Libby Emmons Members Podcast: A Literal ROCK Gets Removed For Being Racist, CRT Insanity Reaches Total Absurdity

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Libby Emmons Members Podcast: A Literal ROCK Gets Removed For Being Racist, CRT Insanity Reaches Total Absurdity
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82 responses to “Libby Emmons Members Podcast: A Literal ROCK Gets Removed For Being Racist, CRT Insanity Reaches Total Absurdity”

  1. says:

    Blackrock is not going around buying single-family houses, stop repeating this misinformation.
    They bought a pre-existing rental community, cooperations only account for ~2% of the real-estate purchases. Houses also tend to be in the suburbs. Places that don’t have rent control or other government incentives that make it profitable for large corporations to own real estate.

  2. wcouch8 says:

    I was concerned about renting out my space during the moritorium. I found out that I can evict a tenant if I move back in or sell. So, I do have options to take the property back. My concern is that because it was no one confronted this first time, now it will be easier to do this in the future.

  3. Ilovetimcast says:

    Just became a member! Wow that’s a lot of F bombs Tim! 😆 I love it!

  4. Trailblazer68 says:

    I prefer morgan freemans take on the racism issue in his 60minutes interview.

  5. Bigly12025 says:

    Stop saying “I don’t have all the answers”. You have SOME answers – such as the standalone complex where everyone individually stands up for their belief. Saying “I don’t know” damages the cause.

    You can improve things simply by sticking by your individual answer and by not saying “I don’t know” any more because all that does is lessen peoples’ resolve.

  6. Bigly12025 says:

    Tim: “People just need to stop complying.”
    Also Tim: “I have no problem wearing a mask out in public.”


  7. AshleyMarie says:

    🤣🤣I actually was born and raised in plymouth ma. And they painted a rainbow crosswalk to be “inclusive and diverse” that was “vandalized” and the cops hunted down the 19 year old kid who allegedly did it. He burnt out his street bike tires around the area and left a burn out mark (a small one in my opinion) on the rainbow paint🙄🙄🙄🙄 and he wasn’t even from town. He was from a neighboring town a little while over. Imagine the hassle they went through contacting the police in bridge water or whatever town he was from, because this kid was legit riding his street bike completely legally in front of Plymouth Rock where the giant ugly rainbow crosswalk is this giant eye sore! People claimed he did it on purpose and he should be charged with a hate crime and everything. If you can believe that! That was a moment where the crazies were pushing back against what I call the “George Floyd” agenda and lots of us normal people in town pushed back a little bit and it was enough to calm the psychos down. Luckily, the more level headed around here prevailed. This time. We were short staffed at the start of the massive police walk off that’s happening, with 120 cops for the entire town (the biggest town land mass wise in the state of MA) we have only 85 and they are taking academy candidates from NH and ME and other outside towns. My best friend is going through it right now at 28 to become a cop and they basically begged her to join since she was the ONLY Plymouth MA resident and she would have an almost guaranteed spot in the academy because of that fact. And she’s a year and a half away from the cutoff for the max age your aloud to be and still go through the process. My husband, best friend, family members, myself etc. we have all been waiting for them to try and come after Plymouth Rock and the Governor Bradford statue, the mayflower, Plymouth plantation and way more history. Plymouth is filled with it. America’s hometown! That’s literally the town moto. The mayflower compact. The native tribes. It’s all really fascinating and I never came across a bitter and nasty old native who screams in all our faces that this isn’t our land and home. This town is relatively mixed politically. Lots of American flags around here. 👀

  8. TrashPanda says:

    How much did this cost the university? I bet that money could have been used a lot better……..

  9. JacktheRippa says:

    Ian obviously knew the rock came from the earth.. lol you dicks. I imagine he was asking if it was moved there if it came from another location? Oh and is there a way to fast forward these videos? I am not smart enough I guess to figure that out on here. Sometimes I watch a part then try to come back later but it starts over and I don’t see a way to skip around on the video player?

  10. Angelle says:

    I have a dictionary of superstitions that says in the 1800’s there was a group of cockroaches that were accused of causing inclement weather and destroying the crops, so the put them on trial, found them guilty and banished them from town. Are we going backwards to a time like this? It’s deeply concerning that people are becoming so stupid.

