ActualJusticeWarrior Members Podcast: 74,000 AZ Votes Have NO RECORD Of Being Mailed Out

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ActualJusticeWarrior Members Podcast: 74,000 AZ Votes Have NO RECORD Of Being Mailed Out

473 responses to “ActualJusticeWarrior Members Podcast: 74,000 AZ Votes Have NO RECORD Of Being Mailed Out”

  1. Boscoman says:

    For starters lets have a system based on the Electoral College on a state level. There is no reason large population centers should determine every state election.
    Then we can start looking at splitting up the country by political will.

  2. Growler says:

    If all the errors were for Biden then there is fraud. If it’s mixed then you can’t say anything.

  3. DevVog says:

    As an Arizona resident, born and raised, this is a disgustingly blantent example of the “reinforcement” of the election. Makes me sad. As a 20 yo, how am I supposed have any hope of building a life in a country that’d persecute, exile, or kill me for my political affiliation. Glad I have lots of boolets. Hope yall have a good day 👍

  4. Orion1632 says:

    republicans have got to learn that the game has changed, instead of putting money into campaigning for votes, they have to do what Biden did and put money into making votes and counting more votes.

  5. Orion1632 says:

    even if the president doesn’t change, what should happen from this audit:

    1) arrest somebody already for fraud
    2) fix the system so that it doesn’t happen again

  6. says:

    Going back in time and killing Hitler is how the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series started!

  7. Pdievendorf3rd says:

    First Time lister here but I’ve been watching off Youtube. Breath of rest air and Not afraid to use my real name here, Tim you rock and can wait to watch this all grow.

    • Nukethecross says:

      YouTube has started banning accounts that comment on Tim’s videos. Just as he is not allowed to say certain things because will get banned. If you comment something they don’t like you will get the email I got yesterday saying your account has been banned.

    • Nukethecross says:

      YouTube has started banning accounts that comment on Tim’s videos. Choose your words carefully people

  8. MadZac says:

    As Tim said.. “that was fuckin awesome”

  9. Magster73 says:

    I didn’t have any trust in Biden’s abilities before he was elected. Tim, you said if the American people lose faith in their government, the Chinese will take over. Well, isn’t that what the Democrats are ding right now? They are PUSHING COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST ideals! Why do you think the White House REFUSES to say that Communism/Socialism is bad? Because that would be saying HALF of the Democrat party is bad! And that HALF is already bought out by the CCP. So I say Ian is kinda right. It’s the CCP that ALREADY conquered the USA. Not the MIC.

  10. Locke-n-Paine says:

    There is no such thing as a peaceful divorce when disputed assets are involved….

  11. CitizenSe7en says:

    The problem is that the US Constitution doesn’t provide a mechanism to correct an election if it’s found to be fraudulent and the wrong person won. And forget the Supreme Court, as they’ve already shown they won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.
    The audits DO matter, however. The States involved can change their election laws so that it won’t happen again.

  12. Locke-n-Paine says:

    The poll workers who fudged these tally cards need to be investigated to see if they were among the ones “recruited” by the cabal that was discussed in the infamous Time article.

    And I personally want Trump to have won, but I’m still rational enough to want the objective truth to matter more than my individual preference. I genuinely want to know what the numbers say if you only count the votes that were cast legally, constitutionally, and validly. An unassailable election process is what matters most. They should audit every single county for every election, every time. Airtight elections are critical.

  13. Killua7 says:

    If there is no political want for war why are all these people buying guns and ammo like crazy?

  14. Bikerbob59 says:

    Dude your a beast. That is why you get the big bucks.

  15. A.J. says:

    I have some fun theories on time travel. But let’s look at the killing baby Hitler scenario and assume it has alterations to your timeline rather than going with the multiverse branching timelines theories.

    Now assume you kill baby Hitler. Ok, removed. Someone else takes his place and things continue. Let’s assume this person also rises Nazi Germany to power and engages the same sort of wars. But this time, unlike Hitler, he doesn’t waste a vast number of troops by marching them into a Russian winter. Instead, he reinforces his western front and repels the Normandy invasion before pushing further into Europe. That’s just one of many ways that could play out.

    Myself, I feel like in my own theory, if you were to time travel, maybe you can ride the timeline as long as you don’t interfere with anything. As long as the timeline is untouched, you can go from your time to any point in the past and just observe history. Almost like a time traveling tourist historian.

    Now assume you make a change. You alter some event that has some sort of major impact. The moment you do that you’ve created a branching timeline that you are now locked in. You can’t get back to your own timeline as it’s now your past. And by altering that event, it’s locked you into the new timeline. And when you ride back to the future, you instead ride this parallel timeline you’ve created next to yours back to your new future, forever lost to your original timeline, which is still going on, you just can’t get back there. Your new timeline is now evolved to include whatever you’ve changed. For better or worse.

    Just one theory.

    • Wolv256 says:

      How about instead of going back and killing baby hitler, you go back and stop Hitler’s dad from banging Hitler’s mother? Or is that also immoral cause it’s against guy code?

  16. Wolv256 says:

    Biden is not my president and I do not bend the knee.

  17. SwagyPotatoes says:

    When will people realize that we need to down size the federal government and focus more on local government. Your state and towns will always better represent you better than a government operating hundreds to thousands of miles away. That was a big reason why we fought the first revolution and it could be why we fight another war. I hope people smarten up and start to vote for less federal power but I’m not optimistic. I’m praying for a solution, but I’ll be preparing for the worst. Balkanization is a solution, but it be a violent and horrific change. I don’t know what the best option would be, stay safe everyone.

  18. BasedBitch says:

    they fucking cheated…period

  19. A.J. says:

    Tim, love ya man. But I do have to disagree with you hard on it not changing anything. If some shady crap happened, we can’t fix it if we don’t know what was broken. And whether it was careless handling, corruption, or manipulation, we need to know and we need to fix it. If they do nothing, this problem is left to fester to whatever end.

    You’re right. There’s a lot of propaganda and rallying going on here. But we need to fix what if anything that’s wrong here. And right now it’s pretty clear that something is wrong. Is it corruption or carelessness? You won’t know without getting into it. But I assume nothing, and when it comes to power hungry people, I also assume nothing is off limits to many of them when it comes to keeping that power.

  20. UppityG says:

    Pool, your inner pedant ran riot tonight. The whole “that’s not a number” exchange was cringe. Yes, you are good at spotting trends before a lot of others, but don’t let that corrupt you.

  21. Mortal_42 says:

    If you wanted to go back in time and prevent every authoritarian ideology of the 21st century (including Nazism and Fascism), all you have to do is go back and kill baby Karl Marx. Problem solved.

  22. AshleyMarie says:

    Isn’t there a way to block the trolls from infiltrating behind the paywall AT LEAST!? It’s bad enough they make it unbearable to participate in the livestream chat on a nightly basis, now they are actually paying Tim and the crew to troll the site now. It’s pathetic.🖕🏻

  23. matguerra says:


  24. QuantumCool says:

    I spent time figuring out how to create “regional” government. I’ve worked this out and a large variety of other issues. I call it districts.

  25. matguerra says:


  26. Johnli says:

    The only thing I can think of to give more access to voting is letting people living outside the US to vote for president. When this happens quote me.

  27. MikeH says:

    So when we are living in a country with a “one-chicken” policy, and the air we breathe is no longer free, will Tim still cry-out for Dave Smith and DeSantis for 2024? Liz and Ian smack the baldy’s head!! Yes Tim, David Smith! How’s that gonna work for you without free and fair elections. Fresh n Fit got it right! We are over the cliff already!

  28. WhiteCoyoteSpeaks says:

    I believe we are in grave times. The Federal Government does not present and has proven to Nullify it’s Legitemency. I have called my State Governor to petition him to Nullify all Federal Laws and Elements in my State.

  29. BIGDOGDAD says:

    Dominion is just another D-word that’s come up in election fraud. Have we forgot about the Diebold voting machines.

  30. Strangerthanyouthink says:

    I love Tim pool but dislike his arrogance. C’est la vie.

    • vplan says:

      Tim is like a 2 year old. People that committed the crime MUST go to jail. Without the audit you can’t tell who is doing the crime. What is wrong with Tim????? I am about 2 min to stop watching him… since he doesn’t understand basics…

  31. TheDistantSun says:

    I think every state needs an audit, regardless who won that state. If this is happening in one place, it’s almost for sure happening in other places.

  32. Wolv256 says:

    Hang all Democrats for treason. String them up on crosses every mile, like Khaleesi did to the slavers on Game of Thrones. Make an example of them. This is not hyperbole, they are are traitors to this country.

    There is no peaceful divorce, no civil war. We are right, they are wrong and treasonous, and they should be dealt with. No compromise, no giving an inch, just hold them accountable.


    • deplorablewhitesupremacist says:

      While I agree they are wrong and we are right, you sound just like them when you type things like that…just saying.

      • Wolv256 says:

        No, I sound right and they sound wrong. I have the truth and critical thinking on my side. I reject the comparison and true Patriots need to stand up and be men.

  33. DavidM says:

    At 16:20. Just around 41,000 votes. This was the number deemed necessary to STEAL the election. Everyone of those votes were in states where they stopped counting in the early morning hours of November 4th. It’s complete and utter election fraud. Trump was never supposed to win in 2016. These motherfuckers that hate Trump so much didn’t care about how much they had to push asshole Biden over the top. To these traitors, that should be sentenced to death, it’s all plausible deniability.

  34. CryptoZack says:

    Repeal the Following Amendments:

    16th – Income Tax – Let the burden fall on the States, we should have inverse taxation. The State gets to levy higher rates rather than the Feds. Hold elected State officials accountable.
    17th – Direct votes for Senators – Have the State Congress elect their own Senators. The caucus system at the local level is probably the best.

    Amend the 13th Amendment to remove the texts “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted..”. This portion of section one is what Kanye was talking about.

    Fortify the 2nd Amendment – Even if there needs to be a second section added that defines “the right to bear arms”.

    My 2 cents…. 🙂

  35. joea says:

    Yeah, Tim talked too much this episode

  36. ButtonPuncher says:

    2024 Trump’s HR1, the REAL voter integrity bill. Paper Ballots, in-person, WITH voter ID, and standardized voting times. No mail in ballots, no ballot harvesting. No 24 hour voting 2 months in advance bullcrap.

  37. AmericaFirst says:

    27:56 mark – the uncomfortable face of the kid at the dinner table while Mama and Dada are having a huge awkward argument

    Seriously Tim – you wasted your guests time with this episode and segment.
    Pathetic. We want to hear AJW, not you smack down Ian’s ideas because they’re not *exaxtly* what you want him to be saying.

  38. ElijahFrye says:

    Yup ill be getting a few morw rifles and alot more ammo cause i fear violent actions will be pushed to the point of no return… when you have no peaceful way to solve your probelms you only have violent ones

  39. AmericaFirst says:

    Omg Tim shut the fuck up

    From 22:00 minute mark – he literally gets ANGRY yelling at his guest and Ian because they have different opinions….
    “You’re wrong!” Jeez Tim

    What is the point of having multiple people on your show, if when they try to explain their opinions you just yell over them and tell them they’re wrong !! ?

    Just sit in a room by yourself and listen to yourself talk Tim – since that’s clearly your favorite thing.

    I’m ONLY here for the guests. Wish Tim wasn’t even on the show

    • Fenrir_G13 says:

      Thanks for expressing your opinions. However, in keeping discourse open I must disagree with the sentiment in your post. You assessment of yelling is hyperbole at best and discussion leading to debate it critical to keeping the republic operating.

    • deplorablewhitesupremacist says:

      What is it like to pay money to hate watch a show?
      Genuinely curious.

  40. alcrawford says:

    this video won’t stop encoding and I can’t watch it is this happening to anyone else?

  41. CavScout says:

    It’s NOT the military Ian. They just lobby hard.

    The people in charge are the shadow cabal of elites. Big Banking, Big Finance (worldwide).

  42. BladeMcCool says:

    texas and florida should seize the military, air force and navy assets that are in their territory. and do it in a way that the service members on those bases are oblivious to the change of ownership.

  43. Jjswhite2 says:

    Btw you need to have Robert Barnes or Rich Baris on the show they would be able to explain all of it better

  44. Bishop says:

    Wondering if the audit results would have an impact on gambling on the election?

  45. Jjswhite2 says:

    If you can prove the fraud you can prevent it from happening in the future, stymie the current agenda, empower the states to take action to protect the people. Government power is only limited by the knowledge and informed citizens. Without the truth the government can do whatever they want. Trump was a threat because he stopped the ability of politicians to grift from special interests groups. There was the pushback from every institution because he stopped the grift. He was such a threat they mobilized everything they could to stop him from getting a second term from getting institutions to hide behind made up things like standing, circumvent current laws, collude to hide information. They sued him over everything he did can you imagine what the country could’ve looked like had he been able to actually govern without the impediments he had from the corrupt state actors. The people were manipulated through the media and the deep state to believe the lie that the government is still of, for, and by the people even though you can clearly see the truth if you looked.

  46. mcalliso251 says:

    good stuff

  47. Zachhernan says:

    Tim was disgusting this episode. AJW is one of my favorite content creators and I was so excited for this episode. Tim came off as a know it all prick

    • AmericaFirst says:

      I agree with this 100%. You worded it perfectly

      It s like Tim’s EGO was threatened from AJW because AJW is well researched on these issues – he does way deeper dives than Tim into details.
      So Tim has to constantly disagree with him and keep cutting him off.

      I wouldn’t blame AJW if he never came back on the show after the way Tim treated him.

      Tim should seriously watch back some episodes from time to time to see how his behavior comes across and is SUPER obvious to the audience !

  48. Nichole says:

    Clark county Nevada put covid positive patiences in with unhealthy elderly in rehabilitation centers causing many to die. People tried to stand up to stop it and they were pushed out of the company and told they couldn’t do anything about it.

  49. Glothr says:

    Tim’s explanation of how the states splitting up will have stuff like vaccination passport’s as a requirement to enter is plausible but I think he’s missing a big point: money. Those states would be losing on SO much business that they’d start to feel it and question their restrictions. Meanwhile, states like Florida and Texas will be flourishing and growing while not having such restrictions.

  50. jclampett says:

    Fat Guy in a Barca Lounger 2024! “Fuck that guy!”

  51. Nichole says:

    I know for fact that in Clark county Nevada that for sure one person never received their voting ballot in the mail. They contacted the post office and the post office said they couldn’t track the ballot. How can they not track a ballot when they can track a package across country but can’t track with in the county? Fraud!!!! That means the post office is in on it also.

  52. thekansascitian says:

    There is no legal recourse for election theft at this stage that doesn’t result in more turmoil for the nation. What the GOP should be doing is organizing in the democrat controlled swing districts and get GOP voters to work these polling locations, work the vote counts, and serve as a deterrent by just being there. Hell, do it undercover and film Veritas style if you have too, but just being poll watchers is not enough. You need to be working there and in the mix.

  53. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    Number 1: trump won , based on covid propaganda , mass unsolicited mail in ballots , and the mass “you can’t question ‘ reeee ! Really ? After the last election ? Gtfo .
    Number 2 : time travel , while I don’t believe it , Dragonball super shows the theory of changing the past affecting the future and multiverse timeline .
    Number 3 : youtube is gay and this conversation should be allowed .

  54. reychal says:

    Why is nobody talking about this? This short recording completely explains why we don’t have legitimate elections, everything is a front. They are ALL on the take and compromised. Tim should do some investigation on this.

  55. dpheitz says:

    Thank you Tim and company. Great conversation. Another great show. 74,000 extra votes. That’s nuts. I was really hoping that they would justify the AZ results. Election integrity is core to the republic. I have flown the flag of the United States on my house since the 1980s. But after this last election, I took it down. It stands for the republic, and right now I question if we are a republic or just a plutocratic oligarchy. I suspect we always have been an oligarchy with a republic veneer. Today they don’t care and are just stripping away the veneer. I am concerned about what is going to happen next. God be with us all.

  56. kelceywhite says:

    Ian needs to watch Mr. Robot if he hasn’t already.

  57. prcntm says:

    What I have noticed most regarding Biden and Harris is that they do not treat the Presidency and Vice Presidency like offices of elected officials. They treat them more like seats of royalty. They aren’t working with the other branches of government to develop laws and policies that benefit the American people. Instead they are issuing Executive Orders and edicts that they *believe* will benefit the American people *because* it will benefit them personally. I sincerely hope our system is still strong enough to survive such people in office. The mentality and actions they are taking (in my opinion) are the exact reason we have elections every 4 years and why we solidified a 2 term limit on the Presidency. We can’t have people like this stay in power for long periods of time or we end up looking more like North Korea or the Soviet Union (really just pick a disastrous historical reference here).

    • says:

      Yes, please. Do it with a real historian too. It drives me wild to listen to the way off base comments many of them make on history.

  58. EnderN7 says:

    If only you fucking idiots would research Fascism, National Socialism, and both Hitler and Mussolini, everything we are dealing with was warned by them directly, this is the same fight and mouth breathers like yall are making sure they finish the job against us

  59. selfawareluggage says:

    I usually don’t like Ian’s takes but he’s right on this one. It’s all a global cabal. Tim just has to be right every single time and it’s pretty clear a nerve was struck here.

  60. AmericaFirst says:

    Tim was extremely rude and contrarian with Actual Justice Warrior BECAUSE AJW researches better and knows more.
    Tim instantly could perceive this and keeps cutting him off and disagreeing just to overpower his guest.

    Pathetic Tim. Get your ego in check !! It’s RUINING THE SHOW

    I’m tempted to make a montage of all the Tim Ego Moments and throw it on YouTube so he can see and hear himself clearly !!!!

  61. Jeramiah95 says:

    I’m sorry but Ian drives me nuts with some of his far left field comments an opinions especially when its about history I’ve studied a lot of history from the ancient civilization of Suma and Arkkad to today he gets a lot of errors in my opinion when comes to ancient Rome he mixes the Republic Era an Empire Era up.
    Start a real history show, have American History hour.
    Then world history hour
    Then ancient history hour
    History is important especially when we want kids to know true history not 1619 fake propaganda history

    • prcntm says:

      I think the most interesting thing about the way we teach history is that we teach it as if all the events that happened are linear. Like everything happened in one big line and events lined up one after the other waiting for their turn. We learn Egyptian history as one of the first civilizations ever to emerge on the planet and that makes literally anything from Egyptian history seem far away and disconnected from anything else. We learn Roman history and it takes us all the way to the freaking Dark Ages which started roughly around 476 AD. So it usually comes as a surprise when Cleopatra and Ceasar were alive at the same time and even met each other. The way we learn history makes Egyptian and Roman culture seem temporally disconnected, but that’s not actually the case. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to this. I personally learned history where the topics of discussion were separated by culture. We learned about all the Egyptians and everything they did front to back, THEN we learned about the Romans and everything they did. We didn’t learn about them side by side. Perhaps a beginning of a solution would be to learn about history chronologically. Rather than teaching it by culture, we teach it by decade, or century. That way the events that seem disconnected don’t seem so far apart.

  62. dalarki says:

    I love Tim, I love his videos and I love the podcast. But man, does it ever get old just hearing him say the same things over and over and over again. It’s like watching the same conversation again and again. C’mon man. Just have a different conversation. Stop just repeating yourself!

  63. Jewelz1313 says:

    Dude, I just googled “hearing on election audit in Maricopa county and the first thing that popped up was
    “Top stories
    Was that a Senate hearing on Arizona’s election audit or a Trump infomercial? ”

  64. dalarki says:

    This won’t lead to much other than folks that didn’t believe Trump will vote for him next time around. Tim’s being a little to excited.

  65. PolishPierogi says:

    I’m going to go out a limb here and say people want to get to the bottom of this shit. Almost 400 fucking comments and I just woke up… time to tune-in.

  66. jod919 says:

    Biden: Execute order 66.

  67. D2FL says:

    Jeez, Tim you were very rude to your guest today. Cringeworthy, even.

    • JoshuaRipp says:

      I gotta say, this was a super awkward episode. AJW was trying to reel Tim in, but he came off as unhinged cutting him off each time he saw something that was not exactly how Tim was portraying it. Then he ended the episode abruptly. Just speculation, but Tim clearly sensed he was suddenly out of his element and was able to get the reaction out of Tim that he wanted. That was kind of scary. We kind of saw a possibility of Tim’s true colors for a moment. I hope he reflects on how he responded to this guest and reels himself back. You can point out how the world is on fire without freaking everyone out.

    • matguerra says:


  68. The_Chungus says:

    Im sick of the build up, im ready for the fight to fuckimg start

  69. JPfaff1028 says:

    Patriots. We’re being labeled Domestic Terrorists, we have to think of optics to win the battle for the US Republic. Look what Dems did to blacks in the South and a big reason the “Freedom Riders” gained the support of the public via civil disobedience, they sat down peacefully, attacked by dogs, water hoses & botons. It would be impossible for the Domestic Terror narrative to stick if we adopted those rules of engagement for protest and vigilantly adhere to them

  70. Freedomluvr says:

    Its kinda annoying how tim just absolutely is always correct. Like wake up what ian is saying is correct. What was ww2? The war to end wars. It created the un. Who now is nwo on us. Who else like nwo? Every rich person! It is a conspiracy but its real. Wake tf up

  71. John_Beart says:

    Thanks Tim and Gang. Great work as usual. Thankyou for your efforts. 😁👍🖖❤️🙏

  72. Bryan_Liem says:

    An important outcome of exposing the fake Biden win is that it makes it harder to continue the suspicious voting techniques. I think the Demokkkrats cannot win most offices without fake votes, that’s why they desire no accounting ability, no audit ability, because those safeguards reveal the felony cheating. Who cares? Trump would have deducted our COVID-19 pandemic spending from our National Debt owed to China. China would not be poised to takeover the planet, with an eager and zealous US government fighting all dissenters against China. The Biden administration is using Communist tyranny tactics against our own citizens! Can we still think it doesn’t really matter who is in charge? Trump would be making the USA stronger and greater right now. Instead, we have Biden making the US weaker, persecuting half the citizens, and paving the way for the USA to become weaker, so Communist countries can rule the planet. You better fear a Communist planet. Nobody is safe without a Trump styled USA. The truth makes us free, not fake elections.

  73. Ryfar says:

    I just got over covid I definitely got it from someone who was vaccinated and it definitely wasn’t the delta variant

  74. LDKnott says:

    If you want a extremely weak Federal Government, then the ultimate solution is to become a Confederacy.

  75. LDKnott says:

    If you want a extremely weak Federal Government, then the ultimate solution is to become a Confederacy.

  76. JustinM says:

    You missed the point. The point of the audits is to identify precisely the gaps and venues for fraud, prove that it happened, and use that to pass better voting laws which prioritize security and integrity. This is to ensure that we don’t elect a houseplant as President again via questionable voting.

  77. says:

    Guest is correct..fraud only needed to happen in 6 counties

  78. says:

    I listened to my brother bitch, gripe, and complain about some military industrial complex and a nebulous group of central bankers who are, apparently, unidentifiable for the last 30 years. All the way up to the point where he died of a heart attack just before age 58. He was so wrapped up in it that the only real memories I have to show for the time basically involve a running argument. Nice.

    You can’t really focus on improving your life if you spend all your time preparing for someone else to fuck with it.

    • tiki_smash says:

      Seems like he cared a lot more about the future of the country & the next generations than you ever did. Maybe you can remember to wake up & realize what’s happening in the world, that will be your brother’s memory; honor him…

  79. c0de6349 says:

    we just need proof… irrefutable get people off their ass proof… dems have been telegraphing the cheat since biden started signing hundreds of executive orders like they were on the clock.

  80. MadManTV says:

    Ian will never get through to Tim. Ian is absolutely right about the global cabal.

  81. GreenZer says:

    Told you So! Trump Won!

  82. AlexKil says:

    Tim is contrarian to a fault. It’s extremely irritating. It’s like a toddler that learned the word “no” and wants to insert it into every interaction.

  83. BritMike says:

    Nothing About This Story On DAILYMAIL.COM ….Skin In The Game?

  84. Dmills says:

    Honestly it was a breath of fresh air for tim to have someone on that isn’t an absolute alarmist. I think Tim is going nuts just like the rest of us and while we absolutely should be worried and fight back. I don’t think we should live with this constant sense of foreboding, but instead we should be hopeful and resistant.

    • Orourke says:

      Ian is a little thick sometimes. I love the guy but he seems confused

    • RadDeplorable919 says:

      Dmills, being hopeful and resistant is exactly how we ended up here. As Tim says, the right just tells the democrats and the left to slow down now and not actually fight for anything or be for anything. We have ourselves to blame for not fighting back. We must stand up and fight back!

    • Jeremy says:

      I agree with the alarmism. But you can’t fight the leftists urgency with the old school republicans tactics. We need to establish a sense of urgency amongst populists to combat the urgency of the establishment. Otherwise we will miss the chance to defend our rights.

  85. ShaunESprayz says:

    Why has no one tried to get the cancelers canceled. We can’t dig up anything on these rich technocrats. These guys have life’s as well, do they live squeaky clean? I highly doubt it. Something needs to happen all the lies all the secret must stop. People want to like each other I see it everyday in my life. Let’s stop the bullshit cause the world always watches us. Soon we will look very weak and other countries might want to test a weak, unassuming and self involved country

  86. Bruce755 says:

    Lol, are we still pretending that the election wasn’t blatantly stolen? They basically admit to it, and don’t care.

  87. says:

    My fear isn’t what happens when ironclad proof comes out proving Trump won. My fear is how the dems counter to prevent everyone from finding out

  88. Mbutler says:

    Faucian Bargain it’s definitely a cult

  89. VeganSausage says:

    45 minutes of Tim Pool contradicting himself from on high with the self awareness of an amoeoba. Gold!

  90. Jman0404 says:

    I hate to say it, but China is going to take over a lot of places and we are going have let them… Surrendering these nations might be the only way to keep them out of our homeland and avoid world war… I don’t know… I’m just an idiot on a keyboard…

  91. Claymore says:

    How do we fix it?
    Would you have enough trust for an American Putin?

    And to put a direction in Ian’s previous question of how to get rid of money?
    When you get a job you sign a “employment contract”.

    First time here, hello all.

  92. drakedeity says:

    There has never been and never will be a genuine peaceful separation or peaceful divorce of a nation. There are too many violent people, too many greedy people, too many prideful people, ON BOTH SIDES OF EVERY CONFLICT. I could go on but im tired and im going to bed. Love you friends goodnight.

    • Deacon says:

      actually czechoslovakia did split peacefully, but that is definitely an exception and not the rule

    • Fifth says:

      There’s a VERY BIG elephant in the room — Soviet Union, the biggest country in the world at that time, broke up into 15 different independent countries. Most of those broke off without any human casualties and definitely no civil war.
      Yes, it is quite possible. Doesn’t mean it will go that way with US.

  93. Tyler_Roe says:

    The US is barreling towards hot conflict and I honestly can’t wait for it. It’s about time to stack some statist bodies. Weak men created hard times and the strong men are fed up. These Twitter tantrum tankies are NOT prepared to face millions of people ready to die on their feet. Civil war is in motion

  94. ToddHollins says:

    False power is not true power.

  95. Jcornman24 says:

    If California locks down again, average people won’t stand for it, I’ll lose my job before I put a mask on again and my job can’t afford to fire me so good luck

  96. DrewishAF says:

    It’s funny, Tim talks about the way that people are basically being manipulated to get the vaccine via fear mongering. Yet he fell into the narrative the media is spreading saying the vaccine is ineffective against one of these supposed “new strains” (aka Delta variant.)
    If you can see that the media has been lying and making people fearful to gain compliance, then you should be able to easily identify the hype tactic they are using here to drum up more panic which gives the government more leeway to further clamp down.
    However, I will say that I actually do agree that the vax is ineffective against the Delta. Because the vax is basically unnecessary for a vast majority of the population anyway. It is awfully convenient that some new, more resilient version of the virus (which just happens to defeat the vaccine that they promised would let us get back to normal; yeah right) just so happens to pop up as soon as the country starts to move forward.

  97. Jake.Weisert says:

    I live in the Sf Bay Area in California and all through my 20 years of life and my family I had to hide our conservative Identity so my family could maintain a living. I love my state because it is beautiful and all I have known, but I can’t justify living here anymore with the increasingly nonsensical policies destroying everything. I plan on leaving in the next few months but it is not going to be as simple for everyone. What will happen if we peacefully separate and conservative area bar people from liberal area or vise versa. I know that if you travel a few miles outside any urban population the politics and culture drastically changes. Many people will become stuck which will soon reach a similar boiling point. We need to be very careful.

  98. ShadowsGleam says:

    I’m investing in marshmallows and sticks so that when everything starts to burn I’ll have something to make it seem less bad.

  99. AndyfromWrexham says:

    There are many things wrong in Britain but we do run our elections well. No computers. We vote on slips of paper that never leave the custody of several independent observers and are hand counted and watched over by interested parties and ordinary people plus media and it’s done on camera and livestreamed. Plus you can just turn up to the count. There are occasionally shenanigans but it involves coercing certain ‘diverse’ communities to vote a certain way. The way we count votes is proven. Old fashioned with bits of paper and human hands and people watching every step.

  100. BritMike says:

    Google,Facebook,Twitter-In China’s Pocket.

  101. PhatPhingers says:

    Imagine how I feel Tim- listening to 4 hours of podcasts a day.

  102. TCappo3 says:

    Peaceful divorce? Really Tim? Don’t let Malice’s charisma overpower your common sense. There is no way the powers that be will let that happen. There’s too much money at stake. You really believe that the most power hungry group to ever occupy the Government will just decide to cede power to a ragtag group of states. Wrong. Biden was serious when he said nukes and f15s. These people hate us. Truly hate us.

  103. Wootdoo4u says:

    I’ve always loved the movie minority report. I do not love that we are moving closer to this. The establishment thinks they know what everyone is thinking. They always tell us how we believe. They say they know our intentions. However unlike minority report this isn’t precognition, it’s delusional psycho babble. The announcement today that the governments working with social media like come on, we all need to stand together and file a class action lawsuit agianst all of these people. We need you Tim, James okeef, Trump himself. Every man and woman who has been wrongly silenced. We gotta do somethings before the bloods in the streets

  104. Guitartommy5150 says:

    When the first state legislator stood up to contest the certification on 1/6 what happened? That Capitol was ‘breached’. What do you think the Dems have up their sleeves for actually getting caught? Maybe that’s why Blinken is trying to get the UN into America pronto…that fetid cunt Pelosi had tried to do that twice in the past year herself.

  105. Deadearth0 says:

    It’s not the military industrial complex, look into the FBI.
    Mr. Regan did a segment on this, get Mr. Regan on the show!

  106. themilkman says:

    tim, sometimes it feels like you shut down your guests and they become more reserved (at least for a portion of the show) and maybe you can reflect on that

    good luck you guys! keep doing what you’re doing

  107. megaresp says:

    Remember when free speech was inalienable rather than a gift bestowed by Susan Wojcicki?

  108. Danielwilliams87 says:

    Good news only 3 years 6 months and 22 days of the former vice-president biden’s administration left… considering how fast the escalation of the decline has happened so far…. we are screwed. Love ya Tim and all of the cast, and people behind the scenes. I may not agree with ya all the time but you do great work.

  109. brettonmaybee says:

    I’ve been working and eating out in LA all week; if there is a new mask mandate, nobody is following it. Careful Tim, country living paranoia is a real thing, and I watched it destroy my family in the 90s. In spite of that, I appreciate your dedication and conviction to the truth. Being a diligent news junkie is a noble enterprise, just be careful to not let your insolation comfort drive you into the void of cynical self-righteous madness.

  110. yamyule says:

    It’s simple…there are two different moral value systems and they’re fighting to see who will win America. It’s religious war. Both sides think they’re morally superior. Only one can win. We will see in time.

  111. Bigdog69 says:

    I live in Portland,Oregon which is hard core liberal, but Oregon is NOT going hard for the vaccine passport. There are many middle & upper class white liberals that talk about it, but they’re still a vocal minority. That might change if the variants cause a rise in infections though.

  112. CofresiPirata says:

    When the state tell you that you can’t enter the state without a passport the answer should be “Ok, your not getting any paper”.

  113. BennyQ83 says:

    The covid vaccines won’t work for ANY variants. Delta is not deadly, it is more contagious though. There is info out there from doctors who are heavily involved with vaccine creation and have said the pfizer one in particular only works on one strain of the virus, it also stops your body being able to defend against others so you’ll need boosters all the time to stay alive. I’ll pass…

  114. Sekur says:

    Agree with Tim on blue states locking down again, and the citizens will ask for it.

    I work in the bay area, and we’re still remote scheduled to go back to the office in September. Many of my co-workers are calling for the company to push back the date because they fear the delta variant, and they fear with kids going back to school, their kids will start spreading it…which is weird cus I thought vaccines worked.

    The state lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated people, but still, when I go out on my morning walk and I walk by someone, when they see me coming towards them, they put on a mask. People here are still scared…it’s really sad to see.

    The week the state lifted the mask mandate, at our company meeting, one of our execs was saying he went to Target the day before and was literally shaking before going in because he didn’t know how to feel about some people, who are fully vaccinated, not wearing mask.

    The cooperate media has brain washed these people.

  115. Medgarjr says:

    Henry Tandey, a highly decorated British soldier in WWI spared a wounded Corporal Adolf Hitler

  116. JerseyArsenal says:

    Not going to lie peaceful divorce would still suck but I think far fewer people are supportive of this direction as you said more democrats support the flag this year than the last 2. People are tired of socialism talks and Gen Z is slightly more conservative. People in power now are foaming at the mouth to hold on but just like gamers who were being blamed by old politicians that it causes violence. the argument is over basically because the people that believed it are gone and the next generation will take over. Now maybe the belief that indoctrinated youth and trying to bring back racism and segregation might obscure the youth now but we can’t tell if the Gen z is faking cuz its major companies and social media is running it right now or if they are fully believing what is being told to them. It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure a major science institute said earth is past the point of fixing for greenhouse gas and no fixing it. So I don’t feel like I’d believe 2040 is the end of society. But I’m not an MIT researcher either.

  117. Steezymac23 says:

    I would say that the Military Industrial Complex was holding us together as a country. All their pro America propaganda. I’D rather have MIC than BLM

  118. reformedgal says:

    I haven’t been one to quickly buy into every accusation of fraud, but at this point, there’s too many discrepancies to not take a serious look. I do think Matt Braynard has done some good work on election fraud too.
    The problem is the media is gaslighting anyone that thinks there’s fraud and many Americans are buying into the narrative and contributing to the gaslighting. Including people in my family and some of my friends. Even if fraud is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, I don’t think the left will ever recognize it.
    I mentioned Timcast to an extreme left family member, he said, “I could tell you bad stuff about him” You know what it ultimately was? Anyone that strays from the tribe and the acceptable narrative is a bad person.

  119. Toad says:

    Stackin ammo

  120. Goatoverland says:

    Love everything about this show, except as usual Ian is babbling nonsense while not listening when he doesn’t know anything he’s talking about.

  121. Mercin1988 says:

    Aaron Lewis am I the only one is a must listen

  122. Sbierman says:

    I have an issue with assuming that China would effectively conquer the dirt that is currently called the United States. The basis of the “American Spirit” is still part of the quiet majority of the population. Invading after the balkanization of the US would turn into a slogging quagmire for any group that decided to invade and conquer the dirt. While studying the Ancients is useful, it is not really effective in understanding the modern conflict that would be invading the the broken up US. A much better understanding of what it takes to militarily conquer the a balkanized US would be to compare it to events the actual Balkans in the 90’s or the tribal areas of the middle east over the last 2 decades. Then throw in the fact that the current government would likely lose control of many of the military assets during the internal conflict that ensued during balkanization. It would honestly take a foot by foot, door by door slog eating up casualties the entire time. While China is able to throw bodies at it, I am incredibly doubtful that even the authority state would be capable of wasting that much life without the internal population revolting, but this could be my lack of understanding of the culture of the actual people of China. The heads of the CCP are much too intelligent to risk the control they have amassed in the folly that would be a physical invasion of this chunk of dirt.
    The much more likely option for them would be to assume the role the US currently has been holding throughout the world for the last roughly 40 years as the sole “Big Guy on the Block”, and throwing their weight around focusing the efforts primarily in their own immediate sphere of influence, ala’ the US in the Banana Republic Wars of the early 20th Century. The eventual goal (100 year timeline) being to be able to exert cultural influence in much the same manner as the US did throughout the tail end of the 20th and early 21st Centuries. While the influence exerted would be much more Authoritarian, it would likely be in the same manner that the US has used to include aide, trade agreements, and exported culture to sway the distant and difficult cultures to conquer militarily to acquiesce to the will of the Chinese government.
    The sum being that the “Federation of American Countries” would have similar global power and authority throughout the world as the former Warsaw Pact nations now hold. And while this is a much lower “global power position” than the US has had for over a century, it is not “scrubbing CCP toilets”.
    Also I take the title of Longest TimCast Comment ever. Of all time.

  123. Koko says:

    Now that bio weapons are in the equation anything could happen. They could release an airborne pathogen and have the vaccine be a cure, only to kill you a few years later, etc. Following rhetoric on a case by case basis will lead to hell, just like Jones said.

  124. FergusonRage says:

    Crowder didn’t mess up.

    He made the video, and then the address was “updated” on a day that is not the standard date to update records.

    Oh, and the updated address was also not the residence.

  125. ajr5244 says:

    So glad I became a member to listen to Tim further yell at Ian. You dudes need to save the arguing for off air, this is horrible to listen to.

  126. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    I think there are parallels to be drawn between the federal government in the US and the European Union in terms of state’s willingness to go along with their orders. COVID has really pushed some states to the limit and they just want autonomy.

  127. lettergram says:

    They can easily replace senators and representatives. A single county in AZ or GA can push the senate to the right. A handful of counties can move the house.

    Perhaps Trump cannot get back in, the balance of power would be restored.

  128. Juliana says:

    I feel like a massive problem is giving kids phones and access to internet. We had an entire generation that grew up before parental controls were available. The shit that was pushed onto my generation as kids opened the doorway for them to do what they’re doing today: indoctrination. That’s why you have a bunch of fucking teens running around thinking socialism is great. I think if we find ourselves in a “peaceful divorce” Texas will be the DC of the South. It will be a hard awakening when the little socialist kids realize they can’t send other peoples’ kids to fight a war for them; they themselves must do actual work.

    • Booster71 says:

      I’m a Gen Xer. My politics are center right. I voted for Trump in 2020 because after watching the mainstream media and Democrat politicians do anything they could to smear Trump AND his base. Yet they remained fired up. It’s obvious this election was stolen from the American people based on lies. The lies keep coming out because you have to continue lying to maintain the original lie. I want these audits to continue and I pray they keep finding problems. I want a base so fired up in 2022 and 2024 that the progressive machine is so dismantled they can never repair it.

  129. Koby says:

    Thanks for working so hard Tim can’t wait to see what timcast becomes you guys are the best news source around, and this is wild everyone buckle up and stay safe!

  130. Deutscher says:

    SourPatchLyds is da best!

  131. says:

    this guy all day talk about the mainstream media bad but use this mainstream poll to push this narrative, balkanization is literally what the globalists goal for the US……

  132. Jonathan says:

    We’ve already split the country into 50 pieces, how much more can we balkanize?

  133. RuthlessAdmin says:

    You get no sympathy from me for working hard, but I do thank you for the effort. Don’t get too cocky.

  134. Koko says:

    What are they gonna do? Take away the internet until his Presidency is over? Talk about worst president ever.

  135. GreMIO420 says:

    Ian go smoke crack elsewhere

  136. thunderbolt90 says:

    But how does one smash the like button on this site as your video instructs

  137. DevilMayRage says:

    Florida…here I come…Fuck this northeast lib hellhole.

    All the Red states will have the best doctors and whatnot.
    These other regions will be large scale California’s ripe with decay and crime.

    Once they fall apart the red states take over again to rebuild…..unless they actually become CCP run regions which is frightening.

    • Oculariss says:

      The problem with that theory is it assumes the rot will stay in those blue states and leave the thriving red states alone. People will eat each other before they would starve to death.

  138. Devoel says:

    States and businesses that require vaccine passports need to be starved. Stop supporting businesses that still require masks in areas that have no mask requirements.

  139. T.E.N. says:

    I do NOT think Balkanization is the issue we face. Every time a government talks like this. It’s democide/genocide we need to worry about.

    • h_marie says:

      I agree. The dehumanization of fellow Americans is a bigger issue. Genocides can happen anywhere. The identitarian crap needs to stop asap and believers need to be de-radicalized.

  140. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Trump is President, Biden was installed.
    He will be removed 1 way or another along with everyone who aided in this.

  141. smc7 says:

    Why does Tim ALWAYS have to be right, dude needs to loosen the fuck up.

  142. MiloHoffman says:

    Actually there IS a way to make Trump president. Enough states decertify their electors, so Biden no longer has 270, then the House has to vote for a president.

  143. Devoel says:

    The military has to step in to sort this out unfortunately.

  144. BFairfax123 says:

    The propaganda started at Occupy Wall St more than 10 years ago . The collapse of the country has been the plan for quite sometime and if you don’t see what’s been happening I feel sorry for you . You should wake up and realize the left is getting more extreme as time goes on . I hope they really aren’t dumb enough to start a Civil war / Balkanization which by the way was a war I was in the Balkans the last time it broke up and the war sucked a lot , like NAZI level a lot .

  145. FreedomforAll1776 says:

    Tim’s so scared to be conspiratorial even though time magazine admitted it and all these discrepancies and fraud are being shown. Normalcy bias is not going to help in unprecedented times

  146. Yobuyahouse says:

    How we fix it? Service guarantees citizenship

  147. Lildav3232 says:

    unfortunately the people on the right have morals. it is hard to cheat. like me, if i buy something and somebody gives me too much change back, i will bring it back. i couldn’t live with myself knowing i did that. dems couldn’t care less. and the rhinos are weak, no doubt. but still. we have morals. maybe we need to forget about them in the next ten years

    • Angela_Lucarelli_16 says:

      You’re correct. People on the right have morals. If given too much change I give it back. A couple of days ago I went shopping paid for my things went to my car and loaded it up then realized that I missed paying for something. I went back in the store and paid for it. But as time has gone on I have become much more cold, callous, and cynical. I have learned not to take anything at face value and don’t jump to conclusions until more of the story comes out…ie Covington kids, George Floyd. Total honesty I felt nothing when George Floyd died and I don’t believe Chauvin should be in jail. I am disgusted that a felon with a rap sheet the length of my arm is being put on a pedestal. If we do break up as a country I will be moving south faster than anyone can blink.

  148. mthees says:

    Well, I’m drunk and late to the party but here goes.

    The Hitler question only has two answers because it is a false dichotomy. The left loves these, the right loves these. The Republicrats survive on these. ‘Vote Biden or Trump will kill you’, ‘Vote Trump or Biden will destroy America’.

    I voted Dr. Jo Jorgenson. Reject the false dichotomies of life,

    • William07182 says:

      Congrats, you helped elect Biden!

      (Unless we get tiered voting, that small act of rebellion only hands it to whoever you think is the worst. It’s really easy to espouse platitudes saying “you should vote for who you want, if enough people do it…” but in reality, enough people won’t do it. You’ve got to fight the battles you can win because in the end, we’re all going down with this ship. Some quick patch work is better than hoping for a miracle that isn’t coming. (One that said we MUST support BLM, btw))

  149. bbet says:

    Much like MI where they covered up windows so Republican overseers couldn’t see what was going on, in GA they have footage of counting going on AFTER Republican overseers were told they were closing for the night. Both should be thrown out, or redone. I don’t think this will overturn the election, but the middle will be swayed if they make a simple clear case, with definitive proof.

  150. Koritian says:

    It might not change the presidency but it could effect the senate. State legislatures maintain the right to remove senators.

  151. Lazlo says:

    If you look into ActualJusticeWarrior’s eyes, THEY LITERALLY GO EVERYWHERE. Literally like a madman. Idk what is up with this dudes eyes lol

  152. AllY0urB4se says:

    I think he ment Jefferson County, Kentucky which is Louisville i live next to Jackson County and there’s not enough people in the whole county to create a line lol.

  153. Space-TimeCurvature says:
    I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.
    said in 1923; Boris Bazhanov The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary (1992); see Stoppard

  154. Lildav3232 says:

    but wait tim. you said that biden got 81 million votes.TRUMP got ocean 11’d. there was not major voter fraud. BIDEN DID NOT GET 81 FUCKING MILLION VOTES. THEY FUCKING CHEATED. i know you can’t say it on youtube. BUT THEY FUCKING CHEATED. AND THEY WILL DO IT AGAIN UNLESS PEOPLE STAND THE FUCK UP

  155. Devoel says:

    Go back to bed, America. Your government has everything under control. Just keep buying stuff and mindlessly go to work.

  156. Roll2 says:

    Comment box to the top please.
    I just joined tonight. I did not realize Tim swears so much lol

  157. cutter says:

    This video will not play for me in Brave. Heh.

  158. Hottaco says:

    They f’ing cheated!

  159. StMyles2 says:

    Tried 5 times… finally loaded video.

  160. thedeugs says:

    that address from crowder got “wrong” was changed the day after he did the segment

  161. McLovin says:

    I hope this new website is not crap ad this one. This thing sucks hard DIC@. The navigation sucks the video encoder is useless. We know Tim is yelling at these fools that set up this website to get it fixed “We’re losing MEMBERS!” RElax breath, McLovin loves you long time…

  162. AshleyMarie says:

    I had the weird error issue too but I just refreshed and it was fine.

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    It wasn’t encoding it was all a lie, because when it finished all I got was, “Video error occured, please contact support if persists”

  167. AdamCeci says:

    Not to be conspiratorial but “over the target much”? We don’t even get to see the video. No matter who or where this video gets put up. Here we go lads and LYDS

  168. Parabolicdeth says:

    Go grab some Collagen while we wait I did. Hint buy 2 keep one and pass one on to a friend, family or leftist!

  169. Deebeegoods says:

    FREE the encoding.

