Steve Bannon Member Podcast: Ivermectin, Bannon Says CCP Virus Is A Bioweapon, Tim Argues Voter Fraud And Whether Trump Won

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Steve Bannon Member Podcast: Ivermectin, Bannon Says CCP Virus Is A Bioweapon, Tim Argues Voter Fraud And Whether Trump Won

481 responses to “Steve Bannon Member Podcast: Ivermectin, Bannon Says CCP Virus Is A Bioweapon, Tim Argues Voter Fraud And Whether Trump Won”

  1. Phantomcode says:

    If we just all get good at tech we can counter them. They have the hackers and IT guys

  2. GhostTroll says:

    You can tell Steve likes Tim.

  3. Javier_Pwns says:

    This alone was worth the membership cost. Please bring Bannon on again and get Lindell for a member’s only podcast!

  4. garyha says:

    Test …

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    Linux newlines.

  5. darknight118 says:

    yes yes yes … get mike lindell

  6. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Get Mike Lindell (which I may have spelled wrong), and also have a MyPillow vs OurPillow showdown.

  7. Kewellli says:

    Could it be that Biden was the easiest to push around.

  8. Kewellli says:

    Why can’t I post anything

  9. Kewellli says:

    I am a pharmacist. Ivermectin is what is in the dog medicine for heart worm. Ivermectin tablets have been used in humans for various worms that humans get – especially children that are around dirt/cats/dogs. Before cover, I saw prescriptions for ivermectin. The danger I would see in the ivermectin horse paste — also sold as liquid to inject — would be the size comparison. There are many more pounds for a horse versus a human. So dosage is the issue.

    I have had cover – hospitalize for 7 days. There is no way I will get the vaccine, even if it should mean losing my job. All this censorship by those without medical degrees is so stupid and dangerous. There should be discussion.

  10. darkktur says:

    Ivermectin has been used for ages . There are specific doses for strongyloidiasis, onchocerciasis, scabies, and head lice. People have been taking it for ages. Also I have seen studies from as far back as 2005 showing that hydroxychloroquine is active against sars-covid. ,and that the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was safe when used in pregnant women From medical journals.

  11. shawliness says:

    Have a watch of this Tim. Worth looking into and considering:

  12. Outermostaura says:

    Ians positions could be loaded on a sound board. graphine, the fed, and psycadelics.

  13. Vashts1985 says:

    the problem with taking horse dewormer is if you do and something happens, like an adverse reaction you are liable, not the mfg or any doctor. if you are intent on trying Ivermectin as a therapeutic or prophylaxis, find a doctor to prescribe it to you. they exist.

    • bonesandsinew says:

      Horses are a huge investment, even more so when talking race horses.
      The quality grade of ivermectin is the same as as the human pills and the inactive ingredients are the same in most processed food and simply there to provide an easy delivery system. Human/horse dosage rating is the same based on weight. Couldn’t be any easier.

      Also have to say I’m SOOO disappointed in Tim about his ignorant stance on this, he needs to educate himself. Doctor’s refuse to prescribe it and the pharmacies are refusing to fill them. Also given the fact that there is a massive push in the US to discredit ivermectin as dangerous while Japan just endorsed it should open your eyes. Just look into

  14. Buddymac007 says:

    They’ve said Wuhan lab maybe, give me a break. You’re right bannon!!!!

  15. LovieDovie says:

    Tim and the gang with Steve Bannon turned 3 hours into what seemed like twenty minutes.
    I enjoyed every second!
    Loved the different views, the passion on all sides and Ian is the cherry on top.
    God bless you, guys.
    And God bless America.

  16. dannyfromboston says:

    More Steve Bannon! He’s got the receipts and insiders knowledge.

  17. ColonelLingus says:

    Ian, Trump was “too agro..”?
    Welcome to the real world and adult life. I worked on Wall Street and almost everyone who had Trump money was always acting like that, just not in front of the camera or into a mic.

    I voted for Trump not because I liked him, but because I wanted a real Leader, not some slimy Politico shit bag lifer politician.

  18. says:

    There are no compounding differences between human grade/animal grade Ivermectin. Government agencies do not want you to get better. There’s no money from healthy people

    • ColonelLingus says:

      Ivermectin has been a generic for decades, which means any company can make it, it can’t be patented and would sell for approx $5 per dose.

      The new vaccines are proprietary compounds which belong solely to its creator and of course all the profits thereof.

      Medicare currently allows for about $40 per dose with a declining fee schedule for subsequent doses.

      So I can give you three doses of Ivermectin, which any other company can make in competition with me for $15 or I can give you three doses of vaccine for $100. And no one can compete with me, the vaccine property rights and $$$ is all mine.

      300 million people with 3 doses of Ivermectin equals 4.5 BILLION DOLLARS.

      Sound like a lot, eh?

      Now, 300 million people with 3 doses of of a proprietary vaccine equals 30 BILLION DOLLARS. So what do you think is the best business model for vaccines? That which yields the greatest profit with no competition from other manufacturers.

      It’s alway about the money every single time.

  19. Kexessa says:

    The government own studies say “ivermectin exhibits numerous antiviral and anti-inflammatory mechanisms with trial results reporting significant outcome benefits” plus “Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin” How is anyone arguing against that?

  20. JonnyWaller says:

    Just watching closely from the London, UK. What happens in the United States echos here in the UK. Its a mad world right now.

  21. Grandpwd says:

    I just finished watching this. Wow! It’s almost 2am and I could not go to sleep, I had to finish this up. I joined to become a member the last time you had Bannon on. Tim, I love Bannons suggestions of people you should have on, especially Mike Lindell for us!!

  22. Michelle Coronado says:

    I cannot WAIT for the evidence to drop, for the media scramble and the activist meltdowns.

  23. beckertroy says:

    you know what?

    i know a guy, who was vaccinated, who came down with covid HARD. hospitalized for days, on a ventilator for 3 days, was discharged and still doing horrible.

    he’s a large animal vet. he got the horse paste. he took a gram. he got better within 24 hours. second day, 90% better.

    he knew a female nurse who was also vaxed, and sick as a dog. gave her some. same story.

    so… that’s his story. all i’m saying.

  24. Agstar says:

    IVOmec is Dermally absorbed, I got a good dose deworming cattle years ago with a pour on. It does take care of worms… and does not hit you are hard as the prescribed human dewormers…

  25. VegasHotFlash says:

    54 long time Republican voter, I am out. I am leaving the country and no longer will I participate in these elations I have no faith in.

  26. TreeTrimmerBear says:

    I buy the horse dewormer for my dogs, cost 15$ for a tube and it last two years.. has exact same ingredients as the stuff from pet smart, just have to adjust the dose for the weight of your animal, I would give my dogs a finger tip length once a month and it worked great… if it is true that ivermectin in the horse paste is in fact just plain ivermectin if you were able to properly adjust the dosage does it really matter what packaging the drug comes in?? If anything it would be a smart why to buy in bulk for cheap..

  27. Ay_Blinkin says:

    Signed up last night as a member. What a great first members only episode to watch. Cheers!

  28. glrusa says:

    Haven’t had a chance to watch the section with Ian and graphene; however, I did catch a random YT video entitled, “AI robots take off, with Boston Dynamics. Beyond Atlas’ Parkour” and at the 1:46 mark they talk about nano-sized robots being injected into our bloodstream.

    How are they created?
    Using a 7-nanometer thick sheet of platinum, coated with graphene.

    Welcome, graphene overloads!

  29. FxTwT says:

    Tim, maybe you are the variable that pushed the people in your life into voting for Biden out of vitriolic rage.

    Could it be that your massive media personality has skewed and polarized your close relationships to the point where what you observe is a small, skewed sample size versus the United States as a whole?

    • UppityG says:

      Or maybe not. That’s such a subjective call with no method for measurement except maybe directly asking and who would do that? We’re all gonna speculate until we croak and we’ll never know for sure.

    • Jimmy_Ray says:

      I doubt it. I experienced something similar with my family, including my conservative parents. They just hated Trump so much and knew nothing about Biden, so he’s the one who got their vote.

      I also saw signs of TDS in group chats at work (with ZERO hint that anyone supported Trump), but thankfully my coworkers are semi-professional and the rhetoric was limited.

  30. Orion1632 says:

    Awesome episode. thanks.

  31. Chach24 says:

    Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?!

  32. Den_Henson says:

    Ivermectin is not a “horse dewormer”, it’s a drug for humans that we use for animals. It has a noble prize in 2015 for its use in HUMANS.

    • forestdweller says:

      This drives me a bit nuts. Tim had Chris Martenson on here saying he put the paste on a PB&J before, because its so safe, yet he keeps this point going. Is it wilful ignorance, or is he just slipping that bad?

  33. Orion1632 says:

    Do they ever think that the reason people use horse paste is because the pharmacies won’t sell them the human tablets?

    If the Pharmacy would sell people the human tablets, or the ivermectin + zinc tablets from india then people won’t go for the horse paste.

    Why is the government stopping people from getting the medicines that they want.

  34. nahaloth says:

    Long time listener on the YT side, finally became a member today. Keep kicking ass and spreading the truth and getting these YT persona-non-grata types in here, they need to be heard. It’d be great to hear what Mike Lindell has to say in an environment free of censors and commie assholes. Looking forward to future content! Oh yeah, the guy before me is right, the comment box needs to be at the top. Damn near wore out my mousewheel finger before I finally grabbed the slider.

  35. BleeckerBell says:

    I signed up today, and so worth it, youtube is completely missing a trick, we need conversations like this to become mainstream and not censored.

    • BleeckerBell says:

      Actually, i take that back, you can’t forward or rewind, i have NO idea how long into this conversation I was before writing a comment made me navigate away from the page after listening for what felt over an hour only to come back and have to start the conversation over again! Annoying!

  36. Stephan says:

    I think Tim missed the point of the Penn controversy.

    The Republics created mail in bailout with a clause that mandatory that ballots were due on election day. The explicitly stated that there would be no exceptions for late counts. If there is concerns of late counts then then can absolutely increase the time ahead of election for counting votes but NOT push it back. Pushing the vote back voids the entire bill. This was in 2019.

    The Penn Supreme Court overrode this without approval from the legislative 1 month prior to the election. They have 0 rights by the constitution to do this. Joe smo working at 7 eleven has no more or less authority to do this.

    4 people. That’s all it took. 4. 4 People to illegally override the constitution of the united states and change election law in favor of whomever they wanted in this case Biden.

