Kurt Schlichter Members Podcast: Biden is MIA AGAIN, NSA Says He Hasn't Met World Leaders Amid Afghan Crisis

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Kurt Schlichter Members Podcast: Biden is MIA AGAIN, NSA Says He Hasn’t Met World Leaders Amid Afghan Crisis
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233 responses to “Kurt Schlichter Members Podcast: Biden is MIA AGAIN, NSA Says He Hasn’t Met World Leaders Amid Afghan Crisis”

  1. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    Do we really think they have clocks in the White House and Camp David that have to be MANUALLY adjusted? Give me a break.

    By the way, @Tim Pool. When you submit a comment it refreshes the browser and resets the video to the beginning.

  2. KDiddy says:

    The most interesting thing I think about a vampire…? Is that they cannot see their own reflection.

  3. Our debit and credit cards are ledger money. Catherine Austin Fitts is pushing to slow down the transition with “cash only Friday.” Any purchases on Friday, using paper currency.

    Catherine original discovered there were trillions that had disappeared from the HUD budget through the use of undocumented adjustments. Doubting that, Dr. Mark Skidmore and some grad students did a deep dive into HUD and DOD and discovered in excess of $21 trillion in undocumented adjustments.

    Bix Weir believes that Alan Greenspan is Satoshi Nakamoto. He points to the Road to Roota comic books at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston website for proof of his hypothesis.

    Interesting about the river delta. I didn’t know that, either. Droughts in California are cyclical and have been happening for thousands of years. If it were me, I’d build lots more desalinization plants powered by SMRs.

  4. Homeworlds says:

    It’s Camp David. There’s no way that someone shammed that hard for that long. Those clocks are too important, even under Prez Flashbang46.

  5. Artrichstudio says:

    Government is incompetent BUT these clocks are synced up to other clocks and systems. Worked in the IC for 6 years. Clocks being off matters and does not happen. Clocks off at DMV is something else.

  6. Turk_Longwell says:

    I Raise a Halleluiah .

    Sing a little Lotter.

  7. BulldogJohn says:

    The IRL has been on for more than 30mins and Lydia hasn’t taken it down yet. Very good sign.

  8. UppityG says:

    6pm Wed, just watched the bonuscast and read a few of the comments and I can confirm: the public podcast is not on YT, just a couple of clips. I checked Bitchute because Timcast has a channel there too–so far, nothing. But it is on Rumble–good.

    When I heard Pool mention the Electoral College for the state and why it would keep any state from becoming a single party state, but it would esp balance the large population states of NY, CA, FL and TX. Now, TX and FL serve as a kinda sorta counter-balance to the blue slanted CA and NY. It’s an idea I’ve been promoting when I comment pertinent to the upload.

    But I have to say, the longer I watch how so much cheating is tolerated in our elections, I’m increasingly sure that the only reason Dems win anything is because they stuff the ballot box. They have so many bad ideas. Lots of feelings, lots and lots of feeling sorry for X and Y but no clue how to help. Plus, people who lead with their feels are very easy to manipulate by opportunists who will present a never-ending stream of groups and identities in need of salvation.

    I know, I used to be a Dem. Path to Hell pavers extraordinaire and they never learn from their mistakes. Why? Because they refuse to admit they made a mistake. Because if they did that, they’d have to reflect on why. Self-reflection is downright painful to progs because they start to see where they keep fucking up and then they feel bad and then they need their hands held and told that they’re ok. And they’re right back where they started: cooking up hare-brained ideas to Pave the Path to Hell, but they’ll convince themselves that this time, YES, THIS TIME Will Be Different. For progs, the real lesson keeps getting skirted because that lesson will be quite painful and will profoundly change how they see everything. And they’re convinced they cannot survive it.

    Nonsense, of course. Yes, they can survive it and it will make them stronger. Just look at Pool for proof.