  170. Oculariss says:

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  171. Kaydawgy says:

    Government is suppressing the uploading of this video!!! We’re all fucked

  172. Jcox025 says:

    Trump won let’s go for a trump 3peat!!! Wait there is the 22nd amendment, if all of the court battles last past January 21 of 2023 trump would still be eligible to run in ‘24 serving 10 years. The 22nd amendment caps the president can not server more than 10 years.

  173. DorseyWoods says:

    Really folks? Look… you know it’s going to take some time to encode. If you know that, and you choose to sit and wait for it rather than doing something else and checking back later, don’t bitch about how long it takes. You chose to wait it out staring at the progress bar. 🤣

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    Unfuck your encoding or Ill take my money elsewhere.

    For someone supposedly deep into tech etc your website looks like a 12yr old from the 90s threw it together and works about as well.

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  181. Oculariss says:

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  182. Oculariss says:

    Big jump in the bar bois

    • Steezymac23 says:

      No Ian lol. Hitler wasn’t inspired by Mussolini, fascism was created by Mussolini but Hitler was not inspired by him, he adopted Mussolini’s style of governance.

  183. McLovin says:

    F-Biden He’s my bitch!

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  189. Robb says:

    I want to donate to an audit. What organization should I donate to? And for what state?

  190. TheDoc says:

    is that bar a quarter full or just a fifth??

  191. AntiCommie says:

    You mention the 74k, but not the pile that registered after deadline? the pile that registered at the poll and de registered in december? or the pile that registered in december?

  192. Keithdion says:

    Hope this is worth the extended wait time

    • EmpReb says:

      Biggest show since Steve Bannon night.

    • says:

      The audits DO matter. Not only will it prove who won either way it will give us direction to what needs to be done to make our elections secure and fair. As it is now many many people (including me) do not vote because they believe their vote doesn’t count. If it shows that Trump won and nothing is done to secure our elections the Dems will never lose again.

  193. MigL says:

    Arizona has been a Red state since Clinton by a margin over 6%. They even voted for Shit Romney and he took the state by 9%. The left is saying Biden definitively won Arizona by a 0.03% margine and now we’re seeing this? 74,000 missing ballots and Biden only won by a little over 10,000 votes but I’m a crazy Q person?? C’mon man, you gotta see there has to have been some foul play, especially since they nuke anyone that points out the massive sketchiness. I want a mid-term presidential re-election, it can even be the same fckn candidates for all I care but I won’t go the next 3yrs under a legitimately illegitimate president. 😡😤

  194. JuanAndOnly says:

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  198. Juliana says:

    Honestly I feel like if this voting fraud hits the mainstream and people who are politically uninitiated start demanding answers, we SHOULD see a giant push in EVERY state for stricter voting practices. Thus, vindicating the efforts of Republicans. Whether or not Republicans in every state have the balls to do so, that’s another story. Most likely we’ll see Jen Psaki telling us requiring an ID to vote was what the Democrats wanted all along and Republicans are racist for pushing against it lmao

    • NeightDee says:

      That is their playbook

    • Robb says:

      I’m right there with you. We just need one state to de-certify. If that happens, even if no other states de-certify, everything they say now, enact now becomes instantly less legitimate. “the most secure election in history”. Let’s just poke a hole in that first!

  199. JuanAndOnly says:

    Buckle boiis

  200. BritMike says:

    The 2020 Election Was An Installation.

  201. DivaDD says:

    Not unlike the audit results we will have to wait to hear the truth

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  205. AUDREK says:

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    Anticipation is killing me. Brings be back to GOT when ice wall fell. What will happen next? Will white walkers…..omg Biden is a Night King!!!!

    • Kate_the_mediocre says:

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    Biden won the election fair and square people

    • BlazeCast says:

      And if you ask any questions we will destroy you and your families fucking life and maybe even get you killed by directly calling for action from our peaceful protestors.

      The Democratic Party

    • Hottaco says:

      How dare you question authority

    • says:

      Lol sure

    • Jinmon says:

      Really? You’re sure? The Democrats already got caught cheating in the 2016 primary. Wikileaks exposed this. Hillary was given the debate questions in advance and was given more financial help than Bernie Sanders. How would you cheat the election? One way is to Take a Democratic county in battle ground state then sue to have the deadline for receiving votes extended until days after the election. You can then see how much the candidate you want to win is behind and “find” enough votes to put them ahead. The Supreme Court ruled that votes recieved after election day must be kept separate pending a ruling. Pennsylvania openly defied this ruling and mixed the ballots together, extended the deadline by means of friendly lawsuits, as well as kicked out Republican poll watchers suggesting they were cheating in just such a manner.

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    This thought popped in my head during the show tonight…. The left keeps changing the definition of words and language.. Confusing normal people, and making actual dialog difficult… It reminds me a lot of the story in the bible of the Tower of Babel… God made everyone speak different languages to make it difficult to do anything… That may not be exactly how the story goes, just trying to remember my catholic school teachings lol..

    • CalamityGuy says:

      You basically have it. God changed the languages of the workers making the Tower of Babel trying to reach heaven so that they couldn’t actually work together.

    • Thefitnessimpasta says:

      It always surprises me how many ppl still are blind to what’s happening but then I think about how it took the pandemic for me to be red pilled. I voted for Obama x2, hilary, but this time trump. It’s just crazy that I was misinformed for so long while believing I was well informed. Crazy thought

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    • 2AWilly says:

      Lawfully that is true. But what if everyone (more than half the country) took to the streets and said no?

    • SinkJohnny says:

      This makes sense to me. I don’t like it… but it’s rational af

    • Hangca42 says:

      This is what I think also. There is no amount of evidence that could be presented that would change anything. Most people already think the last election was suspect and just don’t care. Best outcome IMO is that all these states are forced to adopt reform that will secure future elections…but I won’t hold my breath.

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    • asianchris says:

      It’s not that simple. Who keeps track and who decides what’s authentic? It wouldn’t work like that. If we just ID people and keep track of every individual vote that would work

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    • Robb says:

      Kleon, as in emperor Kleon? As in Asimov?

    • kcwdiesel says:

      This is fucking awesome. I’m telling y’all, Bannon was right. All this fraud shit is going to come out. And it will be epic. I have an overwhelming feeling things will be good next go around. Until it’s time for Jesus to come back. he will dip his cloak into the blood of the slain😂😵 I’m hoping I’m raptured out when the time comes. I really don’t want to ride out the tribulation. But if I’m left behind, Christ said he will keep you from the hour of temptation. I hope the democrats crash and know Shavadanovadepressure and Badakafcare and whatnot😂👌🏻

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        ” It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure a major science institute said earth is past the point of fixing for greenhouse gas and no fixing it.”
        thats pure tabloid magazine propaganda. nobody serious would say anything in the same dimension as that, i absolutely guarantee it.

        i wonder how far beyond fixing it that the earth was in when CO2 levels were 20 times higher than now, and the aerth was far greener and had far more lustrous life