Lilly Tang Williams Member Podcast: Airlines Cancel 800 Flights, Shortages Escalate, Economy Could Collapse Over Debt Ceiling And Eviction Crisis

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Lilly Tang Williams Member Podcast: Airlines Cancel 800 Flights, Shortages Escalate, Economy Could Collapse Over Debt Ceiling And Eviction Crisis
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141 responses to “Lilly Tang Williams Member Podcast: Airlines Cancel 800 Flights, Shortages Escalate, Economy Could Collapse Over Debt Ceiling And Eviction Crisis”

  1. aphix says:

    Read “No Constitution” by Lysander Spooner.

    It’s exactly in line with Ian’s point (also Ian, stfu sometimes, you’re smart but you should still listen more, but good interjection in this case) about Spooner’s famous phrase regarding The Constitution, “I didn’t sign shit.”

  2. yourmomisabadwolf says:

    App coming soon

  3. Bigx5murf says:

    Tim… It’s pretty much a given, every local militia has likely been infiltrated by the Feds. Their just waiting for a chance to do another Withmer, and Jan.

  4. Devon says:

    How can I share this ? The share button does nothing for me.

    TIM!!!! Its important that normal people see this one bub, come on , do whats right

  5. TimesofHonor says:

    There was a note when booking through Allegiant that I could buy “if our company goes bankrupt” insurance to get a refund if they under before my flight.


  6. jdaustin says:

    “Staffing Shortage” meanwhile American Airlines isnt even currently hiring for FA’s lol

  7. ABridge says:

    Why haven’t you talked to any police officers on your show? It seems very strange to constantly opine about police, yet never interview them. There is SO much on this topic you aren’t aware of. Maybe this is an emotionally-motivated blind-spot for you (which happens to all of us, so no hard feelings); however, I am going to respectfully call you out and encourage you to talk to officers who actually know the inner-workings of what is going on in local police forces.

  8. VernonRedmon says:

    So I had a idea watching this episode, everyone is on the internet and it can be used as a form of free speech and communication amongst each other, right. So think of it like this we are so indoctrinated to speaking in text or on the internet that even some of the most proud have become lazy, they may be angry and may have great ideas but with the internet it has not worked for us but agenst us, muzzling our voice in real life, and what if they know this and is why they do not truly fear the people of America, because most have become keyboard warriors. No action all words, and I type this out making my lself feel like a hypocritical ass.
    God help us all from this culture war and help us save this country from the tyranny that is apon us, give of the gift of strength and courage to stand our ground in the darker time that surly are ahead of us, please give us guidance in the placement of the light we need to follow from the this darkness and help us as you have in the past, so that we may see your foot steps in the sand leading us back to freedom from the evils that try to deviate us from this path, arm us with the truth and the skill to use it properly to help guide the young, the future of our land. And if we fail in finding a just way to accomplish the truth, give us the fearlessness to stand our ground within the darkest time to aim true, and walk us past the valley of death even if we must spill the blood of brothers and sisters in the last resort as we fight next to and with you and your son. I Jesus name I pray.

  9. c0de6349 says:

    abolish police, then state leaders declare emergency , ask federal assistance. guess what happens next. dont be dumb tim

  10. LukeIsRight says:

    It’s rude to swear 🙂

  11. Tlino says:

    Need a country full of her! I’m working a factory job, bitching about everything to coworkers. Fortunately or unfortunately my area is fairly chill, mostly normal. I have told family and friends once any authoritarian bullshit comes near I’ll be arrested or killed. I’ve been told we have good leadership in local and near police precincts, but I highly doubt it. Stay safe and let’s beat this shit.

  12. Odin_Supreme says:

    This may just be my conspiratorial mind, but it really seems like the government is using the pandemic. If new lockdowns create a bad enough interruption to supply chains, people will be begging the government to take over the means of production. Then we have full-blown communism.

    • James_Norred says:

      I think it’s all about trying to cheat on 2022 midterms like they did the previous national election. If they lose power, and it looks like they will if things keep going as they are, their Marxist dreams are crushed forever. Trump wasn’t supposed to happen; he set them back a decade, and in their hast to recover, they’re making mistakes.

  13. Lesley13 says:

    You always have amazing guests, but Lily. Wow! I could have listened to her for hours and hours.