    As far as the Delta fresh water issue is concerned, why don’t they dam the fresh water outlets at the mouth of the Delta, harvest the smelt fish for pet food and fertilizer and route the fresh water where we need it. Don’t answer that question, we all know why. Not because we can’t do it, because they’d rather kill people.

    If I recall correctly, in the public podcast Schlicter talked about why we don’t win wars decisively anymore, because we won’t go balls to the wall, to hit hard and kill until we get a total surrender. Then I think I heard Pool or Crossland say “good.” To which I shook my head.

    When you go into a war to win, and you come on fast, hard, take no prisoners, it saves the right lives and takes fewer of the enemy’s lives, esp collateral lives, because they see they’re out gunned and stop putting up a fight. When we string it out, more of our people are put at greater risk and more of the enemy’s people are exposed to risk on a chronic level.

    We have too many squishy progs interrupting because they can’t handle reality.

  9. mr.galusha@sbcglobal.net says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Tim Pool and others like him (Steve Bannon, joe Rogan etc) are the VANGUARD for blowing the fake news firewall and sending them straight to the bottom of the trash can. Donate the ten bucks a month. Get real news here and elsewhere. WE ARE WINNING the information war. It’s going to take time. Stick with it. Redpill everyone you can. Liberals and Conservatives unite! Down with the globalists and the establishment!

  10. AntonioRouen says:

    *****Tim and crew. Anyway we can see the entire podcast that was yanked off YouTube?????? Pretty please with a cherry on top. Its not any were here i can find , nor do I see it on Bitchute .

    • UppityG says:

      @Antonio, it is on Rumble, I just now re-watched it there. I’m gonna guess that it’s not on Bitchute *yet* because it takes a long time to upload there.

  11. infinityphotorob says:

    This getting yanked off YouTube made me finally come sign up and join the resistance. All of this stuff is getting scary. I can not believe the masses are just letting it happen with blindfolds on. No one willing to resist, no one cares, just comply because it is easier. Every punk rock fucker I grew up with is basically on the other side now pushing for obedience. I guess they were never anti authority or free thinkers. They just wanted to be cool.

    • Mattical1980 says:

      Same. I’m 40, so I was a teenager in the 90s. Somehow all the people grew up with wearing “Anarchy” tee-shirts and talking about how corrupt the system was (in the 90s, let alone now), are all the same people I see on fb demanding mask mandates, vaccine passports, and wearing “what would Fauci do?” shirts (unironically), turning their nose up to me and calling me an ignorant hillbilly because I still care about individual rights and have guns. All the while not being able to see that they’re the one’s that changed. Fucking crazy.

      • AntonioRouen says:

        Same here. I am 43, about 95% of all my former friends have become brain washed drones, whom no longer care to think. They only do what they are told now.

        • Syxysypyrmyn57 says:

          What you didn’t realize is that they were brain watched drones back then too. These people don’t have the ability to critically think. I’m 30 and see the same thing with the same crowd from my generation. They always just followed someone else and parrot thier beliefs. It’s not a coincidence

  12. Chacon87 says:

    Its undisputed at this point. Ian is a raging leftists. Those who hate the country for the faults of the corrupt leader’s really don’t understand. Its all left brain. No wonder he has so much leftist rage. Sad

  13. WeaponizedSmirk says:

    Gavin Newsom tried to get the recall stopped which tells me his internal numbers are dreadful.

  14. PseudoSwede says:

    I propose two potential show names for Ian’s breakout endeavor; the obvious and effortless ‘Iancast Not IRL,’ or simply ‘Semantics w/ Ian Crossland.’


  15. Russ says:

    From a news source with a quote from the Taliban representative-

    America saw this Taliban spokesman stating:

    We would like to express our gratitude to almighty God for having brought us to this stage. I would like to thank God for giving freedom to this nation. The Islamic Emirate, after freedom of this nation is not going to seek revenge on anybody, we don’t have any grudges against anybody.

    We have pardoned anyone, all those who had fought against us. We don’t want to repeat any conflict anymore again. We want to do away with the factors for conflict.

    Therefore, the Islamic Emirate does not have any kind of hostility or animosity with anybody; animosities have come to an end and we would like to live peacefully. We don’t want any internal enemies and any external enemies.

    We would like to assure that the areas where there are embassies, there will be complete security. Therefore all foreign countries and your representatives, your embassies, your missions, international organisations, aid agencies, I would like to assure you that we will not allow anybody to do anything against you. Your security is assured

    I would like to assure the international community, including the United States that nobody will be a harmed in Afghanistan. I would like to assure our neighbours, regional countries, we are not going to allow our territory to be used against anybody, any country in the world. So the whole global community should be assured that we are committed to these pledges that you will not be harmed in any way from our soil.

    The issue of women is very important. The Islamic Emirate is committed to the rights of women within the framework of Sharia. Our sisters, our men have the same rights; they will be able to benefit from their rights. They can have activities in different sectors and different areas on the basis of our rules and regulations: educational, health and other areas. They are going to be working with us, shoulder to shoulder with us. The international community, if they have concerns, we would like to assure them that there’s not going to be any discrimination against women, but of course within the frameworks that we have. Our women are Muslim. They will also be happy to be living within our frameworks of Sharia.

    Other countries also have different rules, different policies, different viewpoints, different approaches and policies they use and different rules and regulations. In the same way, Afghans also have the right to have their own rules and regulations and policies so that their advantage from the profit of the nation of the people, so that they’re in accordance with our values, so nobody should be worried about our norms and principles.

    Once again I would like to assure the media, we are committed to media within our cultural frameworks.

    Private media can continue to be free and independent, they can continue their activities – with some requests for the media.

    One, is that Islam is a very important value in our country and nothing should be against Islamic values.

    When it comes to the activities of the media therefore, Islamic values should be taken into account when it comes to the activities of the media, when it comes to developing your programmes.

    Therefore, the media should be impartial. Impartiality of the media is very important.

    They can critique our work, so that we can improve

    The media should not work against national values, against national unity. When it comes to ethnic differences, religious differences and hostilities, they should not be actually promoted by the media, they should work on the country for the unity of the nation to have peaceful brotherly living together.

  16. DavidFlora says:


  17. beharris9 says:

    Tim that argument about the bay is incorrect. California is dumping MAN MADE reservoirs into the rivers feeding the bay. They are wasting the water that is collected into man made reservoirs. There isn’t a threat that the bay is going to become saline because the only reason it’s like that now is because humans are dumping water reserves into it.

  18. KaziTheGreat says:

    The USD is an IRL Game of hot potato.

  19. GrandmaSauce says:

    This is the first Members Only video I have watched and find it hilarious how many times Tim says ‘fuck’ LOL

    • 2pairofaces says:

      This episode has a relatively low fpm (fucks per minute). Go through some of his earlier ones where it seems like he was overloaded on “fucks” that he held in on YouTube, and once he let one out, he literally couldn’t stop.

      A few favorites of mine are the Bannon episode and Alex Jones episode. They’re not super high on the fpm, but just good overall, and since you’ve paid, you should definitely watch/listen.

  20. CNN_sucks says:

    Ian is embarrasing. You dont know how many US citizens stranded in afghanistan? Do you even read like current events? You made the leftists look bad.

  21. RPascucci says:

    This guy was annoying as all hell. He doesn’t listen he just talks over everyone.

  22. Astarr1462 says:

    This dude is such a fraud, he wants to take the neocon position on Afghanistan soo bad u can see it. Ppl like this guy are the enemy, they keep the ppl we need on our side confused and obedient by claiming the system can still work. It can’t, the constitution doesn’t mean anything because nothing happens to the ppl who violate it.

