Jeremy Kauffman Member Podcast: Ron Paul Banned On "Accident" By Youtube, We Need NEW Tech Before We Get Censored Forever

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Jeremy Kauffman Member Podcast: Ron Paul Banned On “Accident” By Youtube, We Need NEW Tech Before We Get Censored Forever

97 responses to “Jeremy Kauffman Member Podcast: Ron Paul Banned On “Accident” By Youtube, We Need NEW Tech Before We Get Censored Forever”

  1. justletmein says:

    second show i watched here…loved it.

  2. MrSooop says:

    Is this Controversial?

    I think that a constitutional amendment to secure our right to not be forced into any medical procedure would be a great addition to our system.
    Then perhaps a real conversation about population control could happen. If we actually are in danger of overpopulation, which I’m not convinced that we are yet, then leaving a bunch of reality denying elitist crazies to handle it is probably a really bad idea.
    If we had medical freedom not only codified in our constitution but also solidified in our culture, then perhaps… Dudes could be monetarily incentivized to get a reversible snipsnip done at age 18 and get it reversed at whatever age they choose to at no expense to them. This can curb population growth and reduce the need for harmful birth control medications to be taken by women. Also dramatically reducing the number of abortions and reducing government dependence and slowing the growth of the welfare state. Also could help with reduction in poverty and suffering in general. But the authoritarians would likely push it too far eventually and screw everything up.
    It could also further erode the family unit which would just make all of those problems worse. Like most of this stuff, the answers seem to be cultural not governmental. It’s been proven that casual sex makes people less able to bond with a mate, something about oxytocin i think. The erosion of cultural taboos surrounding casual sex seems to be directly correlated with rising divorce rates and single parent households. And also the demoralization of our society in general. Mainstream media heavily reinforces sex-without-consequences culture. As well as violence and idiocy but that’s a whole other subject i guess.

    As with most of our societal woes, as usual, it seems that Jesus is the answer once again. I admit that i will always be biased in that regard because Jesus saved me. It just seems like whenever i do the maths, real Christian culture solves a whole lot of problems.

  3. deepseeded says:


  4. The Talons of Alan says:

    This is a test to see if my display name changed. Also, follow me on Twitter as @thetalonsofalan

  5. says:

    is anyone outright unable to view these members videos?? all i see is black player window….

    answer from tech support wasn’t really helpful as i’m already using google chrome.

  6. Andybob1981 says:

    As a member I would be willing to accept one less members only a week to grow a show presence on odyssey shoot I would even go as far as 2 here 2 on odyssey

  7. psyflick says:

    i live in denmark i have to pay 55 % tax if i sell bitcoin 🙁

  8. Redcast_Erikson says:

    Not really crazy about the small embedded video. The old player worked really well, and it would be nice to go back to something like that.

  9. MrSooop says:

    Exclusively for unjabbed people who lost their job because of it:
    Maybe they could stitch together some timcast beanies at home for some extra bucks. Like send verified people a kit to make beanies but only like a dozen at a time to reduce risk of outsourcing. I think it’s okay if the beanies are a little expensive to buy as long as it’s not for profit and pre-order only. Maybe include an NFT version with the beanie and maybe payout laborers in crypto.

    It would be pretty ballsy to endorse such a project in times like these though. But maybe, just maybe, other creators would step up too and do similar things. I bet JP Sears would be down.

  10. UncontestedCHMP says:

    why are there ad banners all over the place, and the video is small… it is annoying….

  11. redmuskrat says:

    Break up Google now. Before it’s too late…

  12. double_fact_checked says:

    If the US goes full retard then they will ban all non approved social media, we need to make sure that whatever Social media we end up with is in an off shore country that doesn’t give a fuck and make sure we have good untraceable VPNs, Ether that or learn to speak in code.

  13. dji82 says:

    I disagree with Ian about open sourcing the codes of large sites like YouTube. You can have all of YT’s code and it wont do any good. I have made YT clone type sites. It’s not hard, but you need MASSIVE amounts of money(hardware) to be like YT. On the last site I ran on my server we could live stream and everything, but it was limited by my 250mb internet(~100 viewers). The average TimcastIRL live stream requires a total of 40 to 50gb of internet bandwidth, and probably a hundred servers. You can’t come close without at least hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  14. Bmwtech says:

    Sanders complaint about 2 senators is just a symptom of the problem. For years politicians, both parties have been proclaiming “democracy”. The US is not a democracy but a constitutional Republic. Democracies and Republics are very different. Democracies rule by majority and our Republic doesn’t allow majority to run rough shot over the minority. Some of the Founders expressed their distain for democracies being just as Tyrannical as Monarchies.

  15. Shark_outside says:

    Can you make the video player still play when I change apps on iPhone? Have it pop up in a small window and stay in screen. Thanks

  16. yourmomisabadwolf says:

    Tim, or non-obstinate Crew, can you please add a double-tap feature to rewind/fast-forward on mobile(LIKE THE FEATURE ON ODYSEE, ahem)? Tedious and clunky to rewind or fast-forward a short 10 seconds on the timcast site.

  17. Devil_Beaver says:

    Deze god damn Glazis (Global Socialists) have jumped the shark but their ongoing multi-decade dominance will be but a paragraph for our grand children in due time.

  18. Ric69420 says:

    I bought a house 2 months ago (in New Hampshire!!) and believe it or not we got a call from someone offering 60k more than we paid lol

  19. MrSooop says:

    Independent personality types will naturally influence others in their local cultures just by expressing themselves.
    Maybe the FSP is absorbing so many liberty minded people from the surrounding areas that there is a shortage of independent thinkers in those places now. Could be part of why places like NYC will cave to authority much easier now.

  20. DCrockafella says:

    California School gave teacher a Very Raysus gift basket containing check and water melon.. I made a video about this news. Sub to my channel, comment on the videos.

  21. CryptoZack says:

    NH has two far left Senators Shaheen and Hassan representing their State and I’m supposed to believe the people believe in freedom? Not until they elect a Ron Paul type Senator will I change my mind. The State is still far left for me!

  22. Baalshazar1 says:

    I’m still worried that things aren’t gonna be fine in rural because of drones and the army, or heck just dissatisfied people. But I’m all for getting out of the cities, I’m in a state close to WV, but not landlocked, I feel NH is way to close to big blue state and Canada to be very viable for long term. Still get outa the cities breathe better be happier and quiet nights even suburbs can give a good quiet night.

  23. lully379 says:

    I hit my Ian limit tonight with the werewolf story. LUKE, PLEASE COME BACK ASAP.

  24. Twiztidxxxninja says:

    My wife and i have been talking about homesteading. I finally convinced her a few months ago, and now its in our 5 year plan. I think this video convinced her New Hampshire is the place. We have to finish a remodel at our house, but with everything going on and maybe losing jobs, now might be the time and i couldn’t be more happy.

  25. YetAnotherUserID says:

    Gab is a Twitter like social media platform that has been slimed by mainstream media (not a bad recommendation) and it ALMOST allows free speech. No porn. That’s it really. After that it’s entirely 1st amendment. Then Minds of course. Not as strong on free speech, but way better than Twitter. There’s Locals where you monetize. Rumble, Odyssey (did I spell that right?) are alternate platforms for YouTube. I’m sure there are many others. What is happening is a diaspora really. No one needs to be tied to FB, Twitter, IG, TikTok, etc. People just need to actually move.

  26. cherneskej says:


  27. ZooCedarStrawberry says:

    I don’t think Cast Castle is being posted on Odysee. (At least, I haven’t found it.) Any chance of this happening?

  28. darknight118 says:

    I think you should really consider putting your link to LBRY and Odyssey on your videos….

  29. Plainsane says:

    I tell ya, Tim is the only person.that has thanked me for my donation, where I actually believe him.

    Maybe I’m just glad he is not giving me the jack dorsey treatment?

  30. Cheechee says:

    Best members episode yet! Thanks for having him. One request….Jeff Deist please

  31. Caleb_Fowler666 says:

    Goddamnit I love this show!!! Proud to support stuff like this. And new Hampshire sounds like my new life goal lol

  32. Thriller says:

    New term for government from the YouTube segment should be called “F.U.C.T.”™️ The fascistic universal centralized technocracy. 😳😂 Great content Tim and crew.

  33. KMerckCPA says:

    When Ron Paul ran for president, the supporters were the same type of crazies that believe in Q anon. Ron Paul was a joke

  34. Rberkebile says:

    Will fedaverse come with training?

    • Viewtifuljoe says:

      At some point. Ian said on the main show he wants to start a graphene academy. Why not one for the fedaverse.

    • devius1 says:

      Anyone know if the fedaverse is open source project? Can’t seem to find info on it or the mention open networking org. I keep hearing mentions but is there links to these projects to get more info?

  35. FxTwT says:

    Love that you’re building culture, but I think one of the most important and effective ways to do so would be through fun education for children. I would love to see something like CrashCourse being produced by you guys. As an educator, and just in general, our future lies in the creative minds of children. The left certainly has a stronghold in the public school system which I’ve seen firsthand, but many Americans are seeing the garbage being taught and they want alternate education for their children, whether that be co-ops, homeschool, private school, or school choice.

    It might not be your forte, but if you want to make a lasting impact on our culture, you need to inspire children.

    Food for thought.

  36. John_Beart says:

    Joe Rogan was A four-time Massachusetts taekwondo champion while in his teens and early 20s, Rogan has also trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai for more than a decade.

  37. Acyour says:

    just checked this site out and there is a pay wall. so i will not be going there. why pay to watch what i can watch for free. between locals and sub here and sub there it adds up quick. so i will be cutting down on these. and i see already Tims EGO is getting unbearable.

  38. BlazeCast says:

    I am trying to post content on LBRY but have no LBC, and buy it anywhere from mobile.

    If you want to be an absolute Chad and hero send LBC: bEMB13eT4EhGUKdKybYko4NyvG7ZsD47g7

    First 4 videos are FaB ToA case opening 🤞🦴

    • NoOne123 says:

      lmao amazing vid.

      For anyone wondering, its the video they mentioned where someone plays cityscape and allow as little government control as possible and it turns into a utopia.

  39. AdeptDS says:

    Every company thinks they are the new eschaton, but they are not. Just like Sears or Kodak or Pan Am, Amazon will be a forgotten brand at some point, so will Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It’s inevitable and always happens. And every time people running it, think that’s it, we’ve invented all there is to be invented (of course that’s very limited thinking). George Gilder explains it well in this interview

  40. lettergram says:

    @Ian checkout filecoin —

    The goal is to build out a distributed network similar to IPFS (which is what LBRY is similar to). The goal behind filecoin is to improve the distribution of the network, get paid, and host in a distributed way. Personally, I think it’s a better setup that LBRY.

  41. NoOne123 says:

    yo what was New Hampshires response to covid measures at the beginning of the pandemic? I actually can’t recall. Did they implement mask mandates and lockdowns or did they go against them like Florida and Texas? Genuinely asking.

    Are there any shops in NH still doing mask mandates or is everything open and normal? Is there any talks of covid passports? I havent watched the bonus content yet but this dude is really selling me on NH. The only thing i don’t like about libertarians is their tolerance of commies or their foreign policy.

      • NoOne123 says:

        So im looking into it a bit, basically NH immediately buckled on their principles of libertarianism and ordered mask mandates and lockdowns and they have yet to immediately put a ban on vaccine passports. There was a bill that was proposed a few months ago called Senate Bill 155 and from the looks of it, it failed to pass the house?

        Gotta say im pretty disappointed and unimpressed now. Kauffman got me pretty hyped but maybe i misinterpreted his advertisement for the state. I was under the impression that it was already under the control of libertarians. Maybe thats not the case? Maybe this is more about turning New Hampshire into that kind of state in the future? No idea. I don’t like that he doesn’t see communists as the threat they are though especially since they’re the literal antithesis to libertarian ideology.

        • MrSooop says:

          NH barely even has legal cannabis.

        • Kelsier_The_Survivor says:

          Yes, you misunderstood the demographics in NH. The liberty community, i.e. Libertarians, Voluntaryists, Ancaps, Ancoms, Objectivists, etc is very small compared to the locals. We’re talking thousands compared to hundreds of thousands. Its not an anarchist utopia yet. But we’re done good work. We passed constitutional carry before it was popular and we have reps that have proposed secession. Check out the radio show Free Talk Live and the crypto 6 for more information.

        • Kelsier_The_Survivor says:

          We didn’t buckle. Sununu locked down non-essential businesses and created a mask mandate. The liberty community resisted with non-compliance and protests outside his house every week and declarations of independence from state rule at the capitol. You should have seen the response. Nine squad cars for a peaceful demonstration at his house. Cops in riot gear sent in to break up a candle light vigil. Check out Breaking The Flaw on youtube to see it.

    • Ambrossia188 says:

      Great questions! You should look it up and let us know what you find…🧐😉

    • darknight118 says:

      Well then you have only MET 1 .. don’t think any of them agree on anything .. Makes talking to people fun again ..

  42. BlazeCast says:


    I know I laid into the comments yesterday, but this video and others like them reinforces my small contribution to people like you. I’m a robot, but hard working, so what little money I have I give to those who are creative enough and trying to make a difference. That’s how the ancient pyramid scheme of change works. 👌👁

  43. JeDalton says:

    You guys are inspiring me.

  44. says:

    Charles Odin
    Male, 26
    CNC Machinist, employed
    Located on Long Island, moving to West Virginia
    Hobbies include racing my mustangs, camping, hiking, cross country driving, texas music scene, cooking and dogs
    Looking to get into swing dancing, horses and livestock
    Looking for female homestead partner
    Must like kids and be willing to have 12

  45. sic_phuker says:

    “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein

  46. dalten22 says:

    I don’t understand how Odysee/LBRY makes money or stays afloat. I’ve looked into how to support the site, I’m paying for Youtube premium now not to have ads and i’d gladly pay Odysee $10 a month or even double to support them but I can’t find a way to do that.

    • BlazeCast says:

      It might be the same reason his company is being sued by the SEC. There was an ICO, his company reserved a bunch of tokens, people buy the tokens because of the utility, his company sells some reserves for operational cost to those buying.

      • MrSooop says:

        A way that they could handle that better i think would be to add a small transaction fee in addition to the gwei fee to help cover their operations instead of having an ICO.

    • MrSooop says:

      Holding onto their tokens is one way to help support them.

  47. 00chewie says:

    Perhaps the answer to swapping platforms is to just prioritize the other channel, could release on oddesey early, or have specials only on other platforms. Don’t give up presence on YouTube but actively push viewers

    • ZunigaDragon says:

      Ah, the Styx approach. I mean, that’s kinda what he’s doing here no?

      • NoOne123 says:

        Yeah as a result of the combination of youtube getting censor crazy and Styx making exclusive content on bitchute, i only watch his content on bitchute and avoid youtube. He honestly did a good job with thinking up that strategy and just slowly over time moving over to a new platform. More people should do that.

        Ive completely cut out facebook which has been amazing. I dont do instagram. About the only thing i still use is twitter since thats where the culture war is happening and that’s where a lot of news gets posted unfortunately. Man it would have been awesome to have everyone move over to Parler.

    • BlazeCast says:

      Holy Fuck….

      You just solved what I have been thinking about for days!


    • MrSooop says:

      Salty has been doing just that for a long time too.

  48. Rohan says:

    I have been mulling this over all day. Honestly the only way to get people to move is if their content moves and is only available elsewhere . When the majority stopped posting on MySpace and moved over to Facebook everyone else did… if Tim, Ron Paul, Styx, Count Dankula, Sargon, and so on moved off to odyssey and stopped posting on YouTube people would be pissy but they would move on. People already know YouTube sucks and if enough people move on to odyssey people like pewdiepie and markiplier will follow. Especially, if half there viewers leave.

  49. Rohan says:

    I have been mulling this over all day. Honestly the only way to get people to move is if their content moves and is only available elsewhere . When the majority stopped posting on MySpace and moved over to Facebook everyone else did… if Tim, Ron Paul, Styx, Count Dankula, Sargon, and so on moved off to odyssey and stopped posting on YouTube people would be pissy but they would move on. People already know YouTube sucks and if enough people move on to odyssey people like pewdiepie and markiplier will follow. Especially, if half there viewers leave.