Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Our Culture Has COLLAPSED, Crew Discusses Cancel Culture And how Star Wars Was SABOTAGED By Rian Johnson

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Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Our Culture Has COLLAPSED, Crew Discusses Cancel Culture And how Star Wars Was SABOTAGED By Rian Johnson

169 responses to “Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Our Culture Has COLLAPSED, Crew Discusses Cancel Culture And how Star Wars Was SABOTAGED By Rian Johnson”

  1. Topsy84 says:

    Feminism is about choice, that’s the entire point. It’s about the freedom to choose your path not the freedom to do what somebody tells you. Americans have corrupted the meanings of both feminism and liberalism.

    American feminists and liberals are nothing like most feminists and liberals everywhere else in the world.

    Also epigenetics and horizontal transfer are two completely different things.

  2. Snake616 says:

    Most likely already been mentioned considering I’m way late, but Thrawn is canon. He’s in Rebels.

  3. RedPilledRob says:

    Having to scroll all the way down to comment, not cool. What is cool, is the “Darth Plageuis,” the book by James Luceno. Even better is the audiobook

  4. deepseeded says:


  5. Sonarv1 says:

    Wow, I’m late on this one.

    You guys are completely wrong about Star Wars.

    Jack, Anakin is an allegory for Jesus Christ if Jesus had fallen only to come back in sacrifice.

    The major thing wrong with the prequels is that they were made specifically for children. For a new generation with very little for the stalwart fans from the previous generation.

    The sequels are a shit show full of woke propaganda. It starts with the collectivist “perfect” new republic as evidenced from there capitol being a collection of planets instead of Coruscant.

    What they should have done was to keep in line with the old Canon. They should have introduced a new generation of Jedi around Han & Leia’s children. The twins & young Anakin Solo. At that time frame, it would have been during the New Jedi Order. The ages fit & you would have not only given a new set of heroes, but you would have also have given a story different from Light Side Vs. Dark Side.

  6. cheezyfrys says:

    i would pay money to watch you guys debate with a prequel defender. heck, i’d be the prequel defender. the prequels have worth and need to be defended, dang it

  7. AutumnShades says:

    It was already confirmed in Canon that Palpatine was Vader’s father. You guys should have StarWarsTheory on the show.


  8. Parrotworks says:

    I’m waiting for the critical analysis of which characters would take the vaccination.

  9. Csantoro18 says:

    Just would like to state that I absolutely love everytime Jack is on. He seriously has some great insight and he is very good about explaining things. Always one of my favorite guests for sure. Keep up the hard work Timcast crew and everyone behind the scenes!

  10. AutumnShades says:

    The idea that the current star wars movies have essentially taken a saga about a brother and sister returning balance to the force and have flipped it into the darkest timeline where Darth Sidious wins and possess his granddaughter is just… Man.

  11. prcntm says:

    How to fix the Star Wars franchise: Back the fuck away from the Skywalkers. If you (Disney, I guess) want to make a good Star Wars movie the first thing you do is place it either way before or way after the current Saga timeline wise.

    I personally would love to see a Star Wars movie about the early galaxy and how the idea of a galactic system of government was initialized and maintained. Even in the 9 movies we have, there are areas of the galaxy that have yet to be explored fully by the galactic government and there was clearly opposition. Or even a movie about the first few Force users realizing they aren’t alone in the universe, working together for a short time, and then diverging into two distinct sides, one where they cultivate and train as many as possible in the use of the Force (Jedi) and one where they focus on training only a couple of people to wield as much power from the Force as possible (Sith), with a small contingent of Force users creating The Grey (if I remember my lore correctly) which denounce the antagonism the two groups have for each other.

    I realize neither of those ideas will ever get screen time, but I can’t be the only one who would enjoy seeing something like that.

  12. Angelle says:

    As a woman and mom, I’d like to point out that right now it is extremely difficult to make sure your kid’s basic needs are met on a single income alone, so having more than a couple of kids on one income is almost impossible for middle income America. It’s been pretty hard with my two kids to make ends meet on two incomes without getting government aid. I didn’t want government aid because I watched it become a generational lifestyle and wanted my kids to be able to fully take care of themselves without relying on government to provide. There was no frivolous spending either. It was just basic life bills and food costs and maybe we could go out once a month if we were lucky.

  13. JMac says:

    To be fair, rape and incest constitutes a nearly statistically insignificant number of abortions.

    Make you a deal – how about we ban abortions entirely and completely, except in cases of rape or incest? Deal?

  14. Senor_Jank says:

    damn… lyds is cute af with those glasses.