    Think of how insane that kind of power for a moment is. Sure maybe the extra ballots counted were real votes and maybe they would have voted on time if informed on time. Maybe the outcome would have been the same BUT that doesn’t change the fact that we as a nation just let 4 people to illegally and arbitrarily dictate election law that changed the outcome of the entire election. What is to stop them for illegally deciding how to gerrymander, or making their own voters laws like you must own a cow and be white. There is no limit to that power anymore because the limit that was in place was just ignored.

  37. Vloskillian says:

    My brother in law’s brother took the horse paste after 12 hours he was symptom free other then cough and within 48 hours Covid-19 free

  38. YetAnotherUserID says:

    Ok, I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled some more to get to the comment box… I want to say two things. One is, I like Ian on the show. The other is, Can we move the FUCKING COMMENT BOX TO THE TOP.

  39. dpheitz says:

    Looking forward to the results of the audits. I like that notion that we are a country without a President. If it’s proven that Biden is not president, God help us.

  40. Dmax8709 says:

    I love the fishes cause thethey’so delicious….

  41. says:

    Timcrew IRL – I have 4 requests:

    1. Please make it so that we ca insert comments at the top.


  42. Grantglue says:

    Hey Tim if your seeing this….
    Been a very long time listener. Towards the start of the podcast. Finally broke down and became a member. Hahaha. Love your work and the whole crew involved with TIMCAST IRL.
    You guys should Come to St.louis (I know you had some trouble with this city in the past) to do a live show!

  43. Havok22 says:

    Check the Patents for those viruses. The MIH owns some but the fake news will say “well, not our novel virus”…

  44. Zeoran says:

    Everyone keeps forgetting the achievements of Trump including THREE historic Middle-East peace deals.

    But also, Ian…. PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!

    I cringe every time he opens his mouth.

    • UppityG says:

      I haven’t forgotten, and in fact Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for it by someone in Switzerland? The Netherlands? I have to look it up. But since nearly all the corrupt corporate media leans left and is getting all woke, they ignore the nomination entirely.

      Agree with the rest of your comment too.

  45. Zeoran says:

    Why is everyone forgetting about the MULTIPLE locations where they flat out PREVENTED proper ballot counting review from the Republican reviewers. Even when a court ORDERED them to allow Republican counters to view the counting, they REFUSED TO ALLOW IT. And this happened in DOZENS of locations. Not to mention the thousands of ballots that Georgia counted (or recounted) after they told everyone to go home for the night.
    There are DOZENS of instances like this that account to one simple fact:

  46. Almighty_Cthulhu says:

    Subscribed today. Heard Tim say “What the fuck,” without censoring himself. Totally worth it.

  47. Zeoran says:

    Tim needs to find a replacement for Ian.

    He lowers the IQ of every conversation he speaks up in. I groan every time they cut away to him speaking. He can’t keep up with the conversations and asks non-intelligent questions.

    They need to find another person like Luke, who has slightly different opinions to Tim but is an equal intellectually.

    • Grantglue says:

      Dang man… from my point of view, I like Ian and what he asks, you know he always has a contradicting perspective to what we all believe, he’s just checking to make sure where seeing all aspects and all points of views being brought to the argument.

      • UppityG says:

        If Crossland offered valuable insights from his oh so unique POV, the entire comment section would so reflect. Too often he is trying to catch up to the rest of us. He’s 40 going on 20.

  48. struttenburg says:

    This is the show that finally got me to subscribe to Timcast IRL

  49. Aussie69 says:

    Don’t use the horse paste. Ivermectin injectable for cows is better . No extra crap in it, selenium etc. Don’t inject it , use it orally . I’ve been using it on goats and dogs for years . Don’t give it to a collie dogs . They are allergic to it . The one I use is 10mg/ ml of Ivermectin . See you doctor for dose rates . I use Dr Brett Weinstein for rates . Don’t use my advice, I’m an idiot .

  50. preyingmathis says:

    Tim “ ask your doctor “ as if they can be trusted anymore. The ones that can be trusted are being fired and having their licenses taken away. The doctors that remain tow the line. Trust no one.

  51. Lonesumcowboy says:

    Did they even talk about graphene oxide being in the vaccines or did I totally miss that?

  52. Disobey11 says:

    Watch Seth Keschel’s presentation about the massive election anomalies.

  53. Disobey11 says:

    Watch Seth Keschel’s presentation

  54. jgarza262 says:

    I voted for Trump in 2016. I didn’t feel like he delivered. I too was shocked when he won and later disappointed when he didn’t take over the Republican party like he said he would. He didn’t secure our elections. He didn’t secure the boarder. He didn’t pull us out of the middle east. Steve Bannon said that 25% of Republicans didn’t vote in 2020. If you don’t deliver, you won’t get the vote.

    Tim, you said that people like me are stupid for doing this. I disagree. The established Republicans need to take a seat at give their true constituents what they say they’re gonna give em.

    I laughed when Trump lost in 2020! My county voted Red, 28/39 counties in my state voted Red, the state is a winner take all state. All 13 of our electrets in WA state went to Biden. The people on the coast dictate the entire state.

    I saw people dropping off ballots well after the deadline of 8pm on election day. I saw people not waiting in line, pull right up to the box, drop off their ballot, and drive away at 8:45 all within a couple of moments. These were problems in 2016 and are what killed the republicans in 2020. I WILL NOT vote again if these issues aren’t resolved.

  55. Joshua1991 says:

    The only reason I’m not convinced Biden won is because 1) Trump in 2016 had a way higher chance of losing because he was all talk and hasn’t delivered yet. IMO hate against Trump was a lot higher in 2016 than 2020. And 2) Since he did keep a lot of promises he made and was no longer all talk, he converted millions of people that way. I’m convinced there was less hate for Trump this time around. There’s no way he had more people voting against him in 2020

    • Dhsguard1 says:

      10 million more votes in 2020 than Trump had in 2016.

    • Mattical1980 says:

      Honestly, I’m on the fence. I guess the reason I think Biden did win… I watched a lot of people in white collar jobs, that have never cared about politics come out and vote essentially because the rhetoric coming out of the MSM worked. People weren’t voting for Biden, they were voting against Trump. That would explain all the videos of the empty Biden rallies. Also, because of COVID, states across the country made it easier then ever for those people (typical non-voters) to vote against him with mail-in ballots. But, what really changed my mind was the Time article from Feb(?) talking about the Democratic party’s “cabal to secure the election”. At that point they no longer had to hide that they duped the American people. In a way, I hope I’m wrong and you are right. It would be easier to take the news that elites rigged the election, vs. elites not having too because their indoctrination worked. Either way, Biden is doing our job for us that this point. More people are waking up day-by-day. And regardless, I agree with Bannon, we need a 50 state forensic audit of the 2020 election.

  56. Shapeofevil says:

    I get Tim’s skepticism on seeing the receipts. But also when you steal an election or cheat you do it 5 different ways. On the assumption that 2 or 3 or 4 of them will be caught and stopped. It’s a statistically impossible land slide because as Biden said they had the best election fraud organization set up and had all 5 of them work.

    The Democrats are evil. The Republicans are worthless. Most of the normal middle people are asleep. And I’ve never seen a fucking Q-anon website but yet I called this all exactly ages ago.

    • Bhenderson says:

      It’s pretty amusing how iv learned most of the stuff about Q on leftwing shows relentlessly talking about it. Everyone I’m around thinks trump probably won, but noone knows anything about Q.

      • Dhsguard1 says:

        The followers of Q start taking what were in the posts and exaggerating what was posted and making up shit muddying the waters. Demanding that on certain dates things will happen. It’s the followers that are wrong. If you go by the posts and posts only and keep an eye on when the poster changes trip codes which the poster does four or five times. That intelligence is legitimate. Remember Q was dropping posts for almost two years before the media even knew what was going on to come in and discredit it. For a long time we got a third perspective between what Trump was doing and what the media said he did and every time peeps like Pelosi would respond exactly like what the poster said and nothing like the media. It exposed the media for “telling us what to think” as apposed to informing us of facts. I also find it funny that everyone with received negative opinions regarding q posts not one I’ve found has actually taken the time to read the original posts on 4, 8 chan/kun. None. Arrogance again. Seeing it now with the vaxxers on a virus that kills less than 100 of 1 % of mass pop. Sad

        • Bhenderson says:

          Calm down, i wasnt making fun of anyone thats fluent in the q verse. I was just pointing out that I’v never been around anyone that knows much about it even though like 80% of my county are trump supporters. Doesnt seem as widespread as the media claims imo. Sorry if I offended you.

  57. redrumax says:

    We are in the age of: don’t check with the doctor because doctors are morons and bought. Do your research, YOU are you doctor.

    • Joellajune says:

      I think the important part is not that doctors are morons (I personally don’t refer to myself as a moron), but that patients have authority to make their own health decisions. That is part of the critical theory of patient autonomy.

  58. Durve says:

    Tim goes full Ian about the rigged election.

  59. AdeptDS says:

    Not sure why Tim Pool who hates fake news keeps repeating that the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved. FDA did not approve the vaccine marketed by Pfizer. They approved a vaccine that is currently not manufactured and not available anywhere. Yes, I know it’s technically the same vaccine, but different rules apply to them as far as liability. What FDA did is extend the EUA for the Pfizer vaccine and approve the BioNTech vaccine. Here is a simple way to understand this – if you go to any place that administers vaccines right now and ask for a FDA approved COVID19 vaccine, you CANNOT GET IT. The game is about liability. Pfizer is going to continue to give out the vaccine under the EUA, so they have zero liability. Again, THE FDA APPROVED COVID19 VACCINE IS NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! Stop repeating that the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved – it’s misleading at best if not a straight out lie. Also ask yourself why the FDA and Pfizer are playing this game.

  60. dingletec says:

    I used the “horse paste” a few weeks ago. 3 days of symptoms before, symptoms were gone the next day. Previous Covid infection took over 2 weeks for symptoms to start going away. Dosages for horses and humans are the same, weight is clearly marked on the plunger. I will probably use 25-50% recommended dosage next time, somewhere around 20-50 mcg/lb rather than 91 mcg/lb.

    What is “stupid” is the idea that someone would spend a fortune raising and caring for such an expensive animal and not care about the safety of the medications they give it. Like nobody cares what is in it because it is just for an animal?

