Posobiec & Daniel Turner Member Podcast: 800k Military Face Court Martial Over Vaccine Mandate, The US Is Under Controlled Demolition

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Posobiec & Daniel Turner Member Podcast: 800k Military Face Court Martial Over Vaccine Mandate, The US Is Under Controlled Demolition

147 responses to “Posobiec & Daniel Turner Member Podcast: 800k Military Face Court Martial Over Vaccine Mandate, The US Is Under Controlled Demolition”

  1. IanIsALiberal says:

    You should put the comment admission at the top of the page and add a rewind button to the videos.

  2. ToxicOptimist says:

    I enlisted (Army) days after 9/11 and have experienced the threat of courts martial and the pressures of those “other methods” first hand. I was pressured into a “non-disclosed” discharge. You are owned. The fact that 800k are not willing to take this vaccine is alarming and inspiring. The trials that have been done, are also alarming but… more disturbing. Enlisting in the army is minimum 2 years active, but all initial contracts are 8 years. So my contract, was 2 years active then… it would have been 6 years inactive. First time hearing Tim curse! Haha LOVE IT!

  3. bthoms2002 says:

    Why is Tim so surprised that people are hesitant over this particular shot versus previous ones? Where have you been the past couple of years?

  4. Kewellli says:

    In China I’ve heard that they are doing away with anything feminine that a boy/young man would express. They are making sure the Chinese boys act masculine.

  5. Neversummer160 says:

    In the army they offer a “Try 1”. That is where you serve your contract then when you are getting out they offer you one year national guard. After my 4 years active duty, I went that way with the WA state ng.

  6. Neversummer160 says:

    The Peanut butter shot (correctly named) is called Gamma globulin. Jack P. is NOT blowing smoke, in fact i think he may be down playing it. IT FUCKING SUCKS!

    It is used to temporarily boost your immune system. Being in close quarters with all those other people from all over the place there is defiantly the opportunity to share bug with each other.

  7. Bmwtech says:

    Those in power will not allow fusion come into being. The economic collapse will be total. Inertial confinement will work if the lasers efficiencies is increased. But I think the powers that be will do everything they can to stop it.

  8. Buddymac007 says:

    If at basic training the technical instructor said drop & give me 20, you get your ass down fast….

  9. Buddymac007 says:

    Then shouldn’t General Miley and the rest of them face a Court Martial for violating their oath to protect American citizens….

  10. AshleyMarie says:

    Hey just saying, you guys should really ask an actual everyday run of the mill drug addict in recovery to come on and talk about the opioid epidemic. I’ve been sober for about 8 years now and I lived in MA during the worst of the “crisis” too which was more or less the epicenter of where it was coming into. There are thousands just like me with so many accounts of horror in my area alone, never mind the rest of the country. The experience of this drug crisis vs. any other in history as far as drug addicts and the production of drugs, is definitely unique and worth a good long discussion about. It’s far more then just a bunch of fucked up millennials who got hooked on pills and turned to heroin when the pills got too expensive and unattainable. Thats part of it, but like so many other things..there’s always more to the story then that. What Tim described, that euphoric feeling, is why my generation of recovering, actively still using, or dead addicts..started chasing the dragon in the first place. And you never EVER feel that good again no matter how far you go to get it. People always think you do heroin once and your hooked forever. And then like Ian, they say “ya no bro that’s the second time it’s really addictive” (I love you Ian but sometimes the things you come up with🙄) The human body is fascinating regarding addiction but far more so is the brain and how it works when you are addicted and then getting sober. Guys..Get an expert or someone with life experience in this in the show. Drug addiction is apart of everyone’s lives these days. Its hard to find someone who hasn’t been touched by its slimes tentacles. It’s far past time the preconceived notions and rumors about addiction are put to rest. The experience is different for everyone but there is a lot of information that’s general across the board for addiction and setting that straight would be a huge step forward in understanding and treating the problem as a community.

    ALSO..There is not fentanyl in epidurals. Find a new doctor if you are getting fentanyl in your epidural and it somehow just slipped the mind of the dr administering it, to tell their patient what they’re giving the mother. It’s not like an epidural is as easy as getting a vaccine. Just a quick jab in the arm and done..ABSOLUTELY NOT! Sometimes you will get opiate pain relievers while in labor/delivery but like in my case, I didn’t want any opiates or synthetic opiates, none of it. I did get an epidural though. And I know with 300% certainty, that I had no fentanyl or any other opiate, synthetic or otherwise, in my system after the birth was over and they took out the epidural. Nor did all the moms I know who have received an epidural. I’ve never heard of such a thing. I like Jack a lot. But sometimes, he gets a little carried away with these things he thinks he “knows.”

