Obama CONFIRMS UFO's, Crazy Conspiracy Thinks This Is The RAPTURE And The Mark Of The Beast

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Obama CONFIRMS UFO’s, Crazy Conspiracy Thinks This Is The RAPTURE And The Mark Of The Beast

85 responses to “Obama CONFIRMS UFO’s, Crazy Conspiracy Thinks This Is The RAPTURE And The Mark Of The Beast”


    You should look into Doctor Paul Thomas. He has done alot of research on vacine injuries

  2. atroposjuno@yahoo.com says:

    I think it’s far more realistic that they are aliens. The technology they have is so advanced it would take a very massive conspiracy to hide all that.

  3. LoyalUgoff412 says:

    You have to make a t shirt that says “fun sized dinosaur” with the picture of a chicken. Thank Lydia

  4. RichieRich3 says:

    Tim and company…. you need to read “JFK and the Unspeakable”. It’s legit, JFK was murdered by his own gov (MIC/Cathedral).

    My dad almost died from the vaccine. After shot one, in the hospital. After shot two, back in the hospital on a ventilator. The vaccine flooding your system with the spike protein is wreaking havoc on many people, including killing them.

  5. Strang3land3 says:

    It says sorry this video does not exist. Did y’all delete it?

  6. Vmanzo says:

    Ian giving praise to Bieber just made my day and made me Ian’s biggest fan.
    Whether you like him or not, Bieber is the biggest artist of this generation.
    No other dude had every female in the world throwing their panties at him the way Bieber did.
    And he did it at 14.

  7. Vmanzo says:

    Las Vegas shooting was 100000000% a false flag. There are an ungodly amount of faulty things on that.
    1) Vegas windows are practically unbreakable. You cannot open them, you cannot shoot them out, you cannot hammer them out unless you have extremely special tools that regular people do not have.
    2) multiple shooters. If you watch any video of the shooting, you’ll see muzzle flashes coming from multiple levels of Mandalay Bay, the flamingo, and one other.
    3) he checked into a room registered to his girlfriend, where he was not listed on the reservation. Have you ever been to a hotel where you can go to the front desk and say “hey I’m gonna check in on behalf of this person. I know we don’t have the same last name and they aren’t here but I’m gonna check in for them” and they just let me do it. Never. That doesn’t happen.
    There are countless or more questions I can’t think of right now cuz it’s been a few months since I deep dived this. But this entire thing was a massive false flag.

    • CommodoreChaos says:

      Not to burst your bubble but I managed to get a hotel room at the flamingo when I was thirteen without ID or a credit card…I literally just slipped the clerk a 50 on the side.

      It’s rare but it’s doable

      No it had nothing to do with sex or drugs, just currently had a very abusive living situation and had to leave.

  8. Gsxxr4ever says:

    Idk but it was a good and entertaining after hrs show! Should bring him back ..look fwd to it! 😎

  9. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Tim. You gotta watch ‘quartermass’.
    The cattle are the hippies.

  10. EvanW says:

    3 years ago, my Uncle went in for his flu shot, within and hour ge was found dead at his front stoop of his home coming back from getting the shot. No other health issues were known, ME said it was some sort of heart failure but he wasn’t know to have heart problems. Doctor believed it was most likely a problem with his Vaccine he took that morning. His receipt for his vaccine was still in his bill fold.

  11. NiceLooqkingClock says:

    Tim your wrong its all about the hot alien babes

  12. BrotherPaul says:

    Remember Dr. Wernher Von Braun predicted all of this and you are all fools buying into MSM BS. Oh if you do not know who he is, he was one of the top German Rocket Scientists smuggled into the US during Operation Paper Clip aiding in US tech during that time after WW2.

  13. Abelgg27 says:

    my mother is having issues with her fingers constantly locking up and she only caught the virus not taken the vaccine.

  14. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Love the site, wish the chat function worked better. No delete or edit… just drop a comment and hope for the best.

  15. Typho says:

    Everyone do me a huge favor and look up “patent WO2020060606” and then let’s talk about the mark of the beast

  16. hcmauve@hotmail.com says:

    If you legitimately think LHO killed JFK you’re an idiot. Period.

  17. shadowx717 says:

    The mark of the Beast cannot come about until the Antichrist is shown halfway through the Tribulation period. Since the Rapture hasn’t happened and billions haven’t died in war yet I’d say we’re not in the Tribulation period yet, ergo the mark of the beast ain’t around yet.

  18. MarkVA71 says:

    When the rapture does happen they will probably use UFOs as a cover for the millions if not billions who disappear. But I’m thinking the story will be buried as most people will be preoccupied with how Israel will respond to an attack by a major power. As for the Mark, the Neurolink requires WiFi receptors outside of the skull and the hand or forehead would make an ideal location for it. If the AI god that man has brought into being wants total control of humanity, controlling the minds of all men will be its optimal goal.

  19. Haze87x says:

    Rapture? Well I’m getting left behind.

  20. TinfoilHomunculus says:

    I’ve seen three ufos in my life and I’d guess they’re extraterrestrial. This news is validation to some of us who’ve seen that we aren’t completely crazy. Things are crazy in the world and I can see why people think this is a distraction, but it is real.

    • Waynemuse1 says:

      Me and a friend who are still in Touch today saw 3 off of Palos Verde Peninsula in California back in the late 70s THEY ARE REAL ET I assume

  21. ChandlerT says:

    Hey Tim. I know more people to have experience more vaccination injuries as opposed to complications due to covid. Love you guys. I’m trying my best to warn my family and friends to do actual research.

  22. TheReigningCobb says:

    if you wont believe it id like to see you prove the PROPHCEYS wrong and not so you can one up me do it so you really know for your inner self, do that and you might be on to something, when it comes to god he dose not conspire he simply says and done is……

    • TheReigningCobb says:

      the vax isint the mark but, its a desensitization physop bringing humanity as close as its ever been to a complete whole fulfilment of the entire biblical agenda

  23. SterlingGecko says:

    read the book Bob and the Blob.
    it’s about the Earth being a food farm planet.
    it’s short, kind of stupid, but a funny read.

  24. Ghost59 says:

    Sounds lit

  25. DeathBySexy says:

    Love the conspiracy theory segments

  26. Durnjulio says:

    Buy the dip boys and hodl ur precious coins

  27. Skookum says:

    RE: Joe Rogan says listen to Fauci…. I don’t even the person JR has turned into. Starting around when he apologized for nothing. He’s now spouting main stream liberal bull shit. I’m so disappointed. Listened for the last 8-9 years. No longer. I’m sad and disappointed.

  28. Scratt69 says:

    I can’t use my hands any more

  29. dylanesche91@gmail.com says:

    I believe the secret service officer in the front passenger seat shot Kennedy. Watch the video in slomo. Everyone thinks he was reaching back to grab Jackie K. But he is really shooting Kennedy. Jackie was tryimg to crawl out the back of the car ahe wasn’t trying to gather her husbands brains in that scenario. Think about it fight or flight why would she try picking up brain matter? She watched her husband get shot point blank and was fleeing for her life. But that’s my opinion of course.

  30. LuiIPT32 says:

    Completely unrelated to this specific topic, but yes to last nights IRL with Ryan Girdusky. I want 15 minute segments every night at the end with dating/flirting advice from TIm lol. Thriller…

    • zafamily says:

      For the 22 yo looking for a girlfirend ,remember girls are looking for you too!
      Y’all need to have 15 min advice segment with young women giving the advice for this guy and others his age who need a little help and encouragement. The guys ‘ advice was horrid, I guess they could only joke they were so bad at it. There is a generation of young men who need this advice desperately.

  31. Fishbiskit says:

    The vaccine was rushed, borderline experimental, medical tech that has no proven track record and I won’t take a substance I’m not allowed to question. Especially for a virus that I’ve already had, that has a minuscule fatality rate.

  32. shadowbroker says:

    anthony fauxchi is his name o

  33. tealmarimba12 says:

    Saying there’s no evidence for the Kennedy assassination is such a cop out. I’ll refer you to all the old Bill Hicks bits “back and to the left”. The videos themselves are enough proof to go on a mile long tirade. Then there’s the testimony of the secret service agents and doctors who saw the body and say it was tampered with. “Come on man”, watch the video and tell me with a strait face the bullet hit him in the back of the head and exited through the front, knowing all the things we know about physics.

  34. laurielei says:

    Marilyn was murdered because JFK told her about the aliens.

  35. James Haddock says:

    TBH I would listen to Lydia read a book. She has such a soothing voice.

  36. Rawdog says:

    Entertaining show tonite. Liked the exclusive content. Popular Science was mostly normal. However, I hope the guest paid you guys to be on & hawk his “book” because he is one asinine, arrogant, moronic New Yorker who thinks he knows what is best for everyone else. I certainly will neither read nor puchase his crap.

    I understand that a lot of your guests pay to be on the show, but please have interesting people who ACTUALLY work for a living tell their stories. (Example: a mechanic could tell stories about some of the more “colorful” people that he deals with-names changed to protect the idiotic-no agendas, no book deals, just good humorous stories)

    Couple of points:
    1) For the 22 year old superchatter, you are not going to get a “girlfriend” until you are pulling down a 6 figure income and/or are receiving a 5~6 figure retirement pension. Or are scion of a rich family. However, you can get laid for anywhere from $50-$300 a toss. Just look for the coed who has nice clothes, is rather aloof, is rather sexy but not trashy. Chances are that she is an ‘escort’. Be careful in the approach & be sure to have cash. Yes it does work.

    2) Regarding the Kennedy assassination, Mr. Oswald did NOT fire 3 rounds from the Carcano. 2 of the 3 shots WERE .30 cal. & did come from above & to the right. The 3rd shot came from behind, at the same level & a tiny bit to the left (no, not any “grassy knoll”). Anyone can figure it out forensically if one studies the autopsy report, finds a rather famous photo taken by a woman just before the motorcade started (Interestingly, I have not seen prints of that photo in 20+ years. [Someone may have an old Time Life coffeetable book from the ’70s with the photo up in their attic]) & read a book titled, 5 Days In November by Clint Hill ( believe that is his name). Pay particular attention to the pictures & the diagram in the center of the book. ( I’ll give you a hint: the diameter of the 3rd bullet was 5.56mm)

  37. DivineMatrix says:

    You can’t just lump all conspiracy theorists into one bubble. Idk who you follow but not many ppl believe those things. Everything is a possibility but you need to know what’s plausible, it changes based off new information. You speak in such absolutes like you know everything. I don’t know anyone who takes conspiracies as absolute truth.

  38. atroposjuno@yahoo.com says:

    I think it’s much more likely that there are aliens or some hidden race of people who live under the ocean, rather than a huge coverup of technology.

  39. DivineMatrix says:

    Tim I think the ancient were far more sophisticated than we are now. You say things with such confidence that the pyramids were the simplest thing they could build. You really need to actually look at these structures the procision is so precise. We would struggle to recreate the great pyramid today. Thats if we even could.

    • Ray3D says:

      Yeah, it is entirely possible that human civilization went through a reset of some kind. There is also another structure called the Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is said to be even older and exhibits similar oddities and would be really hard to recreate today despite lasers and modern tech.

  40. Brozumaki says:

    Cheeseburgers and entertainment, that’s why they haven’t laser beamed us. Seriously

  41. Brozumaki says:

    Cheeseburgers and entertainment, that’s why they haven’t laser beamed us

  42. Bikerbob59 says:

    My local Buffalo herd just had a white bull born . It’s one of the signs. For Real.

  43. Thequaz says:

    Tim is such a flippant little shit. He so self centered and acts like he’s always the smartest person in the room. Like.most highschool dropouts that grift for a living. And my god is anyone really surprised this wine drinking closeted gay Catholic doesn’t have any clue what’s in the bible? Just like all Catholics they just take what some guy Ina black frock says as the end all be all truth

  44. FirstThessalonian says:

    Tim, have someone on that is knowledgeable about what the Mark is and how the bible lays out how the end times will unfold. It has a great amount of detail.


  45. Socrates says:

    Greg Abott just made it so that the government can’t require people wear masks. This includes kids at school.

  46. MeyaCulpa says:

    I’m glad Tim is doing really well in life because his afterlife is gonna suuuuck. XD

  47. Der_Barbar says:

    Trust the science. Please go to https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/datarequest/D8 CDC Vaccine adverse event reporting system. Go to category 2 (Select Symptoms) open (D) select Death go to category 3 (Select Vaccine Category) select COVID-19 go to category 5 (Other symptoms) select Death. Result: 3,344. Then look up any other vaccine, or all vaccines other than covid-19 combined: 7,979. That’s about 42% of all deaths reported to VAERS attributed to COVID-19 vaccine*. Still curious, go to onset interval and set to 0 days (day of vaccination). For COVID-19 vaccines* 453 for all vaccines as reported in VAERS: 975 about 46%. Science doesn’t look good. Not a MD here, but I know statistics. These are not numbers that should allow any responsible voice, let alone politician or medical practitioner to say the vaccine “is absolutely safe”. Side note: A Harvard study said only about 1-10% of adverse events actually get reported to the VAERS site.

  48. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Tim, you should contact PodCast on YouTube, he makes videos like “Ben Shapiro debates Shen Bapiro” he makes great content and would be the perfect person for Fauci debating himself.

  49. MiriamtheLevite says:

    I completely agree about the Marilyn Monroe theory. Been studying it for over 30 yrs. None of the story makes any sense. There are ligature marks on her neck, the barbiturates found in her body were injected via an enema, and no water near the bed. Not to mention she spoke with Peter Lawford earlier in the evening and threatened a press conference to expose what she knew about the Kennedys if Jack or Bobby didn’t call her by the end of the weekend. Remember, her phone was tapped by the FBI, who was investigating the Kennedys, but those tapes have never been made public. Bobby was seen exiting a helicopter at Burbank airport by a couple who then changed their story later.
    Bobby was known to have a temper. What I think happened is simple. Bobby was supposedly up in Napa that weekend and received a call from Peter telling him to deal with Marilyn. He flies down to LA to talk some sense into her. She, refusing to back down because she was actually quite intelligent, Bobby loses his cool and strangles her. Knowing he can’t just dump her, she’s Marilyn Monroe, he calls Peter and they set the stage for drug overdose. But no one’s story really matches the evidence. In the end, she played her hand and came up short. It’s tragic really, she was so much more than just a pretty face. First actor to negotiate her own contract, first to negotiate release from said contract to another studio so she could do Bus Stop, arguably her best role, next to Niagara. Spent every Sunday at orphanages with the children reading to them and playing with them. Was actually a cunning hard nosed business woman who knew what she wanted and went for it.

    • GunsTheMonkey says:

      I like you, you cool

    • GunsTheMonkey says:

      I was gonna rag on the lack of numerous comments to show it’s not 60 of us trying to support people whom don’t fucking suck, but the comments here, ….brains are fun. Thank all of you for using yours and being on this space. It feels like the old internet doing it like this. Nice.

  50. DorseyWoods says:

    I’m not anti-vax… but there’s no way in hell I’m taking a coronavirus “vaccine” that was created in 9 months when they’ve been unsuccessfully attempting to engineer effective coronavirus vaccines without crazy side effects since the 1980’s. That’s not conspiracy theory… that’s just making a decision based on facts.

  51. Patriotic50 says:

    Remember that the MSM has laughed off the possibility of UFOs for the last 70 years.

  52. Rudsy69 says:

    I was reminded of a fantastic martial arts/comedy movie I saw as a kid called “Bulletproof Monk”, where the moral of the story is based on the hotdog bun to hotdog package ratio. Starring a young Seann William Scott.

  53. Chrisj2000 says:

    You should watch house of 1000 corpses.

  54. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Yeah, I don’t think this is the rapture. As a Messianic Jew and a believer in the metaphysical, I’ve never read anything about the rapture in the Bible. I do believe the 7-year tribulation will come but I’m not so sure about the rapture itself. In terms of rapture believers, there are three schools of thought: 1. The pre-tribulation rapture (rapture will come before the 7-year tribulation. 2. The post-tribulation rapture (it will come after the tribulation). 3. The mid-tribulation rapture (it will come in the middle of the tribulation). I do believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the son of God- but not God himself (how you be perpetually be both the father and son). I don’t believe in the holy trinity either. There are ancient books that were, for thousands of years, part of the Bible known as the Apocrypha. Those were removed by the “holy” Roman Empire, and were meant to be destroyed but were hidden in caves instead. I don’t believe that Constantine’s supposed conversion was a true conversion. By his own authority, he changed the Sabbath day to Sunday (which was the day of worship for the sun god Appolo, whom Constantine worshipped prior to his “conversion”) ,but for thousands of years the sabbath was traditionally held on Saturday (hence Jews and Seventh Day Adventists observing the sabbath on Saturday). He even made worship on Saturdays punishable by death.

  55. ParasiticVoid says:

    Guest was pretty lame tbh. Good level 1 conversation for sure, but Tim, bring on some of these “Conspiracy Theorists” you rag on. Other than Alex Jones, Get ballsy and bring on some of the truth commission or even Corbett to talk about the history of bankers funding wars!

    • FaidJustice says:

      Guest was great. Brought up insightful conversation. Also most theorists are more nuts than Alex lmao. Alex gets way more right than anyone wants to realize

    • joelexline says:

      Yea to say anti vaxxers are all crazy. I would love for him to debate Del Bigtree or RFK Jr. Following the CDC schedule and giving babies a bunch of shots is 100% harmful. Dr. Paul Thomas’s study that came in December shows that very clearly.

  56. Manbearpig says:

    I’m in construction and it gives me a migraine when people can’t figure out how the pyramids and many of the wonders of the world were built in ancient times. Its literally same as we do it now when heavy equipment can’t reach or be used in an existing building being remodeled. Break down the task to it’s simplest form and small steps and flood it with man power. I’ve installed multi ton beams with no equipment and just hands on metal. I watched a group of Amish men pick up a barn and carry it down the highway to a new farm. With enough hands you don’t even need a lever to move the world.

    • FaidJustice says:

      Build one.

    • Magster73 says:

      So your telling me you Know how to pick up a 20 ton slab of rock 15 feet then gently placing it precisely on 2 more huge blocks? Using only what a Bronze Age person would only have to use? They only had bronze chisels, rock hammers, palm tree wood which isn’t very strong from what I understand, ropes, and a very simple pulley system. Then they would need to build the ramps. Which had to be made of dirt. Not sand because sand shifts too easy. They would need 3x the weight or volume of the pyramid to build the ramp system at an angle where it would be feasible to move the stones up it . Then once the pyramid was finished they would need to take the ramp down. Where did all that dirt go then? There is no sign of it around the pyramids. And according to ancient Egyptian texts it only took them 20 years to build the “Great pyramid at Giza.” A scientist worked it out and he said it would take 10,000 people working day and night to do that in 20 years. I’m not saying the Egyptians didn’t build it, I think they did. I just think they had some kind of technique or technology that has been lost to us.

  57. bluecollar says:

    I lost respect for you with your view on this Tim

  58. JSynMoor says:

    Hey, Gianni Russo, he played Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather. He openly tells that the Kennedy Bros. killed Monroe

  59. Keelynr2004 says: