Ricardo And Jose Lamas Members Podcast: Why Youtube Banned our Alex jones Episode, Communism Is Creeping Into The U.S.

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Ricardo And Jose Lamas Members Podcast: Why Youtube Banned our Alex jones Episode, Communism Is Creeping Into The U.S.

142 responses to “Ricardo And Jose Lamas Members Podcast: Why Youtube Banned our Alex jones Episode, Communism Is Creeping Into The U.S.”

  1. Jay1 says:

    Biden: What will you do against my military?
    *3 generations of combat veterans laugh at Biden*
    Everyone else with a brain: How’s that gorilla war in the middle east been for the last 20 years? Oh by the way, you just told your military to shoot their families.

  2. Fxs888 says:

    Is Ian capable of grasping the situation? What if there were a fraudulent election in 2020? What if the drastic action were to sit on your @ss and wait for things to blow over.
    The entire socio-political infrastructure for a corporatist tyranny was installed but not activated through the patriot act. VIOLENCE IS NOT ALWAYS NOISY. Someone please tell me again what the magic ingredients in those vaccines are?

  3. kellybw says:

    Satisfied with my Membership.

  4. Stoned says:

    Firing squads are a waste of ammo.

    Chemical injection or for the most evil it should be drop/slow hang or electric chair, after a fair and unbiased trial of course.

  5. PatrioticRealist says:

    Even the revolutionaries against Castro in Cuba (like this guy) want a socialist utopia. Listen to his commentary about the “1940 constitution” that he wants reinstated. I have no faith in Cuba. It’s literally “that wasn’t real socialism”.

  6. BigbubenTEN says:

    Tim I just want to be able to watch your shows on rumble i don’t know the difficulties to be fair but if you could upload entire IRL episodes there as well id be happy.

  7. ChetF says:

    That is your next line of t-shirt. Guns for History, Guns, cause Dictators exist, etc.

  8. g_no26 says:

    Be excellent to each other!
    Love it!
    Bill & Ted we’re on to something 🤘🏽✌🏽

  9. Skullfacefedora says:

    As the son of Cuban exiles, thanks for both shows. A lot of people in this country romantize the Cuban revolution, either ignorantly, or misguidedly. My father sat with me for both shows and to me that what was said was dead on balls accurate. Thanks again for bringing that corner of the world to light. Viva Cuba Libre!

  10. EmperorReno1st says:

    Great business idea for post liberation Cuba- piss on Fidels grave for 10 bucks per whiz! You’d make SO much money.

  11. Warat says:

    Tim and crew, can you get the hodgetwins on your show just to lighten things up?

  12. MikeH says:

    for want of a nail, a shoe was lost
    for want of s shoe, a horse was lost
    for want of a horse, a rider was lost
    for want of a rider, a message was lost
    for want of a message, a battle was lost
    for want of a battle, a kingdom was lost
    … and all for the want of a horseshoe nail

    Great Show!
    Keep up the great work Tim, Ian, and Lydia! You are ensuring the “message ” is never lost!

  13. channasilva2000 says:

    Its great we have tomcats.com to watch all these banned episodes. Please upload here.

  14. Olivera2894 says:

    My grandparents are Cuban. My grandfather would give a sound of disgust and spit on the ground when he saw I grew even the slightest beard because of its association with Castro/revolution.

  15. sartoraaus@gmail.com says:

    Some real wisdom laid down here; one of the best episodes.

  16. Manbearpig says:

    Don’t know if these guys have tried but bunker branding has balls and might be the perfect place for them to sell their shirts.

  17. Wolv256 says:

    Fidel Castro was a fartface

  18. StMyles2 says:

    Really enjoyed this episode.

  19. kpete81 says:

    PLEASE have these guests back in the future. The conversation was awesome and we want more!

  20. UppityG says:

    Well, here I am, listening to the IRL on Eeveel Youtbe Sec 230 violator extraordinaire has turned off the chat because Kenny Xu and you are discussing the latest covid / Delta development. So, We the People, can’t chime in with our input? WE can’t be trusted to be more right than the YT algos and those who write them?

    No wonder Messers Lamas are sounding the alarms.

  21. redxpen says:

    Holy shit. These guys are not fucking around lol

  22. worttito says:

    Thumb nail lol

  23. Yermomco0 says:

    “Be personally responsible, be free, and be excellent to each other” sounds like a good motto to me.

  24. Baronhalt8 says:

    Gotta get one of those shirts for my wife’s Father. I’ve been hearing these kinds of stories since we met from her family. Couple crazy ones I can’t repeat here

    • redxpen says:

      I think this site is mostly free of censorship. I would like to hear it unless it’s so radical that some WaPo mfer would read it and say “timcast fans r nazis”

  25. Heartlandsoul says:

    There is no good in evil… God can take things that Satan means for evil and turn them around for our good but I disagree with a ying yang sentiment… there is light and there is darkness. 💕

  26. VernonRedmon says:

    I still believe the separation of states from the union will happen if not this year but it will be within my lifetime. I also believe a war of brother vs brother will happen agian, and have been saying it for the last 20 years, that if the government dose not stop with the bullying of the people and keeping us separated into multiple factions, between those who are right and those who are right for no one will be incorrect. If this happen group like antifa and blm amongst other fascist groups will be destroyed inside the battle. But I must stop now before I speak to loud.

  27. UppityG says:

    Messrs Lamas are two of the most consequential guests you’ve had thus far, Pool. So much so, I watched the public portion twice and then did the same with the bonuscast.

    I’d very much like to see them do another guest spot in the near future, perhaps after any major political development here in the US that they’ll have some insight on. Rich in actual lived experience that the sjw woken-kinder allegedly prize. I really appreciate how respectful all of you were toward the Elder Lamas, as it should be with our fathers and grandfathers who have been given terrible short shrift of late, no thanks to the insinuation of marxism into our culture, where earned wisdom is actually disdained. Lydia is spot on correct about them and no one needs them more than Millennials and our current young. No one. Trouble is, they’re too ill-educated and too young to know it.

    As an SSL (vs ESL), I would like to hear them speak in Spanish only because the convo would be more fluid for Sr Lamas. If not on your podcast, elsewhere. I gotta get me one of those t-shirts too.

    I’m grateful Crossland kept his run-away train of thoughts under control.

    Paz y salud a todos.

  28. Durnjulio says:

    Mobile website could use a lil update

  29. LovieDovie says:

    Most chilling thing – when he said what would happen if BLM ever got power.

  30. covfefeovich says:

    I would like to see some of these members only episodes published to alternative public sites. I am happy to provide a tiny bit of sponsorship for this programming, but it should be available to a much wider audience. Some of these convo’s seem important, and it would be good to be able to share them.
    Thanks for the good work folks.

    • LovieDovie says:

      I agree!
      Everyone needs to see these convo’s.
      Maybe they can go public after a week or two.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree, for a select few, and this would definitely be one of them. Easily, Rumble, Bitchute, Odysee, Gab TV, and more would be good alternatives. Youtube is slowly committing suicide by bad algos and marxist indoctrinated employees too young to know wisdom staring them in the face, so they default to deferring to authoritarians. Guaranteed, if Wojojetski would hire people older than her and not in her political silo, in sufficient number, Youtube would smooth out and be truly a platform for everyone, per Sec 230 and Everyone would police the bad actors using the tools now available, provided they make improvements in how flags are handled. As in, innocent until proven guilty, not how they handle them now.

  31. kltmariani says:

    It is far harder to build a nation than it is to destroy one. And that is why we need to protect what so many died for building. We simply do not have the people, both young and mid-age, with a mindset for building to create a new free system.

    • LovieDovie says:

      We have to fight for this one.
      All of us.
      For all of those who came before us
      There are worse things than death. Like watching your family starve under communism.
      We won’t get a second chance.

    • SunshinePatriot says:

      Yes! We need to get uncomfortable, and take a stand. The US government keeps moving the line on what freedoms and liberties they will allow. They no longer work for us, but against us. The US government is working with private businesses to keep us in our place. Divided and in-fighting so that we can not see the moves they are making. There are more of us, than there are of them.

  32. Latterdaygamers says:

    Pinochet did nothing wrong

  33. jamessuraciart says:

    I don’t know if Tim reads these or not, but just in case, I think he should start his own country if the U.S. splits apart. He could even use the “Don’t Snake me bro” shirt design as it’s flag. Ian could be the Bread Czar and his entire job would be bread, and Lydia could be in charge of the nation’s supply of Sour Patch Kids which could be the currency…along with various crypto currencies). I would totally seek political asylum there

  34. TammyD32 says:

    Last nights podcast was by far the best one yet. Thank you for it!

  35. Vsidious says:

    YouTube doesn’t want people getting riled up, exactly! Do you want to put the FBI out of business? That’s their job to rile people up! How else are they supposed to justify their increasing budgets and continued existence?

  36. Mike_G says:

    pls dont call this a safe place
    its free place

  37. 99centfury says:

    Did not see a place to leave a thumbs up so here
    And dont forget to ride the wave

  38. beharris9 says:

    Everyone needs to get serious here and at least DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER! You all GAVE this power to the imbeciles running these useless platforms. Use duck duck go and brave browser, avoiding Google at all possible opportunities. I’m supporting Timcast in hopes of someday getting off YouTube altogether. Stop giving business to authoritarian wannabe idiots.

  39. Soldiermedic says:

    I don’t believe things like this matter to enough people. Most of us are so attached to our technologies that as long as we can get electricity to our homes, internet to our TV and computers, and food delivered, nothing else really matters. Weep for the culture.

  40. Christopher says:

    They aren’t against violence or violent speech, they are dictating who can express violence.

    The Roman can beat anyone else who is other… if the Roman is hit, you hit the empire.

    • Christopher says:

      I mean zero offense, but what if a person…. Isn’t online often? What is cancelled?

      I’m a white guy that worked my ass off in Hispanic businesses. They taught me that the government is bullshit, just look good one or two days a month. Health inspection…. Maybe every three months. And treat them good. Usually they would come by a few days before and ask for things.

      You know you are good if they ask for food for a few days. Sometimes they’re ask for drinks… sometimes, to the restaurant next door, they asked for money…. I never ate there after I knew.

      Everyone of real value at my store was from Ecuador. They always had the value of if they wouldn’t eat it, it can’t go out to paying customers.

  41. BladeRunner says:

    Anytime a Government disarms its population horrendous Human Rights abuses follow:

    In 1911 Turkey established Gun Control. And from 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians were murdered.

    In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control. And from 1929 to 1953 about 20 million dissidents were killed.

    In 1935 China established gun control. And from 1948 to 1952, 20 million citizens were systematically killed.

    in 1938 Germany disarmed its citizens. from 1939 to 1945 they killed 13,000,000 Jews and other Europeans.

    In 1964 Guatemala disarmed its citizens. from 1964 to 1981: 100,000 Mayan Indians were rounded up and killed.

    In 1970 Uganda disarmed its citizens. From 1971 to 1979: 300,000 Christians were exterminated.

    In 1956 Cambodia disarmed its citizens. From 1975 to 1977: 1,000,000 people were exterminated.

    In 1979 Rwanda, strict gun control laws went into effect in 1979. Then in 1994: 800,000 people were killed in just 100 days.

    Don’t ever relinquish your 2nd Amendment America.


  42. Headrock says:

    Hurray, I can comment! Lovely. Now all I need is a way to set my avatar, and we’re golden.

  43. roytheboy says:

    Remember: each state has a National Guard with military equipment.

  44. Eyeballjr47@gmail.com says:

    Anyone else keep checking your phones for texts all episode lol

  45. RedBuffalo says:

    This is the first video i could comment on since update and Mondays video still says encoding. I loved hearing their stories tonight

  46. Antonette59 says:

    Great show. Now get Lily Tang Williams.

  47. Fricken says:

    Great show Everyone, As an American living in Mexico for almost 6 months, there are many things we can learn from our Latin friends in their cultures. Nice seeing a UFC fighter on with conviction for something. Reminds me of my hometown friend Dustin Poirier.

  48. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    Tim et al.,

    You guys need to upload the Che Guevara segment to YouTube, just blur out the T shirts.

    He thought Mexicans were illiterate Indians… wow.

    • Goodoldcr says:

      Che Guevara was a great man dont let this man whos angry at him change your opinion. Che was a doctor a medical student he helped care and help many people. He was fighting for the impoverished indians and peasants who were being exploited by big agro and corprations and evil tryants. He upheld many civic duties in the newly formed country, serving as judge and adjutant in cases where death by firing squad for heinous crimes against humanity did take place. Look how many people modern USA executes so its not really a negative point worth ascribing to Che. He was a freedom fighter..

  49. Smoke says:

    I am Alex Jones

  50. Brozumaki says:

    Y’all change the format, now I can’t make it full screen, make it smaller in the side, and listen to it in my pocket.

  51. smitty1910 says:

    In 1970 I worked for the telephone company. I worked along side of several hundred Cubans who were also employed by the telephone company. They told stories of unimaginable loss. And about doing things that were hard to believe. But they all had one common thread which was their hatred of the communist system. These were middle aged people so they were there pre castro.

    Cuban Exiles in America | American Experience | PBS
    Of all the aspects of the Cuban Revolution, none has had a greater impact on America than the immigration of over one million Cubans to the United States.

  52. jkcandelaria says:

    You should upload the Alex Jones shown in the members area.

  53. 1337pen15 says:

    I still havnt gotten my f-15 or 10k

  54. tortuga5Rsolis@gmail.com says:

    Good Show!

  55. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Consider yourselves warned.
    How many more warnings do you need?

  56. Kain21 says:

    Be with god everybody. I loved the program. People be aware, pay attention and be ready with communities with defcon plans.

  57. Turk_Longwell says:

    Members!!! We need a saying to end our comments. Something fun, maybe righteous. We need to be a team. Community. Abolish the Police or For the Most Part. ? lol… I kinda love Battlestar Galactica’s, So Say We All. but that’s not original.
    If ya got some good shit in your mind that fits the IRL Gorillas?
    E-mail ‘Endings’ to pitches@timcast.com
    til next time.
    Love Thyself.

  58. Kain21 says:

    Amen Tim; find the light everybody in these times, so everybody reading this; this is the time to catch up with God. Be on good terms of love with your friends and foes; but that doesn’t mean not defending your most important values. So protect your children’s education sovereignty; and be sure to speak to your communities to have plans and leadership for if in case defcon levels come into play. God and Mary protect you all.

  59. Marilyn says:

    This episode was excellent!

  60. Turk_Longwell says:

    A great transition.
    Tim brought Authoritarianism, it has many names, along with us into the member’s content.
    The Man is Black. Russel Faraday. Robert Ramsey. o’Dim Marten.
    Serious talk all night, Frens. Serious matters are at hand.
    The Biden Admin. wants to be Youtube TOS.
    I never knew that about Che Guevara. Or Jose and Cuba.
    I feel illiterate.
    “If you aren’t a 2A Purist after tonight’s episode. you ain’t black” probably Joe Biden.
    Frogs in a pot.
    But… let’s recall that gun purchases are up for the last few years.
    Find God. Tim, I think maybe you’re saying that.
    Being Pessimist is no way to live.
    Optimism is essential.
    Jose is a brave smart man. He is a strong human being. Someone to admire.
    (side note) I’m getting Donnie a friend this Sat. A male kitty 2 years younger, named Duncan, to chill with while I’m out.
    Yeah, Dude, grow that shit out. Use the Weapons you have.
    In the Corps, we called it… Weapons of Opportunity.
    Use what you have to help destroy your enemy. for you… that’s lies.

    Smiles and Strength
    Love Thyself.

  61. PeterG6979 says:

    Thank God the pesky clickbait is gone.

  62. KMerckCPA says:

    I was all ready to complain on here about and I’m not letting them show their shirts on YouTube. But then I saw the shirts, and I’m like, yeah they would have pulled the episode. That was a good call, Tim.

  63. lucas.decastilhos@gmail.com says:

    Tim, you forgot Maduro took the guns away in Venezuela.

  64. QuaesitorVeritatis says:

    Yes, I think Biden’s handler’s will use nuclear weapons to make a statement. The treatment of the January 6 protestors and the 25,000 troops the called to Washington prove it. It would mean nothing to them to nuke Pierre, South Dakota, if it helps them keep control.

    • arakitai says:

      They do that and 10 million men and women will start walking towards Washington the next day. And it won’t be to pick flowers.

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        Yep, that is a fight they don’t want.
        Active Duty Military won’t gun down their own people.
        I won’t believe that.

        • jwschwalb says:

          I don’t think most active duty won’t, but some will.

        • Dustinicus says:

          If you dont believe that the military would gun down civilians then I would suggest you do some research. All it takes is the order from a CO telling them hold this position, let no one through and the second shit gets even a little physical all it takes is one guy to fire one bullet, and it’s all over.

          • Turk_Longwell says:

            Nah, Nah… I’ve been in those fighting holes. I don’t need to do research, my Fren.
            Life was my research.
            One Marine firing his weapon does not equal the whole squad firing their weapons aimlessly and without thought.
            There’s a difference between gunning down civilians and defending a position.
            We have no modern example of the US Military firing aimlessly into a crowd or gunning down Civilians.
            For your sake, I looked into it. I couldn’t find an example of what I said won’t happen happen.
            I speak only of the Modern Era and the US Active Duty Military.

            I am open for dialogue, if ya got some examples.

      • Merdrah says:

        The Authoritarians can’t shoot first without losing a lot of ground. As long as we remain patient and don’t let their “Trolls” bait us we can wear them down.
        Keep watching for their infiltration and tell the Tools disguised as Teachers to pound sand.

        The Authoritarians and the Corp news want the people mad. Deny them!

      • Tribe39 says:

        Plus most of the nukes are chillin in ND…well unless they lose them again🙄

  65. NikkiBerlin says:

    They are most likely looking for reasons to delete you, Tim. Very good possibility that people watch your members only selections, etc, etc, etc.

  66. SolidCMC says:

    Greetings from The PNW.. Dang yall I got Kids listening haha.. watch those F 💣…

    • ernesto.glassetc@gmail.com says:

      Dude, Shelton represent right here. I got my kids to listen to the IRL with me and the after show. Then again I am half sailor and half asshole.

    • jwschwalb says:

      You do know this area behind the pay wall was made so they could speak freely and drop those f 💣s right? If you don’t want you kid hearing bad words don’t have the section with bad words playing with them lessening. You wouldn’t let your kids lessen to Lewis Black uncensored you should let your kids lessen to Tim Pool uncensored.

    • leadd1 says:

      I know I have to wait until they go to bed then I’m falling asleep watching :/

  67. arakitai says:

    I was born into communism and I’ve been worried about it coming to the U.S. since about 2017 when I started seeing the insanity coming out of the universities. But I am starting to turn the corner, feeling a ray of hope after almost five years. The reason is that these communists that are trying to take over the United States are completely inept. The communists of the Soviet era in the Balkans were both master liars and talented manipulators. They knew when to use sweet words and bribes, when to persuade and influence. They also knew how effective a decapitated head hung from the ramparts were in controlling the discontent and disaffected. They knew to give power to the criminals and fiends who would perform any action in order to keep power. They knew to purge those with too much talent, with too much ambition. They knew how to pit society against itself and then terrorize it into paralysis.

    The current villains of this piece are what… BLM? Antifa? AOC who can barely form a coherent thought? Yes, yes. They all have talent in some respect. AOC is a brilliant marketing expert. Antifa is the only terrorist organization in U.S. history that has been allowed to operate relatively unimpeded by the establishment. BLM is able to confuse everyone about everything, including whether they were born a boy or a girl. So sure, they’re not complete drooling morons.

    But what they’re also not are masters of strategic planning. BLM is trying to stuff CRT down the throats of the public that is not taking it. Soon mothers and fathers will be stuffing teeth down the throat of these mini tyrants for trying to brainwash their kids into hating themselves. Meanwhile Antifa is detested by their own allies. AOC is riding a wave that will crest eventually. She’s not really a politician and she’s made few friends. She’s like the quarterback that bullies the coach and takes over the game but is booted after the first major loss. People will let a prodigy run wild as long as it’s achieving the goals. But eventually the ride is over and soon enough they’re left friendless and surrounded by people they trampled on during their rise to power. Now as they falter, those are not helping hands they’re feeling grope at their buttocks.

    The whole woke mob completely squandered their chance at power. They’ve revealed their true goals too early. The mask slipped and the vampire was revealed before it could get invited in for dinner. Instead of bribing and sweet talking the conservative right, (oh my GOD it would have been so easy to bribe them into complacency,) they chose to use them as their straw man. In a way it made sense because truly, the conservative base of the country is the only true threat to the people controlling Washington. But when the left made the right into cartoon monsters, they did not realize that people could see through the lies and deceit. It was too radical, it was too obviously false, it was too loud and too fast. The steady drum beat of their marching armies are starting to sound like the high pitched screech of a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum.

    I think it’s too early to see it clearly but their war is falling on all fronts. Hollywood is going woke and going broke. Everyone hates the leftist politicians and Antifa and BLM. Nobody’s falling for CRT. Everyone hates what’s happening. And miracle of miracles, there are no white supremacists firebombing black churches or threatening the government. They can’t even drum up an insurrection with the use of FBI stooges.

    It’s falling apart people. Thank the lord.

  68. mookie1590 says:

    ay no bugs i had. video is encoded. sometimes it would take a full day even when i cleared cache.
    video is full size, no longer 50%.
    comments are back

  69. ElijahFrye says:

    Comments are back hell yea love this shit when it works lol love ya bros

  70. Lazlo says:


  71. OpposableThumm says:

    Still can’t watch the Travis Corcoran episode homie!

  72. Turk_Longwell says:

    Members, Share Share this last Episode. and the Yeon-mi Park one too. More of course.
    These guests shouldn’t just be watch and go, move on to the next show.
    We watch Tim because we see what the F is up. IRL is legit.
    If we can’t function together as a source of good, then fuck us, we’re useless and of no help.
    Ya know? Actions speak louder than words. Go Team.

    • Hangover_Bear says:

      I 💯 agree, and if you have youngish kids or older that aren’t totally indoctrinated make sure you sit down and watch them like I did. Don’t be preachy, but pause and ask/answer questions along the way. People like this are the canaries in the coal mine. It’s one of the reasons why I try really hard to not to act like the sky is falling or make them watch every video from someone I think is making an couple important points. This one and Yeon-mi Park are definitely must watch episodes including the after shows

  73. MomentumValue says:

    Nice comments are back!

  74. xhodan says:

    Is it just me or does the sight fonts/images etc, look low rez and fuzzy? Not a big deal, just looks a little off too me.

  75. Jonathan says:

    I keep trying to tell my dad to sell the house in California and move almost anywhere else, but he won’t do it. To him, Yucaipa is still his little boyhood town he grew up in back in the 60’s. He ignores the roaming homeless people and the crack heads littering the boulevard. I hope he wakes up sooner rather than later.

    • blancahc says:

      We live in California too and all our extended family is here. I have been trying to convince my husband to sell our house and move out of this place too.

      • Tigranes says:

        Got the opposite problem with a twist. My wife’s extended family is here and she has 2 years before retirement. I am chomping to get out. Grew up here so it would not be easy, but it is even harder to watch my stomping grounds turn into a shithole.

    • Crouching_Patriot_Hidden_Freedom says:

      We’re getting out of here as soon as our office lease is up or we get shut down and have to close our doors or become so profitable that we can afford to eat the cost of the lease. In these uncertain times I’m not sure which outcome is most likely. By the way, Yucaipa is among my favorite lakes to fish. It’s still very hard for me, being born in 1984, not to notice how far California has fallen. I collected hundreds of signatures to recall Newsom. It’s bittersweet when I hear that the GOP is getting behind Bruce Gender disphoria (can’t spell that word, was it right?) as the answer. Stuff like that makes it very hard to be a happy warrior. We fight on though. We must. For our children. I just may have to do as Ian sometimes says, tactical retreat.

  76. Sotcrco1016 says:

    Ay! the comments are back!