Bob Murphy Member Podcast: California Makes Mail in Voting Permanent, Crew War Games NH And TX Secession

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Bob Murphy Member Podcast: California Makes Mail in Voting Permanent, Crew War Games NH And TX Secession

98 responses to “Bob Murphy Member Podcast: California Makes Mail in Voting Permanent, Crew War Games NH And TX Secession”

  1. AshleyMarie says:

    Tim..I think you need to go visit Luke up in NH and get off the compound for a few days to get a look at the lay of the land again. What Ian is saying, wouldn’t be impossible if the Massachusetts gov’t was siding with the feds. Then there’s ME and VT too consider as well and unfortunately NY borders the entire west side of new end land pretty much. THE PEOPLE of MA wouldn’t support it and would fight back against it in large part. Some..maybe even a lot would kowtow admittedly but not everyone. Not by a long shot. And as a MA resident I can attest too that. However, there would/could be little sneaky routes that could be established within the community actually working together and communicating. Also the MA ports that are nestled in with the little section of NH that touches the Atlantic. MA fishermen and boaters of all kinds would be a major asset in supply line routes. As someone who frequently goes to NH to buy the shit they try and keep from us here in MA..I don’t see that very lucrative pipeline ending. The people of NH aren’t going to just give up their business and money making abilities. It would just simply go underground more then it already is in large part with feds having no say or power to stop them. If they decided to cut off NH from the roads and the ports in full force working with a surrounding state or two, they could choke NH out as far as main supply lines are concerned. But that would only intensify the people’s distain and be a political disaster. NH would turn into the victim..the underdog..and gain the people’s support from all over I’m willing to bet. What they wouldn’t be able too do is stop the people and the backlash that would surge if they tried to use our state resources, paid for by MA residents at an absorbingly high costs, used to alienate and attempt to subjugate our fellow American neighbors. No way, no how. Even I have to ferry supplies in my little Honda CR-V through someone backyard to get through the border.. I will do it. And I’m very far from alone. That would be a circumstance where many of us would be able to help. Person by person. Family by family. Helping each other fight back against the boot attempting to stomp on us. It would be beautiful and wonderful if it worked out.

  2. deepseeded says:


  3. says:

    Maybe state secession is not the way to go. Maybe it should be a voluntary, open debate in Congress at a fully national level to split in two.

  4. Edork says:

    If bidens army invades texas or new Hampshire how long until we take the fight to dc

  5. Vashts1985 says:

    you assume the people in cali didn’t come out because trump supporters said their vote doesn’t matter. they know the tactics used to undermine their vote so they KNOW their vote wont matter and they dont come out.

    the entire point of the audits needs to be, to show beyond a shadow of a doubt, the fraud in whatever form was committed, then to address the methods used to commit that fraud so people KNOW that when they go to cast their ballot, it has an effect, even if it does not result in their candidates winning.

  6. VAgulr21 says:

    Lmao tim has on Economist then talks 99% and has him say yes or no on fantasy scenarios
    Instant buyers remorse

  7. Musicadisanto says:

    Tim you should really have Tom MacDonald on the show

  8. Sho2tamkgavin says:

    However I will add I do believe the federal government would have no issue nuking and entire state and then claiming it was a natural disaster and I bet with the power of the news and all that everybody will believe it

    • says:

      Why blame a natural disaster? They’ll blame a ‘rogue white supremacist’ commander in a silo or on a plane somewhere, and force feed their fear porn narrative. Be careful what you wish for, before you know it you’re Canada with a sock puppet globalist with 30% of the vote screaming mandate and taking guns.

