Kenny Xu Members Podcast: Chinese Spies In America, Meritocracy, And Stupid People Who Vote, Vote For Communism

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Kenny Xu Members Podcast: Chinese Spies In America, Meritocracy, And Stupid People Who Vote, Vote For Communism

131 responses to “Kenny Xu Members Podcast: Chinese Spies In America, Meritocracy, And Stupid People Who Vote, Vote For Communism”

  1. neverlessraven says:

    the most insane part of that the death note comparison is that in japan to my understanding it is guilty until proven innocent so it makes the killings even more messed up.

  2. FuddleyPJones says:

    I don’t know why some of these Chinese spies don’t just end up sleeping with the fishes…

  3. BuckeyeFergy says:

    Ian needs to do his research, Israel isn’t occupying Palestinian land, that land is Israel’s, has been since the Bible days

  4. Tristonman12 says:

    Holy shit I think like that too. It’s so rare that I find someone with that similarity. People sometimes look at me like I’m some sort of genius when I tell them I can do that and it blows my mind every time. I wish we(me and the different people I was having that conversation with)could swap brains for a few seconds so we could experience each other’s though processes. I think that would be so cool.

  5. AimlessMind says:

    Lydia mentioning Cracked made me sad, I remember them before they went woke.

  6. Jay1 says:

    Really duckin’ freaky that I said all of this over a year ago. I thought I was losing my mind, but Tim and friends helped me get it back

  7. On the issue of inherited wealth, Bill and son Will Bonner wrote an excellent book that explores families who remain wealthy for many generations:

    Family Fortunes.

    Periodically I badger fellow tribal members to read it.

    • Freeborn says:

      Ok I will check that out. I’m pro Liberty so I believe taxation right now is theft since they can basically just keep printing fed notes. So when it comes to family wealth I don’t believe it’s within my liberty of removing that, it’s not my family and it’s not our wealth. I cannot force my self onto others family business

  8. Fxs888 says:

    I saw a little story in Zero Hedge about how the head of PRC counter intelligence defected to the DIA in San Francisco. Look it up.

  9. parbruek says:

    I visualize things quite well. The problem is, I can see things without the limits of sight. When I remember our old piano, I see it with the lid on, but I am seeing the texture of the lid, and seeing through the lid at the hammers. I usually do not have an inner monologue. The prevalence of an inner monologue determines to some extent how your native language effects your thought. This is not a good thing in my opinion. I usually think based on the sensation of a thing itself, or by the feel of a thought. On the bright side, think about how you perform syllogisms in your mind, or reach a conclusion: everyone grasps syllogistic patterns and operates them independently from speech.

  10. slushieboomgame says:

    Timestamp 18:00 or so.
    A voter can only verify that they voted and it was counted but they cannot verify it was counted correctly for the right candidates.

  11. Sdonna63 says:

    What would happen if we all just didn’t vote.

  12. c0de6349 says:

    cant cheat block chain if your encrypted ID is based on social security #.

  13. says:

    Not sure what Ian is talking about, Palestine is not a country, ask Jordan, they say they border Isearial, no mention of Palinstein. If Isreal was being unfair in the Gaza Strip you would think fellow Muslims would join to start yet another war.

    It’s odd how so many people who claim to be anti-war want to back the population that attacks civilians unprompted.

  14. The_Middling says:

    Ian! Bosnia has three presidents! They get nothing done. The country just sort of sits in this malaise definitely. We don’t really have just one person steering our ship either. We have a council of elders, a council of our populas that determine the direction the country should take. A body of people who determine if out direction is fair and true and finally a person to put it in motion.

    The disturbing trouble is the other two bodies don’t want to do anything so they fork over more power to the individual. Reset the other branches you’ll see what you want.

  15. nrol34 says:

    For the first 100 years, property ownership was required to vote. I pay property taxes to people that want to teach kids how to be activists and redistribute my property for Social Justice. Doesn’t seem right. I also think many people don’t realize that Equity is bad.

    The word EQUITY may not be in line with our thinking. Equity is associated with how post-modern philosophers handle disputes. The type of morality is meta-ethical Relative Morality. Meta ethical Relative morality resolves issues as to which social construct has the most power. Social constructs are religion, science, government, institutions, corporations, small businesses, agriculture, people based on (sex, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, tribal traditions, folklore, and others). Everyone gets treated equally under the law but , “cancel culture” treats everyone equitably. Example “the Covington kids,” how established media frames narratives and reports on societal issues. Framing of narratives gives the most oppressed people the advantage and the greatest perceived oppressor the disadvantage. The view of society is not objective but is subjective. The treatment under Relative Morality leaves groups of people alienated, with cognitive dissonance and a belief in unfairness. It is not a natural way to be. Eventually, this type of morality will go from culture to the legal system equality will be dropped in favor of equity.

    Our founding Fathers looked to philosophers from the Age of Enlightenment. Instead of having science and religion mashed into a social construct, men looked for three truths 1. religion, 2 science, 3—government (How men are to get along in society). Laws were guided by religion. God created nature; God created man in his image, so God created all men equally. All men have a natural way of being and are born into differing circumstances. Universal morality is defined by a moral system such as religion. Universal Morality treats all men as individuals and uses objectively evaluates the grievances between parties to arrive at a logical decision. The individual at least has a feeling of justice, not having the same cognitive dissonance. Equality is what the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution were founded on. How could anyone teach equity as in DEI and defend the Constitution?

  16. monsterblood413 says:

    Thank you whoever recommended brave browser video playback in background settings now i can listen at work!

  17. Cano says:

    13:20 “Does everyone here have an inner monologue?”
    Ian: “Oh yeah. I control it, at times.” LMAO

  18. Crusader2001 says:

    No we don’t know you were talking about the CCP.

  19. stoofvlees says:

    If you are going to say ‘only people with a university degree can vote’ or ‘only people who earn 100k/month can vote’, then you will create a ruling class that only votes for their interest. And you see what is happening today, where the super rich can buy their government basically and the policies that come out of it benefits them more than the regular person on the street. You can look at the history of voting in Europe.

    We must keep voting possible for everybody, but there is a pressure on society to make the citizens intelligent enough to vote in their interest. And sadly, that is the problem with today’s elections worldwide. It’s not that dumb people ruin the votes, it’s not. It’s that they are being mislead and vote against their interest.

  20. says:

    You vote then have to answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly about each candidate on your ballot. If you fail on a candidate the vote for that candidate is not counted. Also, you will not be told if you failed.

    I also like the Service Guarantees Citizenship.

    • Xugia says:

      All we have to do to insure that is no adverting on candidates is allowed and no list of parties on ballots. It insures people beginning to read up on the people running for office, making is personal responsibility of a voter to be informed, ballots could also be nullified if not all parts are filled out for all candidates ending the I don’t like whos in office so I’ll only vote for president mentality.

    • Skynet0225 says:

      It’s not that complicated. All that is required is that we go back to the original intent of the Founder’s. The right to vote should be predicated on the idea that you have skin in the game. In other words, you must have a W2 that indicates a net tax payer status, or over the age of 55 with at least 20 years as a net taxpayer. Married couples are both predicated together on their income. This is also why I favor a flat tax.

  21. 3L3CTR0N says:

    What is slavery, when One is always free?

  22. Hampton says:

    Your website sucks! Your video player sucks! How is there still no rewind function?

    • Hampton says:

      Then you post a comment and the video is now gone. Why am I paying for this crap?

      • Hampton says:

        Then I finally get the video player back and it has started over! I thought that paying for this since it started would help you make it better but it obviously isn’t. You’re just hiring a bunch of people and doing a bunch of projects and getting none of them done or making people pay to wait for you to do nothing. I’m unsubscribing and might come back when you have something to show for yourself.

        • Christian_Thomsen says:

          Bye Hampton, your Hardware sucks…for me everything is working great 🤷‍♂️

        • Awhite805 says:

          Dude.. come on! It takes time to get things right. Have some patience. They’re constantly improving… it just takes time. You’ve obviously never worked in the software world, or have any common sense.

          Also, the way you approached this matter is very childish.

        • Awhite805 says:

          Dude.. come on! It takes time to get things right. Have some patience. They juwt launched and they’re constantly improving… it just takes time. You’ve obviously never worked in the software world, or have any common sense.

          Also, the way you approached this matter is very childish.

        • Skynet0225 says:

          Grow the fuck up. None of us need to hear you pissing and crying about what Tim is doing. At least he’s in the arena busting his tail, actually doing something while some asshat sits on the sideline whining about the color of the shorts he’s wearing. I definitely don’t agree with Tim on a lot of things, being I’m definitely center right politically and socially. But you know what? I trust Tim because he makes herculean efforts to be honest and protects his credibility above all else. So go ahead and step off, but do it quietly so the rest of us don’t have to hear your pissing and moaning.