  15. VAgulr21 says:

    Lol sounds like your forcing your cursing

  16. AwesomeAndrea says:

    40 year old women and I hate feminism. I love the option to work if I want to but I’m also self employed.

  17. SolarWarrior says:

    It’s fairly common knowledge in the dissident right ecosystem that Posobiec is a fed. In the early days of his “career” he was pretty sloppy hiding the fact as he elbowed his way into our circles and tried to get people to incriminate themselves. He glowed like Chernobyl.

    Be careful allowing him close to you, Tim. Be very, very careful.

  18. qnet says:

    You guys are getting the last Star wars movie story wrong.

  19. RockettMan says:

    Actually he didn’t destroy the books, he only pretended to.

  20. DrinkinSwish says:

    we need a comment button at the top of the comments section so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

    • mlnovak74@charter.net says:

      and an edit and delete option

      • prcntm says:

        Placing the comment field at the top of the feed rather than the bottom, especially since the comments don’t seem to have their own container: Yes.

        Edit and delete are a bit trickier. I feel like you should be free to do either up until someone else replies to it. I have seen many instances on social media where someone will post rage bait, wait for responses, then delete their comment from the thread and pull out-of-context quotes from people. Once there’s active communication (in this case: replies), I don’t think it should be possible to remove what you’ve said.

        But that gets into really weedy waters and I don’t have the time to prepare an entire ToS section for Timcast.com regarding a (currently) nonexistent edit/delete function for comments.

  21. Keith303 says:

    lots of comments but to Jack calling Anakins birth by “miracle” ridiculous, isn’t that the same story of Jesus?

  22. s.sand@t-online.de says:

    Posoebics plot is kinda lame.

    But, we need more non-binary jedi-sith.

    I always became neutral in any KOTOR game.

    Calling everything about SW shit and fake isn’t better than any lefty complaining about capitalism etc.

    People cry about bad movies but are too lazy to invest in good stories.
    They are baited by trailer marketing and repeat that failure.

    Me, too. I liked the prequels, because I wanted more lightsaber fights.
    For what they are they good. I dont care for jarjar….

    I wouldnt buy a Rey, though, but an army of siths and jedis.

    SW is esoteric anyway.

  23. Gdeleon says:

    I feel that people should just ignore the sequel trilogy. So far I liked watching the Clone Wars animated series, Rebels, the Bad Batch, and the Mandalorian. Dave Filoni and John Favreau are doing great work.

  24. Nimitz says:

    I have a photo with my great great grandmother and 5 generations in the photos

  25. KMerckCPA says:

    Wait… so let me get this straight. You were at GITMO, and you got triggered by… the fucking Star Wars prequels??

  26. KMerckCPA says:

    I think this show might be too nerdy for me to continue watching.

  27. mlnovak74@charter.net says:

    I don’t understand why people get so worked up about Star Wars! If you don’t like, don’t watch it! You’re just bitching to be bitching at this point.

  28. Thorlak777 says:

    Lol smashing your genitals together XD

  29. Cshersta says:

    What is the point of having Ian derail every conversation with his nonsense?

    • Shark_outside says:

      Ian is a good co host. The last thing Tim needs is another yes man. Ian brings up good points

    • Mojoron says:

      You could probably put a cardboard cut out paired with a program that randomly inserts commentary about hallucinogens/dmt, crypto, Minds, and the occasional new age bullshit tangent and I don’t think anyone would notice. Cool guy, just not the best fit for the podcast. Timcast is big enough for Ian to have his own show. I think fans would would appreciate that.

  30. CNN_sucks says:

    As always good show. Fan of Poso.

  31. Relientruss says:

    This Episode is a great example of why they should stay in politics and not write Sci-fi. Great writers can take criticism and even ideas that weren’t theirs and not let ego get in the way. They are not able to do that.

  32. swampyne127@gmail.com says:

    Ian has no idea what american ideals are . The ideals of the government doesn’t make them american ideals. They are corrupt tyrants. Their agenda doesn’t make it american. The American dream wasn’t bullshit. It got stolen from us by corrupt politicians and stupid voters.

  33. Fool_Moony says:

    I like that Tim and co cuss in the bonus segment. But Tim isn’t very good at it. Cussing is an art. It’s poetry. Each swear word has its uses and proper place in the syntax of the sentence. They are like seasoning on the food. Tim drops “Fuck” like he’s pouring on the pepper

  34. WaterEarthMud says:

    Isnt jonny depp the same actor who wanted to cancel the pervious president, literally (rachael maddow)!!!
    karma brah

  35. itsbailymc@yahoo.com says:

    NO Darth Plaguis used a random slave woman (shimi skywalker) and used his overwhelming knowledge of the force to impregnate a woman so he could use Force Essence transfer which is the ability the sith emperor used in the old republic to maintain his life for 1000s of years its really a cool concept that was takin on by palpatine after he murders his Master darth plaguis the books on it are really cool

  36. redrumax says:

    Starwars is trash, I never liked it. No loss if you don’t watch it.

  37. kgres1 says:

    If you won’t allow your kids to see Star Wars, then don’t allow them to see The Lego Movie. Remove all Disney, Netflix movies, because all of them contain pagan crap. Stranger Things is based on top secret government programs where they kidnap children for experiments. The Olympics originated from a Greek pagan ritual. I can go on.

    I’m a Christian and disagree with sheltering our children. As long as they understand different perspectives but the most important lens is through Jesus Christ, they’ll see through the bs.

  38. Buddymac007 says:

    Repinoe, and the 500 athletes talk bout the a women’s rights of choice. First off Repinoe doesn’t have to worry bout the choice & that’s her choice, no problem. Haven’t a women who decided to have sex already made a choice? What Repinoe and the 500 are really saying is they don’t want to take responsibility for the choice they made, Amazing…

  39. Buddymac007 says:

    Excuse me Ian, If the American Life was bullshit, You would not be able to say what you just said! You would not have been able to create mines, I think that’s what you’ve said in the past. You would not have freedom of speech, be able to pursue your happiness by creating computer programs. Last but not least, liberty, and I quote, the freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control!

    • aphix says:

      *points up*

      He’s right you know.

      – Morgan Freeman

      (Also get either a more powerful server/cluster or improve code efficiency. Probably just drop PHP because it sucks, but there was too much dev effort already for the current jank and that’s fine but ffs be grateful you actually have users giving feedback on the UI/UX and take repeated suggestions more seriously.)

  40. guzzi27012 says:

    Little to much geeking out for me

  41. Alkymist says:

    It’s actually very impressive what they did to star wars.
    Arguably the most successful and popular sci-fi franchise in history, going for 41 years strong, and they managed to kill it in less than a half a decade.

  42. RustyTech says:

    Watching them fan theory the sequel trilogy as one of the backstories of the prequels and foundations of clone wars series bums me out.

  43. Tonybologna says:

    people are entitled to there opinion but geezz these comments are brutal. i would hate to be in timcast shoes. i appreciate the talk on something more culture oriented. suggestions please talk about stargate, firefly ( please consider making content on this show ), star trek etc. i remember you said the only hope is to take back the culture from the insane woke left and agree. anyways love what you guys do keep up the good work

    • Anony says:

      I get the impression that a lot of people hate watch timcast. I don’t, I tend to like the show even if I disagree with Tim on lots of stuff.

      Maybe this is just inevitable when you don’t censor alternative opinions like so many social media sites do.
      If you’re a fan of timcast you probably are more likely to be critical of tim than you are to be a sycophant. That’s why we are individualists and not socialists

    • redrumax says:

      ‘their’ opinion, not ‘there’

  44. Adamammo says:

    So the extra segments are getting kinda shitty. Js. Talk about news you can’t on YouTube! Not starwars..

  45. morty56 says:

    Ok, I loved the Star Wars conversation and you all just made The Last Jedi make sense to me. I’ve hated this movie. Thought Rian Johnson was insane until I started following Mark Hammill on Twitter and realized he’s insane too with his Leftist rants. If Rian made that movie on purpose, then it has got to be the greatest middle finger EVER to Hollywood and the elites. It’s kind like Afghanistan, its either intentional or the result of utter stupidity. The idea that The Last Jedi was a planned usurpation of the Hollywood establishment makes my head explode.

  46. MZero1294 says:

    Jack doesn’t have a good creative mind. He also doesn’t seem to understand the concept of inference.

  47. Old_dude59 says:

    You can please all of the people some of the time or please some of the people all the time.

    You cannot please all the people all the time

  48. Rumham says:

    More passionate over a fucking kids movie than Afghanistan/Forced Injections/ election theft. Priorities, right Tim? Grifters gotta grift. I won’t be renewing my membership. Guess I answered that age old question of how much would ya give to see a person’s true character. Ten bucks.

  49. John Tango Mango says:

    Tim’s condescending tone is unbearable.

    Tim, have some God damn self awareness. Youre descending into a faggy, obnoxious, control freak. Why have Ian on the show if you’re just going to shit down his throat everytime he speaks.

    • Shauny999 says:

      Because ian’s full of shit. Nice enough bloke but he has no fucking clue about anything unless it’s drug related

      • Tonybologna says:

        i agree ian can be a little out there. but he provides a different perspective
        and tim trys to reign them in i can admit i think he is a little overbearing but we dont know tim and ians relationship outside of the show. that being said it is probably hard to be in tims postion of guiding the topics but not shutting down conversation. look at joe rogan he is well expereinced and very neutral but yet he still messes up

        • The_Shorto says:

          Ian annoys the hell out of me but I love having his outlook on the show. We need to have people from all points of experience on the show. If I wanted to watch everyone agree with everything being said I would watch the main stream media.

    • Salem says:

      I cant really blame Tim that much Ian is annoying as fuck

  50. Daren says:

    You’re right rian Johnson destroyed star wars but filoni and favrou have made a path forward. If ahsoka tano is a long lived species, then the path forward is for grogu to have left Luke’s Jedi academy and joined ahsoka and started something like a grey Jedi order. Ahsoka and grogu are the path forward

  51. RPascucci says:

    Jack is the worst guest. He talks over everyone and acts like this is his show. #FJP

  52. Panguard says:

    i came for the spicy conversation that couldnt be had on youtube and instead i got jacks shitty prequel fan fiction. 30min in and im wondering why im here listening to this instead of having this exact conversation in my swtor guild.

  53. CrispyBacon says:

    I enjoy these fun discussions that get away from politics every now and then. Keep em coming.

  54. pandusa says:

    We are not going down. Don’t believe the lies…it is only an illusion (like all their tricks). The bandage has been ripped off to expose the putrid, festering, wound humanity has become. This is the Most Highs last call to humanity. It has to burn, sear, scar so we will remember. And, we will for a time. We always get the 2-by-4. Then, it will begin again. There is nothing new under the sun.

  55. margotagoodlive@gmail.com says:

    So boring. Talking about fiction likes it impacts your life is lame.

    • KFendley says:

      I completely agree. It is sad when people care too much about tv shows and movies. Also, I didn’t sign up for a membership to hear a 30 minute conversation about Star Wars.

    • Jinmon says:

      No. Fiction tells the story of who we are and what values and morals we have as a society much better than nonfiction. If you get rid of the myths of a society, a society like our own has nothing left binding it together. Its not race or ethnicity that binds America together as it is with some other countries, its our common ideas and values. Get rid of these myths that express, illustrate, and teach those, and what is left holding the American society together?

      • Fool_Moony says:

        Well Said. That’s why Rian Johnsons destruction of Star Wars is so horrible. He(with ABrams and Kennedy) fucking destroyed one of the few unifying myths that our culture had left. If I was a medieval king I would have had him drawn and quartered. What he did was catastrophic for our culture

  56. chucka187@icloud.com says:

    Tim should stick with politics and not talk about movies. Sorry he’s just clueless.

  57. LuiIPT32 says:

    This is more related to the earlier podcast on the youtubes… I have a materials background including work with Graphene… Ian, I want in on graphene IRL!

  58. Irris30 says:

    Adoption is expensive and invasive. Still considering. IVF is almost equal to adoption in cost. Rape or inbreed….Lots of cases of rape giving baby up or keeping. One story of a kidnapped rape victim she named her baby Lucky after she escaped. A pastor in ATL has three kids his birth mom was raped. My exs grandpa was a product of rape and he had 5 kids 8 grandkids and designed a part for a space ship. Just because they are a product of rape doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a chance to live. They are a victim as well. Also the rare weird case of the Austrian girl held by her father in the hidden basement that had several children and was only saved because her eldest was so vitamin D deficeint she was sick and the doctors need mom for testing and evil dad let her out and she was finally able to rescue herself and children. All now hidden with new identities. I have been classified as well as my husband as infertile so it really breaks my heart to see the overuse of such a vile practice. You might as well be as “savage” as ancient Phonecians killing babies for good sailing weather.

    • Irris30 says:

      And Yes Tim. I hate feminists. They ruined everything. I want to be like my mom and stay at home and raise babies and yet I work 10 hours a day for others and feel little satisfaction. When I have a day off and I fold cloths, mop the floors and make my house nice I am so happy. I love my husband coming home to a clean house with dinner ready. I feel so fulfilled. We have to have two cars to work, we have to pay gas, and food while you are away from home. You are surrounded by people who do not share your values and mock you over opinions and cloths. Women in offices are notorious backstabbers. Female bosses always spend more time focusing on crt like bs rather than best processes for work which is why we are there. Yeah my POC Chicago boss tried to make one of the minority white women do a presentation on crt values and I told her no after some research. I was so bothered by what she was trying to push on me. She would give me evil looks all the time and pretend to be nice. She obviously had no concept of micro expressions. She was constantly giving evil millisecond smirks and showing disgust on her face. I tried to be nice but she did tell me I was toxic. She also told us all we were replaceable. What a witch.