  23. Astarr1462 says:

    The fact that anyone can sit there and go down the list of everything that has failed in this country (which is almost everything) and still act like there are solutions to be had in this system is beyond me. We have the largest most powerful government the world has ever known and that happened under the constitution which supposedly limits government. The Supreme Court should never be able to bind the entire country to a ruling only the parties involved. Who agreed to all this bs? I never consented to any of it.

  24. Chilli_P says:

    A government can not take your rights away they canonly infringe open them. The point is that your rights are always there and when a tyrannical government infringe on those rights they never disappear they are there and they are the proof that the ones trying to stiffel freedom are evil because they try to crush your God given rights

  25. BuckeyeFergy says:

    Hey, does anybody know if this show on YouTube got deleted? I was watching it and I was about 30 minutes behind being live and all of a sudden it said the video was unavailable and I kept hitting retry and after about 20 times of doing that it kicked me to my main feed on YouTube, and the video disappeared, and it isn’t in my watch history. Anybody know for sure? Does Tim know?

  26. NoOne123 says:

    Tim is starting to become a genuine threat in media to the left. They’re starting to ramp up methods to try and discredit him and disrupt his cashflow and audience. That news article was just the beginning. There’s twitter accounts being made to purposely misrepresent Tim and his audience. Expect this to get much worse and also expect infiltrators looking over chat logs for anything they can use against him and his audience.

  27. eric8604 says:

    Theres no such thing as a Biden supporter. Only a Trump hater of Democrat boot licker. No sane person can actually support what this clown is doing right now

  28. Conor says:

    Super happy this episode is here in full. Kurt is always good value.

  29. skibum says:

    The clock thing is the dumbest “scandal” imaginable. How about that our president is demented? That seems like a slightly bigger deal.

    • DCDave says:

      No one thinks of it as a scandal per se just a symptom of a much larger point and embarrassing issue albeit a very small one.
      – Point being either they lied or they never changed the clocks and to be fair I think lying was the better option as pathetic as that seems

  30. dji82 says:

    Can we just burn it down and start over already?

  31. Lukasw27 says:

    why does this guy look like a chunk Nigel farage

  32. Bishop says:

    Fosters is not a good beer but can be found in some places in Australia.

    As for the camps, I am going to go and enjoy being looked after by the state. Will use time to write, learn, influence culture and get fit.

  33. Vmanzo says:

    Did the main show get taken down from YouTube? I can’t find it.

  34. CalDelt says:

    You don’t buy 2 Teslas. You buy shares in Tesla. Your proportional ownership of a company changes with currency value.

  35. Conor says:

    Can the functionality for tablets (iPad) to scroll the members section be added. I can only ever see the first 3 and can’t browse the rest. Kinda annoying if I haven’t logging in in a while and I want to see what I’ve missed.

  36. dataphil@hotmail.com says:


    Last nights full episode got nuked by YouCensor


  37. BeLogical says:

    Multiple sclerosis website is saying for people to get the cover vaccine.
    Didn’t Tim say Lydia’s doctor told her not to get it cuz she has a MS?

  38. MadMartin says:

    It’s funny Ian is a punching bag… if you wanna keep your job Ian keep playing along, take the red pill and you will go the way of Adam.

    • MrSooop says:

      Yep. I think it might be sort of a schtick though. Like Blues Clues. Tim is the smart dog trying to give Ian clues but, like Steve, Ian seems a little dense so the kids have to help point him in the right direction. It makes people think, get a little brain exercise. I like it.

    • JeDalton says:

      I don’t know, I think you give Ian too much credit. I know he plays the role of “Juan” from The Five, but it might just be because he is a little forgetful and very left leaning. He seems like he smoked too much DMT, pot, and took too many caps of shrooms. Adam has a pretty good video about why he left, and I don’t think it was a red pill issue, more of a friend/boss dynamic issue, but I’m wrong all the time, and personal issues between Tim and his hosts are probably none of our business.

  39. coachino13 says:

    Not 100% sure but I was told that LA DWP paid for the canals that move the water and water rights in the 1920’s

  40. NoOne123 says:

    Tim: “is it a good idea to sever business ties because they voted for biden”

    Anyone that is reading this and subscribed to Timcast, if you are giving your money to any company that is pushing a woke agenda then you are a fucking moron. These people HATE you, they HATE your kids, they HATE your family, they want to molest your children and groom your sons into women and turn your daughters into men and if you don’t go along with it then they want you poor, starving or dead and they think its funny to watch you suffer.

    DO NOT fund your own oppression. Use alternatives whenever possible. Drop netflix already. They fund pedophiles, they push woke bullshit on their platform. Do the fucking minimum at least. If you cant stand up and say something because you’re somehow STILL afraid then at LEAST stop giving these people your money.

    The covid isolation camps are coming to the US btw. There’s one being built near Portland. It was in the news late last year during an ice storm in Oregon.

  41. jackie says:

    No to Crypto.. keep the system we have.

  42. NoOne123 says:


  43. deyshia@gmail.com says:

    In before the sales of RedCon1 go through the roof.

  44. themorrigan1973 says:

    If anybody could figure out how to make Ian’s plan to make Blackrock give back the houses,my money would be on Michael Bury of The Big Short fame.

  45. Guitartommy5150 says:

    It blew my mind when I watched Zeitgeist forever ago and realized that money doesn’t exist

  46. Wolv256 says:

    Hey, YouTube, eat shit, you Commie bastards. You all should be thrown in Guantanamo Bay for treason.

  47. Rfox0 says:

    First day as member… Heard Tim drop multiple F bombs… Looks like we’re not on YouTube anymore Toto… Lol very excited

  48. DMC82 says:

    I don’t know if the buffoon Ian is going to see this, but I want to try and nip this in the bud. Ian you repeatedly say shit about Australia/Canada/New Zealand that is so fucking far from reality I barely know where to begin. Having said that, here is some badly needed context which I hope gets through to you. Australia, Canada and New Zealand are 100% independent countries.

    The US Federal government has more power over an individual American state than the British government (let alone the fucking queen) has over Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    For example, if the British government said “hey Australia/Canada/New Zealand, we want you to enact a policy that’s not in your interest” those countries can, and probably would reply with “fuck off”. That is not to say that Australia/Canada/New Zealand don’t have their problems, they most certainly do. You keep saying bogus shit all the time, so I had to call you out.

  49. Yobuyahouse says:

    Would love to see Lyn Alden on a Timcast to talk about the money supply it would really teach everyone about the Eurodollar system. how the Fed just tells tales they don’t print most of the money, it comes from commercial bank loans, think about how many $ denominated loans there are across the world

  50. DrewishAF says:

    I, for one, will be anxiously awaiting Former Vice President Biden to announce the new Federalized cryptocurrency “Badacathcoin” so he can track all of my purchases and remove my tax contribution which funnels 10% directly to the “Little Guy” (aka The Parmesan Pirate aka Whorehouse Mouse aka Hunt the Cunt aka The Kousin-Krusin-Kiddydiddler) Hunter.

  51. Schulks says:

    Please stop calling yourself woke!!!

  52. JPfaff1028 says:

    Tim you want some optimism, just search “Tom MacDonald Reaction” videos on YouTube. You say it has to be through culture and you’re right, it’s happening through independent hip-hop. It goes beyong Tom & HangOver Gang; there’s Ryan Upchurch, Adam Calhoun, Struggle Jennings, Jelly Roll and they don’t hate America and push against the accepted narrative. There are countless people who never would have been exposed to these ideas are, just look how many reaction channels have popped up because of music contrary to the narrative

  53. Rawdog says:

    I have been refusing to do business with woke assholes.
    Partial List:
    Chipotle-haven’t eaten there for a year
    24 Hour Fitness (local)-lost $40/mo.
    Bicycle shop (local)-lost $1700
    (And now I am looking for a new dentist)-he will lose a min of $5000

    If we stop being lazy…

    • InfoTard says:

      Exactly 🤙🏼

    • thndrbrd says:

      LoL, I’ve asked in sports bars to turn off NFL games, I haven’t drank a coke product since last year, threw out probably 3k in Nike crap… basically hell ya, I’m with you!🤟

    • jamesteej says:

      yes! that’s is precisely how change can be effected.

      was mentioning this on Tim’s twitter about needing to step up with peaceful non compliance, boycotting businesses and individuals that enforce vax passports.

      shifting where money is flowing to “en masse” will have a significant effect.

      also inevitably the legal system will be overloaded with the processing of any fine or tickets, so staying firm while peacefully not complying with these insane policies is easy.

      plus there are enough people being injured by these things that very quickly it will be next to impossible to cover up anymore because of the sheer lack of public confidence and support for these muppets in power.

      the house of cards is going to fall

    • WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

      Bro thanks for the encouragement I am going to do the same!

  54. Turk_Longwell says:

    California is going to die?

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      “They have Water for THEIR Golf Courses.”
      F these People.
      F their Self-Instilled Superiority.
      F their High Tower.
      F their Lies for Support.
      F their Minions.

      My Frens,
      Make a Sign of your Choosing
      Then go to your local thoroughfare.
      Chill out for a little bit with your sign.
      See who responds.
      Make positive connections.
      Report back Later.

    • McLovin says:

      I live in Cali, grew up in Long Beach in the ’70s & ’80 (such good times!) we won’t die because the left here are done. Fuck Gavin – Fuck Sleep Joe – (wheres Hunter?) Fuck Camel-Toe Harris! Say my name…I am Mclovin!

  55. ElijahFrye says:

    Anyone wandering why the YT live show was pulled was when out boi was talking about the story of the main character in hit book carring a wilson combat shooting liberals…. YT probably didnt even give a shit abou the context and will claim he said to shoot liberals or some fag shit like that….. i use fag in the gamer since…. idgaf who you sleep with if your happy no judgement… as long as you arnt trying to get with me(id be flattered) we will be chill

  56. Turk_Longwell says:

    Kurt focuses on the Authority.
    Tim focuses on the People.
    All Teamwork Matters.

  57. Mercin1988 says:

    what happen to the episode on youtube

  58. JuliKuli says:

    You guys, we can’t blame Biden for the Afghan disaster. He has a stutter.

  59. InfoTard says:

    And also….. fuck china too.

  60. GalaxyWhoop says:

    Please post the entire broadcast on Members Area! It got removed on YouTube! I want to see the whole thing!

  61. McLovin says:

    Say my NAME!

  62. dncooper.mo.us@gmail.com says:

    Comcast YT portal states the video was taken down by the uploader.

  63. Icedover says:

    Umm…. Excuse me?? What is this “a video error has occurred”??? Everyone else seeing this on their side?

  64. T.E.N. says:

    This was clearly because his guest told the superchat to catch covid.

  65. SRT4X4 says:

    Y’all get hacked or what? Btw, put the comment bar at the top. My thumbs had to run ten miles to get down here.

  66. Shottyfps says:

    Anyone else getting video error message?

  67. Shottyfps says:

    Anyone else getting video error message?

  68. AUDREK says:

    He needs more sun and blood

  69. UunholyBacon says:

    America surrendered to the Taliban after 20+ years… god i love this world. lets watch tim pool and forget about it…

    • Turk_Longwell says:


    • CeartLaidirAbu says:

      Al Qaeda was the main target really, though yes, the Taliban were bitches in scope. Having to get so engrained with the country sucked, but Taliban quickly became a necessary and secondary annoying as fuck objective, that deserved the pain wrought to them…

      point being, there is pain all over the world, but when you fuck directly with us, we fuck directly with you. We can’t efficiently be world police…. so we have to let this piece go as it is no longer a direct threat to us (and hopefully will never be again. if so, they know what is coming back.)

      • CeartLaidirAbu says:

        so to the taliban specifically, I wouldn’t say a surrender, at all, more of a, you little annoying bitch fag fest goat fucking talibitches, you know what we can do if you EVER fuck with us again you will get the screaming ear shot and death wish you havent even yet begin to experience… best wishes – Uncle Sam

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          This totally clarifies your first reply.
          I dig it.
          No lies spoken there, my Fren.
          If the US really wanted to…
          We’d smoke countries.
          I like the way you think.

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        but…the Taliban is the most armed they have ever been AND our southern border is wide open…😬

  70. Smokingburrito says:

    I thought that by becoming a member I could beat the Orwellian YouTube and still get my after work Tim and friends fix. Well Sh_ _!
    Please 🙏 fix soon or I’ll go to work bitchy tomorrow.

  71. InfoTard says:

    Fuk YouTube. Get this shit up Tim. This is what we are supporting you for. Not your fault but don’t Be a Biden. Have a plan and quit fucking around with chickens and shit and get the word out.

  72. B4utonight says:

    There was a comment about the senators when talking about rome, Kurt also said to go out and get the virus…it was a joke, but Tim likely pulled it….It wasnt pulled until after, which usually means they pulled it themselves

  73. CeartLaidirAbu says:

    Just sent this to Youtube after they stopped alive stream of Timcast IRL

    Timcast IRL said nothing wrong or presented any opinion as fact. His live stream and video of live stream should not be removed. If you have gone to college, you may have intellectual conversations in which you did not agree with and opposed the other side. That is never needed to silence the other side. You are only strong if you can silence them with legitimate discourse. This person did not attack Youtube with straw-man or any other logical vanity. Points are strong, and validity is the only question, yet both sides presents sources of where this validity is gained.

    What marks your standing in an intellectual conversation saying you can erase Timcast IRL’s validity over yours?

    If you were to reply that your decision is just because Youtube is a private company, this is true, but it is an ideal edging on the blade of monopoly, while expecting the clout of your own tyranny to be upheld.

  74. Rawdog says:

    Sieg Heil,
    Jews are dirty & spread disease.
    Unvaxxed are dirty & spread disease.

    We need to protect good Germans from these evil “untermensch”(sp) [subhumans].
    We need to protect “good” New Yorkers from these evil…aaahh…errr….they’re bad people…mkay.

    Ordnung ist Ordnung. Yeah, didn’t work at Nuremberg.
    Unfortunately, it will work here.
    All you snitching “prayer warriors” ( who just LOVE being on your knees) will see to that.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Was with you until the last sentence… I pray several times a day… I engage and educate anyone and everyone that will give me the chance about the true current state of things. How is it that you equate a “prayer warrior” to a “snitch” that will enable tyranny?

      • Rawdog says:

        I don’t equate anything. I am flat out stating that you “prayer warriors” ARE snitches because you psychopaths say things such as, “God put the government over us, therefore we must OBEY the government.” I have learned that you nutjobs are in love with death, pain & humiliation. I have witnessed ‘you’ snitching on people. You love dragging everyone else down to your peasant level.

        Also, could you explain to me how someone could commit the SIN of smuggling cocaine? It was part of a bible lesson & part of why I can’t stand you whackos.

    • BrotherPaul says:

      You are an idiot and I am non religious and despise all religions. I will never never be given the Jab as serving as a US Marine and taking what I was forced to screwed my life and I hope I can meet you soon so I can spit in your Communist mouth and make you swallow your stupidity.

  75. Icedover says:

    I wish tim or crew would put a statement on Twitter or even this page and say anything when a video gets taken down. Sucks when you are enjoying the show and poof it’s gone.

  76. Smokingburrito says:

    Can’t we watch it here?

  77. PapaShrek says:

    We pay 10$ a month and they don’t even have the stream available on the website. I was 35 minutes behind and now I have to wait until tomorrow to catch up?

    • ajr5244 says:

      yea… I’m done too. Zero communication.

