Matt Braynard Says He Can CONFIRM Voter Fraud, Says BUCKLE UP For Arizona Audit Outcome

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Matt Braynard Says He Can CONFIRM Voter Fraud, Says BUCKLE UP For Arizona Audit Outcome

105 responses to “Matt Braynard Says He Can CONFIRM Voter Fraud, Says BUCKLE UP For Arizona Audit Outcome”

  1. r_nicole says:

    I think Q was a psy-op from the left to bait conservatives. It seemed crazy the first time I heard what they were saying.

  2. KiloEcho says:

    Great work Tim et al. Keep it up, you do the world a service getting this information out, and providing your level-headed analysis.

  3. CodyGriffin says:

    Simple question with a simple answer we all suspect we know the answer to: for each and every vote that could be labeled accidental or fraudulent, which party did it favor?

    Exactly. It ALWAYS favors the democrats. Always.

  4. Northern says:

    Every state should offer an option to register as a “No Vote” so that way non-voters can be heard and it would function as a deterrent for people to fraudulently vote in other states. Even if only a fraction of people used the option to “No Vote” it would still help protect the system as a whole.

  5. BTCMccullen says:

    i know you send backups to (i went thier to see one of your banned episodes) why aren’t you uploading to rumble for your reg content also?

  6. Tsmitty2522 says:

    Hey, i have a guy in my extended family that has lived in Germany for two to four years that I’m certain voted in oregon. He doesn’t live here and has no intention of coming back. His name is nick pizzuto. I think he may be fraudulent.

  7. UppityG says:

    What is the smallest minority? The most minor of minorities?
    The individual.
    In America, the Individual matters.

  8. says:

    Take it for what it’s worth….

    I drive for Uber. Had a very interesting fare. He claimed his daughter works for Sydney Powell. She assured him without providing details that they have overwhelming evidence. They jus need a judge that won’t dismiss them on Standing.

    Sooooooo…… Yeah.

  9. Coyote says:

    Video no longer on Youtube. (Live)

  10. Title_Pending says:

    17:42 That’s what I’ll share with people at risk of alienating more friends and family even more so. But, I suppose that is test of any good relationship.

    • Macatac007 says:

      I’m sorry trying to make a reply…
      I just joined Timcast, It’s already worth this months $25
      Dollars. I just heard Tim say SHIT.

      • michellesings says:

        Ha ha. I think it’s kinda nice that he gets to speak his mind finally. And I love that he’s not being sensored. He’s not, right??? 😉
        I’m a newby, too. I can’t figure out how to rewind…So if you or anyone else you help me out I’d be grateful.
        I have a bit of a fear sharing the info in this segment with certain friends (just quite yet) because they’re the one’s most interested, yet they’re the one’s who tend to send me stuff that’s SOOO out there. So..There’s that. But I am interested as we all are. I can’t see us going backwards except that Biden is making SUCH poor decisions that the left is starting to question him.
        Lastly, has the other side (us) been guilty of the same in the past? I can’t imagine so, it would have been in ALL major outlets and Hillary would’ve ended up Queen. And Gore, etc..

  11. JosiahFitch says:

    Voting Machines = McDonalds Ice Cream

  12. UppityG says:

    Time to send more mula to Braynard. Really appreciate you featuring him, Pool.

  13. Donald says:

    No reason, I mean, it should happen here. No reason.

    emphasizing the word “should” changes the context, Tim.

    General Flynn did not emphasize the word.

  14. cdeboer2013 says:

    When the amount of registered voters was surpassed by the amount of votes cast in multiple counties in my state, my entire confidence in elections is gone. I cannot trust elections now in good faith. I don’t know what the solution is or how we’re going to fix it but there is no way I can trust the government on this one.

