Luke Rudkowski & Arielle Scarcella Member Video: 63% of UK COVID Deaths Were Vaccinated, The States Have ALREADY Seceded

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Luke Rudkowski & Arielle Scarcella Member Video: 63% of UK COVID Deaths Were Vaccinated, The States Have ALREADY Seceded

141 responses to “Luke Rudkowski & Arielle Scarcella Member Video: 63% of UK COVID Deaths Were Vaccinated, The States Have ALREADY Seceded”

  1. Resamar says:

    My post apocalyptic kingdom of D’hara eagerly awaits trade with Luke’s post apocalyptic state of Freedomistan lol

  2. justletmein says:

    First member video i watched. Def. enjoyed. I much prefer the unfiltered conversations. Thanks

  3. ZedS says:

    The nation of the United States of America is collapsing, even if there is still a structure, but I think the structure is also collapsing.

  4. Rakkasan says:

    Does anyone have the source material in which tim and crew are taking about for the UK numbers?

  5. MikeyG says:

    I gotta say the worst experience of bullying I’ve had was when I was the bully! Well this here Rona sitch is starting to rival that.

  6. Simply_Skrypt says:

    “Imagine if you have a jetpack or a glider suit and someone detonates an emp. You’d fall and just go welp, im dead”

    How’s that any different to an airplane or helicopter Tim?

  7. Gralin says:

    Sinema is being stalked and harrassed because she’s an aggressive, contemptuous fraud who is dead set on ruining the lives of the suckers who supported her.

  8. Gralin says:

    UK may have the best data, but they also have lockdowns and shot mandates.

  9. keldan says:

    Mexico is probably so safe now, because the cartel are in the U.S.

  10. keldan says:

    During the Trump rally in GA, Trump said to the audience that they really need to get the vaccine and people BOO’D HIM!! hahaha..even those that love him, DON’T WANT TO TAKE THE VACCINE!

  11. crass2047 says:

    I’m non-jabbed. I just got the Coof. I live in FL. So we have monoclonal antibody clinics set up all over. There happened to be one less than 1/2 mile from my house. I got the treatment yesterday, the first day of symptoms. I will come back and update on how it goes. Today is day 2 and my lungs felt a little worse today, got a fever for about an hour last night, then it went away . I woke up freezing and shaking around 1 am. By 2 am it was gone.

  12. CryptoZack says:

    Tim the suffix -stan is a Persian word meaning the place of and or land of. So Afghanistan means the land of the Afghans, Tajikstan the land of the Tajiks etc .

    So freedomstan will be the land of freedom.

    Goodluck to yall, looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  13. John Tango Mango says:

    Tim, youre simply a bitch. Youre weak.

  14. ThorAsgard says:

    Funny about the sterilizing thing, awhile ago I joked that all these people pushing the vaccine will be sorry when they go sterile in a few years.

  15. Geekx1369 says:

    Fyi that bottle water is well water run through carbon filters and sanitized with ozone that evaporates in the bottle. Source: I’m maintenance at one of plants

  16. deepseeded says:


  17. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    Has anyone read The Giver I remember reading it in 4th grade and recent events has got me thinking about the book.

  18. ThorAsgard says:

    Tim’s got some serious fucking control issues. It’s very hypocritical the way he talks about censorship. He says people can believe whatever stupid shit they want, but then he shuts down people who say stupid shit (namely Ian). Is Ian annoying, especially with his stupid censorship rant? Yeah, for sure. But so what, just be like whatever man, that’s ridiculous, but think what you want. No, Tim always has to have the last word “you’re wrong, moving on”, fuck you and your hypocritical ego Tim. You’re as bad as Trump that you criticize.

  19. says:

    Good to see you again Luke. I remember running into you in person in DC during the Free Speech Rally in 2020.

  20. Scheelfest says:

    All I have to say is that Luke said “New Hamster” instead of New Hampshire.

  21. Goodwin1776 says:

    Tim: “I feel so much better after cutting out candy and sugar!”

    Also Tim: Puts whip cream from a can on all his keto bars.

  22. Willisaverage says:

    What is Christmas with Luke like? I imagine random calibers and dried food stuff.

  23. Mathemagician says:

    What is the probability that a politician would be able to get a photo of you looking at your phone, with your pants down on the toilet, given that a politician would have access to classified documents from three letter agencies and that three letter agencies have access to you camera feed? P(fkd) = 1. I’ll feel equal, when I get phone camera feed of all the government agency employee’s cell phones. Selective body cam footage is not satisfactory.

  24. fooksie.ash says:

    “63% of UK COVID Deaths Were Vaccinated” it’s technically correct but a little misleading. So I went and did the maths, and it turns unvaccinated people died from Covid at a rate of 0.26% if they catch covid, single vaxed at a rate of 0.16% and double vaxed at 0.85%.

    If you had Covid in the UK from Feb 1st to Sept 12th you were 3.2 times more likely to die if you were fully vaccinated than if you were completely unvaccinated.

    I took data directly from and “Technical briefing 23” and determined the average vaccination(1st, 2nd and none) status across the UK from Feb 1st to Sept 12th. I then applied that average to the total number of cases, this assumes that the vaccine does nothing to prevent an individual from having a case of Covid, which is unrelated to heard immunity theory. With an idea of how many of the 593572 cases were vaccinated and the raw number of Covid deaths based on vaccination status I calculated those percentages.

    • shadowbanned says:

      good info

    • Vegaconnections says:

      Right on! Maths mmmmmmm

      • dsdcain says:

        I’ve always known why I had trouble with numbers. in the US we only learn just the one math. What a disadvantage.
        Seriously though, math/maths was always my least favorite subject at school. I never progressed beyond algebra and geometry. It’s worked for me because I’ve managed to retire without ever needing calculus so there’s that. Love the linguistic differences between English and American English.

  25. kingofangmar says:

    Hey Tim, can you ever make a point without making a pop culture reference? You and your friends are the beautiful ones.

  26. kingofangmar says:

    Don’t come to Florida if you’re going to bring crazy leftist nonsense. Floridians are like Shrek, we’re ogres who want to live in our swamp and be left alone.

  27. Shawn_W says:

    The Texas law that blocks ATF enforcement only applies to suppressors right now. Short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, destructive devices and machine guns are still NFA items in Texas. Be careful everyone. Don’t want anyone’s dogs getting shot needlessly

  28. Trump says:

    Tim “We will not have semantic arguments again” Pool….

    Unless Tim wants to.

  29. MiMisguided says:

    My aunt who was fully vaccinated with booster died 3 weeks ago from covid. The guy I work with just lost his 9 day old grandson whos mother got the vaccine and booster while pregnant. His heart was inflamed at birth. 3 days old and in the NICU. Not sure if it is correlation or causation he can’t get an answer

  30. MassSkeptic says:

    Normally Arielle isn’t so quiet on her own channels, but last night she was very quiet.

  31. Radagast1937 says:

    But if an emp goes off and you lose power how do you pump your well water

  32. likesdarkgreen says:

    That the fat kid can bully or the gay kid can bully is on the same level as Harry Potter finding out that his father was actually an asshole to Snape when he was the same age, except that now we have activists that, despite having a public sympathy to Snape, are proud of James when he does it to the right kind of “Snape”.

  33. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    Now that Luke’s back you’ve gotta get Dave smith back on

  34. CNN_sucks says:

    Luke, you sucks for not supporting Trump. Look where we are now? You are just going to ruin NH. You are a selfish SOBs

  35. -DK- says:

    When they say “breakthrough” I think they mean the cases “breakthrough the vaccine” aka the vaccine doesn’t work for everyone.

  36. crass2047 says:

    What would make amazing content is….Tim orders a big boy bunker from Atlas survival shelters. Film the installation, and tape some shows down there

  37. crass2047 says:

    I live in SW Florida. Right on the gulf. It’s usually a high of 75-78 in the winter and highs of 80-85 in the summer. It is not that bad. The humidity takes a while to get used to, but it is paradise. There’s a reason Florida has the 2nd or 3rd biggest population. Don’t be a pussy Tim! Move to Florida.

  38. UppityG says:

    First: Rudkowski! Glad to see you back man! Really, really glad.

    Next: Why in the wide wide world of sports does Timcast NOT look at the smashing success of Ivermectin in INDIA? That entire nation has defeated covid using nearly exclusively Ivermectin. Go. Look. At. It.

    Also: Have any of you read the Spartacus Letter? I would not even mention it except that it heavily cites many authoritative sources and was clearly written by a medical professional of some suitable status. Follow the link at the bottom of this substack post of the letter less it’s many pages of citations. (Repair the link head and remove the added spaces to relink)
    hxxps: // emeralddb3 . substack . com/p/the-spartacus-letter

    And last night, the moment Crossland resorted to his toddler tantrum antics and tried to turn the show into his hobby horse, the semantic shit shuffle, I left.

  39. says:

    I would love to visit New Hampshire, but I don’t want to move that far away from my kids. I am looking into Arkansas and Tennessee.

  40. Boo_Radley says:

    Was really hoping they’d actually talk about the project veritas video not just mention it

  41. Anony says:

    This has been completely expected based on antibody dependent enhancement and the animal trials. Go look up the animal trials and find out that every single animal died 6 to 8 months after taking the vaccine and upon reintroduction to the virus. The vaccine is the variant basically it’s weakening people’s immune system and making them susceptible to a second infection

  42. Mygymus says:

    Tim pool has the maturity of an 8 year old. Poop humor. Rock on man.

  43. Kewellli says:

    KUnder the constitution each states have their own Supreme Court and legislature. The executive branch per the constitution does not have the power/jurisdiction by executive order to order people to get vaccines. He’s skipping the other vranches. That is a dictator. The founding fathers made government decentralized by having each state have autonomy to prevent a dictatorship. Trump said that therapeutics might be even better than the vaccine. Trump got a lot of blow back from the MSM and the Dems. How long would we have been on lock down if not for the vaccine? I don’t think it is fair to get on Trump for the vaccine. Fauci funded the need for the vaccine. It burns me that he is on MSM talking about how it is uncertain if we will be able to have family get together for Christmas. And to that I say, Fuck Joe Biden.

  44. Brown says:

    You guys literally brought up my worst fear with EMP i mean that would be a pure shit show.

  45. Littletailsfarm says:

    We are so glad to be a member here and hear the truth from your reporting and channels.
    Keep up the great work Tim and Crew 👍
    We can’t wait to send you one of our prize goats 🐐 “Nigerian dwarfs” once born.
    We would either ship it or drive it up when that time comes. Once there born and ready.
    Love the castle Vlogs as well as we are building our version of chicken city calling it Chicken Town 🐣 on our YouTube channel.
    Keep the great reporting yo and hope to meet you all soon at an event 👏 #littletailsfarm 🐐

  46. VernonRedmon says:

    The man, the myth, the legend welcome back Luke.
    Okay guys just want to know has anyone noticed the black American flags, or if they are unnoticed because of the lack of knowledge of meaning. The movement may be small but it is going to gain a foot hole and grow. You may not notice them as they appear on vehicles more than in front of homes.
    Love the show, can not donate alot but a penny or a dollar, to share is to care.

  47. MrSooop says:

    Cui bono? NWO

    Also, refusing to comply with unconstitutional mandates or laws does not mean they aren’t still part of the US. Refusal to comply with constitutionally lawful mandates might. We have a tenth amendment for good reason. Like this stuff, weed laws, etc.

  48. JeDalton says:

    Okay guys, I am to stoned for this whole the the end is neigh, apocalypse ending to the show. Not cool.
    That said, I retract my black pill statement. The Feds losing power to the states sounds great, even if my dumbass still lives in CA.

  49. Nimue says:


    HI! Just happy you’re back!!! 🙂

    • Nimue says:

      BTW: US Citizen but lives in Canada: 39 – attractive; interested in outdoor sports; works in statistics (also Ian does not understand sampling); find me lurking on timcast b/c I ain’t nowhere else…..

  50. the7tower7falls says:

    What ever happened to the “Right to try” bill?

  51. DivineMatrix says:

    Hey Tim when in the world are you going to have the Podfather himself on Timcast!! Adam Curry from NoAgenda What are you waiting for!!

  52. says:

    The nail in the coffin was Citizens United.

  53. Ajax says:

    Y’all should do less time on you tube and do more on the show, That’s the one I like better and I’m sure I am not alone.

  54. Dusty Oldman says:

    Another great show. Nice to see Luke!!!

  55. Jinenji says:

    Not to nitpick but the stats from the UK don’t really mean much.

    82% of the UK (16+) has both doses of the vaccine. Is it really that surprising that the 18% of people that don’t have vaccines can’t outpace the deaths from people who have the vaccines? Especially considering the 18% that didn’t get it are likely not in a high risk group.

    They have about 100 deaths per day right now in a country of 68 million. Pretty low numbers.

    I’ve have a math degree, but don’t spend a lot of time in stats so don’t take my word as gospel. That said, I’m pretty sure that if I were to delve down into the math on this the vaccines would still be reasonably effective.

    Try to be careful with stats. They can easily be manipulated to say the wrong thing.


    • Skynet0225 says:

      Mathematics aside, I’m still stuck on calling something a “vaccine” when it is becoming more and more obvious that it is not a vaccine. A vaccine prevents contraction of an illness. Polio for example is almost non existent in this country as is measles.

      • Jinenji says:

        Yep, fair comment, I would be happy to call it something else :D.


      • Goodwin1776 says:

        Lydia (who used to be a nurse) once said that typically the medical jargon goes like this…

        Vaccine: Makes it so you absolutely will not get the illness. (think polio and rubella)

        Shot: Reduces the chance of getting the illness and/or lessens its severity. (think flu and pneumonia)

  56. beijingbiden says:

    Pfizermectin. Has anyone thought that the Great Resetters are forcibly removing the Petrodollar and want to replace it with the Vaxdollar? Is it me or is that the offer the Great Resetters are giving the US elites to remove US oil production.

  57. jrockjlaw007 says:


  58. jrockjlaw007 says:

    The Salt must flow.

  59. Mel Lester says:

    Where the fuck does Ian get these outlandish ideas from? Stratospheric drone transfer?? With ion thrusters?? What simulation does he live in cause I want to live in it too! cause its definitely not this one…

  60. Bob_W says:

    Have to come up with another name for these people… They are NOT activists…

  61. GenXBikerMatt says:

    First of all, Florida is not that bad. We get really hot from June to August and allow the cold to visit from January to February. Everything else is nice (at least in North Florida). Second, Ian really needs to find his happy place. Go get some pot, relax and don’t think about the evil authoritarians and corporations. Whether or not they’re taking over isn’t going to be stopped by getting angry and increasing your blood pressure. Don’t have a heart attack, it’s okay, release the anger for it is the path to the dark side 😉

  62. AArthriticGamer says:

    A state statute in Arizona makes it a class 5 felony to film another person in a restroom or bathroom without their consent. Violators can be sentenced to up to 2 1/2 years. ASU has its own police department which is conducting an investigation into the matter.

  63. tobie.lepine says:

    ive been in the show industry … reason for weird stuff on band riders is exactly as tim said. If you didnt bother with the blue m&m’s , you probably didnt bother with the sm81’s, the 421 the sax guy needs, the high stool, the side stage special leko for the guitar solo on the 2nd song, the stage load bearing, the necessary 120guy crew, the 3 forklifts, the 2ton chains…. That’s why some will ask for weird stuff that costs only a few $$$ … when blue M&M’s are in the greenroom, the 3rd forklift probably is there too.

  64. says:

    Dear Tim, I love the smart discourse. Great Guests. This show is awesome. I can’t handle Ian’s stuff. You have to shut him down so often these days, as well you should. I will still watch on you tube. Ian seems like a nice person with good morals, but he lives in a drug induced fairy land. Good luck to your future. I know you will kill it.

    • Mel Lester says:

      I agree, he seems like a great guy but when Tim puts so much effort into being factual and Ian comes in with his moronic ion thruster quad-copter ideas or plays semantic games it usually throws the whole conversation off. case and point when they were talking about it pfizer-mectin pill and Ian butts in talking about the project veritas release.

      …. oh and if you want more info on the Pfizer-mectin pill Louder With Crowder did a great segment on it this morning under the “What 60 Minutes WON’T Tell You…”

    • MrSooop says:

      I actually agreed with Ian for once about the poll thing. I think the wording of the title was manipulative and dishonest.

  65. crashmondo says:

    The studies out of Isreal showed 13-27 X times better results for naturally immune persons, not 13-27%.

  66. SIMONTACCHI says:

    13 TIMES, not 13%, there are 26 Spike Proteins on the COVID bug and the Vax has 2 in it.

  67. Rivian_Kriek says:

    LOL, am I watching Timcats, or the Tower Power Hour?

  68. polywana says:

    Pavlov’s Prairie Dog

  69. Baalshazar1 says:

    Not such longboi

  70. TheRealZac says:

    Merc also wants to sell the new drug for 700$ because ivermectin only costs a few bucks.

  71. TsPOon911 says:

    Timmothy pool hold Luke down and don’t let his ass leave again. Get a barb wired electric fence and leash for that ass if u have to. I have esophageal damage from all the puke from the lack of Luke.

    • Rykie1991 says:

      I actually have to get my throat reconstructed from all the puking from lack of Luke it’s devastating my family

    • MrSooop says:

      I’ve been a Luke fan since he was an outspoken kid just getting started. I remember when he was a citizen journalist for infowars and he was on air trying to talk Alex Jones into renting him an RV instead of buying plane tickets for him and his crew. Kinda funny that he lives in one nowadays.

  72. Remark says:

    video failed to encode…

  73. som1alive says:

    Issues loading the video. “Video error occurred, please contact support if persists”

  74. BlazeCast says:

    Who will be the shot heard around the world? 7+ billion people and not one is the catalyst. The reason? When you have an interplanetary species the easiest form of government is global CommuFascism. We can handle a 100 fold increase in population, but it would be too difficult to build up and too unacceptable to change habits or develop the habits required for this to work, so what is the easy path? Culling and indoctrination.

  75. says:

    Three clips which are the smoking guns, Which prove the COVID pandemic was planned and carried out by Big Pharma, the UN and corrupt government officials. The Global Collapse Has Now Begun.

    • says:

      Share, spread the word. The end of the American system is nigh. and we must do what we can, to prevent the, DEATH AND STARVATION OF Million’s of Americans.

  76. HiTechHate says: support a liberty streamer! Love you guys never get tired of hearing you talk! My 11yr old enjoys you as well.. Learns more from you guys Vs. public schooling.

  77. DarthWho says:

    Here is something I would like an answer to…

    If a foreign country came into the US and started suppressing the rights of the people the US government (ideally) would step in to defend it’s people, as is it’s job.

    Why is it different when it’s a multinational corporation? When do they become large enough with enough international interests to qualify as a foreign power? I mean fuck Facebook and Google are larger than many many countries.

    If we “have to have” a federal government then at a bare minimum they should not be infringing on our rights and ideally they should be charged with defending them.

  78. Spork Witch says:

    Latest Project Veritas expose!

    Summary: investigating severe side-effects including myocarditis, young people at greatest risk from vaccine, natural immunity significantly more effective than the vaccine!

    • BlazeCast says:

      Get your antibody blood test, save correspondence from employers or universities and start a go fund me. It is not enough to leave an environment, we must fight through the courts. We have a multitude of the largest studies ever done on natural immunity and these profiteering, corporatists need to be tried on their immune system denial grounds for others and the world at large to see.

      • Gralin says:

        Forget the antibody test. It’s medically irrelevant to determine immune status. You can have lifelong or very long immunity against a virus and not have any antibodies. What you need to do is take the FDA-approved T-Detect assay. That shows T-cell adaptation against the virus; antibody-producing B-cells as well I think. As long as you have those B-cells, then you will make more antibodies whenever your immune system needs to. As long as you have those adapted T-cells, you will fight off most of the virus before your B-cells are even called on to make more antibodies. Just so you know, the FDA’s anti-science effort to bait and switch anti-body titers with either shot efficacy or immunity is part of their long con on behalf of vaccine manufacturers.