    • DEANSKI says:

      Adoption is very expensive and hard. My wife and I looked into it and it would cost thousands. We looked into fostering and we decided not to do it because of the chance that we would bond with the child, and since the state believes that a child should be with their biological parents no matter what, that we would have to give back the child

      • John Tango Mango says:

        Adoption is hard? You poor thing–you go ahead and murder that baby instead. Wouldn’t want you to have exert any effort in this life.

        • fellowshipotr52@gmail.com says:

          Dude he didn’t even mention abortion. He just stated that adopting a kid costs a lot of money. Based on their comment it looks like they wanted to adopt a kid not put theirs up for adoption.

  59. Jhiguerajr says:

    I had to stop watching this episode. I am getting very annoyed with Tim pools narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies. He uses, gaslighting and wallowing tactics, amongst others, on every member of the cast, including the guests. Except for Alex Jones, the true alpha gorilla, ha.

    He constantly wants to have the only opinion in the room and having to constantly only want to talk about his past, boring, repetitive stories. Never allowing Ian to speak or try to explain his take on things, yelling over him and lyds insight as, “No, that’s wrong!” They are both scared of his retaliation, almost as if they don’t submit he will punish them by kicking them off the shoe or the plantation. Much as what he did to Adam Krigler. What was great about this idea of timcastirl was the great conversations of thought and non mainstream ideas that are slowly turning communists in a way.

    As tim likes to say, “slowly boiling a frog in a pot” he is slowly incorporating, communists, non-American ideas and values. The constant yell, to defend all police and how he praises that all the good cops are gone and how he is happy about it and not trying to find solutions to fix it. The way he constantly yells for family owned businesses to not, “lick the boot” and give up your multi generational business for principles. But, yet, tim will constantly say that he can’t keep true to his beliefs on YouTube, and wont say certain things, or topics because, his work is so important getting at least a taste of the truth to us plebs.

    In a segment earlier today, he praised BLM for protesting the restaurant in New York, even after he showed that the group of women started the fight and even tho can’t prove racial slurs were used. He, just knows that they are all racist and deserve it. He is doing this more and more in the past few months.

    I ask all of the fellow faithful viewers, if you have noticed these incremental changes in the culture that is being nurtured here? Frogs in the pot. Has tim been bought or intimidating by the Chinese overlords, powers that be to tow the line, redirect conversations away that hurt the global agenda( for instance his love of the fast and furious movies, when not to long ago he was slamming Jon ceena, for being a sell out, about taiwan) I apologize for the long post, but I ask all of us to start paying attention and call these psychological tactics when they happen. It appears to me, that tim needs to have submissive people in his crew and possibly life in order to keep his power and psychopathic tendencies rolling supreme.

    tim’s content is great, but I don’t want to be slowly boiled into thinking communist ideas are remotely good or to be tolerated.

    Id like to think I’m not the only one that sees this. I am a Gorilla!

    • John Tango Mango says:

      He’s a control freak. He micro manages everything. It’s plain as day. He interrupts EVERYONE. Alex Jones just kept talking and it irritated Tim. Hilarious.

  60. Mathies88 says:

    I didnt watch the last StarWars movie fore obvious reasons, but herainf Palpatine saying i wil take over your body that makes Palpatine Lord Bane i read a StarWars book about Lord Bane and he created the rule of 2 one Master and one apprentice after killing the rest of the sith lord in the book he find ancient lost sith force powers and 1 of it is immortality bye taking over bodies . so when youre apprentice have learned evryting from you and becomes more powerful he kills the Master bjt if the Master takes over the apprentice body everytime you 1 become more powerful 2 you never die . so Lord Bane!

    • Irris30 says:

      I tried to watch it and I fell asleep. I never fall asleep watching new movies. I love Star Wars. I owned over 40 books and comics and figures. I had soundtracks and posters. I made 3 posters myself in art class. Everyone in high school knew I was a Star Wars nut. I had a poster of Obi Wan over my bed from ep 1. But I feel asleep for the newest movie. I tried to like the first one and then they shock and break my heart. I cried for hours after it. The next day my brother in law said Han and then I cried for another 30 minutes. I know its way too much emotions for a movie but that is me. I cry in movies. The next movie put out by Ruin Johnsuck was all over the place trash and wouldn’t have even been a story if bitchy admiral would have just advised people of her freaking plan!!!! What a waste of film and people’s precious time. I want something to enjoy not pound my heart and mind into a womp rat hole. The third movie. I am glad I feel asleep so I would save my heart but can say at least I tried. Kathleen Kennedy is the biggest villian in Star Wars history. She is ruining everything. With all the hashtags and complaints she is still there. She must have some dirty sick videos on someone to keep her job.

  61. RodneyIroncock says:

    It’s never explicitly stated that Anakin was a virgin birth, but it was heavily implied, both with Shmi’s statement about there being no father, and Palpatine’s story about plagueis manipulating the midiclorians to create life, telling the story to Anakin, and his little smirk as he was doing it.

    Also, Sidious would never have created a sith army. He was a Baneite, he legitimately believed in the rule of two. Having one “secret” apprentice/assassin in Maul while he was still under plagueis is one thing, but maul was clearly never meant to be a true sith Lord, and it would have been nigh on impossible to fool an entire army into thinking that they were all supposed to be apprentices. Aside from that, Sidious was super paranoid about being overthrown. That’s why he made Vader’s suit with intentional flaws – to keep him too weak to beat him. I don’t think he would take the risk of creating an entire army. The rule of two suits his style well.

  62. tomrat247 says:

    Jack REALLY needs to read The Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson.

  63. BladeRunner says:

    Rian Johnson was hired by Disney at the behest f Kathleen Kennedy to destroy Star Wars and implement her new Woke Agenda. Kathleen Kennedy never grew beyond Lucas’s and Spielberg’s Coffee Girl and was jealous of their success. Star Trek has gone the same way. This is cultural vandalism which is obvious. Further, whilst Luke Skywalker was one of my childhood heroes (I saw Star Wars when I was 10 years old) Mark Hamill himself is a Woke Cunt, especially after he disparaged Ivanka Trump’s Son’s Halloween Costume and a couple of other stupid Tweets. Mark Hamill can go and get fucked.

    • MurderBoner666 says:

      It’s almost every actor/actress in Hollywood. Most of them are woke and I belive have lost touch with reality and how regular people live. Yo imagine for one second living the way Hollywood actors and actresses live. Mega rich. Mwga famous rules don’t apply to you. Money can buy you anything. You can almost get away with murder so long asbyoyr wealthy enough famous enough and have a good team. They are living unlike any humans have ever lived in hitaory of course there going to be detached and not understand how us little folk live.

  64. SlickRhetoric says:

    Nothing worse than listening to Star Wars fans try to rewrite Star Wars with nothing more than distant memories and half the facts.

    • Toyko says:

      With all the breaking news this was disappointing and not what I signed up for lol. Never watched a single Star Wars and they debated over a movie they both agreed sucked for an hour lol

  65. MrSooop says:

    Anakin’s “father” was a sith that formed him in his mother’s womb.

  66. MarksCNC says:

    Tim I want to destroy the globalist demons, now is not the time to talk about movie references

  67. ThorAsgard says:

    Rape or incest is not a justification for aborting and murdering a child. A terrible situation doesnt justify murder. And it isnt necessarily about forcing a woman to have a child, its simply saying that abortion clinics cant do it…thats not touching the mother, just the abortion clinics. I dont get how you cant see that tim.

    • JBizzle says:

      If you were in that terrible situation you may feel different. More empathy and less condemnation for an individual’s decision. I’m pro choice but still believe there are problems about late term abortions.

      • ThorAsgard says:

        @Jbizzle I dont condemn them for being victims, but i will condemn them for victimizing an innocent child in the womb.

        @Jacob_C By that logic you would justify iceland’s abortion of children with down syndrome. We dont kill because of disorders. And at least i am remaining consistent. I see the growing baby as a life, and there is no justification for taking that life, just as there wouldnt be were it outside the womb. Im also against the death penalty. Im against any killing except for self defense

    • Jacob_C says:

      Also, not a defense of incest, but isn’t the only concern about incest that the child is more likely to have genetic defects? I don’t get why when people talk about it they tend to make it sound like its a forced situation.

  68. aphix says:

    Eh, there’s so much to discuss, and this was just a rant about Star Wars. Kinda bummed.

    • Drailo says:

      This podcast could have been muuuuuch better. Unfortunate that they derailed into talking about things that aren’t relevant to what’s currently going on. Jacks insight was not utilized as well as it could’ve been.

  69. Wildheart903 says:

    Jack, there’s a couple problems with your idea for the prequels. Darth Bane created the Rule of Two, master and apprentice. The rule is to prevent their own destruction. Anakin is a convergence of the force – Yoda said it. If the Jedi were transient justice seekers you have to explain how the Jedi order was disbanded. I like the idea of Sith clones. I must say I do like the idea of a senator schemes his way to chancellor (executive) and creates a crisis to get emergency powers then refuses to give them up and declares himself emperor. We can relate to that idea. Do you see any parallels to our news cycle?

  70. AdeptDS says:

    Tim Pool says Let’s not nerd out on Star Wars

  71. MakeMenGr8AGAIN says:

    People need to stop being sensitive little pussies

  72. thndrbrd says:

    Uhg, I mean Star Wars. I liked them as stand alone movies, if you take everything in context it gets all screwy. However, Jack’s idea of having the Jedi council as ronin, YES!! So much yes! My thought would be:

    What if the balance is to become Grey Jedi? So like he and his antagonist, maybe like Starkiller strong Sith, they have this HUGE climatic battle in which their souls become intertwined; they are teleported into their respective dystopian futures after their “Victory” and they decide that neither is correct and as their bodies reconstitute a pure meticlorian being is birthed. Eh, I guess it would be to Mitch McConnel-esq.

  73. Thequaz says:

    Ian and Tim. Don’t ever try to make stories. Your starwars idea is garbage. And I’m amazed how much but also how little jack knows about starwars. Wanna fix it all? Either go hardcore old republic before the games like Marko ragnos and ajunta Paul, the story of revan and the emperor after the games, Grand admiral Thrawn ( I nominate Jason Isaacs to play him) or the new republic and the invasion of the yuuzhan vong. Sooo much lore and easy money

    • Myles37_ says:

      It blows my mind Disney threw the books of lore out. You didn’t even have to go super indepth to tell a fun 3 part series set after the galactic Civil War. I get dumb woke junk but come on money printer go burr. Not just on the movies but toys too which as we saw no one bought much of new starwars toys.

  74. NoOne123 says:

    I think this might be the first bonus podcast episode that i didn’t care for. The star wars discussion was lame but that’s just because i’ve never really liked Star Wars. As a kid it was cool cause lightsaber fights but otherwise i always thought it was pretty lame. I greatly respect traditional culture and those that came before us but I’m in agreement with Tim. We gotta move on culturally. This doesn’t mean destroying past things as culture revolutions tend to do but it means creating new things and you can do this while preserving and respecting the old.

    I somewhat disagree with the notion of the US being in a state of cultural stagnation at least in some aspects. Maybe pop culture has stagnated but independent culture has not. Music is continually innovating and coming up with new sounds, you just dont hear it on the radio and you need to be proactive in searching for it yourself. We do have independant comics as well and genres of comics that drift away from superhero type comics. Monstress for example is a comic with extremely gorgeous looking artwork. I have no idea how good the story is though since i only read a couple of issues.

  75. Aquipjoe says:

    Tim my wife had gone there many times with Feminism. She quit her job after our second child was born and spent 18 years as a mom. She loved every minute of it and anyone that under appreciates the work involved in raising a family is just obtuse as hell. We have two wonderful unwoke well adjusted kids in large part because she was actively involved in all aspects of their lives.

  76. SIMONTACCHI says:

    My Grandfather was 3 when Lincoln got shot.

  77. Deadearth0 says:

    Why the fuck am I paying you to talk about movie lore slash prognosis… That is perfectly ok for YouTube.
    I Watch you every night, I want hard hitting info if I’m paying for it. Been with you for 4 years now, love what you do, make the paid members only section worth my money, Usually is but this one sucked.

    • aphix says:

      Agreed. There’s literally a biblical boatload of brand new geopolitical stories with deep, deep implications right this very moment, and Jack has great insight (hell he can freakin’ read the CCP propaganda/counterpropaganda ffs!) and instead we got a rant about a 4 year old movie.

    • fellowshipotr52@gmail.com says:

      Yupp! Tim claims this is where we talk about the stuff youtube won’t let him but this conversation could have been on YT and it wouldn’t have been worth listening to even then. Project Veritas just dropped metaphorical bombs, Australia opened a time machine to 1939 Germany, and China is doing China stuff. This isn’t the time or place for star wars debates.

  78. lettergram says:

    I think when we talk about culture we’re missing half the story. The right has been purged. 5 years ago there was a lot of “right” culture. Country music, church, etc, etc.

    Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc are suppressing that culture.

    The reality, is that IF we fix the social media problem, I think the culture fixes itself.