  9. Sho2tamkgavin says:

    I’ve said this quite a few times now but Ian is a prime example of why you do not pay to have your kid brainwashed by these college universities even the more conservative people who graduate or the 1% even they have these f***** off views of the world God damn Ian I like it but you should probably gold dig a hole and get some calluses on your hands

  10. Sho2tamkgavin says:

    Me and my friend I hate to say it but you are living in a fantasy federal government or not no American people is going to stand for the government killing other Americans so when you say oh the air force will just murder everyone that’s not fucking even close to what would happen

  11. Element says:

    The federal government gave guns to the cartels (Fast and Furious). The Federal government refuses to protect the border allowing Cartels to come and go easily. An independent Texan government would protect their border with Mexico much more strictly. Texans would probably want to protect their border with the USA too. Cartels would definitely side with the Feds. You know how the Mafia worked with the CIA against Castro? Why wouldn’t they do that today with the Cartels.

  12. Element says:

    Did you know that many Union soldiers deserted after Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation? They were fighting against secession, not against slavery. The book Lincoln’s Mercenaries from 2018 showed that many more were fighting not for any ideology but just for money.

  13. Element says:

    They initially just surrounded Fort Sumpter and asked them to leave. They didn’t attack until Lincoln tried to resupply the Fort.

  14. Malcom93 says:

    I have to disagree with you Tim the cartels would fight on the side of the federal government not openly of course but still on their side you see that now at the border

  15. Devilsgun says:

    “Interesting Times”

    All the more reason to decentralize your life as much as possible.

    Rabbit meat is the Meat of the Future

    • Wolv256 says:

      There is not enough fat in rabbit meat, so it’s not as healthy as beef. That said, rabbit livers are great. They taste way better than beef liver and are sized better, since you only want a few ounces each day.

  16. hanamlchl says:

    To Ian on “just secure the roads”: Go read up on the US’s efforts to cut off the transfer of supplies on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam.

    • Wolv256 says:

      You don’t get to assign us homework, bro. If you want to make an argument, make it, but don’t go tell someone to go read something because you are too inarticulate to make your point.

  17. says:

    Ian shows off his big brain by demonstrating that military base and fort are synonyms.
    He lives around Frederick, Maryland meaning that he has definitely seen road signs on the interstate telling him how far he is from Fort Detrick, a military base.

    I am assuming this mean that in addition to not knowing how to code Ian also doesn’t know how to drive,

  18. frankaron says:

    If we are going to blame voter fraud all day and not rally our state to push for securing the election, then we deserve to lose every election from now on.

  19. Small-El says:

    Tim says that saying election fraud exists causes a turnout drop then immediately after says Republicans can never win again in California. How are these different? You are interfering in California elections for the future.

  20. foddertarget says:

    I don’t see how the 1.7 million non-voting Republicans were going to overcome a 3 million vote difference. Guess I’m bad at math.

  21. Buddymac007 says:

    Tim, It’s California, it has been lost since, what the 90’s!
    OK, some people say the pendulun always swings back.
    So maybe in 2028 it’ll swing back like in the 80’s, who cares it Califuxingfornication.

  22. jprattie says:

    I really enjoy these talks about how things will play out, but you guys don’t understand; we’re down here in Texas. In Austin. Austin is not as blue as you think. Only the college kids and a few uninformed millennials are blue. Transplants, SOME people in the Tech sector (Indians are actually pretty conservative) – but by and large, the left is outnumbered 10:1 by Centrists and Conservatives here. And native Texans WILL fight back.

    It would be helpful if you would actually invite guests who live here to talk about it; we think you’d get a clearer picture of how these folks down here – when pushed – WILL fight.

  23. guzzi27012 says:

    First one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
    Second do you believe the southern states are not occupied? That’s why the federal government has military bases more in the southern states than the rest of the country. They were put there as a show of power and never left. Exactly why there are still military bases in Germany. The US will never leave Europe it is still occupied. We don’t think about it that way today but that is what it is. Once the federal government conquer a country they don’t leave. Want another? South Korea, Japan are more examples.