        • AaronA says:

          There are bugs from time to time, but the issues you are experiencing are on your end. I say this from experience friend.

  23. Rbs094 says:

    The best method to secure an election is to require “in person” voting that requires a photo identification card. Just increase the number of polling locations. Also, the requirement of a voter ID card will dissuade the lazy from casting their votes.

  24. Spereira says:

    Telesto a fusion rifle Tim!! Not a pulse. Lol.Big ups Destiny players.

  25. misterbehavior says:

    Sounds like Ian wants a free palestine

  26. Saveverner01 says:

    Tim cursing is still my favorite thing.

  27. Janaya says:

    Just putting an idea out there.

    In order to remove the popularity contest aspect from elections. What if we do the following?

    Remove presidential candidates names from the ballot. Then replace them with 50 issues such as protectionism etc. The candidates then each submit their stance on the issues. When we vote, we select which policy we agree with.

    This would make it so one candidate could get 20% of my votes and the other could get 80%.

    This concept would help remove the popularity aspect and it would vastly help our political parties. If they see 99% of Americans voted against their stance on a certain issue, then they can adapt to the people’s will for the next election.

    Vote on Policy

  28. Boomer624 says:

    I wonder when California will send agents to repatriate Joe Rogen, Ben Shapiro ect. The brain/money drain must be really hurting their bottom line.

  29. coldwater says:

    In my county you can’t track HOW your ballot was tallied, only that it was received and counted. No way to verify who you voted for.

  30. mainten84 says:

    I do not care for this Kenny guy. I do not trust anyone without an inner monologue. The Chinese appear to have many with this trait. I wonder if he can visualize an apple? He’s just another advocate for meritocracy, because he would like to be one of the wealthy. His only saving grace is that currently, he is not one of the wealthy. But he would like to see a system that gives him an advantage to become wealthy, thus promoting the idea of entrepreneurship, an idea that many bandwagon on because they want to be rich and powerful. Do they have any idea how similar in their ideals are to the old rich and powerful when they were young???? An idea of meritocracy being made to protect the little people, created by those who wish to one day become the old n powerful, “but better”, is hubris and ignorance of self, that produces a system no better than the old over time. Accepting people like this Kenny guy and his ideas because you don’t want to look at race, is why we’re able to see the tip of the spear pointed at us today. The majority of people who wish to overthrow your civic identity in the U.S., are people of different races, because different cultures come with different skin color, because they come from different parts of the planet. If you’re triggered by this notion, it is because you’ve been conditioned to do so, and conditioned intentionally. For, the destruction of the U.S. through subversive activity couldn’t ever have happened without it.

  31. FenixAurora says:

    Granted a right? That’s a contradiction in terms tim.

  32. says:

    Damn it Tim, Telesto is a Fusion Rifle, not a Pulse rifle!!!

  33. LightBringer says:

    I can even taste the apples, different flavors, just want to try a few more of them, so much variety and flavors. Life is fun and exciting. I can’t believe that we have turned into this type of civilization where we focus on the differences in the shades of skin color, sad, I thought that we had closed that chapter in the United States of America. However, if you fail to understand the past, you are bound to repeat it. I don’t think it will last, going this far, the radical progressives has shown too many of their cards and woken so many people up to such a diabolical/lunatic fever pitch. It seems like a few great churches, non big tech social media/journalism and non main stream media (minority stream media, is most likely the truth now for corporate media, wishing people would just follow the money, how many ads on big corporate media are from pharmaceutical companies) appear to be the only place to get accurate information regarding our current situation/dilemma. One really interesting thing that some of us have noticed, is the sheeple in and around our lives. To our woke friends, please wake up and start thinking, letting others think for you may end up being deadly. In the words of the Resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, “Come on man.”

    • mainten84 says:

      I used to believe as you. For decades. I to thought we closed a chapter a long time ago. But when I saw it wasn’t I nor anyone who thought as you appear today, opening any closed doors, it became apparent how I thought was nothing but conditioning for me to accept what others not conditioned would never accept.

      We should look at differences. Problems faced today largely are from people ignoring differences, differences that are real, there, and festering. To say things like “we are all one race, the human race”, is actually narcissism. It does two things. One, it denies others the right of being different. Others don’t have to culturally be like you or I. Second, is a moral superiority complex. It says that no matter what shade of color your skin is, underneath, you’re just another white person like me..

      It’s horribly narcissistic, unintentional perhaps, but nonetheless, a conditioned perspective.

  34. thndrbrd says:

    LoL, then there is people that voted in different areas, people that voted with no verifiable addresses. I think I heard that some people were calling into the election officials saying their ballot was stolen because when they showed up to vote they couldn’t. Since they weren’t able to vote, they had to request a provisional ballot.

  35. Azuris89 says:

    It’s time to start Tim Poolington’s school for gifted youngsters.

  36. KoR33 says:

    Young Entrepreneurs Timulus Fund

  37. lettergram says:

    I actually think we are having a huge issue with an inner monologue. Imagine people growing up with constant screen time. They’re constantly stimulated and never have an opportunity to develop an inner monologue.

    I expound on it here:

    > The god-like tools we’ve all grown accustom to (especially, when given to kids), seem to disrupt the ability to talk to one-self. In a sense, our phones, media, and general virtual world has taken all our time; this leaves us without time for self-reflection, self-thought, self-actualization. In this stunted world, the AI which manipulates our news replaces the ego we once had.

    Complex discussions, real empathy, motivation — are going to be something most of us lose. I’m not sure if society is ready for what we created. It’s a mob of people who’ve never experienced real hardship, who’ve learned a social system designed by virtue signaling (aka trying to game the “karma” systems) and not really learning to live in the real world. Then again, these people will be shaping the real world, for better or worse.

  38. Atshuum says:

    At some point in the futur, we gonna ear the guess talk more then the host so we can figure out why they are on the show and why we should pay attention to what they’ve to say… Hopefully.

  39. Koko says:

    Last comment not gonna spam.
    That is Injustice where Joker kills Lois
    The Justice Lords Superman kills Lex Luthor because he was a dick there was no real reason why.

  40. Koko says:

    Based on your taste in:
    Shitty. Chinese. Food.
    We have evaluated you may want to vote for
    Cory. Booker.

  41. Koko says:

    Pass the crime on to the poorer people. The rich will end up burned and the cycle starts all over again. Until we stop skipping over those who fucked up you’re gonna keep scratching your heads. Shoot up and die in 3 years

  42. Koko says:

    Tim “there’s a meme” Pool

  43. UppityG says:

    Pool, having convicts do work is not new. The proper policy is they do get paid, a pittance, true, but their room and board is covered after all, so technically it is not slavery, it is a way to pay back your debt to society. Also, fire fighting to work time off your sentence is voluntary. None of that means I’m sticking up for Kamala Harris.
    As for fixing our voting, of course it has to stay anonymous. Each voter must produce a state Voter ID (not a DL, because some states issue DLs to illegal aliens), to get a paper ballot. The ballot has a tear away receipt that shows a serial number, the date, title of the election, and the voter tears it off right before they put it into the ballot box or ballot tabulating machine (not Dominion or any other kind that can connect to the internet in anyway). Using that serial number they can later check the election website to see if their vote was counted and it shows how you voted. If the vote counted is not what you cast, then you check a “File Vote Dispute and Correction” box. You are sent a vote dispute claim number, which you use to cast a replacement vote within 24 hours at the same polling location. The paper ballots are preserved for four years. Local Election Officials must turn over election materials requested by the State Election Office upon request within 10 days, without further delay and they are barred from filing in court to avoid doing so. Any voter who cast a legal ballot in the election automatically has standing to file a lawsuit within the time period provided challenging the election *will* be heard by a judge of jurisdiction on a priority basis, judicial discretion is removed. SCOTUS *will* hear an election case filed by any state.
    Totally agree with requiring citizens to perform civil service, including military service, to be eligible to vote. I also suggest graduated voting. New voters who just turned 18 must cast their first vote in a municipal or county election only. Then, their second vote would be cast in a state or lower election. Then, their third and future votes would be federal level and lower.
    I like your ideas about funding entrepreneurs but Xu is wrong about how Social Security works. He seems to think his elders are just sucking funds out of their children to get fatter and richer. Yes, older people tend to be wealthier and well established. But those people are not on SSI. lol Trust me, unless you stay healthy and can contribute your entire working life to your SSI, you just might need it for your later years and *you* will hope others younger than you can keep the program going. The “problem” is, for now, we are living longer, in an un-employable health condition, so we need more infusions above what the elder paid in while they worked. The other problem is our Congress critters keep raiding the SSI vault.
    You folks remind me of me, when I was your age. You’ll grow out of it in due course. Crossland excepted. Paz.

  44. Tsheehan says:

    National holiday for election day and people must vote in person and after voting they dip their thumb in India ink.

    Tabulating is the real risk.

  45. chickens.forever says:

    Like others LOVE the show, but this one was a complete disappointment and really peeved me off since all the 3 of them and ESPECIALLY Tim did was talk over Kenny and never even gave him a chance to speak. 2, maybe 3 times they did Tim’s big mouth jumped in and cut Kenny off like a chickens head on a chopping block. One thing Rogan does that has made his podcasts such a joy to listen to is that (other than 1 or 2 occasions) Rogan treats his “guests” with respect, allows them to speak their minds and uses it to educate himself well as his audience. Tim…… Something my parents and Grandparents taught me early on……. “One CAN NOT and WILL NOT learn a damn thing when their yaps are a flapping as you can’t talk and listen at the same time”. PLEASE issue a public apology to Kenny, get him back on and give him a chance to speak. Times you actually did found him well as his perspectives quite fascinating. More so being of German and Native American decent.

  46. Marilyn says:

    I live in Washington and I’ve seen voter fraud with the mail in ballots for over 20 years. It’s as simple as an ideological individual filling out the ballot and having elderly, disabled, or passive friends and family sign it. Often the person committing the fraud truly thinks they’re helping. I think every nurse who’s cared for the elderly in particular has seen this. We don’t have fair elections.

    • Skynet0225 says:

      The only reason for a mail in ballot should be those on active military service or those who make arrangements beforehand to vote absentee by actually showing up at the elections office to request the ballot and presenting a valid excuse. All other voting should be done in person and require ID. I don’t want elderly people with limited cognitive ability to cast a ballot. If you can’t go in person, you have no business voting.

      • Marilyn says:

        I agree. It would weed out the lazy folks too. I have a sibling who is “disabled.” Truly she’s a lazy malingerer. Guess which party she’s always voted for? She also supports universal basic income even though she never paid into the system. I’m tired of my taxes supporting lazy people. She would never get off her fat duff to vote in person.

  47. SheppertonStudios says:

    You should have Jesse Lee Peterson as a guest, he runs something similar to what you’re suggesting regarding business grants for young men.

  48. Wilted_Brainz says:

    I enjoyed this conversation. This was the 1st “member’s only” segment I have watched. Weird hearing Tim drop “F” bombs, but right on. The one time business grant for citizen’s would be a good idea to research more. The problem that I would first think of, would be the bureaucracy it would create. We all know how Fanny and Freddie worked out?

    • chickens.forever says:

      This podcast had me fuming as the 3 of them and especially Tim never even gave Kenny a chance to speak and the handful of times Kenny did mange to get a word in, Tim’s big mouth cut him off in seconds flat and completely deviated off the proclaimed topic of discussion of why Kenny was invited in. 2, 3 times Kenny was allowed to speak found his words, opinions and observations rather fascinating. Personally feel Tim and crew owe Kenny a public apology, invite back and a chance to speak.

  49. SeditiousSov says:

    Telesto is a _fusion_ you scrub!

  50. 1337pen15 says:

    Ian , I like ya 99% of the time man , you contribute to the show alot . But when ya talk about taking my money away from my children ………. I have some not nice thoughts bud

    • UppityG says:

      You and me both. What he suggested is that your personal wealth should be commandeered by the govt just because some of us raise bad humans. Crossland keeps trying to make a good suggestion but too often entertains options that are in fact evil.

      Crossland also refuses to notice, due to his TDS, the difference between the calibre of Trump’s children and Xiden’s children. The contrast is rather stark.

  51. TheyCallMeDom says:

    In all seriousness that doesn’t sound human.

  52. MZero1294 says:

    If 10 truly guilty people go free, they can harm more innocent people. Then, you have a greater number of innocents harmed compared to one innocent being harmed by the state.

    With that said, we can and should do our best to ensure that only the guilty are punished. We may never achieve that degree of perfection with regard to our legal system, though. That isn’t fair, especially to those that suffer from it. I understand that. The question is: “What’s the alternative?” People can try to come up with a better system.

  53. Ronky says:

    the no inner monologue part just blew my mind, i thought everyone was like us tim LLOL

  54. FxTwT says:

    Awesome guest. My husband and I are super stoked to see the “spooky” show. Looking forward to watching this business grow and expand!

  55. Whatnofish says:

    If you register to vote you get a monthly allowance in crypto, this enters you onto the block chain. when you vote your vote is logged onto the blockchain (anonymously) as others have said a number, that only the user knows and after 24 hrs you get a conformation vote so you know it hasn’t been changed by some software. the counters would know the number of votes to expect and you confirm your vote is lawful.

    • mainten84 says:

      A monthly allowance? People will find any way to justify getting free money from authority. It’s the idea of children asking parents for money, brought into adulthood.

  56. Lucentile says:

    The ballot needs to stay secret. Look at what happens when people support things like candidates or propositions that are socially unpopular and how, was it the Mozilla guy, who got booted for donating to an unpopular proposition?

    People can’t be trusted not to give in to totalitarian and fascist impulses if given such an obvious tool to use against their enemy.

  57. Element says:

    Rome had two conculs so no one person had absolute power and that worked well for a few centuries. In the modern day Switzerland there is no single head of state/government. Switzerland has a seven person council who are elected by both houses of their federal government.

    • BFairfax123 says:

      OK but the 2 counsel system in Rome lead to many wars and eventually a Monarchy of sorts and Switzerland is a tiny country , why people use European countries not much larger than a few States as examples of how to run the US all the time baffles me . It’s the same as people the a say Australia had a assault weapon buy back , it’s a whole Continent with less then 30 million people not even 10% of the population of the US just a couple of our biggest cities add up to more people .

  58. Element says:

    Doesn’t Tim know about the Antrim County forensic audit?

  59. McKelvey says:

    I’m not trying to be negative but I have to say this, as a member I really don’t appreciate how the main IRL podcast is uploaded to iTunes before the website. The only reason (I can think of) you would do that is to keep your ad revenue up, essentially making pay twice or wait until it’s up on the site. I’m still a fan not a hater just voicing my opinion on what looks like dirty Pool Tim. Unless I’m an idiot and completely mistaken, I’m willing to accept that’s entirely possible.

    • Faust says:

      How are they getting paid twice by uploading to iTunes first? I dom’t use iTunes but I thought it was free. Also, is it possible that they only upload the audio to iTunes and thats why it uploads faster? I have no idea, just throwing some ideas out there…

      • McKelvey says:

        I was saying that they get the ad revenue from the other platforms first then later in the morning they upload to they’re website. All I’m saying is if it’s possible to upload all platforms at the same time I’d like to see that happen. I hope I’m wrong about their intentions, I just don’t see any other reason for their upload times.

  60. DanaMarie says:

    The business grant for 18-year-old kids sounds like a better investment than student loans, grants, and scholarships.

  61. QQC_Paul says:

    The left only started to notice the crimes against Asians because Orange Man Bad “offended” them. A lot of lefties are racist scumbags. I can almost guarantee they were being attacked at similar rates and probably still are.

  62. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    Ian when bringing up meritocracy, your point reminds me of China and the three kingdoms. A benevolent dictator builds a kingdom and has a population that desires the ruler, then once they die corruption among leaders causes the kingdom to fall eventually. Though with merit based society, isn’t that the ones that succeed stay there forever, the key is each day it has to be earned by who ever that deserves it, and the one at the top that gets lazy for a day, is surpassed. This keeps production effort as the incentive, and not just the end result of being at the top. That is the check to it, because each person strives to take the top, it checks those at the top, to be the best they can be or lose their spot. This creates a pareto effect of resource production, when applied in the free market, to be the value to which people apply their effort to and the highest of that value becomes a source of success strived for by citizen. Thus because resources are produced in surplus based on pareto efficiency of the abled bodied and minds cooperating to compete to take roles of success in pursuit of their work. The less fortunate then can be sustained by the surplus resources produced by the competition of the able, and creates a welfare net for the society. That is why in America of the population 1/5 are unable to work for a living, being disabled, or under 75 iq. So almost 40 million Americans rely on the over production produced by capitalism.

  63. Usersproblem says:

    Please in the near future if u decide to the business tell us were we can apply

  64. Dn1984 says:

    Everybody should be assigned a voter identification number .. a list of numbers listed who that number voted for, can be displayed for all to see and only you know your number.

    • ssullivan says:

      Thats an EXCELLENT idea – seriously, the best idea I think I’ve heard. The number can move with you if you switch states as long as you register it when you switch your registration – brilliant.

  65. HotSauceage says:

    Have Langley Outdoors on

  66. A.J. says:

    The Superman Joker scene Tim described is from Injustice: Gods Among Us. And Sups didn’t lobotomize Joker, he literally punched him in the gut so hard he removed his intestinal fortitude while breaking his spine and giving him a back scratch.

  67. VeganSausage says:

    Tim, can you visualise where all the planets of the solar system are at any given time relative to your position within that system? Me neither. Next level spatial awareness though…

  68. Th3deputy66 says:

    I wonder if they are doing this because they are going to attack didn’t we drop leaflets on Hiroshima and Nagasaki before we nuked them or did I imagine that lol

    • gahintz0 says:

      No leaflets dropped. The first city selected was Kokura, but it was obscured by clouds. The planes then turned toward Hiroshima. Hilarity ensued. The phrase “Kokura luck” is used occasionally in Japan.

  69. KDiddy says:

    I’ve heard of people who don’t narrate their lives to themselves. Must be friggin weird. Instead of being like, “aw fuck, it’s 4:35 pm!? I have to get up and move my laundry… in about 7 minutes hehe! I can still watch this episode of Futurama…,” they just get up and move their laundry right at 4:42? Or they’re standing at the machine? At the widow? or what? Sounds like an NPC… How do they take instructions? What drives these freaks!? Are they multi lingual? When they read, do they make no mistakes and know all the definitions? Or maybe the small percentage of people who “don’t narrate their lives” are actually just blessed people who are all misunderstanding the same question, all in the same way. They’re probably thinking of their response to the same question, narrating it in their heads before they say it, “no, I don’t think about things in words or how to structure a response, I exprience life from a third party perspective with my Alfred Hitchcock-esque imaginaton.” Maybe I’m misunderstanding what they’re saying but a robot like that wouldn’t get past the words to, two and too. Fuck, maybe I’m the robot and they’re the super woke! I’ll have to mediate on this. Clear my mind. Stop the thoughts before they become thoughts. I already know what I’m going to think so what’s the point of e…

    • ssullivan says:

      No you’re correct on everything. Some people don’t have an internal monologue. I think they supposedly see thoughts more visually as opposed to those of us who narrate to ourselves. I could be wrong – it’s a concept I can’t wrap my head around.

      • FxTwT says:

        I wonder if there is any correlation between narrating oneself and the amount a child read books growing up. Or perhaps even reading during adulthood? That forces the brain to “narrate”.

        • Agentpopcorn says:

          As a non-narrator, I feel like I can anecdotally debunk this one. I would get in trouble as a child for reading too much. Instead of being a child with a phone, and having to be asked to take the trash out 10 times, I was a child with a book.

          Interestingly, I also read in visual blocks, not individual words. I scan a paragraph and my brain interprets the image of the words into the thought the author has presented. This had my teachers convinced I didn’t actually do reading assignments, but I could answer their questions when asked so they were forced to accept it, or at least pass me.

          Thinking in words sounds time consuming to me, in the same way reading individual words linearly does. I’m sure it feels natural to those that do it, but I like the nimble, three dimensional aspect of thinking without activating the language centers of the brain.

          Before we had language, we still had to solve problems, after all. 🙂

  70. Chrisj2000 says:

    I learned this when getting into making music but there are way more bots out there in every aspect of things than we even know. And also A true ubermensch would show others their true divine power to free themselves.

  71. Curt says:

    4:35. Ian’s a spook

  72. Curt says:

    Maybe members only videos could be cool if they had conversations before the live podcast.

  73. Surabi says:

    Dear Tim and Ian,

    stop calling the CCP the PRC, this is a literal propaganda term of the CCP. They use it specifically to let you sound stupid although grammatically it’s wrong.

  74. smitty1910 says:

    When AI gets here the discussion will become moot.

  75. Jonathanelzer says:

    I don’t think you guys understand multi generational wealth. We have extensive organic farmland and many businesses . We have 5 generations living on the farm and Learning the skill of business building and wealth generation And simultaneously have the Tudor ship and and the capital 2 move forward into success at a young age.

    • DarthWho says:

      Nah dude when your parents die the state should seize it all and redistribute it, maybe to the workers.

      This would prevent the bourgeoisie from concentrating all the wealth in their own hands and oppressing those who were not lucky enough to be born into a family of land owners.

      And besides we all know it’s the workers that truly have merit…

      You know I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this sounds pretty familiar….

  76. Goofrump says:

    That’s a valid point on the inner monologue and imagery. I have dyslexia, ADHD, and struggle with comprehension when I read, and I’m slow. Likely painfully slow. However, when I forced myself to read Lord of the Rings, Atlas Shrugged, and Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, I discovered a passion for story and found that over time my mental acuity increased by simply exercising my brain like a muscle. Eventually I developed a greater vocabulary and means of articulating complex ideas. It helped hanging around very intelligent individuals proficient in STEM fields. It has gotten to a point where I am much more likely to ascertain the premise of an argument faster than most around me, and these are people who are keen and knowledgeable. I’m not saying this to brag, but as a matter of fact that if those who lack the faculties to process highly complex ideas simply apply themselves, there is a very good chance they will cognitively mature.

    • Kpod says:

      I strongly agree with you, in that one’s brain is like a muscle. It grows stronger and more adept with exercise. Human memory retention capabilities are some faculties which have gone functionally dormant in most modern people, but can be recovered with a little effort.

  77. Jonathanelzer says:

    In the state of Oregon where I am, there is no chain of custody, you cannot go on to any website anywhere or even call the courthouse and find out who you voted for . I’ve really tried

    • Margie says:

      Yep, I’m in Oregon and I’ve tried as well. No success.

    • DarthWho says:

      Yeah I think there was a miscommunication there too. In AZ we can see that they received and counted our ballot but to Ian’s point I have no way of verifying they counted it correctly. I just know they got it.

    • KoR33 says:

      yeah, i think tim misheard what ian was proposing. i’m not aware of any state’s votes being tracked to WHO you voted for, just that you voted yes/no. and that’s how tim framed his answer anyway. i’ve voted in PA, MD and VA

  78. BlakeFitz0726 says:

    Would be great to see you and Ian playing Destiny, Hunter Master Class and Telesto the Besto

  79. docbill224 says:

    Read, “Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex” By Larry Niven

  80. FUCK says:

    you can’t make skyscrapers out of cotton.

  81. I can not only visualise the apple, in 3D, but I can also visualise splitting it, taking the seed, and planting, while watching a new apple tree growing.

    • h_marie says:

      I can do all that, plus envision harvesting the apples, create a mental recipe, perfectly visualize making the pie, imagine slicing and removing a piece in 3D, and then precisely recall the flavor of actual apple pie as I mentally eat it. Boom.


      • Sho2tamkgavin says:

        yes you are in a sense normal but that my friends is the problem what if i told you i do see said apple and also i can live in thaat apples shoes….well mes can and mes also says stop trying the same line as the leader and expect to pass them it just isnt possible but what is possible is to eat that apple and smash some fucking heads in people we must try and visualize our founding fathers train of thought fuck this apple and f*** dems

  82. Mercin1988 says:

    Aaron Lewis am I the only one is a must listen really break you down

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Yes… heard it live on Candace Owens’ podcast. Choked me up.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Yes. It came out Independence Day Eve 2021.
      The Best Song, of 2021 thus far.
      He is not the only one.

    • Chinook says:

      The Reply buttons are kind of funky I hope they can upgrade those. It would be nice to hit reply and have a text box appear in real time at the same spot of the window. Also when I hit reply it appears to not have been placed in the right spot of the conversation. Brave browser seems to also have more gimmicks than other browsers. Looking good though, and good show tonight.

  83. Old_Frog says:

    Can’t seem to watch the video live. It encodes for the whole 45 minutes. This needs to be fixed.

    • dalten22 says:

      I’m not an A/V wiz so please forgive me, but isn’t it already encoded when it’s recorded? Couldn’t they simply record with the precise encoder that the website seems to need at the time of the recording? Please forgive my ignorance and don’t take this as a criticism, just curious why the delay exists.

      • chase1776 says:

        Agreed 😬

      • says:

        I assume the source file is at least 4k and the file needs the be encoded from source all the way down to 480p so people with bad internet can stream it in a reasonable amount of time. You always want to keep the source as high as possible as a backup encase the version you attempt to upload ends up getting destroyed. Also there are resolution options in the player which means there need to be multiple copies of the file in different resolutions which I assume is what’s being created when it’s “encoding”. This process happens on YouTube as well it is just hidden and you can’t see the upload until it is finished encoding.

    • Chinook says:

      That’s not possible. Tim has brought it up many times. Bandwidth and equipment to stream live like that on your own platform is extremely expensive. To Youtube it is nothing, but to a little Korean like Tim it is a massive feat.