  14. Lord_Ecktor says:

    I reckon, she was one of the best guests ever… Her and Yeonmi Park are amazing human beings… T-T

  15. quatre5 says:

    my buddy at spirit said besides the weather, they’re systems crashed so all the ppl that organize flights had no idea where pilots and crew were and on top of that attendants are in negotiations with their union and just calling out in masses causing another issue.

  16. TheKarenofCOD says:

    Tim all the examples you gave about the police have something in common. THEY’RE FROM BLUE AREAS! You keep saying to leave the cities. So who gives a shit about the what happens in the big cities as far as policing.

  17. TheKarenofCOD says:

    Lilly is by far my favorite guest you guys have had on. We need to hear from more people like her.

  18. BillyLong42 says:

    The FAA has rules for pilots and crews. They can only work for a certain amount of hours. If they only have 4 hours left and 6 hour flight scheduled d/t delays, they have to put the crew in a hotel overnight and fly in a different crew or cancel the flight. You’re seeing that now in combination with gas.

  19. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim, literally no one agrees with you about the police. Time to let it go.

  20. listener says:

    Lilly hit the nail on the head, they want to de fund the local police to later justify a federal police. Tim comon man.

  21. Orazio says:

    I cringe so hard when people curse around old lady’s

  22. Nekomimiz says:

    Here is a link to Implementing the Shielding Approach that is still up on the CDC website detailing the steps to implement zones for the “healthy” and “unhealthy”.

  23. Goodwin1776 says:

    Local militias (unaffiliated with the government) are illegal per most state constitutions.

  24. HarlanColburn says:

    Tried going to Taco House and it was closed for short staff, went to a different Mexican restaurant and they only had 1 waiter for the entire restaurant.

  25. Hoplite says:

    I think a plausible explanation for the airlines canceling is cyber attacks. That would fall under “operational issues.” Keeping it under wraps to curb panic. Once cyber attacks start affecting day to day life, people will freak out.

  26. Jonescrusher says:

    Because, Tim, the cops can reach more people for good if they work within the system and comply. Same reason you suck on youtubes balls every day.
    Ps, the local police ARE part of our well armed militia.

    • Hoplite says:

      “Suck on YouTubes balls every day”

      Made me chuckle. Lol

    • Eric_Aziz says:

      The local police might have the best intentions. They might even be based and, dare I say, redpilled. But the district attorneys are stacking the deck so that when the blue line gang arrests anyone to the right of Mao they get the full weight of the state against them and when they get leftists they’ve replaced the slap on the wrist to a kiss on the hand. The system itself is broken and it’s going to be the district attorneys that are ultimately responsible for good cops and patriots getting hurt or killed.

    • Tiffersniffer says:

      Spot on .

  27. Buddymac007 says:

    Yes, it’s based on whether, whether or not they’re going to continue to be marginalized by the rich, used and abused fTh, ooops. Maybe Spirit took over 4the military secretly escorting illegal undocumented immigrants across the United States?

  28. MZero1294 says:

    It’s obvious enough that Tim is still left wing when he so flippantly and passionately repeats: “Defund the police.”

    He’s an iconoclast, I understand. To arrogantly project that expectation onto other people and effectively say: “You get what you fucking deserve.” isn’t wise. Lining up anecdote after anecdote to avoid acknowledging just how harmful eliminating police outright would be for people on-balance isn’t rational. This is the one topic that makes him the most emotional, and it shows.

    Even those with the humblest of origins can become out of touch, especially when they’re spooked into rapidly taking a position (he became pro-gun in very short order, in panicked fashion). He’s only human; an extended period of success is liable to change anyone.

    • Chacon87 says:

      Well then you obviously aren’t paying attention. The police no longer serves innocent people it only protects the mob what’s the point and having police officers if they’re just going to arrest the innocent. The majority of all the good cops are gone what’s left are bootlickers and basically SS officers at this point. I was against the whole defund the police but after seeing how they’ve been taken over by the left we can only rely on ourselves

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        Yup. We’ve reached Anarcho-Tyranny.

      • Felix_The_Rat says:

        That depends on where you live.