  24. ZedS says:

    Peaceful sit-ins sounds nice and so does peaceful refusal to listen/comply with federal law enforcement/regulatory enforcement bodies. The problem with these ideas is that the power of government is ALWAYS based on the fact that the government has and will use lethal force options. Peacefully sitting around a federal facility will result in being given warnings to disperse. Refusals to disperse would result in tear gas, then bean bags/rubber bullets, then lethal force. That is why revolutions ALMOST ALWAYS rely on physical force. And Egypt is no exception. The thing that made Egypt different was that the military was not willing to support the outgoing presidents, so the presidents had to rely on paramilitary forces from the police or other organizations/movements. In the US, Tim himself tells people all the time that the military and police will simply do what they’re told. The police and military WILL use airpower and munitions to intimidate, harass and eventually round up/incarcerate people who engage in civil disobedience on that scale that is being discussed. Tim naively believes that the media or internet will make it impossible for the government to do such things, but he is WRONG. the police and military can block internet/cellphone service in large swaths simply by deploying some of their fancy electronic warfare devices. And the legacy media will be CHEERING THEM ON, because it’s THEIR people in office! They’d only have an issue with these tactics if it was Trump or a real republican who wasn’t beholden to the system that was taking such actions.

  25. Boomer624 says:

    First battle of Bull Run, Senators and Congress went to the Battle field to watch the North decimate the Confederate troops. Didn’t happen!

  26. cschertz says:

    Ugh this all seems pretty simple. If 74 million people refuse to pay taxes next year what will they do…….

  27. HeronusOfAlexandria says:

    The civil war didn’t begin with the confederate states it started with the wars against the mormons and the aboriginal indians. It began in the 1830s ish and gradually escalated after the union forces slaughtered people and leveled cities long before the confederated states broke free. Their internal conflicts began with the confederated states saying these wars were repugnant as they were against the unions own people and then escalted quickly.

  28. alaricvis says:

    If so much as one county leaves their state, let alone a whole state leave, the entire US will break apart in a cascading collapse in very similar fashion to the USSR.

  29. Agcartwr says:

    His accent sounds like John Gruden.

  30. kgres1 says:

    The Cartel and Texans War! lol. And require all Mexicans to join a Mission-like program like back in the day. Between 1632-1793, the Spanish built dozens of missions and presidios to establish towns in Texas to convert Native Americans to Christianity.

    And what would happen if we all stopped paying federal taxes? Cuz I’m tired of supporting these red coats.

  31. B_Addie says:

    Please try to get Krissane Hall on the show !!!

  32. Rawdog says:

    Sorry guys, the 2020 election was ‘fortified’, the Californicate recall election was ‘fortified’, the 2022 election will be ‘fortified’ and there will be no 2024 election.

    Sit-ins, love-ins…FUCK THAT…

    Good god, Nutland is SUCH an idiot…& he gives drug use a bad name…

    We’re 6 months away from a new Kristalnacht…

    This Murphy guy is SUCH a hippie coward…

    Get over it folks…the time for bAllots is OVER…

  33. Ric69420 says:

    Tim, I’m a “free stater” living in New Hampshire and the feds already fuck with the free state project groups regularly. Start by Looking into the crypto 6, it will bring you down a rabbit hole of fed interventions to undermine the free state project movement. They’re relentless tyrants, and it’s obvious they’re very scared of a free state of New Hampshire.

  34. Bradio says:

    Tim is so rude to Ian sometimes. Ian has some good ideas but needs help articulating. Not being told he is wrong all the time. He’s a smart guy but the weed got his brain a bit fried lol.

    • BudLipton says:

      Tim is almost always missing the point Ian is making and contributing nothing in response.

      Let’s face it Tim is really just the cog turning the wheel. Not only that but living in self-imposed isolation is already taking its toll on his perspective and it’s only gonna get worse over time.

  35. Jme3 says:

    You can tell Tim knows nothing about Truckin by him disregard Ian’s road problem. Specific Roads are key when it comes to the transportation of goods. You can’t drive a big rig just on any road. The routes for them are calculated and though out. Take out one road and make the rig stuck.

    • BudLipton says:

      But you don’t understand. These free staters are seriously badassed and own guns and stuff.


