Jack Murphy & Seamus Coughlin: CDC moves on Gun Rights, Tim And Jack Debate Rights And How To Defend Liberty Effectively

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Jack Murphy & Seamus Coughlin: CDC moves on Gun Rights, Tim And Jack Debate Rights And How To Defend Liberty Effectively

443 responses to “Jack Murphy & Seamus Coughlin: CDC moves on Gun Rights, Tim And Jack Debate Rights And How To Defend Liberty Effectively”

  1. flightRisk says:


  2. Tengu3Gun says:

    Investigate “Jack Murphy, John Goldman”, and what he says about feminists, and be amazed. Ask Project Veritas. Interesting stuff. Makes for truly great reading.

  3. SterlingGecko says:

    the Stopler Revolver was made in 1591 in Germany. just had to wait for industry to make a lot of them.

  4. shadowbanned says:

    would you rather be killed by a bear or a lawyer? one swipe and the bear kills you. the lawyer will kill you slowly over 20 years time, incrementally stripping you of everything that makes you live. tim doesn’t think 4th dimensionally. he doesn’t understand ‘back to the future’.

  5. PatrioticRealist says:

    Tim is a dick. Jack is a pussy.

    • shadowbanned says:

      well you got your dicks, your pussies and your assholes. pussies think that everyone can get along, and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through… But then you got your assholes… and all the assholes want is to shit all over everything.
      so pussies may get mad at dicks every once in a while because pussies get fucked by dicks. BUT DICKS ALSO FUCK ASSHOLES, CHUCK! and if they didn’t fuck the assholes, do you know what you’d get? you’d get you dick and your asshole ALL COVERED IN SHIT!

    • shadowbanned says:

      42:40 well as someone that is disappointed by the ‘after content’ and don’t find it worth the price, i’d like to end my subscription… and in order to do that i have to cancel my debit card or contact you to ask permission to not be a servitor… as if the entry process had the same defenses.

  6. Luckyno5 says:

    I have to disagree with Jack. His arguments and points fall apart if you take into consideration they’re all caused by and supported by this messed up system. The fact he can’t just take his kids somewhere else is because of the broken court system that helps divide families. People feel trapped in their lives because systems have been put in place to make sure their uneducated/uninformed on the truth. The only way to change things is to expose people to the harsh truth of life and either give them the chance to stand up and lead or look for those who have already decided to stand up. Also the whole empathy point just feels like he’s trying to guilt trip Tim and I don’t believe there are too many professional baseball players in Communist China so its probably good to get your priorities straight.

    • Tengu3Gun says:

      Investigate “Jack Murphy, John Goldman”, and what he says about feminists, and be amazed. Ask Project Veritas. Interesting stuff. Makes for truly great reading.

  7. LifeSimply says:

    Speaking as someone whose family lineage includes escaping communism and socialism… I do not understand Americans who put any other recreational activity over their freedom. Speak to and with anyone who has family and history of surviving such cultural movements, the priorities and values they instill in their children and lineage is completely different than Americans who were born and raised in America. Americans simply do not understand how important your freedoms are; it’s comparable to breathing air. When there’s air, you take it for granted. When there’s no air, you realize how close death creeps.

  8. Snake616 says:

    Everyone thinks their kid is “special”. It’s a fuckin game. Grow the fuck up and get over it. If you do not stand by your principles, you are nothing.

    • Tengu3Gun says:

      Investigate “Jack Murphy, John Goldman”, and what he says about feminists, and be amazed. Ask Project Veritas. Interesting stuff. Makes for truly great reading.

  9. Bigly12025 says:

    Jack is wrong. Tim is right. Jack is weak. Tim is strong.

    • Tengu3Gun says:

      Investigate “Jack Murphy, John Goldman”, and what he says about feminists, and be amazed. Ask Project Veritas. Interesting stuff. Makes for truly great reading.

  10. calbo79@hotmail.com says:

    I listen to your podcast regularly. At one point you all mentioned influencing a new concept of creating a parallel digital election as a control point for the actual election. I’d love to see another podcast dedicated to discussing a parallel FOSS digital election process so as to keep our next election honest and transparent.

  11. scottrpaxton@gmail.com says:

    Tim touched on it. Personal Property Rights are key. ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY!

  12. deepseeded says:


  13. Cstock1976 says:

    Everyone should remember the Obama interview where he was asked if he could run for president of a 3rd term would he? He said that if he could find someone who he could control in office he would do that. So all of us that have been calling Biden “Walter” from Jeff Dunham are right. Obama’s got his hand up Biden’s ass and controlling his puppet.

  14. JankyPlan says:

    Tim can be such a complete asshole with zero consideration for others that struggle. Tim is out of touch when it comes to being a father and trying to take care of a family, just like he did prior to owning guns. Jack is right, Tim’s echo is a fucking anchor sometimes.

  15. TimChandler5150 says:

    When did this douche drink the Koolaide? He is lacking in logic, not using terms correctly, and seems determined to argue for the establishment actually not being bad. We don’t give up “rights”. We aren’t supposed to give up “rights” to the federal government. It’s supposed to be protecting our rights from states and entities foreign to our state/country.

  16. RockettMan says:

    Tim needs to realize that Jacks son could never get to a position to have the views that Tim has unless he goes through events like baseball in his life to give him a drive, morals and a life attitude. For Tim that was his adversity and events he grew up with for Jacks son that’s Jacks parenting and baseball.

  17. Koritian says:

    You both have great arguments I think the issue is both think there is a correct answer to freedom. Freedom is subjective. Freedom is based on needs. A good hunter does not need help with gathering meat. A good healer does not need help mending wounds, but a good hunter needs to be healthy and a good healer needs food. When the healer starts telling the hunter how to hunt, or the hunter tells a healer how to heal then tension occurs. It’s because the healer judges the hunter on their ability to heal, while the hunter judges the healer on how they can hunt. They don’t see that Both need the strengthens of the other to be what they are. We need to acknowledge that we need each other, in order to survive. Once all hunters have to act like healers, or visa versa, then people are being judged on qualities of healers when society needs more hunters, or visa versa.

  18. AverageScruffy says:

    I respect the hell out of Tim. I don’t think he lacks empathy despite his criticism. I massively respect that he is strong on his beliefs and has the knowledge and understanding to back them up. The problem I see is a lack of humility amidst his intelligence. Not that he won’t change his mind, but that he comes to a conclusion and decides he is correct. Maybe Jack needs to think about and distill his beliefs better so he can better argue them, but he does have important points that need to be considered instead of dismissed in favor of a larger world view. Minds will not be changed with hardline stances based on overarching political and socioeconomic problems. Generally, the biggest problems people have are in a much smaller world. We can’t preach to them about disregarding the “small stuff” so they can fight the machine, because they’ll stop listening. It’s an ineffective tactic, and I think that’s part of Jack’s argument that should be seriously considered.

  19. Evocatus says:

    Jack needs to take some history classes.

  20. AlexKil says:

    Every Time there is about to be some comedic relief to ease the tension, Ian cuts in and won’t shut his mouth, increases the amount of curse words he uses per sentence, and goes on a stupid rant that’s barely on topic.

    What a shitshow, lmao.

  21. William07182 says:

    This is a dilemma where the options are:
    -Everyone opts out and real change occurs.
    -Everyone acts in their personal short-term interest and slowly gets fucked.

  22. Biased_Confirmations says:

    Jack’s POV is that of 2015 Sargon or 2014 Tim Pool. Give him 5 years and maybe he’ll be a respectable man, yet.

  23. Biased_Confirmations says:

    I am so sick of Shamus and Ian trying to pretend there is a middle ground. Just like abortion, there is no weak ass middle ground fence sitting. Enough trying to sympathize with Jack’s simp lifestyle. He has no choice and him arguing that his wife isn’t the sole decider is pathetic. Get real. Jack has no say and he wants to feel like he does. Facts don’t care about any of your feelings, stop being little girls and man up. How is Tim the manliest of this bunch? Good for you Tim.

  24. useless3ngineer says:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

  25. MaMoza911 says:

    I have kids in select too, Tim doesn’t get it because he never did it. That doesn’t make him right and he can’t relate. The no empathy thing is creepy af 👀

  26. Joeejoee says:

    Both of them are right but they can’t see how they are both right.

  27. Ric69420 says:

    Jack is such a spineless pussy. He has literally 0 fight in him. He’s perfectly content with just complying with whatever tyranny gets thrown his way “inject my kids with poison and here’s my guns, I need to order some tampons from my amazon overlords”. Cucks like him are exactly the reason were in this place. Sorry for swearing Tim but I’m pissed at these cowards who don’t have even a pea sized set of balls to say no to these tyrants. Pathetic

  28. reinsteder says:

    I hope Tim doesn’t “Adam” Jack. Jack Murphy makes the show 10x better bringing a more average point of view to the show with these everyday problems currently plaguing the country.

    • Bradio says:

      I think Jack will probably have a break soon. I see the tension between them every time he’s on. Although I thought the same about Ian but he’s still here day after day. I do agree with Jack that Tim needs to be more empathic towards his audience. He’s a man who just sees black and white and no grey. Life is full of grey areas.

  29. keldan says:

    For Jack – I disagree with the statement that the government is doing things because they believe their doing it for the greater good. They know good and well what they’re doing and they have an agenda. Also, you have sold your soul so your son can play baseball. My opinion.
    For Tim – If it were just me or even my spouse living on a park bench, no problem…my freedom means everything. If I had a 2 yr old, the story changes. I would be trying a whole lot harder to assure shelter. Also, I agree with Jack. PLEASE “show” a little more sympathy/empathy for those that have that 2 yr old.

  30. Metal_Joe says:

    I think this whole thing is a mute point. The kid is 14. In my opinion the decision should be his. Jack should present pros and cons and let the kid make the decision. Part of raising a child is giving them responsibility and teaching them to be independent. I think 14 is plenty old enough for a decision like this.

  31. SouthWest says:

    I used to like Jack, but he traded his principles for soft comforts, and now his words ring hollow, there is no value to a person like that.

  32. Abstract says:

    Jack is right. Tim is blinded by his rage at the system right now. All timcast vids are tainted with feelings right now. I’m as libertarian as the next guy. But he is right. We gave up the right to murder to have a society. We gave up the right to steal. To have a society. We gave up the right to do anything we want at anytime. To have a society. That’s his point.

    • Necro_P_Hagist says:

      You never had such a thing as a “right to murder.” Murder is an action one can freely take. Absolute freedom entails also the freedom to be evil. In the social contract, we give up those forms of oppressive freedom so that we can have fundamental rights. That’s why, if you murder someone, you lose many of your rights. Jack’s not wrong, and Tim isn’t right; but neither is either expressing their point clearly. If you watch Academy of Ideas, the recent video titled “The Big Lie – How to Enslave the World” you can see some of Tim’s reasoning from a deeper philosophy. “Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me.” “Let him not brag of his progressive views, boast of his status as an academician or a recognized artist, a distinguished citizen or general. Let him say it plainly: I am cattle. I am a coward. I seek only warmth and to eat my fill.” – Solzhenitsyn

    • USMC_POWER says:

      Agreed, Tim would not be saying any of this if he too was a father. I served 10 years in the USMC, so I can clearly see what Tim’s perspective is and what an individual would needs do to be self sufficient. On the other hand once you become a father you no longer live for yourself you live for another’s. Tim needs to call his father and seek guidance on Jack’s state of affairs before he loses a friend. I am a proud father of a 14, 13, and twin 7 year old boys. I got your back Jack.

      • Mygymus says:

        Jack is being irresponsible and warping his son, by teaching him that playing baseball is more important than freedom. That isn’t being a good parent.

        • USMC_POWER says:

          You are clearly just parroting what Tim said, you didn’t listen to what Jack was saying. If you had you wouldn’t be repeating Tim’s words verbatim. Please watch this episode again and there first debate that sparked this whole thing. After you do that; and hopefully you have a better idea on Jacks points, then I can respect your opinion. However I don’t think you will. Be excellent my guy and party on.

          • RockettMan says:

            Ahh so you also are a coward, I see. I do have a child and I won’t sacrifice her or my freedom for some semblance of safety and security now.

          • USMC_POWER says:

            Ok, Rocketman is it? My statement pertains to Jack and Tim’s friendship. I don’t believe you read my statement correctly. My statement pertains to the friendship of Tim and Jack. This is America right? We all have the freedom to choose right? Jack is fighting so his son doesn’t have to, the kid is only 14 years old right? Jack’s son should only worry about what a 14 year old needs to worry about. We don’t send 14 year olds into battle right? Jack is also respecting his son’s choice by wanting the jab to continue to play baseball, as a father should. The point is “Choice,” we all don’t have to like each other’s choices, however in this great nation we all have that right. I immigrating from Honduras; I finished high school in Austin, Tx. When 9-11-01 happened I was a junior in high school. I was still only a legal resident. So I made a choice; on 5-22-02, to defend this great nation that offered that great right of “Choice.” By doing that I was made a full fledged citizen by serving as a United States Marine for 10 years. After that I went to college and became a Nurse. So before you Rocketman go firing off at the hip please read people’s comments and comprehend them. You have yourself a wonderful day and party on my guy.

  33. gauge998 says:

    As soon as tim says most people are agreeable but in a crase way such as, you prefer the boot over freedom suddenly, it’s a foreign concept to people.

    • keldan says:

      Gov Ron DeSantis just said that if you’re law enforcement and you’re looking for a job, come to Florida…they’re offering a 5K hiring bonus.

  34. belugamonkey says:

    Lord have mercy Jack is such a fraud he claims that he and his organization support masculinity but openly and repeatedly supports feminization of men. It’s ridiculous at this point that more people haven’t seen thru this. He is a grifting beta who barely knows how to defend his “positions”. Disgusting

  35. Mserritella says:

    I have to say, Jack is completely right here. Tim is being a bit hyperbolic and rigid in his mindset. Most people would never be willing to live on the streets or be homeless, most people don’t have the type of drive that tim does, and tim doesn’t understand responsibilities beyond himself.

    • chickens.forever says:

      Agreed. Tim needs to back it down a bit (his ego and emotions) and learn how to speak to and debate others respectfully or he’s going to alienate his core listeners. Love the content but when Tim makes things this stressful many of us just tune out.

  36. nicolemarie0420 says:

    A lot of women would love to stay home and raise their kids. But it isn’t doable even living below means. Someone making 40k a year cannot support a household by themselves. Mom’s HAVE to work out of economic necessity. Especially with the current rent and housing crisis and inflation

    • PennsWoodsPolitical says:

      Get out of cities

    • AmericaFirst says:

      This is not true- yet you state it as fact.

      I’m a stay at home mom. My husband works and we live on $37,000 GROSS. We have two small children, pets, and chickens.
      Most people live above their means, use debt, and do not budget every month.

      I budget down to the dollar every month and we know where our money is going. While yes it gets harder and harder due to inflation etc – you can “do anything as long as it’s your priority”

      Our priority is for our children to be raised by their mother at home- and that is what we’re doing. If our priority was having designer clothes, or vacations, or eating out every week – then you’re correct we couldn’t make it work.

      It’s all about “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

      Coming from suburbs of MI – for reference in terms of prices/cost of living.

  37. JstTrst says:

    Jack is worried about his son not having his baseball career, while misunderstanding that if things continue to move forward in this country as they are, a baseball career will not even be possible.

    • McCracken says:

      Definitely thought the same thing. We need a functional society for that to even work. It’s like every communist thinking they’re going to be a lesbian art yoga instructor. Real shit needs to get done before you can engage in frivolous activities.

  38. Mygymus says:

    Jack, you are raising your son to think baseball is more virtuous than freedom

  39. Mygymus says:

    I would choose tech mage

  40. Mygymus says:

    Seamus is a lawful great pally

  41. Mygymus says:

    Hi I’m a single 30 year old male, looking for long walks on the beach.

  42. CdnElJefe says:

    Here’s where Tim has to be careful. His hardline approach can be effective, however, only using a hardline non-empathetic approach will eventually lose you followers. You have to know when to be harsh and when to be understanding. Being empathetic doesn’t mean you’re weak and if you believe it does it’s because you’re not an actual leader. There is a time and place for both approaches because both are necessary to reach and influence tue most amount of people.

    There are many many people who are not yet ready to here the harsh in your face rant, but you can influence them to come over to your side with empathy and understanding. Once there you can equip them over time to be able to handle the hardline mentality.

    But only using that tactic will inevitably succeed in pushing people to the other side that you may have won to your side if you had sprinkled in some understanding.

    • Ib1ray says:

      That is a fucking GREAT comment about knowing when to be hard and soft. You have to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. It’s very similar to building rapport with somebody. You would want to use similar language, mannerisms, and cadence to win them over and THEN you can start to persuade them to think the way you want them to….

    • CariDLC says:

      Excellent comment — you picked my brain! Vulnerability, humility and compassion are challenging for people who are afraid to appear weak, as taking the hardline approach comes across as being insensitive, harsh and dismissive.

      In my opinion, Tim is at a crossroads with his moral development: He’s been a renowned fence-sitter for years — but I believe it’s time to take a stand on some things (not just 1A and 2A).

      Is there a hill he’d die on, or would he “just go down by the river and sleep in the van…”? If I followed him into battle, would he turn and tell me he “knew this would happen” as we turn and flee?

      Has Tim flown too close to the sun?

      I’ll leave it with this: Tim has a problem with Alex Jones because of the way Alex says things. He’s like, “Dude, you can’t say people are dancing with dead babies and expect them to take you seriously.” He contends that Alex is being too hyperbolic to be believed – yet — how often does he turn out to be right?

      There’s something to be said for taking a strong stand and not being afraid to say unpopular things.

      Perhaps Tim can take a step back and see the parallels between his style and Alex’s style, and see where there he can make some much-needed adjustments.

      Oh, and if he could stop saying “Trump did some really bad things…” without clarifying, that could help. 😉

      • chickens.forever says:

        All of you are crushing the nail on the head with your comments and agree entirely with them all. Not certain if Tim is going blind and allowing his ego and emotions to get the best of him, but like all of you have pointed out he needs to tone – humble himself and his authoritative mannerisms down or us paying serfs are going to flee. Personally…. he’s beginning to remind me more of the loudmouth dickbag friend that all of us USE TO have, but got tired of and quit speaking with

    • Mygymus says:

      Being soft with people is hwy we are where we are. Follow the right ideals and sides or fking suffer. Up to you. Don’t care.

  43. PeterOrchard says:

    Are the Jews considered Nazis for allowing the persecution? If they had stood up would they have been slaughtered regardless? Would the Nazis Have had justification if the Jews had stood up? It took the world to stop it. What’s it gonna take to stop this? Probably more than most are willing to do.

    • PennsWoodsPolitical says:

      I think, as with most creeping totalitarianism, they did nazi it coming. *ba dum tss*

    • slom1401@gmail.com says:

      That is an interesting take, I would agree with you for the most part. However, there were Jews that thought they could save themselves by collaborating with the Nazi’s. This is depicted in the movie The Pianist, where the Jewish police Chief in the ghetto is going around trying to recruit young men and offering their family safety. This leaves us with the philosophical conundrum of, is it moral to chose ones own survival at the peril of others?

  44. columbanus38 says:

    You don’t beret them, you go to something like the met, then go to the help and physically remove their masks to free them.

  45. Noli says:

    I do feel people forgot about science in this day and age, so listening to Jack saying it’s fine for my child to get this medical procedure, which was already confirmed by many scientists to be unnecessary for them, makes me really angry.

    Yeah, if he won’t take it he won’t play, but at the same time there is zero research done on long term effects of them, so how safe do you think that vaccine is after 5 years? Plus, just listen to Veritas latest video and you will find people behind vaccines are saying directly KIDS/TEENS SHOULDN’T GET THESE VACCINES!

    “But my kids wants to play sports! They want their carrier’s to be in sports!” They won’t have carriers when something happens to them due to vaccine effect and at the same time they won’t have future because you allowed GOVERNMENT TO FORCE MEDICAL PROCEDURES ON THEM.

  46. ConservativeVoicesUniversity says:

    Great show as always Tim and crew, I would like to invite people to my new Telegram channel!

  47. foddertarget says:

    Arrogance. We know better than you so do what we tell you. Pure arrogance.

  48. InkedX1072 says:

    Tim, lay off. You’re starting to sound like the Libertarian that says other libertarians aren’t libertarian enough 😂. Jack is great. Sometimes you’ve got to choose your battles. Don’t cause an unnecessary rift with someone that is fundamentally on the same side. If we divide ourselves, we’re already defeated.

  49. KTZWolf says:

    Jack needs to study law. In Texas, you can legally kill someone stealing your stuff–at night, regardless of dollar amount, during the day, if it is over $1500 in value.

  50. KTZWolf says:

    Tim is wrong. Colonials had lots of clean water.

    Jack is wrong–the majority of people today don’t want to be uncomfortable. It’s not about necessity, it is about discomfort. I’m one of ’em. We don’t want to give up what we have built up, or give up the comfy existence we have. Fighting is a hardship. People try to avoid it at all costs.

  51. Mdiaz says:

    Man, Jack is such a mama. Tim is right.

  52. hcmauve@hotmail.com says:

    Tim’s idea of rights is so strange.

  53. singe22 says:

    You can’t say, consult your doctor and make a choice and in the same breathe accuse someone of being part of the problem. At the end of the day it was a irate MINORITY that started this country. The rest just jumped ship to the winning side and accepted the change of power to the republic from the monarchy.

  54. Mediummusic1 says:

    Australian dissident here, gotta say Tim’s both right and wrong.objectively speaking, yes, we can go live in nature and survive if we have the know how, but also subjectively wrong because basically no one has the know how. For example I do wear my mask in large shopping centres patrolled by police as I physically cannot afford the fine, thus will go to jail for non payment and then will never be able to enact change through parliament in the capacity I hope to in my future. So yes, there are future objectives that out weigh current dissidence

    • Noli says:

      And are you doing anything to fight with this authoritarianism friend?
      You are following orders now, but you can fight them with alternative means, like asking people to send multiple messages/complaints to human rights offices and representatives or your own government bodies. Yeah, this won’t do much, but if you tell thousands of people to do it, it may show your government they will be fucked soon.

  55. ryan says:

    i admire tim’s consistency, but i agree with jack. tim is very cut and dry, focused only on fixing the problem and not the journey. tim would be way more persuasive if he was more empathetic.

    • NateBoii98_TTV says:

      Facts. The 35 and under people need empathy for them to be persuaded. It’s just a fact of life for most people in that age group, I’m 23 and don’t. But, I was GM of a restaurant and older people I could say you did a shit job, fix it- they did. Younger people would be like fuck you if I did that, I had to say look I know you thought it was good etc but here’s how it’s better and that work. Gotta know how to be affective, Tim doesn’t know how to the other side, only for the ones who already follow his stuff. It’s much less effective to open eyes.

  56. JMGardner says:

    Yeah, I side with Tim on this whole argument. Jack, is doing what is convenient for him. This is why the Republicans are push overs. They do what is convenient for them, instead of planting a tree they will never sit under. I empathize for the prior choices he made. However, I think I will be focusing on other “consistent” individuals going forward, Jack has shown his line in the sand. Practice what we preach and actions speak louder than words are two core tenants to stand by. It’s the biggest reason I have been drawn to Tim, even though we disagree on some political issues. Although Jack preaches this “empowering men’s core tenants” (not sure what organization he calls it), these past few sessions have shed some light on his true beliefs. Best of luck to you and yours Jack if you read this.

  57. harumph says:

    It’s annoying that Jack can’t separate his emotions from his logic. Tim is just literally laying out facts in a “if this, then that” logic. If you conform to the vaccine mandate to play baseball, then you are a hypocrite to say you’re opposed to the mandate. Simple as that.

    Jack on the other hand puts on a whiney voice and desperately appeals to Tim’s emotions to empathize with the “super tough” choice he’s faced with. Then when that doesn’t work he tries to make it look like Tim is attacking him. It’s obvious Jack can’t stand the shell of a man he’s become and is trying to save face by getting emotional and acting like a post wall Karen mad that her frappe didn’t come with whip cream….

  58. ScottDupe says:

    In response to Jack, I am glad Tim is talking as openly as he is. It is helping kick me in the butt and give me courage to recognize these comforts and securities are not as good for me as they purport to be. I am quitting my job come January and moving to the country, I believe it is what God is leading me to do. But Tims words are just further confirmation to me.

  59. MrPickle says:

    We all have our limits on how much tyranny we will tolerate. Where that line is varies from person to person, making it very easy for tyrants to take advantage. It would do us good to have a cohesive line we could all stand on, them we would have more individual authority, standing together. This convo and comment thread is a very good start, in my opinion. The struggle gives me hope.

  60. Buddymac007 says:

    Dam Tim, really went off in this video…

  61. Buddymac007 says:

    How bout they outlaw Criminals…

  62. WeaponizedMemes says:

    Come And Take It.

  63. JacobLauer says:

    The only thing I’ll say to Jack is, you as a father should be the person to teach your kid what you want them to learn. Stand your ground & do it yourself. Not sending your kid off to someone else to do it for you. Love you!

  64. Strategos says:

    The moment where Jack thought Tim was calling him a fascist summarized the entire breakdown in this dialogue.

    Tim was talking about shocking New Yorkers into not being sheep and totally missed the obvious fact that Jack was clearly still reeling from two weeks ago.

    Jack basically verbalized that he had checked out of the conversation. This really gave weight to his point that you can’t exclusively give people a verbal beat down when trying to persuade them to see reason.

    Tim is largely correct on the principles of the issue at hand, but needs to take some of Jack’s advice on how to be persuasive.

    • harumph says:

      I would argue that the point of the verbal beat down of Jack is to give the audience a real time example of someone bending the knee to a government mandate over a fairly petty inconvenience (not playing baseball).

      This would also apply to the performance of berating the crowd at the event in NYC Tim keeps talking about. It’s not about whether or not the people at the event get the point (hopefully they would). It would be more about a viral video being shared to millions and millions of people showing an example of how ridiculous the NYC mandates are being applied.

      It’s always about the bigger audience….

  65. IanWelch says:

    Seamus, you say our thoughts and consciousness can’t be moved into a computer you think it’s “impossible”, yet you believe your “soul” will move into “heaven”, and that’s even more improbable.

  66. Whatnofish says:

    Spicy …… but jack ,its a gam for god sake… your contract with your kids is to do your best for them.. not to make them sport stars.. its sounds like its your dream and you don’t want to let go of it.

  67. angrybadger92 says:

    I can see both sides, as long they can leverage us, they will keep taking until there’s nothing left. I think the line keeps getting stepped on

  68. xPhilipJFryx says:

    Y’know I was just thinking yesterday how much I missed Seamus. Good to have him back.

  69. dbgfan says:

    I love ya Tim but you went to far on this one. You keep saying “what you need to understand is”, but you do not and can not understand what Jack is going through. Every time you say this phrase I cringe a bit, you don’t give your audience enough credit to know what is going on in the world today. We are not as dumb as you seem to think. Jack was right about your lack of empathy, little could go a long way when dealing with the public, and especially someone you say is your friend. Do better Tim, we all know you can.

    • outofusernameideasbrainhurts@gmail.com says:

      tims entire point is that you will get nowhere without moving. peoples feelings really dont matter if you are truly tired of something it is up to you to change that stop whining and make that change. you are in charge of your destiny. everything in life is a risk. there will always be a reason not to do something thats just life moving in spite of these things is what makes us stronger and better people. as soon as you acknowledge that and stop using your life as an excuse life will improve

    • Lorilee66 says:

      I don’t like anyone talking to me like that …..Government Friends Family Etc…… Its about being understanding and teaching ….Not just one or the other … In the end if you are really about Liberty No Ones Choices are up to you …..They will do what they do and so will you .

  70. Smmmokin says:

    35M/Lower north eastern Alberta. Looking for similar aged female with similar thoughts to bust nuts with long term. Reply within.

  71. Devilsgun says:

    Jack had two teachable lessons with his kids and the jab – submit to tyrants and don’t make waves for the “right” to play ball, or take a principled stand against them and understand the meaning of sacrifice for a greater good…

    He chose the “easier” path. Understandable, but pathetic. This is why tyrants win.

  72. jprattie says:

    “The management of COVID has mostly fueled the bio-industrial complex, which is clearly just as voracious as the military industrial complex.” – This statement comes from one of my Doctors who shall remain nameless.

  73. damienfossil says:

    Stargate analogy:

    Tim is Omoc of the Tollan, who is rude and seems unconcerned with the emotions of those around him, and engages in some sneering. Jack is Narim, soft hearted Tollan who has compassion for people.

  74. damienfossil says:

    I don’t agree with Jack but Tim was a MASSIVE asshole in this episode and not in a productive way, almost exclusively in a shitting-on-people way. And then blame Jack for being emotionally effected by the hostility.

    Tim, I hope you read comments and see that maybe you don’t have to be “nice”, “weak” etc to simply not be an asshole that makes people feel bad.

    And poor fucking Seamus and Ian stuck in there with the two of you. lol

    Ps. Ian if you ever read the comments you’re awesome!

  75. jprattie says:

    Tim has mass balls…. you belong down here in Texas with us , bro….

  76. jprattie says:

    Jack is absolutely wrong in this video. Feeling so called empathy for these people is not going to help them with their situation. Telling them the harsh truth will. We got to this screwed up place we are now because of 30 years of telling people what they want to hear and hand handling them with kit gloves.. Now it’s time to take off the gloves and let them know how things really are. If you really cared about them and you really love them you would tell them the truth. Regardless of how harsh that truth is.

  77. jprattie says:

    We’re gods with anus’s.

  78. mundane_layne says:

    Jack and Tim don’t seem to be arguing the same point. Tim is just pointing out that we are free to do whatever we want as long as we are willing to accept the consequences that are a result. Jack seems to be saying that we are not free because there will be consequences. Jack is attributing consequences as cost while Tim is saying there is nothing stopping us from facing them.

    Tim is measuring the consequences or “cost” of these actions.

    The consequence of Jack refusing the mandate is his son can’t pursue a career in baseball from now until these mandates are abolished.
    The consequence of Jack going along with the mandate is that he admitted the government now has the power tell him what chemicals he has to put in his son’s body and he has no say in it.

    I don’t blame jack for caving in to the mandate for his son’s future. Sacrifices must be made and this is the harsh reality we live in. The problem is I think Jack agrees with Tim and he just doesn’t want to admit it. But Jack refuses to admit that this was a consequence to this too. The consequence in this scenario being that Jack has given more power to the government again. Jack chose to bend the knee. Not to say he’s a bad person for doing it. But objectively that’s what he did. Just like the German people in 1930. Just like the American people in 2001. Just like New York today.

    It really feels like Jack is getting emotional and taking Tim’s comments personally because he knows he’s wrong but is in too deep to admit it.

    Jack. The government told you to put a chemical compound known to cause blood clots and kill athletes in their prime into your son’s arm. They told you to make a health decision for your son without considering health and only considering his baseball career. And you did it. Now they know you are under their thumb. End of discussion.

    • Anony says:

      Not a bad take. Although I disagree with you that Jack thinks freedom means freedom from consequences. He would probably agree that any action you took in retribution would be judged by society in your peers and the consequences would be seen there. If somebody gives you a pin prick and you cut their head off people aren’t going to think that’s okay but Jack’s point is that you don’t even have the option to settle something yourself anymore. You’ve ceded the right to settle conflicts to the government.

      I definitely saw frustration in Jack like you did but I’m not sure if it was internal conflict or if Tim’s style is just starting to wear on him. Tim raises his voice which Jack clearly doesn’t like and Tim has a really hard time giving even an inch in any argument

  79. Tls1133 says:

    Yes! flintlocks! I hunt with those things. A great past time

  80. MikeH says:

    Tim, I think your hard-nosed depiction of a potential reality is what’s needed to wake people up. Murphy sounds like the people criticizing Trump for being such a mean guy! Finally, Tim understands the Trump supporters’ perspective! Joe Rogan is crying because Trump doesn’t sound “Presidential!” Yet, Rogan uses the Trump quote “look you mother f#ckers!” all time. Tim finally gets it… But remember Tim, Trump’s Machiavellianism only works because he’s funny at the right times. You need to interweave comedy in your rants.

    The Trump supports have been insulted, kicked around, and banished. Somehow, I think they’d be thanking you for this perspective: never back-down, never give-up, never surrender.

  81. AlmightyJamesPC says:

    Good members only video! I do enjoy the debate with Jack and Tim. I understand they disagree but it is good to see that discussion.

  82. KYLISDAD says:

    Tim, I appreciate your point of view, but not everyone has the life experience necessary to make a stand. The left has trained Marxists coaching them on how to destroy thecountry. We have people like you, disparaging everyone, calling everyone cowards… How about dazzling us with your brilliance and offering up some ideas to resist this..

    • JMGardner says:

      Please, go back and try to listen to Tim’s videos. Listen and critically think about his words because it seems you’re missing his points. He gives up an ample amount of solutions to people and steps we should be heading by. Two easily identifiable solutions are: Build culture that draws young people together. Get out and stop bitching about fraud and mobilize to bring in the vote.

  83. rambo88 says:

    Tim needs to chill tf out instead of constantly yelling and escalating tensions in the room. Being louder doesn’t make you right. Maybe it’s just an act though

  84. Liberservative says:

    In reference to the issue of Joe Rogan’s son not being able to play baseball unless he bends the knee… Why doesn’t Joe start his own team, start his own league, buy up some properties, build some fields, have games, charge admission, tell people they don’t have to wear masks and if they try to tell you you can’t, now you have the right hill to die on. People are hungry for an escape right now and sports have become a part of the cage. Offer them an alternative and they will show up. Build it Joe, and they will come.

  85. PetraTilling says:

    If Tim wasn’t empathetic, he would be Twitch streaming Minecraft right now. He has more empathy in his pinky than most people alive today.
    I think Jack knows what the right thing to do is and he is struggling. I will say one thing, you can’t be a role model for your kids by compromising your principles. Life is hard. Being a GOOD and virtuous parent is the hardest job that God ever created us to do. Do the hard things. Stand in your truth. No matter what happens, you and your children will know that you did not compromise your beliefs and principles. Make the choice and get into the solution of finding a way for your kid to play ball without a vaccine. Show other kids and parents that their is a way. Be the leader you claim to be. Stop talking and ACT!

    • ThucydideZ says:

      I can understand the situation Jack is in wanting to have his son participate in an activity he enjoys. However, the idea that pushing for your values of individualism, and freedom has a cost. This is especially true in this climate. I’m working for a company that current wants masks for all employees and full vaccination eventually. I know that standing up for what I think will probably end with my termination. It is our duty if we truly hold these values to stand and let our values be seen. What I’d like to see is a event to walk out of these companies. If enough of us can band together to speak and with action in pursuit of our values maybe we can stem this tide for another day

  86. jonshaw says:

    I bet Chris Pratt would do it & draw in a big audience

  87. AbootPolitics says:

    Seamus’ POV: When your parents start fighting in front of you.

  88. BFairfax123 says:

    The only reason there was a delay in how long it took for revolvers to go from cap & ball to cartages was because S&W held the patent on boring through the cylinder which most companies were unwilling to pay them royalties to use . It’s why the Colt SAA didn’t come out till 1873 and all this only applies to the US in Europe they had cartage revolvers in 1854 with S&W following in the US in 1857 their patent in the US didn’t run out till 1873 . It didn’t really take long to go from single shot one barrel pistols to revolvers once manufacturing of interchangeable parts became possible .

  89. AlmightyJamesPC says:

    hickock45 has a great video on gun safety. He sticks a stick that is painted red down a barrel of a gun. This shows how just little movements can effect the direction of where the gun is aiming. I definitely recommend it for review. Also , if any timcast members see this……please add the Comment section to the TOP of the chat. THanks

  90. Tazmonster says:

    I grew up on a farm. Joined the military. Became a machinist. I have always been a producer of products. Even in the military as a machinist. Sports produces nothing edible or driveable or tangible, just concussions and injuries, and waste. @ 50 i haven’t been unemployed 1 day since i was 8… Old enough to feed cows by myself. I can feel Jacks delema but don’t get the mentality of passing up a chance to take a stand.

  91. Crusader2001 says:


    We need more of this. Hats off to everyone for that awesome exchange of ideas.
    I don’t comment much, but this keeps me being a member here.

    Don’t change anything! I love you guys

  92. Nightmareblaze says:

    I rarely comment.
    Scrolling to the bottom is kinda a drag.
    But i wanted to say I normally understand and support Tim.
    That’s why I am here in the boot camp as was pointed out.
    But this time I’m with Jack and Ian (Ian is my boy. I love his insight.)
    Let’s start with Tim, it sounds like (Because I don’t know him personally other then what he shares) he made it past alot of hard and trying times in his life.
    And he made it big. Now his mentality suffers from the “I did it so you can to.”
    But in that passion he loses sight of the fact that not everyone is like him.
    For instance anyone notice how shamus was just kinda quite as Jack and Tim verbally spared, then at the end cracked a joke?
    I feel that’s how most normal people are.
    But Tim didn’t come at him side ways for not getting involved.
    He focused on the resistance to his idea and struck.
    These are leader qualities and will keep the herd moving.
    This is a positive trate some times.

    Jack, you are right 100% about having a contract with your kid.
    I am a father and understand what you are saying.
    But I will say to much empathy is how we got into our current situation.
    I belive that’s what Tim was (poorly) trying to point out.

    I’m not sure what the solution is short of having people like Tim and Jack as joint leaders so that way we can have the best of both world.

    Ian, I just wanted to say I appreciate you trying to chime in and find comman ground.
    It was a fantastic move and something I would have done as well.

    I hope everyone mentioned and not has a fantastic day and life.
    Till the next time I deem something so spicy I have to share my 2 cents.
    “LOVE&PEACE”-Vash the Stampede

  93. MPSheild2007 says:

    Jack, you do NOT have a contract to your kids to give them everything they want or to make their life as comfortable as you can. You have a contract to your kids to keep them safe, to raise them to be self reliant, to make them strong and able to survive in this world once they are grown so that when you are no longer here that they can continue to survive. Baseball does not do that. If you are relying on baseball to teach your son to be moral and strong, and to make him into a man, then YOU are failing as a father. Sorry, but that’s the cold hard truth.

  94. Eyesburr14 says:

    I like the convo. Unfortunately, I feel like jack is in a familiarity bias. Jack, baseball means little anymore. If your son has a good throwing arm, then show him how to throw rocks. His talent is wasted already just for being born in these stupid times. Weak men have made hard times. Make your son a strong man, not a baseball player. Other than that, I loved this episode! Sheamus is literally my favorite animator, and he’s funny as hell! Thanks Tim!

  95. The Talons of Alan says:

    So Jack is right about the social contact that we surrendered some liberties to be apart of society with the state to enforce contract (the constitution). But he is wrong in the fact that when the government violates the terms of the contract on what the remedy is: You can sue for relief or void the contract.

    Additionally, like I said last time – jack doesn’t remember how much suffering his ancestors endured for the life he has and all that can go away or we can put our feet down and say “no.”

  96. UppityG says:

    Pool was on a tear, I do declare. lol Wow, he’s pissed. See, if he’d just take my suggestion and cycle in a guest second chair (similar to how he does with Murphy), so he could get some relief from having to carry Crossland, he’d feel detectably better and briefly wonder why he’s got more pep in his step.

    No one is looking forward to Crossland’s cooking show to get going, so he’ll be busy enough doing his own thing that cycling in a guest second chair will be a lot easier. Please dear Lord, help him get started.

    “graphene sensor in everyone’s necks” Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.
    That is what Crossland considers a worthwhile contribution. And for those who actually claim to “love” Crossland’s wildly chaotic tangents, you’re trolling while high. But if you genuinely consider his time-wasting brain farts to be worthwhile, then encourage him to get his own show started so you can cheer him on free of people like me.

    Murphy is offended by Pool’s open contempt for those who won’t fight the way Pool imagines he would do it. It is always easier said than done. Always.

    And I don’t blame Murphy for being put out by it, Pool seems to sharpen his rhetoric just for him. Maybe Pool does that because he can’t unleash on Crossland anymore, because so many of the rest of us are on Crossland’s case, and there’s a number of viewers who feel sorry for Crossland.

    Murphy was right about us having “given up some of our rights” to the govt to *wield on our behalf* but I think what he meant to say is we’ve assigned temporary primary exercise of specific rights for large scale application, similar to signing a power of attorney (which are always supposed to be temporary). The problem is, because humans have no immunity against corruption, our govt, which is made up of our fellow citizens who swear to act on OUR BEHALF instead, slowly but surely, inexorably, end up insulating themselves *away* from the rest of us so that when we finally notice that they have been abusing our trust and taxes on THEIR BEHALF, they’ve surrounded themselves with laws and elite security forces that keep them from being held personally accountable.

    Seamus, as usual, is hilarious and smart as hell– er, heck.

    I keep banging the drum for Term Limits for ALLLLL govt employees, elected or not, but I can never get an amen.

    It would go a very long way in sweeping out the long corrupt and make it much harder to re-establish the Deep Admin State. Maybe it’s because the Govt (fed / state / county / municipal) is now so big, most people at large *are* govt employees.

    That’s not good. At all. For any country’s govt, least of all for America.

  97. ZedS says:

    Tim does care, but his manner is terse. Jack does believe the mandate is unconstitutional, but his kid is really good at baseball… Jack is making a weak point to try and blunt the criticism aimed at his position. Yes, he has a point, but it’s weak sauce. Tim’s demeanor may well turn some people off, but how many people are woken from a societal trance by kind words? No, it’s historical fact that people don’t rise up until their sense of comfort is ripped away. Jack’s reasoning may be such that people are sympathetic towards his position, but his is a cautionary tale of how people can make unwise sacrifices (their freedom) for something which, while good in its own right, is NOT as good/important as what is being sacrificed.

    A comparatively small number of people actually rose up to fight against the British in the run-up to the American Revolution, but there was also a large number of people who fought to keep their current situation as British subjects. Whether these Loyalists (as they were called by the Brits) or Tories (as they were called by the pro-Independence colonists) had “understandable” reasons to stay loyal to Britain, it does not change the fact that they were against the pro-freedom colonists.

  98. jncnstruction@aol.com says:

    I’m on Jack’s side because I feel trapped. I should’ve been smarter about my choices.
    I’m on Tim’s side because I need to own up to my mistakes and make sacrifices.

    • Staylor88 says:

      I would say 90% of people feel this way.

      I know i am right there. I had some set backs in my financial planning due to overindulgence. Now i am 3-5 years from being 100% self sufficient.

      Its a rock and a hard place. Make your choice and stick by it. Dont go begging for sympathy or compassion. That is my only issue with Jacks groveling.

      Make your choices, own your choices and hold your head high. Move forward with purpose dont back track and ask for compassion because you dont like how difficult it is or the negative reactions you are receiving.

      Jack has lost his confidence, or maybe the facade has been broken. 🤷‍♂️

  99. Trump says:

    LOL love seeing Tim stumble. Jack is making fantastic points, and I can’t help but think Tim is realizing being angry & angsty only goes so far.

    • UppityG says:

      Mostly agree. Pool’s arrogance is deserved but he needs to reign it in. Allowing such a personality trait go unbridled does not serve him and usually does not end well.

  100. SIlver346 says:

    Tim I agree with you.. and jack I also agree…. jack your an emotional man. Tim you are not. Yes jack some people need sympathy. Alsosome just need a kick in that ass. But after boot camp after the train once you climb a wall you help the next person up. Then they help the next person up.. and so on and so forth. Everyone’s path to that wall is different.. but that wall is metaphorically the same for everyone

    • UppityG says:

      I don’t disagree, only want to say Pool acts on his emotions as well. His primary motivating emotions appear to be anger (at those of us who just keep complying, or who fail to be splashy at not complying) and pity (for Crossland, who he’s now doubling down for, against those who voice their dissatisfaction with him). He maintains a cool demeanor while arguing with someone like Murphy (who’s big enough to snap Pool’s neck) but even so, he’ll let his anger and frustration best him at times. I don’t blame Pool for his emotions, but I sometimes take issue with how he handles them on the show. So it goes.

  101. RSW66 says:

    I get where Jack is coming from. Protecting your children is emotional. I have kids. One who has severe allergies and is on spectrum. I’m terrified of what will happen when his school starts requiring vaccinations for Covid. Where I side with Tim is on the slippery slope argument. Once you allow the government to mandate you take a medication with a 1% – 5% hospitalization rate where will they stop? I can tell you where , nowhere. Once that Pandoras box is open it will never be closed again. 15 days to slow the spread to 700K fines for noncompliance. Remember where we were, where we are now, and where this is going to end up if we continue to comply.

  102. bfd says:

    Ian is right. Both strategies are required for winning the informational war.

    This was an amazing episode. I feel these kinds of conversations/debates are what create the positive change for tomorrow. They are passionate, emotional, and unbelievably thought-provoking.

    I wish I could go back in time to compare the debates of our founding fathers. I have a feeling they would be eerily similar to these today.

  103. Strangerthanyouthink says:

    Tim pool loves rubbing it in people’s faces that he was homeless, he also loves rubbing it in people’s faces that he makes a lot of money, he also loves rubbing it into people’s faces that he’s right and nobody else is. The man might have some good thoughts but man is he ARROGANT and annoying

  104. Teckles says:

    Fuck Jack’s ideology. 100% backing up Tim, let’s fucking go! Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!

  105. Trump says:

    Didn’t think I would ever come around to Jack, but here I am.

  106. Cmohaire says:

    I don’t usually comment but I would like to say I am a middle aged father recently bought my first home daughter is 8 months old. I am gone for 14 hours sleep for about 5 a day wife is gone for 12 family watches my daughter between my commute I watch and listen to a lot of content. The problems that we are facing I try to talk with people about the masks mandates at my work bring attention to the vaccine stuff that we are facing I see just a huge problem with the enforcement of decree. A think a huge problem that I see for most is talking about things and action are very different things I know for me at least it’s how to organize and actually do something about it. I work in a system that is controlled by a union the benefits are amazing that is basically the only reason why I have stayed I am looking now with my wife’s new job and her benefits to do something else but organizing the action to do something about is something completely out of my realm. Also dealing with irrational members that are in leadership roles about the science stats around covid it’s a monumental ideological difference they are the ones that have the influence and power to make change. I am more of an independent thinker I do work well with others but generally don’t interact with a ton of people. Forgive me if I am wrong but I think that a lot of people are kind of in this position that I am in. The people who are quitting their jobs because of the mandate are the brave ones the people who are staying are the ones who are complicit. The lord will an d has always provided and guided me my life I will be leaving my job if there is an enforcement of mandate I will do something else to make money or scale my life back. Some people are just not principled and also I feel like most people are okay with things until they get confronted with something that impacts them directly. It’s unfortunate but true. You are all my brothers and sisters together we are strong diced we fall and the people who are enacting this know this clearly. Keep speaking out keep trying to wake people up at your jobs your schools and your families. Rejection will happen just get back up and keep approaching from a different angle this is all new to us we inherit the world and the situation we are given the question is how we respond and leave it for the people that follow and the people we bring into the world. God bless everyone it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    • matthiku says:

      Hey dude, I feel with you but it was very hard to read – it is like an endless stream. you need to structure your thoughts/writings a bit better as it is easier to get one bite at a time – use paragraphs!

  107. Drizzzt says:

    Man, Jack is trying really hard to justify why its ok to give up our rights and live under the boot. Back in the day the house slave probably lived a more comfortable life then the field slave but they were both slaves…. Whats wrong with jack???

  108. AR305 says:

    I’m actually more in agreeance with Tim however, Tim is a passive aggressive condescending jerk who might need to be punched in the face a time or two.. Just saying.

    As for Jack, I think he needs to stand for his principles.. ultimately though the decision should be up to their kids. It’s your job as a parent to teach your children the right path as best you can but they’re still the ones that have to walk down that road.. so if Jacks kids choose to comply willingly or unwillingly, that’s their problem. If they do not want to comply, then Jack and his kids need to put pressure on their mother to do what’s best for her children.

    • ellie says:

      Very well said. I will add this, Jack needs ro understand he has two paths here for creating a strong principled man in his son. One is to teach him to stand up against tyranny and the other is to put one’s own desires above doing what is right. Baseball does not make the man, adhering to one’s principles does.

      • UppityG says:

        Agree with you both. I think one big stumbling block for Murphy is he is divorced and shares custody. I believe I heard him say a while back that his ex is more inclined to fight him on X re their kids, rather than agree with him. He knows she’ll take him to court and then he loses no matter what he decides. If his kids live with their mother, likely she is using her influence over the kids to side with her re the vax. Murphy is outnumbered and over-powered (by the involvement of the Courts).

        Maybe Pool should throw a givesendgo crowdsource — and put his money where his mouth is and kick in a hefty chunk — for Murphy so he can hire a high powered law firm to represent him in the court fights with his wife.

        Ok, now we’re talking.

  109. Ronpaul2012 says:

    This is mostly geared towards Jack…

    Aren’t there known cases of teens and adults getting the shot for a sport or occupation and then no longer being able to function in those roles afterwards? I mean one story should be enough to spare your kids and if you are doing it only because “they” tell you to… doesn’t that make you a spineless coward?

    I have 2 kids under 12 who are homeschooled and will not be participating in the cult but still do sports (Basketball and Ballet).

    Also my parents moved me from my childhood friends right before high school due to a promotion – today we have a great relationship but I was mad at the time.

    Point is, if your kid has a bad reaction – you will feel awful (As you should). If he is as talented as you say then he should do just fine in a non fascist city/state or club for that matter.

  110. Devon says:

    I’m just doing what I was ordered to do , but I’m not a boot licker Tim , you should feel bad for me, instead of telling me to stand up for myself and my children. – Jack Murphy

  111. Andylister says:

    I am with jack on the discussion at the end and Tim a lil Tim can sound a little harsh sometimes but I understand why he does it and a lot of people will respond to it but I feel like there is an entire group of people who just want that lil nudge to stand up and say NO! but that harshness beats them down ” oh look I am weak might as well stay down here under the boot” some people need pulled up they need reassurances that they do have something inside of them that is capable of standing up

  112. KingConey says:

    Jacks a pussy

  113. MZero1294 says:

    Tim: “You don’t like it? Leave! Everyone who wouldn’t do exactly what I’d do and be okay with what I’d be okay with is a chump. Be willing to be homeless and have not nothing, and do it with a smile on your face!”

    Come on, man. Enough of this shit.

    • Chuker2s says:

      Yeah and if anyone says he should leave YouTube he always has an elaborate excuse 😂

    • WorkerGoblin says:

      to be fair he is correct, we have to be willing to sacrifice everything (which is why heroes in all stories are faced with this) or they will leverage you into obedience. Does it suck? yes probably more than i can imagine, does it suck worse than losing your freedom, probably at first glance until the powerful really have their fist clenched, and then you won’t need to sacrifice it will all be taken and you without a shred of freedom.

  114. Chuker2s says:

    It’s been a good run, but after finally hearing plain and clear the sentiment from Tim to not give a shit about the circumstances or emotions of his audience is exactly why Joe Rogan doesn’t mention him in his list of spectacular journalists.

    Tim can’t listen. Tim can’t shut up. Tim can’t empathize. Tim can’t be wrong. Tim can’t leave center stage.

    It’s been a good run, but I’m done with Mr Pool.

    “Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain…”

  115. undead_bovin@yahoo.com says:

    Jack needs to understand that his kids can play OTHER things. They do NOT HAVE TO play baseball. As a matter of fact, this would be a VERY good way for him to teach his kid’s about NOT letting people force you to do something that they do NOT have the power or right to do. I have THREE kids, an 8-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old son, and a 12-year-old daughter. I DO KNOW what it is like to have to deny your kid something they want to do. But you need to teach your children that sometimes sacrifices MUST be made in order to get a better outcome in the future while retaining your OWN clear conscience.

    Tim is an ASS HOLE tho. While i do understand what he is trying to do, but no true leader leads in a SINGLE way. YOu have to understand people are different.

    • Jacob_C says:

      I think part of the issue is Tim give people no hope. It’s like if you don’t like be homeless and live by the river. His other option is normally considered the worst outcome. He comes across as saying go embrace the worst outcome, and that will be your life you coward, fuck your kids, fuck your wife, fuck the people who depend on you. It is not particularly convincing, nor too helpful.

  116. Yamaha988@gmail.com says:

    Single 34 white man near flint michigan. Seeking trad wife to raise city’s and salt the earth.

  117. groy117 says:

    Jack is weak and cowardly

  118. TokenMaster says:

    People don’t need to be coddle by saying everything will be okay. People need a cold splash of reality.

  119. Dn1984 says:

    Guess which one of these people is a sheep wearing wolves clothing… (Alpha on the outside beta on the inside)

  120. Element says:

    I don’t have a right to steal from people. So, how did I give up or delegate anything to a government to allow them to tax?

  121. Element says:

    Jack, I never agreed to give away anything. I did not sign any social contract.

  122. Element says:

    Tim is victim blaming. I shouldn’t have to give up everything that belongs to me in order to stop being victimized.

    • WorkerGoblin says:

      No one is saying what it is you “should do” it will be what you are “made to do”. stuff is replaceable at least more easily replaced than all your rights.

  123. thegrizzness says:

    Tim:“I believe that your choices make a detrimental future for everybody,” is the exact same argument made by pro-COVID-19 vaxxers. “You’re harming society by not getting vaccinated.”

    I believe Mack Jurphy is practicing his freedom by making the choice to allow his son to get vaccinated. We all need to move away from this grandiose idea that our individual actions effect society as a whole. Instead, let’s focus on defending liberty.

    • Michael.c.neumeyer says:

      Hell yeah. Unironically, and I think you’ll agree, we should make the right to associate absolute again as well. That way, people can completely exclude those they don’t wish to to business with. If it’s really that that big a threat, ban anyone that doesn’t comply with masking and the triple vaccine and see if you stay in business or maybe you’ll find that you don’t fear the disease as badly as the government says you do.

  124. RustyTech says:

    Jack is an admitted cuck and will always have that mentality. Good riddance, his faux masculinity and revolutionary attitude were put to bed finally here. Guy is a grift akin too an all male bath house group that tries to pick up chicks 20 years younger at Sunday brunch in Old Town Alexandria.

  125. BuoyD says:

    Tim, there’s a part of your point that you are failing to address, to Jack. His son doesn’t have to play professionally under the rules that the government edict is putting in place. They can start their own league. Kind of like what you are doing but for sports. Create a league and grow. I guarantee that people would flock to it. You both have good points on this but I agree with your stance that Jack shouldn’t give up his son’s liberties just so he can play ball professionally. He can start his own league.
    “I’m gonna start my own league. . . Wiiiith BLACKJACK. . AND HOOKERS!”

  126. margotagoodlive@gmail.com says:

    People without kids will never understand.

  127. Plastdunk says:

    Mr. Pool needs listen to Mr Murphy.

    Tim is down’t understand that if you delegate the violence mandate to police/military, instead of it was every individuals responsibility you have given up your right to act independently.

    giving up a right is equal to delegate. when you have done that, it is someones else’s responsibility, not yours, policing at Courts system is the best example och individual rights given up/delegated/transferred.

  128. Nemes101 says:

    Tim will never understand completely until he has children. Full stop

    • dji82 says:

      One could as easily say that you will never understand until you have Tim’s life. This “you don’t have kids” sentiment is BS.

    • RustyTech says:

      It’s not the people’s job to support small instances of authoritarianism so a child can play a game. The sentiment good times create weak men is on full display here. It’s more important for a child to appreciate their parents sacrifice and choices as an adult then to like them as a kid.

  129. winesjh says:

    I think the answer to who is right in this can be summed up in one question. If you had a son, and he was in his formative years in a tipping point in the country; would you want your son listening to Tim or Jack?

    • Freeborn says:

      Neither, because I am the parent. Kids should only be listening to their parents otherwise the state and other people will raise your kids.

    • Well I do have a son and I would 100% tell my kids like Tim but that also mean I can be there for them emotionally. I don’t like the way Jack says time should come at it from a softer perspective. That is weakness and we need people to be strong now more than ever.

      • wedonotkneel says:

        Agreed whole heartedly. When my son was roughly 7, I transitioned from a coddle and nurture joint custody father to 100% educate and prepare. Your children will hopefully live much longer in adulthood than childhood, and should be prepared for the harshness of life as it was in the state of nature. Now at 25, he has a 100% liberty minded, stoic perspective on life. Recently, I told him that I regretted being harder on him when he was still a boy. His response was “I’m not, I’m the man that I am today because of it, and I don’t live in your or my mom’s basement”.

  130. MrSooop says:

    Mr. Tim,
    Please consider not yelling at your guests. And probably best to never have mike tyson on the show.

    • winesjh says:

      He didn’t yell. No one has ever yelled on that show. They leave room for fiery debate. The most controversial topics have always brought out these emotions. Asserting yourself like Tim isn’t yelling. No one ever says this when he’s just as loud not upset about something. It’s just because he’s blunt and doesn’t soften the blow before a criticism.

  131. kroqmonar says:

    I am facing the loss of my job. I have no appetite. I am afraid I’m going to lose my house and I have nowhere to put my deceased mom’s possessions.

  132. FxTwT says:

    My husband works with special needs students. One student who could not wear a mask was forced into restraints (a wheelchair) and all of their progress they made to walk on their own has been completely negated. This student can no longer walk, because of the mask mandate.

    This is utter and complete discrimination and it is infuriating.

  133. Mr.Arnold says:

    Making pure emotional responses to Tim’s objective and logical points does not make you right. Period.

  134. DocLockJ says:

    Hi. This is Doc, 33 male near Denver, Colorado. Here for the Timcast dating Pool. Is this really a thing now? Sometimes a joke just needs to be a thing.

    As for Tim: you are correct and wrong. Mostly wrong for the word usage and delivery.

    Jack: you are correct and wrong. Sometimes a hardline issue must be taken but there is no good or correct answer for this. I defer to Alex Jones.

    Ian: I’m surprised that more people haven’t figured out that you’re here to maintain balance. Although your arguments may need more polishing as they come off too on the nose sometimes.

    Seamus: you are correct and wrong. Mostly wrong for not taking over Seamcast from Tim beating up Jack for the second wednesday in a row.

    Lydia: push buttons. The BOTTONS!

  135. MrSooop says:

    Dear Tipsy Jack,

    ” … That ‘TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED’ among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, ”

    It’s right there in the contract that we were born into.

    • Jinmon says:

      “These rights” but not all rights. Consider in a state of nature i would have the right to walk around naked, poop anywhere i pleased, randomly fight anyone for dominance, establish my own territory by force and so on. These things are clearly seen in other animals existing in a state of nature. But they are given up by people to be in a society. Thats the social contract.

      • MrSooop says:

        We are not wild animals. Humans are naturally social so we tend towards group living societies.
        One person’s rights in natural human society only extend as far as they don’t violate the rights of others.
        The federal gov and most state govs do not have nudity laws, those are generally local community rules.
        In most of the US, outside of cities, you can literally poop almost anywhere you are at.
        Theft and empire building and hurting other people are not rights, neither is vengeance.

        • MrSooop says:

          Correction: i think that you can poop wherever you want in the city of San Francisco.

          • Sinn13 says:

            Most large cities you can crap wherever you want. WA has nude not lewd laws so you can walk down the streets naked as long as your not fondling yourself. And all cities here stink like shit

      • MrSooop says:

        If one doesn’t like the rules of the community that one lives in, one can move to a community that better fits them.
        I’ve uprooted my life before to move to a place where i have more rights.
        We still have that option… for now at least.

    • Jacob_C says:

      I think the issue in their argument is Jack’s use of the word rights, he was using it interchangeably with freedoms, which I think is coming to the head here. Like in Nature I have the freedom to kill someone, and not necessarily who wronged me. That freedom is given up in the the social contract that forms a society/government.

      Rights are more a subsets of freedoms that are argued upon as things that the social contract/society/government can not interfere with.

      • MrSooop says:

        I think it’s more like this:

        Some Deep Shit

        Just because someone CAN do something doesn’t mean they have a right to do it. Even in the animal kingdom, one animal does not have a right to poop on another unless there is literally nowhere else that they can drop a deuce. To do so would violate the natural rights of the animal being pooed on. Human or animal, inside or outside of a society or a pack, we all have the right to not be shat upon by others. It is one example of a natural right.
        If the animals or humans in their natural habitat were tightly stacked on top of each other with literally no other place to poo, like a factory farm, then they would naturally have the right to crap on their neighbors. But nature isn’t like that with most mammals that i know of, certainly not with human beings. For human beings and most every mammal that would be an unnatural habitat.

        Our intrinsic rights are inalienable and given to us by the Creator of nature. They are the same for every human being because all are created equally, we all come in to this world and go out the same way. A prince and a pauper may have very different treatment in a society but their natural rights are the same, even if they were switched at birth.
        Liberty is what we have inside of a community or a society.
        We still retain our natural rights when we are part of a society, though our liberties may be somewhat restrained.
        Having liberties inside of a society requires a responsibility to not violate the natural rights of others. Ones who violate the rights of others will generally be subjected to some sort of penalty if they wish to remain in that society.

        Sidenote: If a bear craps in the forest but no one is around to smell it, does it still stink?

  136. yamyule says:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has this same structure you speak of, in regards to leadership.
    The members are “called to serve” in different leadership roles, usually a year or two at a time. It gives you enough time to gain valuable skills and be a leader in that area for a short time.
    Then you are a follower at other times. It really creates a great cohesive group dynamic that serves everyone well.

  137. Rokkahorra says:

    @Tim You ever been to In-n-Out? People will wear a paper hat if it’s part of their job. Working for another person is a compromise in itself. There’s nothing wrong with compromise, it’s how we can live civilly in close proximity. If every person had a 0 compromise policy, we’d have never ending conflicts. But you can’t compromise everything or else it does end in a slavery situation. Neither of them will be a complete solution; the solution 1) fluctuates depending on the environment 2) always lies between the two extremes. If there were a LEGIT zombie apocalypse, world war Z style, and there was an experimental vaccine that to our best knowledge, was effective at preventing you from turning into an undead brain eating zombie, would you be supporting the people in your bunker that just got scratched saying “My body, my choice, I’m not taking a vaccine. . .” I’m 100% against the vaccine mandates we’re facing right now and have opposed it to my own personal financial detriment, but in that situation, they’d take the jab or the stab from my perspective. We’re obviously not in that situation right now, but there’s a time to draw a line in the sand and there’s a time to acquiesce and a failure to admit that as if the 0 compromise tactic is the only acceptable option is close-minded.

    Tim, how the fuck are you gonna have the gall to sit there and talk about how pissed off you get at the “hypocrisy” of these people while you’re telling Jack that you have to “Wake these people up with your in-their-face tactics” when he simply suggests ‘a different tactic might get more people to listen’, just DAYS after you criticize Alex Jones for using “inflammatory language” that ‘turns most reasonable people off when they hear it.’ You might want to re-watch that episode and see how Alex responded to your condescending criticism and compare that with your response to Jack’s simply suggesting you not treat people like shit in order to “teach them a lesson.” Humility is a virtue kid, you’re just as capable of mistakes (like handing over a million dollar media company to people who belong in an asylum) as the next person. And the fact that you look down on other people because they’re not as ready as you are to abandon all convenience for your principles is a weakness, not a strength. The fact that there’s “nothing they could take from you to” make you even contemplate compromising your principles tells me there’s nothing out there you love more than yourself, which is a lonely and shallow existence, and I hope some day, there is something that you care for more than your own pride.

    What right did we give up when the government was formed Tim? How about the Draft? Would that be a right that was given up when the government was formed or did we not have the right to not be forcibly enlisted into the military beforehand?

    • dji82 says:

      Wow, the mental gymnastics needed to keep up with this comment… So, since Christ said, “Sell all your possessions and follow me” was he suggesting the person love only themselves or only Him? Imagine being able to lie to yourself so well that you think the reason someone does not value worldly possessions is because they only love themselves. This level of self-delusion is found on the far right and the far left. I’m having trouble telling which you are, but my guess is left.

      • UppityG says:

        @DJ, you have bad opinions. I’m sure you’ll label me this or that so you can dismiss me more swiftly for your convenience. Whatever.

      • Rokkahorra says:

        Lemme see if I can explain this for your simple mind there DJ. Tim always points to the Antifa guy who was threatening to punch him, or if someone pulled a gun on him, or threatened to cancel his show, that he would not bend the knee because he refuses to compromise his values. Sure, I’ll admit, that takes a certain level of courage, as we’re all living beings, we all have an innate desire to continue living, so bravo for that. How about if someone pulled a gun on Lydia, or Ian, or his parents or any of the others associated with the show? Still not gonna bend the knee? Still not gonna put on a mask? It’s much easier to make that stand if you’re an island and all you have to sacrifice is your own well being as opposed to the well being of others, which is the point Jack was trying to make to him. The disdain he speaks of when referring to these caterers that are just “bootlickers” to him may not be in a position like he is. Someone with 5 kids at home who depend on that “pleb” is supposed to stand in defiance and feed his family with what? Righteous indignation? Not exactly full of calories and nutrition last I checked. But because they had to make that compromise, they deserve to be treated like shit? The fact that he doesn’t love money more than his principles is a good thing, but not having anything they could take that would give him pause to even think of bending the knee simply means he doesn’t love ANYTHING more than his own ego, which is why he can’t empathize with these people. When you’re young, being ready to sacrifice yourself for your convictions is courageous, but if you avoid getting attached to anything or anyone because it could be taken away from you, it ceases to be bravery and is more driven from fear. It takes tremendous courage to love something so much, knowing that love could cause you to compromise something you normally wouldn’t. That’s the point that Jack is trying to make to him. That he may end up in a position where he has to weigh his son’s happiness and well-being against his own principles and values and that it causes him great pain and anguish, as it likely does for some of the “boot-lickers” at the catering companies that Tim despises. If you cannot understand this, than you should go ahead and keep Christ’s name outta your mouth. Or do you believe God sending forth his only son to be tortured and killed was easy for Him and really a meaningless gesture?

    • UppityG says:

      Agree in the main; a few quibbles but none worth articulating here.

  138. PoliticalCheatguide says:

    Jack is taking this stuff way too personally.

  139. dji82 says:

    I can see the point of them both at the end of the show. I tend to agree with Tim on this. He is tired of watching everything devolve into an emotional equation. Death does not care what emotional state it finds you in. This “we have to care about people’s feelings” BS is simply handing people excuses to not take responsibility for their lives. It started with the “addiction is a disease” cope. Now no one is responsible for anything in their life. As for Jack’s “my kid’s baseball” argument… Great, you chose to raise a baseball player that lives on his knees, instead of an American that stands on his feet. Your son could have been a strong American and a baseball player had you, he, and others stood up together, but you’re all on your knees instead. I believe you will regret that decision.

  140. Jinmon says:

    The reason to be against vaccine mandates is its tyranny to force someone to take a vaccine. Let’s be honest here, its more about politics than it is about a virus. However it is also tyranny to demand someone not get vaccinated, even if it’s about their sons love of baseball rather than a virus. Thats what this is all about, personal liberty. Thats going to be different for different people. Let’s say Jack agrees to go along with what Tim is arguing. What consequences would Tim have? None. The consequences will all be on Jack and his family. Therefore it should be his choice for his reasons, no one else’s. Personal autonomy is about both what you put in your body, and what decisions you decide for the good of your kids.

    • dji82 says:

      I understand you comments, but I disagree. As we are seeing, when the majority get on their knees, it effects the rest of us standing strong. If no one or few people had bowed to this, we would not be experiencing this tyranny. Your statements would be true if we all had the right to choose without consequence. Unfortunately, in this instance, that is not the case. The ones refusing the jab, are losing their jobs, and freedoms. That would not have happened if the ones who are getting the jab at least defended the rights of others no not. Instead, they demand everyone make the choice they did, and here we are. The gov has successfully turned public opinion against their own citizens. They can do whatever they want now.

      • yamyule says:

        People really do need to move out of cities.

      • Jinmon says:

        One can get the vaccine for their own reasons and still be against and fight the mandate. Fighting amongst ourselves isn’t helpful in stopping this. What’s needed is taking out the source. Lawsuits, boycotts, primaries, impeachment and conviction. We need to go after anyone in a position of power that supports the mandates. The Government and employers alike. Not turn on people who are against the mandates but get vaccinated for personal reasons.

        • dji82 says:

          I agree with everything in your second comment, but you shied away from what I took issue with. This is not a personal liberty issue anymore. People giving in to mandates DIRECTLY effects those opposing them. I’m not suggesting anyone should be forced or stopped from getting the jab, but the decision is effecting others. So when Jack doesn’t want to have his child jabbed, but does anyway… yeah, I would call him out for that too. He had his reasons, no argument there, but I lose respect and trust for his choice to give into something he opposes. When people give in for comforts and convenience, instead of standing firm on their principles, we all lose. As we are seeing right now.

          • Jinmon says:

            Jack not taking the vaccine will not stop the mandate. The entire point of this is to force conservatives out of society. It is to take our jobs, break up our families, devide people. So if this destroys the relationship with his son, or forces his son out of baseball, it has been successful. What in that case has been gained? He has stood on principle, but the goal of these progressives to force his son out of society (baseball) as well as destroy any relationship Jack has with his son has been accomplished, the mandate is still in place. Wouldn’t it be more helpful for Jack to retain his relationship with his son and be able to influence and steer his son in the right direction, rather than his son hating him and being left to the influences of left leaning progressives? It seems to me the Biden regime dose not care about opposition to the mandate, and is in fact using that opposition to purge ideologies that oppose their agenda from society. Thats their goal, to purge people who are not progressives from jobs, flights, concerts, baseball, basically any corner of society possible. So how is allowing yourself to be purged helping? Are you not giving them exactly what they want and getting nothing in return?

    • Freeborn says:

      Tim is correct but people should make their own decisions. Jack should just admit it and say he is willing to sell out everyone else for his own family. There is no shame in honest men, just those who lie about it.

    • thegrizzness says:

      Very well put. We should be defending liberty and people’s decision to choose one way or another. Jack is making an individual choice based on his situation and consequences. Tim saying that Jack’s decision effects “the future of society” is also tyrannical and happens to be the same argument COVID-19 vaccine supports use.

  141. jhoehne189 says:

    Tim should build the ultimate ar 10 or ar 15 with his money, Im curious what he would go with part wise with his budget. The 10 is the big boy version of the 15 when it comes to rounds.

  142. Ians_hallucination says:

    I side with tim hes just trying to battle harden the people that are causing us to lose against these scumfucks but then again those people are democrats they are the ones that want this so he may be wasting his time and breath trying to get through to them retards smh. Also i think tim underestimates us deplorables where he has no patience in taking the offensive but the good guys will strike and will do so at the right time THATS WHERE FAITH COMES IN AND TIM HAS NONE OF THAT BECAUSE HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN GOD. NCSWIC.

  143. Slattery42 says:

    So I just realized Jack has never done any in-depth reading of how the country was founded. And he’s boasting about his point is snarky ignorance… how does this happen?

    • dji82 says:

      This happens when an above average intelligence person spends a large portion of their life always being right, or at least being able to out argue those who disagree. Tim and Jack are both this way. I believe Tim has the data and experience “high ground” and Jack is not used to it, and therefore has a harder time defending his positions. Not to suggest I am special in any way, but I know this from experience. When you tend to be right all the time, it makes it hard to accept when you are either wrong or “out knowledged”. Tim does this as well, when Ian stumbles onto a decent point. Tim then over compensates, and demoralizes Ian out of the discussion. Then Ian, not having knowledge of the point he made, says something crazy to derail the topic or he concedes, even when he may be right. This dynamic happens on almost every episode.

      • yamyule says:

        Very astute. I would like to have a neighbor like you.

        • dji82 says:

          Thank you for your kind words. It’s hard to watch this stuff happen and know why. I could practically read Jack’s mind… “When I say this to my group of people and followers, everyone agrees and praises my insight. Tim must be wrong or just mean.” He gets frustrated by that, never realizing he is simply not as correct as Tim is on this, and Tim has thought it through a bit better. So not only does he have to reevaluate his own position, he has to question the intelligence, honesty, and loyalty of the people that agree with him when he says it, not to mention deflate his own constantly boosted ego. It is far easier to demonize Tim instead. Nothing against Jack on any of this, it’s just how the dynamic between unchecked intelligent people works. Once you can see it, it’s very easy to see later.

      • go.laguna says:

        So true! 💯

    • winesjh says:

      I think a lot of Jack’s character has been displayed the past few episodes. The whole basis of his argument to Tim was that he didn’t have empathy, as if it changed any variables in a citizen’s decision making ability to vote for freedom or tyranny. This is what the left pulled in the 90s to push their policy. They exploited empathy.

      We all understand what Jack is saying. He just doesn’t understand what sacrifice is. As if he has the right to live a comfortable life he isn’t willing to defend. Tim, on the other hand, has never stood so tall. Say what you want about the beanie or the way he reports. I’d be proud if my kid had a guy like him to aspire to as a role model. Say whatever you want. The guy has more guts than 99% of people. Jack has showed he’s in the 1% percentile when it comes to character

      • dji82 says:

        I agree. Tim is honest. That doesn’t make him right, but it does earn respect. My sister will occasionally call me with a question and say that she is asking me because she thinks others are lying or placating, and show knows I will be brutally honest. Those calls usually lead to tears, but she knows what I tell her is the truth as I see it. We need far more of that, and far less concern over people’s feels. Feels, at the cost of truth and honesty, are what got us here.

  144. VAgulr21 says:

    If Jacks son were to succeed in becoming a pro player why would he subjugate him to a life of golden shackles ? what a total hypocrite !

    • MrSooop says:

      Jack has said that he has little issue with the jab, he just doesn’t agree with the mandate. His kid is old enough to have his own input on the decision too. And thanks to our broken system, his pro-jab ex will almost certainly win if he pushes the issue. I think it’s wise to choose the battles that we fight, so long as we DO fight some.

  145. VernonRedmon says:

    I do agree with all sides on this argument towards the end of the show, my idea is do what is best for you and your family. If you decide to do something you feel is wrong it is still your choice to do so. Freedom is not free fighting for your freedoms may for some be more difficult than others for we all walk down differently cut paths in life. So even though some may have chosen to take a jab dose not mean that in the future they will not be standing aside you in the rest of the war. All may appear lost all may be falling into the abyss and yes people are pissed and people are confused and still yet some turn and bow to fear. Yet some still wait on the other side awaiting orders to wash it away, deep state covered operations that you know nothing about as I just made them up the paid yes men that know everything that covertly will take down this circus. This maybe just a dream a delightful delusion that I use to keep positive during all this. I must not talk as much about things I do not understand, but I do understand when it dose come no quarter will be given no mercy will be shown and no life will be spared to protect my family my friends and those who have chosen to protect me as I will protect them, this black flag is growing and is starting to wave, but I agian know nothing and these things I speak of are make believe. I believe in your little group that like so much to argue amongst each other, these things build strength as long understanding is at the core and to release stress is necessary to keep strength. Never give up never give in keep the boys strong, for in the end they me be all you have, and can trust because of these course words that open many eyes to thinking about others obstacles that can be made easier with help from friends.
    Unlike some I am sticking around for the shows and wish your friends and family prosperity and a life long understanding to grown further in all the endeavors persuaded.


  146. Jburrows says:

    As the world became safer, people began having less children as children would more reliably make it to adulthood and were needed less and less arround the home as labor.

    The reduction in the size of the family has placed an increased value on every child as an individual as opposed to a member of the family unit. “Hey where has jim-bob been all day its time for supper” turned into “you can’t go 2 blocks to the park by yourself”.

    The blue cathedral has gotten to it’s current position by exploiting conservatives’ new family dynamic. Jack is feeling the full brunt of this tactic and is well aware of the consequences of action and in-action.

    Its a hell of a bandage that Tim is…encouraging…Jack to rip off and that’s the rub; the bandage is on Jack’s child which makes it 100 times worse….

    I think it should be the kid’s choice if it comes down to it.

  147. redmuskrat says:

    Tim is increasingly getting more cocky. It’s hard to take him serious; acting like a badass when you can tell he’s never been in a fist fight.

  148. KDiddy says:

    Well, I shoulda spend more time listening than spewing my BS thoughts into the commentverse… not everything is a mistake, but some were made.
    In any case, all I have to say is that I will tolerate a fly buzzing around the room. I’ll expect it to die since I don’t leave much food out. If it lands on my food while I’m eating, I’ll get mad but I’ll wave it away and protect my food while I eat. If I’m working and the fly keeps flying in front of my face, I’ll kill it. At no point in time, is anyone telling me what rights I have to kill or not kill the fly. I came up with a system that was convenient for me and convenient for the flies. At any time, I have a dozen options to murder that fucking fly or not. When it bothers me the most, I’ll forget my patience and clap at that MFer until it’s dead or I go get a swatter and it’s on! Worse case scenario, I get a trap device or some spray.
    I’ve seen people in Nat Geo films that work with flies all around them landing on their eyelids and they do nothing. They do nothing. Imagine that! Now why do you think that is so? Tim? Jack?
    Most likely because it’s inconvenient for the human to be constantly swatting at the flies while trying to harvest food or do their daily activities.
    There has to be a balance. Without flies comes an impact on the ecosystem. Too many flies poses a health risk. Just the ‘right’ amount of flies is acceptable and if you want to live without flies, build a deep dark tunnel and make a nice little cave for yourself.
    That’s my allegory. The allegory of Human Rights. I’m in the process of developing it but there’s so much else to do that I’m afraid I’m not too concerned with this hobgobbery. Harrumph! I say

  149. Adam says:

    You Are Here with Lila was a good show…

  150. Device1 says:

    Last time I was team Tim this time I’m team Jack. You have the right to kill and defend yourself in the woods, using Tim’s own argument he’s used over and over again, we give that up. We give up a lot of things to work together because you are not allowed to just do whatever ability you are able to use

  151. aphix says:


    RE: NYC Idea

    How about you just setup a second camera on stage and point it AT the audience, turning the entire audience into “performers” as well (hell, why not staff, too!), and bingo: nobody needs a vax passport, a mask, they can all smoke indoors, everything gets turned on its head.

    Just a thought.


  152. Apollo.crypto says:

    I mean I mostly agree with Tim, but if the goal of the put down is to wake people up, the other side of that for them should be a leader who is also compassionate. So maybe tone down the douchey attitude when you’re not on that stage trying to explicitly make a point in some brevity. Gotta keep some balance in there

    • dj_robz says:

      I agree but I want to add that a lot of us have reached a point where “voting isn’t enough”. Now how you interpret what this means and what the next step is, is anyone’s guess. I think what we are witnessing now is a weird skirmishing phase people are going thru. It’s not pretty but it is growing pains.

  153. Glothr says:

    I find it entertaining how many people in these comments pay Tim money in order to rag on him here lmao.

  154. NoOne123 says:

    ugh this debate with Jack and Tim. You can tell that Jack is still super butt mad about their last debate

    what is more important?
    >Muh baseball cuz it teaches gud values! pls gib empathy!
    >Standing up to governmental tyranny(which teaches better values lol)

    bro wait until Jack finds out how tyrannical governments treat their athletes lmfao. Chinese athletes have no other skills than being an athlete. Once they serve their purpose then they are discarded and left homeless and uneducated. The ones who get gold are treated slightly better and are given opportunities but ONLY if they win and they dont ever speak out against the government. Sports are pretty cool for sure. No matter your argument though, freedom is far more important. Once the tyranny is here whatever you think you want to do wont matter. Your values don’t mean shit when you’re under the thumb of tyranny. I don’t know why jack is being so weird about it? Bruh, my mom was training to be an olympic athlete under soviet rule in communist hungary. She was a teenager when she just said, “fuck this” and decided to smuggle her way out and flee to the US.

    Anyway Jack has a huge network of skilled men of various trades and businesses. Regardless of the debate its not like he can’t still help in the fight against tyranny more effectively than most people. His Liminal Order i think needs to create some NGOs that will fight back. The unelected technocrats are basically trying to instill tyranny through NGOs so you might as well do the same thing back. I wish i knew how to start those things and had the managerial skills and money to do them.

    • Device1 says:

      man i said team Jack but this is such a good point. I love both of these guys and the people on this site

      • NoOne123 says:

        You don’t have to make a choice between Tim and Jack. Support both because the boot of tyranny will step on all of us eventually. I still support and follow and respect jack. The worst thing you can do is create infighting that divides and shatters unity. Its easy to pick us off when we’re divided. With these comments i’m mainly just venting thoughts to blow off steam. I don’t expect anything i say to ever reach the people i talk about because as my name suggests, i am no one.

    • dj_robz says:

      Everything you said is a perfect rebuttal against Jack’s argument. Just realize that he also agrees with everything you just said but cannot budge from his position because he does not have the authority or ability to properly parent his kids because the crooked divorce/custody system as fucked him into a corner big time. Don’t let it happen to you.

  155. DrewishAF says:

    You don’t have the right to just go out and kill someone who stole all your shit. You DO have the right to go take your shit back though.

    When governments form, the citizenry doesn’t forfeit their rights- they forfeit some of their freedoms.

    • Device1 says:

      well what is a right? I think that what it comes down to. Tim has told Jack in the past a right is everything you can do in the woods with nothing, or something similar, so Jack is probably using that as his basis for his argument. With all those freedoms being the right as Jack’s initial starting point he for sure right imo. That’s why terms need to be set clear. Since Tim did not make clear terms when arguing about what a right exactly is in this situation Jack can only assume a previous argument

  156. kcwdiesel says:

    Does Tim really want us to believe he’s been homeless on the streets? Really? Here is what I think. He left mommy and daddy to go do his thing. Lived like a bum, but not a homeless bum, and couch surfed at his homies place. While he saved up his money. Then runs his mouth about jack saying he could at least feel some empathy. Which Jack is right about. But I also somewhat agree with Tim. I also laugh while he talks crap to jack when Tim literally sucks the long cock of YouTube multiple times a day. Censors himself to keep that income a flowing. You can tell Tim has never got his teeth kicked in. I’m sure he treats ppl the way he does is because he’s got some money. That’s it. I remember seeing that one guy snatch his beanie off his head and Tim didn’t do anything about it. I think it would be a little funny if Jack back handed him. But Jack knows that’s not the way. I also notice how on every episode of cast castle, Tim is a lazy SOB. The woman, or his buddies who work for him do everything. I mean yeah you have employees. But fuck bro you don’t do anything. Don’t even know how to use a weedeater properly either. Has that nice home but the weeds are 15 feet fucking tall around the house. The majority of the ppl he has working for him look like genuine morons who know how to do some tech stuff and play DD all day. Seem like good ppl. But there is plenty to be said about Tim. And he for sure should look at himself before he goes off on regular Americans like the democrats do. I think Tim and Ian should get right with Jesus, Tim should show he’s not a bootlicker and get off YouTube, and clean up his yard. And why the fuck does Tim make Allison or other ppl drive him everywhere?? Lmfao. I like Tim. He has good news but like I said boy he’s really acting like a carpet bagger typical yankee.

    • NoOne123 says:

      You are retarded. Your whole “youtube fallacy” argument is stupid and so is anyone who brings it up thinking its some “hypocritical” own. I almost think that the only ones that bring it up have to be leftists trying to sow division lol. Tim gets exposure through youtube. He pulls an audience back towards his site where he can share real information(for a price of course!). If he makes a video about covid 19 vaccinations, the video along with his channel will get deleted before anyone can see it which means that NO INFORMATION GETS OUT TO PEOPLE. If a tree falls and no one is around to see or hear it, does it fucking matter? absolutely not.

      You’re asking Tim to basically delete his channel because uh…you think that’ll own youtube or something i guess??? lmfao Thats basically like asking your enemies to give your friend a gun so that your friend can kill himself with it. It’d be hilarious to watch them actually pull the trigger thinking its going to make some political impact but really you’re just helping your enemies take out your friend LOL. It would be a stupid move to carry that out.

      you will never be a woman.

      • oldspicesmuggler says:

        Tim uses YouTube KNOWING that its part of the ‘censorship’ issue. Thats hypocrisy plain and simple. He has no ground to stand on criticizing people for putting up with mandates at the workplace when he is putting up with YouTube censoring what he can and can’t say. Enough with this “he uses youtube to spread the message” nonsense. He is at the point where he doesn’t need the platform and it would actually be a statement if he told them to shove it and left. Funny how everyone forgets he admitted that YT told him they USE Tim to keep right leaning people on the platform for news because when other channels are BANNED, the algorithm sends them to Tims and they stay there. He’s literally stated this himself so he knows the role he plays and plays it happily. He stays on it because he can. There is no ‘need’ to other than that $$ and that is ok, but don’t talk down to others who are in a tougher situation and don’t have that luxury. The reason why youtube has the reach it has it because people think its the place to be. Nothing changes until the cycle is broken and more and more news creators go somewhere else. Then YT doesn’t have that demographic and maybe they change their policy. You pay into the system and you’re ensuring it doesn’t change.

        • dji82 says:

          Why does everyone think someone can’t make a point if they don’t adhere to everything remotely close to the same point. A hypocrite can made a valid point that they do not adhere to. A thief can say that people should not steal. If this wasn’t so, then Christ himself is the only person that can make a moral judgement against anyone. People on here that censor themselves every day, are talking shit about Tim censoring himself on YouTube. You’re making an argument akin to, “Any teacher that cusses when not teaching, but stops themselves from cussing while teaching, should be fired.” Tim is simply not cussing while he is teaching in the public square.

    • redmuskrat says:

      Totally agree. Also, I’m fairly positive noone123 is one of his employees.

    • murrat13 says:

      This clown needs to get a live. & stop licking the boot!

  157. wack2270@gmail.com says:

    JACK!!!!! you got to stop with the semantic arguments. you going in the “ME” “ME” “ME” “ME” “ME” roundabout. you’ve been put on the leash already. “that is city life”. People need to learn to wait before interrupting somebody’s attempt to make a point. Tim is trying to waken the MASSES to what’s coming and what’s next. “IS GENOCIDE”….also Seamus is based.

  158. Roseofsharron1962 says:

    Well Tim, I think you finally broke up the Chicago Brothers. That’s too bad. You treated Jack horribly. I completely agree with Jack and i admire his growth. I hope you never have children. Ive lost so much of my respect for you. Im deeply grieved and your right , i dont have to watch this channel anymore. I feel sorry for your girlfriend. I wont stand by and watch you treat your guests like this again. Goodbye. Sincerely, one less member.

    • dj_robz says:

      Peace. And to emulate Ian, I disagree with you but I can tell you are a good person and will have success towards the cause in a different, but meaningful way. Bye

    • CavScout says:

      Don’t think Jack will be back any time soon. Think this was a new/last attempt, and now he’ll check out.

      Because you didn’t coddle him. And while I’m down knowing I’ll be losing my job of 7 years that pays great and I like the work… it’s the kind of loss that needs to be for something. If I lose my job, I’ll have to make damn sure there are consequences to those responsible, or at least those that enabled it.

    • dji82 says:

      An extremely emotional comment and action against Tim, because he dismisses such emotional actions. Shocking.

  159. RubiconSlav says:

    I can sympathize with Jack that he is in a rough spot with his kids. he shares custody with his exwife and the kids great at baseball and wants to continue to play. To continue to play his son will need a vaccine which is an entirely political thing at this point. I get that it’s a shitty situation. I also agree with Tim that you either are willing to stand for your beliefs or you bend over and start licking the boot. Most people are in challenging positions when it comes to resisting this installation of an authoritarian regime. I for one am prepared to become highly uncomfortable to resist this. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    Ps Tim: turn down the douche a little bit. Being a tiny bit humble would do you some good.

    • dj_robz says:

      Agreed. Jack’s situation is shitty. But he would gain my respect if he would continue to be honest that his balls are absolutely in a death grip. I understand his machismo isn’t letting him do that which is why he throws tantrums when he’s about to get called out. But yo, sometimes the man has the upperhand on you. Tim is milquetoast fence sitting dude who actively tries to not get banned from YouTube and I dig that. But I dig the fact that despite that, he does not mince words when it comes to an all important topic. FREEEEEDOMMMMM!!!

      The contrast is ART

      • arjohn42@hotmail.com says:

        It’s one thing to “not mince words”, quite another to “shout someone down” until they abandon the point. I’m concerned that Tim has Napoleon Syndrome in that he needs to be either in control or come out the victor from any argument, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unless he’s arguing without any real perspective. He has no kids, no “job” where he’s subordinate to anyone, nor any need to interact with “the system”. Thus, no real perspective.
        Just for shits and giggles, I’d like for him to give up his kingdom for a month, along with all its trappings, no ATM card, no computers or phones, and just TRY living down by the river in his van, as he so frequently declares willingness to do.

  160. Jayboss says:

    Everyone better have hugged it out after the show!

  161. dj_robz says:

    Oh Jack you are so handsome and tall. But don’t kid yourself fool, the state is going right up your poop chute!!!

  162. angrytiger says:

    “You don’t understand, man, muh kids”

    Oh, right, so EXCLUSIVELY those of us who don’t are supposed to fight, sacrifice, give up our jobs, whatever the case, for you, so you don’t have to? Yeah okay.

    I’m not your slave any more than I’m the slave of the authoritarian nutjobs trying to step on everyone’s neck with their boots.

  163. Brooknom says:

    I’m increasingly beginning to dislike jack Murphy’s thought process. I don’t mean this as disrespect to him but the way he thinks concerning liberty and freedom is the problem. He’s naive and it’s getting increasingly annoying i can not figure out if he’s always been this way or if he’s compromising to get along. Sir if you happen to see this you are exactly what’s wrong with people in the conservative/libertarian/movement. You are dead wrong period your ideas about how this country started and what we agreed to is so wrong I’m actually astonished at your foolishness and i mean that. You are a very smart man in many regards but you are a huge fool when it comes to liberty and freedom.

    • dj_robz says:

      He’s just been totally cucked by the state. He was man enough to admit to that the first time around. Just admit it bro, we already know it. It sucks. And your shitty situation serves as a warning to a lot men to not get divorced cucked. I sure as shit am not. I am making a lot of sacrifices in my personal life so that it doesn’t happen to me. You think I don’t want to get married and have kids? I do but I also don’t want to end up like you, bro.

      • Brooknom says:

        I definitely sympathize with him i am divorced myself and have four children( my children are older and only one still in high school). I will not fold bend or break on freedom and liberty and not because I’m a tough guy but because i fear what country i leave to my children and potential grand children if i fold. The most precious thing we can leave to our children as it concerns our county is more freedom and liberty not less.

  164. AdeptDS says:

    So interesting how Jack apparently had this baseball kid thing bugging him the whole show and he finally got there at the end. I would say I am more like Tim in my ideology than Jack, but at the same time, I can say Tim is still a very young inexperienced kid. I am not saying I am old, I am only a few years older, but until Tim gets married and has children (without the unlimited funds) he has no idea what real life choices actually are. I see Jack’s side too. For example my very young kid is being forced to wear a mask in school, and although I have tried to “protest” and say, ok, lets quit that school, but I have a wife that wants him to be in that school masks or no masks. And there is that pesky reality, that I have to work and I cannot home school my kid personally, and can’t afford to hire a tutor for example. So sometimes you have to sacrifice some positions and compromise with family members. Am I long term planning on how to resolve this (i.e. move to a free state, etc?), yes, of course, but most people can’t snap their fingers and change circumstances. Tim is right in that you have to try and stand up, and Jack is right in that there are other life circumstances and people around you, you have to consider. Life is tricky business.

    • AdeptDS says:

      Oh, and I am not one of those people who say people without kids or unmarried cannot understand married people or people with kids. Of course they can “understand” the circumstances intellectually, but they are not forced with making an actual decision yet, so they cannot say for sure which decision they are going to make when the time comes. Only way Tim is going to figure this out is when he makes that decision. So far he is making the decision to abide by Youtube rules for example, same as Jack with his kids sports. Tim also talks about the issues he is having organizing an event because “rules”… i.e. he is not willing to take the risk with his money or position, etc for an event. So we all make choices, Tim is making his he just doesn’t see he is doing the exact same thing Jack is doing.

      • dj_robz says:

        I slightly disagree. I believe Tim is effectively building an offramp from draconian YouTube with this site and other endeavors. Jack could, if he wasn’t divorce cuffed, build an offramp for his kids to achieve the character building he is seeking for them while not giving in to draconian tactics imposed by the state. But ya know what, he just needs to throw in the towel and admit he has no free will in this one. He ultimately understand what Tim is saying and agrees with him, but he is too proud to admit he is defeated on this one.

      • Staylor88 says:

        Just because Tim isnt married or doesnt have kids doesnt mean he isnt correct. It has been my experience that the correct decision is often the most difficult one when it comes to your morals. Moraly he is correct based on what he believes. Jack is also correct however, the only issue i have with Jacks argument is that he is begging for compassion. If you need compassion to make your choice your making the wrong choice imo.

  165. RyanShhit says:

    That started off so well, then ended like an old episode of Jerry Springer. Seriously tho, Jack and Tim are both right in their own regards, they’re just seeing it from very different perspectives. And tho it got a little tense, these are the conversations the nation needs to do with each other. No one is going to 100% fall in line. Some may be very close. But understanding not only another’s position but truly trying to see WHY they have that perspective helps us. Either to find tolerance through common ground, or to enact change where one may not have realized was possibility; which can go both ways.

  166. Boudreaux says:

    When you set high standards for yourself, and you become successful, you want that for other people.

  167. GreMIO420 says:

    This probably comes from not living in a state that requires it, and not working for a company that has to follow Biden’s mandate. But if i worked in a state that did. You did that show in front of me. While I’m serving you, you would get a fist to the face. By the way, love your update, that is getting rid of my keyboard, on my iPad. And making me hit one of your articles.

  168. Dusty Oldman says:

    Loved the discussion. I understand both sides. Tim doesn’t have kids and it shows. Stay strong Jack. I know it’s a tough call but do what you believe is best for your son. Nice to see ya shamus. These are often my favorite shows. Bravo y’all.

    • dj_robz says:

      But at the same time, Jack doesn’t not have kids and it shows. And before you say that’s a retarded thing to say, think about how different the world was when Jack didn’t have kids.

  169. mlucas200926@gmail.com says:

    I’m pissed I agree with this comment so much.

  170. steveo says:

    tim has alot right here if we dont stand up when its the shot what is next they chop off our balls

  171. alexahalladay says:

    I 100% agree with Tim on this argument – men must stop acting so “emotional” and fucking grow some balls. During the last 18 months, I am the one who calls out the tyranny in grocery stores, at school board meetings, at church and parties – and while I choose to be uncomfortable now to stand up for my dignity and freedom, the men who are present are COWARDS and say or do NOTHING. I despise modern day feminists, but wow – it’s becoming more difficult everyday to find the innate, legendary qualities that men once held.

    • Staylor88 says:

      Thats because good times create weak men. If you are the strongest around you will never feel weak until presented with the truth. We have WEAK men in our country now. I see it everyday the weakness of wanting to be accepted, praised, encouraged, safe, protected.

      Nothing in this world is guaranteed, create your core morals and never let them erode, crack or dim. Be the change you wish to see in this world and you will find strength amd success.

  172. Sc0rp10N says:

    Tim. You’re wrong. It’s not all about the “culture war” – most people want to be in the middle. MOST PEOPLE WANT TO BE IN THE MIDDLE. Read it again if you need to. Most people have to deal with Jack’s issues or something similar. Your step daughter has cancer and needs to be treated, etc. Life is not video games and black and white bullshit. Wake up, there is a huge grey area. To be 100% honest, I have none of these concerns. My ex-wife has removed my daughter from my life entirely, due to no fault of my own. But I, as Jack says, can empathise with people having these issues. To maintain your presence in these discussions, you should, at least, give merit to these concerns. Otherwise, we in the middle will consider you “off the rails” and outside the central thinking and desire of the core of the Replublic. We’ve chosen. Our fathers have chosen. We plan to stay firmly planted. And we will not be overrun.

  173. redscores says:

    Tim literally went full minatchist here… How can he even promote social welfare? This is literally contradicting all his policy positions.

    • Thequaz says:

      He’s a full blown authoritarian cunt. Do what he says when he’s says it or you’re a piece of shit and need to die. One day one of his guests is gonna snap and hurt him real bad and it’s gonna be glorious

      • Roseofsharron1962 says:

        Yey, i was kind of hoping Jack would just punch in the nose and stomp off. If i was Lydia, i would have been having heart palipitations. Im done paying for a membership after this show.

  174. Usmcrb34 says:

    I think the point Tim is trying to make just isn’t being explained well and his temper instead comes out because it’s not being understood. I could be wrong but I think Tim is saying the value of liberty and freedom is priceless, meaning that it’s better to show your kid how to fight and uphold your freedoms and liberties. It is more important in the face of what could very well be the end of American freedom real soon if everyone keeps complying. With that being said I don’t have any kids so I don’t understand Jack’s as well but I’m assuming he’s probably in a position of moral confusion and still doesn’t exactly know if he truly made the right decision or not.

    • innominatargh says:

      Thats exactly what tim is saying.

      And jack is saying no its not. The price is telling my kid he cant play ball, and I’m not gonna pay it. Id rather just bitch about the price of letting him play ball, which is his and my freedom.

      Tim is arguing from a position he doesn’t hold tho. Once he walks the streets of DC carrying his loaded m82, gets thrown in jail, and in 20 years at his parole hearing tells the board that he will do it again if he gets released, can he lecture others who allow their rights to be removed while assuming any kind of superiority.

  175. Baalshazar1 says:

    That being said it was a good discussion and I really like that ideal of that theatre performance. Also Tim is gonna be taken so out of context LOL. But i’m still leaning toward Jack’s perspective, so the best would be to come to a compromise that best helps wake people up.

  176. Kyle253 says:

    Jesus. It’s like watching a high school couple that can’t communicate. Tim is abrasive and pig headed in his moral absolutism. Jack gets so defensive and withdraws from the argument that he just seems fragile. You’re both letting emotions rule the argument, and using logic as not only a cudgel, but as a mic drop. Facts, not feelings (tim), needs to be the fork in the road that leads to interesting ideas. Don’t use opinion to confront others

    • Jacob_T says:

      Are you stupid? Tim has no emotion in this entire thing. Its clear he is for victory of the many over comfort for the few. You got jack right completely though. But there is literally no easy way out in situations like his.

      • MFnHammer says:


      • dj_robz says:

        Absolutely this. I understand Jack’s situation is very difficult. BECAUSE IT IS FOR ALL OF US!!!

        I have never felt WILLING TO DIE but I do now. If more of us felt like me, willing to die, then we would already be back to normal. And we would STAY normal for centuries.

        • dj_robz says:

          And before any of you get your panties in a bunch, willing to die means willing to catch a few DROPLETS and have a 0.0001 percent change of dying. To me that is worth the cost of admission of not lining the pockets if BIG PHARMA even if their shit actually did work. Fuck em.

          • dji82 says:

            Agreed and agreed. I told my dad that if they do a full mandate (everyone is forced to get the jab) I will fight it to my death, and anyone who actively participates in forcing it on anyone else will be my enemy and a target. He said he understood, but wished I didn’t draw such a hard line in the sand. I told him that I did not care about the consequences of that stance because I do not want to live in a world where forced vaccination is the norm.
            That conversation led to the plans for my next quote tattoo… “What is death when the alternative is a world you don’t want to live in?” – Me

    • KDiddy says:

      But dude, that’s what entertains me

  177. Neurosoup says:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with blood of tyrants and patriots. There’s no denying that the day will come for us to enact what our forefathers bestowed upon us. Speech will only take us so far. I believe we are far past the point of no return.

  178. MFnHammer says:

    Honestly didn’t watch this(not going to lie), just the same as I had to turn off the b00btube video.

    I don’t trust anyone who REFUSES to front accusations. Jack ‘started too’, but didn’t really give his real belief. JUST LIKE Poseibic(prob spelled wrong, really don’t give AF) being pictured holding a ‘rape melania sign’, which ANYONE who asks about is immediately blocked. I’ve seen super chats asking about this when jack was on the show, but they never got asked.

    Ian is ANNOYING AF, especially his view on just about EVERYTHING! That said, atleast you know where he stands, just like any other communist/socialist(who lives in their dream world, ie RICH, or in their mothers basement).

    Hoping for better from timcast, TBH.

    • Kyle253 says:

      Do you believe in q anon?

      • MFnHammer says:

        Are you serious?

        It’s VERY easy to find said picture. Are you claiming it’s not real? Why would ask such a MORNIC question? Are there people you actually trust in the ‘intel’ ‘agencies’?

        Figured I’d ask good questions, but do it in a MORNIC way, since it’s hard to even take you seriously.

        Have fun licking those boots you puke.

    • KDiddy says:

      Breathe, and smack someone, preferably yourself. It’s okay to want more from something. That’s why some writers leave open ended books and some don’t. If you came here for practical knowledge, yeah you’re going to be be here for a while just to mine a nugget or two. But it’s your McWorld as my brother told me once to piss me off.. You will or won’t pay for the extra content. I get excited about certain guests and others, I’m like… meh. If it’s not worth it or if I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t do it. I mean, let’s be an honest man here, I’m worn out by the political jargon. It’s getting to be redundant. “Here’s all the things wrong with society, we’re building chicken city!” As if the chickens would be able to run a city… I’ll watch one or two outta boredness I’m sure.
      Here’s what I do:
      I give people the opportunity to espouse the contents of their mind, freely. If I find something disagreeable, or incomprehensible, I will say something or I will not. If I don’t, that means it’s something I don’t perceive as a threat. If I do say something, it means I care.
      You care.
      I grew up in household where my stepdad would scream and hulk out as soon as something bothered him. My mom would let things go to infinity. I found the balance. Balance the force MFNHAMMER

  179. Demonale says:

    Tim just tell them what nancy Pelosi said in 2020″people are going to do what they going to do”

  180. I_am_Boaz says:

    I always hate it when mom and dad fight.

  181. Jesusisnotaweapon says:

    This episode kinda made me sad. I think Jack will soon not want to keep coming.

    • MFnHammer says:

      GOOD. He never really even addressed the last conversation which REALLY needed attention, imho!

      The reason I say ‘good’, getting EVERY social engineer off the air waves is a GOOD thing. They are literal gaslighters/propagandists. PERIOD.

      There are a couple other ‘regular’ guests who have questions to answer who REFUSE to answer. They straight of BLOCK people who ask said questions. Is that someone you really respect their opinion on anything?!

    • BlazeCast says:

      Tim is like an abusive bf. “Do what I think you should or die.”

      I think it would be good for Jack to walk away for a while and see if Tim is totally totalitarian in his moral absolutism.

      • dji82 says:

        No, don’t claim to be against something and then give in to it. Tim isn’t saying “Do what I think you should do.” He is saying “Do what YOU say people should do.” If you are against tyranny, don’t give in to tyranny. Pretty simple.

  182. Savage says:

    I understand Jack has and issues with standing up for what he believes in because he wants to make his kid happy. But what would he say if they said you son needs a vasectomy to play
    Would he be like it’s reversible so go for it. You’re contract with your kid is to make sure they don’t grow up to become a slave not tell them do what your masters say and you can have some nice things maybe

    • BlazeCast says:

      What no body seems to understand (unless they are in the same boat as Jack) is that he has shared custody. The whole issue is insanely complicated when in the custody field. If he says no, wife says yes, son says yes then Jack could lose the relationship with his son or atleast severely damage it. ESPECIALLY when they are at that age. In most simplified terms, its really the son’s decision that tips the scale for the decision.

  183. Marbles755 says:

    I agree and disagree with Jack’s perspective on his son’s talent in baseball. I agree on the grounds that he feels that his sons talent is rare and his sons future is very important to him and that you will do ANYTHING to make his life perfect. I disagree on the grounds that there comes to a point where you need to put your foot down on the government and put them in their place when they tread on your rights. I dont think Tim will ever understand Jack’s perspective on the importance of his son’s future until Tim has a child of his own. Believe me I never knew how important it was until my son was born 9 months ago. Seeing all of this government overreach puts me and my family in a tough spot. Leave now before things get so rough I can’t do anything about it or stay and fight for his future.

    I’m an RN in Minnesota fighting vaccine mandates. Thank you for reading my comment.

    • Zeknix says:

      I get that Jack has to think about his kids, but too many people use their kids as a crutch. Tom MacDonald had a great line in one of his videos that sums it up for me. “Instead of leaving a better planet for our children, how about we leave better children for our planet”.

    • dji82 says:

      It could be argued that Tim has jack’s son’s interests at heart more than jack does. You think the “great American pass time” will be allowed to survive this? Just my thoughts on your comment. From a follow Minnesotan (up on “Da’ Range”).

  184. Sc0rp10N says:

    Video games are not life.

    • Staylor88 says:

      Video games are a great way to learn both team work and leadership. All video games are just virtual sports man.

      Anything that builds you up and helps you understand others persectives is a benefit. The issue is most people let their power (emotional stability) be taken from them and do not look at every obstacle as something to learn.

  185. JeDalton says:

    Tim and Jack look like they need to hug it out. Tim’s anger makes sense, two years of this BS because too many people won’t say no. Jack’s anger makes way more sense on a personal level. Tim’s hyperbole, while effective for garnering attention, seems like the same general thing he accuses Alex Jones of doing. I mean he did call the NPCs pathetic bootlickers a lot tonight.
    Either way, great show. Love the honest conversation and you guys dying a thousand deaths so we don’t have to.

  186. Lildav3232 says:

    I’m glad you’re on YouTube. But from what you said tonight, you contradict what you always says as your reason. Stand up and say what you say in private on YouTube. If not then you are being weak. It’s like being a cop and staying on to let other cops know that following the rules is wrong while still doing it. Or that you’re trying to change the system from the inside. And there was voter fraud. And the vaccines are not even close to being so safe and effective. But you always say that.

    • Staylor88 says:

      You say this as if it you think its not a painful decision for him to make. Do you not see that Tim really only loses it when he goes on rant about things he believes and must sacrifice his morals to fight. I would say he is choosing the hard path out of the two. Be in his spot and then speak dude. He is RICH he doesn’t have to work.

      • MFnHammer says:

        THAT’S(being ‘RICH’) all the more REASON to stand for your beliefs! PERIOD.

        TBH, if you feel differently, you midas well follow the bootlickers who tout NOTHING but the other #propaganda they view daily.

        • Staylor88 says:

          You obviously have never been put in a situation where sacrificing a part of your self is the only way to fight. Until you have you will never understand. Be the beta you always were meant to be.

    • MFnHammer says:


  187. Staylor88 says:

    Jack wants to be justified in his excuses in not standing for what he believes. Very disappointed with that behavior.

    • BlazeCast says:

      What no body seems to understand (unless they are in the same boat as Jack) is that he has shared custody. The whole issue is insanely complicated when in the custody field. If he says no, wife says yes, son says yes then Jack could lose the relationship with his son or atleast severely damage it. ESPECIALLY when they are at that age. In most simplified terms, its really the son’s decision that tips the scale for the decision.

      • Staylor88 says:

        I see it, I understand and empathize,but he is still giving in and then begging for a little compassion. Its weak, its wanting to be justified in your justification.

  188. BlazeCast says:

    Its ok Jack, listen to this:
    YouTube is censoring to inherently indoctrinate narratives. Tim continues to mainly work off of the platform. Tim self sensors to continue this. That is effectively retaining vital information from viewers who wont or cant pay the Tim Pool tithe. This is him complying with fascistic authoritarian policies to retain his main source of income. He justifies this as a means to an end. He has the audience and money to make an impact against the policies by leaving completely and have corporate media run articles and segments, but doesn’t. He’s no better than you or anyone else in that regard. His saving actions are what he is building so he is only half as shitty as he says the rest of us are for keeping our kids off the streets, fed, and clothed.

    • BlazeCast says:

      There are also may situations Tim doesn’t consider when he barrates the people complying against their will.

      Say Bob pays child support, shared custody, and because of sexism in the legal process, is living paycheck to paycheck. Bob stands his ground like Tim demands. Bob loses his job, cant pay child support, cant get a lawyer to file for redoing the support agreement, and will lose his apartment or house. Now he’s in violation of both support and custody because he has no money and no acceptable accommodations for his visitation. Bob now either kills himself because his life is now over or goes to prison after trying to “live out in the woods” like Tim thinks anyone can do without the means.

      His perch is so high he doesn’t see that he shits in his own water.

      • Roseofsharron1962 says:

        Lol Tim doesnt understand why chickens shit in their water when hes doing it too. Losing my membership, better ways to use $10/mo then on someone with no emotions and no empathy!

    • oldspicesmuggler says:

      Bingo. He’s giving in to tyranny so that he can get more exposure for HIS message and HIS platform. Which ultimately add money to HIS pocket. Whereas, people are putting up with vax mandates so they can put food on their families plates and provide for them. One is selfish and the other is selfless. This idea that he NEEDS YT to get his message out at this point in his career is absurd.

  189. Oldschoolrpg says:

    Once again Jack is totally wrong and Tim is right. Jack doesn’t even understand rights and the government’s intial purpose to defend those rights.

    His Liminal Order must be a total rip off…

    • Aja888 says:

      Tim LITERALLY licks the boot of YT ALL DAY EVERYDAY and then comes here to shame all the poor people that he is so high an mighty. And you are buying into it….. because Tim said he slept on a bench and lived in the SOUTH SIDE OF CHICAGO…lol kid.

  190. Jerkasaur says:

    Tim showed his true colors tonight, not a good look.

  191. AArthriticGamer says:

    Re: Leadership – Simon Sinek says “we are not in charge of people, we are responsible for the people who are in our charge”. When you recognize that it will change your entire perspective of leadership and it will make you a much better leader.

  192. LordSeptum says:

    It sure seems like Jack so was caught up in his offense, he was incapable of listening to anything Tim was actually saying… Sort of frustrating to watch.

    When someone operates in that sort of emotionally-driven state, their negativity dominates the conversation and rather than being useful or productive, their offense stifles the conversation as a whole.

    • Aja888 says:

      The exact opposite is true…Tim is pretending he’s some super 1776 patriot who would “die naked in the woods from exposure” now that’s he’s a rich YouTube bootlicker and is worshiped by his beta bitch friends…Tim is fake as fuck.

  193. Tyler Winfree says:

    Tim’s a bitch. It’s not that he totes the line for YT money and self censors himself . It’s that he calls everyone else cowards for not pushing back against the system as he sees fit. This guy will use any excuse to try and escape the hypocrite label but that’s exactly what he is.

  194. Jinmon says:

    Here’s the thing Tim. “You give the people something to loose and you own them” The elites didn’t give these people any thing. They worked hard their entire lives for them. They’ve given up time away from their families, missed moments as their kids grew up, all to provide for the people they love. Thats whats being threatened. The ability to provide for the people they love. This did not belong to the elites in the first place. Its theft, taking away something that already belongs to you. So to fight this as you suggest means these things will be stolen from you and your family. The time you gave up to provide for the people you love will be in vain in a lot of ways. It is more of a ransom situation than anything else.

    • oldspicesmuggler says:

      He’s constantly playing both sides of the field. Talking down to people who can’t afford to just up and leave everything behind while he has everything he will ever need. There’s no situation where he can relate. Regardless of his past ‘on the streets’, he is a wealthy person in a comfortable situation. I bet if he had to pack up and move to the other side of the country tomorrow he’d have a much different reaction considering all the people who depend on him currently. Would it be that easy for him? Doubt it.

      • Jinmon says:

        I think the Ransom analogy is very apt. Say someone is kidnapped that you care about. Tims position is if everyone just refuses to pay the ransom, then the kidnappings will stop. (Refuses vaccine) This is true, however there is a better chance your loved one will be killed. (Career and livelihood for many people, sons dreams destroyed in this case) Jacks position would be to pay the ransom (take the vaccine) to save the person you love (sons development through baseball) I’m not sure there is a “correct” path in this case. Either way there is a high likelihood that something important to you will be lost. Whats needed is someone to take out the people demanding the ransom. The courts ruling it unconstitutional, or an impeachment and conviction would do nicely.

    • latpack says:

      Never been a reply more screenshot worthy than yours so far. Well said.

  195. Baalshazar1 says:

    Longboi WOOOO

  196. Thequaz says:

    Tim is such a cowardly hypocritical cunt. He can’t ever be wrong he thinks he’s such a hard ass but he’s a fucking sellout spinless millionaire that bends over for YouTube everyday. He’s a fucking piece of shit. No one is a strong or brave or as smart as him. I can’t wait till someone snaps and feeds him his fucking teeth

  197. oldspicesmuggler says:

    Jesus Tim not everyone has had your life. People have radically different experiences and circumstances in their everyday life that shape how they react to things. I don’t get how he doesn’t grasp this, but instead just reverts to this “well I did it this way and think this way therefore everyone should just think like me” attitude. Yeah dude you were on the streets with only yourself to care for. Way different then people with families and others to tend to. Everyone SHOULD do what they can to fight back but they all can’t just to 0-100. It’s not realistic.

  198. Eyesburr14 says:

    I’m really enjoying hear Tim cuss, lol

  199. TheRealZac says:

    Tim if you do that skit the people need to rise up and come to a compromise 🙃

  200. lettergram says:

    The supreme court ruled the CDC mandate was illegal. I highly doubt the CDC will be allowed to steal guns.

    Also, I’ve done a very deep analysis into guns, cross referenced from CDC and FBI data.


  201. Jerkasaur says:

    I’m here for the Shimcast dating site. But seriously that would be a cool thing to do. On the other hand I feel like we should have a way to follow eachother on other apps. We should start taking over Twitter. I’ll start by sharing my Twitter @saucepanmcgee would be cool to follow eachother and make a nice little section of Twitter for ourselves since this website is still in its infancy

  202. AvengerXP says:

    For the love of God Tim, just say that Jack is right about the Social Compact and giving up rights. He’s entirely right. Just change your fucking mind once in your life during an argument and say “yeah that makes sense”.

    • Defiance412 says:

      Jack aint right though thats the problem

    • joea says:

      Yeah, Tim was arguing basically that the only “rights” we have are the ones Tim has predetermined in his mind. Jack was right.

    • Zeknix says:

      I’m with Tim on this. Jack completely misses the point of what a Right is. It’s this watering down of what a Right actually is that’s the problem nowadays. It’s also how a lot of gun grabbers try to justify restrictions on our second amendment.

      • Jinmon says:

        Jacks describing social contract. Consider being in a state of nature. You would be naked. It could be said its your God given right to be naked. However, we give that up to live in society in most places. We all agree a 40 year old naked man wondering around in public with kids out isn’t for the best. As for using that rational for guns, that’s what the second amendment is for. All the bill of rights for that matter. These are the rights that should be retained whether in a state of nature or a society.

        • MrSooop says:

          Some Deep Shit for Jinmon

          Just because someone CAN do something doesn’t mean they have a right to do it. Even in the animal kingdom, one animal does not have a right to poop on another unless there is literally nowhere else that they can drop a deuce. To do so would violate the natural rights of the animal being pooed on. Human or animal, inside or outside of a society or a pack, we all have the right to not be shat upon by others. It is one example of a natural right.
          If the animals or humans in their natural habitat were tightly stacked on top of each other with literally no other place to poo, like a factory farm, then they would naturally have the right to crap on their neighbors. But nature isn’t like that with most mammals that i know of, certainly not with human beings. For human beings and most every mammal that would be an unnatural habitat.

          Our intrinsic rights are inalienable and given to us by the Creator of nature. They are the same for every human being because all are created equally, we all come in to this world and go out the same way. A prince and a pauper may have very different treatment in a society but their natural rights are the same, even if they were switched at birth.
          Liberty is what we have inside of a community or a society.
          We still retain our natural rights when we are part of a society, though our liberties may be somewhat restrained.
          Having liberties inside of a society requires a responsibility to not violate the natural rights of others. Ones who violate the rights of others will generally be subjected to some sort of penalty if they wish to remain in that society.

          Sidenote: If a bear craps in the forest but no one is around to smell it, does it still stink?

          • MrSooop says:

            Liberty is like… How far one’s rights can extend without violating the rights of others.

    • mlucas200926@gmail.com says:

      Exactly. Then we wouldn’t have had to spend 40 min listening to the same awkward shit back and forth and talked about something else.

  203. beijingbiden says:

    As someone who grew up in the country, on a dirt road, with a well and a septic tank, no the water you get from a dug well is not “wormy”, its water and quite drinkable. If you got “wormy” water you are on another planet. Before you buy land, you get the soil and water analyzed to make sure you can dig a well, hell talk to the neighbors. You don’t buy land where you need a water filter to make the water drinkable. Plenty of people put in water collection systems and live off rainwater as well.

    Whenever I listen to people raised in the city who just went out to the country it makes me want to scream at the screen. It ain’t that hard folks, do you think people had carbon filters 50 years ago and if you go back 100 years they didn’t have electricity and people did just fine.

    Pro-tip Tim, dig a root cellar and start growing your own potatoes and root crops for storage so you can replant if you want to become self sufficient. It kept German peasants alive for centuries.

  204. Mob1leN1nja says:

    Will you listen to Jack and not jump to conclusions. Getting too angry bro

    • Heimburglar says:

      Where’s the video its been 50 minutes?

      Male 30. No debt. Employed. Enjoy history, etymology, gaming, hiking with dogs, D&D, traveling, philosophy and psychology, and of course wasting many hours watching timcast and other lectures/ commentary to expand my knowledge.

      Escaping Upper MI to move to ID. Plan on finding higher paying work and looking for a modest life with modest means. Want a partner so i can have someone to share a bunker with during the collapse hit me up. I got food and ammo lololol

  205. TheRealZac says:

    Sitting on buffer screen for 25 minutes without being able to tab out on phone is atrocious.

  206. Lola8088 says:

    Ian doesn’t play stupid… he helps people to think. And there’s a lot of things I’ve seen Tim be wrong about when Ian has been spot on. He is the very definition of patience. He takes Tim’s insistent, almost obstinate, nature with grace. I don’t think I’ve seen him take anything personally or more accurately allow his ego to be bruised. Tim has, on many occasions, been borderline rude with his phrasing. I strive to be like Ian, actually. Open minded and kind. If I lived in the same country, I’d ask him out to dinner.

    • Smoke says:

      Take some shrooms lol I need to find some myself free the inner Ian

    • Heimburglar says:

      Ian’s ego is out of control. He believes hes jesus sometimes. He gets butt hurt when ever he thinks he has a profound thought, thats poorly thought out, and is called out on it. Hes constantly mentioning weird shit about children. He says racist shit sometimes. And him asking for the bracelets from the Migrants to have stating “i want to remember this” was so disingenuous it made me sick. Ian deserves his own show. But shouldn’t be on timcast.

    • 00chewie says:

      I’ve seen ian get upset during a heated discussion once or twice, Tim seems to lose his temper far more often

  207. Smoke says:

    Fellow Illinois boy here 77th & Central Park Ave screw the CDC I got my AR-15 and my AR-12 semi-auto shotgun keep up the good work guys 👌 poyb

  208. DrewishAF says:

    You are Here officially caught up to be my number one a couple weeks ago when they started it but I’ve still got love here. I will say, though, that I hear some interesting topics and need to comment. To solve our current predicament, we need to kill all of the “trans-humanists” and the “trans” humans…

  209. hced17 says:

    The conversation involving whether or not Human Consciousness can be simulated is quite close to me as I am both a Software Engineer and a Christian (leaning gnostic / hermeticist).

    While I believe there is no way in hell general-purpose computing can “put a soul on the circuit board”, consider the advent rise of Quantum Computers. Hold that thought.

    Now consider the works of Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff, Phycisicist & MD Anesthesiologist, respectively; together they’ve postulated a model: “Orchestrated objective reduction”. In a nutshell, it’s a hypothesis that the “seat of the soul” or where “consciousness sits” is in microtubules in the brain as quantum information.

    If it is the quantum world that yields our perceived reality, and quantum information is then fundamental to reality, then consciousness is as fundamental to reality – consistent with the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism – The All is Mind.

    Synthesizing some of these points leads me to believe that perhaps we will not only be able to upload consciousness in the future, but it will also be done properly and by that I mean, it won’t be a mere simulated copy.

    Think of it as intercepting the drop of water before it falls back into the ocean which I think will be true blasphemy.

  210. Braapzakk says:

    Please do that show in New York! Wake them all up!

  211. cornbreadisall says:

    I am a twin freadom toons? What soul to I have? The cloned animal one, or the human one?

  212. wack2270@gmail.com says:

    THE ELITES IN POWER ARE THE ENEMY AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT…”FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH, GOOD MEN MUST DO NOTHING…IT COULD ALL BE OVER TOMARROW BUT NOBODY WANTS TO GO FIRST. I’m ready for what’s coming next. “what about you”….also IAN good on you for being the brave one, and stepping up and keeping the conversation’s sane.

  213. sz_odin@yahoo.com says:

    Charles Odin
    Male, 26
    CNC Machinist, employed
    Located on Long Island, moving to West Virginia
    Hobbies include racing my mustangs, camping, hiking, cross country driving, texas music scene, cooking and dogs
    Looking to get into swing dancing, horses and livestock
    Looking for female homestead partner
    Must like kids and be willing to have 12

  214. Bri.cox.81 says:

    Video may take an hour to encode

  215. Staylor88 says:

    How many people are going to be posting their age and location now on these comments hahaha

  216. TheAcquisitor says:

    Tim, why do you keep inviting Jack Murphy on your IRL show, when he’s on record saying that “feminists need rape”? Is that what you support? Look it up, folks. Google “Jack Murphy, John Goldman, feminists need rape” if you want to learn more about “Jack Murphy”. And be Enlightened. Ask Project Veritas. I’m canceling my support for your Timcast.com site, Tim. I can no longer stomach your support for a man who thinks feminists need rape. How do you think Lydia or Alison would feel knowing what this guy believes? Or are you hiding it from them? You need to pick your “friends” more carefully, and grow up, kid.

      • MrSooop says:

        TheAcquisitor said that “feminists need rape”, they said it 3 times in one post even. That is very offensive to every birthing person with a menstruating vagina.
        In spite of my cis gendered male privilege, which i apologize for, even i find that statement offensive. Statements like that can rape people’s minds.
        How dare you?
        I’m literally shaking

    • NoOne123 says:

      lmfao this dude has been spamming this in quite a few vids. Bro the conquer and divide thing ain’t gonna happen. Tim thanks you for your money. Make sure you sign up with alt accounts and give him even more money pls, thanks!

    • KMerckCPA says:

      I just looked it up. The quote says “Feminists need rape…” then some other stuff. Anytime there’s a dot dot dot ellipsis, I know somebody’s trying to skew what the person said. They couldn’t add the rest of the sentence? And they mention the post was taken down so we’ll never know what exactly was said.

    • wack2270@gmail.com says:

      bro take a chill pill. you sound like every twitter addicted person ever.

    • Whodamus says:

      Nice try douche canoe

    • sic_phuker says:

      Dude, Are You Accusing Lydz And Alisson Of Being Disgusting Feminists? Is This The Kind OF Behavior You Condone?👌

    • Smoke says:

      Well I listen to GG Allin sometimes do you’d probably hate me lol

    • MeSoTrashed says:

      To quote Joe Biden on April 16, 2021 “Nazi fags”
      That is all.

    • bcccl says:

      you need thicker skin.

    • Mob1leN1nja says:

      Bot. Just someone stirring up stuff.

    • Jinmon says:

      Seriously? To hell with your cancel culture bs. How is your “calling this out” helping women? The answer is its not. You called it out to tell everyone how virtuous and great of a person YOU are. Heres the thing. If you have to signal to people how virtuous you are, your not really virtuous at all. You self centered and narcissistic. Real virtue is what happens when no one is looking. What you are here in this post is nothing but a gossip.

    • Aja888 says:

      GFY beta bitch boy…

    • KDiddy says:

      I can sum this up in one word:
      You’re afraid of men claiming they’ll do what they say they’ll do.
      You’re inexperienced with men, ha!
      You’ve never been frustrated, good for you! and you lie…
      You’ve always acted how you felt was best, and you’ve never disappointed others, a lot…
      You’ve been very careful with your words but… you’ve said something that I and many others wouldn’t agree with…
      You’ve thought long and hard about something that I would never ever dream to think about and it manifests itself in your waking life…
      You’re recreating a false reality around you based on you imagine of the world, or how you want others to imagine the world.
      Considering the knowledge you openly share that you lack, I’d assume you’re paid to comment manipulative strings of words about people you don’t even know, but let me guess…
      You don’t even know yourself.
      You don’t know what makes you happy, let alone what you can do to make others happy… In fact, you aren’t able to make others happy, unless you’re making someone else miserable.
      And yes, knowledge, you lack. I mean that whole heartedly and you put it right on display like a damn fool. You have one quote to share with the comments. Consider this, those are three words, “feminists need rape,” that you have taken from Jacks mouth on a video that I don’t have time nor the interest to watch to find the context because I’m comfortable with the way Jack holds himself now. To top it off, you show that you’re wholly unaware of the millions of other words that have come out of Jack. You know, very little of Jack. As do about 7 billion other people and you’re trying to take the lead of showing people who Jack is, absent of Jacks defense.
      Amirite? or amirite?
      I would think there would be a story about feminists repeatedly getting raped in a 50 mile radius around Jack. You are so dumb, for real, and you tryna rape everyone’s brain out here. I need everyone to hide their kids, hide their wife, I’m about to really hand it back to this person who Cannot Understand Normal Thinking.
      What makes it so, that you can judge this one man and make is so that billions of people believe your lengthy comment on his three words? We’re all pretty happy with the millions of other words coming outta Jacks mouth? You can get a couple people to agree with your statement (probably bots which are run algorithmically to keep YOU interested in posting like a vigilante), and maybe a couple is enough for a time, but it’s not going to cut it. You’re going to end up feeding the wrong wolf.
      They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well you’ll need something more than this garbage word salad you’ve come up with. How long did that take you? I’ve been writing for hours. That just makes me cry for the people who are like you, trying to hurt others without knowing anything. Like, this is it? This is your grand manipulation tactic to get others to also quit Timcast? A half brained comment about feminists needing to be raped? hahahahahahahah! You’d do better just learning to sleep on your stomach.

    • KDiddy says:

      neat avatar tho

    • UppityG says:

      @TheAcq, you’re a one trick bot.

      Re “feminists need rape” reminds me of the movie “Scarface” with Al Pacino. When he’s on the dance floor with a beautiful woman he wants (Michelle Pfeiffer) but she’s uptight. At one point he tells her, mid-dance, “you know what you need? you need to be fucked.” She looks at him in a way that says “you might just be right, but should it be by you.”

      That’s what Murphy meant. Now get lost.

  217. Eyesburr14 says:

    This is my first members only video. I hope you all are well!

    • Hammy says:

      Well be prepared that this video is probably going to take 25+ minutes to encode.

    • Smoke says:

      Yeah kinda depressing Tim can’t even show sympathy to people who might want to change not a very good motivational speaker maybe someone is building up courage to make that move but then tim calls them a spineless boot licking coward great way to demoralize someone how hard is it to show some compassion especially when everyone hear is supporting Tim I have 2 elderly parents I can’t just cut and run and leave them behind so I guess I’m a coward for not running away from my responsibilities