Jorge & Sagnik Member Podcast: Elites Are Harvesting Blood Of The Young In Order To Live Forever

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Jorge & Sagnik Member Podcast: Elites Are Harvesting Blood Of The Young In Order To Live Forever

89 responses to “Jorge & Sagnik Member Podcast: Elites Are Harvesting Blood Of The Young In Order To Live Forever”

  1. BartonBella96 says:

    I’ve always said time was cyclical. We recycle the same wars, same names, same knowledge, same gods, same cycles. Now I’ll admit I never put vampires in to it but have said that the canines didn’t lead to the drinking, I thought that they were like 2 needles that went straight to the blood stream so yeah, not feeling so crazy anymore. Us crazy people are just prophets lol

  2. HumanLivesMatter says:

    about bloodinfusion, which wasactually for a long time the only solution to treat Porphyria-attacks, until filtering the Hemoglobuline from cows.Also – even if Hemoglobuline is filtered from human blood some STD’s (like HIV) are costly to filter out.Up to the 80 the medication Gamaglobuline, a mix of human antibodies, was used in people with a (not aids related) weak immune system, until more and more cases of AIDS received by blood based medication (cheaper not to filter) was the reason of infection.
    Fast forward to 1990th Israel: In Judaism we have to be burried the day we die ( except, if it is for one shabbat or other concerns arrive, demanding an autopsy, as catching a murderer saves lives).Also, as we believe in ressurection, it became tradition to not allow organ harvesting.As logically a religious jew also can’t support any body being robbed, harvested and getting those organs (there goes the theory of organ-stealin israelis), the challenge was how to treat those people and it was immensly in research invested. Soon the adult stem cells had been dicovered, soon. growing skin became a reality, and now it turns out that (and the reason isn’t solved yet) printing out the protein frame of an organ, and planting adult stemcells on that frame, can grow a heart a kidney that the patients body accepts without any immune suppresants. There is one longterm observed patient a woman living in spain, that got through this method a “own-grown” trachea, that had been cancerous,with esophagus and Larynx and vocal cord (the whole throat so to speak) and this patient is living since 30 years with the self-grow replacement organ.So organ-self-growing and even blood growing is doable, but with young people nobody misses (like illegal migrants) the “meat” (meaning person) harvest has already no-cost raw product (the kiled person isn’t paid for being abucted and murdered).THe israeli technic had another push during the IS war, as the Islamic state did harvest for wounded soldiers the “infidels”, and those with “luck” had been kicked into the sand close to the israeli border in an imense ammount ,which are now in Israel the african migrants, that had longterm treatment, as their stolen organs had to be regrown by their adult stemcells.As in France the population is infested by propagandist (most longterm Imams had been in the 90th imported Taliban) makes the claim of “a genocide on Palestinians” caused by Israels – as well an overpopulation in palestinian territories caused by Isreal, France very often pushes for decades the import of israeli technic.THe resulting organ shortages (for those not members in the association france-chine) was “solved” in 2020, by making it legal to harvest any deceased without any consent.In our community was that a big problem to get a religious excemption.So if a person wants his younger bood, he/she can clone it from him/herself.By the way, my gender is royal and the pronouns are King, highness ans awesome.And I would never end a serious comment with an sarcastic joke….

  3. onezep says:

    This tittle got me to watch that video, thanks Tim

  4. Frankz says:

    you think this is some thing new? you can find references to this practice in the old world. back in the early 90’s I was working for an 80 year old Texas millionaire once a month he would fly to Canada and get a blood transfusion. when he would come back he acted and looked 20 years younger. I asked why Canada he said he can’t get the treatment in the US. the younger the blood the greater it’s restorative power.

  5. deepseeded says:


  6. misterbehavior says:

    Tim’s gonna let these conversations go longer.

  7. JohnConnor says:

    When I was a kid I used to go to the grocery store with my grand parents.That’s when I first learned
    that people eat more parts of the animal than I thought. I looked into the butcher case and saw a brain and, I thought “zombies “. I asked my grandpa “Is that”,..? He said ,”a cow brain. Yes people eat cow brains.”
    I then learned how people ate monkey brains as a delicacy. He told me when he was in the war, how
    he was behind enemy lines. In order to survive he and his navigator had to catch and eat monkeys.
    My mom would cook beef heart. It’s really very good. Beef hearts are big. She could cut it up , and
    keep portions in the freezer.

  8. Pira says:

    On Ians telomere explination. David Sinclairs(one of the leading anti ageing scientists) has recently come out with studies and understandings on ageing that makes the telomere explination of ageing outdated. Celles can add to telomere length. What seems to make ageing happen is the way DNA is wrapped and marked by proteins. The DNA gets coiled up by proteins that mark parts of it that should not be used by a specific cell.

    • Pira says:

      Disclaimer. My biology knowledge is not professional but gained from my interest in the field. My actual professional expertise is artificial intelligence with neural networks, and how to use and modify advanced algorithms for limited hardware in the field. And I’m currently having foggy brain effects from long covid, so not at my sharpest, but I think my explanation is on point.

  9. BluntestAsh49 says:

    Mexicans would Tripe and Liver. It’s really good.

  10. Homeworlds says:

    Plot Twist: Us Conspiracy SCIENTISTS have been discussing the blood thing for years. LOL

  11. Jacob_C says:

    I think the issue in their argument is Jack’s use of the word rights, he was using it interchangeably with freedoms, which I think is coming to the head here. Like in Nature I have the freedom to kill someone, and not necessarily who wronged me. That freedom is given up in the the social contract that forms a society/government.

    Rights are more a subsets of freedoms that are argued upon as things that the social contract/society/government can not interfere with.

  12. Adam says:

    Lengua all the way

  13. h_marie says:

    I testing…can’t see my comments as I’m typing them…

    • h_marie says:

      Been watching a lot of those school board videos with angry parents talking about curriculum and reading materials … I’m noticing a strong undercurrent of pedophilia in the Marxist movement. I think “the powers that be” are worse than we think. First they groomed the Left and academia. Now they’re introducing it to the children.

  14. bt9629 says:

    What do you mean? Vaccinated people are a greater risk to unvaccinated overall than the other way around. But yea, it will be twisted to take away more rights.

  15. markf says:

    Silicon Valley, “The Blood Boy”

  16. Miamisalsa2021 says:

    The Cartel will sometimes take a bite out of the heart of the person they killed.

  17. CalebHu90 says:

    When it comes to intermediate fasting, it’s just natural to me to each once a day. I don’t even feel hunger pains until evening or late night, I just stay hydrated with tea.

  18. pandusa says:

    Oh, I get it . It is always the un vaxed fault, even when THEY don’t want to follow “the science” on natural immunity. Now, they have to create another crisis to get parents to vax their children. There is no pill OR vax for what these sick people have.

    • pandusa says:

      Who would want to live forever in the world they desire? Nothing would ever be special because it will be a life of constant ,mindless ,excess becoming more deviant. Reminds me of The Picture Of Dorian Gray…

  19. Somd350Z says:

    Remember that movie “The Island” where the rich elites had clones of themselves made so they can harvest their blood/organs if needed? I wonder how far off we are from that.

  20. Thriller says:

    Ian spitting fire! Got to get David Sinclair or Peter Attia on to talk about anti-aging. Great members only content. “POR QUE?!!!!!” had me rolling.

  21. Caleb_Fowler666 says:

    This was a fun episode. It’s nice to have light hearted silly shot sometimes. Plus the guests were good ✌✌✌

  22. ferotole says:

    The reason she doesn’t need to supplement vitamin C is that:

    A) Red meat does contain Vitamin C, just not a lot of it.
    B) Glucose and Vitamin C compete for transporters to get into cells. When you’re eating literally zero carbs, you need to ingest SIGNIFICANTLY less Vitamin C to get what you actually need.

    Also, no, most Mayo is not Keto. Most of it is based on soy oil, which is horrible for you. If you make it out of a good animal or fruit oil rather than vegetable or soy oil, then it’s fine.

  23. Anony says:

    Just a reminder that if the unvaccinated put the vaccinated at risk that means the vaccine doesn’t work

  24. Wallan says:

    Oh no Ian.

    I thought Ian had knowledge about Tunderf00t.
    But obviously he does not follow him enough 😉

    Tunderf00t have Busted solar roadways (and atomic batteries and UFO movies) long ago.

  25. Element says:

    Odin sacrificed himself to himself in order to gain the knowledge of the runes.

  26. Zuni8816 says:

    The show Silicon Valley on HBO has an episode were this plays out. Super funny

  27. says:

    Omg I can’t wait to for this subscription to be over….. lamest shit ever 😂😂😂

  28. FxTwT says:

    Telomeres are found in all DNA, but red blood cells dump their nuclei when they are mature, giving them their signature shape, so that way they can fit through your capillaries. There are no telomeres in RBCs.

  29. gardnerjens says:

    Trick is to eat liver and organs really but nobody wants to do that, the liver is very very nutrient

  30. dji82 says:

    Leviticus 17:11 – For the life of the flesh is in the blood

  31. Garrity12 says:

    Look for the clip where joe biden says ….and Republicans say we take the blood of kids…….. ALEX JONES IS CORRECT

  32. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Oh by the way I looked up something on Bing than looked the same thing up on Duckduckgo and the results were literally Identical possibly Bill Gates bought out the browser somehow. If anyone wants to experiment and leave a comment if the results were identical.

  33. NoOne123 says:

    Alex Jones: yeah so the aztec priests used to get high and they would start mutilating themselves, cutting off their genitals and sawing their tongues and lips and stuff
    Tim Pool: wtf dude come on thats bullshit! nah i dont believe it. You’re off in la la land dude. Lets keep things down to earth and realistic okay?

    -1 week later-

    Ian: so yeah i was reading about these like aztec priests and they used to like…you know…mutilate themselves and cut themselves and drink their own blood
    Tim Pool: whoa wtf? thats so messed up!

    im so tired of this….

  34. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Interesting paper on telomeres Ian might enjoy, or people that like telomeres, who knows. Great stuff on the topic

  35. Hottaco says:

    Great. Another what does Tim eat episode

  36. sic_phuker says:

    “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

  37. Jared10 says:

    Tim seriously try out some more Rocky Mountain oysters

  38. ParaQuill says:

    No wonder they love abortion so much. A practically endless supply of the youngest children they can reach.

  39. KDiddy says:

    Oh gosh. I am inspired to deliver my knowledge of telomeres before I pass out from alcohol intake and daily activities. So when your DNA replicates, you can think of it as a zipper. Kinda like Ian said. The thing is, the connector of your zipper on your DNA starts to degrade. You know the flat metal part of the zipper usually on the right side bottom of a male vest where the mechanism connects, it lines up with the zipper mechanism? That’s the ‘telomere’ in this analogy. Just like my favorite wind breaker I bought in college, it degrades, much unlike my memory. DNA is symmetrical so you have to now step a bit outside the previous metaphor and disconnect “the mechanism” but keep the flat part in mind, the mechanism is telomerase, the flat part is your telomere. Telomerase is a protein mechanism that is driven up the double helix that creates a copy, either completely or partially. Every time your entire DNA structure inside any given cell gets replicated, the telomere gets “chipped.” RNA is a specific segment of your DNA which gets replicated by a process that, from outside the cell, requires mRNA. Inside of the cell, your DNA molecule can be completely reproduced or partially depending on the needs of the cell and surrounding cells. Messenger RNA gets delivered to your cells through a hormone response that requests a specific code from the DNA strand be replicated in that area of the body. The hormone factory is typically catalyzed by environmental activity or in general, ‘factors.’ When you deliver an mRNA vaccine to the body, you’re essentially mimicking the bodies own process of delivering instructions to the cells to replicate a portion of DNA in the area to produce a protein complex that would potentially… well they believe it will ‘defeat’ the virus. IT’S AN EXPERIMENT! TAG!!! You’re it! To take any does of an mRNA not native to the body but born in a lab, is to accept a message from outside the body. From another entity. What part of the DNA is it designed to reproduce? Good question. It reproducing parts that hopefully only a ‘well to do’ scientist would want reproduced! Bill Gates knows how to corner markets to say the least. Fauci can control the flow of spending but he’s obviously got the mind of a box of rocks… BUT I COULD BE WRONG, and I like when I can have someone explain to me where I am, because that’s super important. It’s really important to know what you’re talking about, at least at a basic level, and potentially get to the point of understanding the advanced side of the topic? Like getting a math degree. Not to say that I’m wrong or right if no one can refute me, but to request that someone explain and figure out where someone (I, me!) is wrong and correct it. That’s the important part. You really don’t truly know something, until you can explain it, to anyone. Get back to the drawing board if you cannot explain something to anyone. All I know, is that I don’t know, what I think I know. And I for sure as heck think about how I ain’t going to accept a poor answer for why I should start regularly injecting myself with any form of mRNA aside from Insulin Glargine or Lispro injection. You all crazy!

  40. go.laguna says:

    A a Mexican, I can tell you that we eat cow stomach lining (menudo) cow intestines (Tripitas), cow tongue (lengua) cow cheek (cachete) cow brain (sesos) cow gizzard (mollejas) I know some people cook the entire calf head and then also eat the eyeballs. And pigs pretty much the same thing, also we eat the chicken liver and cow liver , sheep intestines and heart and kidneys as well we call it “machito” we also eat tacos de caballo (horse) , I’ve personally never had them but I’ve heard they are good, we eat deer as well, I’ve even had dry rattle snake, it tasted like chicken but super dry, pig ears idk we eat a lot of different stuff

    • Wolv256 says:

      I’m white and I also eat nose-to-tail. Why do you gotta make it a race thing? You ain’t special, you racist.

      • CalebHu90 says:

        My three favorite parts of mammals is the cheek, tongue, and heart. Then you use the intestines for sausage casing. To break the race narrative I’m white, actually of Irish heritage and if it wasn’t for usda regulations I’d have actually haggis, it’s hard to get sheep lung in the US.

  41. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Here you go fam, a paper on what the young blood replenishes, “Skeletal muscle satellite cells” basically as you age they break down, are needed for “crucial role in muscle fiber maintenance, repair and remodeling”. Thus young people have an abundance in their blood(blood comes from bone marrow), that becomes a resource that old people can use.

  42. TheRealZac says:

    Tim with his impressions tonight remind me of Mercer.

  43. says:

    Carbohydrates break down into GLUCOSE. And what a lot of people don’t understand is NET CARBS. Your body needs sugar so not having ANY sugar or carbs isn’t good for you body/brain. If you subtract fiber from carbs…you get net carbs. An avocado has roughly 35g carbs. It also has 32g fiber. You end up with 3 net carbs. Keeping net carbs under 40-70g depending on your goals, keeps you in ketosis.
    Also sugar is sugar, refined or not. Try to keep your sugar intake as close to 0 as you can. I can be rough because so many vegetables and sauces have sugar.

    • Locke-n-Paine says:

      Humans are lucky in that glucose actually isn’t an essential nutrient for us (i.e. one you absolutely have to get dietarily). Your liver and kidneys can make endogenous glucose from non-carbohydrate substrates (protein, lactate, glycerol, etc) to maintain normal blood sugar levels even in the absence of dietary carbs…very handy feature of human biochemistry.

  44. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Yo quick thought, than going back to show. What if they are giving Biden young blood, and that is literally why he can still even make a comprehendible sentence? lol

  45. go.laguna says:

    This is literally covered and exposed in the show “Silicone Valley” the CEO of their parody of Google has a you did 20 something college student come to his house and do weekly blood transfusions with him to stay healthy and young, plus they also expose about messing around with algorithms so things don’t come up when they search them on the search engine, you guys! They have been hiding in plain sight!

  46. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Hey got this to add to the thing about 0.00018 percent morality rate for 25-26 year old’s.
    “Systemic adverse effects such as
    fatigue, headache, muscle aches, and chills are common following administration of mRNA vaccines, but they usually resolve within a
    day or two. Localized adverse effects, most notably pain at the injection site, are also common, and also resolve within a day or two.
    The rate of severe adverse effects (severe enough to interfere with a person’s daily activities) appears to be in the range of 5 to 10
    percent. The rate and severity of adverse events increases with vaccine dose. The rate and severity of adverse events also appears to
    be greater following a second dose of vaccine than following the first.”
    University Penn medicine; vaccine review final.pdf
    5-10% chance of adverse effect that is serve enough to impede your day. god darn, being forced on
    a population to protect from .00018% morality rate in age rage of 30 or younger. That my friends is shocking. I figured the larger trials they will by less “honest” conglomeration of officials and a institution getting resources for the large scale trial from questionable entities. (opinion)

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      Meh furin cleavage site is targeted by antibodies, is in all corona viruses needed to fuse two non permeable membranes together. Can be used for a vaccine to generate the antibody response to disable the most inportant thing needed for the Sars 2 virus to to infect, and infect to critically ill at that. Instead they delete that and use the spike, why not delete the spike and use FC site, and the product of a bunch of FC sites floating around on cells is absolutely useless with no adhesive spike nearby to anchor it while the cleavage process occurs. I think in the future the will be researched as a question why use spike technology so intently, as a golden ticket. perhaps it is the research more available on such than the FC site, to be used as a primer for a vaccine. Time will tell, but the fact that regardless of mRNA vaccines, The SARS 2 spike has a systematic function that effects the RAA system and leads to adverse effects, independent of the actual viral RNA code and infection into cell. We must be honest with that, the RAA, or Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System is to important to ignore its implication.

  47. ryansandquist says:

    lydia sayin WTF is the best bit at the end just awesome lol

  48. Yobuyahouse says:

    Yeah why pay extra? You had the bracelets on your show and have you ever seen the gold ones?

  49. TheRealZac says:

    Put me in coach.

  50. Mattstone says:

    Didn’t think I would be hungry after this video given the title…

  51. Kenshi says:

    blood of youth sounds like that psycho Elizabeth Báthory who bathed in the blood of young virgin women to retain her beauty or youth.

  52. Eric says:

    Lewna Wen is 100% a communist infiltrator.

  53. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    Did any one else have frame rate drops

  54. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    1080p is too much data for me to watch need to be able to lower it…

    • WoodworkerAnon says:

      Next to the Fullscreen button should be a quality button that allows you to watch in lower quality. I usually run 240p on mobile due to shitty bandwidth. Good luck!