      Anyway, of course the feds could get a handle on this in a minute if they weren’t forced to go in with one arm tied behind their back e. g. the southern border, blocking major arterials being only one part of the overall strategy. Naturally the situation could/would devolve into a prolonged pissing match but it’s not gonna be much fun for anyone on the inside let’s just put it that way.

  36. Bryan_Liem says:

    The Maricopa report, as reported widely by the Democrat Left fake news propaganda machine, is 2+2=5

    Where Biden won by 10,000 fake votes, Trump points out at least two reasons that can cover that amount by themselves; 23,000 mail-in ballots where the voter no longer lived there, 17,000 duplicate ballots that arrived in a surge of fake votes after election day.

    How did Trump run the USA’s most successful economy in history? 2+2=4

    How is Biden running the USA into Hell? 2+2=5

    Why stand by the gangster tactics of CCP wannabe Left Democrats who are destroying the country in broad daylight?

  37. Latterdaygamers says:

    Tim thinks the far left would care is biden nuked the “trump trads”

  38. DionysianPirate says:

    New Hampshire native here. If we succeed, what are the alcoholics in Maine and Mass to do? Seriously, they won’t be able to survive without their tax-free liquor.

    Ian, Pease was a US Air Force Base and is now a part of the Air National Guard and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is in Kittery. The biggest military base in Portsmouth/New Castle is a US Coast Guard station. The rest are reserves and training facilities.

    Also, learn how to pronounce “Concord.” It is our way of distinguishing ourselves from Mass.

  39. Trailblazer68 says:

    Ian bombs and planes cant hold territory. You need folks on the ground to hold land. Afghanistan was a shit show and that was in an area where our militaries supply lines where nearly invulnerable to the gureilla fighters. In the internal us the military supply lines are fish in the proverbial barrel. And things like all terrain vehicles in the us which are stupidly common nearly as much as cars outside major cities, allow the average person to bypass roads entirely. Hell you live in the wv area. Im sure youve heard of the Hatfield mccoy trial systems. The hmt trails account for less than 30% of the atv trails in the state. And these modern machines have 170+hp and the ability to use it over very extreme terrain. Gureilla warfare in the us interior would be hell on earth for the us military. The us isnt desert and most bare mountains. Its some of the heaviest woodland and rockiest terrain in the world. It doesnt seem like it because of the sheer number of easy access roadways but look at the terrain maps.

  40. Haze87x says:

    All I hear is no matter what is done the government wins and the US is done.

  41. says:

    We don’t need to seceed. We don’t need a new system. Everyone’s looking at what’s happening and what’s it’s been like and is saying ” america sucks”. No. This isn’t america. All we need is for the system to work as intended.. the federal gov is way way way too big. States do their thing the feds ensure they don’t become authoritarian and violate rights and handle interstate conflict… They’ve twisted ” interstate commerce” to justify making all these agencies and regulations as a loophole against the 10th amendment.
    The constitution guarantees a republican form of government ( a republic not the party). But states can elect more lefty governments and have more socialized states and other states can be libertarian and other states can be conservative….
    Litterally the election of the president used to not matter because the fed didn’t have power over you. Thy couldn’t do anything. They were just there to do as outlined in the constitution. The constitution doesn’t say ” the federal government shall regulate the school system” no. States do that through who you elect. And states can sign agreements and whatnot. That’s why the constitution says states have to honor the laws of other states in the Union… I litterally says California cannot prevent travel to other states or from. Can’t prevent trade and things like that… Like they are trying to do. And if there’s issues the federal govern deals with this. Congress is there so your state has representation.. so when the federal government is like ” we are going to force all your Bussines to do X” they can say ” hahaha no”. And only by martial law can the federal government do what it is currently doing. And states have to agree to it. States can also defend their own borders.
    The federal government job is also protecting the national border.. because that’s it’s direct responsibility to the states. And it’s failing. It’s spending trillions over seas while millions flood through the border. That’s NOT ok there’s a process for a reason so everyone can be successful and have the best chance .. but because everything is corrupt and screwed it’s not working.
    All the problems in the system can be solved with less government and civilian audits of the IRS Treasury and federal reserve.
    Our founding fathers built an impressive and amazing system. Genius system. If you really think about it… And the people let a bunch of corrupt pricks ruin it. All we have to do, is follow the declaration of independence. Remove them. And revert the giver back to it’s original form. Easy? Quick? Painless? No. But the alternative, if we stay at our current pace… Is far far worse. And history has proven this time and time again.
    But if the USA breaks apart, the founders said liberty and self governance dies with it and has failed. The union must be preserved at all costs. This genius system cannot be allowed to fall and china take it’s place. We can fix the government and stop intervention over seas. What happens in Iran isn’t our issue unless they directly come at us then we can defend ourselves. If countries ask for help, we can decide to help or not.
    And when america succeeds… Freedom and equality spread around the world.. and if we elect corrupt psychopaths it’s our fault.