        • Hoplite says:

          Exactly. The “good cop” purges in city departments happened in 2020. They retired earlier than expected or left for suburban/rural departments. Many of the “defund the police” cities are now dumping $$ into police and going on hiring surges. I’d imagine the majority of those that would apply for these PDs are officers that agree with the woke ideology or are desperate. I think that was the goal all along; fill the city ranks with loyalists.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      “Police will protect us; we don’t need guns.” = “Just have the maid do it.”

    • JacobM says:

      He says defund the police because he can afford to move to the middle of nowhere and buy all the guns he wants. As someone who lives near Seattle i have seen too many cops act as cowards. But the real problems come from legislation. If we defund the police it will hurt the people who need the police.

  29. The quantity theory of money is a part of price inflation but the key is confidence: as long as people have confidence in the currency units, you can print all you want. People still have confidence in the dollar.

    What we have is cost push inflation. Demand is relatively stable but supply is shrinking due to, as Tim notes, people not making stuff.

    During the lock downs farmers had to destroy crops and cull herds, contributing to a food shortage. But that was just the beginning. The shifting climates caused by the grand solar minimum are resulting in crop failures. So, not only will food prices increase because of the covid lock downs, but they will skyrocket.

    In a paper published 04 August 2020, Prof. Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University reiterated their findings that we are now in a Grand Solar Minimum that, according to their calculations, will last until 2050. In an earlier paper her group hypothesized that we should expect global famine in 2028.

    Since then they have retracted her earlier paper, but her group continues to contend that we are in a grand solar minimum that will get much worse before it gets better. So we should expect food prices to go much, much higher.


    Every month when my payment goes to Tim pool I feel like I’m actually contributing to something positive. Keep fighting the good fight. Say no to these authoritarian despots and don’t budge.

  31. says:

    This was one of the best shows yet. Its people like her which make me proud to be an american. I wish all the folks whom grew up in america had her vigor.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Yeah. We need an exchange program to free people, who love the US, from communist countries and send back US born people, who hate this country and want communism, in their place.

  32. UppityG says:

    As usual, I watch the bonuscast the next day. Another great guest, I’ve sub’d to her YT channel to show her some support.

    And, Pool you are improving your interviewing skills such that I am hearing more from the guest — outstanding. Just keep doing more of the same. And Williams is a live wire. She gave everyone a run for their money, which is healthy. We all tend to avoid people who challenge our POV or bias or default positions, because you have to get your dander up to defend yourself. But, we all need to be challenged every so often, and we all need to defend our positions to prove to ourselves that we do indeed still hold those principles dear.

    Crossland started out clearly more sensitive to the guest and to you, he did make an effort to stay reigned in, to maintain an equilibrium for the sake of the pace and tenor of the show, and I thank him for that. However, here in the bonuscast, he fell victim to his bad habits and very nearly drove himself into his fit of frenzy trying to capture and hold up as his trophy, The Point.

    Crossland, again, in the grip of his emotions, will race to unravel the thread attached to The Point, and completely forgets that the thread is Part of The Point. He just keeps chucking the lengths of thread over his shoulder never stopping to ask himself if perhaps the thread has all the clues to The Point, and all he has to do is slow down, and read them. Something concrete he could do that would build his muscle memory, and would benefit the show, is this: write down the questions that fire into his head and hold on to them until the end of the main show. Read them to himself before asking them. I suggest it would be very elucidating for him to save them to read again some days or weeks later. I highly recommend a course in the Socratic Method, the lessons from which he does not attempt to deploy until he completes the course. I think he’d find it a refreshing change up from his current default.

    Mlle Lydia also continues to improve her production skills and I am very appreciative. The camera calls, the a/v quality, all in her purview gets smoother and more seamless each episode. Brava.

    Williams is, believe it or not, not the first defector from communism who I’ve witnessed possessing the inner fire for freedom burning 24/7. What continues to baffle me is that there are so many, in the millions and billions, who still prefer to have someone else in charge over them and telling them what to do, pushing them around, rather than deciding for themselves. They know in their hearts, in their bones, in their souls that how they are living is not right. And it will not be right for their children. And yet.

    And there has to be those in positions of power in the CCP who can see that it is all a fraud. That there are still elites who hog all the wealth and power, put on performance pageants to mollify The People, and the promises made by marxism bear fruit only for the elites and starve the common people just like raw capitalism does, just like socialism does, just like Islamism does and so on. What is happening to their souls? They can’t be blissfully ignorant, they were born with discernment and never lost it. Do they simply live with it however they may cope? Or do they make plans? Or do they let it hollow them out? I wonder a bit, but not for long, it is a road to darknesses I prefer to not travel.