    • dalten22 says:

      Chillax, lydia or someone posted this on twitter, still encoding for now but should be up soonish: https://rumble.com/vlc0cx-timcast-irl-australia-publishes-plans-for-covid-camps-nyc-goes-full-fascist.html

      • codec3752 says:

        Thanks. Would be nice if they posted something here. I refuse to use twitter.

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          You must be new here.
          Welcome, Fren.
          You’ll get the later-show when it’s ready.
          You will get it.
          Maybe not as fast as you’d prefer.
          No worries.
          The content is worth the small wait.
          Have you seen the Jose Lamas, the Ms. Park’s episodes. or so many more?

    • BrunoBronosky says:

      You have no idea how difficult it is to break even on streaming video. LIVE video is an order of magnitude worse. If you consider your $10 a month as anything more than a “thank you”, you really shouldn’t be paying. I don’t mean that as an insult.

      • ajr5244 says:

        You have no idea how difficult it is to break even on streaming video. LIVE video is an order of magnitude worse. If you consider your $10 a month as anything more than a “thank you”, you really shouldn’t be paying. I don’t mean that as an insult.

        Man.. What are you even talking about? That literally has nothing to do with the communication problem we’re pointing out. Constructive criticism is healthy for a growing website like this, stop white knighting dummy.

        • Turk_Longwell says:

          I read this earlier and didn’t get it.
          I reread it just now. WTF are they talking about?
          That’s some hard core defense.
          If they’re a bit passionate, yet still on the team.
          Welcome aboard I say.
          Having said all that,
          I think they’re a lefty. Getting all mad about $10 for a ‘thank you’.
          It’s not a ‘thank you”.
          It’s support for your own independent news source.

    • Rawdog says:

      All right now…
      for thousands of years, people used to communicate via these things called LETTERS that could take months to get to their destination.
      Streaming is expensive. Timcast is a small company.
      Now, I do understand that a notice on the website for unusual situations would be good.
      Come on, I watch/listen because he gets it, not for streaming.

    • ElijahFrye says:

      Its literally in the watch section…… like use the guide bar

    • Lazlo says:

      You are complaining about not getting instant gratification/service? Remember, this is still a start-up company, not multi-billion dollar cooperation…even then their services are trash still

    • Goodwin1776 says:

      The main segment is now available on this website with the message, “Too Hot For Youtube!”

      Maybe someday they’ll live stream from here, but that takes massive infrastructure to do so.

  78. Schnozzberries says:

    It prob got pulled because of Kurt’s “It’s all lies” (BIG PARAPHRASE) comment where he gestured vaguely, I kinda took it like he was talking about CV and that the show was gonna get pulled. Might be wrong, just my 2c

  79. Kaipolani says:

    Last time a YouTube episode was pulled mid stream, I listened to it no problem on Spotify. A few days later, I think.

  80. jmilani03@gmail.com says:

    I can’t get it to upload for me and came here to find it bc YouTube not having it.

  81. Shottyfps says:

    I thought it was just me. Lmao

  82. ashedwards12@att.net says:

    I was in the middle of watching the YouTube live and at 9:07 it gave me an error and now it’s gone. I’ve refreshed and everything and still no video on YouTube. Can anyone else see the live?

  83. PhatPhingers says:

    Can’t wait to find out why today’s episode was thrown off YouTube

  84. Trgreatorex says:

    I hope they tell us what the “bad words” the crew said tonight to anger the YouTube demigods.

  85. dlmlifer says:

    You pulled tonight’s show.. are you going to upload it to Rumble later?

  86. RJIsaac says:

    I was watching the main show when all of the sudden it started playing an old Veritasium video. The video was gone. It didn’t show up in my history. It was a very uncomfortable feeling h having the boot of YouTube press down.

  87. jrhaile says:

    CommieTube sucks.

  88. SIlver346 says:

    I was an hour behind in the live show… what happened? anyone know why the show was taken down?