  42. Crowefans says:

    The lore of Fallot 76 has a free states faction, the grievances they had in game are like ones currently stated IRL. Weirdly Tim lives in the same region of WV that faction exists. The thing about seccession is there is constitutional amendment making it against the law, and people can be changed.

  43. Crowefans says:

    The lore of Fallot 76 has a free states faction, the grievances they had in game are like ones currently stated IRL. Weirdly Tim lives in the same region of WV that faction exists. The thing about succession is there is constitutional amendment making it against the law, and people can be changed.

  44. MrSooop says:

    If red states started to secede, and just left the jabber-wokies with full control of the military and feds… How long would it be before the left goes full nazi? And then conquers the territories all right back?
    Then they are in a worse position and without their statehoods.

    Secession in our situation seems like a milley-maneuver.

    i guess it’s no wonder the women tend to get everything in divorces here.

    • MrSooop says:

      Like most oppressive forces and people in history, the jabber-wokies also tend to lack soul and creativity and even objectivity and critical thinking skills.
      Their normies are not very good at acting independently and are generally dependent on centralized planning for successful action. The individuals tend to be weak-minded and arrogant in their willful ignorance and the same in groups as well.

      We don’t necessarily need to agree politically to get along, it seems they forgot that. They need weak minds to control in order to win.
      We don’t need to control anyone’s mind to win. We need creative ways to help them find soul and creativity and objectivity and critical thinking skills. Then they can see reality for themselves.

      And once they wake up, they tend to stay awake.
      There’s a reason that the left can’t meme.

  45. MrSooop says:

    We used to do this thing where polling workers would sort and count ballots by hand while citizens and representatives from the parties could observe and challenge in real time. We still have the ability to utilize that highly accurate system. Why make things much more complicated than they need to be by involving machines in the process?
    And why would a government want people who don’t know don’t care to vote?
    Why indeed…

  46. Mattical1980 says:

    Super pumped you had Bob Murphy on. Dave Smith had mentioned him on his podcast a few times, so I found Bob’s videos he’s done for the Mises Institute. Also, definitely have Tom Woods on.

  47. jwschwalb says:

    Build the code to run on a pie zero

  48. Wendym28 says:

    Ian is great in his own lane….love him truly! However as the cohost of This show, his hobby can’t be drugs and mushrooms, and sleeping in. Love the cooking show on cast castle! It’s embarrassing seeing Ian scolded constantly. But unfortunately I understand why Tim has to do it. Ian I’m rooting for you….the position you have on this show has to be highly coveted….step up your game and do some homework so you can interact productively!

  49. Brandonnbk says:

    Ian, as a life long New Hampshire resident, supporter of the free state project, an-cap, and proud secessionist, what right does anyone have to tell the people of NH that they are required to stay as part of the union if they decide they want to leave? If the federal government wants to then start a psy-op on what’s left of America then let it. If it wants to wage war with NH then let it. I’ll be here patiently waiting for them. The rest of the country will see how disgraceful it is and they will have no choice but to stop soon thereafter or see a wave of other states following suit. Also Tim is right. You have no idea what kind of hard ass folk live up here that could give a shit about anything from electricity to banks, we don’t care, and alot of us would prefer to live without the shit anyway. There’s alot of folk up here including myself that grew up learning how to trap, hunt, fish, garden, can food, raise meat critters, and just simply want to be fucking left alone by everyone, do what we want to do and not bother no one, and nobody can seem to leave us alone and we’ve about had it. So yes secession is step one to finally have more freedom to just simply be left the hell alone.

  50. Rumproast says:

    The Fediverse exists, you’re just trying to include yourselves in it, stop talking about it as if it’s something you’re creating. I like Ian, but he is IT retarded.

  51. Morganjloon says:

    Ian your commentary is sometimes fun, but whenever you go on the tangent of “they have missles, jets, and satellites” it actually makes me want to punch you, learn your history, and learn more about the military from people who actually serve in it, that awsome equipment is damn near worthless in urban and gorilla warefare, and trust me, i served in active duty, the equipment you can get in the civillian market is leagues better then the shit you get issued to you, there is a very good reason any former or current member gets a concerned look if an item is labled “military grade” because that means it was built for the highest price by the lowest bidder, also you really need to look into how many vets there are compared to current members, those vets are almost always libertarian or right leaning, and actually remember their oath, it is not to the government, nor the people in charge, it is to the constitution, and there are still a lot of people that are activly serving who hold the same beliefs. Those are the people the federal government would need to fight. Another big factor to include is that fighting a gorilla war in onother country is a completely different game then trying to fight one at home as heartless as this sounds, it is much easier to accept collateral damage when they are not your own citizens, we make a big deal over one or two in another country, now imagine the backlash of one or two hundred at home. It is better for everyone if it all ends peacefully, but if more and more people become disenfranchised because they no longer feel represented by their own government then it becomes more and more difficult for a peaceful resolution. The most dangerous people on this earth are not the fastest, or strongest, or even most well equiped, it is those with either nothing left to loose, or thise who are desperate and on the brink of loosing everything.

    • Morganjloon says:

      Also sorry about the long winded comment, but after hearing the same argument from him over and over and over again it starts to really piss me off, and i dont have the money to send that in as a superchat, doubtful ian or any of the crew will see it anyway.

      • tealmarimba12 says:

        I made a similar comment on YT, but much more reductive, and had an Afghan vet get pissed at me. Of course I apologized and took the time to spell out what I really meant, but Ian is just not looking at the history of military intervention what happens when guerrilla warfare happens. A well armed, dug in force, on their own land, that believes militantly believes in their cause will be beat any amount of force you put on them, sans biological/nuclear weapons. They will dig in and after 10+ years, no amount of force will ever dig them out. Which will lead the Feds to the same position the ended up with in Vietnam and Afghanistan, a populace that has had enough of the war and demands they withdrawal and leave the “others” alone, and to stop wasting money on a war that can not be won with conventional tactics.

  52. Bryan_Liem says:

    Next to the Reply button for Comments, I would love to see a thumbs up or thumbs down way to show agreement or disagreement.

  53. Bryan_Liem says:

    These Democrats who go ballot harvesting in apartment buildings, why do we trust them to be neutral? Would it be legal for Republicans to ballot harvest and suggest voting for Trump? As nasty and tyrannical as the Left and Democrats have been during COVID-19, why should we suddenly believe all is neutral with ballot harvesting until we see evidence of abuse. Then we see evidence of abuse from Project Veritas and other alternative sources, but then we immediately defend the Left and the Democrats by saying, yes there is abuse proven, but prove it for every single vote now, we have moved the goal posts yet again in favor of the Left and the Democrats, regardless of how much destruction we continue to see them do to our nation!

  54. KingAnarchy says:

    Dude fucking tablets thats all those things are anyway big ass god damn tablets.

    Just has to disable wifi and Bluetooth wire transfer only to central hub.

  55. Magicman says:

    You’re website is Turing to shit 💩with all of these adds

  56. says:

    Ian you seem like a nice guy with good intentions. Go outside, get off minds, stop living in a compound, go out talk to people that aren’t your guests. Dude you have lost touch with reality. Please man.

  57. bw85 says:

    If texas leaves the union, hopefully Oklahoma and kansas will follow

  58. NoOne123 says:

    I’m only about halfway through the normal podcast but i have to say, Tim is perfectly playing into the hands of the World Economic Forum(WEF) and China’s interests. Nothing would be sweeter and more beautiful for them than to watch the US balkanize and shatter into pieces of various territories with the west coast and idaho belonging to China and using it as a international travel hub.

    I don’t think they’ll raise the debt ceiling come october. I think they’re going to default on the debt. The goal here for the WEF and China is to completely wipe out the US dollar and make it completely worthless and then replace it with a new digital dollar that can track and control every transaction.

    Tim and friends keep looking at this like its all just some wacky random incompetence at work when thats not the case whatsoever. The US is being purposely demolished from within in order to give rise to a technocratic global surveillance state in which China is the reigning hedgemonic power. If you just look at things with that particular goal in mind, everything happening right now makes perfect sense. These dudes need to really drop the act and stop pretending like they don’t know whats coming, especially when they’ve touched on it in the past LOL

    These people have a schedule to keep if they’re to meet their 2030 goal of The Great Reset.

  59. Yobuyahouse says:

    J&J employees say do not take the J&J shot. Bancor will be the next global currency, its the IFM SDR. How much for a place in NH I’m down!

    • Spork Witch says:

      Cost of living in New Hampshire is great! There are slightly higher than average property taxes, but there are ZERO state income or sales taxes. New Hampshire is also Constitutional carry and stand your ground!

      I’ve been trying to get back to New Hampshire since before I enlisted and since I got out. Main thing keeping me stuck in New York is the theft of half my income and having to line up a job first (though I’m hearing stirrings they might be making us officially remote instead of de facto, and I can finally just save the money without needing a new job too!)

  60. Plaguen says:

    There is a simple solution to this problem, but the federal government would have to sit back, repeal many federal laws and allow states to run themselves.

    • Spork Witch says:

      Oh, so, like, the way the system was designed and supposed to be?

      • aphix says:

        Technically the federal government only exists (from the inception perspective) to serve the contracts amongst “These United states.”

        It is not a separate entity, rather it simply doesn’t exist without “The States”.

        Most people have an upside-down layercake. If an authority (author-rite, a.k.a author of rights) is more local, it is more legitimate.

        This is obvious in the endpoint of the most-local (and most awesome):

        YOU OWN YOU!

        The corollary is that distance implies reduced ability to author rights. The further you are: the less authority you have. *You* have more authority over *you* than your neighborhood. Your city has more authority over the city (and you) than the state.

        If you don’t believe me: How is pot legal in Colorado?

        Individual (greater than) > Municipal > State > Federal > International > Global

        Locality => Ability to Author Rights (author-rite/authority)

  61. aphix says:

    Free software can be both, libre vs gratis; and you gotta have hardware protocol for machines, AND you gotta control how they’re kept between elections.

    I live in a nationally-relevant swing country (Bucks) and I KNOW for a fact that the voting machines are kept in a Shurguard facility owned by a Republican. I know this because I’m closely related to the Dem vote counter for the county.

    • aphix says:

      That said, I agree: ALL software used by the US government should be open source. It’s better for literally everyone.

      As for voting:

      The only good answer is you get a cryptographically random value given to you when you vote (Tim: Your position on randomness in computation is incorrect, it’s easily doable via radioactive half-life, you can get USB sticks with detection+isotopes relatively easily), both printed on a piece of paper for you as the voter, and displayed to compare, and then you can view online that particular random seed that shows and verifies (and is statistically impossible to look up or brute force, due to the nature of its inception) that your vote went exactly where you picked.

