The Market Is CRASHING, Food Shortages, Bitcoin Is The Answer, The Crash is A SCAM To Rob The Poor

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The Market Is CRASHING, Food Shortages, Bitcoin Is The Answer, The Crash is A SCAM To Rob The Poor

71 responses to “The Market Is CRASHING, Food Shortages, Bitcoin Is The Answer, The Crash is A SCAM To Rob The Poor”

  1. WingedLion says:

    Tim, your arrogance let you down again. Please let Ian talk

    There was interest on the obama stimulus
    “Stimulus with interest: $1.2 trillion – Jan. 27, 2009”

  2. DeathBySexy says:

    Tim! Be nicer to Ian.

  3. TCappo3 says:

    Tim my friend, If you go out in a blaze of glory on YouTube for speaking truth to power you will forever cement your place in history and be remembered as a contemporary hero to the masses. Adherence to one’s values inspires not only loyalty but the people themselves.
    God bless you brother. Whether you know it or not, you’re doing the Lord’s work when you speak the truth.

  4. Masshole says:

    When you write “The Economy is crashing…bitcoin is the answer” in the title of the video and then claim to not be giving financial advice. lololol

  5. TeeZee says:

    The dollar is backed by birth certificates, so what’s that value?
    Well it’s the value of the lifetimes energy of the person the certificate represents.
    The federal reserve and the US government are sister corporations.
    The US government borrows money from the US reserve , using the people as collateral.
    It’s the perfect way to enslave the entire world, without having anything, other than birth certificates.


    I’m invested in lead (copper &brass)….TANGIBLE ASSETS!

  7. wilepeyote says:

    You guys should get Sergey Nazarov as a guest

  8. tobie.lepine says:

    As an idiot with a tiny bit of common sense, this bitcoin electricity thing is kinda patriotic from Elon… Asic’s, china, electricitiy subsidized by china govnt for mining…. Chip shortage…. There is a good reason GPU’s and the current ethereum network is so popular. Doge is traded on the ethereum network, Keeping ETH 1.0 online is keeping fair availability of the mining capacity. Bitcoin mining market has mostly been moved to china. Elon is like tesla …. some weirdo of the century that will take a few decades to understand how smart he was….As DOGE and SHIB go nuts and volatile, miners earn their fees, on worldwide available GPU’s democratizing the “banking fees”‘ . Bitcoin became ASIC dependant and the world will never be able to compete with electricity subsidized and non-exportable Application Specific Integrated Circuit … Basically, despite how safe bitcoin might be, all the mining fees end up in china… George westinghouse was also this patriotic and smart ….

  9. says:

    I’ll show you a beef sandwich ho

  10. Panguard says:

    tim, i hate to say it but ians actually right about the fed printing money. it is unconstitutional for the united states government to issue paper money. “notes of credit” the fed system was devised to allow a “private” institution to have a monopoly on printing money, and the government barrows from the fed to spend, then it barrows more to pay interest and spend more, then it barrows again untill were where we are now. its called monetizing debt. 1 trillion was an incoceivable number in 2008 but now its every other bill. no fed = no money printing.

  11. Oldguyknowscode says:

    Tim make a crypto. Call it Beanie Bucks.

  12. Bwalker47 says:

    The money Tim has in Bitcoin drives so many of the words that come out of his mouth when it comes to crypto lol doge to the moon

  13. pteague says:

    i’m trying to go to your my patriot supply link & i’m getting a 404 not found … i’m wanting to buy more, but i’d like to give you some benefits off of that …. have they completely removed that? or do you have a new link?

  14. RYesse says:

    Until the about of crypto i have is engulf for me to retire ill just buy

  15. Wojickst says:

    lol hey tim, on the federal reserve topic, you should just listen to Ian, also all peter said was it proved it wasent a store of value, you should try to get him on sometime

  16. BigCheese says:

    I bought Bitcoin!

  17. Growler says:

    About 80% of the bitcoin mining pools are Chinese and China mines 60% of the bitcoin in Sichuan province. The cost of energy in China is 0.085 cents /kwhr. The mines in China are moving to Iran where energy is 0.006 cents /kwhr. At the start of the year, Iran had 1 bitcoin mining facility they now have 14 more planned.

  18. Andybob1981 says:

    Can we get a TimCast Roku app

  19. says:

    Ian the idea with nft’s and music has sort of already begun, Tom McDonald bought a nft with a Eminem produced beat for $100k and releases a song with it a couple days ago.

  20. KyleWillis says:

    Tim, stop being a condescending asshole to Ian. He was right about the interest. You’re the idiot who doesn’t understand what you’re talking about

  21. L39hasbeen says:

    Tim is oversimplifying the unbelievably complex issue of inflation due to currency manipulation through oversupply. Labor value is not directly proportional to currency value. The value of labor severely lags that of currency, especially in a country which artificially inflates the value of unskilled labor. The dollar has an incredibly higher velocity than does US labor value, that velocity difference creates a wage lag. That lag time in a hyper inflationary period would decimate the wealth of the US population in all strata below top 10% of wealth owners.

  22. MarkVA71 says:

    Diamond hands! Diamond hands!!

  23. DanWagner says:

    The Republican Party is fucked. Sean seams like a nice guy and that’s my problem with him. Where are the fighters? He needs to go after Democrats like they come for us. Nobody is going to give a shit about his policy proposals or his republican talking points. The democrats are going to call you a racist and that’s only question they’re going to ask you from that point on. Sean, you don’t control the message you never will. The media will never let you get it out. You have to go after people if you want to get peoples attention, respect and support. Tim you should ask him if he would vote for McConnell if he’s elected. Ask him if he’s going to go after the do nothing loser Neocons. If republicans want my vote again, you’re not convincing me.

  24. Element says:

    Tim clearly doesn’t understand how the federal reserve works. Ian is closer to being right.

  25. Element says:

    The US government can’t print money directly. If they want to spend more than they bring in with taxes (and they always do) they have to issue bonds. Those bonds can be sold to regular people or other countries government but that isn’t creating new money. That is just money that already exists being lent to the government. New money is created when the federal reserve buys the bonds with money that din’t exist or when the federal reserve gives money to banks.

  26. Ashley_H says:

    It’s crazy to see the thousands of Ford trucks parked in various places here in Kentucky. The Truck plant in Louisville keeps building but they have no electronic chips to put in them. Now they’re getting laid off for 7 more weeks. Shit’s gonna hit the fan verryyyy soon.

  27. Creid7208 says:

    Im really not okay with the gop talking about not really looking at anti 2 a laws and talk about changing education why are we not talking constionaly protected rights first does the constitution not need attion before things that arent god given yes ian god given rights first

  28. CBScott7 says:

    Ian definitely reads too many conspiracy theories. When have you ever heard a news story about the federal government sending money to the fed to pay off some debt? Never happens, Tim is right. USD is pure fiat, but crypto is too. It has no intrinsic value. BTC has an increasingly tight correlation with traditional markets, with the collapse coming due to rapid inflation, BTC will drop under 15k within 12 months. I used to build mining rigs during the 2017 run up. Pump and dumps are not Ponzi schemes. The market cap is not a good indication of total value of all existing crypto. I do love the naivety of the noobs who just recently got into crypto. Dunning-Kruger in full effect.

    Love the show, been watching since 2016, finally decided to support the channel.

    • Element says:

      The us doesn’t pay interest to the federal reserve because they roll over old bonds into new bonds. If they want to get the bonds off their balance sheet then they sell them to a bank (taking money out of existence) and the bank gets the interest.

  29. CBScott7 says:

    Holding BTC in a wallet uses zero energy. DOGE is a pure meme shitcoin, it will fail and be worthless again, pump and dumps happen all the time. BTC won’t hit $1,000,000 until late 2030’s.

  30. Fishbiskit says:

    Two things.
    First, the food shortages were predicted over a year ago when the Midwest got hit with all that weird weather. Food is power, stock up now.
    Next, Ian has locked in on the Fed as being the “bad guy” but cannot seem to grasp that they are only half of that mafia.
    Our Government agreeing to use lethal force to make us pay the interest, is the other half. If you do not see the total issue you will never solve the problem.
    When the banks were facing collapse back in the Occupy days, the people were willing to take that hit and let it happen.
    The Corporate Politicians were not because it would very clearly demonstrate just how useless they are to the day to day lives of most Americans.
    There is no easy or quick way out of this mess. The citizens are going to have to do everything they can to reduce their participation in the system and become self-reliant again. Barter, trade labor for things, help out your local communities and most importantly, learn practical skills.

    • CBScott7 says:

      Food isn’t power, or even a good currency. If it gets bad where the dollar is no longer used, it’ll be skillsets, medicine, and water that holds the most value.

      • tlehrer1 says:

        You think growing food or raising animals for slaughter is not learned a skill?

        • tlehrer1 says:

          Most people today couldn’t grow potatoes from a sprouting spud, they forgot about in their cupboard. Beyond that, any meat eater should be able to hunt and slaughter their own meat, but I would presume 90%+ either wouldn’t do it, or don’t know how to do it properly. Not a judgement on you. Just a generalization. Who really knows how to hunt and farm in today’s days?

  31. c0de6349 says:

    ian you are missing out on a huge step in the process of fed reserve “loaning” money to america. the banks that work in the shady back rooms with people running the fed reserve buy bonds from government then cash in with the fed and get free money off the debt. this is why the fed doesnt care about the debt level or just “printing” money. they just have to sell more bonds to their friends.

  32. Doug1965 says:

    why does Ian need the simplest things explained to him for a whole segment?

  33. Jesusisnotaweapon says:

    I have like dimes worth of bitcoin cause I’m a poor ass single mother who makes 15 an hour and am going back to school. And…… 💎 ✋’s

    • tlehrer1 says:

      *not financial advice* I purchase a set amount of crypto and stock every paycheck. Sometimes on days like this past day, I purchase a little more of the items I feel are being undervalued. But, even then, only spending what I can afford to lose if I never saw a penny back. Crypto and the Market are always a gamble but they tend to turn positive over the long haul.

      • tlehrer1 says:

        BTW. The comments section needs up/down votes, or something similar. I agree with JESUSISNOTAWEAPON, keep them Diamond Hands, as long as you can.

  34. Brittsapoet22 says:

    What the heck, How’d The Quartering w Jeremy get Steven Crowder on before you?!?! I’d love my membership to go to a show with Crowder on!

    • CzechTex says:

      Mugclub or BlazeTV.

      I’m here for middle of the road convos, conspiracy theories, and different ideals. Don’t agree with everything Tim says, but I’m not going to ignore him if he’s taken the time to research his talking point to build a discussion/argument. Gotta respect the grind.

      On another note, I’m sure Crowder chose Jeremy because he has an audience that Crowder wants to tap into: Rumble, gamers, millennials and Sooners. Tim and Crowder are basically on par with one another, different ends of the bracket mind you, but they are one level playing field. Plus Jeremy is good friends with Elijah Schaffer from The Blaze…so there’s his shoe-in.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      I’d say it’s because

    • Frakthg0ds says:

      because Tim doesn’t do interviews over Skype or Zoom. He has said this MULTIPLE TIMES on the show.

    • CBScott7 says:

      Because they share legal council, Bill the half Asian super lawyer. I love that the people I subscribe to are all collaborating/friendly

  35. Paigeholland says:

    I currently live in southern ill. ALL the restaurants in this area has posted an extra charge for 50 cents to a dollar to ALL beef items and some chickens!!

  36. DorseyWoods says:


  37. GreenGables says:

    My son went from graduating high school, straight to an internship as a welder (turned out to be an essential job, so very little time off due to covid). Starting pay is $15.50 . Free training for that price, plus insurance, paid vacation days, ect. He told me yesterday they are having trouble getting help. Our state is paying out that much for *not* working, and people are glad to take it. Blue state/Dem Gov will make this last as long as possible. It’s crazy.

  38. Bitcoinhunter says:

    Just buy the dips. It’s that easy!

  39. Traditionalist says:

    Buy ze dip

  40. Prchef says:

    What’s the best site to buy Bitcoin?

  41. tlehrer1 says:

    Bought more near the bottom.

    “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient.” – Warren Buffett.

  42. TheWitten says:

    holy shit…. wait… i thought creating money created more debt…. i didn’t realize that it doesn’t create more debt…. it just deflates the debt… am i getting that right?

  43. benben says:

    buy on the dip

    screw the moon we’re goin to andromeda

  44. frankaron says:

    Bought a bunch of bit coin. Dip again? Buying again.

    • CzechTex says:

      Had just started buying maybe two weeks ago…$10USD every week…just dumped an additional $100 at -20%. I’m just here for the ride.

  45. SIlver says:

    I bought more

  46. CplChaskoIV says:

    First Ha Dogecoin to the Moon