  11. Brock1374 says:

    I need my town to come here and take down the racist border that was put up and install a nice non racist PVC fence.

  12. Joshua1991 says:

    “It’s not just a boulder.. It’s a rock”

  13. KVanBogart says:

    That Ants movie quote, Quite Frankly, I haven’t heard that in a while…

  14. Lexicommonzero says:

    We did it ladies and gentlemen! We beat racism….we moved a rock.

  15. MikeM says:

    “Good men did nothing”

    That’s how you motivate stupid people to do evil. No one believes they themselves are evil.

  16. ThickLoaf says:

    Bring Alex Jones on.

  17. Clif2003 says:

    You know, FULL WELL, what’s unfolding! Catch up! You resist truth presented by the cyber symposium. COWARD. This democracy will fall because of the voiced like staying silent. YOU ARE A COWARD!

  18. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    “grasshopper. Push this rock. Kick this rock. Shout at this rock. Have you moved this rock?”
    Oh master, I merely have to call it racist and the rock is moved.

  19. Clif2003 says:

    I’m completely ashamed of you. Run to your farm and chickens. So what? My family owns 460 acres of farmable land. If you won’t defend my family. I promise you’re next! When they come for you, don’t call me, I’m Florida!

  20. Clif2003 says:

    Ok, you are STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP dishonest! I’m completely ashamed of you. Run to your farm and chickens. So what? My family owns 460 acres of farmable land. If you won’t defend my family. I promise you’re next! When they come for you, don’t call me, I’m Florida!

  21. BamaPVD says:

    It’s a Wisconsin Sex Stone. Because it’s just a fucking rock

  22. ianpaulsen says:

    “The power is in the proles” George Orwell

  23. wedonotkneel says:

    This appears to set an interesting precedent. If something is called the hard R, it is put in chains and removed from public..

  24. Clif2003 says:

    You’re derelict in your duty! Pay attention to the cyber symposium! You are media. You have the privilege of VOICE! Don’t get that twisted! You. Your voice! Stand up Sir!

  25. says:

    I’m from just south of Boston and have spent many days at Plymouth harbour…nothing is more fun than watching tourists from around the world walk up and be disappointed by Plymouth Rock.. its a rock in a whole on a beach..”I’m not sure what I expected” is a common comment 🤣😂🤣😂

  26. UppityG says:

    [Due to a site glitch, a stand alone comment written in the “Leave A Reply” text box (which does not go on to show the name of a commenter whose specific comment one wants to Reply to) ended up being tacked on to a Reply to someone I had previously replied to. Clear as mud? So, Take 2, because they ain’t no Delete or Edit buttons yet.]

    If two people say the ceiling is beige and one person says it’s green, it warrants ignoring the green opinion. Or, it warrants investigating the mental health and / or vision of the green opinionist. And then maybe the green opinionist will get some long overdue mental health care and perhaps actually become corrigible.

    It would be a win-win. At last.

    And I’ve decided I’m going to watch Timcast IRL live only when the guest is more compelling when heard in real-time. I need a break from Crossland’s chaotic thought ejaculations. Watching later on Bitchute / Rumble I can fast forward past.

    Paz y salud, toma 2.

  27. VacationIRL says:

    Great boat analogy Ian

  28. UppityG says:

    Folks, kindly make reference to the Hannah Arendt 1951 book “The Origins of Totalitarianism” and what she calls the Ideal Subject. When Emmons says that the left can not tell what is real anymore, she is referring to the Ideal Subject.

  29. says:

    disorganized emergence is the best phrase i’ve heard in a while. I like that idea.

  30. Lazlo says:

    When are they going to start remove ‘non-indigenous’ animals from the land? Like horses, cows, chickens, etc???

    • Culinaryhuntergatherer says:

      Actually there is a ballot initiative being attempted in Oregon,…for 2022.. it is extreme restrictions and or outright ban on hunting, fishing& animal husbandry… citing cruelty & preferable agriculture ie elimination of farming practices that involve animals raised for food….. of course they are attempting to pass tests & levels should be removed from school curriculum… check that idiocy out…

  31. FxTwT says:

    The establishment can’t allow for a class war because they will lose power to a unified people.

  32. dbhill says:

    It’d be great if any referenced stories included links to the source.