    • UppityG says:

      Kudos on your sobriety, and agree with your suggestions.

      Re fentanyl in epidurals, like you when I heard Posobiec say so, I was skeptical. So after reading your comment, I decided to check to be sure and, lo and behold, Posobiec turns out to be right (repair link to relink):

      hxxps:// a mericanpregnancy . org / healthy-pregnancy/labor-and-birth/what-is-an-epidural/

      But as you say, if the mother refuses a drug, it will not be used.

  11. nvstgte says:

    I’d also love to know the infertility rates of female military members…I bet it’s really high.

    • KellyAnn says:

      I served years ago & personally don’t know any females with infertility problems (admittedly, I haven’t maintained contact with all of the females I served with).
      Oddly enough, my husband was a Gunny & worked comms. Almost all of the guys he worked with that have children have only daughters. Very, very few had son’s (luckily we are included in the few). They all swear the radiation from their equipment is the cause.

    • AlbatrossWhoLived says:

      as Enlisted Navy, they never told us dick about the vacinations they put in us….heres hoping I don’t get ass cancer….fucking faggot ass Navy

    • TheLibertyBoi says:

      Is this a Molyneux alt account?

  12. nvstgte says:

    Sounds to me like our Military are nothing but human test subjects. Who the f*ck would just be “ok” with getting 17+ vaccines in the military, in addition to all the childhood ones? The fact that they are mandatory says it all. Sorry Military men and women, but at this point, I think our own government is trying to kill you. This is insanity! Is it PTSD or other mental/physical health issues from war, stress, etc., or destroyed brains and bodies from an influx of toxic vaccine ingredients? We are doomed as a Nation. This was a really depressing discussion…

  13. ColonelLingus says:

    mRNA, tRNA and DNA all work together, but with very different processes.

    I would be very wary of putting something into my body that can interface with the natural process of genetic expression.

  14. UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

    You and I are being genetically altered. How has it changed our offspring?

    Why, you ask?

    To survive space exploration and to obtain resources in space.

    USA companies allowed Chinese companies access of USA citizens DNA. This fact is documented.

    Governments are made up of people. People lie for monitary gain and if they are being blackmailed.

    People laughed at the Movie Startrek and the “communicator”. It was just a cell phone.

    The problem with most people is they don’t think outside of the box and are very easily led.

    Do your homework on genetic engineering. What animals and insects were studied in space. When attributes were found their genetics were broken down. There are insects that can survive and continue their life span after taking 3xs the amount of radiation dropped on Hiroshima.

    People are asleep, on dope, and watching too much TV.

    Our military and general public are laboratory mice. We/are children will suffer the ill affects of this COVID/gene altering test. When it is perfected, the ultra rich and their family will get the shot and their children will survive space without genetic and medically debilitating issues.

    We are pawns. The game is space exploration. Global warming, global cooling and freezing isa cycle. Most of humanity won’t survive it. Other planets in our solar system were habiitable according to science. If you believe the fringe stories or not that our ancestors came from space is your thing/belief/religion.

    The science is here and proceeding. Mans genetics are space explorations limits. How we are adapted to get the JABS, that will change us is genetically is part of the game.

    We can be scared into getting the JAB or be forced to get the JAB.

    Astrobiology. Nano tech and its applications, colonizing space and terraforming. Start here.

  15. Philhead0137@gmail.com says:

    Ordering troops to March off a bridge is NOT a lawful order…

  16. Mattpark says:

    Bicillin is the Peanut butter shot. It is essentially the same as penicillin. It hurts. It’s like you have a golf ball inserted into the muscle that you have to massage out. Some times it would push into a nerve and put a leg to sleep. The next day dudes would jump out of their rack and fall down.

  17. McCracken says:

    You guys are babies when it comes to drugs. Jesus my first time my friend handed me seven percs and said to take them all. It was awesome. The I did them for years but was a broke teen so it was tough to get addicted. Got addicted once with bad withdrawal for a few days and it was ugly, but eh, it was fine. I’ve since lost all my drug connects because I went the family route. Much better life, but drugs are fun. I manage any opiate craving with kratom. It gives a nice slight opiate buzz and is legal most states

    • TheAxyx says:

      Not everyone has a uniform tolerance for substances, especially people who generally have done few to no mind altering substances. This narrow minded view was made apparent to me when Tim casually dismissed Ian’s mention of the world benefiting if everyone did a Psilocybin mushroom journey. It’s alright. Tim and them can have their teetotalling view of mind altering substances, especially when their stance is to not impede those who do wish to imbibe. It is almost as though we seek out meaningless things to bitch about to feel good. 😀

  18. MikeM says:

    Philip Seymore Hoffman. Michael Jackson. Prince.
    All dead from fentanyl.
    But it’s all a conspiracy because only the weak die.

    Name the Sackler family, coward.

  19. JustADude says:

    Btw did China mandated jab to their own military?

  20. Chimerawizard says:

    With regard to how the DEMs will remove Biden, no.
    He will not be removed in disgrace, nor will he resign.
    They will off him in a false flag event and accuse Trump-ism for it. They will use the event to push repealing of the 2nd amendment, and accuse trump supporters as active terrorists.

    • TheFreezingTon says:

      Jeez, I hope you’re wrong.

      • UnderSpaceAlienControl says:

        he is not wrong.

        Look at how the government began demonizing militias in the 1980s.

        Just because you military officer seems cool and makes good descisions doesn’t mean he doesn’t have something to loose and will sell you out. It is just another politically appointed position.

        How many educated people do you know that are great at a subject but cant think outside of that?

        When you build a secret machine, you send the parts to be manufactured to multiple manufactures to people with a broad level of knowledge cant figure out what is being built.

        Or like China’s case…They finished the genetic testing (with the help of USA companies) and killed the lead scientist.

        Create the pandemic. Scare people into getting the shot. In 4-5 generations our offspring will be able to handle the rigors of space. Our genome and that of animals and insects has already been mapped. other animals and insects have genes that would be beneficial to us in space.

        Primates are the next smartest thing to the HUMAN. However, they lack the ability to function as a team. The wolf is intelligent and can pick-up your emotions. The wolf functions as a team and is very successful. Man has both primate genes and canid genes. If I offend any one-tough shit.

        I will leave you with a question.

        How would mans body need to be altered to adapt to space travel and colonization?
        (don’t give up after one or two computer query attempt. Look at the scientists backgrounds. Most people will get bored and not try to understand the science)

    • TammyD32 says:

      I have been thinking the same thing. They are coming for us all, not just the people on the list we saw, but the list we are all on that we haven’t seen.

  21. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    I will try to break down fusion, and our use of magnetic confinement to trap plasma in a toroid, using the specific model Tokamak. Which I should be able to do, being my field of focus is particle physics, with a twist of quantum relativity.
    To begin, our fusion reactors around the world are still science experiments, even ITER, none operate in any way that generates electricity, or even has the ability to produce such. These may be grouped into two classes: closed, toroidal configurations and open, linear configurations, of which are; namely Tokamak, Stellarator, and reversed field pinch (RFP) device. The most favorable is in which a donut shaped tube that confines plasma by creating a tube of magnetic potential. The problem here with this design is the use of high currents and amplify needed to induct these enormous magnetic fields. Thus requiring “super conductors”. To understand the future of Fusion as a power source, we must first understand Super Conductors. “The strength of the generated field is proportional to the magnitude of the current. Thus, the stronger the current, the larger the magnetic field. For confinement of plasma at temperatures high enough for fusion to occur, the field must be of the order of 10 T in strength (for comparison, a refrigerator magnet is of the order 10-2 T). One way to achieve a large current is to use superconductors.” (“Super Conductors and Fusion”) http://large.stanford.edu/courses/2019/ph241/cheung2/)
    To continue, once we understand the proportionality of fusion development to super conductor development. We move on to the ignition of the reaction, being output exceeds energy input to “fuel” source(remember we will still need fuel!”, which is where the advancement and recent discovery was. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) National Ignition Facility (NIF). Which used a giant array of almost 200 laser beams onto a tiny spot to create an energy blast eight times more powerful than any previous attempt. Fusion “ignition” refers to the moment when the energy from a controlled fusion reaction outstrips the rate at which x-ray radiation losses and electron conduction cool the implosion: as much or more energy “out” than “in.” Which is important for throttling up the reaction based on input of our fuel, Deuterium or Tritium, depending on the need of energy output by the given grid. WE will need all these small refined and developed parts, each of starting and sustaining the reaction and optimal output from given fuel. The entire matrix of mechanics as a whole must than be upscaled, and be mass producible, have a location where the parts and system can be shipped and built, once the production of energy through fusion becomes feasible and able to be built and maintained. The matrix of the fusion reactor, has many parts and pieces of the system, and people intending to assemble it and utilize it, that need to be developed and redefined to meet the criteria for sustaining and producing energy from a fusion reactor. In fact I like ThorCon to Develop 50MW Thorium Fueled Reactor in Indonesia Leading to 500MW Units Built in Shipyards. Ideas like that to develop and build the reactors in ship yards make them way more easy to ship and move to locations they can be unloaded and ready for operation once it is lowered into the containment chamber, that Nuclear reactors require; The containment building is a gas-tight building (shell) or other enclosure around a nuclear reactor and a primary circuit. Thus these ideas, and experiments can become useful engineering applications that can be incorporated into the free market to give incentive to improve the tech, and supply and demand for it.

  22. Corydavidr says:

    When Biden and Harris were elected my family and I were making bets on when Harris would take over. My sister said at 2 yrs and 1 day because then she can run for 2 terms.

  23. UppityG says:

    Take 2. For still unexplained reasons, the below comment I made before noon today is “being held in moderation” and still hasn’t been released. You tell me what about it deserved the snag. Anyone else getting moderated here, in the PAID Members section, let me know.

    It makes perfect sense for our troops to resist the mRNA vaccines, they have not been subjected to long term time trials yet. We won’t know what life long, lingering side effects will result from their use in the human population at large for a while yet. It makes perfect sense for everyone to resist it for now and for damn sure wait to give it to your kids — they’re still growing. I stopped listening to Frank Luntz a long time ago. It amazes me how much influence he still has among our political and media class.

    I wanted to hear more from Turner about Alaska. And it made me wonder why the fuck Murkowski isn’t doing anything about it. Apparently, she thinks electric ferries are part of the answer:

    hxxps://www . alaskapublic . org /2021/06/25/murkowski-infrastructure-deal-would-benefit-alaska/

    Nepotism. An idea whose time came and went and came back again and keeps coming back, with very uneven results, clearly.

    Term Limits. I’m telling you, it’s fucking time to make this happen. It won’t cure everything, but it would give us a chance to try it out and it would make the formation, or reformation, of an administrative state, much, much harder. Circuit court judges? 12 yrs max. CIA agents? 12 yrs max. Senator? 12 yrs max. Representative? 12 yrs max. Army Officer of any rank? 12 yrs max. White House groundskeeper? 12 yrs max. State Dept. admin asst? 12 yrs max. Mayor? 12 yrs max. District Atty? 12 yrs max. Justice of the Peace? 12 yrs max. Sgt at Arms? 12 yrs max. State governor? 12 yrs max. IRS agent? 12 yrs max. If you don’t agree, make me see the error of my ways so I can stop lobbying for it. From POTUS all the way down to the local school custodian, elected or not, three 4-year terms, for a personal grand total of govt employment of 12 years. SCOTUS would get a single 20 year term, the state supremes a single 22 year term. No more life time careers in govt.

    hxxps:// www . thepilot . com /opinion/column-term-limits-can-bring-about-lincoln-s-vision-of-government/article_30d4fbfe-01bb-11ec-a952-4f0e37b6b2e2.html REPLY

    • TheAxyx says:

      Murkowski is a joke and I sure as shit will be voting her ass right tf on out next elections. We brought in ranked choice voting so hopefully that helps up here. I have heard a lot of bad about other places doing ranked choice but the population scarcity seems to allow for it to make sense but maybe I am just wrong. We will see.

  24. leadd1 says:

    Really wish there was a live discussion board for the YouTube show for members only. The discussion board would be for us to talk ab the show live. Would be nice to air out ideas without the chat rolling 10000 mph… I may be asking too much haha

  25. TheAxyx says:

    So my comment is a bit more relevant to the main show itself. I am an Alaskan. Not a native, but I have lived here for over 20 of my 35 years of life. I don’t remember much before coming to Alaska. This place is magical. There is something unique to Alaska. It is a special place where people can be far more free than anywhere else I can see in the United States.

