Kash Patel Member Podcast: AOC Doubles Down On Wokeness After Dems get CRUSHED Over It

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Kash Patel Member Podcast: AOC Doubles Down On Wokeness After Dems get CRUSHED Over It

116 responses to “Kash Patel Member Podcast: AOC Doubles Down On Wokeness After Dems get CRUSHED Over It”

  1. bbet says:

    Murphy gets away with so much crap because we are in the shadow of NYC, and we have a massive illegal population that he panders to.

  2. Timssimp says:


  3. Urbanfan says:

    Just now getting to watch Kash on the show. My God I adore him so so much. A true true patriot and smart MOFO!! I love how he and Navarro still refer to trump as THE BOSS.

  4. Ghmitchell says:

    I think it makes sense. This is much like Steven Crowder’s format, and he seems to have some evidence it works. As a subscriber to both, I would look at it as added value to my existing sub. I get 30 minutes more of Lydia’s brilliant direction where she doesn’t have to hover over the bleep button the whole show. Watching Tim blow off supressed f-bombs is quite entertaining as well.

  5. Tangomike_11-11-22 says:


  6. greysquirrel says:

    Agreed. Shift 30 minutes to here.

  7. stevemare says:

    This was my favourite episode ever.

  8. UppityG says:

    Patel is a fantastic guest, he should always be invited Mon-Thu. You know I’m a fan of Murphy and look forward to his bi-monthly guestspot but as a result he is over-represented in the bonuscasts. I agree with Patel, the bonuscast should be longer than what YT gets. YT earns too much money from your superchats while holding a scimitar over your head if you dare wrong-speak.

    At least shave off a half hour from the YT show and add it to here.

    Isn’t that a fair trade off?

  9. philosophyze@yahoo.com says:

    I’d work for Kash.
    If you like his insights I think Kash has a show called “Kash’s Corner” on EpochTV.

  10. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    Also, ignorance is bliss if you’re Black and STUPID! It is also FATAL. Bring it on Jerkoff!

  11. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    What about NYC? The BLM Thugs are threatening BLOOD and Death in the streets if the New, Black Mayor tries to bring back Anti-Crime Policing!
    Where does this Moronic FAT Black Thug get the idea that HE has any power over TAXPAYING NEW YORKERS? I think he’s a DEAD M’fer…
    I would warn this fat, ignorant Turd that there aren’t enough Black Thugs in all of NYC for him to be able to expect ANY of them to survive any confrontation with the Police AND Gun toting Taxpayers.
    You want a WAR? Speak up and prepare to DIE you EFFING Black SOB! I am an Expat New Yorker. Left home to fight Communists as a MARINE. Stayed away because fewer Black Thugs meant a nicer lifestyle for my Family. The only good thug is a DEAD Thug!
    I will NO LONGER tolerate BLACK THUGS ruining our lives. Better they should all DIE! Easy fix. WE outnumber them, & they are too damned ignorant to survive!

  12. DoeJ says:

    Kash was an awesome guest, would like to see him back. It was over too soon.

  13. DoeJ says:

    Kash was an awesome guest. Would like to see him back on the show again.

  14. Alicia22 says:

    And Let’s Go Brandon..!!!

  15. Alicia22 says:

    Great to listen to my fellow Patel Bro!

  16. Scope says:

    I though Steve Bannon and Alex Jones were my favorite guests, but Kash surpassed both by far. Bring Kash back for a 2 hour members uncensored section!!!! Keep up the amazing work and I’ll keep being a paid subscriber

  17. Themadhatter says:

    Just signed up for membership…so glad I did

  18. alienbeans says:

    Kash Patel..yee

  19. 10WA says:

    Why did Biden have to change his suit? DEPENDS I guess.

  20. BlossomAndGin says:

    Kash Patel – super fuquing cool guest – PLEASE have him back on in the future. Fantastic guest!