    The Pitt/Carnegie Mellon vaccine-hesitancy article was easy enough to track down but including the links would add value to the overall product delivered by Tim & co.

  33. Wolfhausen says:

    This is insanity its a fucking rock, I live in Lacrosse WI and “The Indian” from riverside was removed because of stupid SJW bullshit and it was something I looked forward to looking at cause my mother who passed of cancer in 2016 went to school with the art teacher who made it. It had a fucking plaque on it talking about the natives of the area and nothing about it was racist in fact quite the opposite in that it taught history and a bit of how they were mistreated but also what they were known for.

    I really really want this insanity to end cause its causing me to not only lose faith in humanity but also lose friends who buy this fucking garbage peddled by colleges and democrats.

  34. Turk_Longwell says:

    Donny sent me an email telling me that he personally signed a new logo MAGA hat for me. He did it just for me? Oh geez, thanks Donald.

  35. keldan says:

    I agree with you, Tim….Ben taking the “higher ground” is the best comeback.

  36. Mike_G says:

    marshalls wont help because of moratorium
    if you kick people out yourself, you go to jail
    welcome to real life

    • UppityG says:

      I predict that property owners will find a creative way to write a lease that will stand up in court and will protect them better should this happen again, which probably will because far too many corrupt elites see how this has worked as a great game plan for future wealth grabs.

      I’m thinking property owners will require all tenants to sign a new lease every month that states they will be automatically evicted if they do not sign a new lease, and it will cite the SCOTUS ruling that Xiden and his CCP Admin via the CDC has flouted.

      When rogue actors twist our laws into jokes, the downfall of our society is well nigh. Unless, as Pool rightly points out, we simply fail to comply.

      • Wolv256 says:

        That was my thinking as well. Can we just offer continuous one-month rentals and ask for the month payment up front? Or would that still be considered on eviction afterwards?

  37. TheImplication says:

    That’s what you get for endorsing Biden Dwayne Johnson! Cancel culture will eventually come for everyone.


  38. TimChandler5150 says:

    I just want to know, if the Mezus Caucus gets it’s member erected, what will be their plans regarding Uranus? I think we can all agree it’s overdue for at least a good, thorough probing.

  39. Koko says:

    You guys get way too tied up on semantics sometimes. Is it wrong to apply rules to people. The answer is no. Anyone like Vaush will say otherwise in his lab coat. What is wrong is how those people are treated. It is not wrong to advise someone to avoid something to help others. What is wrong is to leave that person in the dust for their actions. People aren’t always trying to do the worst thing and you could even say a lot of people go out of their way to self-censor themselves. I’m not trying to crush Vaush’s feelings I’m just saying it’s cringe as hell and I’ve never watched his content so I could be wrong. But I have watched Destiny and even old Destiny where he had exact opposite opinion as now because he cracked.

  40. Cilantro Parsley says:

    Toilet Paper is racist because it is White !

  41. Dn1984 says:

    I have a big pile of racist rocks old lumber and a pile of leaves in my backyard someone needs to remove it immediately!!!!

    PS please move comment box to the top.

  42. Solomon_ says:

    I don’t get … I’ve lived in Israel. The most diverse place on the planet, if not up there. The people who are racist are the ones who look the same but believe different. Here the people who think the same but look different are the ones who hate each other. I’m black Hispanic and Jewish. I don’t understand the values of being racist. My fiancé is white, Russian. I love her because of her. I never understood racism. Nor that a massive amount of people are that. It just seemed stupid.

    There are racist people out there. But how many? 5? 100? 1000? A MILLION? Let’s say it’s 1billion. Which makes it 1/7 of the people you meet each day. To focus on that 7th person every day just seems like a waist of time. Like…. Don’t they have something better to do????

    Ugh and don’t get me started in this whole nazi/police fusion going on. How are we ok with it????

    • Wolv256 says:

      You don’t get it, it’s easy. They’re manipulating people by crying wolf and calling everything racist and weak cucks are bending the knee and allowing it. And they don’t really care about these statues and monuments, the point is to erase history, to make it easier to indoctrinate the youth so they have no attachment to the past. It’s evil and part of the communist manifesto.

  43. Yobuyahouse says:

    Well there is some good news though Beijing probes $3B Blackstone real estate bid Remember Communism hates Facism…

  44. Yobuyahouse says:

    USA is no a failed state

  45. tealmarimba12 says:

    I always bring up this quote from the Immortal Technique track “The Poverty of Philosophy”. It’s Ian’s boat analogy but way more of a kick in the nuts: “Many of us are in the same boat, and it’s sinking, while the bougee mother fuckers ride in a luxury liner. And as long as we keep fighting over kicking people out of a little boat, we’re all in, we’re going to miss an opportunity to gain a better standard of living, as a whole.”

    The elites pilfer from all of us, yet instead of banding together to keep their grimy hands out of our pockets, we squabble with each other over nonsense that doesn’t help any of us gain a better position. To quote Tim “we’re fucked”.

    • tealmarimba12 says:

      And also can we just address what this all boils down to? Critical theory is just an intellectual term for Marxism. That is everything in a nutshell, it’s just an academic circle jerk that just beats around the bush. It’s Marxism, oppressor vs oppressed, just swapping out terms (the no one agreed to) for the preferred “oppressor”.

      The problem is, most people agree with Marx on a fundamental level, that there are powerful interests that keep people down. Even I agree with that above statement, but it takes all individual drive and accountability out of the equation, because it doesn’t factor in the human spirit.

      Yes, everyone that has ever gotten anywhere on merit will tell you, it’s not easy. They had to fight the system every step of the way, jump through hoops and “live to tell the tale of another day”. That is the constant state of matter in the universe, “devour to survive, so it is, so it always will…”

      Life, is not meant to be easy. We’ve grown to a place that is too comfortable, too privileged if you will, and we don’t want to do any real work to continue to survive. That’s the problem, everyone is too comfortable, myself included.

      • UppityG says:

        @Teal, correct. Our day to day lives are very comfortable and too far removed from fighting to survive. That’s why we need more Cuban refugees here, not fewer. Xiden’s orders via Mayorkas to deter Cubans from rafting over here is pure evil.

      • UppityG says:

        If two people say the ceiling is beige and one person says it’s green, it warrants ignoring the green opinion. Or, it warrants investigating the mental health and / or vision of the green opinionist. And then maybe the green opinionist will get some long overdue mental health care and perhaps actually become corrigible.

        It would be a win-win. At last.

        And I’ve decided I’m going to watch Timcast IRL live only when the guest is more compelling when heard in real-time. I need a break from Crossland’s chaotic thought ejaculations. Watching later on Bitchute / Rumble I can fast forward past.

        Paz y salud.

  46. DaddyProphetBunny says:

    Anyone waiting to hear about the mypillow election fraud symposium?!

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Yeah I can’t recall where the live stream is supposed to be but he’s reached a definitive moment in his journey with this stuff… put up or shut up time. To be honest I don’t think that his evidence or proof of fraud in the audits will make any damn difference anyway. The guilty hold all the political power and the media and big tech smear and censor any substantial dissent.

  47. Wolv256 says:

    Tim, I don’t disagree with you telling people not to comply, but be aware of what that’s really asking. They say they will hit you with a $100k fine and a year in jail if you attempt to evict someone. If the world was just, we could say we have the constitution on our side, but these wretched villains have bribed and bought all the prosecutors. They will make examples out of people and turn you into the next McCloskeys.

    I’m not saying to comply and we need to fight back, but a year in jail and $100k fine is a big ask.

    Me personally, I would rent out half of my house, but I don’t trust getting another tenant in this environment. I’m losing out on $2000 a month because of these monsters, but I won’t put myself in the position to be stuck with a deadbeat. Luckily I can make mortgage without a tenant, but not saving like I would and planned to with a renter.

    Fuck you, Joe Biden, you Commie traitor scumbag.

    • Wolv256 says:

      But Blackrock and Blackstone, you will not take my house. Fuck you! I’m not going anywhere. Suck my dick. You will not win.


  48. DarthWho says:

    Would be great if a certain idiot would learn the difference between a brand new unapproved vaccine and old, test and approved ones with decades of safety data, but hey it’s cool if employers mandate it.

    You want to argue about employers being allowed to mandate shit like the flu vaccine and I will respect the argument, but even a fence post sitting little b**** should know the difference between the two. Fuck at this point why bother with FDA approval at all, just get every company in the country to mandate it and you can skip that pointless shit like long term health impact studies.