  15. Fishbiskit says:

    I think one of the biggest issues we have is the need to pin down *intent* The whole “they did it on purpose” angle.
    From my point of view, that doesn’t matter as much as fixing the issue.
    Americans need to know that the people serving are serving by *consent* & getting hung up on “fault” is why so many of our officials, representatives & Judges have run from this.
    They were more worried about being blamed, being responsible for the wrong answer, that they avoiding finding the real answer.
    That is what needs fixing.
    After we get through that, then we can worry about who did it & why.

    • Devynselnes says:


    • Devynselnes says:

      It kind of brings me back to the whole 9/11 thing I’m not worried about who did it or why, I’m just more worried about all the indiscrepancies in the reports and in the videos. We should as a community and a culture be concerned of any cheating regardless of who’s doing it.

      • michellesings says:

        My husband was in charge of 911 for the FBI out of the Westwood office in L.A. He started their task force, He’s the one who discovered that funds were being given by the Saudi’s, risking witnessing this tidbit years later for the insurance companies suing on behalf of the families of the victims. He did this very hesitantly, but because it was the right thing..
        There are no questions on anything except that we (US) didn’t want this info out. No President, look all the way back has ever wanted to speak up against the Saudi’s.
        He then became the Supervisory Agent for Counterterrorism for all of Asai. Many times he got in cars alone w ppl not knowing if He would end up dead.
        He later before Homeland Security. I am fiercely defensive on this because he risked much, our safety and and absolutely knows the truth if you have any questions.
        You have no idea how much power the Saudi’s truly have. And he has more integrity than anyone I know, so my apologies if your comment heated me up a bit. Sorry.

  16. ThePodiumGuy says:

    I signed up just to watch this video.

    May Nancy forgive my insolence.
    Hail hydra.

  17. Nichole says:

    Have you heard of ? Might be worth a shot to use and not be banned.

  18. Forky says:

    If I could pick any members-only segment I’d be happy letting the non-members see on sites like bitchute and minds (because we all know YouTube wouldn’t let this exist), it would be this one. It’s hard to pick because there *is* a lot of grand content; but this is the one that the ‘lay-man’ needs to see.

    Much love.

  19. Crazylarry says:

    Banana republic. I want to make a slide show.

  20. TheOldZombie says:

    These audits are not just important for POTUS but also for the Senate, House, and state offices.

    If the audit shows that the GOP won seats that everyone says they lost, like the Senate seats in Georgia, we are really going to have a massive problem on our hands.

    Courts would be hard pressed to say that the Democrats could keep the Senate seats in Georgia if there was proof that it should have been awarded to the GOP candidates. The courts can rule that the election was fraudulent and award the seats to the GOP candidates. If the courts refused than we would be on the verge of armed rebellion. Voting for everything but POTUS is by direct voting and courts have gone back and awarded seats to the correct winner before. It is not without precedent.

    For POTUS things are different since POTUS isn’t decided by direct votes but by the electoral college. For that we’d have to have an investigation and if evidence showed Biden/Harris was involved in vote fraud an impeachment and trial. By the time it was all said and done we’d be on the verge of the 2024 POTUS election. Best thing for Trump to run in 2024 while Biden is being impeached for stealing the 2020 election. Especially given that Trump could just point at everything that Biden has messed up: gas, food, inflation, the border, Russia, China, and on and on……

    It would be a landslide. A 50 state landslide.

  21. blancahc says:

    IF we had REAL journalism… This would be all over the news… BUT the Democrat buddies will do anything to keep this hidden as long as they can.

  22. Deefiredancer says:

    I don’t have much to say other than we told you so? The election was STOLEN. The end. Now what?

  23. Yobuyahouse says:

    saw a remember the sixth bumper sticker. I also saved a bunch of Q’s from Tiktok.

  24. Creose says:

    Big Tech and all phone companies volunteered all cell phone data before Gov’t asked… Gov’t has the ability to trace social media to its original sources… Gov’t should know the original isp for the original Q… yet Gov’t refuses to go after Q… chooses to go after Trump instead…

  25. Creose says:

    Who is Q? John Podesta

    • El_Rojo_grande says:

      the correct answer is that is very obviously a psyop run by the left.

      the purpose was to placate the people who would be most willing to actually stand up and do something about an election being blatantly stolen. a venn diagram of that segment of the base and those most likely to buy into the q conspiracy theory is pretty much just a circle.

      it literally follows the CIAs manual to psyops that was obtained through a FOIA request to the letter.

      they’ve been planning 2020 for a long time. Q was just another part of how they planned to get away with it.

      how more people haven’t caught on this is beyond me. it couldn’t be more obvious imho.

  26. Joon says:

    The Maggie Haberman article about Trump thinking he will be reinstated is pure disinformation, and it’s good. She, and the NY Times, is trying to drum up, out of thin air, a coalition who believes this so the left can point to them to say that they’re crazy.

    The same thing happened with Q. Nobody except for the left is talking about Q. (Look at ground news about Q stories. It’s all on the left.)

    There will be more of this disinformation in the future as the audits wrap up. The ones behind the Q disinformation were good.

  27. TheDarkworld says:

    War is approaching from at least three vectors

  28. Drewncharlie says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that this election was stolen. Orchestrated by the establishment to remove trump from office. There is no doubt they cheated. The question is how much

  29. Mserin88 says:

    Have you looked at CT? I bought the voter roll 137 year olds. Purge the voter rolls CT! We have hard evidence! William tong our ag refuses to even take our calls

  30. Skoomaking90 says:

    The QAnon group was made enemy #1 on NBC ABC CNN AND CBS. This happend a couple weeks prior to the 2020 election. The media likely hid everything from the Tuskegee Airmen to Jeffery Epstein and this is how the conversation happens on a free thinking platform. This is the equivalent of already finding waldo but pretending like you havent found the guy. Shit is about to go down💯

  31. Yagre says:

    Buckle up. It’s the law.

  32. MontyLalado says:

    Tim can’t even say ‘sheriff’ right and he shits on the guy saying Myanmar wrong, grow up Tim

  33. cosmicjered says:

    Crazy ol’ Q: Buckle up, “we have it all” but can’t say anything specific, can’t provide timeline, but its about to happen.

    Matt: Buckle up, “i know something” but can’t say anything specific, can’t provide timeline, but its about to happen.

    Tim: I’m not going to hold my breath because I’ve heard buckle up since Nov. 3….

    Matt: You haven’t heard it from me.

    Most people to Crazy ol’ Q: I’m not going to hold my breath because I’ve heard this shit forever…

    Q: (austensibly) You haven’t heard it from me/us.

  34. Abstract says:

    Wtf these keep cutting off half way through the video.

  35. Tlino says:

    Trump winning made me think voting is legit, and him losing convinced me we have no control. Didn’t vote in either elections.

  36. MontyLalado says:

    Grow a spine Tim, your 10 o’clock segment this morning was disgusting, GROW A SPINE

  37. KweenBee29 says:

    I’m in Arizona, and I KNOW there is no way Biden won this state legitimately.

  38. Starchuk says:

    When good men do nothing …

    Evil prevails.

    And corruption, at every level, must be exposed. From the sewer cleaner, to our world leaders …

    This might take a while …

  39. Cristiano says:

    A wild Matt Braynard has appeared! Lol, he was just hiding during the youtube show? Great convo. Look forward to seeing all info get released, but not looking forward to all the smears that will inevitably come out against it. Of course, if the audit found nothing that would change the results the media would be back on the ‘see! see! most secure election of all time!’ train. We’ll see if anything comes of all this…

  40. Jungle_Flamez_91. says:

    I live in México I went back to vote for trump I was trying for weeks to register online so I could vote it would reject my application every time until eventually it passed funny thing is though when I went to vote they said I registered late fucking figures…

  41. Killcamp says:

    Love the show and I am fortunate enough to be able to donate 10$ per month. For my country that is a lot of money while I think this show is definitely worth the 10 bucks, Tim would you consider regional pricing? so more people outside of the US can join

    • Rosherov says:

      10 bucks is about as regular as it can get. I know $10 is worth much more in other countries but in the US it’s the cost of a burger and a drink basically

  42. Clol says:

    Tbh I needed to see the big tech oligarchs and media establishment working together to censor, the passive SCOTUS, the fake impeachment evidence with no consequences, the audit resistance.

    That alone was mind baffling, beyond my wildest thoughts. The Kraken? well, nothing can surprise me at this point – NOTHING!

  43. Coragin says:

    Please make just this one public. I would love to share this with my Facebook friends and family. It is so convincing and would seriously help change minds and bring more people here and possibly sign up.

    Keep up the great work!

  44. FuzzyMarineVet says:

    Q Anon was started as a LARP and blew out of all proportions. I’m certain that some IC members have posted to the boards to stir up the followers. The best thing about it is that they got many people to dig into the data who would have kept their heads in the sand.

    • michellesings says:

      The guy who wrote “The Shack” wanted my husband to write his Documentary on this whole Q thing. We’d not yet heard of it.
      Ugh….It took soo little time to see how ridiculous this whole thing was.. Some of our friend’s wanting us to do this are GOOD ppl, folks we never in a million years who would become this unrational. And trying to gently explain truth ? Oy vey… Too much time on their hands me thinks.

  45. Sarahlionheart says:

    This isn’t surprising, and in dem-run cities like Philly, they pull the same crap in their local elections. Horrifying.

  46. shoebootie says:

    Do you have any idea how crazy this makes me only being told to buckle up? I want them to audit the rest of my state now.

  47. Skookum says:

    Damn, Joe Kent is hot 🔥

  48. Element says:

    When can he reveal what was found?

  49. Jme3 says:

    I like Matt B. and I appreciate the work he does and how he handles the trolls on his time lines but idk I find it shitty that you brought him over when Joe could’ve gone into depth of his campaign and America First Movement uncensored. especially since he came in from such a far distance.

  50. Bryan_Liem says:
    I think this is the correct link that Matt Braynerd said was for the June 19, 2021 rally at the DOJ.

  51. Bryan_Liem says:

    Q is a fake strawman from the Left, to smear all Conservatives as crazy kooks. Why don’t we get to smear all Leftists as Russiagate kooks?! The election was stolen, BTW.

    • JoeVasco72 says:

      Brilliant call, applies to capitol riot vs months on end violence and destruction by antifa/ blm.

      Tim is culpable as well, he refers to every response by the right as dangerously polarizing, such as secession by rural counties or the comment by Flynn, yet the left’s rhetoric is often and extremely dangerous.

  52. Vmanzo says:

    You don’t have to prove Trump won the states. So long as you can prove that Biden DID NOT win the states, the states are still up for grabs, Biden does not get those electoral votes, and is not the legitimate president.
    Also, you only need to prove one state. Once you prove one state was illegitimate. That gives merit to investigate any state you want where this stuff happened

  53. says:

    Hunter Biden laptop was first claimed to be fake, then later it was admitted to being real.
    Russians payin Afghan soldiers money for killing American soldiers claimed to be real, later admitted as fake.
    Covid was first claimed to come from animals, now we all know it leaked from the lab.
    The election was first said to be 100% perfectly fair, now there’s proof it wasn’t.


  54. Zaktak says:

    Tim can you post this episode to rumble?

  55. Justin says:

    Maybe if the elections were secure, media would actually have a motive to educate the population with truth so that they are well-informed and vote appropriately. Instead of lying and then requiring fraud.

  56. MrSooop says:

    New message from Q:
    ” Dogecoin to the moon Bitchez! ”
    End of message.

  57. Chilli_P says:

    Thank you Matt you are the man bro

  58. Dankond16 says:

    We’ll all been down atleast one of the q rabbit holes since the birth of the pandemic. I really believe it is controlled opposition at the least. Right wingers need to crawl out of those rabbit holes just as lefties need to turn off cnn and get some fresh air.

  59. MigL says:

    I don’t believe in Q but……I do believe that government is a bunch of pedos and murderers, not necessarily in that order or demographic. Joe sniffs kids openly and congress kills our troops in vain all the time with forever wars. Just don’t think they drink baby blood and worship the debil lol

  60. BurlyD says:

    “So there, we have figured it out. Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America, your government is in control again. Here, here’s American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up! Go back to bed, America, here’s American Gladiators. Here’s 56 channels of it. Watch these pituitary retards bang their fuckin’ skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America, you are free, to do as we tell you. You are free, to do as we tell you.“ – Bill Hicks

  61. Cmwhite13 says:

    Just in case you still haven’t figured it out…Q is/was a Chinese psy-op or was at least fuled by China, just like BLM. It’s the right-wing BLM in terms of misinformation to continue US division and increase threat of Civil War. A divided US is what China wants.

  62. Coky says:

    Ok getting my suspenders

  63. Floyd says:

    The most charitable thing you could say about the election is that it contained massive irregularities.

  64. frankaron says:

    Arizona better not flips when audit results come out. It is easy to think dumb people vote for current crises than a bunch of Republican and Democrat officials passed fraudulent results. And Trump’s supporters nationwide need to not act like Georgia run off when they stayed home. Election is handled within states, so it is state problem. Lots of these people complained like they live in Arizona when they live in state that can handle election without any problems, and these people who actually live in Arizona need to go out to vote to primary everyone try to stop the audit. Primary everyone in Republican party if that’s what it takes to move forward.

  65. flanned2 says:

    I can’t see the videos at all.

  66. cutter says:

    Q ain’t nothing but an omnipotent immortal being who amuses himself by trolling Picard and Janeway. Duh.

  67. Lofty says:

    Just waiting for whatever IS gonna happen at this point. So much coming from so many different angles… we’ll see soon enough.

  68. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Great show. I voted for Trump and during the election I didn’t know what was actually going on at a certain point because the Q stuff. YouTube let that stuff stay up till after inauguration day too.

  69. Yojoedad1981 says:

    Most of us know this election was stolen

  70. Crusix says:

    You should have Louis Rossmann on the show to talk about the Right to Repair Movement

  71. Waterman1 says:

    I know we’ve never heard it from Matt, but I agree with Tim that the “buckle up, the bombshell is right around the corner!” has completely lost potency. Even if it is found that the outcome of the election was wrong, the vast majority of people won’t hear about it, most of the few that do hear about it will shrug and say something like “that shit’s crazy, man. Damn politicians are all crooked!” and then go back to their favorite tv show or sports game or just trying to get their family by. The very very few who hear about it and care enough to do something will be branded as crackpots, weirdos, and Q spinoffs. It’s a relatively black-pilled take, but I don’t see a soft landing scenario for the US at this point.

  72. knoxvillain says:

    i might say “first” but i wont

    • Benjohnson says:

      I’m an. Aussie. Love the show
      Looks like USA is being run by race baiters and clowns. Hope you guys can rise up and finally take on China like we are actively trying to do

      • FirstThessalonian says:

        SO many are sleeping. The social media generation has allowed the CCP to penetrate our highest branches. Only one way for the world to resist – as what is happening affects all governments. Godspeed.

      • Christopher says:

        I mean no offense…. but it’s nervous sweats I see from aussies.

        Oh you are so brave… guns…. gone. Government arrests and abuse… ok… the leaders already sold everything to China? Oh we will stand up and gallantly call out for America to protect and enforce our officials.

        I love aussies. But damn, be as brave as you claim to be

        • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

          Better that than the indolent democrats voting base who are fine to be bent over and buttfucked by Marxists and the CCP so long as they have their phones and video games to stare at.