  21. traceyblott72 says:

    I have yet to get one ad on the membership….how very odd

  22. traceyblott72 says:

    Kash Patel is my favorite guest i think! I hope he comes back in the very near future! Sounds like he truly enjoyed it also and just imagine if he would convince Trump to do your show with him!! 😉🤗

  23. TroubleClef10 says:

    For over 6 months I have been interjecting randomly tremadbadashabapressure and batacafcare in to conversation with family and friends. When they’re like what does that mean I just tell them I have no idea ask Joe Biden. There have been a select few who know exactly what I am referring to…

  24. DakotaJim says:

    Good show, I think China is behind all of the woke crap because it is occurring across the entire western world.

    Good strategy on their part!

  25. Cconne3 says:

    Have Kash back!

  26. Cookiecuttercummins says:

    Same here. Glad I’m not the only one. Can’t even watch an episode because every 30 seconds the screen refreshes. Why the fuck are members seeing ads in the first place???

  27. Warat says:

    These fucking ads! I can’t even finish watching the members only video. My whole screen just rebootsp

  28. FatillacN says:

    Kash is one bad mofo. Almost makes putting up with TC disappearing for a week plus worth it to see Kash on the show. There will be movies based on his time in the admin, better days to come we can hope…

  29. Zakatax says:

    That was awesome. I think Kash is great. From the first time I saw him on Plot Against The President, I’ve always felt that he is genuine bad ass dude.

  30. Vore_Me says:

    I appreciate that. I feel that if more Americans are logically vocal about their feelings on policy, education, and culture America will be the leading country in this world again. To expand on that what I mean is that if more people talked to their family members, friends, and neighbors about how they feel this country will be a leader in movies, art, government, and humanitarianism. We are a very rich country indeed compared to the rest of the world (in spite of how inflation and the economy is going). I was speaking to my dad and brother recently on the off cycle elections. My dad knew about and voted in his elections, but my brother did not. My brother did not know about the elections and that’s why he didn’t vote. This led to a discussion on how most Americans are comfortable and do not care because of that comfort. Americans have not been uncomfortable for a long time, but when we are uncomfortable good men and women rise to the occasion and make this country great. Something to be aspired to. Maybe soon more regular people will rise and make our country great so that other countries in the world will look to us and use us as an example.

    Think about it. The reason people are so willing to cross a border to come to America is because of the opportunity we have here. The American dream is still very much alive and well. When people in Cuba protest their communist government they wave American flags. Not because they want America to invade or to absorb them. They wave those flags because of what our country represents to all the world. I truly believe that America can become a world leader in culture again if we want it to become the cultural leader again.

    America is THE GREATEST country to have ever been founded in the history of mankind PERIOD. However, Americans have been so spoiled by this greatness that we have lost our way. We have become like some of the great empires in history. For instance, the Romans were the cultural center of their empire for centuries before it collapsed. The same with the Greeks and the English. China I believed suffered the same fate, but I’m not as educated on their history. Point being is that America has been a leader in culture for the entire world for a very long time. This has been exacerbated by the ease of information. Movies could reach parts of the world that Caesar could only dream of. Plus, with the advent of the internet and social media this has only expounded that fact. Most people in the world have either access to the internet either through a phone carried in their pocket or a computer in their home. This was an impossibility only a few decades ago.

    The internet has stagnated culture in America and other western countries to the point that no new ideas are being made, thought of, or promoted. However, the internet has brought on something new and beautiful. Channels like Tim pool and the Daily Wire. We are in their infancy and are only just seeing their channels grow. Movies, stories from an “Inverted World”, and politically defining content are being made. Made from minds of a new generation. A motivated generation. That coupled with the backing from independent supporters is proof that America is hungry for this content.

    All this to say that America is ready for a cultural revolution that will define the future of this country and other countries to come. More people will want creators like Steven Crowder in the UK, a Tim Pool in Canada, or a Daily Wire in Hollywood. Money will slowly siphon from the big corporations into those small creators and bigger companies like Disney or Netflix will follow suit. Now will the big companies try and buy out or take over that space? Sure. However, I believe, that most of the damage will be done and most of those types of companies (Daily Wire or timcast.com for example) will either refuse to sell or will not see the point of selling (because they will be or will be close to making more money than the company trying to buy them out is offering). Once that happens THAT’S when the cultural revolution will have been completed and THAT’s when a new America will have been born. Not from the ashes of congress or states peacefully divorcing, but from new entertainment outlets being born and big enough to hurt the established ones in their pocket books.

    Those new outlets (hopefully) will not be controlled by special interest or political figures, and those new outlets will bring a voice back to the people. The working people.

  31. Davyboy says:

    When is the Eric Ciamarrella episode, that explains everything Tim has been alluding to for a year, going to air?

  32. JeDalton says:

    I’ll be your CA employee😜

  33. BartonBella96 says:

    I thought it was just me, but I will say Kash was my favorite guest of all time

  34. Splitscope says:

    Damn I looked away for just a second…. then silence…. fear fluttered where my heart once beat, is tonight the night? Surly that can not mean what I think it does? Did youtube finally pull the plug? Bold move youtube, easy to see that there’s no room on their platform for truth anymore. Good thing we got this shit set up awhile back!

  35. SC00TY says:

    Does anyone have any idea why?

  36. Killerbill8 says:

    I missed the last 15 minutes but after Tim said Alec Baldwin murdered that lady on the set, he and Ian began to get into an argument over it and it went out.

  37. Kekoa says:

    My guess is the contrast between msnbc reporting and Rekieta Law trial coverage.
    Excuse is that it’s an ongoing case?

  38. Killerbill8 says:

    Same here, I was only 15 minutes behind the live feed when it went out.

  39. Hepcatastrophe says:

    Well damn, I was hoping it’d at least be a little spicy! Any idea why it got pulled?

  40. Kekoa says:

    Too much facts on the Rittenhouse case.

  41. Katkat says:

    I was wondering the same. I had it up on my phone still, but paused and walked away for 30 minutes. Unpaused it and watched for a minute and then it said “this video is unavailable”. 🙁 I would like to know what was said.

  42. jmf0383 says:

    It wasn’t. At all

  43. Rstrickler23 says:

    I was too😢😢😢

  44. 3Bananas says:

    Does anyone know what was said or what may have gotten them taken down? I had them paused for a while and was gonna come back but it said it was removed.

  45. Hepcatastrophe says:

    Yea, I just sat down to watch it, was like 10 minutes in and it just cut out on me, nowhere to be found.

    Must have been a good episode…

  46. DatgumKirby says:

    Same I hope they try to get the podcast up here soon I was catching up then poof gone

  47. 3Bananas says:


  48. Heimburglar says:

    God damn it why the hell dont they have it streaming elsewhere at the same time

  49. JIMIFAR says:

    You got that right. Im over here looking for responses.

  50. Green_-Bean7 says:

    timcast just got shut down on youtube…

  51. CNN_sucks says:

    good come back. kash is in the house.

  52. Bigpapapaco says:

    Same! Not only that I listen the next AM but I am huge fan of Kash! I have 2 paid subscriptions. Here obviously and Epoch Times so I can see Kash’s Corner!

  53. joyclover says:

    Love seeing Kashmir, watched Plot Against the President and knew these were genuine people. Love the show tonight!

  54. MikeH says:

    Imagine if we had a pitbull like pencil neck adam. I love cash and ron desantis, but at the end of the day, we need a low-down dirty s.o.b. to go up against the deep staters. I’m sure cash and devin tried their best, and they were probably the best the trumpster had backing him up. What a shame 40 million spent on a hoax. The deep state is laughing at the middle class american wondering why we even deserve their crumbs. Sadly, we don’t and we won’t get’em. Not with stand-up guys who ask for permission to get subpoenas. The bull dog dems re-work emails, forget about bending the rules, they break’em- and you get a slap on the wrist. Mr. t showed us, we don’t have any fighters on our side. re-pubes are scared to get a firm scolding if they walk outside of the boundaries. Ran paul was scared to walk down the street due to an angry mob. I’m voting for the next politician who cares a stick, a piece of old hickory to knock a mother out. On a side note, Ian needs to keep talking about how the british lost the revolutionary war, or why you cannot dismantle the master’s house with the servant’s tools. When the big red wave is mentioned, i get a bad feeling it’s not republicans taking over. Actually, it doesn’t matter if the “re-pubeicans” regain power- if you don’t have a bully like mr t pushing them to do something- congress won’t even take a vote for fear of being criticized. Oh well, just give americans another credit card to keep them busy while their children no longer have a life worth living. If this is all we have, then maybe there is nothing worth conserving. At one time robert bork’s: slouching towards gomorrah was a new york times bestseller- today it’s fringe content. On a happy note, glad you all are back! ian needs to be a little more vocal. I like the episodes when he gets aggressive. We need a fiery intelligent out-of-the-box thinker like ian in the white house. He’s the hermit crab of politics, using the liberal shell as a nice disguise. At the moment, i’d rank lydia, ian, luke, then tim as winners in a
    pillow fight.

  55. PetraTilling says:

    You do realize that he was the advance team for Trump right?

  56. evi1cheese says:

    I want to work for Kash. This man is a true patriotic leader. I will get his coffee, run errands, anything for minimum wage just to be apart of his team for the next admin.

  57. Duncansview says:

    IF he chooses to run again and he wins (AGAIN) he needs to totally ignore the media and he needs to hire people he can TRUST to execute his policies. He needs to be willing to immediately fire anyone who he sees isn’t on the team and he needs to spend the 2+ years between now and the election, finding and putting together a capable team so that on the day after the election he can be ready to go with a smooth transition, even when he has to fight these bastards tooth and nail.

    The DC bureaucracy is not untouchable but it will require a constant fight for every bit of ground. He needs to have independent media sources like Pool, Rogan, and others who are willing to get HIS SIDE of the message out to America. The Left has discarded ANY semblance of reason and they are in full destruction-mode. Fight them just as viciously and make it clear that there will be no surrender to their bullshit.

  58. Happyken says:

    Vatican City is not Rome

  59. Mcarvilch says:

    Glad you guys are back and well. Great show with Kash 😃

  60. EdwardJMax says:

    Great show. Love Kash.

  61. c0de6349 says:

    how do you fire head of CDC during pandemic?
    they gave him shit for restructure of a part of the CDC a year before pandemic…

  62. thebogs says:

    One of the best back door shows to date! So glad you guys are back!!

  63. MarengoJohn says:

    Glad you guys are back and healthy. I listen the following mornings at work. Turned you on this morning and it’s frickin KASH! Never pass up a chance to hear what he has to say. You guys came back with a bang.

  64. Bdotson79 says:

    Welcome back Tim and Crew. Glad to see Luke is still there. Great show with Kash. Please have him on again.

  65. hunter.scottsdale@gmail.com says:

    How do we get Trump on timcast

  66. Mygymus says:

    Tim rogan….is a Centaur

  67. Hieronymus says:

    Looking forward to Tim going back on Rogan. Might as well if he’s going to be in Austin?

  68. AKelley says:

    My thoughts exactly! So much stuff like space and jfk docs, then the mil contractors who are actually building all the space stuff! Seriously hope to see Kash back soon!

  69. PseudoSwede says:

    Joe Biden’s got them OG Hunter teeth too?

  70. stevenalebadi says:

    You should watch “the plot against the president” he and Devon Nunez exposed everything!

  71. stevenalebadi says:

    I love Kash as a member of the intelligence community I can say this ( He was the best guy for the job) and really worked hard to clean up the upper echelon but didn’t have enough time. Hopefully we see him back in 2024!

  72. maggiorealex says:

    Never heard of Kash before, but after today, I am gonna fight with Kash

  73. MrsKKrueger says:

    I agree with Kash, this should be, in the least, one hour. It is free to watch YouTube, two hours, we pay for thirty minutes, makes no sense. This should be split, we have a free hour, pay for an hour, then a half hour to push, like about space stuff, we all wanted push back on that topic!!! Or continue reading interesting super chats that cannot be read on yt.

  74. c3pto says:

    Yes please!

  75. fmj343 says:

    It always just stops and disappears on my phone

  76. Dandyman says:

    Your website interacts with the Uconnect in my truck in weird ways. It’ll stop the video when using the cruise control button. Turn up the volume too fast and it stops the video. Tell Ian to hurry up and free the code already.

  77. IBPTGIRL says:

    Welcome back Tim and crew!! Great guest Kash Patel. 🥰

  78. NoOne123 says:

    Glad to have Tim + Crew come back and be healthy and okay. The youtube podcast and this members only podcast was fantastic. Kash was a great guest and itd be cool to have him back again. The conversation still felt too short and he seemed like he had a lot more to say.

  79. CarBigDog says:

    Who cares about being grammatically correct. What you wrote resonates with me and I feel the same exact way as you do. God bless you and yours. People like you make an old fart like me feel better about the America that I am leaving behind to my children and grandchildren.

  80. Hollywood says:

    For real! Gotta push that !

  81. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    THIS WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZ DO THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  82. Dmills says:

    Dude! The ex deputy director of national intelligence told you we were doing some badass shit in space AND YOU DIDN’T PUSH HIM FURTHER ON IT!!! What the actual fuck!

  83. Keherrin says:

    Tim & Crew — I’m a long time watcher, but this was might first time seeing the uncensored show (just joined timcast). What prevented me from joining months ago was not having the ability to cast this to my tv. I recently bought a new phone (old phone was busted and was small and quiet). Anyway, just writing this in hopes that you can add casting on chrome cast video functionality on your tech’s backlog. Thanks

  84. Gregy says:

    Great show. Spicer too.

  85. Just_a_guy says:

    Give me credit for this suggestion lol

  86. Just_a_guy says:

    Make a section on your members only site for superchats and possibly a response section for each video. I think the supporters deserve this to keep their donation value. Plus I want to read them lol

  87. brandon_jang says:

    Kash Patel is a real badass and a great patriot! Amen and God bless brother!

  88. ChefMoJoe says:

    My FB jailtime is up to 7days again -_-
    Look, the pants pooping is worse than that. If you go back in the YT comments, you can see me predict it multiple times. Cornholio stance? Everyone was confused; I said he was prairie doggin it. Long fart? I said he lost control if he can’t pinch em anymore. etc. So it’s not just the facts. People like me had the feeling the whole time and instincts shouldn’t be completely ignored imo.

    Oh, yeah LOL

  89. Vore_Me says:

    The way I look at Tim Pool combatting the censorship while being on YouTube is this. Tim will bring on a guest who is knowledgeable or an expert in an area. If what they talk about on YouTube can get them banned they will direct you (normally) to the members only area. In this area they are able to say Eric Ciaramella or pedophile or whatever they please without worry of censorship. I am then able to show friends and family these things in an area where topics can be discussed freely and open minds. This then allows me to have other conversations with them on other topics. Essentially yes YouTube censorship is wrong, but Tim having the conversations he has on YouTube leading into the conversations he has on timcast.com can and does lead to people considering a different perspective.

    I like Tim’s speakeasy analogy with it. His “front” is the three main channels on YouTube. Those channels then lead you to the “back of the house” timcast.com where people are able to speak there minds without fear of cancelation.

    Final thoughts from me. I love what Tim and his team is doing currently. I did not know what timcast.com would become, but I had a strong feeling that it would become something I would want to support for a long time. I like the vlogs (even though I don’t watch all of them) it’s something different. I really like Tales From The Inverted World and talk about them with my Grammy from time to time. However, my favorite is the travelling podcast RV that’s been announced recently. Going to other states and interviewing regular Americans is brilliant. This coupled with them going to rural America is why I love supporting this show. Rural America does not get the recognition it NEEDS nor DESERVES. When I look at an election map and see that much of rural America votes Republican, but, the farm lands of California are ignored; the mountainous regions of Wyoming are out-voted by people in Denver on hunting legislation regarding brown bears; or how states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Oregon are dominated by Democrat cities, I get very upset. I think that timcast.com with its travelling can allow for people, who did not have a voice previously, to not only have a voice but to have a powerful voice.

