Forrest Explains Security At BLM Riots And Says Leftist Rioters Are Dangerously Close To Using Lethal Force

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Forrest Explains Security At BLM Riots And Says Leftist Rioters Are Dangerously Close To Using Lethal Force

67 responses to “Forrest Explains Security At BLM Riots And Says Leftist Rioters Are Dangerously Close To Using Lethal Force”

  1. M.e.leechee says:

    Go Play With NVGS!

  2. Magster73 says:

    Great episode. Loved the Black Powder Musket! I got out my Glock 19 and holster and timed myself. lmfao. I just target shoot and I did it 7 times, then averaged the time it took. I did get faster the more I did it though. On average, it took me about 4 seconds.

  3. MiMisguided says:

    When I shoot ELR I just stop breathing. Course I have been doing it a long time.

  4. Kiwi2113 says:

    I had alot of issues shooting for years in the military. Started HOLDING my breathe instead of exhaling 2 years ago. 40/40 ever since. Everyone is different.

  5. Nimitz says:

    Did Malice “The Jewish Question” Rubin? L M F A O

  6. PolishPierogi says:

    Forrest is a really humble cat and he’s spot on with PMC – you don’t know who they are until shit pops off, its by design and for a plethora of reasons. Nice to see him refrain from talking out the side of his ass about the 50cal stuff. *Thumbs up brother, I don’t know shit about them either, ask the tankers lol* The m242, 25mm bushmaster is a fun date. Hot as fuck inside the turret but she delivers! AP/HE rounds and even the blacktip DU rounds if you’re trying to have ‘hands on fire’ for a few days after loading those bastards. 50s are so heavy and cumbersome, not surprised a Ranger didn’t fuck with it very often. Its a COP/FOB security weapon for the most part. M249/240’s get the job done every time, although I’m highly impartial to the 240. Buy a 240 if you can Tim, have someone stop by to train you on patterns to engage different targets, clearing malfunctions, maintenance, etc. etc. You enjoyed shotguns; you will love belt-fed-freedom. Buy a few extra barrels, if you can?

  7. Vashts1985 says:

    I hear the Serbu RN50 is a blast to shoot…

  8. Vashts1985 says:

    people who block roads with guns and say this is ours are no different than those people who wanted to arrest Whitmer last year.

    for some reason though one is ok…

  9. Eek_the_Cat says:

    Love this episode, hope you have him back soon. I want to hear more about him.

  10. drunkEODguy says:

    I love Tim’s full arc from “reasonable restrictions” to “hippity hoppity get the fuck off my property”

  11. TimChandler5150 says:

    He’s also the character “The Mask” from the Jim Carey movie. And he reminds me of that old Dick Tracey character too, “No Face” I believe. Or maybe that was a thing making fun of Dick Tracey, I can’t remember.

    • Paulson93 says:

      Michael malice is dress as DC comic’s The question. Following the trend of DC heroes since last time on IRL he was Clark kent/Superman.

    • Paulson93 says:

      Michael malice is dressed as DC comic’s The question during his Rubin interview. Following the trend of DC heroes since last time on IRL he was Clark kent/Superman.

  12. TimChandler5150 says:

    Michael Malice is uncut.

  13. DarthWho says:

    Was Malice wearing a Star of David pin like people from a certain region during the 1930s-1940s……

    It’s hard to see on the video but if so…. Bruh lol

  14. andrei says:

    I love how at the end the show literally turns into Demolition Ranch.

  15. Allias says:

    I’m a resident of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Forrest is spot on. There’s a lot more to the overall situation here in the Twin Cities though. The patriotic movements here are conflicted. Classical Republicans are not willing to do difficult things, but now their space is being invaded by classical liberals, centrists and libertarians who are eager to do battle with the left.

    Minneapolis is not lost. We’ve been building this city on the river for 150+ years and we are NOT going to forfeit it, politicians and law enforcement be damned. Get with the program or GTFO. This state started as the people’s state, a right-to-work state, and a constitutional haven for higher learning.

  16. Bonkers270 says:

    Tim. you need to buy a bore scope to sight in your 50.

  17. StuckInCaly says:

    Incredible guest. Just wish when you have these really interesting guests with a lot to say, you’d shut the fuck up and let them speak. I say that with love. But really, let ’em speak. There were multiple times on this and the YT show where he was starting to talk about something really interesting and you derailed him by talking about yourself. Save that for the guests where it’s harder to keep the convo going.

  18. Bikerbob59 says:

    Good show Tim like this guy.

  19. Rinyotsu says:

    I only have been hesitant to buy a gun because of cost and noise. Cost is self explanatory, but noise isn’t because I’m afraid of the noise, but I’ve always been the gray man and stealth and deception are my tactics of choice.

    • WindyChimes says:

      Consider it as a last resort?
      Guns are supposed to be that, after all.
      When you can no longer blend in, you don’t want to be gathering supplies for others.

    • Brianziskie says:

      The best way to mitigate the noise, is to buy some noise cancelling ear muffs, walker razor slims are maybe 60$ ! Buy a good pistol(Glock, sig, cz, hk ) and you’ll have it for life! Buy once, cry once lol

  20. Slippy_Tha_Noodle says:

    Sup Bois, and Lids… Just cancelled my youtube premium. Since I’m already a member of Mug Club, I will give my youtube monies to you. I like hearing Tim say “fuck” instead of think it.

  21. says:

    Tik one of the most famous Guntersville just had one of those rifles blow up in his face and almost kill him

  22. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    I learned in Marine Corps Boot Camp to shoot by the BRASS method, Breathe, Relax, Aim, take up the Slack and Squeeze. I fired Expert four times in my Marine Corps term.

  23. filthy_poser says:

    I tried to watch the full show on Youtube this morning and I’m getting an error message. I think the video may have been taken down

    • MarkPing says:

      filthy_poser — the youtube link works fine for me.

    • says:

      I also had the issue where I could not view this on YouTube. It always gave an error, and I tried many times over the span of two hours. I’m in Canada.

    • Nichole says:

      What browser are you using? I use duckduckgo and don’t have issues. I noticed issues when using chrome and edge, if people have issues watching a video most people just give up and move on that is what they hope for. They don’t expect you to switch to a different browser that they can’t sensor.

  24. PimTool says:

    Yesterday was my bday what a great ep to watch for it 🙏🔥

  25. Boomer624 says:

    Great show! Not all veterans are the same. USMC has specific skills as does US Army….and so on . The main purpose of all of them is to kill people and break things. The National Guard/Reserves has the same purpose but only on the weekends. Forrest is right there are people out there that are choosing not to get involved unless it comes to their door. Then look out! Just my humble opinion.

    • ppmac39 says:

      This guy definitely has that spec-op mindset… I was 11B (Army Infantry) and we did a lot of missions with special forces and rangers… As far as I could tell we were at roughly the same skill level as the rangers when it came down to shoot, move, communicate, kill… But I was at a unit that was right next to the rangers and about half my company had their ranger tabs… As far as SF, yeah… don’t mess with those guys…

  26. Turk_Longwell says:

    Solid Guest. Solid Episode. Forrest knows what’s up. Recoil is the only Mag. I buy these days.
    I’ll have to try the off chutes, as well.
    I’m seeing a couple fellow Devil Dogs, and other Services, behind the pay wall. Oohrah to that!
    Tim’s and his Guest’s takes have been on point since I started watching last April.
    I’ve paid heed to a couple things. I’m better off for it.
    Remember the Bitcoin Halving and the Ethereum 2 Upgrade.
    Stay Vigilante My Frens.

    P.S. – Today is PA’s primary election for this year. Ya got until 8pm tonight.
    In the Words of Shia LaBeouf “Just Dooo It!”

  27. Element says:

    Have you seen Kentucky Balistics? He SLAP rounds (Saboted light armor penetrator) with a Serbu RN-50 and it blew up. Part of the gun went through his neck and he barely survived.

    • THcAPOLLO says:

      This is exactly the comment I was making sure found its way here. That story is insane. I’m not the religious type but he is 100% blessed

  28. Fishbiskit says:

    During the regular episode Forrest said that people thinking of joining the military should lean toward the Special Forces but does that still apply when our Government is pushing hard to male any American that resists a terrorist?
    The idea that our Military is being prepped to confront it’s own fellow citizens on our soil is the most concerning thing to me.
    Our Intelligence sector has already successfully lobbied for the right to operate against Americans without due process.
    How do we reverse that course by joining that machine?

    • ThePilotOfMachoGrande says:

      He did say you had to do the soul searching to be able to withhold your values in that system. He’s advocating for people that truly want to serve, while letting them know they will have to suffer against this woke ideology at the risk of being canceled in that career. I found it very well put. You need good people true to themselves to be there to restrain the zealots that would abuse their positions for exactly the reason you mention.

  29. DaveFromColorado says:

    Scott from Kentucky Ballistics on YouTube had a breech loading .50 BMG and because of a very hot load, the round exploded blowing up his firearm and sending him to the hospital almost killing him. You should check out his video explaining what happened, again, Scott from Kentucky Ballistics …

  30. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Malice was impeccable! Brilliant interview. Speaks such volumes.

  31. AK_Mechanic says:

    Just joined and hearing Tim drop the F bomb hit me in my soul, I love it

  32. SuperROBOChrist says:

    Grew up an Army brat, I got nothing but respect for military personnel and especially spec ops. Really enjoyed the perspective tonight, hooah

  33. Tyler. says:

    Learned the formula for black powder from the TOS episode where Kirk fights the gorn.

  34. raifo92 says:

    “Batshit and Saltpeter” should be the name of their shooting segments.

  35. says:

    There are several Rubin Report episodes featuring Michael Malice. Which are you referring to and for what reason?

  36. Fuzzy3unny says:

    monsters play in the dark =] 0311 usmc

  37. KellyAnn says:

    Great guest!

  38. Rawdog says:

    Good show tonite. You guys are the closest to telling the truth about 2A. You do have some logical disconnect when it comes to pigs. Those badge wearing gang members job is not to “protect & serve” but to separate & control those segment of the population that are considered “scummy” by those in power.
    Also, I recommend reading Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny. It is put out by the JPFO & shows exactly how the GCA of ’68 was a direct copy of the 1938 Public Safety Act of Nazi Germany. It also lists a number of countries that used gun control as the precursor to mass murder. If you want I can scan & send you a .pdf of the book.

  39. says:

    did you guys see what happened to Kentucky ballistics with that 50… dude is lucky to be alive.

  40. Damon says:

    Which episode of Rubin were they talking about? Malice has been on a bunch

  41. CplChaskoIV says:

    Dogecoin to the Moon
    Great Show.
    Semper Fi