Karol Markowicz Members Podcast: WSJ Op-Ed Asks Why Is The FDA Attacking Ivermectin, A Proven Safe Drug? Is 'Windshield Phenomenon' The Apocalypse?

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Karol Markowicz Members Podcast: WSJ Op-Ed Asks Why Is The FDA Attacking Ivermectin, A Proven Safe Drug? Is ‘Windshield Phenomenon’ The Apocalypse?
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214 responses to “Karol Markowicz Members Podcast: WSJ Op-Ed Asks Why Is The FDA Attacking Ivermectin, A Proven Safe Drug? Is ‘Windshield Phenomenon’ The Apocalypse?”

  1. Freedomluvr says:

    Theyve been telling people they were gonna die in a year for 20 plus years. Remember the doom day clock in nyc. Climate change is a controlled demolition of the world through frequency weapons like haarp. Under the name of climate change. Tim youre smart, either youre a shill or cant see what really is happening. Id assume youre more on the shill side seeing that you know alot of these things but still deny there could be any foul play.

  2. RaneyNickel says:

    Why they are denigrating Ivermectin:

    The Emergency Use Authorization criteria is only valid under some circumstances in America and one of them states that: No other treatments are available to treat Covid.

    If they allow Ivermectin or anything else to become a recognized treatment, the vaccine corporations lose their EUA.

  3. kphawaii says:


    You don’t down a whole tube of horse paste Tim. Don’t be dim. You take it per your body weight. Not just the right take ivermectin. 3.8 billion doses of ivermectin have been given in the past 40 years. More people have died of taking aspirin than ivermectin.

    The worlds most publish respiratory clinician Dr. Paul Marik as well as Dr. Pierre Kory who together developed the current standard of care for covid fully supports ivermectin.

    • Username. says:

      From my research it’s proven to work in the lab. There are to few good studies to saw one way or the other if it work in practice. One potential flaw in the studies saying it has no effect is dosage. It’s looking like the dosage needs to be much higher to have a proper effect. With the way studies at generally ran it can take time to work up to the higher dosages, there for take time to prove they work. Some of the best in their fields say it works so I think it more then likely does.

  4. Cyprian says:

    Wineberry is high in Vitamin C. The wine you made from them should be high in Vit C. Chris martensen says if public health were serious about fighting covid they’d have a ‘get healthy campaign’, exerice, lose weight, Vit C and D, zinc, etc. But they don’t. No talk about researching how to treat the sick. How to keep yourself healthy. Only vax, vax, vax. If it comes out the vax has side effects like causes cancer, then what? Pfizer is now recalling anti-smoking drug Chantix because it has been found to cause cancer! DDT was ‘safe and effective’… hmmm. We better hope the vax is safe because we’re not allowed to talk about anything else.

  5. Cyprian says:

    If you’re desperate and dying wouldn’t trying a safe drug be worth it? Even if it does nothing? What have you got to lose?

  6. JohnNelson says:

    Wouldn’t bugs evolve over time to avoid getting hit? Like slight body alterations to make the bug get thrown out of the way by the air pressure rather than getting hit.

  7. The neonicotinoids do play a role in colony collapse disorder, but there’s another factor mostly ignored: bees evolved under a yellow sun. Our sun is now white. The difference in UV changes the color of the blossoms but the worst it that it makes it harder for bees to navigate, so they are more prone to get lost.

  8. ASH1992 says:

    I choose not to get vaccinated because of religious reasons. I dont trust the vaccine. End times are going to have a one world economy with the mark of the beast , which in my eyes is vaccines. If you dont have mark of the beast, you cant buy food or get work or do anything, and will be prosecuted.

  9. kyledeol says:

    As an agronomist who works for a fertilizer/pesticide company I can without a doubt say that insects are not declining in population. In fact if anything, its the opposite effect. We are noticing more pests than we did before. A bigger problem is insect resistance from the over application of pesticides, similar to what is happening with antibiotics

    • themorrigan1973 says:

      I don’t know.
      I am a permaculturist and half off the gridder.
      The food forest is four months late in food production this year.
      Something feels very much like it’s changed.
      Maybe the lovebugs didn’t have optimal conditions this year,maybe their season has pushed further into the future than before.
      Four months is a world changing difference for producing food.

  10. Jenasequa says:

    You can sweat out a virus. Check out Foundmyfitness/episodes/roger-seheult. They talk about heat hydrotherapy for treatment of C19. Basically, wrap up in a warm towel and increase body temperature to kill virus.

  11. rancidl says:

    Not able to view video, it’s embedded and just shows 0:00 for total runtime, nothing happening when pushing play.

  12. DanTrinkle says:

    My favorite crazy covid story was people buying masks and wearing them because the TV doctor told them to.

  13. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    Benjamin Franklin said, “Two men can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

  14. msfitzga says:

    Burn out a fever. My father would start a fire in the fireplace in summer even and the whole HOUSE would kick out the virus, lol!

    • GenXBrat says:

      We were raised to climb under the covers and sweat out illness as well. Can’t remember the last time a flu went through our house… I know we had it when my son was 4. That was 31 years ago. 😊

  15. BaddMatt101 says:

    When my wife and I had covid-19 this past December, my doctor prescribed Ivermectin for us. We are both very healthy and going strong to this day.

    • Freeborn says:

      I did my research and out of the three vaccines available the traditional route was better than injecting a mutagen (mRNA) and I can say the same thing about my wife and I when we took the JANSEN shot (J&J). Maybe that’s why we didn’t get any long term effects like those with Phizer or Maderna. To each their own, give the people liberty to choose.

  16. Happyken says:

    I have found this information interesting in the perspective of the coming Apocalypse.

    Do your research. But here is a place to get started.


  17. Klokeid says:

    I have done the research. Based upon safety data sheet, ivermectin in the horse paste for me at 225 lbs is toxic if I take 9 tubes of it. That is 50 doses at one time. Can you say the same about aspirin?

  18. hazlema says:

    If it were designed as a weapon, it’s a piss poor weapon with a near 0% chance of working.
    if it were designed to prune the population, then it works well.

  19. Hottaco says:

    There won’t be any alternative treatments available until after the vax is approved for use by the FDA. They can’t say that there’s an effective treatment until the emergency use is over.

  20. Laurenp2010 says:

    Random comment.. but we just drove across the country to visit family and we constantly had to wash off our windshield because of bugs at each gas stop. I scrubbed bugs out of the grill of my suv after we got home for an hour! Lol We drove from California to Indiana 10 years ago… and 5 years ago and had the same situation then! I don’t know if it’s just where we drove or not. But, we definitely still had the big issue!

  21. SonnyG says:

    If my kids or husband ever got strep throat My mother in law who is from Mexico would toast tomatillos and then rub them in the back of their throat. Followed by Vick’s to the back and feet with like 2 pairs of socks😅😂
    Within a day or 2 everyone would return to normal, idk if has any correlation or not but….

  22. VannicWolf says:

    2 cops had to cross an EMPTY park to give me a ticket in Honolulu during lockdown. Defund police. They were a DICK about it too!

  23. Emily says:

    Is keeping people at home dependent on the government coorelated with women registering for the draft a way to have an available force to draft for an upcoming war?

  24. Goodwin1776 says:

    No members-only segment for July 30th??

  25. BeLogical says:

    Well, probably because the Nih website states that indeed it does act as a protease inhibitor, the test done invitro used 100 fold the safe human dose to get it to work.

  26. Willehart says:

    I work at an airport. When covid for started there was a guy always complaining. Covid is air born, the planes fly through the air, and you’re forcing me to touch the plane.

  27. Kain21 says:

    Tim, People: Their objective is for the US to collapse; either by their small moves; or because of a violence. The idea that the system of where the world system held since 1945 is something they want to end. There are all sorts of strategies going on for it. Plan A, B, C, D. So its best to understand things from what you can control with you, your family and your comunity. Share, place unity in favor over the contrary between your neighbors and within your family. Be sure to participate in church, and pray to god, and listen to him because this is moving our own egos as well to react with rage which is neither the solution. Jesus Christ is the answer. Praise Jesus over nation for within Christ you will find nation, community family and yourself.

  28. mmsuchy92 says:

    Drive around the Adirondacks in the summer at night, you’ll have nights where there are so many bugs hitting your windshield that it almost sounds like raindrops

  29. mainten84 says:

    Why would anyone like Tim still consider himself a liberal, when all of this comes from liberal and progressive ideology? By that, I mean it’s liberals that have been used to push this nonsense on the street. That also does not mean there is only a false binary either, liberal or conservative.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Because he doesn’t want YouTube to ban him, so he tries to play the center. Also, since he works for himself he has to get his own health care, rather than getting it from his employer, so he has a different outlook on it than a lot of us. Although the correct solution would be to decouple health care from both your employer and from the government and just let individuals be responsible (or not) for themselves.

  30. NoNosleepyJoe says:

    Love your content!!
    A common problem I’m having with your website content, is the audio volume is SERIOUSLY LOW. I’m in my car and have the radio turned up completely just to here this. Please.

  31. JPfaff1028 says:

    Ian I love you man, but you really care way yoo much about semantics

  32. Gollond says:

    My household currently has covid. I started taking DuraMectin (Ivermectin 1.87%) paste quickly. My parents did not. My wife started taking it a few days in. I have mild symptoms now and am almost recovered a few days later. My parents are stuck in bed. Wife is on her feet and around the house, doing better. Just took father to the hospital today because his oxygen levels were dropping. Yes I offered it to them. They refused.

  33. Brycedag says:

    Next show should be on the muppets making a character a “non binary” princess that hides their identity with a magic “glass shoe”

  34. KMerckCPA says:

    I have to say this was the doomiest of all the doomcasts so far.

  35. Avengeance says:

    Ive been taking it for a two months. Earlier this month I hung out with my friend who had COVID. He got it from his dad who was vaccinated. He confirmed this because he couldn’t smell or taste. We were in the same room and everything for a few hours. After I left I started to get somewhat a sore throat.

    I took a dose of Ivermectin (apple flavor from amazon) and took another the next day. After that I had no ill effects and I was perfectly fine.

    There may be something to this and I try to promote it but everyone looks at me like I’m crazy maybe because it’s marketed for horses. I think they would be a little more incline to take it if I had the prescribed one

  36. Bridgeburner77 says:

    What ever this windshield phenomenon is, it’s not happening where I live. I can’t drive 2 miles down the road at night without getting my car and windshield covered in bugs. I live in Kansas, and it happens like crazy when I drive to Colorado(which I often do). So I don’t know who thinks their driving across the country and not getting covered in bugs at night, but it’s definitely not the case here in the Midwest.

  37. cryptorj@gmail.com says:

    Type 1 diabetic here, and its all about diet with diabetes. The sugar industry is the worst cause of disease in the world. Look into the dude that decided fat causes heart attacks. It’s crazy, for food based conspiracy theories lol.

  38. Rgjohn19 says:

    Cars are more aerodynamic that’s why they dont hit windshields as much anymore. Its not as direct of a hit.

  39. justlikethecaptain says:

    This show is turning into fear porn, and Tim is running out of things to be afraid of.

    • Wolv256 says:

      We are not running out of things to fear. There is plenty of evil in this world. More than I can comprehend. You’re just not looking. Although, keeping living in the Matrix, it’s happier there.

  40. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    If it came from a lab and they confirmed it that woulsnt be a r reason to get it. The same people who made it re making the vaccine? And if it was a 2015 study and assuming they started the vaccine at the same time right now would be around. a normal time frame for development .. but that also means trump was in on it and it got out of hand. Or they hated him and fed him bad info like the rest of us while the establishment in the background is pulling strings.

  41. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    If the whistle blows knew the world was ending why would they not tell they die either way

  42. Dn1984 says:

    Nobody with a brain under the age of 50 and is not fat is worried about covid

  43. Dn1984 says:

    Day 501 of NOBODY coming to you for medical advice..

  44. Dn1984 says:

    Yeah because the people watching behind your pay wall have never heard you say… talk to your doctor…really?

  45. James Haddock says:

    Plant a garden or some flowers. Save the insects! The garden veggies are tasty and the flowers are pretty.

  46. Glendenning1900 says:

    What do you think the chances are that covid was released to stop the protests that were going on just before the outbreak?

  47. leafericson says:

    Medical marijuana isn’t approved by the FDA…

  48. TheNotoriousTonyD says:

    The establishment would never put all the blame for Covid into one basket. It’s too convenient to be able to shift the blame from group to group as the narrative shifts.

  49. FirstThessalonian says:

    My dad is high risk for covid, he tested positive and was sick as dog Friday, by Sunday his oxygen down to 88, lethargic. They sent him home with nothing. Called later for some experimental monoclonal antibody treatment reg-cov. My dad isn’t a test subject.

    I went to flccc.com and found a Dr. That prescribed ivermectin, along with some other meds to combat the clotting effects of covid.

    Sunday my dad looked deathly ill, after the first dose of ivermectin, the next day his demeanor and look improved night and day. He is still struggling, but looks like he has a fighting chance now, he actually ate an omelette today, after days of liquids only.

    I am hopeful this stuff will save my dads life, looks like it is. Its only day 3 of his 5 day regimen, and he is in good spirits.

  50. KnomadDesign says:

    Ivermectin is very effective. Please watch the DarkHorse podcast if you want valuable information. I was able to get Ivermectin online.


  51. Cshersta says:

    Whenever Ian talks, the show loses credibility

  52. keldan says:

    I’m in florida….lovebugs are bugs that are attached by the rear..they’re mating. They’re usually EVERYWHERE. We didn’t see any this year. No love loss. Not sure why there is, a love bug.

  53. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Fevers have been newly discovered to not just be used to destabilize pathogens by adding environmental stress, but in fact the raise in temperature, helps to boost communication to your immune system organisms. There is two systems of the immune, innate and adaptive. Basically the communication to the adaptive, and activation of Innate, is increased as temperature increases. Imagine a neutrophil microbe, a unit of the innate immune system that begins to alert the cells around it that invading microbes and what antigens are involved. All this process of combat between the immune system and foreign invaders, is temperature dependent, but not only for the integrity of the cell membrane, but of the ability for chemical reactions between enzymes to occur and relate information across space, inducing communication for the body. Though the specific mechanism of the fever, is for bacteria, to degrade the replication and membrane integrity, but for the virus, it is to boost communication and activate the immune systems killer T cells and macrophages. In conclusion, Tim may have had a viral infection, and in his REM sleep, he had induced a optimal conditions for his immune system to communicate activate and combat the infection. variable temperature depende3nt parameters of operation.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Also they are making hive robots that are delivered from a typical missile, that when detonated, all the small flying robots spread out over the terrain and scan for intel the geography and relate it back to central command. Using this same technology one can then utilize the flying array of sensors to do more complex tasks such as map out flowering plants, and then to go to each and dab for pollen and then search for new ones. In time we will see if it is the robots or normal bees that continue the fertilization of flowering plants, especially ones we need to eat.
      Now for the atmosphere and climate, largely we must first focus on the astronomy of earth and the sun, after all the energy of the sun is adding to the system of the earth, which induces our climate, and changing weather. First as Ian has mentioned before; Milankovitch cycles. fundamental to understand, so lets define these. The first is the eccentricity of the earth orbiting the sun, or the shape of the orbit, over time the ellipse expands or shrinks by a small amount, changing the light absorbed by the earth. Currently, Earth’s eccentricity is near its least elliptic (most circular) and is very slowly decreasing, in a cycle that spans about 100,000 years. 2nd; The angle Earth’s axis is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbital plane, known as obliquity, which as we see with seasons, a small change in degree, changes the amount of sunlight intensity, and leads to why hemispheres experience winter, and why the poles can have nearly a month in complete darkness. Earth’s axis is currently tilted 23.4 degrees, or about half way between its extremes, and this angle is very slowly decreasing in a cycle that spans about 41,000 years. 3rd; The direction Earth’s axis of rotation is pointed, known as precession. The cycle of axial precession spans about 25,771.5 years. Not only does Earth’s axis wobble, but Earth’s entire orbital ellipse also wobbles irregularly, primarily due to its interactions with Jupiter and Saturn. The cycle of apsidal precession spans about 112,000 years. Apsidal precession changes the orientation of Earth’s orbit relative to the elliptical plane. The combined effects of axial and apsidal precession result in an overall precession cycle spanning about 23,000 years on average.
      Source; https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2948/milankovitch-orbital-cycles-and-their-role-in-earths-climate/
      This means that fore most there is already a system of causing glacier encroach and recession. But even more so to deny the cycle, if to say we want to stop a glacier recession period, is like saying we wish for there to be no great lakes; the natural world must be assimilated with. There is always pros and cons. We are moving out of an Ice age, so the recession of glaciers is expected during the intermediate glacier period. for reference; Earth has experienced cold periods (or “ice ages”) and warm periods (“interglacials”) on roughly 100,000-year cycles for at least the last 1 million years. The Holocene is the name given to the last 11,700 years* of the Earth’s history — the time since the end of the last major glacial epoch, or “ice age.”, Small blips even as late as a few centuries ago, mini ice age in England, when people could ice skate on the Thanes in July. There is nothing really surprising to the context of how climate is moving to a higher heat storage in atmosphere and induction of weather. The surprising thing to me is to imagine the earth as it cooled from its molten early phase to a solid shell with a mantle and core. How would the system not out gas and lose the integrity to hold a stable atmosphere? How do large gas exchanges in early planet formation get stabilized and balance to allow a moderate temperature with low flux value? I am writing a research paper on why it is possible the key is H20 and that’s why Venus failed.(unification of materials imagine gasoline being made(Diesel/Gasoline/Kerosene etc.etc), distillation chemical liquids separate into layers, well a planet or a molar system is similar why rocky planets are close to star and large gas ones are further away. That means if my assumption is correct, the liquid water on Earth and Venus would be different amounts being the distance between them on the scale of differentiating the different values of mass and gravity forming into layers as distance from sun increases is not the same. The distance we may view as a goldilocks zone, might not only be the area to which the radiation is not to intense or weak from the star, but also through unification of material forming the solar system around the proto star, also organizes the water to be in a certain zone more so then anywhere else(random mixture of elements in turbulence early solar system evolution will obviously mix things a big through collisions) . But that’s a hypothesis, what we know is that our planet atmosphere established and destabilized at least a handful of times, and reestablished after the chaotic periods, at one point a super nova blasted the earth and fried the nitrogen in the atmosphere formed Nox and creating a smoke screen that drove the planet to an ice age. The question arises that is the continuous stability that is brought back seem to to insinuate that the shocks to the climate, human or natural that destabilize are not permeant, nor avoidable? In fact are largely part of the system that experience large shocks rarely over time, and small shocks commonly, which become environmental stressors that lead to evolution and forced adaption of organism on the given planet. In conclusion my point is that the parameters of the atmosphere and climate begin as astronomy and end as geophysics and human involvment. Though over grazing caused the Sahara, it is possible for humans to have major consequences on earth, and “The destruction of the Aral began in Moscow in the 1950s, when Soviet economic planners decided, with the confidence of people wielding absolute power, to order the transformation of Central Asia’s dry lands into the world’s largest cotton belt.” so yes ruining large bodies of water will change the hydro cycle and system that forms a relationship between clouds, sun and plants, causing drought usually. Though the other part of the question before we get to green house gases, and our emissions. Is the magnetic field, the next mostly forgotten but essential component of our atmospheric climate. The intensity of the radiation that reaches earth’s surface is relative to the magnetic field potential at blocking or absorbing incoming radiation. If our belt weakens because CO2 cools the upper atmosphere, instead of insulating as it does in lower, it actually dissipates and cools the upper atmosphere which directly influences the ionosphere and its charge potential. Right now, our earths equator is acting as a heat sink to absorb and store heat and transfer it through eddies to the poles, which will shrink Ice caps. This also creates more liquid water, and more area of water surface to be radiated and evaporated into the strongest green house gas water vapor. But here is the thing about water vapor it also can block, or reflect sun light when it crystalizes. The more water vapor will induce more cloud formation, which will cause larger clouds for longer that block sun light lower the absorption intensity of the earth. The point is as we view CO2 as a junk food for plants, and heat storage, minimalizing it is a great idea, or sequestering it is great, but ruining our lives over it when Tundra as melted countless times and released the Sequestered CO2 to atmosphere, when a glacier period ended before and moved to a intermediate period. The realize of massive amount of CO2 on a organic rich planet between glacier periods, during thawing, seems quite obvious to me. It always reestablishes and the next Ice age comes. That is why I think the idea is about to eliminate individual actions and centralize everything, creating another emergency to replace the Covid 19 emergency, let alone the communist absolutely love environmentalism, promoting their solutions to suppress liberty and promote their power over others. I think there is a fine line between helping the planet, and being a useful idiot, and many uninformed people fall to the vice of benevolence. I think with honest leaders, we could move toward Nuclear, like any responsible Environmentalist and sustainability advocate would propose if they knew facts about the planet and society. Nuclear innovation is enormous, and the safety that can be applied, if honest people want to utilize it, is massive. Hopefully energy storage, past lithium batteries will be discovered soon, being that is what holds back renewables so much, let alone renewables impact on the environment. Sadly as Thomas Sowell said, “There are no solutions, only trade offs”. Dont let the central planners that want your freedom in exchange for power, tell you otherwise, they are lying for your support.

      • UppityG says:

        Super tl;dr.

      • KMerckCPA says:

        I didn’t read it all but looked like actual interesting info. Usually when someone posts that long, it’s a crazy rant but this was not.

        • UppityG says:

          I kinda skimmed it and could be there is “good” info in there, but my general rule is unless they provide citations and links, it’s just another guy’s opinion. Paz y salud.

      • Wolv256 says:

        You think you’re so smart, but you completely failed to figure out a way to efficiently communicate your thoughts.

      • TimChandler5150 says:

        Yeah, what he said. Or she said, although demographics makes “he” a safer guess, but I seriously don’t think anybody posting intelligent content here would care which pronoun I use, right or wrong. Wow, that was strange. I’m not sure if I just made a joke, or was pre-defending my word choice, or if I was making a political point, or something else, but I look at what I typed, and it feels like somebody else wrote it. It looks like a weird thing for me to type. Or maybe I was just trying to say the right thing for the Timcast members to like me? Jesus, it’s like I’m having a nerd-off with myself. Why is there nobody here to smack me? Oh, yeah. Hey Beavis–I think I just figured something out! Damnit, even Beavis has left the building. Shit, it’s light outside. How do I tell them that my internal monolog function has been damaged in the cryo-freezing process, and that everything I think must be typed out until it goes back to normal? Oh man, I gotta . . . uh, nothing. Crap I gotta switch over to notepad before I think about the wrong thing . . . I wonder if anyone would find out if I went back into the–I pledge allegiance, to the flag . . . damnit, where is that confounded send button . . . of the United States of America . . . nobody will know if I just–uh, and to the Republic–that’s right, not the Democracy you history rewriting bunch of f–for which it stands, Yeah, One Republic! Er, uh . . . one nation . . . where’s that confounded bridge?! Yeah, thats better. Aw, I made a typo. Type O. Like my blood type. Oh, shit. I mean, uh, like the most common–Like the band, Type O Negative. Yeah, that’s what I meant . . . I live at 42–uh, the United . . . Kingdom. My social security number is 234-, uh–none of your business. . . Uncle Sam . . . If I go to fix the typo, will it change what I thought, like time traveling? Like that mailbox in that awesome movie with–I mean like the Delorean in Back to The Future, like when Biff takes that nudy mag to his younger self? No, it was a sports almanac, you sound like a freakin’ moron! Oh, yeah. That’s right, he just hid it in Ooh, La La! Wait, who is that? Why are you talking to me in here? Are you the same one who was tying to get me to sneak into that–that . . . ‘s not possible because that was a real person in real life, not in my he–I mean, because you’re not in my head, because only I’m in here, and you are just . . . a joke I’m having with myself . . . in public . . . where they’re all gonna laugh at you! And not in the good way, like comedians get laughs. No, in the bad way, like rape victims get laughs. Wait, WHAT?!?! Don’t you dare even joke about something so serious as . . . I can’t even say that word, it’s so horrible. Who the hell are you, anyway?!? Um, I mean, where was I . . . right–under God. No, I mean–I didn’t mean I was just under God or anything like that. Wait, no–I didn’t mean “under” god in that way–you can’t take that however way you want–look at the context, for god’s sake! The context of a guy who is having creepy conversations with, in the very best scenario, himself, or in the worst scenario . . . indivisible, with liberty . . . yeah, right! Now there’s a freaking joke! Liberty my fat . . . give me liberty, or give me death! OK buddy, you asked for it! OK, yeah, said the voice in my head! What are you gonna do to me? Make me kill myself? Don’t make me la–I AM you. And I can say that word just fine, and a lot of other words as well, many of which have 4 letters, but some are . . . not nearly so clean as that. What do you think I’m gonna do about it? Click. Was that reality kicking into place, or was that the click of your .45 in your hand? Oh yeah, well if you’re so smart you’d know that my .45 doesn’t have a hammer on it to click! So there . . . you . . . me? 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  54. DJCee says:

    Just became a member about a month ago. It’s been nice to hear Tim and a crew say what they really think on topics that they can’t on YouTube.

  55. keldan says:

    Hey Ian….it’s feed a cold, starve FEVER not flu

  56. MykC says:

    I asked my vet to give us ivermectin horse paste. He said “neigh”

  57. Nyxs1s says:

    The decrease to the bug populations are almost certainly due to the chemical aerosols sprayed in the atmosphere “chemtrails”. Some years ago there was a scientist who was blowing the whistle on this, he specialized on micro organizes in water sources and soil. Dead soils results in dying/dead plants and staring insects.

  58. Nyxs1s says:

    Do the proper research on the labs, do they have direct ties to big pharma like ex VPs or primary stake holders sitting on the board? Was the research funded by big pharma? If they are vested in anyway to the vaccine then they can not and should not be trusted. Do the research!

    This paper says this and this paper says this is not good enough. Only those with no skin in the game can be trusted. If a peer review journal has an ex CEO/CP/CFO ect ect citing on its board of directors then you can throw that entire journal out the window for bias alone. Often the ties are not even that blatant, often it might be the ex secretary of a pharma exec. Peer review journals, Labs, Scientists most are controlled and compromised because they have to sell the lies to get their funding.

  59. kellybw says:

    When Lydia said she “believes God gave us our voice so we can discuss”, it is so prevalent. It is so good to hear people just talking about their thoughts instead of filtering it for fear of fear.
    Stay genuine.

  60. RJIsaac says:

    Tim, please try to get Dr. Zach Bush on your on tge show. He talks about a lot of the same things.

  61. celestialfury0616@hotmail.com says:

    Tim, enough with the “insect population collapsing”. You hear one scientist says something then immediately think that’s the most important in the world. You are no different than the person from your story who yells “fracking is the problem” at occupy wall street .
    Every scientist, every researcher claim there is some sort of crisis and their research is utmost important. That’s how we get the funding. Just talk to more researchers on different subjects you will find this “insect population collapsing” is no more important than any other subject.
    Stop buying into this fear mongering.

  62. KDiddy says:

    COVID presented a great opportunity for a lot of bad shit to happen to good people and vice versa.

  63. melandtim777@optusnet.com.au says:

    When you realise that the virus was released to facilitate the vaccine it starts to make sense.

  64. Noah_Pologies says:

    Funny you should mention elites building New Zealand bunkers we’ve had multiple billionaire’s move here over the last year or so I’m pretty sure that’s what there doing, during the first lockdown we had private jets landing on a daily basis.

  65. UppityG says:

    Nicotine as a pesticide has been around for a while. Crossland is probably thinking of neonicotinoid pesticides.

    Birds in and near cities, being highly observant, line their nests with cigarette butts tossed by litterbug smokers, because they noticed that it keeps nest mites out and they’re soft. Duckduckgo it.

    Crossland talks about eating a green apple to draw out a discharge from his swollen throat glands. No, he’s imagining that is what is happening because it pleases his ego. He’s the sorta guy who’d present himself to his primitive tribe as the medicine man and he, yes he, has the cure for whatever ails you. Don’t be his naive and gullible primitives, the life you save will be your own. Remember, he’s beeon on this planet for four decades and he still thinks using drugs to improve his sensory perception of his world is advised. I look forward to the day he puts away his childish ways and embraces becoming a grown ass man.

    Now as for the guest, Karol Markowicz, I found myself agreeing with her about half the time, regarding human nature, which is fair. But, I’ve noticed, that when the guest is female, very often they default to being the listener and Pool defaults to being the orator. This is frustrating to me. Clearly, she was invited because Timcast found her interesting. Ok, what was it about her or her work that was interesting. ASK HER questions about that interesting thing so WE can learn what put her on your radar.

    May I suggest you ask your staff journalists, Fairbanks et al, to jot down some questions they’d ask the guest if they could interview them. Not the kind of hard core questions that would make the guest put up their guard, no, the kind that would encourage them to be more open. Even military interrogrators know when to use diplomacy and charm to draw out the answers they need from their target.

    Another trick I’ve seen others use is to formulate a stock set of questions that you ask everyone, either at the top or bottom of the show. So long as the show launches in the main on Yantifatube, perhaps have one or two safe questions there and the rest for the bonuscast. Here’s a link to a kind used by Bernard Pivot and Marcel Proust for inspiration: (three spaces added to de-link to avoid the spam guard)
    h ttps://itotd .com/ articles/2444/the-questionnaires-of-james-lipton-bernard-pivot-and-marcel-proust/

    I tend to agree, more CCP style lockdowns are dancing on our electeds’ imaginations, but I also think more people will reject them, work around them, start underground speakeasies, and more. Good. And get out of the big cities. But learn your lesson: stop voting Dem. Stop. It is killing us all. Unless and until the DNC gets more American bred individualist minded mature adults in its leadership, it needs to be the minority party until further notice.

    Now that we’ve seen and lived the spreading of communism, maoism, which yoke far too many people, esp young people, seem eager to put on their neck, we have proof that the American Rugged Individualism model of freedom to live one’s life as one wishes, without govt meddling, will not spread far and wide as the exemplar so irresistible it inspires whole other countries to be like America. No, that clearly doesn’t happen.

    Any political figure who makes that claim to you to get your vote or buy in is to be avoided, denounced and voted out, impeached, gotten rid of. Without delay.

    Lastly, can we finally speak seriously about Term Limits for ALLLLL govt jobs, elected or not, from POTUS down to the local school custodian? If it’s good nuff for POTUS it’s more than good nuff for all the rest.

    • MikeH says:

      Personally, I love the outlandish comments that come from Ian. He’s such an out-of-the-box thinker. Your last point about our elected politicians resonates with me. I think we should start by reducing their salaries to the income of the median U.S. household. Trump would say at his rallies that our politicians leave Washington and go find lucrative jobs in the private sector. We should ban lobbying. Unfortunately we don’t make the laws, they do! Getting rid of the swamp is a lifetime endeavor, if at all possible. I mean- we can’t even get our elections in order… “c’mon man!”

      • UppityG says:

        @Mikeh, Every now and then, Crossland will say something that is a refreshing take, or tells a joke I didn’t see coming. However. Those moments continue to be overshadowed by his stubborn insistence on getting his way. He’ll grab the floor and will not let go, even when Pool patiently challenges his position. Crossland doesn’t like being challenged. Too often he devolves into a petulant toddler and resorts to childish argumentation and emotionality. It wastes everyone’s time.
        You make some great suggestions. True, not even having the People vote on measures to tame our govt seems to work. We need an Article V convention something fierce. We need a COTUS 2.0 that strengthens the Bill of Rights and makes them activist-judge proof.

  66. CaptainFreedom says:

    Just watched a Stargate SH1 episode where an alien race gives humans advanced technology and a vaccine to double our life span, but also decreases our fertility rates by over 90%

  67. Big_Chez says:

    Taking about bugs, I don’t remember seeing a bunch of June bugs this summer.

  68. Nyxs1s says:

    You have to ask yourself why they are trying to hard to force vaccines on everyone, the science does not support their effectiveness in fact there is a huge amount of evidence that says they are more dangerous than the virus itself. Why are they removing vaccine incidents from the VAERS database? Why are other countries reporting that the majority of new infections are the fully vaccinated. Over 10k vaccines deaths that we know of remember they are scrubbing incidents from the VAERS database. The sales agreement from Pfizer was just leaked sowing governments have to pay for their does regardless of if they are used or how late they are delivered. So is the are payed either way its not about the money, they what is it about?

    There are many labs researching these rna Vaccines and the only ones that seem to report on them in a positive light are those with financial ties to big pharma.

    I would on trust studies that have been vetted by multiple independent labs having no connections or financial ties to one another or big pharma or conflicts of interest like board members who are Ex leadership/employees from said interests.

    • Rbracewell says:

      My guess…. look up how a virus reproduces then ask yourself….. if the variants are true and they can get around the vaccine where did they come from. Antibiotics are supposed to be taken from start to finish. Know why? I understand bacteria and viruses are completely different but the basic principle still exists as to how they become resistant.

  69. FreedomFiend says:

    Why no Del Bigtree?

  70. Orion1632 says:

    I would take the human Ivermectin, but they have made it illegal for me to get Ivermectin!!! If they let me have the human pills, then I won’t need to look at bloody horse paste.

    • UppityG says:

      lol go look at the most recent episode with Dr Martenson. In the bonuscast, I believe, he describes taking a dose of the equine paste, measured for his weight, which came to about a one inch ribbon, and he says it tasted a little bit like apple. Once you swallow it, it’s over, so, man up. Some doctors right now are probably nervous about writing an Rx scrip for it, lest some CRT indoctrinated bureaucrat in the FDA spot it and release the hounds. So look around, be creative if necessary, heck, order it online, or if you’re close enough, go to Mexico, they’ll sell you anything over the counter. Just remember to follow the measurement guidelines on the package and make sure you weigh yourself accurately. If you haven’t had a check up in a long time, you might want to have one first, so you have a better idea of what might adversely react to it. Or not. It’s your call.

  71. Mooreningwood says:

    Has anybody seen utopia on Amazon? Weird similarities happening and it’s hard to know what to believe honestly. But they say art imitates reality right?

    • Rbracewell says:

      Thats why the show was canceled after season 1 cuz they didn’t want people to panic. I saw it and started seeing a lot of similarities myself. Doesn’t mean I believe it because of it but I was thinking is this how they are trying to get the truth out? Of course the show was filmed before the outbreak. Then again fauci said on jan 12th 2017 this presidency will see a surprise pandemic then Jumpstarted GOF research again not too long after…..

  72. BurnAcademy says:

    I live in FL and there’s def still a ton of bugs. I sometimes have to drive to south GA and have to clean my car off after each trip. Plus the mosquitos are still terrible haha.

    If you move to FL, I’ve def got to come meet you guys!

  73. Miranda02 says:

    Just a hunch, but all the buzz about gain of function and the Delta variant is to hide all of the horrible side effects of the vaccine. I think you all were spot on with this being a culling event. The virus wasn’t the mechanism of this, but the vaccine is.

    • Snips9210 says:

      Makes me wonder if the whole Karen Kingston whistle blower for Pfizer.

    • Rbracewell says:

      I believe the variants that are resistant to the shot came from those that got the shot and still got sick. How did it mutate to get around something it wasn’t exposed to in people that didn’t get the shot? It IS possible but the chances are astronomical and these variants didn’t show until the vaccine was being pressed so hard.

  74. thekansascitian says:

    Do be fair, the authors of this Op-Ed are a professor of economics and a sales consultant for pharmaceutical companies.

  75. DaddyProphetBunny says:

    Wife and I got COVID about 6 weeks ago, we took our “Corona-vacation” and didn’t progress past a fever longer than a day, and that was like day 3-4.

    Link to Ivermectin Studies, Pierre Kory listed as one of the authors.

    Pretty much everything I’ve heard about the spike protein in the virus and the vaccine is terrifying. Grateful we didn’t have extenuating symptoms, however it has been difficult to identify if we’ve both made a full recovery. Still getting tired very quickly, just began ivermectin low dose. Hopefully within the week I’ll be able to notice any improvements, if in fact it is related to COVID-19.

  76. DatgumKirby says:

    Love bugs were also made by the scientists at The University of Florida intended to help control the mosquito population. It didn’t work but they are very susceptible to the pesticides made from nicotine much like bees.

  77. Skynet0225 says:

    Are any of the vaccines fully approved by the FDA?

  78. DatgumKirby says:

    I use the horse past for parasites in my dogs and cats, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a person. You can get penicillin and syringe’s from the feed store too but you shouldn’t medicate yourself with it.

  79. Element says:

    Whether or not it was development in the Wuhan lab (I think it was) does not change how dangerous the virus is.

  80. Element says:

    No scientist think the world is going to end in 10 years or any number. All of those apocalyptic statements come from political activists.

  81. Element says:

    I am almost certain that the story about covid being in the food supply was Chinese propaganda to distract from the Wuhan lab. I believe it was Chinese state media like Xinhua or People’s Daily that ran with that story. They were like “It came from the food. Probably imported from Australia. Definitely not the level IV bio-lab in the city where the outbreak started. Don’t blame us.”

  82. Devon says:

    Wait ….. was i not supposed to buy the apple flavored horse goo …

  83. Gypsyprincess says:

    You should really look into the covid vaccine I have read that they were working on it for years before the pandemic

  84. andrewpuckett57 says:

    hunter brittain

  85. Unworried says:

    Feeling/Emotion drives big decisions for humans. Full Stop.

    Fear/Fear of loss are the biggest motivators. Thereby being the most influential.

    It can be overdone, but that just requires a change of angle/frame and the fear works again.

    People aren’t rationally deciding anything huge. Its all about how they feel, be it with their predicted outcome, how hungry/tired/bored/afraid they are at the time of decision, what tribe do they identify with and any other ‘reason’ is fabricated.

    Its magic.

    • UppityG says:

      Hmm. The self-popping out burger menu has returned. But the Reply button responds a bit faster. Yay tech diffs. Y’all will get there. We can comment so we can be patient.

  86. Garrity12 says:

    The things you have mentioned is all real…
    Whether its grahene oxide in the vaccine.
    To land being acquired at an astonishing rate.
    To the destruction of the dollar.
    To the new world order.
    The bond villain is real ….things are snowballing at a speed we can not even compromise…..
    The balance is out of whack

  87. MadManTV says:

    Tim: do you think big the world was ending they would actually tell us?

    Also Tim: 5G is safe and there are no conspiracies because they haven’t told us….

    Is there hope for Milquetoast Tim?

  88. KVanBogart says:

    So it has looked like the spike protein is what actually creates a lot of the symptoms. What if that was added to the coronavirus to make it easier to target with a vaccine. They came up with that vaccine just days after getting the genome. btw, honest question, why did we need China to get the genome when it was infecting people everywhere?

  89. justz00t says:

    I am a trucker and the windshield thing is real. I don’t clean my windshield nearly as much as I used to.

  90. Wesley says:

    I watched that JRE segment prior to this strangely enough, and screamed on the inside when I heard him say Ivermectin. I think JRE just doesn’t care about what you can and can’t say on youtube because they don’t need it. Good for them. Hope that video gets a lot of traction in the algorithm, it made it into mine and I don’t watch those clips ever.

  91. KVanBogart says:

    Get Bret Weinstein on to talk about this. He and his wife found a possible connection between the emergency use authorization only being possible if there are no other treatments.

  92. CaptainFreedom says:

    Ivermectin tubes from Tractor Supply have notches to dose by human/horse body weight. I ordered it from them online. Didn’t taste much like apples, had consistency of letterman jelly, but wasn’t unpleasant.

  93. undead_bovin@yahoo.com says:

    Well, Insider is full of CRAP. I have sweated out fevers DOZENS of times. It makes PERFECT sense. Your body raises your temp to reduce the growth rate of what is causing you trouble. I get in bed, cover myself with blankets and go to sleep. Wake up COVERED in sweat and feeling 10000% better with ZERO fever. The combination of heat reducing the growth rate plus the additional sweating which removes poisons, combine to help your body out.

    I can 100% confirm this. I’ve done this on PURPOSE MANY times. Works EVERY time. Even when i had the China Virus.

  94. Gorilla56 says:

    I believe Dr. Drew used Ivermectin as part of his treatment after contracting the Covid 19 virus.

  95. Xylanor says:

    Seriously. At this point, what medications don’t have these potential side effects? My damn epilepsy meds list pretty much all of those side effects and MANY more. They just want $$$$$.

  96. roflo1804 says:

    Tim, please have Michael Sisco, WV candidate for Congress on.

  97. Jcornman24 says:

    Tim’s point about if the government just admits that covid was made in a Chinese lab, more people would take the vaccine. It makes no sense seeing as OUR GOVERNMENT FUNDED IT

  98. jhoust says:

    Not an engaging episode at all. Tim pretty much grasping for answers for the things he is seeing. and he’s getting it from Wikipedia (fucking Christ).

    Not into this fear porn episode.

  99. neilinda says:

    Tim… or whatever staff member may read this, know that while it is probably not the content people pay for, Douglas Tallamy, PhD… an entomologist who teaches ecology at UofDel (and who has written several books) could explain ‘the science’ behind the bug and bee problems.
    Please also let Ian and Lydia know that while neonics may be a part of the problem that has caused colony collapse – it is more probable that a big percentage of the root cause is related to the (overall health and hygiene) issues associated with the ‘traveling bees’ and they are the more likely cause of many of the bee related problems.

  100. PlagueDocPhD says:

    The windshield phenomena is weird, considering that cars in the past were more square, and insects could splat over a flat surface. now cars are more aerodynamic, that couls deflect the bugs away

  101. Shador says:

    I HAVE FACT CHECKED AND IT IS TRUE! A treatment would forbid the FDA to authorize the covid vaccine. Fact checking job please! 😛 https://www.fda.gov/regulatory-information/search-fda-guidance-documents/emergency-use-authorization-medical-products-and-related-authorities#euas

  102. Ladyhess says:

    It’s an experiment! They are trying to control the variables. If people get better and they can’t get the results they are looking for

  103. DoubleDownDee says:

    Concerning the CCP virus vaccine: Normal FDA approved vaccines take between 7-15 years for approval among the populace. FDA considers 7-15 years enough time to calculate long term effects.
    I’m a Gen X, raising 2 grandchildren and I’ll die on the hill of waiting for an appropriate time for my 2 young grandchildren or myself an experimental injection for a virus that already has a 99% survival rate. I refused the flu shots and bleach cleaning in my home for my grandchildren, because I believe it’s important for children to experience normal everyday bacteria/flu/colds while living their daily lives (playing outdoors in the dirt, getting bumps, scrapes, and bruises from normal independent outdoor playtime) to strengthen their progressive immune system. Anyone remember chickenpox parties?
    Although Gen X is mostly responsible for the woke bullshit, safe spaces, trophies for everyone, and breakdown of society, I think we are making up for it by raising our grandchildren much more free and conservative than we did our own children. This is due in part we return to the independent and free childhoods we ourselves had, but denied our children. Helicopter parents anyone? The pendulum is swinging back HARD. My grandchildren are BY FAR MORE CONSERVATIVE than the children I birthed and raised, maybe because I realized I was sold a democrat JFK and working people narrative which who be the Republican party of today? Times change and so do liberals. #NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    • DoubleDownDee says:

      TL;DR Gen X grandparent (#walkaway) raising grandkids, refusing an experimental drug, will wait a few years until real long term effects are calculated. Gen X screwed up society, but maybe they are fixing it too with new culture?

  104. familyxguy666 says:

    Check out the 12,600 year earth catastrophe cycle. Ben Davidson at suspicious0bservers makes a pretty compelling case for an impending cataclysm.

  105. Wolv256 says:

    Counterpoint: Fuck bugs.

  106. Medgarjr says:

    The only sure way to keep a secret is for you to be the only one that knows

  107. Yobuyahouse says:

    I’m on Horse paste. Tastes like apple sauce I am going to send you the picture of it. Its not for horses. Its for human consumption not for human use. Get it?

  108. FatillacN says:

    I find this all very laughable.

  109. Xeqshnr says:

    Come to central Ilinois, theres plenty of bugs

  110. welder1 says:

    Simply put the government and big pharma are just taking what they can before the ensuing crash and violence. It is what it is. Fear is power and they sew a lot of it. Understand that how your life is lived is up to you. Learn how to live on your own because daddy government is a crumbling construct.

    • Scannell says:

      They banked off the opioid epidemic that spiked conveniently after our invasion into the Middle East. Now, they have a new, polished cash cow.

  111. Wolv256 says:

    It’s simple. The government is filled with evil Satanic pedophile eugenicists that want to kill us. Also, they are bribed by big pharma and need to keep their emergency use mandate. It’s that simple. Stop calling the truth a conspiracy theory. We have to stop these evil people. Stop treating them like they have your interest at heart. They are evil oppressors that think you are serfs. Wake up.

  112. DarthWho says:

    We had it so much better…… Right? I’m so glad they only kind of violated my constitutionally protected rights.

    I don’t know what we would have done without that Faucism clause protecting the power of the state.

  113. Ty_Bo says:

    Tim. There is a vax database. Someone I’m close with is responsible for looking all the info over and sending it in to the states for a large portion of the vaccinated around the country

  114. Poolparty512 says:

    I have covid this week (JJ vaccinated). I used https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/how-to-get-ivermectin/ to get ivermectin as my PCP would not prescribe it.

  115. Kashatka says:

    Strange. I live in Quebec/Canada. Me and my wife have been noticing a major increase of insects and mostly birds this summer compared to previous years. They even have the gull to build nests right on top of my gazebo and get close to us. We even have bunny’s in the yard and they act like we don’t exist.

  116. PseudoSwede says:

    I can’t find the Like button to smash:(

  117. saccaed says:

    Addressing the “who would be interested in ivermectin?” question. Personally I’ve been as two immediate relatives had bad reactions to vaccines: same gender, father and uncle, both had bad reactions to the second pfizer shot, one had symptoms for over a month. Already not inclined to get any of the covid vaccinations due to the lack of liability, the two direct relatives having bad reactions makes it an absolute no go.

  118. Old_Frog says:

    The truth is in between when it comes to Climate Change. Humanity is responsible for 3% of CO2 production. 12,000 years ago the temperature was down 12 degrees Celsius, and 120,000 years ago the temperature was up 5 degrees from today. Yes, in the last 200 years, the temperature has raised 1 degree, and we are marginally responsible, but current changes are within parameters of past trends.

  119. DarthWho says:

    I am struggling to feel bad for people that didn’t pay their rent. I would be willing to bet the majority of people received more than enough to pay their bills and actively chose not too.

    If you were one of the rare people that literally wasn’t able to pay there is no reason you can’t submit proof to the courts or something and we can figure it out from there, but if you were out buying new tvs and refusing to pay rent because you didn’t have to then sorry you reap what you sow and you should be on the hook for every penny.

    Being an adult suck ass.

    • PseudoSwede says:

      Amen to that! I’ll bet every single one of those “free” homes has a big-ass flat screen TV, latest generation gaming console/PC, relatively new smartphone, and/or a slew of digital subscription services.

  120. dreamscape.artisan says:

    If Ivermectin is cleared for use by the FDA doesn’t the emergency use permit for Vick’s scene get rescinded?

    The real viruses are fear and greed.

  121. Jinmon says:

    Consider this. At the beginning of the pandemic, countries were reporting there numbers. China’s numbers were extremely low. At the time it was speculated that they were deliberately lying about their numbers to save face. What if they were telling the truth? If covid 19 was bioengineered through gain of function, couldn’t they construct it in such a way that it would be less deadly to their own population? It does seem to hit some demographics harder than others. What better way to gain economic advantage than release a virus that would be devastating to your competition but leave your own population relatively unscathed?

    • RCCHRISTO says:

      I just became a member after watching you for year’s! I’m very Impressed with your Success!
      Please go to the CIS Center for Immigration Studies website. The Border Situation is 1,000× worse than MSM talks about. They have caught people from 160 Countries coming thru the border & many Many are young healthy Males under 40 from many Muslim Extremists Countries. It really needs to be exposed much much more!

  122. DanaMarie says:

    SARS2 (a.k.a. the ‘rona) made its way through my household back in August 2020. My dad and kids all had mild cases. I have a comorbidity (possible autoimmune disorder, still in the process of being diagnosed) which I have hypothesized may be reason for my having had a somewhat worse case. My experience was more like the flu with extra steps; around 3 days of fever and weakness followed by loss of sense of smell, extreme swelling of the lymph nodes in my neck and feeling like someone stepped on my chest, but it wasn’t too bad so long as I stayed in the heat and humidity (AC was a problem).

  123. GreMIO420 says:

    If I drive for 8 hours, going back to Montana, my windshield is covered with bugs.

  124. JeDalton says:

    Love these, thanks guys.

  125. beijingbiden says:

    Ivermectin is not Toxic. My dog, loved Heartguard (Ivermectin) as a puppy. As I left for work, with the Heartguard safely on the table I thought it was good. I came back eight hours later and my dog had ate an entire years worth of Heartguard. After a quick call to the vet, he told me don’t worry the dog at the most might have runny stools. My family has been using Ivermectin for our dogs and horses for 40 years. It’s as safe as possible.

  126. yournamehasbeentaken says:

    How quickly y’all forget. We ‘essential workers’ had travel papers. A person I know got arrested for going to her storage locker. People getting fined for visiting neighbors, etc… Don’t try to mske light of the tyranny the government imposed and learned they could get away with it. By the way Ivermectin horse paste worked great.

  127. Maven says:

    I don’t doubt the insect population is dying off but I also wonder if some of the Windshield Phenomena could be explained by the more aerodynamic design of our cars since the 1990’s.

    LAB LEAK THERORY: There was a movie that came out in 2000 about a pharmaceutical company that created a virus called ‘Chimera’ in order to make money off the cure named ‘Bellerophon’ and it was up to a spy named Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) to stop it from being released into the wild. Sounds fairly prophetic. Go watch Mission Impossible II sometime.

  128. Ldyhorse says:

    As a person that has had horses most of my life, Pancure, and Safe Guard are not ivermictin, they are different types of wormer… We rotate wormers so they do not become resistant. Zimectrin, has ivermectin in it but also contains wormer for tape worms….

  129. Dandyman says:

    Ok for those interested look into the Grand Solar Minimum basically because of the incredibly low solar activity our magnetosphere is weakening in response. I also suggest looking up the cloud chamber research from cern regarding aerosol formation it’s good stuff.

  130. Koby says:

    This might be a dumb question but could modern cars being more aerodynamic have any affect on the windshield phenomenon?

  131. TheDarkworld says:

    I am: what if they’re culling the population.
    Tim: nah bro they’re culling the population

  132. Mccmatt says:

    The 12,000 year disaster cycle is real. All of the other planets in our solar system are showing climate change. It’s not us, it’s our sun. All of the stars in our galactic neighborhood are firing off massive flares more than normal. There’s a YouTube channel called SuspiciousObservers, he goes more into the science, but we are heading towards a nasty solar cycle with a dying magnetosphere. It makes all of Tim’s black pills look like Disney and it’s happening.

  133. JRizzo says:

    I don’t believe the stories about covid infused ice cream in China is legitimate. Smells of CCP or Fauci misdirection/propaganda to turn the world’s attention away from the lab leak possibility.

    • Jinmon says:

      Wouldn’t freezing kill bacteria and viruses like cooking? If the virus lives in people at 98.6 degrees f, and we cook food to 160 f to kill viruses and bacteria, thats a temperature difference of 61.4 degrees. Ice cream is kept in the stores at 10 f. Thats 88.6 degrees difference. A larger temperature difference than cooking.

  134. MOONFUZZ says:

    I took ivermectin and it definitely helped me get better from covid.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Tim, downing one tube of horse paste will not hurt you. Downing 6 whole tubes of horse paste will hurt you. That is what the toxic dose is.

      • Wolv256 says:

        That said, the recommended dose is less than one tube. Don’t take the whole tube. Take the correct dosage. That said, if you did take the whole tube, you would still probably be fine. But take the correct dosage.

      • MOONFUZZ says:

        I should have said I was prescribed ivermectin by a doctor. In fact it was the same doctor that got banned when she was on the steps of the Texas capitol Stella Immanuel.

  135. Lildav3232 says:

    In Mississippi love bugs have been disappearing through the years. Along with lightning bugs. Only see lightning bugs way in the woods. I haven’t seen love bugs in a few years. And the robins use to migrate here in the winter. Way fewer of them also. Robins use to be everywhere in the winter.

  136. Turk_Longwell says:

    I didn’t expect that.
    Ian is way over target.

  137. Turk_Longwell says:

    Shout to Lyds for knowing what a balaclava is. 🥷
    A library of knowledge. 📚

  138. toasty867 says:

    How about the great reset? You think these idiots are actually useful, caring, or intelligent? nope…

  139. BigJoe77 says:

    Dr and Ph is redundant

  140. Lildav3232 says:

    the horse paste has weight tabs on it. i got some for a just in case scenario. but you can figure out the dosage fairly easily

  141. Lacktorium says:

    one of the whole reasons your body gets a fever is to help kill off the virus or infection causing you to be sick.

  142. Bhenderson says:

    My dad was treated for covid last week here in central texas. He put off going to the doctor for several days after getting symptoms and his doctor gave him a hard time about it. Asked my mom what they gave him and it was some steroids/inhaler and ivermectin. Dads feeling great now. The funny thing is last year my brother who sells farm equipment told me several ranchers told him they were using it as a preventative and swore to him it was a cheap cure being suppressed.

    • andrewpuckett57 says:

      i wish tim would end the youtube stream earlier so he could start the after show and have it run longer.

    • dreamscape.artisan says:

      Budesonide is likely the steroid inhaler, it has been used to great effect. Ivermectin has much more positive research behind it than Tim lets on, and I wonder if he couldn’t get the heavy hitter guests on to talk about this or if he was just scared to do so. The longer I watch, the more boyish and afraid he comes across. He’s a smart kid but he lacks real balls it seems.

  143. Rememberhistory says:

    Encoding takes a long time but always worth the wait, thanks Tim and crew!

  144. EB440 says:

    They complain about it because its in the contract with Pfizer and Moderna. Not only this, it negates the EUA. Its about contract law and money. Welcome to modern science and medicine.