    P.S. I do not think that I am completely grammatically correct in this long post, but my thoughts are. Love you timcast.com and all your employees; keep up the amazing work. There is much love that is directed your way.

  90. LynnH says:

    I totally agree. Cut youtube presence to 1.5 hr and make this member show longer. “Speak the truth show aftershow.” Speak the name of whistle blower for example on after show Truth segment. That You tube can take you down for. Don’t advertise as we can swear show. We got that down pat
    . Advertise as subjects we touch on in YT but will be deep dive. We are older than 18 swearing is like no big deal. You have amazing guests give them more free speech time. 30 min more on this guest amazing rather than YT inhibitions SHOW. .

  91. Kira says:

    You need to have Kash on again & ask him about Ciaramella – his reaction hinted at quite a story and I think he might have some very interesting insight on that whole deal.

  92. SIMONTACCHI says:

    Tim is fixated on the 59 Tomahawks, they were fired from 3 different location, two were 400 miles away and one was 800 miles away, they all hit the target in a 20 second window and nobody was killed because we gave Russia a heads up, and in one single act Deterrence was restored. Get VDH on and make sure you ask him about Sherman’s March.

  93. MrDominoss says:

    Love this mans

  94. JohnConnor says:

    Big thumbs up great show! Excellent way to bring the show back

  95. CaptainHook75 says:

    Thought Kash mentioned merch, but I can’t find it? I’d have 2 of all of Luke’s but I can’t do black shirts. Have a white cat. 🙂

  96. Mel Lester says:


  97. SeanLucPicard says:

    He said it at the end (30:00)

  98. Armsgaming says:


  99. AMGSLK says:

    Fight With Kash. Right on.

  100. SRager1981 says:

    Awesome Show with awesome guest, definitely have on more.

  101. StonedKrampus says:

    1.5hr youtube 1hr – 1.5hr timcast.com show

    These timcast.com shows are 2x as good as the regular show. I know the main show is important but these flow so much better and feel much more relaxed.

  102. Icthroou says:

    If you only do one show like this a month it is a great value for only $10. You do alot more than that!
    So glad you are all recovered, I missed you. 😃👍🏼

  103. Deeder45631 says:

    Ditto 😊

  104. AUDREK says:

    Snopes had a shitty source.

  105. lazlud says:

    Fantastic IRL & members stream with Kash!
    Glad you’re all feeling better!

  106. MorganLiam says:

    One of my favorite new guests you’ve had on in a while. He sounds like he would come back again too. Awesome job!

  107. Rumproast says:

    I just wish it was longer like Kash too, maybe an hour on YT, than an hour and a half here. Starting to wonder what I’m paying for, curse words aren’t cutting it.

  108. DCrockafella says:

    Hopefully it will be Jones, Rogan and Roger stone. The Jones and Roger stone episode from Monday on alexes network was insane

  109. rcontinijr says:

    Anyone know the name Tim can’t say on YouTube without getting the stream taken down?

  110. TheRealZac says:

    Kash was alright for a fed.

  111. Tyrone says:

    Kash was an excellent episode. Trump inspires loyalty to those who come with an open mind. He is right about the free flowing nature of the discussion being better in the members’ only and it should be lengthened if at all possible as some of your most interesting talks happen when there isn’t such a set schedule.

    Great work guys.

  112. Jean2009 says:

    I like this segment a lot too Kash😁

  113. Eric says:

    Roger Stone is going to Austin next week and it’s also the home of Alex Jones. That shit would give me myocarditis.

  114. MAMAGILL says:

    I don’t know if it is a true story or not, but the joke is: The story about Biden pooping his pants was leaked … much like his anus.

  115. benmac1089 says:

    That would be epic.

  116. Poolparty512 says:

    Are y’all doing another live event in Austin?

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