    Keep on improving guys, you’re well on your way, looking forward to the ride.

  33. says:

    They always try to blame weather, because they are not responsible if it’s due to weather.

  34. Colt_Steele says:

    Did she say that McDonald’s in China put a sign out front that said no blacks? If that got traction on social media it could be very very bad for McDonald’s….

  35. ShatterMeister says:

    Walked out of my part time job because they’re requiring employees to wear masks. I’d rather face the wind ten toes down.

  36. Skynet0225 says:

    My son in laws mother’s flight was canceled from California to Dallas – Ft Worth on the 1st. To be fair there were massive thunderstorms in the Dallas area that evening. She was initially rerouted from Northern California to LAX where she was forced to spend the night. She was flying American Airlines.

  37. prcntm says:

    Perhaps something to come out of this economic crisis might be a return of a sense of local community. I feel like the internet really damaged this. Instead of looking to your physical neighbors for a community to live in, people can just log into their preferred echo chamber and exist as a part of a virtual community rather than a local one. In recent years this particular phenomenon has gotten pretty common in people. But this type of virtual community only prospers if there’s a system in place to provide individuals with what a physical community would normally provide, and the Federal Government is that system for a lot of people. Now that the Federal Government is no longer actively protecting the basics (access to food and water, shelter and security, free and open communication, unrestricted travel, etc.) people might be forced to once again look back to their local communities for such necessities. The guy with the gun can provide security; the carpenter could build shelter; the farmer provides food; and so on.

  38. Link84 says:

    I don’t buy coke or use hullu anymore. I got my dad to switch to Pepsi products for our restaurant now. Where making a difference i think. People ask why don’t you serve coke, my mom says cause where to white for cok

  39. JordanJ0888 says:

    This guest was awesome! Pulled at the heart strings from time to time too. Her story is one to celebrate and apprise. Thanks for giving her the platform Tim & Team!

  40. spoonsofdoom says:

    Watching Tim go from socialist to anarchist on police and guns has been a joy to watch. 😀

  41. Hottaco says:

    Target just went nationwide masking for employees and vendors no joke

  42. beharris9 says:

    Hippa regulations make it illegal for employers to force you to disclose your personal medical information, or for them to discriminate based on your medical history. This makes mandatory vaccines impossible so NO ONE SHOULD VOLUNTARILY DISCLOSE THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR EMPLOYER!

    • UppityG says:

      @Beharris9, exactly. HIIPA law protects you and you should never be induced into violating it for anyone else. Ever. If your employer insists on knowing, or, worse dictates you must allow a jab, simply continue saying no. Make them fire you. Then you can take a variety of legal actions, or even take advantage of the Court of Public Opinion, which, as we’ve seen with the witch hunt MeToo plague, can be highly effective, for good or ill. Right now, with a shortage of labor, the employer might have to reconsider participating in medical apartheid.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Exactly! I heard on the radio the high school I went to violated this. They had a dance where the chaperones asked all the kids whether they were vaccinated and then stamped the hands of the unvaccinated kids. People got upset and the teachers claimed it was for contact tracing. But it violated HIPPA and school policy.

  43. QQC_Paul says:

    I never realized how lucky I was to have been taught how to write a check in school. I remember the teacher mentioning that we were having a lesson on how to write a check because of how important it was.

  44. Blueroy says:

    Another thing with worker shortages. It’s not just high unemployment benefits but how many people have quit due to forced vaccination in almost all fields of work. That’s going to take a toll on everything.

  45. Qwellen says:


    There is VERY interesting things about elected sheriffs. Everyone talks about going local, run for school board. Look at the law regarding Sheriffs. There is a reason cities have “police” and states have “troopers”. You REALLY want to change local law enforcement? Elect a strong classically liberal sheriff.

    Here’s a thread to pull…Elected Sheriffs have DIRECT authority within their county that supercedes federal authority….specifically because they are elected law enforcement agents. This is what happened in NY after the SCOPE law. A large number of sheriffs said “nah, we aren’t going to enforce that”…dead on the vine. Don’t bother with defund the police…bother with fund your locally elected sheriff.

    • Freeborn says:

      I agree and also let’s not forget that your governor is more important than your president when it comes to running your state. Florida is the best example of that right now and how they keep liberty by ignoring federal government just like California has for years with infringement of your rights.

  46. flinx101 says:

    Timmy, abolishing the police is a very bad idea and is how we will end up with a Federal Police force. Say the police are abolished, now we have thousands of officers out of work. The Federal government puts out a recruitment drive to hire these officers. Once hired they will be shipped off to cities they do not live in and then enforce federal laws where they do not have local connections. Thank you for giving us the police state the Democrats dream of having,

  47. tomrat247 says:

    Alternative rationale for airline cancellations: they are beta testing the social credit system, passing off the demerits & punishment as an error.

  48. CavScout says:

    Tim, Edward Griffin is a lot smarter than you, and said SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE, prevent communistic actions to demoralize and take over them.

  49. CavScout says:

    Respect your elders.

    Also, you’re WRONG on police. Yet you can’t shift your belief, and get emotional and start yelling.

    Just because Tim Pool has tolerated horrible police, doesn’t mean my police are bad. Try not living in a blue city, seeing police NOT in a big blue city.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Absolutely! My Dad was a hardass when it came to “respect your elders” and I flinch when Tim swears and/or yells in these bonus segments with much older guests.

  50. kriytz says:

    purple haze- tang-a-lang-a-lang-a-lang~

  51. Jasinder says:

    God bless you Tim.

  52. VannicWolf says:

    Lol this lady is great! very based

  53. AgentOrangeJuice says:

    Speaking of Liberal praxis, there’s a children’s book series being turned into an independent cartoon called “The Tuttle Twins” that’s doing just that. You can check them out on Youtube and Twitter.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      I’ve heard of that series before. Wondered how good it is. I have young nieces who could benefit from something like that.

      • AgentOrangeJuice says:

        I’m keeping an eye out on it. I actually work in Hollywood and want to make my own cartoon series with the same liberal bent to combat what’s been pervading the animation industry over here.

        The big thing is to make a good story first and have the values be there as a secondary. Hopefully The Tuttle Twins can do just that so they can get good traction even amongst politically uninitiated people.

  54. Goodwin1776 says:

    Lily rocks! I’m glad to have her in my state! Live free or die!

  55. yamyule says:

    I feel inspired to volunteer in my community. Thanks guys.

  56. uoislame says:

    if the government out here selling shit, they should hit me up. i could use a few items. =)

  57. Flavoredyogurt says:

    Am I the only one who cringes a little when Tim says fuck while speaking to the lady? When he says “fuckin ___” when he’s talking to her it sounds like he’s mad at her.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      🖐 Me too! My dad was a hardass when it came to “respect your elders” and he would have reamed me for speaking like that around someone much older.

  58. AusLogos says:

    Great show today. You should have Lily stay on to debate Vaush…..I dare him to withstand reality

  59. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Lily is amazing and I truly appreciate you having her.

    The site looks great, also register your website with Brave Browser. Would be awesome.

  60. says:

    For anyone interested in seeing more Lilly Tang Williams interviews, just search her name with any of the following: Gothix, Christian, or Karlyn. Tim’s is the best though.

  61. Kkaye13 says:

    Had to come over to the actual website from YouTube because shocker.. everytime my ears perked up.. boom audio or internet issues. Lol just here for the whole conversation 🤣

  62. Clif2003 says:

    Fuel shortage! Definitely!

  63. kcwdiesel says:

    Tim, bro, I like you man. But you have to stop arguing with your guests. I know ppl are allowed to say what they want especially when it’s their show, but you get louder, try to speak over ppl, and the only reason ppl do that, is to come off as dominate in an attempt to shut others down. Idk I like when you allow ppl to speak without shouting ppl down. I wouldn’t say you shout but you get loud and it’s annoying. You sound like a mom trying to get louder when her kid is just saying questions. Get rid of that mom energy Tim. I see why you say you don’t debate ppl. You get too emotional 🤣.

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      Absolutely! And most guests are not as passionate and outspoken as Lily so they don’t always stick to their guns when Tim intensely disagrees. Lily was awesome, though!

    • Wolv256 says:

      He doesn’t have to. He’s free to do what he wants. Why does everyone always try to tell others what to do these days? You are the authoritarian here, bro.

    • Hieronymus says:

      It just shows that his rationale for his defund the police argument is weak, so he has to put emotional force behind it. If he truly believed that militias are the way forward, he would be talking about how to get them implemented. I don’t think they’re a terrible idea even, just get tired of hearing what people want torn down instead of what they would build instead.

  64. Dusty Oldman says:

    New site looks great. Way better improvement

  65. Pelosisabeoch says:

    By far my most favorite guest so far. Thank you for having her on, I do hope that you will have more guests on the show like her.

  66. Devilsgun says:

    On the subject of urban folks moving into the countryside:

    I have lived here for years, zero problems. Earlier this week some fucking goddamned piece of cunt transplanted Karen called the county code enforcement office on us for ‘junk’ just this week, so now I have to deal with that shit because some fucking bitch got out of her RAV 4 Hybrid and was ‘offennnnnnnded’ at the sight of my personal property, and the county is more than willing to act on bitch-fuck’s complaint because it earns *them* money… And this is supposed to be a ‘good’ county, 2A wise. With cucked Republicans freedom only goes so far, especially when some transplanted urban BITCH is ‘wounded in the fee-fees by the local yokel’s lifestyles’

    Stay the fuck in the cities you’ve ruined and rot in Hell if you’re a rat fink piece of shit nosy asshole or a dipshit ‘default liberal’ that thinks you’re our Great Woke Savior.

  67. KenK says:

    Great guest! Her energy is contagious!

  68. mcalliso251 says:

    you guys need to fix the comment section if you try and reply to someone’s
    comment it kicks you out of the video

  69. Davidfish says:

    Guests keep getting better. This easily goes in the top ten

  70. GreMIO420 says:

    The Bundys are a joke. Ammon is running for Idaho governor.

  71. familyxguy666 says:

    spaceweather dude. its the sun and our weakening magnetosphere.

    • lee_and_tif says:

      Yes! Ben Davidson is great!! If Tim had him on then he would have hosted all my favorite channels. SuspiciousObservers requires a lot of reading though. I have started my day, everyday, for over two years watching the morning report and reading all the cited material. I found him when I was doing research on magnetic field theory. Now I can pretty much predict earthquakes. Very empowering knowledge.

  72. Wolv256 says:

    Fuck China

  73. ninjaquick says:

    Here in Seattle we had neighborhoods with pickups full of guys with AR15s, same with some strip-malls. The press were freaking out about it, trying to get the guys arrested – which is part of why the Police Chief resigned – the City Council tried to have the police arrest these guys, and police refused. The state congress has since passed an illegal law forbidding carry near protests.

  74. brettonmaybee says:

    The plan is to provoke local militias to take the place of the local police. This would allow the UN human rights commission (China and Co.) to intervene in order to protect foreign expats from the “White Nationalist Militias” in our port cities. Our Democrat governors will allow this. Portland, Seattle, Oakland, will all become like Hong Kong 100 years ago.

  75. TCappo3 says:

    This lady rocks! We need more like her! Now is not the time to be passive. The powers that be want you to break, crumble, but hold strong have faith in yourself. They want you afraid for your future, your livelihood, and your very life. Be not afraid, you’re not alone in this. We need to organize, improvise, adapt and overcome.
    God bless y’all!

  76. Sc0rp10N says:

    take race out of it entirely

  77. Killa_Cam says:

    You have big enough a platform why not rally some people to state capitals for peaceful protests?

  78. says:

    This has been a fantastic show and guest! Lilly Tang Williams should make the rounds on as many shows as possible, such as Jordan Peterson, Steve Bannon, Tucker Carlson, and and many others . I’M saving this episode for my six grandkids, in ages ranging from a 35 year old grandson to 13 year old twins (with four others in between). I’ve got a feeling they’re going to need it, as most of them live in the “blue” state of Oregon, as do I. The bottom half of the state is VERY “red,” but all the POLITICAL CONTROL is in blue, out-of-control, Portland and Salem!

  79. themorrigan1973 says:

    Lilly is amazing.
    I just love her and I think it’s extremely important to hear real stories from people who have really survived the worst of communism.
    We need to hear it.
    It’s a shame we aren’t hearing stories about this more as well as the gulag system under Stalin and the truth about the Holodomor.
    Hearing things like that will make you automatically reject communism in all it’s forms.

  80. RedBuffalo says:

    I was disappointed to not have a after hours with the lady from north Korea, but im glad there is one tonight. If America keeps ignoring history we are doomed to repeat these struggles

  81. AvengerXP says:

    My personal idea on the flights just stopping all at once is a cyber attack.

  82. AntKnight says:

    Favorite guest so far

    • h_marie says:

      Local militias controlling things can easily go way off track. There are still Control Freaks and nutty people who are too ambitious to serve the public. Ultimately, I’m not sure we would be much better off with militias instead of police.

  83. says:

    This is all happening by design; the Marxist-Left is DELIBERATELY trying to destroy this country to create the “great reset”; but first of all, they have to get rid of the Constitution and, to do that, they need to foment a war, either a civil war or to start a war in one (or several) of the eastern countries in order to “lose” the war to someone they’re “in bed with,” or the destruction of the country via civil war, either of which would nullify the Constitution… the Marxists get their wish for globalism, with no “pesky” Constitution to stand in their way, and We the People get the SHAFT, and “serfdom.” Think about it… and while you are, start praying.

  84. FenixAurora says:

    If you want to know what to do after the police are abolished interview Cmndr. Dale Brown of the Detroit threat management center. 20 years protecting Detroit and have never killed anyone nor had any of their people killed.

  85. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    Government is selling bonds, some of which are mortgage backed… as the eviction moratorium is is coming to end. Think about that for a second.

  86. joea says:

    Oh Tim, stop grandstanding, this is your 10 guilty people walking free. Wake up, idiot

  87. NoOne123 says:

    From the podcast earlier today
    “hey young lady, i see the way your movin those hips. Wanna come back to my place? I have something from america to show you”
    “check out this piece of paper, its pretty radical: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    and just like that years of CCP brainwashing from childhood to adulthood is wiped the fuck out. I started laughing at Lily Tangs story and then i started crying. I’m paraphrasing her story but i don’t care.

  88. Old_Frog says:

    How better to show everyone that capitalism doesn’t work but by creating the failure to prove their point.

  89. FenixAurora says:

    Hey Tim, I hope you have Virgil Vaduva on. He is a survivor of communism that created the Cell 411 govt replacement app.

  90. dbgfan says:

    Video not loading, all I get is this “Video error occured, please contact support if persist”. What’s up with that?

  91. dreamscape.artisan says:

    Wooo hooo TIMCAST Croooo hooo!! Killin the vibes with Lily Tang Williams and her spectacular stories of liberty!! So glad to see the crew all feeling fantastic and excited for this bonus and for tomorrow’s show too, should be interesting to say the least!

    Also gotta say thanks for introducing me to Malice, I’ve been listening to more of his stuff and really soak up the white pill vibes from him. Sometimes it gets dark when we can see the true true…

  92. TheDarkworld says:


  93. Kyle23 says:

    Here super early! Love these conversations, amazing guest tonight!!

  94. margoflorida says:

    Loved tonight’s show. Excited to see the after show

  95. FxTwT says:

    Did anyone else catch the live video cut where she said that if she returned to China students could face potential harm? It cut straight to her in a different position saying student visa. The timestamp was 53:29-36 I believe. Was YouTube actively throttling/censoring this?

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Yep. We all saw it.

    • Stickywicket1977 says:

      Wow just checked it and you’re right

    • NoOne123 says:

      So about the cut, Tim uploads the audio only version to Spotify. So when that finally goes up, if you’re really curious on what you missed you might be able to find it there without the cuts.

    • Ssevasta says:

      There were a few cuts I noticed but it could also have been bandwidth issues since they’re broadcasting from no man’s land.

    • Old_Frog says:

      Tim did say that there was no problem on his end, or the connection to the server, yet there were multiple cut outs, and my feed actually locked up twice, and I had to restart Firefox to get it running again.

      It could be just a series of glitches, and probably is, but there is a slight chance that this is external meddling. At the same time, if YouTube wanted to, they could just ban the whole video.

      If it is just glitches, then Tim will upload the whole video without issue and we can all rewatch it.

  96. MikeM says:

    I love it when you guys spread my ideas. Nearly word for word =)
    Makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from stupidchats.

    I really do just miss Madison, though.