    I got duped for years by the eco-propaganda and voted against the Pebble Mine many times. I have also opposed the installation of a refinery in Alaska, making gas so much cheaper than it is now, all without knowing all the facts. It is SO important in ANYTHING, especially your local politics, to learn and know all of the facts.

    It only takes a few hours throughout a week or two to learn what the various propositions (or whatever your locale might call them) mean and what you are voting for. Learn where things are really going to be located and what plans are or will be put in place.

    I will be voting yes for Pebble Mine and anything else that lets Alaska open up and not only profit for itself and Alaskans but for all Americans. This place is so fucking massive..so huge. It’s got something like 5 different biomes in the one state.

    On top of all of the visual beauty, Alaska is fuckin free, people. No carry conceal permit required. Almost no gun restrictions, protected freedom of speech etc. Go look at the state’s constitution. I don’t agree with the not recognizing of gay marriage but we can’t have everything we want outright and change can be had.

    If you want to live free, come up to Alaska. It’s not as cold as you think it is. If you’re scared of the cold, compare somewhere like Anchorage to Southern Minnesota, Iowa, or really most of the east coast. Not much different. Just lasts a bit longer but the summers…words cannot convey to you how amazing Alaskan summers are.

    Be safe and healthy everyone.

    • UppityG says:

      I can corroborate what @Theaxyx says about Alaska in seasons other than winter. Took a cruise there years ago and toured the fjords and intensely verdant and lush rain forest. My eyes could not believe their eyes, it was so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go back.

      Precisely because it’s so big, we can and should responsibly exploit its riches for our benefit, for a flippin change, and force our American billionaires to invest in and promote America, the land that has been so very, very good to them. And kick Murkowski out of office, she’s been a net net negative to her state, because why haven’t I heard about this from her?

  26. StMyles2 says:

    Great show.

  27. chris_west12@hotmail.com says:

    Watching a group of people who have never used more than one percocet or oxy at a time talk about euphoria from opiates are WAY over exaggerating. Coming from a recovering opiate addict, you guys sound ridiculous. Please stop.

  28. Piqil says:

    I’m waiting to go to navy boot camp. Can anyone tell me what I need to say to claim religious exemption from the vaccine? Thanks.

  29. reinsteder says:

    Its true, always pick a job in the military that has a high paying civilian equivalent. Jobs that that only have a use in the military like munitions or working on fighter jets will be pigeon holed into staying in. I’m speaking from personal experience as a 4 year Air Force enlisted Geospatial Imagery Analyst, I make six figures now and I only have a HS diploma. Top jobs I always suggest to people is anything in intelligence or cyber security will pay well in the private sectors.

  30. jeff.duke70@gmail.com says:

    I was given percs after minor abdominal surgery. I did not care about anything and was completely goofy on the first pill I took, which was wonderful. On the second pill I hallucinated. That was the end me using those pills.

  31. Addiehuggs86 says:

    The peanut-butter shot is penicillin,and yes you are sore the next day. They tell you not to jump out of your rack if your on the top bunk.

  32. Ronin_Jack says:

    Trump did “Right to Try” for drugs to pass over FDA. Covid is not terminal. FDA takes years to go over long term effects. This is not traditional FDA approved. It was politically rammed through.

  33. UppityG says:

    My just previous comment is being MODERATED?! In the Members Only area? WTF is going on here?

  34. mscards2 says:

    Ive been doxxed about a dozen times this year and need some help finding peoples names and addresses so i can hurt them and their families. If anyone knows anyone who can help or you know any information that is helpful to me, please let me know. Youtube nor twitch will answer any of my questions so i have to seek help elsewhere.

  35. DannMann says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the UN came in at the last minute and became the heros saving the few that are remaining after the be-headings. The NWO would have a foot hold and start being the police force brought in to stop the riots. They will fight both the left and the right.

  36. aphix says:

    For those upset about scrolling through comments, if you have a full keyboard, ctrl+end will immediately jump to the bottom.


  37. Cab00se says:

    Im so glad im not in the USMC anymore.

  38. Ryanhinnard says:

    A big reason why we have so many overdose deaths is that in 2008 black tar disappeared and what they called china white that is just fentanyl showed up and took over, and all the heroin attics who had been addicted for years started dying in droves. All the time pain pills were everywhere it was very easy to get a prescription from a doctor and pill abuse was more socially acceptable. A lot of “kids” got hooked, then around 2012 they got really strict on pain pill prescriptions and the supply disappeared, and all the pill heads switched to the hard stuff because it was cheap and the only thing available, and we had a huge wave of deaths. To get off of it they give people Suboxone and it’s very strong just as addictive and has a very long withdrawal cycle, and you can OD. There is a way safer natural alternative called kratom it saved my life

  39. smilomaniac says:

    Would be nice if these were at least an hour. There’s some nice stuff here, but a lot of it feels wasted on small talk.

  40. Ozzy says:

    Look if you are a christian you can claim religious exemption because aborted fetal tissue was used in the development of these vaccines. You can say that you have to refuse any medicine built upon the backs of murdered children.

  41. Anony says:

    Tim, your mobile site is totally broken. I still see ads despite being a member logged in and now I’ve been logged out and no matter what I do it won’t log me back in.

    Please fix this

  42. Chuker2s says:

    Does anyone else HATE it when Tim cuts off his guests?? Like Tim, you were never in the armed forces so shut the fck up and let Poso talk 🤦‍♂️

    • neilinda says:

      Yes… I do like Tim and might watch a much shorter ‘Tim’s opinions’ show… but I mainly watch for the guests.
      You can see he is working at not monopolizing the conversation or cutting people off, and sometimes he is pretty good at letting others talk, but it is something that he will need to really work harder at if he wants regular nightly viewers m.

  43. itsbailymc@yahoo.com says:

    I dislike the word hesitant. I dont feel hesitant I just wanna be able to make choices about how i live without someone telling me its fine just take it everyone else is

  44. TheDarkworld says:

    I’ll speak plainly. I’d rather nukes get dropped than spread our legs for China and live on a fucking prison planet. I’ll take organic hardship over self inflicted authoritarianism ANY FUCKING DAY.

  45. Nemes101 says:

    I can’t watch any videos on this site

  46. CNN_sucks says:

    demonrats will intimidate or crush that has any amount of influence to the public ….timcast may be added in the future if IRL become a threat to their regime.

  47. Dn1984 says:

    I am getting so sick of hearing the word hesitant. I am not hesitant the vast vast majority of people are not hesitant. We are certain. 100% certain. Or not Tim you get the shot and I will.

    • Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

      Tim is free to get it , also are we free to choose , remember my body my choice…just in case one of your family karens comes along thinking they are GOD and know everything give em that…but i do understand what you mean but most people will just go with the flow…not always the best idea but that is their choice…

  48. Dn1984 says:

    Running through vaccine alley getting 17 jabs.. Tim got a little wet spot when he heard that.

  49. tealmarimba12 says:

    As someone who’s done their fair share of drugs, I’m really glad I had doctors who basically told me to fuck off asking for pain meds, because I could’ve gotten addicted to those soooo easily. Had my wisdom teeth removed and got percs for the pain. Such a an amazing drug, I loved the feeling. What they’re saying is sooo right. I’d take it every day if that was an option. I have a really high tolerance for what most people would say is “mind altering”. 5mg of Percocet is like living in a warm, comfortable cloud. You feel euphoria like you wouldn’t believe, your pain is still there, but you’re so high you just don’t care, the pain is dulled, you don’t notice it. Your body feels like it’s just floating and you’re wildly happy.

    As liberty minded as I am, I would have gladly accepted the “Brave New World” if I could just slip into that space at the end of the day. I’m really glad I had doctors that cut me off because had they not, I would have gone off the deep end, gotten addicted to that feeling, leading me to “chase the dragon”.

    I can totally understand this opioid crisis, because had I not had a strong will and doctors that told me no, that shit would’ve overtaken me.

    • Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

      You got lucky with your docs most of them will send you down that infinite rabbit hole looking for “that” exit that does not exist…

      • tealmarimba12 says:

        I’m very thankful almost every day for that. I had complications during my recovery. My teeth were deeply impacted and required two separate operations to get them out. The first was fine, but after the second I got some kind of infection in my mouth and there were open sores all around the extraction sites and all over the front and back of my throat. I was only eating popsicles or when I was taking percs because it was too painful to swallow anything. Luckily my dentist quickly referred me to an ENT who knew exactly what to do and gave me this mouthwash “cocktail” that cleared everything up in a few days, but you can bet your ass I asked them both about the pain and “what can you do for this?” The ENT told me point blank I don’t feel comfortable giving you any prescription for narcotics, so I just toughed it out on Tylenol and Advil and I’m so thankful for that, because had I gotten a few more days of pain pills, I know for sure I would’ve tried to justify it with “just a few more days, please” that would have completely spiraled out of control.

  50. Tunamitch says:

    Tim I love you mate but it’s only Sydney and melbourne that are fucked at the moment. Perth where I live is booming tourism and labour have never been busier, mostly because everyone is holidaying in the state instead of internationally.

    Also the vast majority of aussies are in favour of the authoritarianism, I’m more liberty minded. If I express my opinion with family or friends I’m met with insults and laughter. This will probably be ignored because it doesn’t suit your agenda but oh well

    • jwschwalb says:

      What you just described isn’t disproving him. You said so yourself, you are the exception not the rule.

    • Markrshaw666 says:

      It’s not the people that are the problem it’s the Government who frankly don’t know what their doing and have said so themselves they are scared and throwing everything at the problem there is no plan lol

    • MrSooop says:

      Well it was news to me. Thanks Mate!

    • Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

      In mexico we are “gun” free also friend and we have a full on war that bearly ever shows up in the news…real sick shit happening everyday , i dont know weather you were being sarcastic or not idc but damn i hope you are ready with some cross bows and a plan to kill yourself if things get too bad because if your enemy gets you ohhh man

  51. ryan.hartley says:

    Per the conversation earlier. I would move back to AK in a second if the mine opened. Its damn near impossible to live a sustainable life in AK with wages as they stand currently. Not to mention the insane market right now.

  52. Goodwin1776 says:

    In my college intro to geology class, I learned that we are SURROUNDED by oil products our entire life… Synthetic fabric, plastics, etc.

    • kellybw says:

      I’m surprised it isn’t taught earlier than post-secondary. I am dumbfounded that we don’t learn about logistics, municipal involvement, investing, ANYTHING more than what is normally found in public schools (in Canada, anyway). If I had learned these things earlier on I imagine I’d been dramatically better-off.

  53. Mel Lester says:

    Will someone please let Ian know fusion energy is nowhere close to being ready. They have still yet to make fusion net-zero let alone a net positive AND SUSTAINABLE energy source. (in this case they were only able to get 70% return on energy.)
    I swear dude just watches hype YouTube videos about future technologies that can potentially change the world but doesn’t actually read up on these “experiments”
    Shit I could say time travel, teleportation or an antigravity machine will change the world but just because some guy jumped on a 10 billion dollar trampoline with sonar impulses and direct beam lasers was able to float for a split second doesn’t mean an anti-gravity machine is technology that is going to happen in the next year or two… and its the same with fusion energy.


  54. jncnstruction@aol.com says:

    Hello fellow patriots. I believe the system is making us feel separated through one of their many spells. Do not feel disencouraged. I was an introvert but now I feel forced to speak up and reach out. We may not have Tim’s reach but we are still influential in our daily life’s. Many people I have spoken to are doing the first shot out of compliance. Second because they need to follow through. No one’s down for the third or for mandates. Theyre down for masks. Also I’m in Los Angeles. If we each reach 5 people a day then in a week that’s 35. Then they influence others too. TOGETHER WE STAND!!!

  55. thewaytaoyin says:

    Tim please bring on people who know more about the military

    • thewaytaoyin says:

      Tim bring someone on who can explain how Titles work and the structure of the IC. After you understand the basics you can decipher these things you hear…

  56. Sc0rp10N says:

    According to my daughter, it’s called criss-cross applesause.

  57. Onlyfansfam says:

    Well learned a few things after watching this. Didn’t know we made plastic with oil. Upon researching after this discovered glass is more detrimental to the environment (i thought we legit just melted sand to create glass); didn’t know about all the resources in Alaska. Which i agree with all the points made, but could we really trust anyone to run the mine(s)? No. They would make to much money and have to much power. They would destroy the whole ecosystem. If there was a way to do it and guarantee we wouldn’t ever harm the environment beyond repair that would be great though. I couldn’t see that happening though.

  58. JaeSea says:

    Sometimes these members only segments are weak, just like tonight. I don’t tune in for laughs and shit we could have heard on youtube. I want to hear the stuff we can’t hear on youtube, and I’m not just talking about hearing Tim say Fuck. C’mon man!

  59. jackie says:

    Just finished watching Bannon after show.. Great guest… Be sure to do a special mike Lindell show if he comes with the evidence!

    Prayers for Posobiec

  60. existenz1982 says:

    I had a kidney stone once. Went to the ER. They gave me whatever medicines for pain and Nausea. Ended up with some flowmax, something for nausea and Percoset I think. Went home. Took one of each and the stone passed. Never touched the medicines aghain because, well the pain was gone. I don’t remember the medicine really doing anything ebcause the pain was mostly gone when I got home. But I had enough for like 10 days. Took 1 pill, and threw rest away because I didnt need it. Who knows if it would have been different had I taken all of what I weas prescribed. Also, kidney stones…. SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  61. Danielnorris11493@gmail.com says:

    Testing this to see how my user name appears before I say way too much.

  62. Menscorpusnexu says:

    10-25-2009 I stepped on the yellow footprints for the first time…the shot line happened 10-28-2009…parris Island seems like a lifetime ago now…and I always got the live culture because I hate needles, and I did always get sick from it

  63. DMC82 says:

    It was me who asked in the super chats what would happen to wokeness if the US Federal government collapsed tomorrow. Great discussion! Tim’s take on it was similar to mine. However, given that the US Federal government is by far the most powerful host for wokeness, I think wokeness would die, or at the very least be significantly set back in the rest of the Western world if that host no longer existed. Yes, wokeness is certainly not exclusive to the US, but wokeness in other countries feeds off of the US system. Especially in the English speaking world.

    • JaeSea says:

      I believe it would die because it’s a weapon that’s being used to destroy us. If we’re gone, they would no longer need it.

    • Tom Collins says:

      France and Germany seem to be really into it. I think it would live on in Europe.

    • NoOne123 says:

      So on the topic of woke ideology, it is actually inevitable for, “wokeness” to collapse. It is NOT sustainable by any means and I suspect that’s probably by design. Its more of a means to an end rather than anything permanent. You can try to alter reality by playing funny word games and you’d be surprised at how far you can get with just that but the universe and true reality is the pure embodiment of indifference. It doesn’t care if you’re a man, a woman, or trans. It doesn’t care how many black, brown, and white people you have in your society. The universe does not care if you think 2+2 = 5. If you try to build a bridge with the understanding that 2+2 =5 the bridge will simply collapse and you will have no choice but to confront true reality but even in that instance the universe DOESN’T CARE if you confront it or not. You can choose to ignore reality at your own peril and the universe will be neither satisfied nor dissatisfied but you will be disempowered and forced to watch your society crumble to dust around you as you continue to ignore the basic fundamentals of the universe.

      The main problem we face is not whether its here to stay permanently(because its not) but how do we prevent it from doing a Mao’s Great Famine 2.0 and killing possibly millions with its narcissistic insanity before its too late?

  64. Aediver says:

    When I went through basic they test your blood. If you have issues that you didn’t know about prior like low varicella count they will tell you and explain to you what each shot is if asked.
    However the people giving the shots are not the best. Usually trainees.
    The peanut butter shot is codename for penicillin. Btw

  65. Acyour says:

    We very well maybe out of time.
    It only has been 8 months.
    Can we wait another 16 months for the mid terms?
    will there be a midterms?
    will the midterms be fair?
    THEN we have 2 more years of Biden/Harris.
    Do we have the time?

  66. 12BcomEN says:

    Remember folks. Honor strength and courage, United we stand unstoppable we are..sometimes it just takes that first voice to speak up in the crowd…..A Nation is not it’s leader a nation is it’s people…..

  67. PseudoSwede says:

    Watch Poso catch criticism from the Left for doing journalism work and writing articles with himself as the subject and/or story.

    They would, the little Alinsky projectionists…

  68. NoOne123 says:

    Terrifying times we’re living in. I was surprised at some of the names on that list. It was good listening to Poso during the podcast. I hope he’s able to keep his cool and not do/say anything irrational that might give anything about him or his sources away. The nice thing as learning that there are more people that care about this country on the inside than i thought. It was also nice to realize that if we were allowed to excavate parts of Alaska and actually acquire and use the resources we have here that we would be unstoppable. Big white pill there for the future.

  69. Turk_Longwell says:

    Support Those on that List!
    Stronger Together!
    Jack, you can hide out in my basement. lol

  70. DonnieDanko says: