Posobiec And Forrest Cooper Member Podcast: Veritas Drops NEW Leak, COVID Camps Announced By CDC LAST YEAR

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Posobiec And Forrest Cooper Member Podcast: Veritas Drops NEW Leak, COVID Camps Announced By CDC LAST YEAR
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119 responses to “Posobiec And Forrest Cooper Member Podcast: Veritas Drops NEW Leak, COVID Camps Announced By CDC LAST YEAR”

  1. TheBatman64 says:

    No accountability = no consequences

    it’s a club and we ain’t in it

  2. crass2047 says:

    I want the ultra-spicy shit in these members only segments. I don’t want to pay , then just get F-bombs over the same exact subject from the YouTube segment. Come on! Make these fucking controversial!

  3. mpj32 says:

    We get it Tim. You can swear here.

  4. JamoeCW says:

    ‘it is like the green thing’
    the world is going to freeze if we don’t do something.
    the world will fry if we don’t do something.
    humans are the ones causing the climate to change.
    humans are accelerating the change of climate to a point that the world can’t keep up.
    humans are causing a breakdown in mechanisms that keep the climate stable.

    so if you actually listen to the science, then the sun causes the climate to change. greenhouse gases control the rate. the main green house gas is water. CO2 makes up 3% of the atmosphere, and humans at most cause 30% of the CO2. the ocean acidification is the result of the CO2 trapped in a certain layer of the ocean getting released due to the raising temperature. that means that at best humans have moved up the time table of ocean acidification (not the rate it happens, just when it happens), as well as the rapid spike in CO2 levels causing ‘climate change’ (again not the rate, just when it happens). so all of the dying off of species being human’s fault is wrong on its face (the very numbers to make the argument).

  5. Bobbistargalactica says:

    Seems like the easiest way to invade a country, with the least money, casualties and organization necessary is to make immigration limitless and unchecked.

  6. Bignate says:

    Man. That got dark at the end.

  7. EchosandWhisper says:

    Tim asked what to buy and the paramount thing I always see missed is TOOLS! All manual, all types. Hammers, saws, chisels, screwdrivers, various hardware, screws, nails, hinges, replacements for things you can operate now like locks or door hardware, plumbing tools. All tools. All components that apply to you. Think of what you know and use, and what you can do to maintain it, this includes your car/transport. Caulking for windows, roof patch material for leaks, water is your nemesis and will break everything it touches. Know how and when to use it. Know how to use your tools and improvise. You might have a mismatched wrench to bolt/nut, but a pair of vise grips and a pair of driver bits can work in a pinch with good enough clearance.

    Fix for yourself and you’ll be ahead of the game. This alone is a real world skill that is good pre or post apocalypse.

    • Bignate says:

      That ties in well to the part about the long aged blue zone people that keep themselves busy with a purpose. That resonated with me.

    • skibum says:

      100% right. It kills me when Tim suggests buying mouthwash as some great idea, when distilling ethanol in great quantities is relatively easy and can be done from almost anything. Weapons and quality tools are number 1 and 2 in any long term survival scenario. If you’re going to store any alcohol, store 70% ethanol which has 100 uses, not freaking mouthwash!

  8. EchosandWhisper says:

    One’s own personal sovereignty is at risk if we continue to play ball with our own government. It’s evident to anyone with eyes that you, the freedom loving person is the target. I don’t care if it’s “great reset” or what, given what we’ve seen it’s painfully obvious they have overplayed their hand and if we don’t call their bluff on this, we all lose, and likely for many generations and their revolution we will never have helped.

    The second amendment is just for this. It protects the first, and protects yourself. If we refuse to stare the tyranny in the face, we may as well sell the guns we have and buy ourselves looser fitting chains.

    If we the people do not affirm our rights, we may as well abandon them now and begin writing our apology letters to our grandchildren. I know I’ll be able to open mine saying “I didn’t stay silent, I didn’t hide as a coward…”

    We must support those who want freedom and personal choice.

  9. Zack Jordan says:

    So when ever I try to logon on my phone on google chrome it doesn’t actually log in. Time to switch phone browsers (It was before this, I was just being lazy) it worked fine on the default phone browser. Google must really hate Tim lol.

  10. AvocadoPrime says:

    My job (behavioral health field) is mandating everyone take the vaccine come October 1st. I talked it over with my wife and she is behind me. I’m NOT doing it. I’m not taking the vaccine because I own my own body. I’m not taking it because a line has to be drawn somewhere. It’s a vaccine today that the organization requires. Tomorrow, it’ll be an app the organization wants us to install on our phones. They’ll keep pushing these authoritarian measures until enough of us push back.

    For anyone reading this and saying to themselves, “Oh well, it’s easy for this guy to get fired. He probably has a lot saved up.” No, I don’t. In fact, we have two small children. But what kind of man, what kind of a father would I be if I said and did things I don’t believe just to go along with the common group think? I want my children to be courageous, honest, and to stand up for what they believe in. That doesn’t happen if I am not willing to do the same.

    My family is potentially looking at some hard times. I think we are all looking at hard times looming in the very near future. But if enough of us push back and not comply, we can turn the tide.

    Thank you Tim for all of the hard work you do.

    • MerBear says:

      ❤️ You are doing the right thing. I am praying for strength and provision for your family and a reversal of these super bad mandates coming from employers. The bible says that in the end times everyone will be required to take a mark on the arm or forehead to participate in the economy. I grew up grateful that in America we were free, and did not fathom how quickly we would be marching toward such a time. I believe we can delay or reverse bad policy. I’m just not sure when we, as a nation and people, will give up and usher in something very dark that will be unstoppable. In the end Christ wins though there are tough times ahead.

    • Dougie_B says:

      We support your very difficult decision here as well. Organizations need to be formed worldwide to organize large groups of people to push back against the authoritarism we now see. Good luck and I hope it works out wonderfully for you.

  11. Noah_Pologies says:

    Salt!! buy salt and be careful who you trust and even then trust not

  12. Fxs888 says:

    Yeah, the republic is turning into an autocracy. But really because they can’t afford one anymore. Maybe this virus, and the major media/social pressure is just there to cover the popping of the “everything bubble”. The problem is that these fuckups running the State have made a career of gold plating major SNAFUS. They are not aware that they are in fact killing the goose with the golden eggs. They want this Great Reset to imagine away their actual bankruptcy. The world was at 350% debt/GDP before Covid. Destroying the economy will not permit to remain rich after they threw all the ones creating the solutions that pay in their “Green Zones”. Their system is too complicated to be run by self interested incompetents. Right now it’s everyone for themselves. The Oligarchy we’ve been living under in the West for the past century is failing. Their strategy is inane and destructive. This will end in major strife and violence. The second the MAJOR economic problems hit, no food, no power, no safety, swarms of proles bashing the door down etc all bets are off. Nobody will care about more than tomorrow’s plan to survive. It’s not in the food man, it’s in the airwaves.

    • Gralin says:

      There’s a lot I agree with in your comment. I just want to correct one notion, though: Debt, GDP, Interest, Inflation,.. it doesn’t matter to people creating Cantillon Effects. The only thing that matters in an economic “reset” is who is holding onto hard assets, real estate, arable land, transportation rights and routes, food, guns, etc.,. Makes no difference if currencies everywhere collapse. It’s basically a massive repo/foreclosure exercise. Doesn’t matter if a loaf of bread costs a penny or a benjamin if you’re the only person legally selling it.

  13. teammaylin@gmail.com says:

    It’s not in the food. It’s an oversensitivity of the tests. Car tailpipes are testing positive. They control the testing, the control the pandemic.

  14. DoubleDownDee says:

    Wining the Culture War: Christians need to appeal to the MILLIONS of Latin/South Americans, and we ALL know who represents Christians. Just let new arrivals know Democrats are aiding human trafficking/child rape, parental rights removal for chemical/physical castration of their children, and drag queen story hour, and Democrat rule is OVER!!!!

    • MacOsborn says:

      That’s actually a good idea. All of the missionaries should spread that message. Let them know the obstacles they’ll have to overcome when they come to the U.S. and why the democrats are pushing a Marxist agenda.

  15. coldwater says:

    Yup…the ruling class can always follow up with the “climate change” war cry if people stop buying the covid nonsense. They have a whole bag of tricks and an entire department of education to make sure everyone from kindergarten thru university buys it all; hook, line, and sinker.

  16. michael1993mujadin@gmail.com says:

    ian always brings up that covid in the ice cream article all the time to have his soy alex jones moment. like enjoy ian, but it’s just annoying to see someone who can’t follow try to pretend or be involved in something when it would have been more respectable, constructive, or beneficial to the conversation alone. if he just stayed quiet and is talking about something not even close to the direction or topic of the conversation. like its more respectable and intelligent when a person knows their limits or extent to what they know and can contribute. again love ian, but sigh stop repeating stuff that was essentially a tabloid article especially coming from the guy who was surprised news publishers will publish articles if they’re paid to say something specific from reputable news publishers.

  17. BethanyJM23 says:

    The United States regime has given its people every reason to NOT trust IT.

  18. Kedium says:

    Paw Paw Fruit had covid.. I thought the tests were shit.

  19. PseudoSwede says:

    Wasn’t COVID on ice cream a CCP propaganda narrative from a year or so ago?

  20. PseudoSwede says:

    Trick question. The babies have to die in order to produce the vaccine. And having any sort of moral or religious objection to that does not qualify for exemption because there is no such thing. It’s A Brave New World…

  21. DarthSarkas says:

    You guys gotta look at the theory that Padme didn’t lose the will to live. Palpatine took her life to save Anakin’s through the Force. It’s well thought-out and fits right into the Dark Side.

  22. tjmagster3 says:

    Covid in the food? Must have been using the PCR test. 90% of the humans taking that test were given false positive results!

  23. Surprise_Mechanics says:

    Check out the swine flu of 1973

    • Surprise_Mechanics says:

      Also, Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles has already begun restricting hospital visits to only those who are vaccinated or who have had a negative test within the last 72 hours. Not sure how it works if you have an emergency…

  24. Blanka1969 says:

    To you and guests discussing fema capms look at design of all Walmart stores then look up closed stores on browser most cited reasons are plumbing then look at dates they were closed nationwide the dates are all within 4 months

  25. Pelosisabeoch says:

    So, is the government even relevant anymore? What happeneds when everyone just ignored the government.

  26. HumanLivesMatter says:

    About the “food covid”: In Italy scientists tried out, what the Covid test would say to a Kiwi fruit (therefore you should know, that certain food starches can provoke – like human blood- an equal reaction n to luminol -you know this may be from your tv series). So the Kiwi tested positive for Covid – and the news outlet started with trees getting Covid. Actually it’s more proof of the inaccuracy of the test. Otherwise, you could in an emergency replace blood with potato starch.

  27. bosse says:

    Interesting that Trump’s CDC created this Shielding Approach…

  28. Look_fat_ says:

    Going forward I will only allow my nieces and nephews to refer to me as Uncle Batman

  29. h_marie says:

    The guy is right about reading to prepare. Getting some instructional (paper) books. People dont know how to do anything anymore. Most of us are screwed when pre-made, spoon-fed America dies.

  30. tomusher says:

    What should you buy? A question that rolls around my head every day. It seems that the answer, at least mine, is buy the things that you’ll need to be self sufficient when the supply chain is wiped out. Think of the tools and equipment you use on a daily basis. then the the tools you need from time to time. Saw blades, tractor parts, chicken wire, oil, grease, etc. Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, hoes. Handles for those farm implements because handles do break. Think of the tools you might need without power available and get them. Then learn how to maintain them and get the tools necessary for that task ( files, honing stones, etc). Get tires for your vehicles if needed. Oil filters. All of the normal wear and tear things needed for all of the vehicles.

    I could go on and on with this. I guess the thing to think about, once you live in a rural area and have the food and water thing pretty well sorted, is maintenance, how do you keep the essentials going when you can’t get the parts. As an example, I have an old tractor so I keep extra ignition parts around. That’s a real weak spot that I know will fail.

    Then think bigger. How’s the roof on the house? Any culverts need work around the place? Rock to fix up the driveway? Brother, it never ends!

  31. keldan says:

    My husband has been stocking up on Patriot supply, extra water, paper goods, medical supplies, we have 2 generators, etc…..not so much to last for 20 yrs but a few months. We actually found water in CANS…which lasts for months and months.

  32. BIGDOGDAD says:

    The new gold and silver (or BTC and ETH) is canned goods and ammo.

  33. MotherStraun says:

    The state using thermals to monitor power usage got it’s start by the DEA trying to bust indoor grow houses.

  34. beharris9 says:

    Covid in food is nonsense. The virus can’t survive in the temperature required for ice cream. Also eating a virus is an extraordinarily difficult way to get infected, since the acid in your stomach is a vital part of your immune system.

  35. keldan says:

    My husband works for Orlando Health and the highest number who AREN’T getting the vaccine, are Drs and nurses.

  36. Vmanzo says:

    Uhhhh did Tim just call padme a cunt?😂

  37. SadDog says:

    It’s not in the food, covid has never bin isolated

  38. Scorpion911 says:

    Ian , IPA is used to clean raw resin off the prints , and ultraviolet light cures the prints after it they have been cleaned. Raw resin is very toxic and and has to be cured before you can handle it. That is why you have to wear gloves and at least a painting mask, when working with raw resein. You also have cure any waste resin before you throw it out.

  39. WorkTimeGrind says:

    The CDC knows that a lot of us carry guns right? The “undesirables” have a fuckin ton of firepower. Good luck taking me to a camp.

  40. MrBean420 says:

    I’m in! Find me I’m your Huckleberry, Say When. Tim shouldnt have taken down the episode but he fights his way the rest of us workers, drones and leaders need to get TF on the same page or Yuri was right we are in the last part of his 4 step plan. Ironically Tim also believes this 4 step plan to heaven on earth or str8 he’ll! This is a good thing listen when this fkr says Trump (don’t h8 seriously fkn listen) was Bombastic and an asshole basically, our boy T was that guy love it or become something to it or hate this idea. We all have to fight are big or small battle together even if we ain’t physically together 💯 💪. No violence is the way to go but and SERIOUSLY FKN BUUUTTTT….. sometimes one has to defend themselves or their property or Fam or Friends in this strange situation. Don’t do anything stupid is the best way to get out of a bad situation so use ur brains don’t walk into another thing 🤷 or be lead into something, always make ur own way forward , even if u can’t lead u can be the person that doesn’t lead by voice or even amongst the group popularity wise but from lowest to highest still will inspire ppl to tread on keep digging hunker TF down and be the inspiration to fight on! This is not about one man this is about the American Way the American lifestyle and the American Dream(I probably won’t be getting it but I’m ok with that too. I just work here Boss 😆 🤣. Stand up for each other and talk sense and not cents to our kids and rest of Fam believe in blood or the closest thing to it Fight by ur brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers everyone. Protect our side at all costs let them show shame like all of us know they will and then make the move to make permanent contact and let the whole world know who WE ACTUALLY ARE!

  41. PurpleLouie says:

    I am absolutely terrified at all this…. we gotta just keep in mind that nobody is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves…

  42. Ians_hallucination says:

    Why the fuck cant the bonus segs be an hour?? Hell rogans podcasts are 3 hrs (when they are good)

    • AmericaFirst says:

      Tim’s excuse when asked this before was “well I do 4 hours total on my other channels too”

      He doesn’t get that we don’t care about him solo-opining on a news article.
      We’d rather see this type of content

    • UppityG says:

      @Hallucin, damn fine question. I keep suggesting that the YT podcast be 1.5 hrs instead of 2, so the bonuscast can be 1 hr long. Maybe if more of us ask for it, it’ll happen.

  43. Mel Lester says:

    Ian is high as shit.. Ian’s the guy who went to space camp in the sixth grade and never went back but acts like he has some supreme knowledge and knows what he is talking about. I wish he’d come back from Sci-fi land and back to reality so just maybe he could add some useful information to the conversation.

    fusion energy has been 30 years away since the 1940s. and its NEVER been a net positive energy source. it cost BILLIONS just to make the SCALED down prototypes. The technology is still at least 10-20 years out not adding in the time to build them at your local power station and the private money that would need to be raised to actually build one.

    graphene isn’t even close to being rapidly reproducible in ANY type of industrial application. (Not to mention the cost, energy, and toxic by-products it produces to make it)

    We have had SAFE nuclear power such as molten salt reactors since the 1950. If we were really worried about CO2 we would be using nuclear power or the many variants of reactors.

    • Scorpion911 says:

      From Tim’s reactions, I think he is there for comic relief.

    • UppityG says:

      @Mel, zakly. But Crossland is like the 13 yr old who wanders into an adult convo and hears something that reminds him of something, then he blurts it out and the adults, trying to be kind, indulge him for a few minutes. Which he proceeds to interpret as validation that he is as smart as an adult. Trouble is, he’s 40 FFS.

      @Scorpion, Pool doesn’t need Crossland for comic relief, he’s pretty funny on his own. He really needs to cycle in some guest co-hosts and pare Crossland down to a subject specific appearance. At least as far as I’m concerned.

      • Mel Lester says:

        @uppityg completely agree, once in a blue moon he has something he throws in I agree with. I like how he tries to ask the guest their opinion but the other 99% of the time I think he throws the conversation off track.

  44. docbill224 says:

    Check out southernprepper1 and Engineer775 on YouTube

  45. Xylanor says:

    Again, this is sounding more and more like The Division

  46. MR_Bud_SmokeR says:

    Alex Jones was right.

  47. DorseyWoods says:

    I’ll make that flag edit for you.

  48. NavyWhale says:

    Anyone else having audio issues here? I can’t hear any audio at all.

  49. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Just to add to the numbers, I’ve got a masters in business stuff and am hesitant as fuck about all of this. The other day at the doctor they just said I was stupid not to get it, didn’t offer any other information, then went back into an unrelated SOP conversation… Strange.

    • NeverMetTheGuy says:

      I have no idea how to edit a comment, but fuggit.

      This should have gone on a little longer; there was more crazy conversation about to happen.

      • UppityG says:

        @Never, yeah, we’re all lobbying for an Edit button, among other essentials, as this comment app is very rudimentary and likely pretty “cheap.” And I think we’re stuck with it for the foreseeable future. 🤷‍♂️

  50. Zacharycalton says:

    If you need help with the printer let me know I have only been doing it for 4 years lol. Don’t get the Saturn if you want to do helmets look into Phrozen.

  51. KekLordGrey says:

    soooo… the shelters will become a massive game of “TAG” with the “UNZ” touching the “VAXED”.?

  52. PapaShrek says:

    I’m sorry but they’re reading an article from July 26, 2020 on that whole community living Shield approach. Of course, not much was known so they developed a contingency plan. That seems fairly normal to a pandemic in its infancy. If this was written in July 26, 2021 THEN I’d be very concerned…

    • NoOne123 says:

      In Oregon, during a snowstorm earlier this year or late last year there was a local news story that there is a covid isolation facility being built somewhere near Portland. The facilities are coming. Don’t let your cognitive dissonance convince you not to take it seriously and not to prepare accordingly. You can’t afford to not take this seriously. Its not hard to think ahead of the rhetoric they push today. Everyone throughout history during revolutions where they round people up for execution or to detain them in masse likely had the same thought of, “that can’t happen here” you hear that all the time with tragic events. It absolutely can and it will.

      If you think that they handled afghanistan poorly and that means they wont be efficient in rounding people up, i promise you they absolutely will. I promise you that if you start having men show up at your door they will be cordial, calm, and professional about it. Do not get onto that train. Do not let them take you because that will be the end and there will be no one coming to save you if you do.

  53. battygirlrachel@gmail.com says:

    They probably want it to go through adjudicators instead of judges because USCIS can issue guidance/directives in the form of memorandums for adjudicators (basically its an interpretation of the law; ie laws tend not to get into the nitty gritty or are a little vague which allows for interpretation, sometime the interpretation is more strict which would likely require more checks and documents, sometimes its more loose) to give a little context, about ten yrs ago it was taking USCIS anywhere from a few months to years to process immigration benefits of almost any kind; they were so backlogged in processing petitions for spouses of a US citizen, they had even created a new visa class, K3. within a couple of yrs many applications started to be adjudicated in a matter of days. part of that may be due to hiring more immigration officers but given the amount of backlogs that would have been a huge increase in hiring to get the backlog down that quick… I suspect a directive was given where they didn’t have to be as stringent… which means unless there was something blaringly wrong they just approve the paperwork and don’t look into issues until after the benefit is granted and something happens to prompt a further looksie.

  54. UnlikeyCrow says:

    Tim describing the opening of Small Soldiers is pretty cool.

  55. Lildav3232 says:

    i hate to say this. but what if all the leaders knew about the virus and let it get released in order to use it to get all the people in line? does it not seem like that is what is happening. brainwashing everyone. making kids wear masks. then get vaxed. then the next thing and the next. the dropouts and the phds better start fighting ha

    • TheDarkworld says:

      Hate to be that asshole but that was like conspiracy theory zero as far as covid is concerned. Something like that or “China made it to kill old people”

    • Plaguen says:

      I’m pretty sure Alex Jones said an airborne virus was going to be the next big pandemic to gain control. This was 2 years ago. I hate when he’s right.

    • NeverMetTheGuy says:

      You’re making a lot of sense, bro. Beijing Biden and his crack-smoke son are quite possibly literally in bed with China, Fauci seems like he can’t be trusted, and all of this just seems way too strange for it to be an actual thing that’s happening. Everyone seems a little too connected to this, and the virus still has pieces in it’s DNA (I think it’s the DNA, but I’m not a skyintizt) that appears to have been injected into an area where other viruses don’t have any genetic information. Peak Prosperity discussed it a few times in his videos, but I have no idea which one.

  56. UunholyBacon says:

    when are you guys going to get a shirt with dr fouchi just yelling “the droplets are comming” ?

  57. Kyle253 says:

    Why the fuck isnt anyone talking about why yesterday’s video is gone? What did I miss?

    • ajr5244 says:

      b/c tim deleted it himself and is going on along with the narrative that YT censored him to rally for his cause

    • Monster says:

      Kurt made some off collar comments and you know tim cant handle that. He said the solution to covid is for the young and healthy to just catch it it get natural immunity, Hes right. They also talked about the fall of Rome. Ian said that during the fall they assassinated the senators and kurt said hey that would be a good way to start here.

    • Alucard says:

      Because Kurt said get it so your not scared of it because he and his wife got it and were fine the only way to get over it

    • UppityG says:

      @Kyle, I suspect it was Pool’s idea, likely because Schlicter talked about “non-approved” ways to handle the coof. If so, it would certainly deny YT the ban hammer move and that feels a whole lot better than getting the censor strike that makes no sense, is un-Constitutional, violates their Sec 230 immunity requirements that is tolerated by the courts because we have too many idiots on the bench who think Sec 230 means the opposite of what it states.

      It’s on Rumble. From now on, just go there to watch the podcast archive, don’t bother with YT except for the livestream. Last I heard, Rumble is working on monetizing its livestream option and when that happens, I expect Pool will hold “sensitive topic” podcasts there exclusively. When that happens, then I’ll be willing to Join the channel in order to Rumblechat questions I’d like addressed to the guest.

      I have no intention of giving YT my real name and address just to be able to superchat. Any company behaving the way YT does inside America would only proceed to rat out its self-identified users to the govt on demand and that govt is currently lead by an old, egomaniacal, demented, liar.

  58. KekLordGrey says:

    Forrest “ODDBALL”… bruh… it’s a complement and ya need to watch “Kelly’s Heroes”.

  59. Lazlo says:

    250K illegals a month? This country is heading down an unholy path. We need to peacefully separate as Michael Malice says.

  60. UunholyBacon says:

    i hate that your show has only ever brought me is fear and anger for what’s next… don’t stop giving us prospective Tim.

  61. Turk_Longwell says:

    Also… Shut up about Encoding.
    It gets old after 73 Episodes.

  62. Turk_Longwell says:

    I got Yelled at Yesterday,
    Maybe because I said F to the Cali Elites ands also Their Minions.
    Listen. Listen.
    If you are here on this website.
    You are not a Minion.
    You are For the People.
    IDC where you live.
    If you are For the People.
    You are One of Us.

    We DO need to start working together.
    Think about it.
    If you’re Willing to fight of this Country, in the Ways You, Yourself Can?
    We’re not Tim, but we can make a Difference Together.
    Just Saying.
    It’s True.
    Am I Alone in this?

  63. Lord_Ecktor says:

    Kumon, mayn…
    Encoding still? I wonder if it’s an issue or smth

  64. Lazlo says:


  65. fusion311 says: