Seamus Coughlin Members Podcast: Israel Reporting Vaccine Becoming Less Effective, Crew Talks About Water Fluoridation

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Seamus Coughlin Members Podcast: Israel Reporting Vaccine Becoming Less Effective, Crew Talks About Water Fluoridation
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211 responses to “Seamus Coughlin Members Podcast: Israel Reporting Vaccine Becoming Less Effective, Crew Talks About Water Fluoridation”

  1. ryansandquist says:

    try using water from a well

  2. seeemilyplay78 says:

    The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a DNA based vaccine – the first of its kind.

  3. Incendiex says:

    Heya Tim

    Hate to be that guy but babies are born with teeth. They aren’t erupted from the gums yet, but they’re inside the jaw waiting to come out.

    They also start growing adult teeth from very young, and they wait inside the jaw until its time to erupt.

    That said, fluoride in water does indeed come from heavy industry, and is illegal to dump. The fluoride that is used to put into water is usually in one of two forms: Hydrofluorosilicic acid, and sodium hexafluoride.

    I would NEVER feed fluoride water to a baby, especially because everything else has fluoride in it too, and the accumulated dosage from everything is far higher than it should be.

  4. csjohnstone says:

    Ian was sounding more like Gilbert Gotfried. >-D

  5. Derekflinn1 says:

    Ian is that guy that reads the back of a book and thinks he’s read the whole book.

  6. DannyGoog says:

    If the US does lockdown again, I’m just going to do what Ran paul said

  7. Grabber says:

    “Our purity of essence is in question! We must protect our precious bodily fluids!” -Gen. Ripper

  8. Jay1 says:

    Oh my god, people need to stop flunking chemistry and pretending that they understand something they don’t. Let’s talk about fluoride.

    1 – Fluoride does not exist in nature except as a compounds because of how reactive it is, and the ionization energies for different fluoride molecules are going to be processed at different rates that have different effects on the human body in comparison to other fluoride compounds. It passes the blood-brain barrier, calcified the pituitary (which regulates almost every function in the brain indirectly), and the fluoride “found in nature” is a different compound. Difference in compounds: do you think charcoal and nitrogen are harmless in any form? Go consume cyanide then, it’s only a compound of carbon and nitrogen.

    2 – Fluoride has no nutritional value, damages the central nervous system, and leads to various joint conditions via calcification. Like any poison, it’s a slow acting poison in low doses (especially when the blood-brain barrier is weaker, like in children or elderly), causes emotional dis-regulation (depression epidemic, bipolar disorder), ADHD, and lowers IQ via nerve damage if inappropriate doses are sustained for long enough. By the way, changes in fluoridation, as well as some accidents, aren’t reported – fluoridation was decreased by 25% last year when researchers found it was irreparably harming children and adults.

    3 – Consuming is different than brushing with it. There is no reason to permanently risk a child’s neuron-cognitive health at the most defenseless ages when they are going to grow a second set of teeth. There’s no substitute for good brushing habits.

    • JLINANON20 says:

      Thank you for putting accurate information based on factual and verifiable data in regards to such a harmful chemical that has absolutely been changed from any type of natural form. When I was purchasing water for my child I was appalled to see that they were actually putting fluoride in nursery water meant for infants and the youngest children in their developmental stages which can cause the most biological damage long term. I was relieved to find there are companies that provide purified water meant for infants and older aged children that specifically make their products free from any toxins at all simply h2o and nothing more. I had to search for it and sometimes specifically requested that brand for the reasoning that I do not want my children especially as well as my family to consume chemicals that most likely are unknowingly in our water as well as food supply. If anyone actually believes that they are buying truly organic foods then please do your own research. For one, you will find that Monsanto has purchased every single seed for every type of food and have a patent on all of them. Unless you have had an indoor greenhouse type farm prior to at least the 60s or 70s then your home grown garden fruits and vegetables are a product of their patented seeds. If your garden is outside than they are spraying whatever chemicals they choose to by plane. Buying organic foods is unfortunately a waste of money since it is still being sprayed with what they will probably tell you to be insecticides of some sorts. And since you unfortunately don’t own the airspace above your property there are no laws that I know of to provide any protection against anything like that. Unless you grow your own food inside either a greenhouse or something like the tower planters that are quite nice to save space to grow as much as possible then you are clearly being lied to. I strongly urge people to only buy non gmo foods but even that’s not a guarantee their not using byproducts that are genetically modified that they do not have to list per fda guidelines as long as they are in small enough amounts and can still list their products as non gmo. I strongly recommend getting your own chickens and buy from your local farmers markets if possible.

  9. Devon says:

    When I was in first grade , my class was lined up and given shot glasses full of grape flavored fluoride multiple time within the year . They said don’t swallow it , but ya know multiple kids would . How many people experienced this ?

    • shauntay911 says:

      I did for sure in elementary school. So messed up! I’ve always heard the gave it to Jews in concentration camps as well.

      • Devon says:

        I wonder if our parents had to sign something allowing it , or , if they where ever even informed.

        • JLINANON20 says:

          Probably not. When my child was in 6th grade all the school did was send home a consent form for your child to “participate ” in the sex ed class or they would be taken out of class in front of the entire class and brought to a different classroom to either watch a movie that has nothing to do with the topic or be given an assignment to be completed like they were being punished for not participating as well as embarrassed in front of the entire class who were given permission to participate. I remember taking sex ed as part of my health class as part of p.e. but nothing in comparison to what is being shown to our children now. I remember being sent home with a sample size of deodorant and some pads and being taught what happens when a female goes through their menstrual cycle and we were also separated girls in one room and boys in another room. Now things are just so fundamentally different from roughly 20 or so years ago that the kids couldn’t be separated due to gender inequality in middle school aged children. 6th grade so 12 and 13 year olds. And they were not just sent home with deodorant and maxi pads, but condoms as well??? I was furious about that. Minors being taught about way more that bodily changes during puberty especially when a minor who is 12 or 13 cannot consent to any sexual activities because it’s illegal therefore being given condoms is completely unacceptable. Oh and also razors for shaving. That is going beyond the parents consent for their child. It is the parent’s responsibility to make those decisions for their child, not a public school. Teaching anatomy is one thing but they went too far in my opinion.

  10. Ham-planet says:

    What if there are no variants and what we are really seeing is antibody-dependent enchancement? Just like what happened in previous corona virus vaccines that were tested on animals.

  11. Justin says:

    I drank naturally filtered water from a spring. It tasted fine. After about 2 months, my front teeth became sensitive. I have no doubt that water without fluoride decays teeth, however, I’m not sure if you can just coat your teeth or do something else to avoid consuming the fluoride yet also protect your teeth. I would also guess that fluoride has adverse effects that we never anticipated, like affects on IQ.

  12. I_am_Boaz says:

    Don’t forget folks, fifteen months to slow the spread!

  13. Hyperb2002 says:

    Both Tim and Seamus sound like Lou Albano in the Super Mario Bros Super Show. Change my mind.

  14. no_u says:

    Tim, talk more about ivermectin. Have Pierre Kory on to talk about it or Dr. Malone or Bret Weinstein.

    • UppityG says:

      I second this motion. All of those guests know to not make statements in the public portion of the livestream that resemble what Yantifatube freaked out over. And THAT bonuscast will blow the doors off the view and comment count here.

  15. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Ian wants to do an internet search for anal leakage?
    I’m sure nothing could possibly go wrong with that.
    Please Ian, do a show on the results.

  16. TheKarenofCOD says:

    Seamus is annoying…

  17. Vashts1985 says:

    remember in Futurama when Bender ate some chips with olestra in them then shat a load of bricks right after? good stuff.

  18. theflowoftime says:

    Tim-M###ER F###ER BABIES DONT HAVE TEETH!! im crying XD XD XD

  19. says:

    LOL. no it comming from the lab wouldnt mean people would want the vax more… why would you trust it more if the same people pushing the vax also lied about making the virus.

  20. MONSIEUR60 says:

    I’ve had an issue with my old trees breaking branches on the cars all over my city and the council doesn’t care.

  21. Martin9 says:

    So it’s evident Ian has taken too many drugs to be redpilled. He blurts out propaganda at the reality of mad science experiments. Even at this distance I can predict he will be Tim’s Judas and of the entire castle Ian is the most likely to “Cobain” Tim. His sleep schedule leaves him awake when most of the others are asleep and vulnerable.

    • MONSIEUR60 says:

      I think Ian is a great agitator for the right reasons. He has a lot of good ideas, but his delivery is some what to be desired. Love you Ian.

      • UppityG says:

        @Martin is right, @Monsieur. You can keep kissing Crossland’s arse to try to keep him on the show because it tickles your nuts to see him wreak havoc with his drug addled BS, but he’s increasingly a liability. He’s selfish and incorrigible. I’d be ok with him making a once a week appearance but not with any guests of consequence.

    • Bigly12025 says:

      “His sleep schedule leaves him awake when most of the others are asleep and vulnerable.” ……
      ……just to hammer that point home

  22. WRXCKED says:

    This is why I buy bottled water for my family. We sadly have fluoride in our water.

  23. Water says:

    I’m a water treatment professional. You guys are ignorant on the topic.

    The best refutation to the idea that flouride is a mind control drug to make the masses more libtarded is the fact that the region of the country with the least flouridation (by a lot, including most of the major cities) is the Pacific Northwest.

  24. Koko says:

    Please please do a skit in the Fauci voice saying something about cannibalism. It would be freaking hilarious. I hope Seamus sees this, he’ll make it happen. 😀
    P.S. – Sorry Tim I could only pay you 7 this month for the membership fee 👌

  25. Stout890 says:

    Ian is less and less respected day by day, what does he add to the conversation? they just ignore him till he blurts out garbage than everyone moves one without acknowledging what he just spewed out…… until he talks about copywrite laws

  26. beijingbiden says:

    Guys for about $1K you can get a carbon filter for your home installed doing 10 gpm, it removes chlorine, chloramine and flouride from your system. Its also good for your garden if you are on city water. Check out Pelican, Pentair, Rhino all that jaz, plenty O systems to get rid of that crap.

  27. e_v_e says:

    Re: “studies show…”

    The wording can be deceptively manipulated as much or more as the “data”.

    Example: “Of those tested, X% of new positive cases were vaccinated vs Y% who were unvaccinated.”

    Key phrasing: “OF THOSE TESTED”

    I’ve seen multiple reports of patients being seen at hospitals being asked *first* if they are vaccinated, *then* triaged for testing. How do we know if *all* vaccinated patients are being tested? If they test fewer vaxxed people, that could easily skew the numbers.

    The actual numbers may be factually correct but the methodology used to arrive at that number can be flawed.

    And a lazy reporter or reader may not even notice…

  28. Rawdog says:

    Damn, I laughed so much. This is great. Love Tim’s dry humor. Little scared because Tim’s predictions have a tendency to be more correct.

    What’s really scary is PopSci Nutland sounding almost normal.

    I get it now…Libtards grew up drinking fluoride-they have had their brains destroyed.

    Maybe we will get lucky…the fluoride will combine with the vaxx & turn them into genuine zombies.

    Zombie killing and looooot. Now all we need is Power Armor.

    • Rawdog says:

      Sorry, forgot.

      Many years ago I was in Orlando. The water tasted weird. When I asked acquaintances if they noticed an odd taste, they said it was all in my head.

      I went to a dentist for my 6 mo. cleaning. When I declined the cup of fluoride at the end, we got into a discussion about the merits of fluoride. This dentist told me that the OUC was putting in something like 100+ times the amount recommended (apparently, some idiot there thought that if a little was good, a lot was better).
      This dentist, who was a BIG supporter of fluoride, actually had a petition going with his fellow dentists where they were demanding that OUC stop putting so much in the city water because it was causing patients teeth to TURN GREY AND GET WEAK.

      I drink nothing but distilled H2O.

      • Water says:

        Whoever told you that was lying. There’s a legal limit to how much flouride can be in drinking water, whether or not it was added, and it’s a VERY serious regulation. 4.0 mg/l MCL and 2.0 mg/l SMCL. Meaning anything over 4.0 is a violation that would require them to issue an emergency notice, and the recommendation is <2.0 mg/l.

        • Rawdog says:

          It is possible that the dentist was lying to me.
          But it is kind of obvious that you did not read all of the way thru the recounting of my experience.

          I can say that, it WAS a dentist. I WAS there in the chair, having to listen to this individual tell of of the glories of fluoride. He DID mention his issue with OUC.

          Could I go back & find this dentist? Possibly, but it would cost a great deal as it was over 25 yrs. ago & I suspect that all of the proof in the world would not change your ‘mind’.

        • Rawdog says:

          I have to apologize.
          Your statement is factual.
          I was being hyperbolic in the 100+ comparison.
          I have been going over that visit in my memory.

          The dentist did not mention HOW much greater the levels were and I will admit that I immediately asked him about the odd taste of city water (I was concentrating on that aspect more than anything else). I remembered his response because it was more positively impactful on my well being than the technical information.
          I can’t remember the number of the recommended ratio of fluoride/water that he told me, but I do remember him telling me that the OUC water was of a much higher concentration than it should be. He did not feel that it was life threatening but for the above mentioned reasons he did want to get the levels reduced.

  29. Sean1095 says:

    I noticed the fluoride in the baby water about 7 yrs ago i couldn’t figure it out either smh so i purchased the baby water without it.

  30. Jrender says:

    Can anyone tell me what tell me the name of the guy Tim had on that had recommended bitcoin? He was an older middle-aged guy. He came on with another woman. He was a little eccentric and the woman was calm. Thanks for your help.

  31. says:

    CDC recommends Fluoridated water.(See below)
    Basic Tips for Good Oral Health(CDC website)
    Use fluoride toothpaste and drink fluoridated water if it is available where you live. Fluoride’s protection against tooth decay works at all ages. If your drinking water is not fluoridated, ask your dentist, family doctor, or pediatrician if your child should take an oral fluoride supplement such as drops, tablets, or lozenges. Visit a dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings.

  32. Daren says:

    They need to read the Amazon reviews for haribou sugar free gummy bears. Funniest reviews ever!

  33. Grizztang says:

    I remember in elementary school they had us swish fluoride and expected little kids to spit it all out amd not swallow. I am so glad my parents opted me out of that shit

  34. DatgumKirby says:

    Cast.. look up what a baby’s skull looks like in an X-ray. Nightmare making material right there.

  35. groberts1980 says:

    If you’re concerned about fluoride in the water you should check out Berkey water filters. With their system you can buy fluoride filters which remove the fluoride. I use Berkey filtered water in my coffee and in all the water I drink throughout the day.

  36. RyanDrew says:

    This turned into a freedom toons improv set at 8 minutes. Dare I say, Timcast News needs Fauci like CNN needs Trump.

  37. Joon says:

    Why is everyone doing Gilbert Gottfried impersonations?

  38. DMaurice says:

    I am not getting the Vax for two reasons 1: I trust my immune system. I survived stage 3 Pancreatic cancer and 2: I don’t trust this CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT.

  39. RedBuffalo says:

    Im a day late but happy birthday to lydia

  40. bozzchem says:

    Why is the sound not working?

  41. Mikebus61 says:

    Ian’s Dr Fauci looks and sounds like woody Allen taking a shit

  42. Galipeauj97 says:

    Please please please hire someone to make an app for your website. If you’ve got the time and money to start making new forms of content, you should be able to get an app up and running!

  43. Forky says:

    Seamus and Tim. You guys NEED to have Tim do an Alex Jones character in a cartoon. Please. Please please PLEASE!!!

  44. Hoplite says:

    Which left wing channel discussed 2020 election fraud??? I want to watch.

  45. UppityG says:

    TECH TEAM: There for a while the burger menu started working right (it would stay out of the way) and now in the last few minutes it’s back to popping out, like a bad fungus. lol

    This is the last thing I’ll say about babies and fluoride: babies do have teeth when born, they are simply still nestled in the facial bones, slowly tractoring down to break through the gums with their first iteration. Their final teeth are immediately behind the milk teeth. Our teeth have enamel at the time of formation, before birth and it is the enamel that uses fluoride to become stronger and cavity resistant. Baby teeth has thinner enamel and is more vulnerable to cavities. So yes, they do need fluoride and if their mothers do not provide enough access to fluoride before birth, and prior to their first teething, their baby’s teeth will suffer and likely for their entire lives.

    Everything in life is a trade off. Only parents can decide what trade offs they’re willing to take with and for their child.

    Now, here’s a link to some pictures of baby skulls showing how humans develop their final set of teeth. Do not view this link before bedtime. Paz.

  46. Amos says:

    Unsubscribed today, Tim’s inability to think critically about the ivermectin topic is a severe blind spot for him. He’s also a dick to Ian.

  47. Triple.R.738 says:

    Ian actually said “if you search anal leakage” LMAO … I’M DYIN’ OVER HERE PISSED LAUGHING, lol

  48. BPasemko says:

    The solid 10 minutes of continuous Fauci voice was incredible.

  49. Txbow says:

    You guys read right through where fluoride naturally occurs in water and breast milk. Also, babies aren’t born with teeth but they grow in while they are still babies. I’m just saying I don’t think they just fluoride into things for human consumption just to get rid of it.

    • UppityG says:

      @TX, agree. This is what happens when Crossland is allowed to grab the floor to talk about his pet paranoias. No thanks to this unnatural fear of fluoride, the best toothpaste for tooth sensitivity, a full 1% fluoride paste, which used to be available OTC and online, can now only be prescribed and of course at a much higher price and for which there is no insurance coverage. Any sentient, mature adult can safely negotiate using it without ingesting any. It works 100% better than any “sensitivity” toothpaste on the market now in the US, I know I used to use it.

      Crossland should look into what the Chinese did to the baby formula they fed to their own babies (putting melamin in it to boost its protein content; yes, the same stuff counter tops are made of. Yeah. It killed a bunch of them before they stopped its sale.

  50. preyingmathis says:

    The packages did used to say may cause anal leakage I remember it vividly

    • Necro_P_Hagist says:

      Pretty sure ya’ll are just remembering that SNL (maybe MadTV, I don’t remember it’s been so long) sketch. It was a commercial/infomercial format which said the phrase “x% less anal leakage” over and over again.

  51. Ballout says:

    Amazing difference from youtube content

    just wow

    • Hoplite says:

      Yep. It’s a bummer these are only a half hour. They blow the YouTube segment out of the water and it’s a quarter of the content. Tim needs to make the YT portion an hour and a half or less and bump the members only up to at least an hour.

  52. capt_d_wreck says:

    j&j isn’t MRNA but it does use spike proteins and they have said you can use an MRNA as a booster after j&j cos it can attach to the spike proteins. The new NOVAVAX one seems pretty safe but we might not get it in the USA haha

  53. Stvnmbrk says:

    Fluoride was added to water starting in Nazi Germany. Will let you fact check for the rest of the story. Thanks guys.

  54. Wolv256 says:

    We need to petition or convince a politician to support a bill to eliminate fluoridating the water. If the people were to vote on it we would vote to remove fluoride, no question.

    • Txbow says:

      Fluoride in water is naturally occurring.

    • UppityG says:

      @Wolv, last I looked into it, America took note of how bad the teeth of Britons were, and when it came to light that making sure a certain level of fluoride would strengthen tooth enamel but below toxic ingestion levels, they decided it was a good thing. They were right. And dentists around the country had to diversify their practice in order to make ends meet. Enter orthodontia.

      I’m not a fan of demonizing chemical companies or chemistry simply because we don’t fully understand what the chemicals do at certain levels, in certain applications, at certain temperatures, in certain mixtures, in certain populations, during certain time intervals, in certain locations.

      People like Crossland and all of the rest of us need to remember that even drinking water can kill you, at the right amount and in the right time period.

  55. Paigeholland says:

    I think your wrong Tim. Many ppl already think it was made. So nothing would change but ppl saying I told you so

  56. says:

    The Hit jobs are coming fast and furious..Tim and the crew are obviously doing something right

  57. Janaya says:

    Why is no one talking about Biden’s impeachment?

    Illegally defying congress and the Supreme Court is an abuse of power, isn’t it?

  58. Ericmcdonkey says:


  59. AshleyMarie says:

    My daughter’s pediatric dentist said that after age 7-8 kids and people no longer need any fluoride in their bodies. After teeth development, there’s no purpose for it. And once your 7-8, all your teeth have grown in even if they are still under the gums for years to come. They also said she didn’t need a fluoride supplement to ingest. As an infant she did have a fluoride/multivitamin liquid medication her pediatrician wanted her to use and I trust her pediatrician as she was mine throughout my childhood. Using Act mouthwash that has fluoride in it and toothpaste with fluoride is good enough and my daughter has perfect teeth and teeth development so far. She’s lost about 5 teeth and the new teeth are healthy and in good condition and positioning.

  60. Kommencentz says:

    Did anyone else’s brain scream @ 23:30

    • UppityG says:

      @Kommen, I was too busy chuckling at Coughlin’s obvious discomfort over the vile imagery Crossland caused him with his blurt without filter. lol

  61. krankenheim says:



    You have lot of viewers in WV and you’re really starting to piss us off. Stop!

  62. Terath says:

    I use tooth paste without fluorid now for 2 years and have no flourid in my diet. My teeth are better than now without any flourid, so i don´t know about the flourid is good for your teeth science…

    • Jewelz1313 says:

      I’ve been against fluoride for years now. I make my own toothpaste with baking soda and coconut oil and essential oils for flavoring. I also filter my water using Zero Water.

  63. OkieSciFarmer says:

    What I would love to see and can’t find are the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid for healthy people by age group. If 99.99% of these are people who had severe health issues prior to covid, then what is the real chance a healthy person has more than a flu reaction with covid compared to the chance of severe life long side effects from the gene therapy.

    • jojoboyo says:

      While I cant find numbers on the specific cross section of age and lack of comorbidities, the CDC itself says in a footnote in the mortality overview page comorbidities section:

      (NOTE: There were co-morbidities or other conditions listed on the death certificate for as many as 95% of all COVID-19 deaths The other 5% of death certificates in which COVID-19 was the only condition listed was likely related to a lack of detail listed about other conditions present at the time of death)

      I did find it a bit shocking that the cdc is saying the other 5 percent likely had comorbidities or other conditions present at death too. To be fair I imagine a variety of said other conditions at death are likely from covid, like pneumonia.

      There’s also a table of comorbidities and contributing causes of death by age range, but since they arent mutually exclusive you can’t sus out hard numbers on what you want by adding/ subtracting.

  64. Chuker2s says:

    Does anyone know if Tim has been vaccinated? If he’s so trusting of it he should openly say he got jabbed, otherwise please be more nuanced about the issue that we all have with the unapproved vaccines.

  65. Sanesociopath says:

    Why is fluoride in baby water?

    It’s good for their teeth.

    Straight up a line I’d expect from idiocracy

  66. MrSooop says:

    They need a puppet of Tony Fauci and on the puppet’s hand is a little blue droplet with eyes and a mouth that moves too. Perhaps Ian could do Droplet’s voice.

  67. Jwsilence says:

    The vaccines provided are based on last season variant of the virus. The vaccines will provided the best effectiveness against last season variants. The more time and spread between the virus sampled for vaccine generation and infection of immunized persons the less effective vaccines will be. This is why untell recently covid family viruses as well as other highly mutating pathogens have not be treated with vaccines due to the limited effectiveness. This will devolve to a yearly inoculation of what highly politicized medical staff guess this year’s variants will likely be. And as covid family virus shift/mutate at higher rates over time then Influenza it will have less effectiveness the the season flu shot.

    Get healthy stay healthy is you best and only dependable defence against this and other unknown pathogens in the future.

    Those who sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither and will recive none.

  68. Student_of_history says:

    It just occured to me that Faucci sounds almost EXACTLY like the slug lady from Monsters Inc

  69. johno50 says:

    A reason to be suspicious of the vaccine clinical trials:

    In their analysis, only 45% of the total registered clinical trial have had published results. Combine that with the lack of incentive for the manufacturers to not rush it out (liability waiver), makes it rational to be sceptical

  70. skibum says:

    I will not tolerate another lockdown, regardless of what they say or do. I don’t believe I’m alone in this.

  71. Janart48 says:

    J&J had asbestos in their baby powder :/

  72. SunnyZ says:

    HAHA anal leakage xD
    I rememebr in highschool, some flavoured vitamin water company had a promo with every bottle you get a free pack of mints.
    On the bottle and on the mint container in small print “excess consumption may have laxative effect”. Some kids bought like 4-5 bottles a day drank all and ate the mints.
    So many bathroom breaks during class, the canteen stopped selling it after a week.

  73. Hieronymus says:

    We can trust big pharma this time, now that we’ve made them immune to lawsuits! Knowing that if they did something terrible the people would have no recourse, they’re going to make sure they don’t mess up to begin with!

  74. Lawd_Fader says:


  75. Yobuyahouse says:

    It works exaclty as its made too. Its supposed to make you sick

  76. jojoboyo says:

    I recall a study about Olestra in more recent years claiming it may have been able to remove PCBs and other hard to rid chemicals from the body…although anything else fat soluble gets absorbed too, including vitamins from the rest of your food.

  77. Keith303 says:

    Which vaccine does Israel have? A US one, CCP… Russian…?

  78. Ty_Bo says:

    This is a comment for the main show. We can fix San Francisco if we elect Monk. He already lives there

  79. thndrbrd says:

    lol You guys are still aware there are lead pipes in our drinking system, right? I was just listening to a debate on it and yea lead…. We were eldebating replacement of lead pipes

  80. BritMike says:

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm
    Maybe Cori Bush Should Read A Copy.

  81. DrewishAF says:

    Even to this day, the thing that continually blows my mind about the vaccine situation is the fact that the government is literally trying to force all citizens to get an unapproved medication. If one of us made these concoctions, we’d likely be doing life in prison. It’s a non-FDA approved, experimental substance which sits somewhere between the homeopathic bullshit and illicit drugs.

    I just don’t see how people would tolerate a repeat of last year unless some massive event happened to set everyone off in a fervor. I’m actually a bit shocked that the government didn’t use this clusterfuck to find a scapegoat they can blame to start a war.

  82. Defiant_Black_Out1 says:

    I believe baby’s do have teeth , they are in the skull . Google it they just don’t poke out yet

  83. Old_Frog says:

    Fluorine gas or fluoride ions are straight up poisonous, and they serve no biological process (obviously). The way that fluoride works in the teeth is that the enamel absorbs the fluoride ions making the teeth toxic to bacteria killing them when they try to start eating the enamel.

  84. BennyQ83 says:

    Iceland has similar figures, in cases anyway. Over 70% fully vaccinated and around the same percentage of all cases in their new spike of cases are fully vaccinated. That’s two countries where the vaccines don’t appear to be effective at all.

  85. GreMIO420 says:

    Ian is a schizophrenic, just saying

    • Clif2003 says:

      I think Ian is representative of the classic 60’s hippie. I love that guy!

    • UppityG says:

      @Gremio, either organically or drug induced, agree. He doesn’t always annoy the shit out of me, but when he does, wasting my time and that of the thousands who tune in on Yantifatube, it makes me want to leave and watch the archive upload instead the next day on Bitchute, because then I can fast-forward past him. Which sometimes I do, but last night I didn’t and had fantasies of spiking his tea with extra DMT so at least he’d hallucinate so hard he’d be quiet.

      Hippies are the herpes sores of humanity. I’m laughing on tne inside.

  86. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Weird… I have been wondering lately how much chemical exposure is causing our problems… We may never know.

  87. says:

    LMAO! Droplets!

  88. Gizmoses says:

    Fluoride occurs naturally in surface and groundwater and is also added to drinking water by many water systems. The fluoride that is added to water is not the naturally occurring kind, the main chemicals used to fluoridate drinking water are known as “silicofluorides” (i.e., hydrofluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate). Silicofluorides are not pharmaceutical-grade fluoride products; they are unprocessed industrial by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry (Gross!).

    • Water says:

      The fact that it’s a byproduct is irrelevant. Lots of things we use (and consume, for that matter) are byproducts. It’s essentially sodium-bonded flourine, so it’s convenient to use in treatment. That’s all. It’s not contaminated.

  89. Kashatka says:

    Love all of you. But the impressions are cringe and bad. Stop it.

  90. Smoknsoul says:

    Check out how many people have Teflon in them, the whole Du Pont scandal.

  91. Cilantro Parsley says:

    “May cause anal leakage” — Ian Crossland 🤣

    • Clif2003 says:

      I fucking hate that I can’t comment, UNLESS it’s a reply to another text. This will be the last time I find this podcast if that does not change. I’m being denied my voice.

  92. MeSoTrashed says:

    Fluoride, it’s what babies crave!

  93. Turk_Longwell says:

    Happy Birthday Lydia!
    Tim.. Seamus…
    Please do AOC… “Where is she!”, “Where is she!”
    haha… am I the only one we loved that?

  94. Stickywicket1977 says:

    God Ian is a weird ass guy dude says the strangest things definitely too many drugs in his life. I believe it he was a “actor” and lived in his car

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      God Ian. lol.
      Yeah, Totally a Californian Actor for years. I hear, big time youtuber many moons ago too.
      I think, nah, I believe…
      He Is Where He Needs To Be.

    • Clif2003 says:

      Not enough! Otherwise, he’d repose to quiet solitude realizing the world’s on a path that can’t be stopped and he should just zen til’ the end.

  95. KekLordGrey says:

    truth…. all manufacturers have removed the bottom warning on all mask packages. The one that says… ” does not protect from corona viruses.”. prove me wrong boizzz…

  96. Dandyman says:

    I want to see Seamus try to defend the Catholic Church for killing all of those indigenous kids in Canada. The natives have been burning churches because of it.

  97. Myles37_ says:

    Other then hyper control what do they gain from perpetual lockdowns. I despise these people. They have impacted my life, I don’t think they care about us at all they only care about themselves.
    Thank you for your sain words tim and friends.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Myles, welcome to the Club.
      That isn’t new news, but we’re grateful you’re seeing this.
      It’s all about their own selfish success and achievements.
      We are but Pawns.
      Admitting the Truth is the First Step to Recovery, my Fren.

  98. KekLordGrey says:

    hahahahaha… the “T” virus???

  99. NoOne123 says:

    Referencing the podcast from earlier today:
    its amazing how Ian can co-host a political podcast 5 out of 7 days a week with various guests and experts and STILL be clueless about whats happening in the world lol

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      I mentioned that during chat.
      I love how he is never up to dated on the news we watch.
      He’s good content.
      He is surprised by all the Madness. lol

      • NoOne123 says:

        Timcast and friends: “whoa they’re putting flouride in the water and it lowers your IQ! why would our government do that?”

        Stupid people are easier to control. Stop giving people in government/corporations the benefit of doubt. These people aren’t stupid. It’s not incompetence, its maliciousness. They hate you, they hate your kids, and they want you poor , stupid and easily controlled or dead.

  100. JayJay3333 says:

    Tim, look into the specifics of the studies done on ivermectrin, hydroxychloroquine, and flumoxarine. Just like there are polls conducted to come out with a predetermined result, the same thing is being done with a lot of these studies.

    An example is that the first two studies the media was using to go against hydrochloroquine – one used double the recommended maximum dose and the other used it only in late disease although it’s effective in early disease.

    • bu4n says:

      I didn’t go thru study. I just looked at the covid death stat of India and US and could easily see both are similarly effective. I will take a proven safer one.

  101. Turk_Longwell says:

    Wrong Tim… We will not ever listen to Fauci.

  102. KekLordGrey says:

    But… tha “drawpletz”!

  103. Turk_Longwell says:

    Tim, Do you have the Anthrax shots? We had to before we went overseas to the desert.

  104. Drosta says:

    Vaccines are a good thing. But I still have not got any of the covid vaccines…..

  105. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Soooo, we gonna ignore Bull Gates “regretting” his Epstein trips? Or the 4 capitol police who were suicided?

  106. DorseyWoods says:

    Rabbles and rabblettes… that’s all. None of this non-binary nonsense.

  107. Turk_Longwell says:

    How many of you fuckers are gonna cry about the encoding time tonight?
    I’ll go 7.

  108. Turk_Longwell says:

    Hola, Rabblettes…

  109. DorseyWoods says:

    Hola, rabble…