Jack Posobiec Members Podcast: South Africa In Chaos, 72 Dead As Violence Escalates

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Jack Posobiec Members Podcast: South Africa In Chaos, 72 Dead As Violence Escalates

162 responses to “Jack Posobiec Members Podcast: South Africa In Chaos, 72 Dead As Violence Escalates”

  1. JimBitWay says:

    For those looking for a more in depth view into SA, The Prudentialist did a video with Conscious Caracal, Mr. Patriarch and Marhobane. All three of these fine gentlemen are residents, commentators and activists within their nation and have valuable insight on what’s happening and what’s to come.


  2. Tyronedavies says:

    The guy who said they won’t kill the farmers for now was Julius Malema. He was part of the ANC youth league but got kicked out and started his own party called the EFF

  3. Ty_Bo says:

    I wanna do psychedelics with Iian and talk all night.

  4. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    What is happening in South Africa is the end result of Critical Race Theory. They blamed all of their problems on the privileged whites. They attack, raped, and murdered white farmers. They drove the rest of them out. The wealthy white people fled. They couldn’t run the farms, starvation started to spread, everyone loses their minds, and riots and loots because it’s “restorative justice,” after all.

  5. Steezymac23 says:

    India was able to do it peacefully cause the USA was pushing the European Nations to end their Colonizations after WW2. And the British relinquished control fairly easily, it wasn’t a civil war. It was a Revolution that was supported by the Western Powers cause they were ending their Empires around the world at the time. Then they had the unifying force of Ghandi, that kept the majority of the population peaceful. Without Ghandi it would have been Violent and if the British resisted it would have gotten violent regardless of Ghandi or not. And actually in reality there is still a war going on to this day from the British leaving, Pakistan and India border clash has been ongoing since India and Pakistan were created after the Brits gave them independence. Many forget that Pakistan was also part of British Raj. And the creation of Pakistan was for the Muslim population of British Raj and India was more for Hindu’s. Thats how they avoided bloodshed, the creation of a country for each of the factions but they do still fight over the Kashmir Region.

  6. Sho2tamkgavin says:

    Tim i hate to be the to point this out but Ian(dude with hippie hair) is a clear example of whaat attending college will do to you..he may ignore it but that dude is indoctrinated

    • Wolv256 says:

      Nah, Ian’s just an example of what psychedelics will do to you. Although he’s also just playing it up for the cameras half the time, I think.

  7. huddle_house56 says:

    Ian going full Dr. Malcolm with the chaos theory

  8. RickCleland says:

    Trump for King of The Galaxy!!

  9. tomrat247 says:

    On that end note Tim you need to have your father & mother on the show; perhaps on their subsequent celebratory days?

  10. DashTheSimple says:

    Jack’s uncle really just laid out a defense for sketchy mechanics to permanently have a monopoly on being able to work on a simple piece of technology that has been in use for over 100 years. Why shouldnt people be able to work on their cars? Why should I have to pay out the ass for a diagnostic alone? And how exactly is it safer? There have been hundreds of car companies that had recalls because of improper repair or even manufacturing to cut costs! People in the 1950’s to the 90’s were fixong and diagnosing problems just fine, it sounds like he is not mechanically inclined, and thinks that the average person is also.

    • yournamehasbeentaken says:

      The funny thing is I actually have an app on my phone and a bluetooth obd2 connector to be able to connect to my car. The point is anybody CAN work on there own cars, and access the software. You just have to educate yourself.

  11. UppityG says:

    Per usual, I wait until the next day to comment here because the upload immediately post-show takes far too long. I know, you’re just starting up, Murphy’s Law, and so on, I understand, so I do what I do: wait until the next day. Likely, a lot of others are doing the same and trouble is, they forget to come back. It’ll all work out in time.

    This bonuscast finally triggered my wish list request to please start the bonuscast with you saying “goodnight everyone, see you over on Timcast” and you picking up where you left off on YT. It’s a continuity and provenance issue for me. Now, I realize you likely all take a break to stretch, visit the loo, grab more beverages, etc., and that’s why it’s a straight continuum. Might I suggest you refer back to the last thing said then, when you start the bonus segment? Just a thought for consideration.

    I know Crossland has a unique perspective that is often interesting, because here and there he will say something I find worthy of further research. But he’s very good at derailing the convo in progress and then at bending it toward his hobby horse “whatif” spelunk of mostly shallow caves with nowhere else to go in under two minutes. You and your guests are always very polite and indulgent of him and kudos to you for it. However. He does not increase the quality trajectory of the podcast when he is allowed to take the floor on a joyride. Kindly give this some serious problem solving time.

    Posobiec is a very interesting and valuable guest who I believe deserves to be heard out more thoroughly than he was, certainly, in tonight’s episode. Pool, I love ya man, but you have of late been increasingly more interested in topping his input with your take, which we’ve all heard repeatedly by now, and it is counter-productive. Please consider further refining your list of self-checks (which you are doing, I’ve noticed, bravo) such that you notice sooner and sooner when you’re intruding on a guest’s knowledge sharing in order to re-advance your take. I know how hard it is to check one’s own POV in deference to that of the guest, but perhaps now would be a good time to start.

    Some guests are better at keeping the floor when they begin to speak, against even you, or even you and Crossland, and others are not. Reaboi and Rondeau are examples of guests you found valuable to offer to your audience but who, naturally, deferred to you when you took the floor, rather than share their knowledge and wisdom. As a result, I sensed there was a lot more to Reaboi to know (I’m gonna join his Locals) and I barely learned anything at all about Rondeau here, so I had to go to her channel to fill in the gaps. I only have so much cash to buy subs with, ya know?

    Anyway, you’re on the right path, you’re mostly on point, and you’re in learning mode most of the time, that’s good.

    Paz y salud.

  12. Bridgeburner77 says:

    Pretending like race has nothing to do with what is going on in South Africa is insane, and purely the product of decades of indoctrination and propaganda to believe racial differences don’t exist.

  13. John_O says:

    When Jack talks about his uncle saying you wouldn’t want everyone on the road to have access to the “true” aspects of a vehicle from his mechanic uncle, that is the same argument companies use to stop Right to Repair legislation as we speak. There is risk in everything, of course people may misuse certain things, but why should I have to suffer and pay more when I have the mental capacity to understand the interworking’s of the tech myself if only I had access to the schematics.

    • UppityG says:

      @John_O, agree. What his uncle advocates for really is only appropriate for dangerous chemicals and fissile material and such. My car? Please, Americans are natural tinkerers and they often innovate to the benefit of many others.

  14. Hottaco says:

    Don’t see tonight’s bonus segment yet…anyone know what the topic might be?

  15. KekLordGrey says:

    What map did you use for the South Africa USA size? I hope not the Mercator.

  16. MikeM says:

    You guys take my ideas and distort them just so you can accuse me of racism? lol. Thanks for spreading the things I think. South Africa is the mess it is because of differences between whites and blacks. That’s not racism. It has nothing to do with Brahmins.

  17. Goofrump says:

    Ian, if you’re going to open your mouth about something, learn the facts. Blaming the British for what’s happening in South Africa when the Zulu population aren’t the indigenous people (try watching The God’s Must Be Crazy to see who are the indigenous people of South Africa) is rather ignorant of history. My husband is South African. He has family there, and they are scared to death over there. It’s evil what’s happening, and that has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with morality.

    • UppityG says:

      @Goofrump, exactly. Too often Crossland spouts off to appease his white guilt and it’s not helpful. He too often derails the convos natural flow just to stick in his 2 cents and as an audience member, I don’t find value in it. Occasionally he does offer a valuable insight, but it is not enough to outweigh the times he just changes the subject.

  18. blasserman says:

    I really want to ‘like’ your video.. So I really hope the new site has a way to express my appreciation, even if it’s meaningless in the long run.

  19. M.p.v.carney says:

    Holy crap, hearing Ian talk about history is PHYSICALLY painful. Especially when it comes to Rome. Somebody please stop him.

  20. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Dutch east India company settled around Capetown and eradicated the local pygmy population. The pygmies actually sent a delegation to Holland to protest the stealing of their land for Dutch farms to support Capetown which was basically a stopover point for the Dutch east India company. Which at the time had The largest land army in the world. The English settled as well and ended up going to war with the Dutch for control which the English won. Most blacks in Capetown area came from northern African countries.

  21. KTZWolf says:

    South Africa has less sq mi than two Texases.

  22. xPhilipJFryx says:

    The skeletons of Rhodesia

    • SIMONTACCHI says:

      The Lombards conquered Rome, they were a Scandinavian tribe called The Vinilli who Rome hired as Mercs to defeat the Gepids and once the job was done they took out Rome and named it the Kingdom of Italy. All of the industrial north of Italy are their descendants, and all of the Renaissance masters like Da Vinci and Michelangelo were Lombards. I am a Lombard 😉

  23. ltdanl says:

    Boer like boar

  24. Whatnofish says:

    I don’t think the South Africans fuck babies and virgins to expel Aids because the white Afrikaners left.. they Fuck babies and virgins because their religious leaders (Witch doctors) say its how they get rid of it…
    But do you think the Afrikaners wanted to stay apart because the Blacks fucked babies and virgins to get rid of diseases??? just a idea

  25. Colt_Steele says:

    When they said the baby rape capital of the world I thought that meant it had the most births resulting from rape… would have been infinitely better if that was the truth

  26. Nickfallon says:

    I recommend everyone watch the film “Africa Blood & Guts” or sometimes called “Africa Addio”. Only real portrayal of post colonialism in Africa. It always falls to shit.

  27. Philhead0137@gmail.com says:

    Trevor is the absolute fucking worst I hate that shill

  28. John3667 says:

    just look up rodhesia you all, and talk to the people who had to flee

  29. Yomama_Bin_Slidin says:

    This reminds me of the Belyayev fox experiment.

  30. Spring 1970 in the Seattle suburb of Des Moines, a few minutes after 3 pm as I got onto the school bus from Mount Rainier High School for the ride home, the driver said, “Look!” and pointed out over the trees to where a water spout had come up off of Puget Sound and was traveling up the Kent-Demoines Road toward Highway 99. (Now Pacific Highway South.)

    Back then there was a double billboard at that intersection and, later the news reported that the water spout went all the way to Highway 99 where it dissapated as it destroyed one of the billboards, which advertized booze.

    The next day, I went out, got on the bus, the driver pointed again, and again there was another water spout. Again it went up to Highway 99 and took out the billboard advertising cigarettes.

    I just did a quick search on Google and can’t find a reference to it, but yes, this really happened. I saw the water spouts, and a few days later our entire family drove past where the billboards had been and they had both been destroyed.

  31. Wolv256 says:

    Joe Biden eats farts

  32. DolgerHanske says:

    The utopian Uber story Tim is describing is already reality. It’s called 5G and is fully implemented in some Chinese cities.

  33. Jayjay says:

    Is it not possible to see members only segments further back? I really wanted to see Bannon’s but struggling to find it.

  34. _bensuks says:

    Dave Mathews is South African. He’s an African American

  35. SKECHER_9 says:

    The mechanics argument is silly because right now anyone can mess with whatever part of the car they want. Most people don’t, most that can are only hindered by these odd policies that restrict what capable consumers can do to maintain their cars.

  36. CavScout says:

    Ughhhh, please have Jack on more! And talk more about Stargate! 😀

  37. Squirrel says:

    sounds like fallout new vegas.

  38. Seaxneat says:

    Does anyone have a link to these recordings Tim references at the beginning?

  39. Turk_Longwell says:

    Always good convo with Poso on. (Shoot with anyone on.) The dude knows his Intel shit. Did his father play a role in him being Intel curious at a young age.
    My I request that Tim here by declare that Wednesdays are now called Jack Wednesday?
    Jack Murphy and Jack Posobiec switching out every week.
    F for Jack Wednesday.

  40. Tysonweir says:

    DurBon hahaha… Its Durben, also I have friends in SA and Joberg is fine there is nothing happening there with the riots and the news is making it more scary than it is.

  41. Jontrem says:

    Interesting, I have a boerboel so i had heard that boer meant farmer, I didnt think it had more history than that!

  42. Latterdaygamers says:

    The LDS church and its missionaries waste a lot of time telling sub Saharan Africans to not rape babies and trying to convince black men to care about their children (in a lot of tribes the men don’t take care of their own families, they take care of their sister’s family)

  43. tbone00327@yahoo.com says:

    The computers in cars are not the problem. Its their connectivity to the net that makes them vulnerable to hack. Kill the exterior communication and there is nothing to worry about

  44. YouLookLikeANail1982 says:

    On the time travel bit, there is a book about that already. “The Guns of the South” by Harry Turtledove: a bunch of racist South Africans supply AK47s to the Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia. Blood baths ensue.

  45. Patrick1984 says:

    Another worthwhile show. I watched until Posobiec was surprised by the US Navy surrendering to Iran in 2019. I barely remember that too, seems like they ” memory holed ” that one pretty good. I suspect Possoiec wanted to deflect from Trump criticism. MAGA was finished when the CIA became the Secretary of State with Pompeo. The political imprisonment of Julian Assange proves that, if nothing else. I know Big Brother is watching. They would disappear me too , if I wasn’t such small potatoes. If they bothered ,who would notice or care. You’re correct Tim, we will wind up under the Boot of Tyranny. ” you can shower the demoralized person with documents. You can show the m the concentration camps. Nothing will convince a demoralized person , except a military boot crushing their balls” , Yuri Besmenov.

  46. IntegratedCrazy says:

    I’ll die rifle in hand before giving my farm up to commie niggers.

  47. Tempus says:

    Ian keeps coming up with the Gauls bringing down the Roman Empire., but he gets it confused with the GOTHS. And not just teenagers with black makeup. Some Gauls did come and loot Rome around 380 BC, way before Rome was great, and Julius Caesar conquered them around 50 BC, What happened around 300-500 AD was barbarians tribes overrunning the Western Empire, including Ostrogoth (Italy), Wisigoths (Spain), Vandals (Africa), Franks (Gauls now France). The Ostrogoths controlled most of Italy for a while, and was later conquered by Charlemagne, and then spent centuries in different kingdoms and duchies until reunification in the late 19th century.

    • beharris9 says:

      My daughter is in college, and I’m finishing college, and I spend 10,000 dollars a year just for Healthcare. ( I’m a single dad btw). So I want nothing more than to buy Land but it’s literally impossible for me to do so. Everyone saying just buy Land, I’m happy for you that you can’t understand what it’s like to simply not have enough money to do so. ( very baby boomer of you). But a lot of us live by juggling debt and just scraping by. Welcome to the new middle class.

    • Biased_Confirmations says:

      I really like Ian as a person. I appreciate that he wants to build and create. He wants to have an impact. My issue is that Ian speaks about things he isn’t sure about, (which makes Ian look very dumb, and will cheapen the conversation; ultimately the opposite of Ian’s intentions) or he brings up unrelated information (but thoroughly understood) which will either derail the conversation completely or cause friction with Tim as Tim will shut Ian down. This could eventually end up like the Ad Crig Situation, or more likely much more peaceful but a loss to all parties, especially the viewer. If Ian can live up to the role needed, (but probably doesn’t want) as a devil’s advocate, or a moderate voice of the audience, and to help guide the strong personalities, he will help build the show (and every conversation) for the better.

      I hope you see this and reach out Ian. I know your ego wont stop you, and I can feel your frustration brother.

  48. mookie1590 says:

    speak for yourself jack. I want everyone to have the ability to fix their cars.
    also that device does exist.

  49. VeganSausage says:

    Tim. You’re out of touch. You think regular people can purchase an acre of land? Regular people aren’t youtubers dude. Unless you think regular people can live totally off grid, their houses powered by chicken eggs, no source of actual income because they somehow managed to purchase a farm in the boondocks and their source of income is now tomatoes… Take a step back, rich boy. Sure you made your own wealth though talking real fast at a camera, but that doesn’t mean regular people have the same intellect as your galaxy brain. The more you attempt to dictate to the common man how he should live, the more you remove yourself from them.

    • Vmanzo says:


    • 2CommonCents says:

      Acre of land for under 1000 down. You can get an acre, you just have to put in a lot of work.

    • Utopianfugitive says:

      Almost anyone can buy some land, granted most of it wont be where you would like it to be. You would not be the first people who lived in a RV/trailer/hut on some land while you build a home.

    • Jeremysumpter says:

      sorry but youre wrong. my uncle just bought 2 1/2 acres for 2000 bucks in nevada and hes going completely off grid. not close to the city but he doesnt care. and btw he was unemployed for years and still managed to save up money to get it

      • asianchris says:

        How was he unemployed for years but still able to save up? Sounds like he sucked the tit of tax payers and enjoyed his time off while the rest of us worked hard for it. That’s also a big problem where I live. People who do nothing getting checks in the mail… I dont get ANY help

    • BuoyD says:

      Dude, calm down. He’s allowed to have an opinion and give what he thinks is advice. Your defeatist attitude is why you’re not gonna go anywhere in life anyway. Theres plenty of people, myself included, who have a passion that has the potential to mKe something of themselves. It just takes dedication and sacrifice. Something I think you would know that he’s been through. He got to where he was because of that hard work and the money came as a result. I’d listen to Tim before I listen to a guy who thinks he’s “just being real” or some stupid shit like that.

    • asianchris says:

      Yup. Work 50-60 hours a week at my career and almost impossible to save money in Seattle. Cost of living is incredible, $1650 for a small 2 bedroom apartment, on top of everything else. I have about $3200 in bills every month and only bring in $4000-5000. 1 car repair and it’s back to square one

  50. DavesTrippin says:

    Dude I’m sad. My 2 of my poor chickens got eaten by a fox.. we had to bury one and we couldn’t find the other. Rip chickens. We miss you.

    • KVanBogart says:

      I’ve had chickens on and off for 6 or 7 years. Every now and again we get cocky and let them free range a little too long and a little too unsupervised and something gets them. We have issues with some type of weasel here, there are foxes trying to get them, but there’re probably not the culprits.

  51. jwschwalb says:

    You guys know anyone can go buy one of those code readers.

    Its not to keep people safe, it’s so you have to come back to them to fix your car.

  52. Mercin1988 says:

    Takee for ever to read a book but just picked up jack pospics book just got to finish Andy NGOs book first

  53. themorrigan1973 says:

    Want to know how South Africa got to where it is?

    G Edward Grriffin’s book The Fearful Master describes how this all started.

    I am wary of the Biden Administration inviting the U.N. into America to critique our racism and if you read Griffin’s book you will understand why.

  54. Growler says:

    An Article I just found

    When Is It OK To Kill Whites?

    Tommy Curry is an associate professor at Texas A&M. He is black, and specializes in Critical Race Theory. Prof. Curry does not limit his teaching to the classroom. He has a strong presence on YouTube.

    In this brief interview, he discusses when it is appropriate to kill white people:

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzzzUhknV_o%5D

    “In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die,” he says.

    In this interview with a blogcast called Context Of White Supremacy (slogan: “White People Are The Problem”), Curry argues that whites cannot be ignorant of racism (their own or anyone else’s) and that black people who assume that whites are educable on racism are fools. He puts down different black theorists, including Martin Luther King, for actually thinking that white people can be regarded as reasonable. It’s a remarkable thing: a philosophy professor who denies that a people are capable of rational thought because of their race.

    Hey Hey Ho Ho
    Coyote man had his fun
    Had his fun in Washington, on one six 21

    Hey Hey Ho Ho
    When Trump gets in there will be civil war
    Civil Wari will come in 24

    Hey Hey Ho Ho
    When Trump gets in there will be Jim Crow
    Jim Crow two point oh

    Hey Hey Ho Ho
    Pres. Trump will be shot
    Will be shot and in Arlington he will rot

    Hey Hey Ho Ho
    Biden just has a grin
    He will Grin as oatmeal runs down his chin

  55. bruce33m says:

    I wish there would be uniformity of the microphone volumes, for this and the YouTube IRL show. Tim and Ian come through clear, while the guests and Lyds are often hard to hear. Some guests definitely have no volume issues.

    • Xylanor says:

      It’s more about the mic proximity. That kind of mic picks up best from the end which Tim knows so his sound is best. The guests don’t so the angle and distance may be off affecting the levels. It can be adjusted to a point but too much would damage sound quality.

  56. hlung says:

    What in the heck is a Bowyer? BOER. BO-OOORE.

  57. neilinda says:

    You all keep mentioning the ‘war on terror’ and how it has been adjusted to now cover American citizens- and especially Republicans.
    In that confused way of his, thinking Biden sort of let the ‘cat out of the bag’ regarding Dems plans here…

  58. AArthriticGamer says:

    Chickens are to Tim as graphene is to Ian.

  59. jackie says:

    The President of S. Africa sounds like what Biden Administration is doing here.

  60. jackie says:

    Holy cow, the New Prez of S. Africa sounds like what Biden Administration is doing here.

  61. DrewishAF says:

    I had other shit I wanted to say about something halfway through the video, but by the end all I can think about is my youngest son. He’s got a really rare genetic disorder that made his muscles weak, his joints really soft, and he’s very mentally handicapped. But one thing he’s loved for all 7 years of his life is to hold on my hands and jump like a damned maniac. He made me learn a lot of patience and I take a lot of pride in being his favorite person since I’m the only one who can keep up with him and play as much as he wants. I don’t really have anything else to add except that I’ve found a lot of meaning and purpose by knowing what he needs and being the one person who can understand him and calm him down. I want everyone else to find that in life. If all the crazy shit going on sets the world on fire,then I at least know I’ve got a sincere purpose in life.

    • Warat says:

      Hey man, I just want to comment on what you said and basically just to let you know that you are a good man. As a father myself, I know the lengths we will go to for our children. So much negativity in the world, we can all use some optimism and uplift each other. Thank you for sharing

  62. HemiWk says:

    Just because the car has a electric motor in the the power steering rack doesn’t mean that it can be “hacked” it depends on if the body control module or power steering module depending on the vehicle has protocol written in the ROM of the module for things such as lane keep assist accident avoidance and things of that nature and then the car also has to have a radio frequency module for stuff like keyless entry and push button start a lot of things have to sync up for you to be able to control module outputs of a car whenever fiat-chrysler first started trying to develop key fobs they had some hackers contact them and say their system was vulnerable and chrysler laughed it off the hackers then proceeded to hacking into a higher up the company’s car and changing the lights on them activating wipers rolling windows down and so they quickly realized this stuff is a problem that why your key fob for a modern car is so expensive because of the security around how it’s developed this is also why you don’t buy modern cars that have any sort of system that allows module control of steering or braking so no I will NEVER short of having a gun to my head own a self driving car and you probably shouldn’t either

  63. jeffersMORNING says:

    S. Africa and N.Korea are the most fringe but most dangerous nuclear friction points.

  64. Wolv256 says:

    South Africa: The Confederacy of Africa

  65. GrudgeAxe says:

    In SA, not just the farm managers are killed, all the farmhands too, so you didn’t even have a basic knowledge level

  66. deyshia@gmail.com says:

    There are a ton of parallels to what is happening in South Africa and what’s happening here in the US. Read some of the news from there. Whites are demonized and attacked violently. If a “poc” is caught helping or even WORKING for a white, they are killed, raped or both.

  67. Iqmedic says:

    so there is actually an app i have on my phone and for 50 bucks a year i can plug up a dongle and read all the fault codes for my truck…thing is freakin awesome and totally recommend it.

  68. Hitman8541 says:

    Its hilarious how much political discourse is compared to some hollywood depiction.

    • LVIII says:

      The reason for this is the same as why intellectuals refer one another to books they’ve read about a certain topic. In this era, it’s easier to explain something via video/film because it is more ubiquitous and we have almost 100 years of movies / documentaries from which to pull. In this format, it’s easier to expect someone to have seen a movie than have read a particular book, and the movie would be easier for more people to digest than some scholarly work focused on a particular topic.

  69. Bryan_Liem says:

    I agree that we need to prioritize the personal things in our lives that we can actually control, personally. Prioritizing family needs is excellent. I’m glad I watched this Posobiec episode tonight, I needed to hear the advice!

    Seems like we also need to do some background-noise things while trying not to focus on the culture war that we are losing for now, while Beijing Biden sells us to Communist China. If we cannot fight directly, then at least send support to those who are in the fight in public. Every Member at this Timcast.com site is doing that with their monthly membership, and/or weeknight Super Chats, even Teespring.

    BTW: I don’t think the USA will be the consumers in an international world where the Chinese Communist Party is the sole superpower. That’s the bait. After we are helpless and unarmed, and starving, we will be the new Uyghurs, ready to be slaughtered for more living space for the CCP elite. The only consolation or justice will be that eventually the CCP won’t need useful idiots like the US elites who think they got a deal with the CCP to sell out the USA. Heck, the CCP doesn’t even need Google, at that point when all of the USA are worth Uyghurs in death camps. Let’s put that as background noise as plot our personal lives for as long as possible. God might grant us one more chance, or this could be the big one.

    Today I quit Facebook, but they give you 30 days to change your mind. After watching tonight with Posobiec, maybe I need to get back on Facebook and present the truth, at least until Facebook closes me down. Cancelled by myself leaves silence. Cancelled by Facebook raises questions among your friends and family as to WTF is Facebook doing?! This hits home with my little circle of friends, perhaps better than just quitting Facebook quietly.

    I also buy a physical book from many good guests on Timcast, to help show amazon and other booksellers that this author sells books. I prefer the physical copy because the bookseller cannot hide the purchase from the author, like if I only buy digital. The bookseller must own up to the inventory of physical books.

    Sugar and carbs, go easy, yes, but nobody is perfect. Have a sweet treat once a week or once a month, if it is good for your morale.

    Stay away from psychedelics, it makes everybody turn dark like Gollum. Got an experienced guide for your psychedelic trip? If not, you are not doing it therapeutically. You are tripping for fun. It will wear out your mind. Maybe get an Indian psychedelic guide as guest on your show, or a professional hospital guide? Even those healed patients do limited guided trips to succeed, then they stop. They don’t trip often. It is not as safe as daily weed.

    South Africa, I recall the Dinesh D’Souza movie when he interviews Obama’s half-brother in a Kenyan slum. The brother is actually more conservative than expected! The brother says Kenya is in bad shape because they kicked out the colonists too quickly, before they could learn how to run everything that the colonists used to operate for them!

  70. Slayer666 says:

    Jack is the best voice from the ex intel community that ive come across. Always insightful listening to him. Check out his recent podcast with China unscripted as well.

  71. phojes says:

    You should call the hairy legged chicken Joe Biden and someday tell stories about how the chicks used to rub his legs.

    I know you guys are busy, but come on man, the people needs us some “Chicken City” 😉

  72. Force408 says:

    The videos on Twitter are fucking insane. Power plants on fire, supermarkets on fire with children trapped on the roof, they burned a college dormitory… I swear to god accidentally watched at least 5 murders on Twitter tonight.

  73. MtRoamer says:

    ***Ian, this is a great resource for learning all about Ham Radio.


  74. Thequaz says:

    Sure Tim. It’s all just “racist” spin. The savages rose up and destroyed a nation. Africa is a shit hole full of sub 75 iq animals. It’s not racist it’s reality

  75. trgreatorex@gmail.com says:

    “We are born knowing life is wonderful and special, it takes them years to train that out of us” -Michael Malice

  76. GarryH says:

    While yes, the Rome fell, the Roman Empire didn’t actually fall until the 14th century. While we now call it the Byzantine Empire, they never called themselves that, they were Romans. I hate hearing that the Roman Empire fell in the 6th century.

  77. Bigji_781 says:

    You guys need to hire an ombudsman next. Ian is the most uninformed person on the Internet. Here are some corrections for you. 1. The Saan people’s were the first inhabitants of SA. The Dutch settlers then the Bantu speaking people then the English. 2) the Goths invaded the Roman Empire and sacked Rome. Gauls were pacified centuries earlier

  78. MikeM says:

    I miss my Madison.

  79. Sikrik665 says:

    Africa has literally had more time than any other civilization on the planet to collectively get their shit together and they have failed

  80. Jk79 says:

    I have a South African friend who I met in 2007. Her white grandparents fled SA in 2008. The violence against farmers, specifically white farmers has been happening for a lot longer than three years Ian.

  81. Dannyg says:

    Tim wants to shape Texas to fit in. Left wing bastard!

  82. cyco127@yahoo.com says:

    Happy Birthday, Ian!!!!

  83. Viciousvader says:

    anyone else having a problem loading the video?

  84. Crawdaddy says:

    Issue with video playing.

  85. Headrock says:

    The worst part is AFTER it’s finished encoding, and it just says “Video error occurred [blah blah]”. It’s like, “is it about to be ready, or did it fail completely??”. You just have to wait and find out.

  86. AUDREK says:

    Did Jack break the Tim Box?

  87. rschashu says:

    Encoding Squad rise up!

  88. Joshletofsky says:

    Thanks Tim for reading my superchat and glad you pronounced it correctly. Jack is a great guest!

  89. Slugpudding says:

    Jack drops the bomb as the YouTube episode closes about people going to Twitter. Jesus said to go where the sinners are.

  90. TheDarkworld says:

    Always one of the better guests.

  91. Spruce says:

    Is there a chat/forum here with ,like, a continuous preservation of ideas and attribution required for ideas to be discussed effectively? Cuz this 1995 gui is ruining the vibe.

    • Poolparty512 says:

      I wish. Would be rad to make acquaintance w/ some likeminded folk in leftist Austin.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      So are you gonna freely exchange what you think we oughta be talking about? Cus I’ve been paying dues for geopolitics since day one.

      • Spruce says:

        not remotely brother, I just kinda wish I walked into a community where I could click on a forum topic of a complex idea society is too immature to talk about rationally and see dozens of progress motivated compatriots digging in, making mistakes, speaking imperfectly without fear of reprocussion, playing devils advocate, really straining against our collective limits and ending with some fragment of an idea incrementally better than the one they started with.

        I know this isnt the website with the infrastructure to do that. It is the website with the people I want to do that with. So catch 22. Minds is dumb, and the old stuff like facebook isn’t even worth mentioning. Just looking for a political home dont mind me.

        • TheDarkworld says:

          Yeah, that came off wrong I guess. A chat room specifically would be nice, I admit. I’ve been kinda paranoid lately with the influx of new viewers that we’d be invaded by the fed lovers and gender studiers. Sorry if that wasn’t you. To end on a more positive note, this is the place and I’ll admit I’ve shared your frustration in the past at the lack of responses I get so I’m a little ashamed I got one by being an ass.

        • TheDarkworld says:

          On a side note that *would* be the concern with starting a chat room though. I’ve been seeing more and more suspicious posts espousing violence and overt racism so I can’t be sure those are really our people…. Sure you know what I mean.

          • Spruce says:

            Yeah I keep trying to like, work up what it would look like in my head but can’t get passed needing to establish what information we’re going to assume as true and proceed with. Thats often the initial friction that derails the argument after because theyre not even on the same planet.

          • LVIII says:

            Actually, most of us would also be okay with the ‘overt violence’ and ‘overt racist’ commenters being a part of the discussion. “The only cure for bad speech is MORE speech.” Being able to have such conversations and allow people in who disagree and can be open to a wide range of ideas is the only good way to make good ideas heard.

            The more problematic users would be those who are subverting the discussion, spamming with useless nonsense, or cataloging for use against the users (e.g. doxxing, reporting to feds, etc). The tendency for any online or IRL discussion group without overt moderation is to naturally tend toward conservativism / libertarianism. When people read and understand issues, they tend away from authoritarianism and today’s faux progressivism. “If you trust the government, you don’t know history.”

    • FxTwT says:

      4chan. 🤷‍♀️

  92. Tjy1011 says:

    Learn to encode

  93. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    The time for talk is behind us at this point. We need to take action.

  94. joea says:


  95. AUDREK says:

    Peace be with “We”

  96. Bruce1911 says:

    Feels like watching my PlayStation update a game

  97. NavyWhale says:

    Agent Poso returns!

  98. HoosierRoss says:

    Arizona audit meeting tomorrow!!!!!!

  99. Killua7 says:

    It’s all Woodrow Wilson’s fault…

  100. DonnieDanko says:


  101. leadd1 says:

    Looking forward to Ian’s rain dance on castcastle lol

  102. Stickywicket1977 says:

    Jack is pretty badass dude knows his shit

  103. dj_robz says:

    the wait to upload/encode is killing me