    Better yet how about we just get the government to “definitely not threaten” to tax audit or even strip the business licenses from companies that refuse to mandate it, unofficially of course. Of course you would have to prove they did it and lawyers are expensive and as they have shown they can strip them of their licenses so who would even want to risk it. You know just speculating, no way this goes badly.


  49. Garrity12 says:

    Hello UK here…
    A simple thought. For a bunch of investigative journalists…mmm

    At the moment you have 3 former BlackRock employees, working in the Whitehouse….

    Which company is buying up property to RENT at a rate of knots????

    Which administration is in the process of letting in up to 10 million illegal immigrants? ???

    These people need places to live….mmmm

    Which administration will pay for this through welfare….who will these people vote for??? Mmmmm

    Call me that conspiracy theorist but its a simple and effective way ….future proofing the WHITEHOUSE….

    • DorseyWoods says:

      …and you’re barely scratching the surface.

      • Garrity12 says:

        Its not about barely scratching the surface…..the dems would use every peice of arsenal ….even at the expense of society to bring in future voters ….the survival of party is paramount…..
        Everything is smoke to the future voter agenda…..

  50. DorseyWoods says:

    One thing the left definitely has in its favor…The right has no organization skills and if organization was attempted it would be stamped out by the regime with it’s media and tech weapons under the banner of ‘rooting out white supremacist groups’. I think the “revolt”, if it comes, will likely happen in a wave triggered by an example of drastic overreach against an average American that gets leaked online or something. That same example could be used to overreach further forcing the hand of more and more Americans until balls were found enough to make a collective stand. Either that or people will just comply and give up their freedoms like they’ve been doing for the last year and a half. I mean our “president” did just act in direct opposition to the Supreme Court and our constitution… if that doesn’t say authoritarian I don’t know what does. Seems like if there was ever a time…

  51. Lildav3232 says:

    It’s the government in a nutshell. They spend money to investigate a way to take more money from the taxpayers. If it doesn’t work they still took money. They go after the landlords who are normal people while the corporate landlords get paid off and then buy the land from the normal landlords. They go after the law abiding gun owners while ignoring the criminals who commit 99% of gun crimes. More people are killed with blunt objects than ar’s. They change the voting process to manipulate it. Elder should win in Cali. But they are already setting the seeds for “manipulation”. They sped up the process. They will lock down again so there is only mail in voting. 6 vaxed dems that fled Texas got covid. But the vax is 99.6% effective. Really? 3 people I know got the jab and a week later caught covid. Sadly 2 people I know passed away after getting it. Same way. Felt horrible after the jab. And then had trouble breathing. Both had heart inflammation post death. Didn’t before. And both had covid prior to the vax.

  52. ajr5244 says:

    Tim the reason Ben made the comment about sleeping in his bed made of money was because Malcom insulted him in an earlier segment that Ben had a bed made of money from scamming people with his book.

    Tim you used to read articles and do fact checking before you did your segments. Now you’re not reading the article you do your segment on until you’re actually recording. Your quality is slipping – this is coming from a 4yr subscriber & member. These are things you need to hear and not get offended by. Good segment otherwise.

  53. DaveFromColorado says:

    I know people from Wisconsin, while drinking, one of them probably stood up and said “hey I’ll bet you I can get them to remove that rock hey, watch this!” And a year later while drinking that person probably looked at their friends again and said through their laughter “Hey, I told you I could make ’em take away that rock, and now it’s gone hey!”

  54. John_Beart says:

    Nice 1 people’s! Today’s show has left me with country roads stuck in my brain(great song) and some pondering to come. Thanx everyone. 😁😁👍🖖❤️🙏

  55. TheDarkworld says:

    Literally the first time I catch an ANTIFA type where I live they’re getting hurt. I’ve abstained talk of violence so far cus I don’t want to get anyone shut down but I am SO sick of this shit.

  56. Plaguen says:

    Let’s play a game. Use your favorite not Google or Microsoft search engine and type in [fill in the blank] is racist. So far I cannot find anything that isn’t racist.

  57. Tigranes says:

    That evil rock!

  58. TheDarkworld says:

    Do bullets count as a Hagelian dialectic? Asking for a friend.

  59. leadd1 says:

    So is she fleeing NYC to a red state only to vote blue again???? Asking for a friend…