Pedro Gonzales Members Podcast: Rand Paul Implies Fauci Lied To Congress, Fauci ERUPTS, Denies He Funded Gain of Function Research

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Pedro Gonzales Members Podcast: Rand Paul Implies Fauci Lied To Congress, Fauci ERUPTS, Denies He Funded Gain of Function Research

78 responses to “Pedro Gonzales Members Podcast: Rand Paul Implies Fauci Lied To Congress, Fauci ERUPTS, Denies He Funded Gain of Function Research”

  1. NiceLooqkingClock says:

    Lying dogface pony soldier

  2. Unworried says:

    Did I just watch Tim read Reddit to me? Why?

    I dropped off social media entirely. I kept trying, but its all a mess that lowers my appreciation of humans.

  3. Sixus1 says:

    Somebody, anybody: how the holy hell is anyone supposed to cut through the BS of numbnuts like were pointed out on Reddit… maybe some reality is coming through here and t here, but it doesn’t seem like it. Rand Paul busted his chops and it was beautiful, right there to be seen, yet the leftists out there are just hell bent to cover for their golden boy. Ugh.

  4. parbruek says:

    These comments on reddit are a reminder of why duels existed. The final trigger for a duel was ‘the lie direct,’ where two people saw one thing and disagreed on what it was, or how the other could see it that way. (It’s red, no blue.) I would be ASTRONOMICALLY happy if people where allowed to duel over whether or not Faucci’s actions constitute gain of function by definition. We’d see all the imbeciles disappear overnight.

  5. 2White7070 says:

    Look, the man is responsible for a whole generation of people being scared of AIDS on a toilet seat, which took decades educate the masses was untrue. Errors like this, can’t be allowed to persist.

  6. DaddyProphetBunny says:

    Sorry I just picked up on something. President Biden has been speaking to only Democrats for pretty much ALL of his life.. and unfortunately you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I guess that’s the most humiliating part of it all for Biden, he is actually incapable of becoming anything more than a divisionist.

  7. Buddymac007 says:

    Dr. Richard Fauci hasn’t seen a patient in over 40 years…

  8. adam.helsdon says:


  9. spike001ton says:

    So this is why I call him Eric candy bar. there’s a candy bar call caramello, Eric charmelo is close enough to Eric caramello. but because I don’t like the whole thing he will forever be Eric candy bar.

  10. derenmr says:

    I swear to God Ian makes me lose brain cells sometimes… “you fix it.” Dude if your car is totaled you scrap that bitch. It’s broken, you don’t try to buff out the dents and give it a good polish, now magically the engine, carburetor, radiator, steering column, and axles are all fixed because you made this mangled ball of metal real shiny..

    • Jyriol says:

      It still baffles me that he’s even on. After listening to dozens of these shows; my only solid conclusion is he’s that guy that’s guaranteed to make the stupidest possible fucking comment so that the guest, Tim or Liz has to explain everything even MORE simply.

      Save my ears, just write it in fucking crayon for him.

  11. JaeSea says:

    Maybe Fauci intentionally flip flops to continue to keep the public guessing and fighting with each other. Controlled opposition.

  12. Grizztang says:

    Joe Biden said that vaccines prevent covid inhis town hall and its on fb and i would think ots on youtube to

  13. Aircav78 says:

    Hey guys, What does the IRL stand for ?

  14. Rotalus says:

    That’s not how iq tests work.

  15. Deefiredancer says:

    Finally someone brings up is Bill Gates sneaking under the radar?

  16. JKeck says:

    Fauci needs to be tried and hung from the neck until dead if found guilty.

    • Bignate says:

      I prefer using a baby seal bat and keep him alive long enough to allow victims families to take a swing.

    • ThatGuyChad says:

      Seems a little extreme. Prison cam with a live feed would be awesome though.

      • Wolv256 says:

        So far over 4 million people have died from Covid. It’s cost the economy over $16 trillion. This disease will probably remain for years to come, if not forever, killing millions more.

        Fauci is probably the most harmful person to the world in the history of the world. Yes, worse than Hitler.

  17. Hagadole says:

    Nice, first time hearing Tim curse! Already know Eric Ciaramellas name

  18. Tylerja says:

    Why am I a member but it still says locked?
    Is this members only??

  19. Bryan_Liem says:

    Super Heroin Report “accidentally” triggers even more deaths; that’s how I feel about the fake news reporting that Black folks are attacking Asian folks, nationwide! The fake news was trying to start a new national pastime. Thanks God that one didn’t ever catch on nationally, if it is indeed over with.

    I think Jordan Peterson said IQ tests use different types of questions, math questions, story questions, but they are all abstract questions. So the IQ test measures your ability to solve abstract problems.

    The fake Vice President, violent rioters supporter? Kamala happens.

  20. Scaler says:

    All I know is when those in power can lie, commit crimes, engage in corruption, without the least bit of fear of being held to account, then any hope for justice is lost. When hope is truly lost, then eventually people will seek out justice through other means.

