Steve Hilton Member Podcast: Youtube Episode CENSORED, Crew Discusses Getting COVID And How They Treated It

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Steve Hilton Member Podcast: Youtube Episode CENSORED, Crew Discusses Getting COVID And How They Treated It

212 responses to “Steve Hilton Member Podcast: Youtube Episode CENSORED, Crew Discusses Getting COVID And How They Treated It”

  1. docileone says:

    i was trained as a nurse’s aide in 1983, i was taught then that a virus is too small for a “surgical mask” to protect you – they are to protect others from us “slobbering” or sneezing on other people. the N95 mask will protect you and other people because of how they are made, i was always told to use this for contact with anyone who has a virus. there is a reason they have PPE at different levels when in labs for different pathogens when doing research. it is likely those that encountered this bug first was because they were not using adequate PPE. if you want to ensure protection get a N100 mask or use a respirator.

  2. Atom says:

    This guy has no clue what he is talking about, covid is NOT aerosolized at all. It is spread through body fluids, mucus, semen and saliva. The only time the Covid-19 was considered aerosolized was when they were ventilating infected patients and air was forced out of the lungs. If covid was a legitimate air born virus its transmission rate would be significantly higher.

  3. BennyQ83 says:

    Good to see you showed Steve something Tim and Crew! Took it straight to TV!

  4. karmicneurot says:

    This guy seems to not have any knowledge of anything going on. The droplets aerosol thing is a big deal and he got it wrong. It was a piece in a long list of things this guy seems to follow passively, if at all. I actually don’t know who he is, but after the third or fourth act of surprise at what should be aware of, I kind of just left. Checked back in time for his “droplets” comment and then just skipped the rest.

  5. Vashts1985 says:


  6. Dina_Almani says:

    ))))))))))))))) I Am On Rumble Too …. LGB

  7. alienbeans says:

    idc what everyone else on youtube says..good guest and good show. LFG

  8. Skookum says:

    I had covid at the end of September. Called my dr asked about the antibody treatment. He looked up some stuff and called me back and said there are places here in my town that are doing it. I called them to get it. They said I need a dr order for it. My dr never called me back after I told his office that. The urgent care dr never called me back either. This is North Korea shit.

  9. USAFgunner says:

    Actually glad i came back, reading this comment made me realize i haven’t eaten since yesterday! Been pounding water like crazy and running up and down the stairs to force all this mucous out of my lungs. I feel a ton better today but still doing breathing treatments every 6 hours and blowing in my spirometer. Since everyone here has covid not really worried about getting someone sick. My pulmonologist says she is going to everything possible to keep me out of the ER since they are killing people by not treating respiratory infections the way they should be treated. She said they are scared of COVID so they dont go in and do breathing treatments, make the patients get up and exercise their lungs etc…it really makes her angry that they just vent people and leave them on a table to die!

  10. columbanus38 says:

    Tim, if you stop sweating it is almost always due to not enough potassium in the sweat glands to push sweat out of the cells and onto the skin. Yes, this virus was definitely made in a lab. When the original genome was released, there was an obvious sequence of commonly used gene insertion cassettes. These are rings of RNA that are used to insert new genes into an organism. We use these in the lab all the time to modify cells or animals.

  11. Thebiggrabassky says:

    Tim fix this bug I watch on mobile and the vid will play for a few minutes before stopping and acting as though I refreshed the page

  12. Tommyjohnyourmom5150 says:

    I’ve looked everywhere that episode was deleted completely non existing

  13. Shizunk says:

    Plus, an N95 mask does filter out majority of droplets and disperses the rest in all directions, so it shouldn’t be masks or mo masks, it should be masks that work, worn correctly and only in environments where they can help, not outdoors for example.

  14. Shizunk says:

    It is sad that this droplets vs aerosols thing gets always mentioned in passing as if that was settled debate. As Luke rightly pointed out, transmission heavily depends on viral load. Aerosols have an easier time penetrating, but contain a tiny fraction of viral load. So you are less likely to actually be sick if the only thing you get is aerosols. Plus masks work primarily by dispersion, not filtration. But people taking sides always for some reason adopt these simplistic views, even if they cite data, they pick what they like, ignore context and run with it.

  15. MrKnavish says:

    This video or page isn’t very stable had to refresh multiple times and it just keeps crashing.

  16. Slugpudding says:

    Tim, I got COVID at the same time you did. The VA promptly got me an appointment for two days later. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I couldn’t breathe. My brother in-law prescribed me Prednisone. It opened my lungs right up.

  17. Christopher says:

    Remember to force yourself to eat and drink and drink a lot of water.

    The biggest failures of the immune system start when it’s fighting with no supplies. Sick people need MORE water than a healthy person. Appetite loss is a evolutionary response from when the food was a likely cause… dog eats garbage and gets sick, loses appetite and stops eating garbage or poison…

    Just saying, eat and drink on a schedule. Because your impulsive brain is thinking it’s the food or water source.

  18. MZero1294 says:

    Steve is fucking excellent! He’s a guest I’d have loved to hear talk more, but not because of his accent.

  19. USAFgunner says:

    Bring back Call of Duty lobbies without the health and safety hall monitors. Cant even have a slightly offensive gamertag anymore!

  20. USAFgunner says:

    Man you werent fucking around about this being bad! I got sick yesterday, woke up this morning and was like i gotta go to the doctor! They gave me a positive and started me on Ivermectin, prednisone, z-pack and sent me for regeneron infusion at 12:30 today. The crap i am trying to cough out is so thick and sticky and takes a whole lot of work for it to finally break loose and the headache is fucking no joke! About 4 hours after infusion i spiked a fever…things are starting to calm down now. I am not vaccinated and i dont plan to but if you get sick get to the doctor. I think if i waited until tomorrow i would have been fucked!

  21. christinamini says:

    YouTube blocked their channel that’s why I’m here

  22. Dabdad says:

    Dude I didn’t get to finish the episode before YouTube deleted it. Why can’t you upload it here?

  23. CR_Expat says:


    I’d been planning on joining for months, so this was the kick in the pants that finally got me to toss in my digits.

  24. CR_Expat says:

    That’s insane! Not sure how that can even be legal. Sounds like a sweet class action suit if that insurance company is demanding that from every pregnant woman…

  25. wittyusername says:


  26. NathanHale21 says:

    You can watch it for free on Rumble

  27. lynleahb says:

    It is completely insane that they strike people and ban talk about masks, covid, etc… But there is a YouTube channel that Elijah Shaffer talked about, where two gay men do nothing but insane, sexual stuff to each other AND it does not have age restriction! It makes no fucking sense! This is all insane!

  28. cherneskej says:

    Name calling needs to come back. You need to be able to call people fucking retarded when they are being fucking retarded. That way they can maybe self examine and be like “oh yea banning the police is actually a fucking retarded idea.” Or “oh yea closing pipelines will increase my costs”

  29. KMerckCPA says:

    I’ve been using podcast republic since about 2008 and I still stand by it

  30. KMerckCPA says:

    I assumed Tim was being tongue in cheek and really agreeing with Steve, but maybe I read that wrong.

  31. Iron1mike says:

    This guest tho…oof.

  32. AshleyMarie says:

    I literally can’t believe tim is trying too “fact check” Steve using these trash resources and using YouTube’s guidance in what qualifies a “reliable source 🤪” or not! Are you joking! He’s been pushing it all night about a bunch of other topics telling him he’s wrong when most of us have heard similar things. I’m sure Steve didn’t show up with all his research notes in a Kayleigh McEnany style binder to defend his arguments and opinions with what should have been a friendly crowd! Isn’t that why you created your whole little nonprofit fact checking company?! So you can STOP doing this!!!! I mean, in the episode you took down..totally defeating the purpose of Steve coming out there from clear across the other side of the country in comifornia too do the show I would promote his new podcast and it’s just a rude thing to do. I KIND OF get the reasons but think it’s still rude and a cop out somewhat. Tim is always the first one to talk a big game about “we will be fine if they take the show off of YouTube!” And “that’s why we created our own space behind the paywall!” And the “We will not comply!” And “peaceful noncompliance!” All from Tim 🙄🙄 and then do some giant loop around sort of argument as too why you did/said what you did when a lot of people start to complain about it. It’s the sort of things tim says just in case something happens to the show. Yet..he reacts like he did tonight at just his own thoughts of “oh shit did I just break the rules on YouTube 😬?!” And in particular when it comes to somethings so obvious and true about masks not working! It’s by personal experience for all of us at this point too. It’s hypocritical to the extreme. Isn’t the point supposed too be NOT kowtowing! Isn’t that why we all pay for memberships?! And if you guys got canceled off of YouTube, the memberships would increase probably tenfold. I still support you guys obviously but, I’m calling it out. I’m not saying that my measly $10 a month is going to save the first amendment or anything like that. But, a ton of us support you because we thought you are the type to stand by what you say about censorship. I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this but it literally seemed that I just watched you gag yourself for the sake of YouTube‘s feelings. I’m not even a Steve Simp either. I see him very occasionally on YouTube in Fox news clips and that’s literally all I know about him.

  33. AshleyMarie says:

    It’s also on apple podcast.

  34. MissOpal85 says:

    Agreed. I feel like Steve was trying to share his thoughts and Tim kept shutting him down. Thought it was kinda rude.

  35. wismetalman says:

    Medical N95s and KN95s do not have a vent. In fact, vented masks are prohibited in most medical settings where protective masks are necessary. General droplet prevention masks like surgical masks do have a slight filtering effect. Cloth masks and specifically gaiters [spelling?] have much lower effectiveness, comparable effectiveness to not wearing a mask – which is how you know that masks are not a medical spread prevention technology so much as they are a social control mechanism, the type which they implemented with armbands to indicate party membership in Nazi Germany. The only difference is that the muzzles also silence you and keep you from exploring the ideas necessary to prove yourself right or wrong about which ones work. The rub is they also do work …in some forms, so some people wear them for the right reasons – fear of disease, which would also be unnecessary if we had proper medical policy – prevent, cure, then treat before forcing social compliance with emergancy last resort policies.

  36. jgarza262 says:

    I guess I have to make a rumble account lmao

  37. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Why isn’t last night’s episode of IRL on YouTube? If that’s the video people are commenting about, then why isn’t it up here?

  38. JMac says:

    Fuck YouTube anyway, I watch as much as I can on Rumble, and here.

  39. Skynet0225 says:

    Hey Tim, here’s a thought. I appreciate your struggles with YouTube and understand what you’re trying to accomplish by treading lightly. I would suggest that once a week, you guys self censor an episode and announce on YT that you do not wish to offend their sensibilities, so you are only going to download that episode to Rumble. That way you can slowly begin the herding process to alternate platforms while using YT’s resources to accomplish your goal. YT is a yoke that needs to be broken.

  40. Clive_Nebula says:

    Well, bye!

  41. Deademcee says:

    YouTube show censored so you don’t put it up? Isn’t that why we pay for this site?

  42. keldan says:

    I totally agree! I honestly believe that the American people are so in the dark about SO MANY THINGS. Bill Gates has been talking about flu’s and vaccines for years. Some shady people in our gov.

  43. keldan says:

    This Steve dude, acts surprised at everything…..isn’t he supposed to be a reporter? Not sure and for Tim and all his cast castle peeps….SO HAPPY y’all are all okay. We sure did worry about all of you. Great show as always!!!

  44. DavidSr says:

    l have heard this description before about how covid feels. back in 2018 l had a similar thing happen to me with all the same symptoms . l was told l had pneumonia . Man did l suffer! l am a stay at home parent and l could not even get out of bed to look after my children . The wife had to take a few days off to take care of me and the kids. Makes you wonder doesn’t it

  45. robka says:

    Hey crew, would you announce in advance if you post episodes on rumble. TIA

  46. spencerdalton says:

    Tim, why the eff are u even referencing the CDC’s website on mask effectiveness??? I honestly would like to know. It shocks me that you still put any trust in such an outright evil organization. With respect.

  47. McKelvey says:

    Just thought I’d leave this anecdote here. My wife told me her pregnant best friend was notified by her insurance company that if she didn’t get a covid vaccine she would be responsible for paying for the entire birth.

  48. BlazingSandbox says:

    Love this story! Such truth!

  49. BlazingSandbox says:

    Never heard of Steve before tonight, but I really enjoyed him. I called my super conservative mom to tell her about the ferrets (she’s a retired nurse with a passion for chemistry/biology and viruses) to tell her about the gain of function convo here. I said, Tim had on this really great British/American podcaster/Fox News guy and this is what he said…she asked his name and was like, I LOVE STEVE HILTON! He’s on every Sunday on Fox. She was shocked when I told her about the YouTube shenanigans. Stay Strong Gang! Thanks for fighting the Good Fight! So glad you’re all feeling better. Continue to get rest, stay hydrated. Love you all!

  50. Skotty-does-know says:

    Tim always says we shouldn’t stand aside and let censorship and government overreach control us, and then he bends the knee to YouTube and let’s them control his speech. I’ll be canceling my subscription today, you no longer stand for what you claim to. Grow a backbone and fight back. You stand on your hill and demand we sacrifice (quiting jobs that require mandates, giving up a lifetime of building a home to move to a rural area etc.) for the betterment of the future but won’t step out of your crystal castle to fight with us. You won’t get my money anymore, I WILL fight with my dollar

  51. Buddymac007 says:

    Don’t worry bout gain of function, the NIH changed the definition on their website the day they said they funded gain of function. So just change the definition and you’re not responsible for what 7 to 8 million deaths worldwide! Fauci needs to see the underside of a jail

  52. CBAILEY629 says:

    I joined the member section when you were out with COVID cause I couldn’t find you. I’m glad y’all pulled through. Keep fighting the good fight against socialism and against out god given and constitutionally protected rights 🇺🇸

  53. Buddymac007 says:

    In 2 and a half years never been so disappointed with you, Tim, I watch every day, 2 Timcast vids, 1 at Tim pool. But you self censored, then you said Steve could say masksdont work, but as long as you repute him or disagree your safe! So, you’re taking the other side on other things that may be true, just to stop from getting a fuxxing strike! Thought that’s why I give 35 dollars a month, to build, so you tell boobtube, to piss off. You don’t see it, You said as long as I look up something, you can say I disagree, JUST SO YOU DONT GET A STRIKE, VERY DISAPPOINTED, now looking back, I can remember in the past you not agreeing with guest, and it seems like you did that not to get a strike, that’s how it sounded, Dam..

  54. pandusa says:

    10-30% is the studies I have seen. Latest 15%. So, I am suppose to breathe my co2 for a 70-80% FAIL RATE? Florida proves this is bullshit.

  55. pandusa says:

    If there is safe effective outpatient treatment it blows the emergency use vaccine mandate… It is my body and who are they to tell me what me and my Doctor decide is the best treatment? Drugs are used off label all the time. Why censorship like this? WHY?

  56. Buddymac007 says:


  57. DBurleson says:

    Same with me for J&J. Didn’t last more than 24hrs but I was getting scared

  58. ronnybond says: okey so here, first link is just trailer

  59. Buddymac007 says:

    Mask Don’t Work….

  60. UghOKiGuess says:

    Why not put the episode here like all the others?

  61. Buddymac007 says:


  62. CBAILEY629 says:

    Tim you should just livestream only on youtube then post the video of it on rumble only and say fuck off to YouTube

  63. wicked31036 says:

    Four minutes in and I’m shut up IAN!!!!! Wonder if that’s a record.

  64. Element says:

    If believe Steve was referring to Michael Osterholm (not Richard). Osterholm is the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. He was also president-elect Biden’s COVID advisor. He has said that anything short of N95 is useless for Covid.

  65. ChrisMcKechney says:

    Please add in a Lydia “gasp” ticker to the screen. It’s one of my favorite parts of the show. You can tell when she’s genuinely surprised by something said. It’s almost like a laugh track but it’s not fake. I think it goes to show how controversial the topics are and how stunning some of the information is.

  66. prcntm says:

    If it really is transmissible as an aerosol, then yes, the only way a mask would be effective is if it sealed to your face a scrubbed the air as you breathed both in and out (an image of those WWII masks comes to mind).

    My thought process on it (which has been under the assumption that the primary spreading factor is droplets) masks have never protected you from CATCHING COVID-19. They protect you from SPREADING the virus. Which means the only time a mask will truly be effective would be if you actually had the virus. And those who have the virus are largely those people who are quarantining themselves or so sick that they can’t go out anyway. So basically any mask mandate is automatically assuming that everyone has contracted COVID-19 and if that were really the case, then the mask mandate would be useless anyway. There is no logical reason to institute a mask mandate now. I will give the mask mandates a little credit at the outset of this. We had no way to know who was infected, nor did we have any way (vaccine or viral therapy) to mitigate or prevent infections. Masks were literally the only way we had to control what was happening. Now it’s a different story. We do have a way to detect infected individuals. We do have vaccines that at the very least help deal with symptoms and mitigate death in those who get infected. We have viral therapies for those who are unable or unwilling to get the vaccine who get infected to mitigate their symptoms and keep them from dying. Masks just aren’t really necessary anymore.

  67. AmusingDev says:

    That is correct. What Tim and other reference from the CDC and NIH studies are the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. If you actually read the scientific summary, they say they do not work. One of the studies, in the scientific summary says, “There is no statistically significant evidence that masks work.” Yet, just below that the executive summary says, “There is statistically significant evidence that masks work.” the removeal of 2 letters changes the whole statement to the politician’s side.
    Several of the other studies are masks work, as long as you change them every time you touch them(after initial putting on), you have no facial hair, you maintain a tight seal(that is, you are a mannequin that does not have facial expressions or talking). If any of those conditions are violated, they are ineffective. But the headline for all those studies are still that masks work.

  68. Damen_Rabbitt says:

    UMM…Tim and crue, I don’t mind watching your video on Rumble but, I actually watch your videos on Odysee more. Could you not forget about ppl like me that use Odysee more than Rumble to post videos. You have the 1 of Kash Patel on there but not the banned 1 from last night.

  69. Rawdog says:

    Got it Halloween 2019 also. Interesting. I thought it was only in coastal states in 2019 but I now think it has been here much earlier…possibly as early as 2017

  70. Grandeandy419 says:

    Oh I thought it was because Luke said the vid was released on purpose.

  71. Ericmcdonkey says:

    I can’t say droplets without a faucci voice

  72. SIlver346 says:

    What tim says the flu did to him the Moderna shot did to me.

  73. Waterrose says:

    When I was in my late 20’s I got the flu. This flu effected me so severely that I almost went to the hospital. For almost 5 days my whole body was in extreme pain. I have never felt such complete and total pain. This was on top of congestion that made it nearly impossible to breath, I struggled. I had zero energy, could not concentrate. A low-grade fever persisted for days. I barely had enough strength to feed myself and get back in bed. I had 2 weeks of pure hell, and at least a full 5 weeks before I completely recovered. I missed 2 weeks of work. For years afterwards I literally lived in FEAR of getting the flu! The illness was that horrific. But I survived thank god. Am I the only person that experience the flu to the degree I described?

  74. Allenrains says:

    Hey crybaby .. You got 4 comments up here 2 say the same thing and then you whine that you didn’t get to post anything? Have you mommy change your diaper amd then take a nap jesus

  75. Odal190 says:

    Ha, I get it. 404 podcast not found

  76. says:

    What about the show and him makes you want to pay him monthly for extra content?

  77. Arcaicskidz1 says:


  78. Arcaicskidz1 says:

    Fucking liar, try to make comment and it says I already did, which I didn’t

  79. beharris9 says:

    True, but other Asian countries didn’t have the same problem. It was the smoking and air pollution. Chronic exposure to the terrible air quality in China is on par with, or worse than smoking

  80. Arcaicskidz1 says:

    Fucking coward, pulled your own stream I’m done supporting you. Fun game pussy

  81. Arcaicskidz1 says:

    Fucking coward, pulled your own stream I’m done supporting you.

  82. John_Beart says:

    Keep up the great work Tim n gang. And all the castle castle. 😁😁👍🖖⚡❤️⚡🙏🇦🇺

  83. Faethore says:

    So will the episode be here on this website in any form or do we have to go to rumble?

    Oh and fuck youtube….

  84. dr_d says:

    The reason men in China had worse results with COVID-19 was with the point that Tim was making about the ACE-2 receptor regarding the fact that over 80% of men in China are habitual smokers and that plays a role in how your ACE-2 receptor works in regard with contracting coronaviruses(COVID-19 in this case)

  85. ThomasH says:

    I had the same symptoms and ailments. Got it in Iowa the week after Halloween 2019. I haven’t had a bug like that since influenza. Didn’t go to the doc. Just trudged through it. Coughed for months. Been directly exposed to several people that were sick with it and have not gotten any bit sick at all since then. Sane with my kiddos and wife.

  86. LDKnott says:

    Did Tim just say Covid was made in a Lab?

  87. Space-TimeCurvature says:
    Here is full text, if anyone is curious, also the oxidative system that functions with the body is called “Redox Homeostasis” so reactive oxygen species are essential to living, like for example one operation is in our lysosome of our cells produce H2O2 or hydroperoxide to break down waste products(fatty acids and amino acids) from the cell, but it is also highly reactive if it leaks, thus delicate balance to use it for successful functionality in the body.

  88. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    If I were to assume, I would assume that the mass data on glycoproteins especially first SARS, and understanding and testing with mRNA technology. That it led to the idea that it is a given that it will work as a vaccine, and to just get it to public as fast as possible. What they failed to consider is the abstract properties of the S spike, being quite variable outside the simple attachment protocol to a cell. Being the ACE 2 and Angiotensin 2 hormone, play a critical role in bodily function. And believe it or not the down regulation of ACE 2 is seen in cardiovascular disease, especially when the person is near end of life. Being ACE 1 produces ANG 2 but with down regulated ACE 2 to not cleave ANG 2 into ANG 3 or ANG 1-7, 1-9 the end result is massive oxidative stress production, imbalance of vascular volume and constriction, and imbalance of homeostasis. By being head strong and false security because of concentrated power, they assumed the goal of using S spikes as a primer would be useful, turns out it is a Chinese finger trap. Maybe The lab who ever it was there, added this protocol on purpose to make it cut either way you tried to handle it, with natural immunity or vaccine immunity. Turns out the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone hormone system is extremely important to your bodily function and health. Add a high viral load with a direct down regulation with magnitude depending on viral load, leading to a large range of adverse effects to your system based on the imbalance produced by ACE 2 down regulation. So everyone gets a small burn, but it can range up depending on preexisting factors that synergize the process. One outcome is activation of TNF alpha which alerts Killer T cells, leading to cytokine storm, this being the result of oxidative stress leading to inflammation and over compensation of immune system. Another is “Redox Platelet signaling” leading to low oxygen retention to the Heme protein, but as well inflammation inside your veins can lead to thrombosis too. Meh I brought up to much data here is a source on cell signaling. “When cellular production of ROS overwhelms its antioxidant capacity, damage to cellular macromolecules such as lipids, protein, and DNA may ensue. Such a state of “oxidative stress” is thought to contribute to the pathogenesis of a number of human diseases including those of the lung.”

  89. Dn1984 says:


  90. Dn1984 says:

    I’ve never heard four people interrupt each other more in my life… that was insanely annoying!

  91. Wodenson says:

    It seemed odd that while I was working the video immediately went to Steven Crowder. I couldn’t find the video anymore after that. I knew something was wrong. I feel that the more YouTube plays these games the closer they get to someone willing enough to shoot them in person. I feel all these groups may think that their “power” is absolute. People have a way of proving those things work the way they have worked for thousands of years.

  92. jellystonesoup says:


  93. Space-TimeCurvature says:


  94. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Great it is not about good vs evil. This is confirmation bias vs truth. Simply humans being humans. Look at unbinding the patients and the dismissing and inadequate reporting of adverse effects. The trial was show, the results were confirmed for use at beginning of trial. This display draws the conclusion that the burden of proof on other trials now to prove that the trials are legit, and not “show”. The fact that any of these, when it has to do with stripping freedom, and forcing substances onto people, to have even a small blemish, when today I can watch Mayo clinic mouthpiece, say “Everything was by the book and perfect for producing the vaccines and testing them.” Now the data shows that is false, and as the page states at the top “Health Professionals” this is circulating to doctors not the public, it is a awareness report, that politics has breached the medical community. We can address it and rebalance, or allow it to go astray and wait till true evil of monstrous magnitude latches onto the susceptible corruption for what ever reasons, and the cost to the citizen. Dismissing it based on “conspiracy” trope is fine, and I understand your thought pattern, but this can not be ignored.

  95. Abakan971 says:

    When does Luke leave? His rants and input in general is really repetitive. Everything he eseentially says boils down to the same statements and beliefs. Which is fine to have if he holds those to be sincere but its gotten to where he will jump in to comment or rant and it just goes nowhere. You guys don’t hardly even engage with him when he does it anymore, just sort of brushed aside and move on.

  96. Odie says:

    I don’t think I could get through an entire show with this guy. He seems only interested in arguing with himself.

  97. AdeptDS says:

    I don’t think that’s true. It’s just the way Steve Hilton is if you watch his show. He kind of likes to interrupt and take a while to get his point out and that’s just not the way Tim does it. But it didn’t seem like Tim was off, seemed fine.

    And they did not get banned because of mask talk – that’s a cute excuse, but I just watched the entire show, and there are a LOT of other topics that went against the narrative. The mask was a off hand comment where Steve said “… and N95 masks work”. It’s not the reason.

  98. Josh_rice says:

    This guy is a joke, I never heard someone stutter so much or dance around a question as much as Steve when When asked on the full timcast irl episode if there’s vaccine mandate at the End of the day your part of corporate media

  99. johnny311duck says:

    did anyone see Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge a 3 part series ???

    and besides getting people to come to Fox Nation and the $upport

    you would think if they want people to see this ONE thing that to them is so important

    why is it NOT FREE < ( more of a statement )

    of course the people who support them will see it and are happy to support it

    but Hmmm 🤔 you would think well

    i am on here but i am just saying

    i would love to hear comments about this

    i have not seen it so i can not say if i like it or not

    also is there a place to see it free like
    Odysee or bitchute or minds or rumble / Locals or ??

  100. Poolparty512 says:

    yes please!

  101. Joskie20 says:

    Damnit! I wasn’t finished when they pulled it… fuckers all of the sudden it switched to Glen beck…. fuckin fuck!

  102. Mathemagician says:

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

    It’s a bit of a crossroads I think. A fork in the road so to speak. Divergent pathways. It’s like, on the one hand, YouTube wants you to stick to a narrative without telling you to stick to a narrative, but on the other you seemed to be successful by going against the narrative and often the narratives… like that time on the Rogan show. hmmmm… you may not have any better luck with others. It’s just a bit… Well, life has a funny way, of sneaking up on you
    when you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right. And life has a funny way of helping you out when you think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up in your face.

    It’s a traffic jam when you’re already late
    A “No smoking” sign on your cigarette break
    It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
    It’s meeting the man of my dreams
    And then meeting his beautiful wife

    And isn’t it ironic?
    Don’t you think?
    A little too ironic
    And yeah, I really do think

    It’s like rain on your wedding day
    It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
    It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
    And who would’ve thought? It figures

    I’m perfectly fine with just watching the after shows. Because after all, trying to get the whole truth from a censored video service is just, well…

  103. Aja888 says:

    Everything about Tim and his show is off

  104. Wendym28 says:

    I could tell this guest drove Tim nuts. This was not the right forum for Steve. I like both of these guys but the whole rhythm was off all night.

  105. Kshthymyla says:

    Any good studies on side effects from boosters? I’m considering it for the same reason I got the vaccine (back when it was a choice, mind you, for my own damn medical reasons), but I can’t even trust ANY honest reporting on the relative risks these days. I’ve been putting it off knowing there’s no clear avenue to reliable information. Any sources, folks? Legitimate helpful ones. Absolutely anti-mandate but I have some comorbidity risks to consider.

  106. Deutscher says:

    Fuck Youtube!


  107. Brzozi says:

    Fuck YouTube. I’m setting up a Rumble account just go watch the missing episode. 😒

  108. Pork_Lamp says:

    The boxes of the mask the cloth masks that are sold and touted as a complete protection specifically state “ these masks do not prevent the spread of covid-19”

    The masks do not work and never have.. coronavirus is .06 microns and easily flows through all of the types of masks.. you would need some kind of electrical polarized mesh to capture particles that are submicronic.. it’s ridiculous and I’ve been saying this since January 2020. I do HVAC for a living and indoor air quality is a part of that.. the science is founded and studied intensely.. look up something called a polarized media air cleaner/filter.

  109. SmokeyMnky711 says:

    Either run for the hills or follow the tied..

  110. SmokeyMnky711 says:

    Ah-men-&woman brotha 🙏

  111. Tbrunschon says:

    the video just moved platforms chill out. youtube is also not going to make money off of it whats the problem.

  112. FatillacN says:

    They are graduates of the Alex Jones school of interviews..

  113. FatillacN says:

    Well, cuz that’s not nearly as sensational as calling Joe Rogan and having him pay for it….

  114. FatillacN says:

    Vit. D NOW if you’re low (as Tim would say, talk to your doctor). It takes oral vit. D awhile to metabolize (several days, maybe weeks) it needs to be at a good level BEFORE you get sick, which MIGHT help you fight it off early. Same with Q and Z to some extent, better for Zinc to be sitting in your cells “waiting” for your new guest.

  115. UncleNimrod says:

    Tim that long covid thing is why you were given an antiviral along with regeneron. Hcq or remdesivir are the same thing as ivermectin but less effective. I hope you continued the recommended treatment.

    Wife has been a nurse in system failure units (renal, oncology, etc) for almost two decades. Is currently getting shit for not taking a vax she doesn’t need because she encounters covid on a weekly basis…her antibodies are through the roof. But she has seen the difference between those who get crazy sick (vaxxed or not) and don’t follow the doctor’s orders…and the unvaxxed or vaxxed who get sick but do follow the full prescription…it is clear that you need a hammer to finish off this virus. She calls it the hammer-fist. My dad has had cancer, a bone marrow transplant 18 years ago…has no business being alive, and got covid at my sister’s fully vaxxed wedding 3 weeks ago. He is pulling out of it because of regeneron plus ivermectin and NAD and steroids. It takes the kitchen sink for a lot of people…don’t give out info that assumed regeron is a singular fix.

  116. Noli says:

    So video was “probably” removed because someone was saying masks are not effective and protective enough to protect you against viruses?

    But it’s true xD

  117. technoHippie says:

    This is the most intelligent comment I’ve read here. I agree completely. A blockchain based solution, or more likely many of them, will become the dominant source of independent content creation. But we’re still early in the tech’s infancy. The financial world will prove the efficiency, reliability, and consistency of blockchain and DLT tech, opening the door for it to invade all aspects of our lives. Why else would they allow even a handful of us peasants get rich but to gain the publics approval of a new, paradigm shifting technology.

    Hope everybody’s ready for a new world. The next 10 years is gonna be crazy. 😉

  118. miltonsorangestapler says:

    nvm we good. I posted before starting to listen to the members-only segment.

  119. Horndorf says:

    I just posted on FB. Let’s see how long it takes for it to be pulled down.

    So this just happened again.

    The was pulled tonight by the TimCastirl crew. Apparently we can’t say that bandanas and socks tied to our faces aren’t doing the job like an M95 mask would. Uh, Duh.

    To clarify, this episode was pulled preemptively by Tim Cast because the penalties for such “misinformation” could have your channel shut down, in some cases, indefinitely. The funniest thing about this censoring, is much of it is temporary because the claims haven’t been accepted as a Fauci fact or Biden administration fact yet.

    YouTube has a long history of pulling vids for providing “misinformation” but then routinely allows reposts in a few weeks or days because nothing was wrong with the content in the first place.

    By then, the video is obsolete, the tech companies succeeded in the unjust censoring of content and the author get’s screwed. Does that sound honest to you?

    I don’t like being censored. I can look away if I don’t like what I see. I’m a big boy. So, as I do every time YouTube does shit I don’t like, I tell them. I’ve already unsubscribed from premium service, now I’m limiting my views on YouTube in favor of an HONEST STREAMING SERVICE. Rumble will have much of the content I want but it’s not live, it’s less interactive. As far as I can tell, it’s not a place to post things like I can in FB. I’ll deal with that over censoring though.

    I won’t sit idly by as my rights are striped away like so flippin many I know. I’ve been criticized by my own friends for fighting back but who will, if not ME. If you’re a chicken shit, have the decency to stay out-a my way while I fight on behalf of the freedom loving Americans out there. I have little respect for cowards. Stand up and fight back because if you don’t, You’ll own Nothing and, YOU WILL LIKE IT!

  120. miltonsorangestapler says:

    F’n – A, man! Youtube and big tech are now censoring INFORMATION in favor of their politicized biased skewed disgusting ideology. Very vexing. Very very vexing.

  121. miltonsorangestapler says:

    what happened to the youtube video? I was watching delayed but on the livestream and it just cut out after like 10 minutes of watching. The video isn’t present now.
    Just FYI to Timcast

  122. johnny311duck says:

    LETS GO BRANDON! censored 🤬
    i am so glad you have this > thanks brother !! you tube SUCKS

  123. Mathemagician says:

    An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.

    “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

    The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

    The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

  124. Boooogerbutt says:

    I can’t take much away from that article other than Ventavia is a crap company and she got fired for calling out their crap. Using the numbers provided in the article, removing Ventavia’s 1000 participants from the 44000 total would not change the statistical conclusions whatsoever. It’s doubtful, but I would entertain some kind of regional clinical significance… but it seems their data is just worthless for that as well.

    It’s something to think about, but additional whistleblowers from other companies (clinical sites) are needed for ME to think something nefarious is happening.

  125. TheRealZac says:

    Who TF do you know walking around with a p100 on lmfao. People hardly even use n95. The cloth masks are just for show, especially for kids.

  126. rcontinijr says:

    I moved from Maryland to the Midwest just before Christmas 2019. I had been here for just a few weeks when I got covid. It was January 10th when I got sick. I had just signed my lease and moved in 2 days before. I went to bed and everything was fine. I woke up a few hours later to go to the bathroom and I had a tickle in the back of my throat. Went back to bed and didn’t think anything about it. 3 hours later I was sweating and had chills. I had this awful dry cough that wouldn’t go away. A couple of hours later my whole body was in pain. By the morning I couldn’t get out of bed I was convinced I was going to die. The cough got worse and it was hard to breathe. I was literally unable to move because of the pain. I was like that for 5 days before the symptoms started to ease. I was finally able to get dressed and go see the doctor. They had no clue what it was. They tested me for several viruses and it came back negative. They told me to just go home and rest. By the 9th day the chills went away and the pain was mostly gone. That damn cough took 2 months to go away and my lungs haven’t been right since. I finally got around to getting my antibodies tested last May and sure enough I have to antibodies for covid. Just got them checked again last month and I still have them. I’m thankful I didn’t die and my landlord was thankful I paid my whole lease upfront. The fucking bug was made in a Chinese lab and my taxes paid for it. Fauci is a criminal in the same regard as the Nazis who ran the camps. He’s responsible for millions of deaths and he should be tried for his crimes just like they did to the Nazis in Nuremberg.

  127. Mdiaz says:

    I’m gonna start watching tim on rumble instead of youtude.

  128. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Just installed YouTube app. Fuck em. Going to rumble.

  129. SamLiberty says:

    If the vaccines and masks worked, then why is COVID still around?

  130. ClintStJohn says:

    Tim removed it just in case due to the conversation about masks. It’ll be on Rumble.

  131. TruePatriot says:

    Please have a members only podcast when you get to Austin

  132. EP1990 says:

    Nevermind…I posted this comment before starting this vid….I guess it got removed after all…

  133. BennyQ83 says:

    I had a problem playing the last two through Safari on my phone, kept restarting after a minute or two, downloaded duckduckgo and it streamed perfectly. Used to work on the other but this may help?

  134. EP1990 says:

    I can’t find this podcast on youtube….does anyone have a direct link? Even filtered out today and got no results….:(

  135. motherofwolves says:

    “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keep out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you.”

    – Dr. Anthony Fauci, February 5, 2020

  136. Orion1632 says:

    Tim and guys, it’s the spike protein, the virus is the Respiratory part, the spike protein is the one that goes around doing damage due to ACE2 enzyme interactions. that’s the one that really causes damage.

    The gain of function thing was to get this spike protein ACE2 thing into Covid.

  137. DivineMatrix says:

    The one day I miss show where can I watch it?

  138. Neurosoup says:

    Just say the part where you talked about this near the end lol mb

  139. Orion1632 says:

    I am with Luke, ivermectin right away the moment you guys thought there was a chance of COVID, might have helped.

    It should be, 1) the moment you think you have covid, Vitamin D, Zinc, Ivermectin, Quercetin.
    2) getting worse: monoclonal antibodies.

  140. Hieronymus says:

    It’s a reality, doctors who prescribe ivermectin and hcq have gotten threats from medical boards. Pharmacies are being told to lie about it being out of stock.

    And there’s plenty of reason to not get one of these vaccines, apart from standing for freedom, though that is arguably the best reason. With the recent whistleblower from the Pfizer trials, there’s now plenty of wisdom in distrusting their finding of safety. The thousands of deaths in the adverse event reporting system are the tip of the iceberg.

  141. Doomyfish says:

    Yo the page keeps reloading and cutting me off making me unable to watch the video anyone got an idea what thats about

  142. ClintStJohn says:

    I’ve actually shown my students this in class. You can type an article into Google verbatim and it won’t show up for several pages if at all. On Bing, it’s the first or second result. I don’t think you can find the 2015 study on Google at all… though I may be wrong. Also, I may have had to change my VPN to another country.

  143. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Aw I had nice paragraphs all laid out, and it goes and condenses it all into a sandwich.

  144. Geronimo says:

    This guest is blue-pilled

  145. ClintStJohn says:

    Tim, don’t use Google when searching about COVID aerosol spread, Steve’s correct:

    He’s also correct about the masks. I think it was 3M, that did a study back in 2015 about how well masks stop the spread of the flu. Also, about N95 mask, most if not all true N95s use vents so that there is a better seal when breathing

  146. Cogent-Pursuit says:

    I use pocketcast. It’s a great app. It showed up there but it’s audio only.

  147. SalohcinBirb says:

    Just became a member today! Glad to support the Timcast team, y’all are doing fantastic work 😎👍

  148. AdeptDS says:

    A serious question, not trying to be a dick…
    First of all, why is anyone paying for monoclonal antibodies? Our tax dollars pay billions for vaccines but they don’t pay for monoclonal antibodies? Is that what Tim was saying? There is a study recently that shows the effect of an monoclonal antibodies infusion (which according to the internet is about $2,100 per infusion) gives you protection for months – i.e. same or better than vaccines, so why are my tax $$$ paying for vaccines but not for monoclonal antibodies?

    Next question is – Tim Pool cannot afford to pay for 20 employees? Seriously?

    Also this article says “The monoclonal drug is expensive but the federal government is covering the cost. “The drug itself is provided free to the sites. That is significant because the drug normally costs between $3,000 to $5,000 a dose,” Dr. Michael Saag, UAB Infectious Diseases, said.”

    So why is anyone paying anything for this?

  149. Neurosoup says:

    Tim you got Covid bad because Asian people have a specific gene that makes them get an extreme reaction to Covid I think it’s probably related to ace2 receptor expression. But you should look it up.

  150. vivarium_asylum says:

    Tim, please let your guests finish their sentences, or at least thoughts. Ian, you too, wtf. lol

  151. RobertBruceKingofscots says:

    Here’s an interesting read about masks..

  152. AdeptDS says:

    Don’t know what Tim is reading regarding spread. This is not new, this is known. This is the same for any respiratory virus. I love it when people treat this like it’s something “novel”. Maybe everyone is just confusing what the words mean. By droplets no one ever means huge loogies, them mean aerosols. It’s the same thing. They are arguing about meanings of words.


    Droplets or aerosols. This is the most common transmission. When an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks, droplets or tiny particles called aerosols carry the virus into the air from their nose or mouth. Anyone who is within 6 feet of that person can breathe it into their lungs.
    Airborne transmission. Research shows that the virus can live in the air for up to 3 hours. It can get into your lungs if someone who has it breathes out and you breathe that air in. Experts are divided on how often the virus spreads through the airborne route and how much it contributes to the pandemic.

  153. c0de6349 says:

    i dont see the live stream on rumble?

  154. Neurosoup says:

    We’ve known that Covid is airborne since fucking January 2020 why do you think it’s spreads so fast indoors for fucks sake

  155. Thequaz says:

    He has always and will always care more about money and his ego than anything else. He’s a chicken shit little lefty grifter

  156. says:

    The study he’s referring to says – The surface spread on coronavirus is only 1 in 10,000 cases. In other words, it don’t spread on surfaces easy. It does spread, but 10,000 times less than in the air. Masks don’t do shit.

  157. FatillacN says:

    Luke’s not wrong about the protocol. Know allot of folks that were sick, took the med, got better fast. Don’t know why Tim is such an Ivermec denier, he even said in his first post illness video he “didn’t want people to think he took horse medicine”. Didn’t want to take it because he might have to admit it works? Early treatment friends, don’t walk around in a daze for 2 days before you seek help early. There are several websites, some free, with doctors on call. You don’t need Joe Rogan’s number to get well.

    Can’t wait to hear how the CCP virus is going to affect Ian’s DMT trips, what if his little purple elves turn into all the most famous (infamous) commie leaders throughout history….? Heck, he’s liable to meet LBJ himself..

  158. Melkor says:

    FUCK youtube, FUCK joe biden

  159. katiekat says:

    Manifesting you shaking off your residual symptoms & feeling 100% quickly!
    Appreciate all of the effort each of you put into this work 🤗

  160. DarkWinterNights says:

    Should get as many YouTubers as possible to mass-switch to Rumble full time and I’ll delete my YouTube app. I’m so tired of YouTubes censorship.

  161. ZebraSwimmer says:

    Oh man, that sounds too good!

  162. Booster71 says:

    Just go to Rumble full time. F’ YT! Keep up the good work! I don’t know how I would get thru my nightshift without this show playing in the background.

  163. Plaguen says:

    I have, what helped was that I have YT, rumble and other content apps in a folder on my phone. I placed YT on the second page and rumble on the first. I select rumble now by habit first.

  164. Riccc83 says:

    This video was stuttering like crazy tim hopefully you guys sort it out was hard to hear anthing

  165. Plaguen says:

    Mono was rough, 103-104 temps and the worst sore throat ever. Slightly delerious at times for sure.

  166. TheCanadianCelt says:

    I feel like there are doctors out there that are worried that if they try something they will be sued for what ever reason. Hence why they are hesitant about prescribing something. That being said personally I think doing or trying something is better than nothing. Which brings me off topic and about the vaccine. The only reason why I’m not getting it at this point is because of mandates in my country. I was considering it before they came in with the mandates and I won’t be apart of something that segregates people that aren’t sick. I understand quarantine the sick. Sorry about the tangents kinda just happens.

  167. QueenDarkChocolate says:

    I saw the whole show and am glad I didn’t exit it and try to come back. I have Rumble and plan to start changing my viewing habits to that platform.

  168. sic_phuker says:

    Keep Cucking To Susan Tim, I’M Done Supporting You. Either You Stand Your Ground On Youtube Or We Will Have No Reason To Support A Cuck Loser Who Cant Stand His Ground. Willfully Self Censoring… A Truly Detestable Act.

  169. says:

    The Socratic method is hard.

  170. DangerousDan says:

    Green thought: what if the reason they are pushing masking is to express the aerosol aspect of the virus as the dominant form of covid? Mass experiment on the population for gain of function? Eeek!

  171. JeDalton says:

    I ended up having COVID and it wasn’t so bad. Just felt shitty for a couple days, I’m glad I got lucky. Blessed to have a great wife who helped me through it.

  172. flanned2 says:

    Stop being weak about this and sue. Sue susan herself for slander, harassment and mental damages. Sue youtube for lost revenue and follow clearly US business law regarding this. Stop wasting your time and fuck their day up. I’m tired of “I had to remove this video because otherwise I will get banned by their insane rules”. Stand up for what you believe in and sue. If you refuse to use the weight of the law and the system itself to fight these people like the left always does then you are just another footnote in history. I have personally fought this fight by myself for so long and am tired of having everyone else’s backs when they don’t have mine. Grow up and sue this bitch.

  173. FatillacN says:

    YT won’t give Timmy a strike BECAUSE he sets a good example for other users to bow down to them. He can talk bad about them all day long, but as long as they know they have him in check that’s way more important than any “misinformation” on his show.

  174. Rawdog says:

    I suspect that there are a LOT of people watching as the stream keeps breaking up. Will watch later in the AM.
    BTW: This guest is definitely on the Autism Spectrum. That is good for reasoned arguments with human beings. Unfortunately, that does NOT help with the psychopathic bullies we are dealing with…there is only 1 solution for that.

    And Nutland is desperately trying to be relevant…kinda like the mainstream media…

  175. CA_pipefitter408 says:

    Errbody knows “face-coverings” don’t work. Why not talk about the dumpster fire in houston?? Clearly a symptom of marxism imo

  176. Tribe39 says:

    Good guest!

  177. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    The damned N-95 mask box has a disclaimer that states it does not filter out virus sized particles. You need a HEPA filter or multi-layer military grade filter.

  178. Rjcbass says:

    lag is very agrevating

  179. DarthWho says:

    “they all say it’s both”

    If it’s both that means it’s aerosolized and your cloth mask isn’t going to do shit.

    I mean seriously blows my mind how Tim can simultaneously be “looking at all these instances of the state and media lying to you” and at the same time “look at these studies that are definitely real from the state and not curated at all”

    Its literally the same shit with IVM.

    “Trust your Dr”
    ” I told my Dr I don’t want to take the IVM bc I don’t think it works”

    Shits fucking ridiculous

  180. Bittalion says:

    This guy is never coming back, he interrupts way too much.

  181. sic_phuker says:

    Contestable Information??? LeMao….Please Face The Wall Commrade.

  182. arakitai says:

    I used to be in tech in the early 2000’s. A lot of my knowledge is no longer relevant but I will tell you this, from experience. YouTube is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet. It has burned every bit of goodwill it ever had and then some. The moment, I mean the precise moment, that a competitive service comes along which is truly censorship proof there will be an exodus that will put the MySpace collapse to shame. Nobody has any good feelings about YouTube. Not even the leftie nutbags it caters to.

    Do you think a bunch of socialists and neo-Marxists are going to support Google’s sock puppet cum rag? Nope. YouTube has raped content with endless commercials, ads and has killed everything worthwhile about the platform. They nuked video repplies, organic trending and search results, intelligent collation of subscription content and crippled the interface to promote a shitty premium subscription. The libtards know this as well as anyone. They will throw YouTube in the dumpster the moment they have a choice.

    All the competitors of YouTube are trying to emulate version 1.0 of YouTube. It’s been done. What they need to do is work on privacy and censorship proofing. Projects like Pocketnet and, to a certain degree, LBRY. Once those projects get a usable front end or someone comes up with some other similarly decentralized, block chain protected project with a decent UI, YouTube will turn into a smoldering crater.

    YouTube has already started the process voluntarily. They’re just congealing all the MSM and network studio content into one place. Once the independent creators begin their exodus, YouTube will turn into the equivalent of cable subscription service. Behind the 8 ball, competing against traditional television, unable to comprehend that they should be trying to compete with decentralization and privacy based networks.

    So. Fuck YouTube. And also, YouTube has fucked itself more thoroughly and completely than a nuclear bomb would have in their headquarters.

  183. RomulanAle says:

    Glad I have a membership.

  184. Frodiesel says:

    Maybe Tim you could post it up on rumble later for us? I want to hear what he had to say

  185. Wesley says:

    I’m gonna call this guy Sir Talks a Lot

  186. AUDREK says:

    Slay Becky! Fuck that Bitch Susan. Stupid bauch.

  187. DangerousDan says:

    The big tech take-over is just revenge of the nerds. Proof that you can be both intelligent and stupid.

  188. Why the fuck don’t you all organize and leave YouTube? They keep censoring and everyone keeps bending the knee. Tim pool, crowder, daily wire, all leave YouTube it will make a difference.

  189. Rustyshackleford55 says:

    Why don’t you leave YouTube and go full-time to rumble? Let YouTube pull you if you want

  190. Jaydubski says:


  191. DBurleson says:

    Didn’t get to watch the IRL show. What did they say that dropped the live show?

  192. andrewpuckett57 says:

    anyone else getting ads pop up on the website?

  193. GrudgeAxe says:

    Yeah was 30min in and it cut 🙁

  194. BigJoe77 says:

    P100 is better

  195. says:

    Polite Guest but he needs to be a bit more Nigel Farrage -ish and a bit less “Polite”. He’s an American Now ! 🇺🇸 PS : Came here to find out what happened!

  196. MarkPeterson says:

    Right, an immediate tweet would be nice to let us know.

  197. TheRealZac says:

    Vinay Prasad has good info on this. Cloth masks don’t work and n95 are 12÷ efficacious. That is what the last randomize cluster trial stated.

  198. I had the stream paused and it disappeared. Fuck you YouTube. Fucking piece of shit fascists.

  199. Smmmokin says:

    I’ve been relentlessly pissed when Tim is gone and says nothing or an IRL dissapears and Tim also says nothing.

    Thank you for being transparent with members. Please keep being transparent. It sucks when it radio silence.

    Thank you Tim.

    Also this guest was awesome. He asked a lot of questions. Makes it easier to share with people who also have questions.

  200. Orion1632 says:

    I was watching timcast IRL and it vanished!

  201. Jacob_T says:

    Fuck Susan shes such a bitch

  202. JoeSC says:

    Can we get the first part that was cut from YouTube posted here?

  203. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Pfizer* lol

  204. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Hey Timcast crew, as I had stated, here is the data I recently reviewed.
    Quite eye opening, and they fired her next day, not even a week, after bringing up concerns. As good science does, questioning, to seek out faults and rectify them to uphold integrity of the data. Obviously that is the last thing Phifzer was thinking about. Very ominous indeed.

  205. WilsonM says:

    I was watching and paused it to have dinner. When I resumed playing it booted me to a black screen that said “the owner of this video has deleted it”…

  206. Dorin says:

    I was 90% through it on 2x and it was nuked : /

  207. verayang says:

    Same. I watched the first 20 min and came back two hours later, it disappeared from my watch history.

  208. Yeah…I can’t find it on any of the other podcast outlets.

  209. CalmDown says:

    I was going to watch the main video on youtube. I’m guessing they took it down.

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