Travis Corcoran Members Podcast: Conservative Pornstar Banned From Turning Point Event, Crew Debates If Pornstars be Conservative

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Travis Corcoran Members Podcast: Conservative Pornstar Banned From Turning Point Event, Crew Debates If Pornstars be Conservative

99 responses to “Travis Corcoran Members Podcast: Conservative Pornstar Banned From Turning Point Event, Crew Debates If Pornstars be Conservative”

  1. Bootcrash says:

    Listen to Chrissie Mayr’s interview with Brandi Love. Brandi Love gave the entire story. Apparently, a white nationalist group were the “concerned parents”. TPUSA caved to a vocal minority.

  2. Carlosmatos93 says:

    Ian is right guys.

    Not all porn are bad. Some porn are bad because of the feds man; others are great because they’re graphene.

    Jesus christ, Ian loves the semantic game but his logic is all over the place.

  3. DanielDJ says:

    Aging but active pornstar comes to an event full of young men, uses her *porn name*, not her real name, calls herself conservative. If that isn’t grift I don’t know what is. Triggers days of contentious debate among conservatives. This is why conservatives have conserved nothing.

  4. Alanbchav92 says:

    I’m late but MY best solution would have been to tell her why we wanted her to leave and strongly suggest she leave on her own terms. If she refused I would have told her we were going to have to let people know she bought a ticket and we let her know we want her to leave (maybe offer a refund too) and she refused so we won’t ve allowing her admittance to future events and apologize etc… idk…

  5. CaptainFreedom says:

    Ian needs to calm down and stop justifying his porn problem. If he’s OK with pornstars at an event for minors, is he OK with Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey Drag Queen Story Hour?

  6. parbruek says:

    The reason for Youtube’s current pre-eminence in the market is not the result of a free market simply speaking, but of the prescence of large corporations, which are governments. The majority of advertisers live in liberals cities. As a result, Google’s adwords remains remains the standard means of buying ads space, and receiving ad revenue. If the process of advertising where handled at a more local level, and if there were more small businesses which were owned by one person, rather than a board, youtube’s recent actions WOULD have naturally led to much of their market being lost to a competitor. But how many ads are there on other sites that generate revenue for the content creator?

  7. Gucciflute says:

    Lol Ian is so annoying in this one. He’s such a Virgin mother fucker, probably loves porn. He’s seriously shilling for porn, and ALL porn is dangerous to the brain. There’s no “good porn”. Jesus christ. Maybe watching porn once a month or every other month and strictly at that is okay, still not ideal, but watching porn every week or every day or a few times a week is NOT healthy for your brain. There’s literally no use for porn, find a real human or use your imagination, fken shut in. God. As a woman, I can tell you most women I know aren’t looking for Chads. Getting laid is not difficult if you try. Also, don’t be a degenerate and just have a bunch of casual sex.

    I wish I was there to tell Ian to shut the fuck up lol. I’ve never been annoyed with him really, maybe once or twice, but like, this is so pathetic LOOL

    • Conk says:

      “I can tell you most women I know aren’t looking for Chads. Getting laid is not difficult if you try.”

      SOEMONE didn’t watch the Fresh & Fit episode. lul

  8. GreMIO420 says:

    He talks about terms of service. Fuck off Ian

  9. GreMIO420 says:

    He talks about terms of service. Fuck of Ian

  10. GreMIO420 says:

    Ian can fuck himself

  11. BabyHulk says:

    All porn is bad.

  12. BigbubenTEN says:

    I disagree I think the old guard conservatives refuse to let anything change where as younger republicans are open to changes, but it has to make sense as well as not infringe on other peoples rights much like libertarians.

    The major difference between the 2 though is what does affect other people like open boarders.

  13. Dirty_Donkey says:

    Ignoring morals ethics and values is what led us to this degenerative society we have now.

  14. Sixthkrownking says:

    Whoa…wait a minute…isn’t this a parenting issue…parents need to be teaching and/or monitoring what your own children are exposed too. Adults need to start being adults, supposedly, your an adult at 18 years old. Why would someone allow their 16 year to be on Twitter, Twitter allows porn?

  15. BPasemko says:

    So now people aren’t allowed to go to conservative events based on their profession? Are they banning UFC fighters for promoting violence?

    In this situation, an adult goes to a conservative event, buying a VIP ticket to support the movement because they believe in it and TPUSA decides they’re NOT ALLOWED to attend said event because they have sex on camera. Who gives a shit? Your teenagers are already watching this shit, if they werent no one would be concerned about Brandi Love because the teenagers wouldn’t know who it is.

    This entire conversation is moronic. This is a SURE FIRE way to lose the culture war.

    • TRiffles304 says:

      You nailed it. Conservatives need to drop the high and mighty persona.

    • Carlosmatos93 says:

      Great point.

      Can’t wait for a couple more years when things go so far left that the butt plug monkey guy is considered right wing, and you will be advocating for the “open arms” policy and having them around kids.

  16. NoOne123 says:

    This discussion about, “should the conservatives accept a pornstar” is retarded. The right and others will CONSTANTLY make the joke that in 10 years the right will become what the left are today and then they’ll seriously propose the question above and actively consider it, essentially memeing their own joke of themselves into reality. The WHOLE reason why the right has grown as much as it has over the past few years is because they are exclusively NOT the left. Anyone arguing that the conservatives should make concessions and be more open to “everyone” joining their party without assimilating some of their principles is basically arguing that there shouldn’t be a right wing. There are principles to live up to in any ideology. If you find that you cant live up to those principles then you need to leave and find something else for yourself.

    The right, just like the left, is comprised of various factions with their own set of beliefs and personal ideologies so they wont agree on every single little thing. Another thing to consider, in reality, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can vote for whatever you want. You can call yourself a far left marxist and openly advocate for marxism but then vote exclusively in support of right wing policies. You’ll be considered an inconsistent retard but that’s your freedom to do so.

  17. says:

    Go ahead: tell teenagers they can’t jack it or have premarital sex. Wanna lose hearts and minds? Wanna lose the culture war? There’s one way to do it!

  18. Wolv256 says:

    Took some time, but looks like the video is fixed now.

  19. YellowCakeDealer says:

    This is the perfect topic for this guest. I’m half
    Joking. Y’all should have this guy more often. Very well read, doesn’t speak in platitudes, has a fresh perspective on old topics.

  20. fidelcashflow69 says:

    Libertarian OF hoe over here, and love Ian’s support of Sex Work. Sex work is real work.

    • Heimburglar says:

      I agree, I have satisfied women to shaking orgasm from the tactics I’ve seen in “real sex” tapes. There is incredibly useful information that can be learned. That being said, I have suffered from addiction due to lack of self control. A lot stemming from my inability to find palatable women in the rise of the 3rd wave feminist movement. Women’s standards are all the sudden far higher than they should be and fucking beautiful women like I used to is much harder as I’m very non materialistic and don’t impress women economically (but I’m happy economically). As women feel having more than comfort is the standard, and me having to sacrifice all my freedom just for a good looking woman (I’d even argue fat annoying women are even difficult to woo these days, they want a 7ft, 50k salary guy AT LEAST), I just lost all interest in pursuit and instead turned to porn for release. And I won’t say it hasn’t had negative consequences. But before 3rd wave, where my bank account wasn’t so important, I was having no problems at all.

  21. UppityG says:

    A Request to the Site Design Crew: the contrast between the new background (which I like) and the comment font is so minimal, I have a very difficult time reading it. Perhaps if you pick a font that has a black outline it would help. When in the compose box, the flat black background under white text works great, that’s fine. However, once the comment posts, now it rests over the rain shower aqua blue background, which the white font nearly blends in with.

    Will appreciate any consideration for my request, thanks.

  22. UppityG says:

    Really like this Corcoran guy, a very well read, well spoken and gracious source of wide serving information. I hope you invite him back when possible.

    Crossland 🤦‍♂️ No, there is no “good for you” porn (unless you mean good at getting you to shoot). YOU may have come across video of a man and a woman having what *appeared to you* to be a healthy representation of normal, nourishing sex. Would a woman your age agree if you showed it to her? “Good” is an extremely subjective term. And a normal, healthy human is not yet mature enough to begin determining that for themselves until they have reached age of majority and been out on their own to explore and discern. If they’re lucky, they will have been raised by parents who taught them not the “Insert tab A into slot B” stuff, but how to tell what’s dangerous, perverse, unhealthy, and immoral. They will have been taught how to set their own boundaries and to install guardrails to keep them or anyone else from violating the peace and comfort of their spiritual, psychic, emotional and physical home base. As an adult.

    Although, technically, you are an adult, you’re a special case.

    TPUSA is not aimed at adults and everyone knows it, including Brandi Love. She was not there to model conservative values, now was she. No, she was there to provoke and sup upon a naive and vulnerable audience. Just because she calls herself conservative doesn’t mean she actually is, as Corcoran noted. Very likely, TPUSA sells tickets that say it does not guarantee entry or easement, like all event holders sell if they don’t want to be held hostage by a provocateur who can commandeer an entire event by just buying a ticket.

    Pool, what beach are you thinking of? lol Uh, no.

  23. x503whitaker says:

    Damn. That’s fucked up. Now I wanna go fap to Brandi love

  24. CdnElJefe says:

    Ian is completely wrong about porn. There has been nothing ever shown that porn is a good thing for people. Especially kids. My close friend runs an organization that helps people overcome porn addictions. I have learned a lot about the ramifications of porn consumption.
    This also shows where Christian conservative/populism and mainstream conservative/populism diverge.

    • JRPatriot says:

      Definitely agree with you. I know firsthand how destructive and damaging porn can be. It is a horrible addiction with major withdrawal symptoms much like hard drugs tbh. Sucks when kids get into it when they are early teens, because years and years of it messes up your brain so bad.

  25. Trailblazer68 says:

    732am july 22. Video is still showing as “encoding” i was pretty interested to see what happened in this extra portion but this is day 3 that its still buggy. Just wanted to get you a heads up tim. I just finished last nights extended video on cuba so its shouldnt be a refresh issue.

  26. Finecast says:

    I’m from the year 2050, the video is still encoding.

  27. Conor says:

    Wow, the new site sucks balls.

  28. PowerNPCman5000 says:

    Can’t view the video…

    • FUCK says:

      Turning point are full of shit. they were against trump in the beginning, and only latched on to get more donations. They could care less about whose in charge as long as they are getting money.

  29. Stevoni says:

    A work around in the same vein as JiltedValkyrie’s:

    Copy the following to your clipboard:

    On a desktop Chrome browser, F12 to open the dev tools.

    Press Ctrl+F and search for “rumble_vhgfsg”

    Find the section above the first entry that says “”, right click on the line, and chose Edit as HTML

    Click inside the box so the cursor is there and press Ctrl+A to select everything and press Ctrl+V to paste the contents from above.

    Click out of the box and scroll to the top of the page to see the video.

    Note: you’ll need to do this every time you refresh.

  30. Alive1time says:

    Trying to watch on mobile… still says encoding

  31. murrat13 says:

    What’s up with the video?

  32. JiltedValkyrie says:

    If you guys want to watch the video, I figured out how to make it visible by looking at the code. Push F12 to open Dev Tools on your browser. Click on the first tag under and “Edit as HTML” and replace everything with this HTML and click out to complete the edit, then press play to begin playing the video:

  33. The consumption of porn and the number of men who are virgins increased because the feminist branch of Cultural Marxist Identitarian Progressivism poisoned relationships.

    • Heimburglar says:

      You are absolute correct. I had no trouble back in 2008 when 3rd wave wasn’t getting as much traction. But as I became more fiscally responsible (and women became less so) and as I became more attractive (and women became less so) all the sudden finding love or sex was damn near impossible. Women DESERVE a good man where as men are required to fight and sacrifice for just any woman. It’s no wonder I watch so much porn. I like my economic standing. I have a house, I have food, I have everything I could want, but it’s not enough for women. And I don’t feel I need to sacrifice majority happiness for minority happiness. For 15-40 minutes of sexual happiness followed by misery of having to deal with a bimbo idiot

  34. Wolv256 says:

    Release the encode

  35. MadmanMarines says:

    Kamala is gone and the comments are up and now but it just says waiting to encode. i left the page open overnight thinking it might load or whatever and still nothin :/

  36. Mr.NiceGuy1986 says:

    Yo, I can’t see the video? Only this one, what’s up with that?

  37. LarryCanary says:

    Sure hope this isn’t another Tim-censored episode like the one with Matt Beattie

  38. TheKarenofCOD says:

    No video. I would like to speak to your supervisor Tim.

  39. gyant says:

    Eyyy I can see comments finally but still no video.

  40. OpposableThumm says:

    Well at least there’s no ads anymore lmao

  41. Lisa Evans says:

    No video

    • UppityG says:

      Yep, as of Wed, still no video, but there are comments. Glad Crossland said so last night during the Gonzalez guest podcast. Corcoran is a very interesting dude and I’m gonna buy his books.

  42. Turk_Longwell says:

    I watched it on my phone earlier with no comments and with mad ads.
    Here is only comments.
    It’s bugs and it’ll work out.
    It better before Vaush and Kirk. lol.

  43. says:

    This links to some Harris video.

  44. Bryan_Liem says:

    I cannot see the Corcoran video, all I get is 28 seconds of the fake Vice President telling lies about voter ID being impossible for some people. Fake voters are the only voters with no ID, the only voters that can get Democrats elected in stolen election.

  45. LOLzman says:

    Is it just me or is the video not of the after show and of what’s her face talking about voter id laws and talking about a business that is gone?

  46. says:

    its silly to argue morality on things. like to say porn is objectively bad is the same as guns are bad because people die. we all know guns aren’t bad it’s the individual who uses them and their intent that determines it, so like porn it has the same philosophy as vitamin c and water. what i mean is too much it’s a detriment to your mental health like to much water or vitamin c can drown your cells or cause kidney issues.

    • Fenrir_G13 says:

      I don’t recall Vitamin C or Water being able to make an informed decision. Mental Health is not a one way road for those who endorse pornography. The question is remarkably valid in considering that morality is the basis of Law. I would love to elaborate in a deeper and more meaningful way but we are all constrained by space here.
      For a small measure of clarity; consider any addiction when talking about mental health and adverse effects of addictive substances.
      Pornography Addiction Breaking the Chains: A Workbook of Essential Tools for Recovery – by Robert V Dindinger PhD.

  47. DEANSKI says:

    I think the conservative should accept as much people as possible, however adult entertainers should not be able to be a face or be able to go to events that target people under 18

  48. Aarin81 says:

    Dang it guys now im gonna have to check this porn star chick out

  49. FireTypeTrainer says:

    In a time when we are seeing Drag Queen story hour, rainbow dildo butt monkey, children being taught how to masturbate and have anal sex, and general attempts at sexualizing children at a younger and younger age I can respect the decision they made here. Tim talks about how Republicans are losing all the time, but this was a line they drew in the sand and acted upon.

  50. Plaguen says:

    Encoding aaand, encoding aaand, encoding aaand…

  51. Robzilla333 says:

    Chrissie mayr had a podcast with Brandi love yesterday. Get the info about what happened from the source while this is still loading

  52. says:

    I understand having a problem with her job or porn in general and I respect if you think it’s wrong but she was a paying attendee and should not have been kicked out I am also hearing alot of people say it was a teen event that also is not true they were plenty of adults that were there to watch and they had bars serving drinks in the building.

  53. Poolparty512 says:

    This is either really long or something’s up w/ the encoding.

  54. Plaguen says:

    Same Cast Time Same Cast Encoding

  55. DorseyWoods says:

    Idk… do pornstars be conservative? lol.

  56. says:

    I’m here to ensure the assimilation.

  57. Kshthymyla says:

    Michael Knowles was right about this earlier today. Hope it gets mentioned.