlie didn’t know good ways to debate covid issues. The majority of what Vaush said on covid, he was just talking out his ass. The rest of the podcast was way better as they got more into Charlie’s domains and it could equal out. This after hours segment was awesome though!

  112. Anony says:

    I think I agreed with vauch on a lot more than I disagreed. The problem is that many of the points we disagreed on were some of the biggest ones but I think it’s important that these discussions take place because before this I thought Josh was a complete asshole, now I recognize that he’s really not that far off from me.

  113. Shlieee says:

    Incredible discussion, this is what will fix the divide, thank you. We need to make every effort to ignore the disingenuous grifters and as vaush says always focus on the ideas. We’ll never agree on everything but with checks and balances and not being afraid to call out our own sides, we can stop these extremist ideas and come to a common good.

  114. FxTwT says:

    Love this conversation! I think that we need to address the class war and get out of the race war. “Divide and conquer” is very real and elites are using racial issues/rage bait to keep us from coming together. Thank you all for having a rational, respectful discussion.

  115. Creestoff says:

    Out of all the conversations this one pulled my chain and I finally became a member. These are the conversations I wish would be happening across the nation. If that were the case we’d surely at some point understand how ridiculous the house and senate and presidency truly are. Nobody wants to care though. 😕

  116. KingConey says:

    This gave me a mental boner. Had my undivided attention the whole time!

  117. pigdog5150 says:

    Vaush is not a libertarian and is not for freedom. Look at him explain how many rules are needed to seize the means of production. That’s not freedom. Utter nonsense. It’s not freedom.

    • Anony says:

      Yeah I noticed that vauch said a lot of things that made it sound like he agreed with me but when he actually explained what he meant he had a totally different understanding of the word. You cannot be a libertarian and advocate for some of the things he said on this podcast, they’re just incompatible. This is one of the biggest problems though everyone is working with different definitions these days

  118. Aracore says:

    Love him or hate him, I have to give Vaush a lot of respect for being willing to come and sit around the table like this!

    Let’s hope some more people from his side of the political fence can grow themselves a nice big hairy pair like he has and come and do the same.

    Doing this is the ONLY way we will ever break down Clown world, and return to something a little more normal.

    Thank you Tim, Charile and Vaush!

  119. Solo19 says:

    Why this was good is because Charlie wasn’t triggered by what is on the surface is a superiority complex Vaush can sometimes present with. It’s been a long time since we had opposing views just talk about sh!t.

  120. pigdog5150 says:

    Vaush can never “speak to the specifics” of anything. He is a grifter. The facts and stats are rarely on his side. Vaush always starts with a corrupt world view and then tries to force bad and disingenuous arguments to try and convince himself and others that it’s good rather than looking at was is good and THEN building a world view on that.

    • Anony says:

      I noticed he did the typical leftist thing of glossing over any point he gets wrong. If someone is able to clearly articulate why he’s wrong he just moves the goal post or moves to the next point as if it is inconsequential

  121. Element says:

    Only around half of people bother to vote in elections. Vaush thinks people want to vote on every decision their workplace makes?

  122. DearthRibbet says:

    Loved this discussion! We need more discussion and less debating. I think the world would be a better place. Good job everyone!!

  123. Element says:

    We have documented proof of the temple of Solomon. We also have proof of the existence of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus but that doesn’t mean I believe Jupiter actually exists. We can prove people believed in this religion (Judaism) centuries ago but we can also prove people believed in Hinduism centuries ago.

  124. GSDo7 says:

    I joined for at least a month because of this podcast. Good stuff. Scrolling to the bottom of all comments to post one kind if sucks:)

  125. Silentwidow says:

    The twitter mob was saying one owned the other, I don’t see it that way. They both had good points, were respectful and had an amazing conversation. People think we have to resort to “Owning” others and that’s just absurd. We have to stop putting things as black and white, this. Vaush had good points, and so did Kirk.

    • Anony says:

      Yeah. I generally agreed with Charlie but found myself disagreeing with him several times throughout the podcast. Anyone who thinks one side owned wasn’t listening.

  126. Haze87x says:

    Hunter is insufferable and condescending now

  127. christer.wallentin says:

    This kind of discussions gives me some hope for the future.
    Get them back for part 2.

  128. ShaunESprayz says:

    America the land of the free. Free to be governed by those who don’t feel the same impacts you do do to wealth and power. Free to be forced to show you’ve been pricked by their needle. Free to be hated for supporting your ideals and the persons of your choice. Free to loos your freedoms when those in power so ever choose you to. Free is the new lie. Free to be controlled 😞😞😞

  129. ehack56 says:

    This is the type of conversation, and guests, that got me to become a member. Love It. Keep up the good work, and great guests.

    • Missedacheck says:

      Same here less than 20 minutes in and Tim drops an F bomb I was like wait what definitely loving the deeper conversation on here than YouTube

  130. Kyle23 says:

    Awesome podcast on both the live show and the members only! Was expecting more loud arguments but was happily surprised at how calm and rational each person tried to be in their arguments! These are the conversations I can’t get enough of, keep up the hard work and you will build an Empire from the Cast Castle!

  131. Strategos says:

    Probably the video most likely to get Tim banned from YouTube (the YouTube portion of this). Our overlords will not be happy to see us largely getting along and not trying to kill each other. Good faith dialogue is the greatest threat to tyrants and oligarchs.

  132. Neyxous says:

    They got to get their sh@t together on this site. 6:30 am and still can’t watch. Fantastic.

  133. HonestAhole says:

    This guy Vausch uses equivocation to try to sound thoughtful. Just like the Jedi mind trick, it only works on the weak.