    • Spork Witch says:

      Just as bad. It’s still a machine, easily compromised. Just look at the media reporting on the audits: “the hand count [without any validation of whether there even was a signature] added 9k Biden votes!” Physical only, hand-counted, ID’s at the door and copy attached to the ballot, signature verified against the one on the ID. Count witnessed by a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Green (for each counting station). Anything short and you get what we just did: a fake election counting fake and duplicate ballots positively confirmed to be invalid due to no signature, scribble instead of signature, confirmed same identity but different addresses on multiple votes, out of state votes, addresses that don’t even exist, etc.

      While not possible to confirm who won, it HAS been confirmed that the number of CONFIRMED INVALID votes EXCEEDS THE MARGIN OF VICTORY.

      And all that with a paper backup. So no, no technology in voting. This is why no one competent in security wants voting machines and never has.

  62. says:

    Shut up Ian. No one even remotely competent is calling for ANY voting software. Paper ballots, hand-counted, with multiple witnesses. Even the TV series Eureka nailed this almost two decades ago. SciFi Channel original series, secret government research facility with a town (called Eureka) that they live in. When they held elections they explicitly commented on why they were using paper ballots: in a town full of geniuses why the hell would they be dumb enough to trust technology with something as important as an election?

    ANY call for ANY form of automation in voting is a call for the elimination of elections, because for all intents and purposes, that’s what you’re doing.

    As to open source, you don’t know what’s actually running on that machine. Same reason Stallman is deluded. He only uses open HARDWARE (meaning the spec is published openly), but guess what? He has no way of verifying the chip he actually got MATCHES THAT SPEC. And they’re all made in China anyway, so you can guarantee they’re not.

  63. Lildav3232 says:

    and mail in voting is easier to manipulate. like double and triple votes. non signature votes. lost votes. votes mailed to people that do not live there anymore. but who care about that huh?

  64. SeptimiusSeverus says:

    One Youtuber had a great point that states themselves need electoral colleges. California has more registered Republicans than any other state in the union. It has a vast hinterland of rural or semi-rural counties that supply much of the food and water consumed by this state and exported around the world. Yet our political future is dictated by overpopulated metropolises who decide how we manage our land, how we use (or don’t use) our water, how we prosecute (or don’t prosecute) crime and how we deal with illegal immigration. This state is essentially a front for a massive tech & agribusiness cartel which dictates to the Democrats what can and cannot be done, said or proposed. All the Democrats who form the government and supermajority answer to this cartel and the powerful families associated with it: the Pelosis, the Gettys and their frontman (and in-law) Newsom.

    California is on its way to being a west-coast version of ANC dominated South Africa, right down to its one-party rule, ineffective opposition and crony politics writ massive. Except California is the 5th largest economy in the world and as it decays and destroys itself it will send shockwaves globally that South Africa’s decline would not.

  65. says:

    Are you kidding me? Of course the Trump voters voted in the recall. They voted by mail to NOT recall, that’s why they were refused when they showed up in person and told they already voted!

  66. Floyd says:

    Tim Pool: If important information needs to be released on Youtube then so be it.

    Also Tim Pool: We are suddenly unable to interpret this data and won’t talk about it on Youtube.

    • LarryCanary says:

      Then he complains that people won’t give up everything is they own and live in the woods to make a political statement.

    • MrSooop says:

      That’s one of the main reasons that i like timcast is because they do real journalism. They don’t just run with whatever bullshit they saw on twatter like mainstream media does.

      • MrSooop says:

        He did say that they were investigating.

      • Floyd says:

        Real journalism does require actually reporting on the thing. Facts like referring to the attorney general are hard to miss.

        Certainly didn’t stop him rushing to repeat bullshit stories like a UK fuel shortage. It’s funny how this particular item (obvious election fraud) is subject to much stricter conditions. Maybe he will pull a Joe Biden and ignore it for a while then say how it was 4 or 5 days ago.

        • MrSooop says:

          I do think that more live fact-checking of Tim and guests would be great.
          A fuel shortage in the UK is low importance here and now, but election fraud in the US is a really important thing to be correct about.