    • redrumax says:

      have you considered you had the flu and not covid? covid is a hoax

      • CJS3 says:

        Don’t really think it’s a hoax, but I’m not overly concerned about it. My son and his wife got it, and after four days they were fully recovered, and only took Nyquil and Dayquil. My brother and his wife got it. He lost his taste for that nasty coffee he drinks and she never had symptoms. My mother had it, but wasn’t diagnosed until the autopsy. She died of a stroke. I know a lot of people with it and so far none of them have been sicker than when they had the flu. The media has whipped up all the fear, at the governments direction, and that is more concerning to me than the disease. Reagan was right, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, are the scariest words in the English language.

    • bonesandsinew says:

      Exactly this. Horses are a huge investment, even more so when talking race horses.
      The quality grade of ivermectin is the same as as the human pills and the inactive ingredients are the same in most processed food and simply there to provide an easy delivery system. Human/horse dosage rating is the same based on weight. Couldn’t be any easier.

      Also have to say I’m SOOO disappointed in Tim about his ignorant stance on this, he needs to educate himself. Doctor’s refuse to prescribe it and the pharmacies are refusing to fill them. Also given the fact that there is a massive push in the US to discredit ivermectin as dangerous while Japan just endorsed it should open your eyes. Just look into

    • bonesandsinew says:

      Exactly this. Horses are a huge investment, even more so when talking race horses.
      The quality grade of ivermectin is the same as as the human pills and the inactive ingredients are the same in most processed food and simply there to provide an easy delivery system. Human/horse dosage rating is the same based on weight. Couldn’t be any easier.

      Also have to say I’m SOOO disappointed in Tim about his ignorant stance on this, he needs to educate himself. Doctor’s refuse to prescribe it and the pharmacies are refusing to fill them. Also given the fact that there is a massive push in the US to discredit ivermectin as dangerous while Japan just endorsed it should open your eyes. Just look into

  61. phatigued says:

    Good point about the governors who were supposed to be the future of the democratic party lol. Perhaps the pendulum is swinging back..

  62. BillyLong42 says:

    COVID absolutely cane from that lab if you read the investigation report they released. I think Sagaar said something about it and if u read it talking about olympians who were there late in 2019 saying it looked like the place was locked down, getting temps taken, increased parking lot actively at the Wuhan Hospital during a 2 month period, the animal and virus database magically being deleted late 2019. Shit came from there. They covered it up so bad.

  63. Rbs094 says:

    The media was able to brainwash millions of non voters to support Biden. I have two brothers in their late 50’s who have never voted in their lives. During the pandemic, all they watched was CNN and they couldn’t wait to vote for Biden, as they both saw Trump as the devil.

  64. KHillBill says:

    Bill Mahar and peer pressure, well said man.

  65. jaydav04 says:

    It’s always a great show when Steve is on.

  66. Shifty_Sweden says:

    Interesting! But I could do without the swearing actually…

  67. Uberbeaster says:

    It seems like the guest’s microphone is peaking really badly.

  68. sebastian.g.saldivar says:

    I’m always excited when Steven comes on the podcasts. Great Job guys! Keep up the good work!

  69. jetcat says:

    It’s great that you can get Bannon on. Listening to both of you debate, I feel there’s still hope. The populist movement could be the last chance for this country and Bannon seems to be a good mouthpiece for it.

    Keep up the good work Tim!

  70. Neojaw says:

    Decided to become a member at last! First minute in and I already see I made a good decision

  71. Frost27 says:

    The “horse paste” is the exact medication that humans are prescribed. The dosage is identical. .2mg per pound of weight. The tubes have a dose meter so you pull the plunger until it says your weight and then dispense.

    It works in two days, I know first hand. Calling it “horse paste” is propaganda because they don’t want people to know that it’s curable in a couple of days so why don’t they?

    • Iqmedic says:

      Yep I treated myself for covid with it….all you have to do is a little math. If you can’t do that you’re a lost cause

    • deddlemon says:

      100% correct. It works the same and many Drs are too scared to prescribe the pills due to possibly losing their medical license. It’s crazy how the Government does not want the least costly treatment for people.

  72. HerpADerp says:

    Long time viewer first time member. Love the swearing. Keep it murican

  73. HadesXY says:

    Dont know if this is white pill or copium. we will see

  74. 1598_1776_2020 says:

    Steve Bannon: “Remember,…”

  75. Etta1966 says:

    Love your show but totally disagree with you on Biden won. You said its because you know people that never voted in their life voted against Trump. What your not taking into consideration is the opposite for Trump and all the Democrats that switched for Trump. I’m 55 and hadn’t voted since Clinton. I know MANY the same. We all came out for Trump plus we took our voting age kids to vote for the first time. You also asked then why did Biden get 81m… not 76? They explain all this during the Liddell thing. The math worked out almost perfect. Also, Michigan where I am from, took 660k off the voter list a year earlier but for some reason put them back on 6 months before the election. Why would they do that? It was to make up the difference in the number of phantom votes needed for Biden to win.

    • fuyu says:

      I’m also a first time voter. I wasn’t political until seeing Trump and supporters being attacked and doing research seeing MSM lie constantly. I didn’t vote in 2016 but I did for the first time in 2020 and I know so many like myself that never voted their entire life until 2020.

  76. UppityG says:

    Pool & Crew, great show and really great bonuscast. Bannon is as solid as they come, in the top 3 guests, easy.

    After reading the comments from last night, someone else suggested Garland Favorito, a non-partisan election guy of some repute and I agree, as a bonuscast guest only. Because we all know Big Sister don’t like any 1A talk of election theft.

    If I don’t see the podcast up on yt, I know it’ll be on Rumble.

    Pool, if you really think Biden won fair and square, I’mma have to doubt your powers of observation, which are normally much more astute.

  77. mscards2 says:

    People are dying. They have no answers. It’s the most transmissible disease in the history of the world, yet, they blame us for everything surrounding outbreaks. Outbreaks which the numbers are inflated, important information is censored, and excuses are early and often. Sounds like a child getting caught cheating.

    • mscards2 says:

      And as I wrote this, NY releases the “real” number of covid deaths in nursing homes from last spring. Do you think he sleeps with that Emmy at night to keep him safe?

  78. BFairfax123 says:

    The problem with all the political discussions surrounding President Trump and the last election is any court fight in the US in a civil matter will take a year at a minimum to see the inside of a courtroom if it has standing to be heard . Second by the time it’s been adjudicated at least another year will have passed . If you actually were involved with the 2A community you’d quickly see that just by talking to the lawyers currently fighting for your rights . So you can speculate all you like and demand to see evidence but until those cases are complete that just isn’t going to happen , welcome to the real world .

  79. mscards2 says:

    When is my social credit score going to be appropriately corrected to align with the conspiracy theories becoming reality? Oh and my apology and gift card from Susan, Jack, and The Zucchiniberg?

  80. mscards2 says:

    I’ll be damned if I’m going anywhere near a hospital or care center with the National shortage of health care workers. Not to mention the joke of an AG Garland dropping all investigations into nursing home deaths! Then Cuomo’s replacement playing more word game bs. Anybody who is not upset over the clear displays of contempt and corruption going on, in every state, is an accessory after the fact and I surely will never forget this.

  81. solidhalon says:

    Steve is a good speaker, he know how and when to interrupt Tim and take over the conversation. Smart guy.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree, he doesn’t let Pool keep the floor just to show off his take and how he came to have said take, yet again. I like Pool, but he kinda obsesses with having his guests know what he thinks and all the steps he took to reach his conclusion. If he’d tone that down, it’d help the show’s pacing and give the guest more of a chance to divulge what they know and show why they were invited. Pool is steadily improving, clearly, and Bannon is right about Smith too.

  82. CowabungaDude says:

    I started a subscription just to watch this, and it was completely worth it. It is a crime that we can’t talk about things like this on the major platforms.

    • CH4700 says:

      Same. I watch Timcast IRL most of nights and I subscribed just to listen to the full show. Steve can talk and make great points, but I still want an explanation for his alleged crimes involved with the border wall funding. Either tell me what happened or admit you got greedy etc. but it’s hard to hear him call out the swamp until I know that.

  83. jeremyrainman says:

    Tim, the vaccines aren’t safe, and they’re not effective at all at preventing spread. The current data out of the UK, Israel, and other places is demonstrating quite clearly that the vaccinated are spreading the disease EASIER than the vaccinated. The reason is because the vaccines reduce symptoms, but not how much virus is in your upper respiratory. This means that the vaccinated walk around without symptoms, coughing, talking, sneezing, and spread contagious virus to everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

    These are precisely the conditions necessary (leaky vaccines, look it up in published papers), that cause viruses to evolve to be MORE contagious and MORE deadly. We should actually stop vaccinating people immediately, because the vaccines are simply forcing the vaccines to evolve contrary to normal evolution (more contagious but less deadly), and instead in our new vaccine-forced direction which is unknown and we know from actual case studies (on baby chickens) causes viruses to become far far more deadly than they otherwise would be.

  84. crass2047 says:

    Get Mike Lindell on here for a members only episode.

  85. CNN_sucks says:

    Great show.

  86. Stand4America25 says:

    Tim I absolutely love when you and Bannon get together. You ask the questions he needs to answer, and he gets to be nudged in a bit of a skeptical direction. We watch pretty much you and the War Room for all political news these days. Great to have the two bounce around thoughts every now and then!

  87. R.Johnson says:

    Steve Bannon is definitely a top guest. His insight into what goes on in national politics is invaluable. Great job. Keep up the good work.

  88. Waterrose says:

    . . . . Steve Bannon is ON FIRE!! “Business Terrorist” = the Chinese government! Great show!

  89. FatAskFrog says:

    Read the ingredients on the horse wormer. Nothing you don’t find in your own medicines. If you think it might be dirty or low-grade ingredients, just look at the standard american diet and and the filth in these food processing plants.

    • Stand4America25 says:

      Yes. I work for a large animal vet. The only issue is the consistency of the distribution of the medication in the paste, and that “dosing” it for smaller mammals like humans is challenging unless you redistribute into syringes, etc. For this reason, the sterile formula for injection is what everyone is actually using because it is much easier to dose and it is free from impurities. The tablets are out there but pretty much by prescription only (which by the way, my vet’s own doctor prescribed for her in February 2021 which is what got her onto this….). Just food for thought 🙂

  90. Manbat says:

    There is a universe where Ian and Steve Bannon sit across from each other talking. Seriously, explain that to me a year ago. The best part… Its AMAZING! Ian, I love you buddy, keep-it-real brother!!!

  91. Ilovetimcast says:

    I love Tim cast 😍 just found the app! I feel like such a groupie ❤️

  92. czmakinson says:

    Anecdotally, I didn’t vote in 2016, but after the dumpster fire of 2020, I voted for Trump. There might have been a lot of vocal people saying they voted for Biden in 2020, but there were plenty of first time trump voters too. In regards to mike lindell, he needs to show up or shut up because he’s on the verge of being the biggest voter suppression conspiracy in history.

  93. mikery says:

    Ian w steve b. I’m here for this

  94. b50calabrese says:

    Steve Bannon seems like a nice guy but man it is hard to follow the conversation without making 100 different assumptions. I get that he thinks President Trump won and that China released COVID on purpose but both of those topics from him were nothing more than words, no evidence.

    • stro2425 says:

      The evidence is publicly accessible. The Fulton County duplicate ballots can be viewed anytime by anyone interested. There over ten thousand of these. It’s there for anyone willing to open their eyes and see.

    • Stand4America25 says:

      Watch the War Room replays on Rumble or America’s Voice app and you can fast forward past a lot of the floof but there really is a lot of concrete voter fraud out there in the different states. They’re just blocking it from being released. To Tim’s credit, he says he is still open for this information if it can ever escape the cover up by the states. Even Tim says Dominion and the states should welcome audits and transparency, which they are pretty much doing anything BUT. Just keep an open mind and it will all come out, probably not for a while but it will be revealed.

  95. shydethkitty says:

    I work in a print center and see these vaccine cards all the time. (Our store copies and laminates the copy for free.) I had customers argue with me about the fact that we couldn’t laminate the original and one of the things I’d tell them is that it was probably going to do boosters. That made people a bit angry for awhile. But now people know for sure. Bahaha. What did you think those two extra lines where for?! 🤣 So funny how things like that turn out.

  96. Trishlemmon says:

    Yes, the virus was released on purpose. To destroy America. And it’s working.

    • Trishlemmon says:

      And yes, Ian, your spider senses are correct. The Global Elite had an agenda and neither Bernie or Trump were part of it.

      • SoSayWeAll says:

        I was a Bernie bro for a long time. I woke up to the so called deep state when Bernie got shafted by Hilary. Then it happened again when I was seeing Tulsi Gabbard get shit on. I switched to no affiliation. Then I got down to the nitty gritty and realized where we really are and who is really forcing all of these things. I voted for Trump in 2020. But… Now… I’m not a dem, I’m not a republican, I’m not independent, I’m not libertarian… I’m not into Q, I’m not into grifters, etc… I now consider myself something you can’t even say out loud. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • DoctorDoctor says:

      My personal opinion is both the Chinese and Americans have their fingerprints all over this virus. I think the virus was originally developed to take out older people outside of the workforce because of the strain they put on the system. China is an upside-down pyramid because of the one child policy and the most expensive medical expenses come from the elderly so instead of killing them you create a virus that kills them which relieves a giant strain on their social programs

  97. KTickett says:

    It’s not antibodies that matter, it’s T cell immunity that matters

  98. DoctorDoctor says:

    This doesn’t pertain to the subject at hand but it would be nice if you guys could add the posting of the comment at the top of the page because once comments are aggregated onto the page it takes forever to scroll down to get to posting a comment. But I don’t code so that could be more difficult to do or at least add a comment link that brings you down to the bottom of the page

  99. John.R.B says:

    Hey any chance we will be able to catch the members only podcast live in the future?

  100. TaterSalad says:

    Good thing there isn’t any ivermectin in crayons. There would be a shortage and all our marines would starve.

  101. Mcstarcher says:

    Even if they find out the numbers were doctored the truth will be nuked from orbit by big tech and corporate media. Democracy is dead and this country along with it.

    • MikeH says:

      The voting issue is the horseshoe nail. Either we have trust and confidence in the system, or we don’t. When Tim starts touting Dave Smith and Mike Malice for the Presidency, he’s assuming they could win in a fair system. But if the system is rigged, then we can discuss how Mickey Mouse would be the greatest President ever. It’s totally disheartening that nobody gives a crap about Trump voters. Maybe Dave Smith and Mike Malice need to be cheated by the system so that people become more sympathetic with the regular working-class who feel their votes were stolen. Moreover, the deep state is way too powerful. Thinking you can send in Ron DeSantis, and he will change things (Lol! then you’ve totally discarded the power of the dark-side). Americans are either living in a Disneyland fairytale or just getting dumber, and hope is dissipating.

      Bannon provides hope. But in the end, we might have to accept that we lost and our children will be slaves in the future. Our sons will be opioid-consuming zombies in front of video game machines, and our daughters- at best- will be waiting tables in raunchy bars. Goodbye America

    • bcccl says:

      this is the main point that tim completely ignores. he says, ‘show me the evidence’ when he knows full well the evidence is not allowed to be shown on social media or traditional media as illustrated by the fact you can’t even discuss the subject on youtube. it’s completely erased from public discourse. he pretends it’s a normal situation where courts or the court of public opinion gets to decide the truth when the institutions are clearly compromised.

  102. ToddHollins says:

    Tim that was the longest explanation of how you think that Biden won and you didn’t address Steve’s question of why you think Biden won.

  103. JustADude says:

    Here’s my thing too, trying to look at it with an open mind, why do mail ins and what not if you can just switch votes? Or is it because dominion wasn’t used in all the states? So they had to do both…

  104. DoctorDoctor says:

    The only horse paste I eat is glue.

  105. Sliceyy says:

    Full chub 🏋️‍♀️

  106. QKing says:

    Ian thinks in abstracts and always has a major piece missing from his thought process. It’s like he is trying to fit a square peg through a circular hole

    • Zeoran says:

      They really need to get rid of Ian. He lowers the IQ of every conversation he speaks up in. I groan every time he opens his mouth.

      They need to find another Luke-type. One who thinks a bit differently than Tim but is an equal intellectual. Ian may be a great skater but he’s not an intellectual. I think he’s hit his head too many times.

      PLEASE Tim, find a replacement for Ian!

  107. keldan says:

    Blah, blah, blah….i like this guy and I believe him, that Trump won by a landslide..however, what is all this going to prove and how does the nation benefit…is Trump going to be put in the whitehouse? Is it just protecting future voting integrity? what? Why does proving that he won, benefit the nation?

    • UppityG says:

      If the audits provide the proof and the electors get de-certified, yes, he should be moved back in to the White House and Biden moved out. In other elections for other offices around the country where the race was miscounted, they take back the keys from the (now shown to be) losing candidate and hand them to the actual winner. Why does that seem impossible to you?

    • bcccl says:

      if the election was stolen voting can be dispensed with altogether. it’s that serious. unless you believe destroying the one sacrosant institution of a republic is fine, you should care.

  108. Nana says:

    Even the most medicine hesitant family members I have are so afraid of the kung flu that they gave themselves any shot they could get and even while pregnant, as I am venezuelan our criminal communist regime is the one supplying us the vaccine, you don’t even know if they brought the stuff on good traveling conditions and we only get the Sinopharm (chinese) vaccine and maybe if you’re lucky the Sputnik, I actually trust the sputnik more than any other but if I travel to USA or Europe it wont get recognized so I’ll have to take a moderna or phyzer even if I’m fully vaccinated. It’s ridiculous!

    • UppityG says:

      Absolutely ridiculous. My missus and I are laying low and waiting for the madness to blow over before we resume “regular life.” Where we live, it’s possible for us to stay aloof from society for long stretches anyway.

  109. KingConey says:

    Tim/lyds please get lindell on for a exclusive, do that journalism thing you always talk about . Give the people what they want!

    • UppityG says:

      I’m ambivalent about Lindell as a guest. I’ve seen him on other shows and I think he has a difficult time getting out what he’s trying to explain and then he gets flustered. I think it’d be a better invite for the podcast in many ways to have on first the data guy who Bannon mentions near the end. Pool tends to see Lindell as easily misguided and just plain wrong, and tends to think people who have a hard time getting out what they mean to say as either lying, to him or themselves, or as having a poor grasp of the actual facts and / or being so devoted to their confirmation bias they purposely blind themselves to the rest of the facts.

      Like most humans of a certain age group, he tends to rely on the optics a bit too much, and he tends to be impatient for evidence, when often evidence takes time to be unearthed, examined, understood, securely and safely handled and then properly presented to not just a Court of Law, but the Court of Public Opinion.

  110. Element says:

    The machines do not need to be hacked. We know that the Dominion machines put votes into “arbitration” and then the person running the machine can say yep, those are all for Biden.

    • UppityG says:

      Zakly. Just that and the fact — a known fact which Pool knows as of now as well — that the Dominion machines are equipped with modems and cable connectors. They can be connected to the internet at the whim of whoever is close enough to one to do so.

      Who cares if it’s the CCP or Bumfuckistan who “hacked” the machines, just knowing these two vulnerabilities exist should be enough to throw the election results into doubt. Pool is a bit hung up on the “China” and “hacked” aspects of Lindell’s assertions. First, I don’t know why he thinks the CCP is “above” such shenanigans, that makes no sense. And when Lindell uses the word “hacked” it’s probably because he thinks it sums up the essential outcome more easily for most people to understand, rather than trying to describe all the arcane details.

  111. Element says:

    2019 was the peak of the bubble economy. The fed needed to intervene to bailout the repo market in September 2019 before anyone had heard of COVID. They started lowering the interest rate to try and prop up the economy in July 2019. Trump was pushing the fed to do this. CPI and unemployment stats are cooked. Trump knew about this and hit Obama about this when he was campaigning but once he became president he flipped and starting bragging about the fake numbers.

    • UppityG says:

      Except, you’ll have to provide a source to support that assertion. Is it possible? Of course, with humans in this universe, anything is possible. Is it probable? Maybe. But it is also possible for pink elephants to fly out my butt, but it’s not probable.

  112. Patrick1984 says:

    Tim , Staff
    Thanks you are worth the time and money. Besides where the hell else am I supposed to go. The rest of the media is Orwell’s Ministry Of Truth. In fact not jest, we are so far gone now . I know we are not coming back.

  113. Fractal says:

    The vaccine is going to be the most profitable drug in history of course they want booster shots more profit

  114. dantonio95 says:

    Horse paste does work, though. I took it when I had covid in July. If you take it in the appropriate doses, it works the same way. My symptoms improved in a matter of days significantly compared to when I was going through it without. It’s good if you can’t afford the actual tabs, you know, like a grad student (me). The ingredients are very simple, basically something like petroleum jelly, flavoring, and ivermectin. Always read the list of ingredients before you do anything.

    • Greg says:

      It’s annoying that they dismiss “horsepaste” saying “you don’t know what’s in it . . .”
      Okay, what’s in it? How hard is that to discover. Instead they dismiss it from a position of ignorance.

      • UppityG says:

        IKR? Pool’s still lingering leftyness shows when he says things like that. On the left, the progs use mockery as their go-to weapon of humiliation as if it’s welded to their hand. And they act like the scientists who invent these drugs aren’t testing them on animals first. When they see the test animals recover, that’s when the drug goes to the next stage of testing on higher order animals. They keep careful records along the way. When it finally reaches human use, it’s already been in use on a whole host of animals.

        And because we’re pretty fucking smart as smarts go, we tend to notice that if X works in one application, might it work in another? We’ve been cross-pollinating drugs, sometimes called off-labeling, since the dawn of tool-making. We’re crafty that way.

      • hcummens says:

        One thing that I guess folks are unaware of is that folks use animal meds all the time. Especially those who raise hundreds of animals. Since vets are so expensive, many do their own vetting so they are very familiar with the meds, side effects, how to dose and how to use. They also know what not to take. Like you do not eat pour on ivermectin.

        Most animal meds like fish amoxicillin or the penicilin that you can get at tractor supply are produced in the same factories as the “human” ones. It would be too expensive to switch out formulas so the vast majority just switch out the labels and keep the formulas the same. In fact what is the reason fish amoxicillin comes in tablet form? If it was only going to go into aquariums, powder makes more sense. It does come in powdered form, but why are tablets available some with the bird meds? Water soluble powder makes more sense.

        We also use things of label all the time. I raise rabbits and hardly anything is produced for them, so I have used horse, bird, swine, goat and fish meds for them. I use the cattle/swine injectible ivermectin for mites on my rabbits. Only we put a drop on their shoulders. It works, is off label , and exceedingly common in rabbitries.

        So just because you aren’t aware folks do something doesn’t make them stupid. I’ve not taken the horse paste because I got ivermectin from my doctor. But when I went to refill the pharmacy said it was on backorder and they didn’t know when it would be in. The horse paste is getting harder to find as well. If they won’t prescribe ivermectin and pharmacies won’t fill it, more folks will go the animal med route. Just saying.

    • says:

      They act like the people doing this stuff haven’t intensely researched it and have found it to be safe… they are treating people just like the elites do, “people are dumb, they couldn’t possibly know what’s best for them.”…. Also, how can they expect people to be able to find doctors that would actually go against the flow of the medical community in general and prescribe Ivermectin for covid? These doctors are few and far between from what I have seen.

  115. Pritzkrieg says:

    I ate the horse paste, stop being pussies. The tube has notches that go in increments of 50lbs. Just notch up to your weight and send it.

  116. TheAcquisitor says:

    Always great to see Steve Bannon on the show! Must be related to Race Bannon, because he has cojones of steel!

  117. lewclark says:

    I think that when Bannon says “I think what’s going to happen is…”, “I believe…” he actually knows this will happen. He is speaking in a way so that he can deny leaking info. If accused, he’ll just say, “Well, this is what I thought/believed. And I happened to be correct.”

  118. LostMarbles says:

    The question isn’t “why are there 4 lines on the card?” The question should be “why is there a card at all?” I don’t have cards for any of my other vaccinations. I don’t get one for the flu every year. Or TDAP. None of them.

    • KFendley says:

      I agree with you but Tim has really been getting on my nerves with this one. The other line is for saline solution. Think mr research would figure this out

      • Hynzie says:

        I agree there should be no card at all but the other lines ARE for booster shots…. They’ve said that, it’s not a secret. Where did you see that they were for saline?? No saying ur wrong just asking.

        • UppityG says:

          I think “saline solution” is code for “yeah, we’re calling this jab a “booster” so you’ll roll up your sleeve compliantly, but you are getting the “placebo”–er, I mean the booster.

  119. wcrews says:

    Probably one of the greatest discussions ever had. *trump hands* HUUUUGE, if you will.

  120. Heltor913 says:

    Just subscribed so I could watch this and these members only segments made it ABSOLUTELY worth the money. TY Tim and Team.

  121. MikeM says:

    I love you Madison. I only wish I could see you in person and hold you.

  122. GovernmentIsRape says:

    Governments never pay reperations for the evil they do.
    Will the US pay for the millions of people they murdered?
    And not through yet another flu variant that we get every year.

  123. daver987 says:

    Gain of function research is dual function research, it’s a part of the DOD, you try to make a virus that will not necessarily kill your enemy but definitely disable your enemy, then when they are sick your troops are vaccinated and can more easily take out the enemy. This is defence department tech.

  124. sighanide says:

    Steve is great. I wrote him off after he fell out with Trump but he’s clearly still got it. Gray show!

  125. drewncharlie says:

    Ivermectin did not work for me bros. I took a double dose of it. Fucking like 20 pills. The first day i had symptoms, one dose, and two days later. My healthcare pros said i had delta. And i Was sick for 16 days and my lungs are still really swollen n fucked up. I believe there are preventatives that might help but i’m 35 and it messed me up bad. If you are old or have breathing problems, you need to weigh whether one in the hand is worth two in the bush. If the vaccine can save your life now, but could cause trouble down the line, you might choose now. It might save your life. Covid is not a flu. Its a deadly manmade respiratory virus. Now that i’ve had it i’m afraid to get vaccinated. If they mandate it i will march in the streets. We gotta make a stand. We cant be Australia. Kids are a different story. Its no threat to them. Keep the experimental vaccine away from them.

    • Reptilian says:

      There’s no way to test for delta so your doctor is lying. Also, ivermectin alone is not sufficient for treating COVID, its main purpose is prophylactic. You also require vitamin C, D, zinc, and quercetin for the best effective treatment.

    • DannyDanny says:

      Can you share your experience with a doctor or Monash UNI, if you are in Australia?

    • Anony says:

      so you didn’t take it in the prescribed dose and you didn’t take it in the way that doctors are saying it should be taken to fight covid? Great but I think your anecdote is useless

  126. says:

    I keep wondering how the virus could infect so many countries so quickly.
    If the virus is not natural.
    If the virus was not an accident.
    If I were working for the Chinese and put in charge of quickly dispersing an air born virus, I would inject a little into all the bubble wrap used in packages purchased from china.
    What is the first thing everyone does with bubble wrap…

    • Reptilian says:

      RNA viruses are very fragile and deteriorate quickly without a protective coating such as mucus, hence why most transmission occurs from human mucosa droplets directly consumed by another human.

  127. Deutscher says:

    Somehow I get a feeling, that Bannon deflects the American globalist elites fault and paint CCP, as a biggest challenge to US.
    Meanwhile it’s the enemy within.

    • AuntSusie says:

      You are right in thinking “it’s the enemy within” but the CCP IS ALREADY deep within America in every aspect of our lives…and this time they even have an American fake President beholding to them because they compromised him and his family years ago.

      • Heltor913 says:

        The CCP has been penetrating American Politics and politicians since the Clinton Era, make no mistake they are well within our ranks and certain entities know it but I suspect keep it for ammunition or to blackmail.

  128. Tuna says:

    I wouldn’t call people stupid when they eat horse paste. There are people who are desperately looking for something to help with their covid symptoms but their doctors won’t prescribe them ivermectin.
    However, I know there could be stupid things that they put into these animal meds. That’s why I got mine prescribed by doctors at
    They are amazing and they only take donations.

    • FatillacN says:

      It’s not like it’s horse poo, or like a horse made it. You ever swallowed swimming pool water or worse yet sea water? Geez there’s probably more fly wings and rat hair in the hot dog you eat at the ball park. I ain’t saying do it, I’m saying big deal.

    • FatillacN says:

      And thanks for the link. IMA check it out. But around here pharmacies running out of “human” form.

  129. air4sone says:

    How bad is this administration?? You want your buddy to be President? Don’t hate Trump for changing it all, respect him for innovating as President.

  130. says:

    AMAZING show! Steve is a wonderful guy to listen to! By far one of the best shows and after shows you have done Tim! I would LOVE to see Mike brought on for a long after show! Let the man say his thoughts but make sure you explain to him that we want FACT, not speculations!

  131. BladeRunner says:

    As a Hacker of some 30 years (Australia) (As opposed to Tim’s idea that jail-breaking a phone means you’re a Hacker) the idea that Dominion Software could not be circumvented is preposterous. Amazingly I found myself agreeing with Ian on his point about a Private Company also owning the Software. To rollin a version of software post-voting day is child’s play and can be easily hidden. When I watched Dr. Shiva’s YouTube video (About 2 weeks after the Election in 2020) with his Analysts looking at the data from 4 Michigan (If I recall correctly) Counties it was absolutely clear to me (And as Coder of Algorithms) that an Algorithm had been employed in States and Pro-Trump Counties they (Democrats) knew they had to win to overturn President Trump. It was extremely clear this was a simple Ratio Algorithm (Flip votes) favouring Biden or Democrat Candidate in that County. There’s a very good reason they don’t want to hand raw Router Data over because they know what it will show. There is absolutely no way Biden won the 2020 Election regardless of Anti-Trump sentiment. He didn’t even campaign FFS!

    • drewncharlie says:

      Australia rise up. I cant believe what rhe Australian government has done. Freedom rise up.

    • TheDarkworld says:

      I absolutely agree. Sometimes I wonder if Tim is trying to preserve his integrity if the worst happens, or if someone has something on him 🤔

    • UppityG says:

      It’s pretty fuckin obvious to those of us who are actually looking at it. They cheated and lied and Pool has his personally collected anecdotes which make him feel like he’s closer to the truth than all the guys with the math and science talk.

      In the final analysis, only time will tell. Only when the audits are done and actual evidence is finally provided by those resisting all court orders to turn it over, will we be able to prove what needs proving, such that the deniers are going to look stupid when they continue denying it.

  132. DavidM says:

    Fucking Epic tonight guys! Great show!

  133. NoOne123 says:

    Fantastic episode. I love Bannon. I love the way he talks and he inspires a lot of hope for the future which is important in these darkening times and seems incredibly intelligent. He seems like a genuinely awesome guy that cares A LOT about the common man. That being said, i am actually glad to see Tim push back a little bit against him. I’m still of the belief that the election was probably stolen but i agree with Tim on the anti trump vote. The toxic vitriol of the left towards him is unlike anything ive ever seen before so i can believe it but i have hard time believing that hatred is worth 80 million votes.

    • AuntSusie says:

      Right…Bannon has had top experts on his War Room show on Real America’s Voice network( they have an APP ) also on Rumble…But pretty sure Tim is INCORRECT about the suburban women voting for Biden vs Trump, because Richard Barris pointed out in detailed county by county in each state analysis, on his show the “Peoples Pundent”, he and his wife are top polsters, that in the 2020 election in most states suburban women went for Trump(because of school choice, security/crime issues, the good economy, lower taxes, less regulations, more job opportunities, especially on small businesses…which MANY, like ME, are owned and operated by women. He brought “calm to the normal international turmoil”, by using economic blockades, not military action. Plus, bringing American Corporations back onto our shores and making NAFTA more fair for all partners, etc so our children could have more job opportunities too. And Trump’s team made a concerted effort to garner women’s support, increased his legal multigenerational Hispanic voter numbers and the Black vote too…which he and his team accomplished. Good job Mr President…one of the best we have ever had, by KEEPING HIS PROMISES, as best he could. He cared about our country and its people…women saw his strength and true character, there was very little sign of Biden support in the suburbs and WOMEN VOTED OVERWHELMINGLY FOR TRUMP.

  134. FatillacN says:

    Mike Yeadon.

  135. FatillacN says:

    I accidentally ate the horse paste, no ill effect other than it tasted kinda like preparation H. Not suggesting you should. Not claiming it “worked” for anything. I know allot of people who accidentally ate allot of it (less than a tube at a time they told me for cripes sake) they told me they felt better. I believe you eat more foul crap in a fast food burger or a hot dog than is in the “paste” but that’s just my opinion. I’m guessing there’s an actual ivermectin molecule somewhere in the inert paste. You think the “human” form pill doesn’t have inert fillers? It’s not a chunk of ivermectin molecules.

    Tim doesn’t have to endorse it, he doesn’t have to believe it works for anything. He doesn’t have to say it’s “stupid sh!*” and disparage those who did. It shows his literal ignorance about it, real world experience trumps his uninformed opinion. Same for the election, he “knows” a few skateboarders that voted for Biden so millions must have done the same. It’s ANECDOTAL Tim. Just like the horse paste eaters. One anecdote has broader application. One probably does not. Cipher for yourself.

  136. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    Here you go, from NIH, our best friends:

    Efficient mRNA delivery with graphene oxide-polyethylenimine for generation of footprint-free human induced pluripotent stem cells

  137. ElijahFrye says:

    TIM again they said they had people WORKING AT THEY SYMPOSIUM from the intelligence community ,DOD, NASA etc that worked at these places. They never said nasa was behind the election shit just that they had people working for them at the cyber symposium… go watch that 15 minute intro again plz i have even re-watched it multiple times to understand wtf you heard and you misheard them tim seriously correct your false statements

    • UppityG says:

      @Eli, bingo! Pool, wittingly or not, willfully or not, is smearing Lindell because POOL misunderstood what Lindell said. It grates my gears when he keeps repeating HIS own mistake. lol

    • neilinda says:

      Love Timcast and staff mostly- but hate it when they make comments that show they are either not paying attention or just flat out missing things.
      Tim could not have really watched any of the cyber symposium because he keeps making comments about things that were said – that were not said. BUT he acts like he did watch it, is an expert on what was said, and he spreads misinformation about it.
      This is not the only way he is/has done that either… I have noticed that once he makes his mind up about something it doesn’t seem like he can change it- even with new information.

  138. munchhasen says:

    Fantastic show fantastic after show too. Please book the great lawyer Robert Barnes for a future show

  139. Booster71 says:

    Tim has a point with his skateboarder friends all of a sudden having an interest in politics. I’m 50 yrs old and I’ve been following politics since Bush/Gore elections. I have relatives and friends who NEVER voted prior to this election and all of a sudden they’re pissed off and Orange man bad. They voted Biden and since then have 0 idea as to what is going on. One of my cousins had no idea we still had soldiers in Afghanistan.

    • AuntSusie says:

      Tell your family and friends to stop watching MSM like MSNBC and CNN and forget about FOX also, except for Tucker…but do gravitate to the War Room podcast on the Real America’s Voice APP and the dozens of other great channels like EPOCH TIMES TV, that has a fantastic program called: *American Thought Leaders, YouTube pulled both Bannon and *ATL down, but that shows you they are on the right track…

    • Greg says:

      The problem with this explanation is that the phenomenon is not broadly national. That four states with Republican legislatures had high density counties swinging the election counters this “new people voting” narrative.
      There are simply too many examples of states Trump won that are not examples of “new people voting”.
      The results were RIGGED. You don’t need to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind is blowing.

  140. air4sone says:

    Biden won, mmmm no.

  141. Joshbrandenburg1985 says:

    Doctors and Pharmacists are refusing to prescribe or even fill prescriptions for Ivermectin. You cant blame people for trying the horse paste.

    • Maiafay says:

      There’s actually dosage help for the paste on some websites, going by weight and how much to take. The frontline docs do prescribe it and I’ve seen it offered on some health sites that don’t give a crap about the FDA’s shilling.

  142. PhantomFrog says:

    The Horse paste is not “for a 1250 lb animal.” It contains enough to treat an animal up to that size. It actually has the weight on the plunger, and you can choose exactly how much to use by weight. Also, the only active ingredient in the paste I’ve seen is Ivermectin. Even if it is for an animal, the companies are required by law, under threat of strict penalty, to list all active ingredients. Just to round this out, Ivermectin is extremely safe for humans at proper dosage levels. You might be able to dig up crazy stories about poison control centers being “flooded with calls” because of Ivermectin usage, but they’re all related to people grossly overdosing (taking an entire tube), and not because of side-effects from properly dosed sizes.

    Now, do I recommend you run out and buy horse paste and dose yourself? No, that’s a little silly. But it’s also only really dangerous if you’re a total idiot about it.

    • FatillacN says:

      The fact that the FDA came out and said stop it tells me all I need to know.

    • Reptilian says:

      Also most people are unaware that ivermectin has quite a long half-life, so it’s not that they’re taking too much at one time, but they’re simply taking it too frequently, and that’s what is causing issues for some people.

  143. Davidfish says:

    A mike lindell + bannon after hours show would be epic. Just bring mike on after hours like you did with brainard a few months ago

  144. jamohamo says:

    Bannon is brilliant. This is the type of content that convinces me this subscription is worth every penny. Keep up the good work all of you. And yes, Lydia is an excellent producer. She never misses a beat.

  145. says:

    Love listening to you guys chat with Steve.. great show. Keep up the good work!!! It would definitely be entertaining to watch a show with Mike Lindell. Not sure how much I believe the foreign hackers theory.. but I do believe it is possible that our own political idiots in charge could have hacked it..

  146. Mustaffah says:

    I don’t understand why the RNC, Trump, McConnell and Georgia republicans are not zeroing in on the Perdue v. Ossoff Nov 3 election. Perdue won by 1.8% but fell short of the GA required 50% + 1 to win outright by 0.3%. He lost the runoff (as did Loeffler) because 500,000 pissed off Trump voters sat home. It’s the worst steal of a Senate election since Kelly Ayotte of NH in 2016.

  147. krankenheim says:


    Once again, you do not live in West Virginia. You live in Maryland. Please stop telling the world you live in West Virginia, you do not. If you want to say you live in West Virginia you’re going to need to buy property and move here.

    Sincerely, Your West Virginia viewers.

    • Rivian_Kriek says:

      Joke’s on you if he’s working to get the state borders redrawn 🙂

    • UppityG says:

      Wait, I thought I heard him say he lives in Maryland but works in WV–no? In the podcast livestream? Maybe not, but honestly, I don’t care. I’ll never forget when Alex Jones pretended to out Pool’s real location (I think he said “Missouri”) and Pool acted like he was busted. It was a nice bit of theatre. lol

    • neilinda says:

      Yes… also the talking about living in the ‘middle of nowhere’, out in the wild, ‘country’… while living in Frederick County- close to the small city of Frederick- all of which is a part of the Greater Washington, DC area -may seem a little disingenuous- but it’s a real example of his complete cluelessness about rural – and even suburban living.

      • UppityG says:

        I’ve suspected for a while that every time he says he lives in the middle of nowhere, that for him, what he’s been used to, it feels that way. To those of us who in fact live out in the tullies, he’s a green horn.

  148. ThePilotOfMachoGrande says:

    Steve is a fucking legend. I never heard him speak until he came onto IRL. Both episodes have been epic. Please keep this going timcast crew!

  149. InfoTard says:

    Ian comes thru….. Say what you want 🤪

  150. Dune says:

    Sorry Tim. I disagree with you. The election was stolen for one simple reason. The Dems had zero transparency in the counting and have resisted every attempt to do true forensic audits. They have consistently ignore subpoenas, judges have thrown out cases for technicalities, and the FBI and DOJ were in the Dems pockets. It was a true conspiracy and covered up by the media and the deep state.

  151. Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

    I am a avocado farmer in the state of michoacan in México (the place Luke always talks about) grew up most of my life here there is a full on war but you will not see anything on the news , what I am going at is the USA will destabilize itself in a similar fashion and people will be extorted kidnapped or enslaved if WE the American people do not stand up and face adversity…
    P:S: new cartel in my town not nice people we are talking in dark rooms with low light to come up with a plan because the Mexican gov is colluding with the cartels so we cannot rely on them or trust them..
    Saludos a todos de México y mis mejores deseos para todos…como decia Emiliano Zapata es mejor morir de pie que vivir toda una Vida arrodillado…

    • UppityG says:

      Saludos calidos amigo, paz y salud a tu tambien. Que el pueblo de Mexico al fin superan sobre los criminales adentro y afuera de los gobiernos que apestanlos. Mas guacamole sin cilantro y otra cerveza bien helado. Viva America! Viva Mexico!

      • Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

        Viva! Hermano! hay que seguir la lucha contra toda esta tyrania y maldad que plaga a mexico y al mundo saludos y mis mejores deseos para usted y todos los que buscamos libertad….

  152. NomadicTroy says:

    I’m glad I signed up, I did it for Bannon. Keep it up Tim.

    • AuntSusie says:

      Had been following Tim and crew in past 2 years, but signed up to Timcast because of Bannon first time he was on…keep bringing him on. Bannon has great insite on economics, politics, trends on many cultural fronts…he is a deep thinker, a historian, a film maker, reads and constantly studies. Plus, he is a Southern gentleman a very good man.
      He should be appointed Secretary of the Navy, should we be fortunate enough to have Trump return….and blow the CCP Navy out of the water…their weak point is their military…that’s why they do not want a kinetic war.(but he would also have to train-up the lacklustre warriors and purge the feckless do nothing leadership)…nevertheless it would be interesting to watch.

  153. says:

    sometimes ian just needs to let someone finish a comment or just not say something that fits in with the conversations for following/contributing to a conversation’s sake; it comes of a little rude sometimes or slightly egotistical. sounding like you just want to be heard or acknowledged.

  154. KekLordGrey says:

    I don’t like the swearing…. seems like CHEAP language…. and when one converts to it…. it makes ones response lesser.

    • FatillacN says:

      Agreed. Selective cursing can make emphasis, this sounds like kids trying to act big.

      • ThePilotOfMachoGrande says:

        Or maybe we’re in a possible downfall of society with a crisis within hands reach in every direction. To paraphrase the great Lewis Black; There are no “bad” words, there are adult words we use to express anger, rage, and frustration. Being human and expressing emotion through language is not cheap. Presenting yourself as better than that with hollow words makes you a standard politician.

    • AuntSusie says:

      Agree…Never have heard Mr Bannon use swearing or poor language on his show or any show. He is a Southern gentleman, raised in a good Catholic family, salt of the earth parents…and his father is still alive at 100 years old and listens to his program every day…he may use innuendo or historical references but not swearing…just sayin’

    • Kaydawgy says:

      You should try emailing Tim to stop cussing so much. Lemme know what he says

  155. Joshrcp72 says:

    I agree with Steve Bannon Tim, get off the fence and bring in some controversial guests for members only.

  156. BlazeCast says:

    We’ve seen video evidence of Tim Pool spending 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars on stuff that IS NOT better video recording devices. Implying that he is unaware of 480p is unfit for consumption, but we know that he knows that we know he COULD get better recording devices to give us the quality to expose his TRUE FACE, but wont…. #480pisnotcooltimmyboy

  157. Rememberhistory says:

    Do mike lindell, it would be epic!

  158. karebear581 says:

    Great follow up. Love the back and forth and also the respect that you all can still have even if you have differing opinions. I have been following you since last summer and I have liked much of what you have had to say and I really enjoy the guests that you have. I have shared some of you videos with relatives who seem to have TDS, but unfortunately they have not budged from their point of view. They seem to think that HE was an authoritarian. I am baffled at that thought. Anyways, finally joined here because I wanted to see the exclusives. Thanks for your hard work. I look forward to seeing more.

    • patches821985 says:

      Agree with your comment completely. Also, I tried pointing out what should be an obvious flag for identifying the true authoritative government and failed…. Under Trump he mainly relied on local government to review covid situation and implement their own rules. Under Biden, they are broadcasting the rules…

  159. StMyles2 says:

    Awesome show. 👍🏼

  160. MarryMeSydney says:

    Bannon: ‘Do you believe that Biden won the election.’
    Pool: ‘Yes’
    Bannon: ‘WHY’

  161. UunholyBacon says:

    members only mike lendel pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Robiscore98 says:

    UHHH Steve tell him about VOTERGA. GODDAMIT. That is the most convincing evidence. Tim hinted at it with the tally sheets 100-0 for Biden. Invite Garland Favorito pleaseee

    • kenster says:

      Yeah he should definitely get Favorito on the show. And I disagree with Tim on knuckleheads skaters voting just for the sake of, or moms nagging. Some of that may have happened, but not to the extend of 81 million votes. And as Tim asked, why make it 81 million votes why not 75 or something just over Trump. Biden never had a following, he has no base. If Bernie had stayed in the race there would not have been a Biden on the ticket. So to make him seem legit and look like he has a following, that is why such a supposed large number of votes. The fake votes and no base is why now you see Biden’s enormous dive in poles. My 2 cents…

  163. says:

    Another great show, Thanks

  164. Lightning-Striker says:

    Tim is right about his take on the election. We cannot underestimate the amount of people that have been programmed to legally vote for Biden through propaganda. Where I differ in Tim’s opinion is that I consider that manipulation to be part of stealing the election.

    So on top of all the shady stuff, I consider the “legal” stuff to be part of the election being stolen. Or as Times Magazine put it, “fortified.”

    • Floyd says:

      Tim’s point is valid except that I guarantee the anti-Trump votes were already counted and there weren’t enough. Suspicious 4M ballot dumps to tip your guy over the line are suspicious.

      • bcccl says:

        exactly, the vote counting stopped after they had the real numbers as they needed to know the amount necessary to get biden over the line. the odds of this happening in exactly the five places where it mattered are next to zero.

    • bcccl says:

      read patrick byrne’s deep rig. it was coup with different angles one of which was psychological pressure for ordinary people to make the madness stop, which is where tim’s ‘friends’ come in. the main component however was meticulous, well-planned fraud in the five places necessary to steal the election. anyone who witnessed the vote counting stop at exactly the same time in these five places knows the election was stolen.

      where i think tim is deluded is that to prove it is not just to ‘show the evidence’, it’s to go against the deliberate suppression and gaslighting by media and big tech which is the same machine that would ban this episode if it were up on youtube. people like lindell are up against a successful steal that the perpetrators will fight tooth and nail to cement as they did with the jan. 6 operation.

  165. McCaffrey6100 says:

    lol city-folk. Farmers and ranchers have been “sharing” meds/ointments with animals forever.

    ya ya consult your doctor, but it’s more common than you think. It’s all about dosage.

  166. jeffster4u says:

    Just signed up love the content.

  167. ABowers says:

    This entire episode was 🔥🔥🔥!

  168. Martian says:

    From what I’ve seen Graphene oxide is an ingredient that is within the “proprietary blend in the lipid nano particles” and is needed to ensure the encapsulated MRNA makes it to cells. I saw a lady that used to work for Pfizer find the full ingredients for the lipid nano particles that are made in China and according to her Graphene Oxide is listed there.

  169. JeremyZ says:

    If Newsom “wins” that will convince me they cheated in the 2020 election

  170. Based says:

    Steve is such a great guest, amazing content as usual

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    N $^&*@i#** I @&$&” GG #*@(&$ E @*$* R

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    • BoycottCHYNA says:

      Just signed up despite not wanting to…

      Long time watcher of Tim.❤🇺🇸❤
      It’s guests like this, heavy hitters, that pull in subs.

      Fuck Antifa. FAFO

  173. Ghxstleader says:

    Saying its horse paste isn’t an argument against the merits of it working. Really dumb.

    • Weedston says:

      Typical response to anything that’s seems the slightest bit “crazy” he does the same thing with any conspiracy until it becomes main stream. Unless of course it’s a conspiracy he comes up with like Uncle Joe is not well…
      Isn’t shitting on a medicine “giving medical advise”? Just sayin

    • impediment says:

      Ivermectin worked for me. I used ivermectin in topical form. I just rubed it into a thigh, no problems.

    • Webber2018 says:

      Fully agreed, I think he was treading carefully as to not sound like some of these fanatics. I personally am a fanatic and have a farm with lots of “horse paste” on hand at all times…haven’t been sick in a year and a half. You could argue the level of quality control on the horse product but ivermectin is ivermectin. If there’s not any additional medication or ingredients listed? It’s all the same. Buy some while you can.

  174. Trip says:

    Yes. Bioweapon. China shut down domestic travel. Locked down Wuhan. They sent people all over the world.

  175. Turk_Longwell says:

    What changed this week so now I can’t sign onto on my TV and It’s getting ads for the first time?
    Can I do something to remedy this?
    Please and Thank you.

  176. Trip says:

    The reason people are buying ivermectin at farm supplies is because some doctors and pharmacies won’t prescribe or fill human ivermectin. Just like hydroxychoriquine.

  177. Wolv256 says:

    Horse paste is not Fucking dumb. It is the same medicine that is used in humans and there are no additional ingredients in it that are not safe for humans. They list the ingredients on the box. The only difference is it is veterinary grade, instead of pharma grade. Well that may sound scary and it’s a matter of purity and consistency, it’s mostly a legal concern so they don’t get sued. I was sick, I took it, and I felt better. Ivermectin is ivermectin.

    • Wolv256 says:

      And you don’t take the same amount as a horse. You dose it by weight, which comes to roughly 1/6 of the tube or about 1 inch. But no one is really getting sick of this. Even if you did eat the whole tube, the lethal dose would be about 6 to 8 full tubes. Try taking 50 Tylenol and see how you feel. This is slander, pure and simple.

      • Thatgrumpyoldguy says:

        Exactly!! I have used the horse paste for years after working in Africa. It was actually my Dr, at the time that recommended it as he was raised in South Africa and knew the value of Ivermectin for parasites. It was hard to get it in pharma grade so he had me grab a tube of horse paste and he helped me figure out the dosing.

        • Weedston says:

          But it might have some other stuff in it that they don’t care will hurt the horses… or something WTF? Cuz that’s a thing
          Why go out of your way to ignorantly stumble thru an attempted discrediting of this medicine? Strange

      • ElijahFrye says:

        Exactly government should just make a statement if your going to just dont eat the whole damn tube also worst case of eating a tube is really bad diarrhea….. i had went to the hospital for stomach problems found out i had tape worm and they refused to prescribe me medication for it and told me (this does work but it wasnt for me) put some pineapple near my asshole and wait for it to come out….. yea did that the first day wasted good pineapple when out to the barn grabbed the horse paste for my hourse named uno and just ate the rest of the tube it was like 3/4ths full….. i dont have tape worm but was on the shitter so much my legs were going numb…. tbh just drink some water and you will be fine

        • ElijahFrye says:

          Sorry sorry not tape worm but i ate some marlin and got parasitic worms….. tbh i use tape worm like people say kleenex…. my mom just called me a dumbass and said i didnt have tape worm and then spoke in a language i dont understand (big words) 🙃
          Regardless dont eat a whole ass tube, i panicked cause i had worms in my ass

        • UppityG says:

          I don’t believe a word of it, but it made me lol.

    • Plaguen says:

      Dr. Martensen did say it tastes like apples.

  178. jhudler says:

    Graphene Oxide = Carbon Monoxide.
    If you insert an Oxygen atom in the Carbon Lattice, you end up with Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide. Why can’t seemingly intelligent people can’t understand basic chemistry.

  179. Thequaz says:

    Tim sure is pushing the vaxx really really hard and shitting all over other treatments lately. Really makes you wonder

  180. MikeM says:

    Jesus, Ian has 900 IQ? Biden should have listened to him for the US withdrawal strategy instead of me!

  181. Jnol91 says:

    Hearing Tim curse for the first time threw me off.

  182. Trip says:

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    It recently came to my attention that it is impossible for a person to Epstein themselves.

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  193. Jnol91 says:

    I want to know what is on Anthony WEINERS laptop that got brietbart killed.

    • BlazeCast says:

      A bunch of pizzas and pastas being abused, murdered, and the correspondences regarding procurement, use, and disposal. All officers who saw the content were suicide (last I could find, one was still alive, maybe)

  194. arakitai says:

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  201. Dune says:

    I became a member today, because of tonight’s Tim cast IRL with Steve Bannon. I know this is Steve’s second appearance. I would recommend Steve regularly be a guest.

    • PirateNinjaAssassins says:

      I joined after he had Bannon on last time. Welcome. Hours of content it’s worth it.

    • Mr.S.D.A says:

      I did the exact same thing crazy thing is this is after I watched Terrance pop’s video of farmers destroying their crops and dumping pild because the government “tole me to” im disgusted tim pool was onto something

    • Jnol91 says:

      Yeah same here, I too became a member. I think bannon is a pivitol player in the American first populist movement. It is manifesting in the Republican Party. I would highly suggest having bannon on as much as possible. He has a very good ear to the ground mind.

    • Mr.S.D.A says:

      I did the exact same thing crazy thing is this is after I watched Terrance pop’s video of farmers destroying their crops and dumping oil on roads because the government “told me to” to boost prices and cause a food shortage, im disgusted, tim pool was onto something

  202. DoctorDoctor says:

    America ain’t dead but it sure as hell is on life support. China is trying their best to get the middle eastern countries to side with them so that they get the purchasing of oil off the dollar so that the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. Once that happens it’s game over folks for the dollar. It will be worth less than the paper it is printed on which makes it worthless. At least we have one thing that most countries don’t large land mass that is ideal for agriculture and abundant with natural resources.

  203. MykC says:

    For the love of Christ finish encoding. I’m excited for this one 😂👍

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    Literally signed up to see this. I will stick around however. Long time listener, first time caller.

  206. arakitai says:

    You know I consider myself to have a fairly iron clad constitution. I’d like to say that I am able to face what life throws at me with steely eyed determination. But man, lately it’s been an effort to even open up the news. Every time I turn on the monitor all I get is crap splattered in my face, all day long. Disaster after disaster.

    I can even see how the authoritarian overreach has failed in most way, how the vaccine passports will never really materialize, how vaccine mandates will be a distant memory in a year or two. But still, the sheer volume of horrific shit is demoralizing. I mean what do I have to look forward to? Watching Americans be beheaded, one at a time, for the next year by the Taliban? Australians locked into internment camps? Taiwan buckling under a Chinese onslaught?

    Man. I am just tired of the crap.

    • says:

      I feel your pain, brother, and idk what the solution is abroad, what makes me feel better is collecting weapons and ammunition.

      • PurpleLouie says:

        Lol this is a good plan too!

      • arakitai says:

        I’ve got enough of both guns and ammo. And I live near water, wild game and open spaces. Honestly I could just tune out and relax. Come nuclear war, hike to the mountains. Come biomedical fascism, hike to the vast and empty high plains.

        It’s so hard to ignore this though. Going to have try though, I guess. Maybe do what Dave Rubin does and tune out for 30 days.

    • PurpleLouie says:

      I feel the same! But stay strong, don’t let hope die! If we all do so we have a bright future to look forward! We can’t give up!

    • AustralianBen says:

      You can actually find much comfort in looking forward to the Book of Revelation unfolding before our very eyes. You can be grateful to live in the best of times which become the worst of times because our redemption draws near. Go look at nature. Breathe. Accept the awe of creation which surrounds you. Know that there’s an everlasting bright light at the end of this dreary dark tunnel. 😊

    • AustralianBen says:

      We got lots of outback in Australia & that’s much more preferable to a nice jab jab holiday in an internment camp. Our Aboriginal peoples know our land & guarantee it will provide for its peoples. They got out of the cities thousands of years before they were built. Nowadays even Tim took their advice. Get Out Of The Cities!
      *btw Australia is slated to be the headquarters for the NWO. Our parliament building will be ground zero for world govt. 🤫

      • Jake1521 says:

        Australia scare the shit out of me. They disarmed the populous and now the people are just doing any and everything their government wants. This is how the Nazis took over. It didn’t happen overnight Just slowly pushes you to the edge until you step back and fall over the cliff to hell.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      It’s always been death and destruction and fear.
      It’s just more prominent these days with technology.
      We also now have no choice, but to pay attention to it.
      It’s all so fucked.
      Though, have reverence in Faith.
      Faith and Positivity makes the soul healthier and stronger.
      If you need a ear to talk to, we’re here.
      Stronger Together.

  207. AustralianBen says:

    I signed up today & got this historical video! Steve brings such important conversations to the table. I’m very glad it happened. It was something like PhD geopolitics delivered as a McDonald’s happy meal. We all got a toy!

  208. JankeNav says:

    Time will show Steve Bannon to be a true hero of this 4th turning. He mentioned people popping up into centra roles – I think one of them is going to be him. And that nasty green jacket!!!

  209. Trip says:

    How long does it take to encode?

  210. Arbarice says:

    Tim I was the first person you read a comment from. My name is Nathan OConnell. I’ve been repairing naval vessels for years. The Bonhomme Richard was most likely set fire by that sailor. Fire bounderies weren’t respected. When Steve said it was unlikely that 1 person set fire and destroyed that vessel obviously didn’t remember the uss Miami that was destroyed by a contractor that wanted to go home. Contact me for more info

    • Genova says:

      do you think we are stupid? there is no way that fire started by ONE person. its okay to think for yourself, its actually encouraged around these parts

  211. UppityG says:

    I figured it’d be a long encode. See y’all in the AM for the viewage.

  212. bcccl says:

    one of the best guests tim has had on the show, absolute killer dissection of the political landscape. there’s a reason politicians fear steve bannon.

  213. CalamityGuy says:

    “Video May Take Several Minutes To Encode Because Its Long” lol. Love you guys

  214. UunholyBacon says:

    the encoding begins

  215. Turk_Longwell says:

    McCarthy Says “It’s Impossible for Every American to Be Evacuated From Afghanistan By Deadline”
    Ok. So, they can’t get out by the Deadline.
    What else have You to Say?
    Be Fucking Leaders and Get Our People Out!
    Many a Vets would Risk their Lives for those Americans and also, Allies, Behind Enemy Lines.
    Be Fucking Leaders. Make Shit Happen.
    but No….
    They’re Politicians.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      You’re right… Useless.
      Absolutely not confident in the voting system… but I’m going to vote and I’m praying that (at least) 3 things happen;

      1.) 2022 mids are a red wave (with real conservatives, not squishes like the current “republicans”).

      2.) 2024 DeSantis presidential win.

      3.) Younkin squashes Commie McAuliffe and undoes the tyranny and pure evil Ralph Northam has unleashed on my home state of Virginia.

      • Jnol91 says:

        Why not trump? One more Trump term is necessary. Moving Desantos out of Florida would be insane unless a clear candidate emerges. If desantos does get leave Florida I would put him in the cabinet. Secretary of State position

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        Hell Yes. Vote, my Friend.
        IDK about Trump either or DeSantis leaving Florida, though he barely won. Trump didn’t make the change we sought, though, though he did open many eyes to the situation, which may have been the most important thing he did.
        I just want this madness to stop. The country is falling apart while the Normies just live their blissfully ignorant lives. I know a lot are patriotic, but they hate politics. … Fuck that, They need that shock to their system, like Parents of Children in schools teaching CRAP.

    • BigRed57 says:

      That’s why they’re politicians

    • Tribe39 says:

      Did you hear Jocko’s “If I were president…” Our leaders need to take notes or be replaced by people who will actually lead.

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        Absolutely. Amazing!
        There is zero doubt in my mind that Jocko is not a Leader.
        A damn fine one at that. He lead men into combat.
        I feel the Future Leaders of America will be Veterans…. i.e. Jocko, Parnell, Kent. Gabbard etc.

        • Lp4567 says:

          Don’t forget Marcus lutrells brother in Texas .. but be weary because Crenshaw is a vet and until today has been silent on everything for months

          • Turk_Longwell says:

            I’m watching Dan. Seeing what he says and does.
            I’ll check out Marcus now, too. He lived through some shit.

      • Genova says:

        ive heard that every year for a decade an no one has even attempted to make a change and become a leader (except for Trump) Americans are pussies, you know this. they are scared to do anything and get in trouble. While we saw the left get out there and cause mayhem, the right just sat there and complained on the internet. Conservatives are weak, all talk on the internet and nothing more. we watch other countries unite and protest and cause mayham, why cant reds grow a pair and take back their nation?

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          Sorry. I DON’T know Americans are pussies.
          Have you not been paying attention lately.
          There have been protest and Americans standing up.
          The Game has changed. It’s so bad now, many are forced to pay attention.
          Trump did that. He brought eye balls to the shitstorm of the politicians.
          Many Conservatives or whoever they are, I don’t consider myself Conservative,
          I’m American and I’m paying attention now. Millions are also.
          Like those countries you speak of, it took crazy lockdowns and mandates for them to stand up.
          “to cause mayhem” .. Mayhem isn’t the answer, Friend.
          Pessimism doesn’t help.
          We need to beat the US Establishment to it. Make our voices louder than their own lies.
          So continue Speaking Up and Out. Be that squeaky wheel.

    • AuntSusie says:

      You are so right! Trump would never have let those troops go until every American and the “vetted Afgan” friendly’s and allies were out…at 300 per plane,4planes per hr on a 24 hrs a day schedule x 6 days…it could be done but they would have to keep landing empty planes and preloading them to get them all out in time…logistics would be the issue to get people to the right locations.

  216. Plaguen says:

    This is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

  217. says:

    Amazing episode tonight, Looking forward to this!

  218. jonmal3xand3r says:

    SKB in the house. Love his truthfulness and very informative.