  21. BenFromMaine says:

    It drives me nuts when people don’t use dark mode on reddit.

  22. Papashaggin-s12 says:

    Fauci for treason!

  23. jhudler says:

    If you post while playing the video, the video restarts.

  24. jhudler says:

    He said “qualified staffers” Just what the hell is a qualified staffer.

  25. Ryanm996 says:

    I roll my eyes every time Ian speaks, thank you Tim for stopping his analogies.

  26. Wolv256 says:

    Cool, comments are back. I thought the Commies got to you already.

  27. KDiddy says:

    If you do the online IQ tests, over and over, you’ll feel good about yourself. Unless you’re really bad at everything. In which case you can still feel good about knowing that you have a terribly low IQ because now you’ll know why things fall apart around you. There’s something dumb about IQ test scores. If these tests were such a good judge of intelligence, why do we even bother to take the SAT or ACT? Why isn’t the score asked for in a job interview? Who creates the tests? What’s their IQ? Is one able to score higher than the person (or people) who made it? How many are there? These, are the questions you must ask yourself. Gosh it’s good to comment again. I thought it was all over.

  28. Olivia3737 says:

    I can’t understand why people who blatantly hate America want to defend these people in the system so bad 😂 like why can’t everyone agree Fauci is a piece of shit? I’d have more respect for the left is they just said everyone was crap and stuck by that. Instead they choose to defend the ones who cause all the problems they complain about.

  29. BarbaraAlb30 says:

    Well Tim doesnt hold back. Tim should shave his cute face

  30. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Angry, pissed off, cursing Tim made membership totally worth the price.

  31. Dreadpool says:

    If your still having issues with the site, clear your cache and cookies. I did that and now i can see comments again

    • Nichole says:

      I clear that all the time. This was the first time it logged me out and wanted me to sign back in. Glad to see comments back. Love the look of the new website! Y’all did a great job and your hard work will pay off in the end. People are drawn to people who have constantly proven what they say. God please protect and guide these hard working truth tellers! On the there journey in uncovering anything they come across and can prove. Amen

  32. Paul Sawyer says:

    The subversion is over, they are just going to be totally out in the open with it, saying and doing all the quiet parts out loud!

  33. TheLastCrow says:

    Lmfao! Tim, hearing you finally say Eric’s name in a video was amazing.
    Eric Ciaramella! Crazy that they’re still protecting his name.

  34. Heartlandsoul says:

    To the Intelligence point,
    That is why classical education is so important.
    The majority of the US population neither knows how to argue correctly and dissect information- logic phase- nor do they know how to communicate-the rhetoric phase. We have a whole bunch of useful idiots in this county… and it’s mournful.

  35. Bramickias says:

    Of course the covid “vaccine” doesnt prevents you from catching it, spreading it or getting sick from it …. it’s NOT a vaccine. That mRNA injection is a form of genetic therapy to boost your immune system against that virus. Ask medical experts to talk to you about it, away from the public eye. Then ask them for how long those shots will be efficient, considering the speed at which a coronavirus mutates.
    Calling it a “vaccine” is just a salesman pitch to gain acceptance from the masses, since calling it what it is would freak people out like never before. Certain words make people freak out, like GMO, nuclear, fascist … even if most people have no idea what those really are, or maybe because they don’t know about them, hard to tell which comes first.

  36. TheAxyx says:

    Is it just me or has the guest mic been super quiet lately? Can barely hear this guy…would love to know what he has to say…is that not Lydia’s job? To check sound levels etc?

  37. UppityG says:

    First, the Corcoran bonuscast video is still missing.

    I hope you have this guest back often. His writing (I bookmarked the site, The Chronicles) is quite good. When I heard about his wife and how outraged she is about the freeflow of illegals across our southern border, it reminded me of my family. I have relatives in Mexico and we’re mostly conservative by nature. Wrong is wrong. It is wrong to shove yourself into someone else’s house without permission. That’s part of the Golden Rule and it has no race, borders or nationality. My parents came over legally and it was not easy. But it was worth doing it the right way, for the peace of mind and the right to regard themselves as ethical people. And, they didn’t want their first days in America to be thanks to breaking her laws.

  38. SMyers says:

    So, I was watching Johnny Carson last night from 01.01.1975 he was speaking with Adela St.Johns… She was joking with her saying she was a nice straight woman. Then he says oh wait, we can’t say that. We are not allowed to use labels. So, you are a nice straight PERSON. Like all of the birthing person stuff now. Isn’t that crazy? How long have they been trying to get this stuff changed?

  39. Kongilian says:

    Idea: in order to vote you must show proof of firearm ownership.

  40. Tvollmer says:

    Why is Tim so hard on Ian all the time. Don’t get to big for your britches Tim.

    • UppityG says:

      Haven’t you noticed that Crossland tends to go off on tangents and insist his half-baked opinion of whatever “is right, it just is, dammit, let me spill it all out and completely hijack the conversation”? Crossland has to be brought to a halt otherwise he starts running around like his hair is on fire. If there were an easier way to get Crossland to stop, I’m pretty sure Pool would use it.

      Well maybe they’ll work out a safe word that’ll do it faster and easier and that Crossland will honor.

  41. CNN_sucks says:

    Good guest. CIA and the cartel has symbiotic relationship. You cannot define one without the others.

  42. Orion1632 says:

    Tim, what the right has to be is to make sure Civics are taught in school. it’s not enough to be on the right, you have to actively be on the right and teach the children what that means, the bedrock of western civilization and what America is all about. the left are busy changing the meaning of everything, so you have to aggressively teach the right things.

  43. Orion1632 says:

    what is going to happen when the vaccine makes people infertile

  44. ButtonPuncher says:

    It’s got that new website smell. Fun watching you guys work out the bugs.
    Personally, I can’t stand the font on the main page. It’s so bold and the letters are so close together that it turns in to a white blob. Hard to read.

    • UppityG says:

      Agreed @Button. Glad to see the comments section back and some improved functionality (when I clicked Reply, I get an instant text box with the name of who I’m replying to ). I’ll remain hopeful for an Edit, Collapse/Block buttons, Comment count and Sort. But otherwise, the site it shaping up nicely.

  45. Turk_Longwell says:

    I feel you, Tim. Anger can make the mind hiccup. It’s a sign of how much we are losing that he is still employed.
    How the F is he still employed? $423 a year type salary ish.
    Anger…. How the Fuck!! is he still employed! I need to swear here too.
    Rand is solid, but he does need to just say it.
    “Droplets” lol.
    Reddit is crazy. Is that real? Is that real life?
    I can’t believe people think that way. It’s no one I know. Well, that I know of.
    but I do 3000% believe it.
    IAN! haha … F the late night shows.
    Delta is just a scheme. They think the people are dumb, which they are, and only care about cases not deaths.
    “So They Say”
    “There’s No Command Structure Anymore”
    Shit, Tim… I kinda am now getting you’re move to Balkanization.
    Ian, You’re wrong.
    hahaha… the bike jumped on a truck. lmao.
    Damn Tim… It’s all One Big Fuck Job.
    I hate Gen. Milley. Adm Gilday and all those traitors.
    I don’t like anger, but this shit does it for me.
    It’s making your memory forgotten.
    Yo, so many weirdos look up to him and love him.
    Kiwi was like a spook back then, organizing shit,
    Today he would be the FBI and doing the same thing.
    He got caught though. Play games…
    Our memories are short term.
    No Luke We Nuke…. and buy F-15s.
    Ok, Let’s get this straight.
    Our Gov’t has always been against us, for power?
    They are manipulative scumbags.
    HAHAHAHA… Ian says we watching are smart folks.
    Thanks dude. Love it.
    Where is your evidence?
    I agree with Work Ethic.
    Tim Hit it on the Head.
    The new site is tight.
    Better when It works.
    I kid. I kid. lol.

  46. Nova says:

    Fauci should be hung, drawn and quartered for what he has done.

  47. Turk_Longwell says:

    Oh shit. I just noticed.
    The comments say “Turk-Longwell” says……
    “UppittyG” says…..
    “TheQuaz” says…..
    Just like the Super Chats…
    That’s Genius!
    Holy Fuck
    And it’s Fun.

    • UppityG says:

      @Turk, 😂😂 IKR? It’s def an upgrade. We still need other functions, but this is a nice first step. Push notifs would be nice, so we can converse real time. Maybe it’s on the way. Salud.

  48. Turk_Longwell says:

    Ok. nice. I may get the video and the comments It’s encoding rn. Though no others comments and it’s late, 11:07PM EST.
    We will see, my Frens.
    Besides this…
    What a good show, huh?
    Pedro is a quiet dude, but he’s solid.
    He even had jokes that no one caught.
    He threw in a Ryan Long reference that was on point.
    Shout Out to the Cast Team!
    While I’m blabbing…
    Let us remember that local elections are Huge. The hugest of the Huge. Everyone says so.
    F the Feds.
    If we start locally, shitty Federal Electives won’t get elected in the first place.
    Damn the Man.
    How’s that saying go… YOLO
    You Only Live Once
    I don’t want any of those “only once” years,
    To be under Authoritarian Rule.
    You Either Stand up Today or You Live to Regret it.
    Real Words.

  49. Thequaz says:

    Real value for our money here shitty busted ass site that doesn’t even load. Gg Tim.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Relax… You know you love all the great after shows. A new site and some slow shit. Who gives a fuck, really.
      It’ll be worked out, Fren.

    • DEANSKI says:

      If you don’t like it then stop paying. If you actually listen this site is in beta mode, also if you listen to the show this site is growing in users faster than development so updates to the site is rushed so the experience is better and every update in every aspect of technology has bugs nothing is perfect