Tom Sauer Member Podcast: UK Police DROP Investigation Into Ghislaine Maxwell And Prince Andrew

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Tom Sauer Member Podcast: UK Police DROP Investigation Into Ghislaine Maxwell And Prince Andrew

94 responses to “Tom Sauer Member Podcast: UK Police DROP Investigation Into Ghislaine Maxwell And Prince Andrew”

  1. ChevyMags says:

    The last of the power the queen had she used to save her rapist son.. but UK TV has been normalizing rape, incest and porn on tv for years now. The US is just catching up..

  2. Medde says:

    Well the British Police , did nothing when men from Pakistan raped young girls between 11-15 for like 40 years . ofc they will cover this up to .

  3. Evocatus says:

    Epstein didn’t get thrown under the bus. He got thrown off the top bunk.

  4. cktuba1 says:

    You guys are great… and so I’m really surprised you’re not picking up on Trump’s message in wishing Ghislane Maxwell well. Basically, he was implying I hope you make it to trial– unlike your boss. I mean,it’s possible I’m wrong about that… but that would seem to be the most logical meaning (in the context of what happened to Epstein).

  5. Smccar06 says:

    I think once you get so rich and powerful “normal” sex isn’t satisfying. Children are pure, clean and very hard to acquire. It’s like hunting or buying a car, you can hunt a deer or you can hunt a lion or a bear. You can buy a BMW or you can buy a Ferrari. That’s my theory. I also agree with Alex Jones it’s a lot about blackmail and brotherhood.

  6. rgsmith says:

    Tim on corrupt politicians: “…what do we do about this shit?”

    Please see “Tarring and feathering” in your U.S. History book.

    Thank you.

  7. SetMeFree says:

    He’ll burn in Hell.

  8. ZedS says:

    Tim, you ask if having sex with kids is just something that people in power do. The answer is “yes, among many other equally debauched activities.” Homosexuality and prostitution have both been outlawed in hundreds and hundreds of countrys at different periods of time, but the leaders (whether royal, aristocratic, business, elected, military) always have these activities as a right of class. RHIP, as they say in the military. Rank Has Its Privileges, and when “leaders” want something, nothing stops them in pursuing it, no matter how messed up it is morally OR how illegal it is even according to their own laws.

  9. jodiverheyden says:

    SAUER. Reminds me of John Pierce (RittenhouseLawyer)… A total Grifter (right Cas?). Tim and Staff can be very poor Judges of Character. Here is a Rule of thumb. Grifters speak in platitudes. When they Make a point and the Host(or someone with perceived influence) disagrees, they repeat and reframe ideas as if they are their own. They act as if they have knowledge yet are barely capable of communicating basic facts, when called upon to do so. On the subjects of their expertise they display extremely rudimentary understanding. Your staff has got to vet better. Especially with Lawyer John Pierce who has a long track record of Screwing Clients. Presenting a fraudster as an expert is like putting bullets in a predators gun.

    • thomasbsauer says:

      Hi Jodi. Tom Sauer here. Not sure what you mean… Grifter? I have no professional involvement in media or politics. In fact, this trip and appearance on Tim’s show actually cost me time away from my business, which is totally outside media/news/politics. And time for me is money.

      I’m personal friends with many of the shows popular guests, and several of them (Poso and Schlichter especially) thought I’d have some interesting things to talk about. I’m a big fan of the show myself, so it was a great opportunity and I’m really grateful to Tim and Lydia for having Colin and me on. Pretty surreal for me.

      Admittedly, I’m fairly new to appearing on talk shows, especially long form, so I might not come off as polished as others.

      I don’t know who John Pierce is, and I’m not terribly knowledgeable about the Rittenhouse case, so I don’t follow the comparison. However, some parts of my background and “expertise” (I think “experience” is a better term; claiming to be an “expert” is a bold statement) are pretty detailed and technical.

      If you really wanted me to get down into the nitty gritty details of my experience, I’d probably need a whiteboard and several hours to explain in a manner even more knowledgeable viewers could digest. Not to mention I could get myself into real trouble for talking about things the government wouldn’t like me to talk about, so I kept it pretty rudimentary. Classified information is a real thing, you know.

      What do you think I could have done better?

      Regardless, I’m flattered that I made enough of an impression with you to write all that. Must be doing something right!

      • Dusty Oldman says:

        I like you on the show. Fck that guy. Lol

      • APerson says:

        Hey, I am glad you responded. Its important to rebut someone making accusations like this. I usually trust a lot of the commenters on here, the ones I read, and I will be more careful for now on. If you didn’t respond I may have just took what they said without actually digging into it because, to be honest, I don’t have the time.

  10. johnny311duck says:

    that guest says “right” alot just like the kid who drives a BMX bikes on cast castle >> he says right after everything he says too lol

  11. allieshamblin says:

    Ian: THANK YOU for bringing up Maria Farmer’s art piece, she is a treasure trove of information on the scandal. Look into her interview with Shawn Atwood, she talks about connections with Ivana Trump (ex-wife, not the daughter, Ivanka). She personally knew Ghislaine and was present while she scouted for “potential” VS models for Wesner. However the scouting was for what she called “nubiles” aka underage teen girls.

  12. Ambrossia188 says:

    I hail from a small opioid/Meth addicted, pedo infested town in NM where I am related to about half the ppl there. I am also in the medical field. That being said I have witnessed many 12yr Old girls (even one 10 yr old 😢), several in my own family, safely carrying babies to full term. It ain’t right, it’s hard on the body, harder on their mental health but sadly it happens all the time around here.

  13. CNN_sucks says:

    Love your show Tim but talks about pot calling the kettle black. How many times i heard you dont read or have no time to read books on your cast castle or irl?

  14. SeanOnTheBoat says:

    How is there not a soundboard of Ian drops

  15. Caleb_Fowler666 says:

    Damnit I love this show!!!!!!

  16. Weckstein says:

    Private aviation is trying to avoid the mandates. Especially after what they see at SWA

  17. cherneskej says:

    I think people need to hold the so-called “elites” accountable. Nobody else will and historically speaking it is THE ONLY WAY they do get held accountable.

  18. NoOne123 says:

    Only 10 minutes into the bonus vid

    i dont see why these rich and powerful people don’t just come out and be honest about their activities? Why even bother to hide it? absolutely NO ONE is actually gonna hold them accountable lmao like Prince Andrew could literally be on live TV being filmed in front of an audience raping a small child as it kicks and screams for help while just looking at the camera and saying, “hello! I’m prince andrew! THE prince andrew. yes. I rape children. Me and a bunch of other very rich and powerful people all kidnap your children and then we rape them over and over again. We LOVE doing this. This is our FAVORITE thing to do. We do it all the time and we’re never going to stop. No one will hold us accountable and we will always get away with it. It doesn’t matter if you know because you will never do anything about it. You don’t have the power to do anything about it! You’re just going to sit there and smile while i continue to brutally rape this crying child in front of you. I live to do this. I LOVE to do this and i will never stop. Nothing brings me more joy than doing this” and everyone is just gonna sit there shaking their heads and putting their hands on their hips before shrugging, “oh well! I guess hes right! there’s nothing we could ever do! we’re just lowly peasants in the presence of our betters! Lets just hope he gets tired and finishes quickly and we’ll just continue to go about our day!”

    Honestly i can’t be bothered to care about this jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell bullshit. Im pretty sick of hearing about it. Amplifying it doesnt do anything. No one cares. These people are invincible and untouchable. They are literally gods that walk among us because they can do whatever they want and never face any consequences no matter how heinous the act they’re involved in. The world is molded to their will and their will alone. So whatever i guess

    • NeoN says:

      Reminds me of the bleating of sheep, terrified cuz they got a little glimpse through the farmers window. They have no idea the depths of depravity, or how badly they’re all fucked…

  19. keldan says:

    Ghislane’s name is pronounced GEE-LUN

  20. says:

    TRUMP TULSI 2024…… just sayin

  21. Rumham says:

    The gray haired would not shut the fuck up.

  22. Rawdog says:

    A 17 year old is NOT a CHILD. She was above the age of consent. She was also working. Hell, as old as I am, I remember that the girls in H.S. had slept with quite a few guys by the time they were 17. This was before this bullshit about “under 18=child”. Those girls were going for the college guys (cars & access to alcohol).
    The H.S. girls I went to school with back in the day, KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING. THEY WERE/ARE NOT VICTIMS.

    • Anony says:

      Give me a break. It’s the fucking Prince of England banging 17 year olds. It doesn’t matter if they consent, there’s impropriety regardless

      And if it was all consensual why so much secrecy? And why all of the stories of these girls basically being sex slaves just sitting around waiting for their next task?

  23. Jrocks27 says:

    The mobile browser is still weird guys. Video freezing, requiring you to change video quality to continue. Sometimes the time bar as well as pause and play dissappear. Sometimes I can’t even play the video until I restart the browser.

  24. KimG says:

    Prince Andrew’s accuser was over the legal age of consent according to UK law. According to some in the know her story has more holes than Swiss cheese, she was a willing participant and was paid well by Epstein for her services. She had a boyfriend during at least some of her time working for Epstein and was free to come and go as she pleased. Take a proper look into her history, the woman is a grifter. Luke and Tim, you lose credibility when you talk out of your asses like this. You need to make sure you are aware of all the facts. Having said that Epstein was one sick twisted f*uck and got what he deserved.

  25. MadManTV says:

    Very unpopular statement here but it’s the truth. Attraction to teenagers is Ephebophilia and actually very natural and common. It is not pedophilia which is not normal or common.
    (Ephebophilia is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid-20th century. )

    There is an odd hysteria that we are now calling young adults children. We are calling college adults children. This nonsense has to stop. You have to let kids grow up. They can’t be children forever.

    • prcntm says:

      Interesting distinction with regards to the sexual attraction to minors. I knew that there was a difference, but I never really wanted to spend the time blasting the message in bright neon letters to the FBI that I was curious about that particular delineation.

      As for the whole “calling young adults children” thing. I noticed this all the way back when I was in high school. The principal of my high school went to great effort to enforce upon the staff that they should not call us kids or children, but young adults. And having moved from that high school to one that did not make that effort in my senior year, I can tell you that effort alone probably made a huge difference. There was a significant gap in average maturity between the two student bodies. By calling older teenagers young adults it instilled an innate sense of responsibility on them and helped them develop into more productive people both within the school and within the community.

  26. Robni says:

    If elites don’t follow they own law. Why should I?

  27. HumanLivesMatter says:

    actually in the Hadith Aisha was 9 year old, prebuberty when the marrige was consumed.See Sahi Muslim vol. 8 book Kitab Al Nikah chapter 10 hadith 3311 “‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old
    ” (and playing with puppets after puberrty is forbidden in Islam.There are also passages in the Quranruling sex with women before the first Menstruation and after Menopause Quran Surat 65 aya 4 ”
    if you have doubts (about their periods), is three months, and for those who have no courses [(i.e. they are still immature) their ‘Iddah (prescribed period) is three months likewise, except in case of death].” being detailed explained in the Tafsir al-Jalalayn
    about Surat 65 aya 4 ” their prescribed waiting period shall be three months and also for those who have not yet menstruated because of their young age their period shall also be three months “.According to French law the statutary rape age was lowered to 14 years to please the most radical islamists, and calling sex with an “adult woman of 9 years” pedophile is according to the european court of human rights decision 38450/12 (25 oct. 2018) a crime.So you can get to prison, even if you had been credible stting that you wanted to imitate your 7th century favourite hero, but the denouncing person, arrestiing officers and the judge go to prison for caling pedophile, what in all european member states law call pedophile
    , if there was an islamic motivation.Have fun fact checking.And (living at a part of Paris with 60% Muslim) most Muslims feel insulted that this is called “respect to hteir religion”.It’s only islamophobia, if you think that all Muslims do like to applicate these passages in real life.

  28. Chief007 says:

    According to the series The Crown, Andrew is the Queens favourite child. Nothing will ever stick to any of our blood monarchy. Which is why Princess Di was so disposable.

  29. Blumpkin908 says:

    I have a idea for you but I want some credit if it takes off. Unless it makes you hundreds of millions then I want free room and board at your new place lol. Ok my idea is you make movies and animate then or CGI them and the watcher can snap a pic on your site of themselves and give a voice sample and can be the main character or any character they choose or is available. I feel it would make the experience more interactive. Hell if you had educational videos then parents could be the main character and the kids would take the good advice much better cause it’s like the parents are teaching them. Hope you see this. I’ll be waiting on my soon to be room lol

  30. Dandyman says:

    The 48 laws of power is a good book

  31. MrSooop says:

    Why do they fuck kids? Same reasons they bomb kids.
    Because they are sociopaths. Sociopaths don’t care how their actions hurt other people. They don’t care if it ruins the kid’s lives or perverts them. Maybe it’s like how some of the super rich like to do other weird shit like eat endangered species.(ref: ‘Panda Soup’)
    I think some of it is certainly intergenerational abuse that has somehow been normalized in their minds.
    Or maybe it’s like some weird alex jones alien/demon shit.

  32. Waterman1 says:

    In response to the “what can individuals do?” question, long-term goal should be to defund the federal government and exit the institutional financial system. Get out of unsustainable fiat debt and keep btc with offline keys. Most people’s weak spot is their debt/mortgage that can be called or leined, as well as assets in the institutional system that can be frozen or outright confiscated.

    The first real big step and fight will be when local/county/state governments refuse to enforce collection of federal taxes. Needs to be a large enough group of people to not get demonized and Waco-ed, but that’s the only way forward. Even if everyone knows that the bulk of the citizenry hates the federal government (which they don’t) it doesn’t matter as long as the gov can still steal your money and do whatever they want with it.

  33. Sith4Brains says:

    This first members show in the new studio has shown me that Tim, Ian and Luke all need to spend far more time in the sun

  34. Wingisnuts says:

    I believe pedos have such small penis’s that they need tiny children so that they can believe they’re pornstars

  35. jdrusse11 says:

    So I guess there are Topics that even the Members Only segment won’t talk about 🤣

  36. Timalwaysinterrupts says:

    Is anyone else getting pop up ads? At one point my browser said”your phone has been hacked. Everything you do is being tracked.

  37. DoomBaby888 says:

    I am also pretty sure that the Prime Minister will not be discussing Andrew with the Queen. It will be being done at an intelligent services level. Again, not right but the UK Cabinet will not be involved in this.

  38. DoomBaby888 says:

    Prince Andrew was a naval helicopter pilot, he was on active duty in The Falklands War. He also commanded a minesweeper. Not sticking up for his actions, just sharing the facts. He was a real navy officer.

  39. brandon_jang says:

    Prince Andrew should be castrated without anesthetic and I’d be happy to do it!

    • MrSooop says:

      What if he didn’t actually do anything wrong? What if he was undercover investigating for the crown or some shit? I don’t know enough about his involvement to judge but i think that anyone should have a fair trial before having their balls cut off or whatever. Otherwise it’s just some qanon-type witch hunt where reality doesn’t matter, only feelings do. If he did it fuck him but as far as i know there is no solid evidence that the man did anything wrong.

      We can’t just go around cutting off nutsacks on a ‘maybe’, ya know?
      But so many people would and that should be truly frightening to anyone who know a bit of history.

  40. Brozumaki says:

    Adam was the only real saucer spinner. I like Ian, but he’s a replacement

  41. JasonTM says:

    Muhammed was a pedo you should have on David Wood on as a guest if you wanna talk about Islam.

  42. NastyPaul says:

    Would it make more sense to allow members to view a ‘Members Only’ livestream in real time? Encode later for members who miss it.

  43. JeDalton says:

    All encoding and no video makes Joe something something ah whatever
    Let’s go Brandon

  44. deepseeded says:


  45. MrSooop says:

    Pressure. Politicians are under nearly constant pressure from many different directions for every official thing that they do. They balance a lot of different entity’s interests and do what they can to keep them all content. When they get the right kind of pressure from enough of their constituents, the kind that says comply or be gone, they get in such a place that they pretty have to comply regardless of their moneyd interests.

  46. BlazeCast says:

    Just so everyone is aware, higher resolution means longer encoding. The trade off for seeing our great polish white rabbit to follow

  47. Winston_6655321 says:

    MI-6 has intercepted the post-show segment and sabotaged the encoding. The fiends!

  48. wisdom says:

    Take a minute to encode? It’s been over an hour…

  49. andrei says:

    Yeah I think we’re going to need some livestreaming capacity the same way Crowder does with Blaze.

  50. Ambrossia188 says:

    Let’s Go Brandon!!!

  51. AdmiralPoesidon says:

    So it’s a watch tomorrow kind of thing.
    Got it

  52. MykC says:

    Some sweet sweet encoding

  53. Kingfish says:

    My potato internet cannot muster the bandwidth to play the video…

    On a side note, if the airlines have piqued your interest, you should look into the freight railroads. I work for one of the 7 class-1 RR and boy do you want to talk about overworked employees, short staffing, angst over impending mandates, etc.

  54. munchhasen says:

    Richard Barris has consistently been one of the most accurate state election pollsters since 2014. He also goes by the moniker Peoples Pundit and in 2020 he was commissioned by The Epoch Times to be their pollster for that election. Rassmussen is no 1 nationally but for states you need Robert Barris or the other accurate pollster Trafalger polls. Please book Robert Barris as a guest

  55. Whodamus says:

    On this episode of Timcast: The Encoding

  56. Jakuando says:

    So… Has anyone seen a real podrace?

  57. munchhasen says:

    Kyle Rittenhouses trial is heating up. Jury selection process starts Nov 1. Robert Barnes will be leading the defense teams jury selection process. He has represented Alex Jones and he is currently the lead lawyer representing workers suing Tyson Foods over their non recognition of religious exemptions to their vaccine mandate. He is also representing The Childrens Defense Fund in suing the FDA in how they approved the latest vaccines. Currently there have been 6 court victories upholding religious exemptions. There have been no losses. Robert Barnes is the legal expert you need and want if you want to talk about what is and is not legal. Please book him on timcast.

    • JeremiahJ83 says:

      The sad thing is. I see this trial going the same way as the Derek Chauvin trial. The jury and judge will be pressured by the cult. To give that young man a guilty verdict and a lifetime behind bars.

    • DavidFlora says:

      I believe they’ve talked. I know Tim has mentioned both him and Viva. I believe Viva can’t come on because he’s in Canada and Robert I think is too busy for a studio visit. At least that’s what I’ve gathered from the conversation I’ve heard Tim and Viva have separately.

      • munchhasen says:

        I know Robert Barnes is extremely busy fighting all the mandates in addition to assisting in the Rittenhouse trial. I am optimistic that Tim has talked to Viva and Barnes. I’m just going to constantly apply the pressure of asking as I feel that Tim who is a very smart guy will learn a lot about the nuances of Federal law and where we stand as far as vaccine mandates from a legal standpoint from a historical standpoint via the Nuremberg codes, and the implications of Jacobson which is cited by the other side but which directly led to the legality of forced sterilizations in the 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s and the mass impoundment of Japanese Americans in WW2 all due to a vaccine judgement in 1906. The Jacobson decision. I know Tim would love love love Robert Barnes as a guest. He would become a regular guest.

    • T.E.N. says:

      We need to do the same thing the leftists did at this trial.

  58. BigJoe77 says:

    Free the encode!

  59. Wesley says:

    Encoding AHHH

  60. Smokey_mcpuff says: I was shot in my leg March 2016 in a random mugging, anything helps towards my surgeries I’ve recently started incoutering physical impairments due to my bone not correctly healing

  61. says:


  62. Dannyg says:

    “It’s warming up sir!”