  134. yamyule says:

    Go into neighborhoods and build them back up from the inside. Exactly what Trump was doing. Great job Vaush, you validated Trump.

  135. Pasha_Red says:

    the problem with worker owned, its like a rock band. there will be a person that has a idea, or is better at the job will like the lead singer say they dont need the band anymore. people to come to see the lead singer, NOT the guy on the keyboard the singer can use ANY band, and worse does not need any band at all. and so people who are not leaders and are good workers will suffer.

  136. Forky says:

    What Vaush says at the end; I’ve been saying for years:


    Once THIS is truly understood by the average American, we can truly begin to become a better country for the world.

  137. RausV77 says:

    This show was epic from the youtube side to the members area. We might not agree on everything but we need to be able to have meaningful good faith dialogue to see what we can agree on. This system is meant to divide and conquer but if we actually come together the neo cons/libs plan all falls apart. God bless you all ✌🏿🔥✌🏿

  138. Dn1984 says:

    3 plus hours and barley scratched the surface……. That was incredible

  139. Starchuk says:

    🎯 Dawg … Starting to see the cultural implacations of the method to your madness. Carry on good Sir.

  140. DoubleDownDee says:

    BTW: Lily Tang Williams stream from yesterday was SO MUCH MORE IMPORATNT THAN THIS STREAM today.

    She still gives me the chills, with her passion for this country. After seeing her, and then Vaush saying he has no national allegiance just makes my skin crawl.

  141. says:

    one of the best episodes …so far.

    • Freeborn says:

      Not for me but I did find it funny that agnostics believe in the power of a god but don’t believe in the judeo Christian God 😆

      • Kyle23 says:

        It isn’t “funny”, it is intellectually consistent in that they believe there is crazy sh*t that we don’t understand and will never be able to fully comprehend; while also pointing out that being able to nail a topic like God correctly is likely a complete farce and to simple to be reality.

  142. DoubleDownDee says:

    Poverty solved in 2 solutions…

    Get rid of illegal immigrants who take the low skilled jobs that form a building block for low skilled workers.

    Bring back the 70k+ manufacturing plants that used to exist in the USA. Give a man a middle income salary to support family and he will leave his neighbor behind.

    • Daren says:

      The first part can be done by legislative fiat,
      But the second point is a complex issue involving politics and market pressures.
      We could mandate American companies build in America. But supposing they do, paying more to the employees, operating under stricter environmental and civil regulations, etc, will necessarily make our products more expensive than the global competition.
      We could institute tariffs that make foreign product the same price as domestic, but that only works in our bubble. America would perhaps buy American, but why would Europe when they can get the same product for cheaper from India?
      Unfortunately the world is a market and competitive. Made in America can barely work in America, but American manufacturing can’t compete globally with countries that can employ people for a dime a day

      • Rawdog says:

        Actually, we could bring back the manufacturing jobs. Watch Louis Rossmann’s rants about his dealings with NYC bureaucracy. If there was a lot less of this sort of thing many companies would move back to the US. Also, a lot of the low skilled workers are low IQ and low class.
        For example: I spoke to some Hershey Chocolate executives back in ’99 when I was working on a project at their HQ in Hershey PA. The flat out told me that one of the main reasons that they were moving was because the workers were stealing the chocolate bars even though they could eat all they wanted. The management figured that if they were going to have to deal with these kind of morons, they might as well go to a country where they would make back some of the loss by paying only 1/4 to 1/10 what they were paying in PA.


    Top 5 in my view… Well done people!!

  144. jhudler says:

    Got to admit, I thought the opening was a train wreck that was never going to end. But Tim managed to reign it in. This was a great show, definitely top 10.

  145. Akindji says:

    Curious on thoughts on Holocracy in corporations and in government.

  146. AusLogos says:

    I can’t /won’t speak to specifics……of course you won’t.

  147. PseudoSwede says:

    Top-shelf episode

  148. dreamscape.artisan says:

    Super duper convo eerbody! Please move this ol commentito box to the topsey turvery if parseable…

    This kind of duel of the dual minded guests is FIIIIYYYAHHH! We needz moar of this ness!


  149. brettonmaybee says:

    Vaush has a lot of time to grow out of the Marxist jive…he’s not even 30 yet. Charlie lost all credibility in the first minute of this discussion. If the “conservatives” are going to have a chance in the future they need to go more Ayn Rand or Christopher Hitchens (not a fan of Ayn Rand) and a lot less James Dobson, Sarah Palin. They are welcome to their superstitions, but they need to keep it separate from their defense of classical American liberalism. These adolescent professions of faith do nothing but discredit every good point he may have made. Same thing goes for the Freedom Toons guy; obviously smart and talented, but completely brainwashed in regards to Catholicism. Ben Shapiro gets this, it’s frustrating that these guys don’t.

    • kilojoule_kj says:

      My interesting view is that all the Judeo-Christian centric Western first world capitalist nations are falling from wokeism, but the ones that are left standing and growing these days are the non-Christian Asian first world capitalist nations which although many of them philopshically-religious (Buddhist, Hindu, Shintoism, etc.) has a VERY different idea and approach to religion, philosophy, ethics, and morals to monotheistic Judeo-Christian cultures that seems to work better (at least up to now) to fend of the rise of wokeism.

    • jhudler says:

      I think Charlie came primed for a fight, and took a step back, and toned it down.

    • DoubleDownDee says:

      You are literally advocating for the illimitation of morality.

      Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

      Try again McVey

    • kilojoule_kj says:

      Morality, especially based on religion, is subjective, and can and always will be a topic of debate.

      I for one, don’t really understand the almost obsessive, puritanical “morality” against sex work in most states in the US. Rather, I think we should decriminalize & legalize prostitution instead of being this flat out blanket ban that only ends up help supporting and enriching human traffickers IMO. I don’t think something between two mutually consenting adults coming to an agreement of monetary or gifts in exchange for sexual services is something that gov’t should butt their noses into to ban outright. Is there room for some restrictions? Certainly and that’s a topic open to debate as well. But a blanket ban forced upon by gov’t by most states is very draconian and very illogical IMO.

      Ban alcohol, only ended up helping the mafia who don’t care about alcohol laws.
      But we all certainly agreed to repealing the stupid amendment and agreed to not selling alcohol to minors or after certain hours or so.

      But still we have draconian gov’ts left and right in many states that still
      Ban guns, which only ends up helping criminals who don’t care about gun laws.
      Ban weed, which only ends up helping drug dealers who don’t care about marijuana laws.
      And the same concept goes to prostitution; ban prostitution, only ends up helping human traffickers who don’t care about prostitution laws.

      But “morals” on both left and right at various points in time, have banned all of the above, only to come to realize that more gov’t just ended up causing more problems.

  150. ElijahFrye says:

    A whole ass hour….. damn imma be up late…… like normal lol

  151. nuww says:


    Twas a fantastic discussion.

    • Christian_Thomsen says:

      What a bombshell of a show. Thank you timcast team for having this great Dialog. Keep up the great work and I’ll up my monthly membership contributions. 👍

  152. AUssery says:

    Looking through all of the comments and replies, this is definitely the best post ever. So many wanting all to really have a dialogue that can be productive. If we could only get the majority of the left/progressives to have an actual conversation with facts and statistics instead of feelings. Like Shapiro often states, “facts don’t care about your feelings!”

  153. Omni_Codex says:

    “Religion” just means “to bind together again.” It’s the same meaning of yoga.

    Notice the “again” part…

    The “River Styx” is the Earth’s magnetic field and the “Bifröst” is the two openings under the aurora borealis/australis at the north and south poles. A giant “quantum hard drive” is inside the central sun and when we die, we leave out bodies and travel the magnetic field back inside to add our memories to it. When the Book of Revelation talks about the “books being opened,” it’s talking about the central repository of human experience.

    • DoubleDownDee says:

      There is no mention of “books being opened” in the bible, but there are scriptures of seals being broken and opened. I’m so tired of bullshit philosophers commenting on the books of the bible while knowing absolutely nothing contained within it.
      Kiss my ass, we ALL to the point of not giving a shit about your degenerate opinions. And that being said, Christians need to step up now, cus as we see, discussion is no longer on the table.

  154. RedBuffalo says:

    That was the most respectful conversation I’ve see from someone on the left it was refreshing. I miss this being a normal thing

  155. AUssery says:

    I said it in the non-members stream, this is the best “conversation” ever! If our politicians could sit down with a mediator, we would get so much more done in this country instead of the BS do nothing pork fights they continuously have. This was as productive “conversation” as could ever be! Vausch and Kirk for congress 2024!

  156. MFnHammer says:

    I can ABSOLUTELY agree with Vaush on ONE THING. I’d NEVER go along with the racist ‘blm’/kkklantifa ‘movement’/’ideologies’/ect. Their almost as, if not just as, bad as the Nazis. You give them an inch, and they’ll then DEMAND a mile(burn down another city).

    That said, I could get on board with realing in the CRONY ‘capitalism’. I’ll never get on board with socialism, BUT…… There’s no doubt the #UNIparty has made life VERY easy for these cronies. WHY? Simple, 💰💵💰. Whether it be insider trading, literal bribes, family ‘contracts’/jobs, ect to #CORRUPTcapitolhill. Again, very easy to see all this. So I guess I do have that in common with ‘libertarian’ socialists.

    Agree with Tim at the end there. It’s been a tactic of the ‘elites'(what the scum call themselves) for centuries, divide and conquer. Don’t agree on these things, when you could hate each other for these reasons. Then you have the #Propaganda ‘media’ feed the narratives to drive that divide.

  157. kellybw says:

    Yayyyy conversationnnn!

  158. Sirswole8514 says:

    Vaush needs to look up opportunity zones. Trump passed in the Tax cuts and Jobs act the ability for investors to benefit from investing in low income areas of need. Directly impacting the lower class / reparations issue he was talking about wanting.

  159. Sc0rp10N says:

    Watched a show today… About God and physics… Etc… Asked one question… Why is there anything?

  160. Niteshift76 says:

    Good show

  161. Sc0rp10N says:

    Holy shit and on a Tuesday night!!!

  162. kilojoule_kj says:

    The problem with Vaush’s suggestion “if it doesn’t pan out, we can try again with some another new idea” especially in a larger scale, is that at a certain point, there will be a new elite class in that system and that elite class wants to retain control and their positions, so they never do “try again with some new idea.” What ends up happening is a new struggle and conflict which ends up feeding into authoritarian structures.

    Its like saying ok someone has to go into the rat sewer, no one wants to, some authoritarian person then forces people to do it, people say this isn’t working let’s try something different, but the authoritarian person will be like oh oh, what if this new idea makes me a nobody again hell no I don’t want to go back to being a nobody, so that person then will counter argue that no, no, this is working, you know what the real problem is? It’s not us or this system, it’s the (insert whatever BS scapegoat/societal issue/etc. to blame shift) and repeat that over and over again so that becomes the issue, while the elite continues to remain in power.

    • schievenin1987 says:

      It all boils down to one simple concept. Once someone gets power, they never want to let go of it. Regardless of the type of society we have, it makes no difference. Humans will be humans and we’re all selfish by nature.

    • Hoplite says:

      For how intelligent Vaush appears, he’s unable to see beyond his collective utopia. As with any Marxist ideology, you need 100% buy in for it to work. This is impossible. What do you do with the dissenters? As long as there are any significant dissenters, the system fails. What do you do with the dissenters? No one is able to present an answer to this question. In history, violence/persecution has been chosen 100% of the time. Doesn’t sound like favorable odds to me. Why do Marxists think “this time will be different?”

      Also, Vaush’s solution to everything is more government. For a self proclaimed libertarian, he sure loves government intervention.

    • BillH says:

      Pournelle’s iron law of bureaucracy at work…

    • Jeyaraj94 says:

      so accurate

    • bu4n says:

      I disagree, we can use graphene to make resources not scarce anymore. then, we can afford to try different social ideas forever.

  163. Sc0rp10N says:

    It all started with Japanese efficiency in the 80s

    • kilojoule_kj says:

      Except that Japanese efficiency like Toyota’s JIT and Total Quality Management was taught to the Japanese by William Edward Deming, an American economist who was tasked by the Allied Occupation to teach the Japanese to build stuff at high quality and high efficiency.

      That’s why Japan even has an annual business award named the Deming Prize. So essentially it was us that taught the Japanese how to be more productive, efficient and make high quality items, that it eventually boomeranged back to us in the 1970s and 1980s, and American companies re-introduced something that this Yale economist taught to the Japanese.

  164. Lola8088 says:

    I just wanted to say, you guys NAILED it. I will give you ALL THE MONEY for these type of conversations. This makes me have more hope for the future. It seems that we may have energetically turned a corner somehow… in that I haven’t seen a lot of good debates/conversations on the net between really opposed informed people lately… and now I see quite a few of them and I have even personally regained the trust of a friend that thought I was crazy because of my centrist views and BLM stance. I feel hopeful, and I hope you do as well. Also, Ian is a huge inspiration for me. Every episode, no matter what the topic is, he gives me a perspective I’ve not entertained. And that is valuable. What a great crew!

  165. MiriamtheLevite says:

    One of the best discussions I’ve heard in a VERY long time. Thank you all for making this happen. Both men were respectful, concise and we’ll versed. It’s discussions like these that bridge the divides. Much appreciation and love to you, Tim and the team for bringing these two together.

  166. jmusto says:

    This was a great show. Please do more of these!

  167. slushieboomgame says:

    29:50 or so Vaush is right algorithms and feeds should be illegal. Must be rolled back.

  168. Hermitlion says:

    I could have watched these guys talk for many more hours. Thank you Timcast IRL

  169. KekLordGrey says:

    Academia needs Govt grants….

  170. joea says:

    That was dope. I really would have loved to hear more at the end. It felt like they were getting somewhere constructive

  171. Chadwicksracing says:

    Amazing – these two are not that far apart. If they can get along, we all can.

    • schievenin1987 says:

      I feel they agreed on more things than they disagreed on. I always tell people, the left and the right are not that far off. It’s the extremists on each side that can’t get along. These extremists are very few in numbers but because they’re louder and the media elevates them, people get the perception that they’re the majority. But they’re not. Most of us, left or right, tend to fall in the middle of the spectrum somewhere.

    • annotlesperance says:

      They are pretty far apart. But they have a lot more similiarity than the media like you to believe.

  172. John Tango Mango says:

    Descartes was the philosopher they couldn’t remember.

    Charlie, Hume? Really?

  173. CoqAuWin says:

    Dang, never thought I’d be giving Tim Pool $10 to improve my opinion of Charlie Kirk. I’d love to see Vaush back for a recurring segment or whatever – maybe other people in his vein. Great show!

  174. Sc0rp10N says:

    Best fucking show ever.

  175. KekLordGrey says:

    remember… the UNIVERSE is FINITE…. the real Q here is… what is beyond… the beyond… the beyond… etc etc etc etc.

  176. Bioh says:

    Thank you Tim for calling Vaush out when he tried to lie about BLM protesters being shoulder to shoulder. More than once he did this exact thing during the free segment. At least 2 times he flat out talks out his ass and then of course when he’s wrong he can’t talk to the specifics. THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING IN THE FIRST PLACE ASSHOLE!

  177. KekLordGrey says:

    Hello… Deist here… It is all Gods Plan… and it can be weird at times. But still the plan. We are not controlled… but the future.

  178. AdeptDS says:

    To be fair Vaush is not too crazy about most things, except COVID. To say that the vaccine is a better option than getting covid (as a 27 year old?) is complete insanity. He is more likely to die in a car accident driving from DC to Tim Pool’s compound, than he is from COVID. So no, a vaccine is not a better option, because he is at almost no risk from covid. Finally, since CDC now clearly states that vaccinated do not prevent transmission, there is ZERO argument for mandating it because it has no effect on anyone but you. If you want to get vaccinated, I have no problem with that, but there should be no mandate. Also if a restaurant only wants to service vaccinated people only, that’s fine with me too, I’ll go to the restaurant for the unvaccinated – except this is probably just as illegal as discrimination based on race, sex, etc. for a public accommodation. I prefer govt stay out of it all, but we are already there regulating public accommodation.

    • AdeptDS says:

      The problem Vausch has is the same problem he complains about. He is unaware of actual statistics on covid (which I refer to as a mild cold, which I had). His statement on the variants (i.e who knows what will happen if there are more variants), is completely dumb – he has no idea what he is talking about. Like all viruses every evolutionary variant will be less lethal and more virulent. The fact that he does not know that, while pretending to know everything and shilling for Pfizer, is the problem with liberals. Oh and for anyone who doesn’t realize there are already 20 variants, take a look

    • AdeptDS says:

      Sorry – I got more of a rant! There is absolutely no evidence that people are not dying at a lower rate now from covid is due to the vaccine. I can easily argue that the cause of this phenomena is because the delta variant is now more prevalent and has a lower fatality rate, hence less deaths per cases.

    • Starchuk says:

      Back to the 1+1=3 theory …
      The Chinavirus has a 99.997 survival rate (globally), and the vaccine (s) have a 95-97% efficacy rate … The numbers just ain’t adding up. Which begs the question : why.

      But what do I know, apparently just a conspiracy theorist 🤷

      • Starchuk says:

        Here in Canada, we’ve had approx 26,000 deaths from covid in a population of approximately 33 million … I’ll say this again, if you’ve ever heard a gas monitor go off, ya ain’t very affraid of covid.

        Let’s keep shit real people …

        • Dn1984 says:

          16 months in , and I can’t get over the fact we have reached the ultimate climax of Insanity…. and know body seems to notice , nobody seems to care. 1000 out of 26,000,000 people died in Australia in that time period….. AND THEY CLOSE THE CONTINENT¿¿!¿¡¡??!!

  179. DunkinNugget says:

    There was a video where they passed around a bottle of booze within the crowd so Vaush needs to GTFO with that one.

  180. DoubleDownDee says:

    My family and I were terrorized before and after I was born by real entities who encompassed our house and close land proximity to the house. My older siblings, myself, and mother (my father wouldn’t talk about it) have stories that would make grown adults piss themselves if put in the same situation. What i challenge to Agnostics and Atheists is this simple truth: there are supernatural events that exist, and supernatural beliefs which resolve these “unknown events”. Although I know these are contradictions for most people who never experienced real supernatural events, it doesn’t mean that events are not real. Bacteria existed since the beginning of time, but only recently in time have they been observed in the scientific community. Just because you haven’t seen or haven’t experienced something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real or doesn’t exist.
    Got a question about growing up in a haunted house, I’ll answer what I can.

    • IanWelch says:

      Supernatural- “Of or relating to existence outside the natural world. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces.” There’s no evidence of anything supernatural if there is show me some evidence, and I know you can’t because if there was evidence it wouldn’t be called “supernatural”. Everyone claims to have been haunted, seen aliens, seen god, seen ghosts, but yet to provide evidence.

      • DoubleDownDee says:

        “Everyone claims to have been haunted, seen aliens, seen god, seen ghosts, but yet to provide evidence.”
        NO, that’s not how this works, liar and posers don’t get to be included. When I started first grade, I thought it was the norm to be haunted, i found out fast to be fuckin silent on the matter. Not everyone has genuine experiences in the supernatural( it’s quite unusual tbh), most people who don’t belong to anyone, latch onto anything. And your “everyone” analogy seems a bit overused and obtuse. I’ve been talking my stories for decades, whether or not you want to believe isn’t my objective. My objective is to tell you all my terror ended when I found Jesus, and the power invoked when using his name against demons. Amen

    • Morgan_Kreg says:

      Though I am sorry for what you and your family went through, I think using it as a proof of life after death or the existence of God is misguided. Science has theorized the existence of higher dimensions (more than 3) and the possibility of more than one dimension of time. A being existing in a 4th dimension would be as unrecognizable to us as we would be to a stick figure that lived in a plane. Although you may have been terrorized by an entity, I doubt you know where it exists. Just because it was evil, doesn’t mean it came from hell. You are assuming a lot to attribute it’s mere existence as proof of God.

      • DoubleDownDee says:

        Thank you for the feedback, I don’t remember specifying that it was one entity, because it was several. It was so numerous in activity I couldn’t count them all, it was experienced by family, extended family, close family friends, colleagues of my parents, and even the people who bought the house from my parents, who happened to be family friends, but didn’t believe until they lived there. The experiences were shared by multiple people at the same time, same type of torture years apart (my older sister and I had the same bedroom when we were small, not shared living space) and we are 9 years apart in age. I was in my 20’s when my sister and I finally talked about the ‘demon’ who would come out the hole in the wall located in the closet without a door and sit on our backs while we pretended to sleep.

        How about the multiple times all of us kids would come home from school to an empty house, and the stereo would turn on full blast. Or hearing foot steps run down the stairs, but no one came through the door at the bottom (door was a heat saver).

        But somehow throughout all the terror throughout all the years, we all had the same safe spot, the kitchen. It had strategic entryways and windows, where you could put your back to a wall, and watch shit come at you from a distance. But somehow I believe the kitchen had more significance than line of sight, it had love, it had congregation of family and friends, and good times. It had a positive vibe that evil just can’t break.

        I’m not here to convince you, I’m just here to tell my story. I will not shrink, I have truth on my side.

    • Morgan_Kreg says:

      By the way, please reach out to Tim about telling your story! They are starting a podcast about the unexplained and I’m sure you have an incredible (terrifying) story to tell.

      • DoubleDownDee says:

        Thanks for the suggestion. I share my story from time to time, the grandkids love to hear about it on vacation camping trips, campfire scary time lol

        But I didn’t even touch on the real scary stuff, the stuff that makes me look back and really doubt the world I live in, the world of sanity and reality. Things that return me to my faith, when i start to question God, demons, Lucifer, and eternity. I was literally saved from a living hell when I was in the sixth grade by Jesus. Jesus saved me from the hell I lived and the eyes that stared at me through the cracks of decorated ceiling beams.

        I remember all the tales from my mother, siblings, and friends who experience the river house themselves. I’m thankful I went through it all, without it, I think I would question alot less in life.

        Thanks for your input 🙂

    • Duke_Lurkin says:

      This is simply the “god of the gaps” argument.

    • Starchuk says:

      My ex is a metaphysist … So she claims. But I know this much : I don’t know what she’s talking about, but I’ve seen enough shit with mine own eye’s to know she’s talking about something …

  181. Lorilee66 says:

    Vaush I have New respect Sir, Your Views are way more inline with mine then I would have ever imagine , you gained a Sub not that you need more . Thanks for the truth speak its appreciated by many . Tim you just Rock , Ion Your mind is intense and loved , lyds your amazing at what you do, just wish we could hear more . Love you all !!!!!

  182. Fullmetal-dragon says:

    Great conversations, guys. It was nice to hear people just… contemplate and discuss things.

  183. shweenee says:

    This was an incredible talk. Compared to the nonsense I hear usually coming from the left, Vaush doesn’t seem too bad. If it’s between him and the usual leftists (and some spineless Republicans), I’d have him in office.
    I really hope he doesn’t do a 180 on his views later on. Seems like he’ll de-radicalize some of the crazies if he stays consistent.

  184. Dansing says:

    So, I’ll be perfectly honest, I am absolutely NOT a big fan of Vaush, but the free portion of tonight’s episode was truly high quality, it managed to be good natured disagreement and discussion without devolving into screaming matches. Maybe that is too low a bar to set but I really enjoyed it even when I was prepared to not like it.

  185. IanWelch says:

    I don’t believe in god the same way I don’t believe in Santa, dance around the definition of your supernatural idea of “god” all you want. The Bible and no man made religion will ever be correct, whether some “god” actually exists or not. Play around with your illogical fallacies of “oh hOw dO yOu KnOw iF anYtHinG iS rEaL” or the “god of the gaps”. It’s irrational to believe in “god”, if you have to have faith there’s no truth.

  186. Dumpstertron says:

    If God excited, Would he believe that the destruction of society through contradiction of belief, is the goal of the greater good?

    • LoveLeeLady says:

      Depends on if you believe your god(s) is an entity that uses bickering as a power source for their own planet, or you believe god is a silent observer taking notes until his ‘project’ is over, or if your god is a divine father who anxiously awaits for his children to return to him and spend eternity in bliss etc.

  187. RuthlessAdmin says:

    I would wreck all three of them on theism & the super natural.

    Existence is a paradox. Change my mind.

  188. kcwdiesel says:

    How can ppl who claim to be data driven, historical evidence type ppl, claim to be agnostic or atheist?? Idc if I get hate. But come on. Alot of things in history are only known because of eye witness testimony. The bible has at least 500 eye witness testimonies of Jesus and the miracles he performed. Expand your minds beyond stupid big bang type stuff. Head on over to youtube and watch “ask cliff”. He does nothing but debate college kids on Christianity. Dude is big brain.

    • BasedSocDem says:

      This is stupid, “Why do people become agnostic”. Because there is no DIRECT evidence of such entity that you can find in other topics such as history or the sciences. “Witness Testimony” is no different from anecdotal stories told by people who have biases or other potential influences that create these “stories”. I could claim tomorrow that I met god and saw him, but never say that I took some drug to create such experience or be lying for gain.

    • IanWelch says:

      Atheists and agnostic individuals don’t “claim” to be anything, we aren’t making accusations, theists “claim” there’s a god let’s start there.

    • LoveLeeLady says:

      Imagine a scenario far in the future…where all writings and historical knowledge is lost. Yet somehow, the one thing that remained intact, were historical notes from North Korea. These notes state how wonderful a country it is, and ‘some’ even state with their life it is true…as they relayed their patriotism and love in these notes. Would this scenario make the writings true?
      What if the only thing that survived archived Wikipedia bio’s that had been removed due to being incorrect at the time? Would they become true, because they still existed and there was proof enough people believed them to be true? I believe in a higher being myself, and have no judgement on either side, but being incredibly data driven makes me question the source, record keeping, involved bias’, and individual sanity that contributed to the historical proof available.

    • kilojoule_kj says:

      What if there was this ancient travelling magic show where this dude named Jesus performed miracles and everyone was like OMG he performed magic and we saw this happen with our very own eyes, this dude’s the real deal, so everyone wrote down accounts of what they saw, and that’s what the Bible is.

      Or what if Jesus was just a time traveler from the distant future and he couldn’t get back to his original time because his time machine got broken, but he needed to make a living so he went around curing people and and helping people who back then would see those things happening as a miracles. And he’s all like no don’t call me as your savior but everyone is like oh what a wonderful man this guy is, and Romans were like dude we gotta get rid of this guy because he’s a threat to our power.

      This my Ian side talking. 😂

    • says:

      I think something Charlie Kirk should think about going forward is to leave emotion out of debate. There is no reason to hate the people we don’t agree with, if we want change, then we must show who we oppose a better way, never an argument. I find Vaush fascinating, but I believe he is to heavy n intelligence is equal to morals. But he is polite, considerate and very careful with his words which makes him very enjoyable to listen to, even when I don’t agree with his points.

      • Abarela67 says:

        Vaush had his quips too like saying the gay marriage thing. Yes some people believe marriage should be a man and woman, not all of them are Catholics and not all of them are conservative and not all catholic and conservatives agree¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but yes awesome show. I’d want vaush and Kirk to finish this conversation sometime.

  189. AltruisticSocialist says:

    What do I do if I cannot get the video to encode. It says to contact support. I subscribed for this sh*t.

  190. dhardisty89 says:

    Finally saw the green line move

  191. JBodhi says:

    Vaush says he believes people should be free to do whatever they want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else but then supports vaccine mandates? This liberatarian idea means people should be free to not get vaccinations at their own risk because according to the science the vaccine prevents you from dying from covid (not that it was very likely in the first place). But yeah, this was a fantastic conversation. Sadly, i think Vaush is the reasonable exception among the left these days. Living in Seattle, ive found most people dont have informed thoughts on these topics. Practically nobody pays attention to whats going on in the world and they just act like everythings fine. They arent even willing to have these conversations so massive respect to Vaush for coming on Timcast and having a peaceful discussion.

    • dhardisty89 says:

      Exposing people to plague violates the non aggression principle

      • glade44 says:

        as long as they have the vaccine someone else getting it shouldn’t matter since they are protected, unless you don’t believe the vaccine works?

        • BasedSocDem says:

          This isn’t the problem and ignores the immunity aspect. You need a high amount of people getting the vaccine to develop protection otherwise you get mutations which lower the effectiveness of the vaccine. We’re lucky that we have mRNA vaccines that can adapt but the more a virus mutates the more it changes from the original variant thus leading to lower efficiency over time. This is kinda why measles was becoming a problem again because of people not vaccinating.

          • JBodhi says:

            No, the vaccine is not adaptive, the virus is. Which is why vaccination causes the virus to mutate. If you were a virus and you went into someone who is vaccinated you would be forced to adapt to the adversity. What if no one got vaccinated and the deadliest of the virus died with the host and the weaker versions lived on by being spread to others? It would eventually become just like the flu or a common cold. Think about it. Either way this is what will happen. You cannot fight against mother nature. What you can do is try your best to be as healthy as possible and not introduce medical crutches to your immune system. Tell your body to fight for you and it will.

          • Dn1984 says:

            If this country was 100% vaccinated. The Delta still would have developed in the same places (India & U.K.) and it still would have come here. And still would infected vaccinated people. Natural immunity, vaccines, and whatever else combined make a multifaceted approach to immunity. Playing with nature is what got us here in the first place. We have been sacrificing the young for the elderly long enough.

      • Mmascioli2 says:

        Exposing people to experimental medicine they feel uncomfortable with is the real violation of non-aggression principle……

      • DorseyWoods says:

        Plague?… you mean the virus with a 99.7+% survival rate? That plague? By that standard we should all be masked, locked down, and vaccinated every year because of the flu… which btw is more deadly than covid to most age groups.

      • Morgan_Kreg says:

        So I am curious. Should HIV positive patients have a visible tattoo over their genitals that people can see before having sex with them? Or anyone with an STD for that matter? It would be for the public good after all.

      • Glothr says:

        Vaush himself states that he doesn’t believe in the NAP so this is a non-argument. I, too, don’t see how he can rationalize mandated vaccinations with his “libertarian” views. Honestly I don’t think he’s much of a libertarian and more just a socialist who doesn’t like the State.

        • JBodhi says:

          Hes just currently brainwashed in that aspect by the virtuous fuckery that is the left right now. Hes pretty spot on as far as revolutionaries go with everything else.

      • JBodhi says:

        Except its not a plague… did you look around you since this began. Nothing has changed except they were forced to lose their businesses because of some over blown bullshit. 2 weeks to slow the spread… sure… even a month or two… but the fact that we’re still dealing with this bullshit almost two years later…worldwide… more lockdowns… vax passports.. military intervention… please fuck off with this nonsense. Look around and ask yourself are we experiencing a deadly pandemic? Drug overdoses on fda approved substances attribute for more deaths per year. I dont want to here this bullshit about the greater good

    • AUssery says:

      I totally agree!

    • Dperez90 says:

      I think he feigned ignorance on a lot of issues that Charlie brought up about the left.

  192. Turk_Longwell says:

    The Product Was as Advertised.
    I’m Sure the Aftershow Will be Quite Better.
    Shout Out to Everyone.
    The Cast Crew.
    The Cast Community.
    The New Folks… Welcome.

  193. HayleySmith says:

    Went to go look up Vaush to learn more about him and see he did a live BEFORE the debate telling his followers to spam the chat on Tim’s Live (even though he knows they don’t want to give him views) but he wants a strong presence in the chat saying Vaush Rad I believe….. either way just glad Ian was there to monitor that crap

    • Meridian says:

      Children of satan always need to try and build an army. This “vaush” guy sounds weak.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Yeah there were multiple people with multiple accounts each in there posting copied and pasted comments through the whole thing. It was painfully obvious that there was an orchestrated effort to spam the irl feed. Pretty lame. I will give him a little (emphasis on LITTLE) credit for just showing up and not doing what the left normally does when confronted with facts… call you a racist and walk away because they have no response programmed to combat truth.

    • Paigeholland says:

      I just watched that clip and he asked his supporters not to be annoying. He asked them to show support. I don’t see that as bad. Especially if he was nervous, maybe he needed a bit of support. To know his fans were there for him.

      I’m not a fan of what he supports but he was well spoken. And most of his fans was still respectful.

      If Tim called out for his fans to support him on someone else’s feed I’d jump in and say go Tim.

  194. Encode mass!🥸
    Come on bro! If pornhub can do it live behind a pay wall you can stream Charlie & Vaush going at it surely! Don’t call me Shirley!
    Yet appreciated either way!

  195. Stickywicket1977 says:

    What in the hell is a Libertarian Socialist?!?! That dude just makes words up

  196. Nicademus says:

    Just came to point out that the reasons other animals haven’t developed space travel are purely socio-economic.

  197. MikeM says:

    My rhetorical point on mixed race people isn’t something to take as a personal insult. Ian. Arrogant and mean may be fair, though facile. That is not.

    You know the person to whom you refer is not an actual racist. The reason you think it’s the same as racism is because of your personal umbrage.

    I showed that with Star Trek. I showed it with my actions my entire life. I can have ideas that you don’t like. If I didn’t you’d never hear the ideas I expressed with which you do agree.

    What’s more important with regard to race relations? Actions or thoughts?

    I never vandalized your home or anyone’s.

    I love you Madison.

  198. NavyWhale says:

    Tonight’s episode was very good. I actually found myself agreeing with a lot of things Vaush said, which I did not expect at all. Keep up the good work Tim & Co.!

  199. Spanky45 says:

    Anyone else notice how vaush’s goons took over the chat tonight? amazed how many people follow his idiocy. smh.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Honestly I was distracted by all those thirsty groypers

    • BillH says:

      I usually turn off the chat and only turn it back on when there’s something they don’t know that I have an answer to. Not that they ever listen. Like they new MRNA but didn’t know the other 2 are arduino adjuvant. The Novavax one is different from those even though as it’s protein-subunit. Yeah, I read too many medical papers…

  200. Based says:

    Hahaha can’t wait to watch this 🇺🇸

  201. Dandyman says:

    Are you ready?

  202. DeafBabydwiver says:

    Y’all hear about the mudslide destroying interstate 70 in Colorado.

  203. TheDarkworld says:

    Dude says “libertarian socialist” un-ironically 😒

    • ITSMRFOXY says:

      Libertarian socialism is real but very unfeasible considering how hard it is to convince others without the use of money to work for a certain cause.

    • Daveettel says:

      Lol right

    • dhardisty89 says:

      Socialism can be libertarian or authoritarian just like capitalism can be.

      • TheDarkworld says:

        There is nothing libertarian about the state making the needs of the many platitude, even if you convinced someone to do that. Big picture, M8

        • dhardisty89 says:

          Socialism is who owns labor. Instead of surplus profits going to a capitalist, it is distributed democratically at the work place. State doesn’t have to be involved.

          • Lsurocks21 says:

            And who enforces this ownership? The government does. It always evolves too that. Which is really the govt owning it. Communism in less than 5 years. Happens every time.

        • BasedSocDem says:

          Literally, people like you who say that “Socialism = Government” are ignorant as fuck. Socialism has to do with workers owning the means of production. Has nothing to do with state power and the elements of marxism that use state power is mainly utilized by vanguardist elements of Marxism with Leninism. LibSoc’s are ideologically opposed with the Leninist versions.

          • TheDarkworld says:

            Yall need to realize that “the people” have never once owned the means of production. Not once. That is just another stateist lie. Socialism and libertarianism are mutually exclusive concepts.

          • Lsurocks21 says:

            Everywhere socialism has been promoted communism is the result. Turns out people who create more in society don’t appreciate those who are lazy. In order to enforce socialism the state becomes the actual owner.

          • says:

            Worker ownership of the means of production is actually a form of capitalism. Specifically, the business model known as a “co-op”.

          • JamoeCW says:

            well we call it capitalism, but way back when the Communist Manifesto was written there were communist conventions where they talked about different ways of implementing communism. they all pretty much told Marx his ideas would create an authoritarian shit hole. Engels then bankrolled him then used his ideas and clout to push most of the ‘alternate’ Marxism crap like modern Feminism once Marx had died. that is the thing about socialism, it can work in a capitalist framework (though it is often talked about within a barter framework), but capitalism doesn’t work well in a communist framework (even communism doesn’t work well in a communism framework).

        • BasedSocDem says:

          Since I can’t directly apply to the response you gave, I’ll just respond here, firstly, how is it a “Stateist lie” if it seeks to abolish the state? Huh? These are not mutually exclusive and further shows you have no idea how these concepts originated or what they describe. Socialism is worker’s owning the means of their labor, aka, Capital is owned by them.

          The funny thing is I’m a capitalist who argues against socialism and I do a way better job at describing their system than any idiot who does the stupid “Government == Socialism”.

      • jgarza262 says:

        A libertarian socialist is technically thing… But is it? ?? Let’s say you have two cows…

        An authoritarian socialist will say you must give one cow to the neighbor north of you.

        A libertarian socialist says you must give one cow to one of your neighbors.

        Just because you’re given a choice to who you give the cow to, you still lose a cow and it’s still a socialist thing that requires liberty to be second over the “common good”.

        Which Vausch repeatedly stated though is against nationalism. Vausch is full of nothing but contradictions imo. I can tell he means well though and enjoyed the discussion.

        • BasedSocDem says:

          What are you talking about?

          An authoritarian socialist uses a vanguard state to try and force worker ownership and incorporate things like central planning and abolishment of private property through state force.

          A libertarian socialist doesn’t utilize a state and or limits state power and focuses more on revolutions/etc.. to have workers own their capital and abolish private ownership. These two are completely different and opposite on the Authority scale. It’s would be pretty similar to libertarian capitalism but with different economic system.

          • Morgan_Kreg says:

            So instead of having the government steal my property, they do it themselves? Don’t really think the victim notices the difference.

          • JamoeCW says:

            it is more like a credit union. the banking institution is owned by the people who use it, and they vote on who runs it. it could also be factory that a group of people get together and pool their resources to buy, then they share the profits while working in it. to keep it going people that they hire can opt into getting paid in stock in the company as part of their salary so that they also own a part of the profits they help to produce. no one is forced to do anything, yet everyone who works in the company owns a part of it. how it is structured depends on how things end up going. if the company gives and equal share to everyone regardless on how long they have worked there, their position or how much work they do then it will go bankrupt pretty fast.

  204. leadd1 says:

    Great show !