    • NoOne123 says:

      This is actually true. The right has absolutely been purged from participating in the mainstream culture. The left is extremely nepotistic once it gets a hold of an institution. Its frustrating actually, especially considering what would be considered, “right wing” these days would just be basic story telling tropes. A gallant knight rescuing a princess for example. A story as old as time but its one of those things that people love and adore. A video game called Shadow of Colossus could technically be considered “right wing” these days as a result of that trope. Funny to think about lol

  79. Cmwhite13 says:

    So just a minor correction to the miraculous birth of Anakin Skywalker. In The Phantom Menace they say he had no father but that his midichlorian count was off the charts. Qui-Gon SPECULATES that Anakin was conceived by the force. In Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine speaks about Sith so powerful they could manipulate the midichlorians into creating life (and turns directly to Anakin when he says it). So it is all but flat-out said, Plageuis or Palpatine used their force abilities to conceive Anakin within Shmi. This has been confirmed and expanded upon within the comics.

    Also, I love Posobiec, but for a somebody who claims to be such a Star Wars fan, I find his lack of lore knowledge disturbing and his take on the prequels sounds pretty bad. The prequels aren’t great movies, but it has nothing to do with the story. They’re not good because of the dialogue and directing. The actual story is very good.

  80. redchief says:

    Last Jedi final fight w/ Luke and Kylo? Stolen beat for beat from Escape from LA.

  81. Joeejoee says:

    I’m just wondering why nobody’s talking about Russia ending mask mandates and no vaccines

  82. PseudoSwede says:

    But wouldn’t you beat a wife who also literally shit your marital bed? How else does one correct for that behavior, quarantine camps?

  83. JeDalton says:

    This was awesome. You guys are great and thank you for the great conversations

  84. DavidJay says:

    Anakin was born the same way Jesus was. Poso just said Anakin’s birth makes no sense. He just denied Jesus like Peter.

  85. DavidJay says:

    Tim just fucking wrecked Jack “I’m a star wars know it all” Poso, and it was oh so sweet. Good on a beanie man

  86. WillovD says:

    Nerds lol… watch one piece

  87. DavidJay says:

    I’ll be honest, Poso’s star wars story line is absolute trash.

  88. Oldschoolrpg says:

    The exemption for rape or incest is the 6 weeks they have to determine if they became pregnant as a result of a rape or incest. 99% of abortions are just birth control.

  89. SDragon0210 says:

    Love the show! Not sure if it’s just me but there seems to be an echo of sorts only appearing on your members only content that isn’t showing up on YouTube streams. Hope it’s just a bug.

  90. Turk_Longwell says:

    Wow! I had no idea how bad Star Wars was at the end.
    Never seen Ian or Tim so angry, deep in their nerd hearts. lol.
    I thought about re-watching it all at the beginning of the conversation.
    Nope. Now It sounds terrible.
    Now, it’s ruined. lol
    But What a Fun Convo.
    Cheers All!

    P.S. Isaac Asimov is the O.G. for Sci Fi Literature. The writers of Dune, Star Wars and the rest all read “The Foundation” series first before they knew they wanted to write Sci Fi writers.

  91. lbennert4@gmail.com says:

    Ian seems like a nice guy. Kids don’t do drugs you may end up like Ian.

  92. MrGalzraVoid says:

    I occasionally write poetry and short stories. Sometimes I’ll post a random poem online, never tried getting published.

  93. dadof2 says:

    Haven’t watched yet, but to be clear, JJ and Rian both screwed Star Wars. Abrams likes playing with too many loose ends and then gets mad when someone changes his plan. Rise of Skywalker is worse than Last Jedi.

  94. TheRealZac says:

    Get the animators that can do fast slow combat like naruto the original. Absolute legends of their time. Those fights were some of the best anime art created in the early 2000s.

  95. Buzz says:

    I would like to press a like button to give you a thumbs up!

  96. JeepGuy says:

    I helped support Johnny Depp on the forbidden app


  97. Twainsghost says:

    Re: defunding policy, cultural cleanse of military…. The end goal is UN troops, aka a force unconnected to local communities

  98. Turk_Longwell says:

    Brick, is, YES, one on my favorite movies. The Homey Dudes are hilarious. Me and my Bro, watched that shit all like 20 times. Joseph Gordon Levitt was amazing in it. You all would Love it.
    I recommend it to everyone who reads this.

    • NoOne123 says:

      Brick is an amazing movie. I havent watched it in a long time but absolutely loved it back in the day. City of God or Cidade de deus is another movie id recommend as well.

  99. munchhasen says:

    How about doing a show featuring pop culture guests like Doomcock, Nerdrotic, Any of the panel of Midnights Edge, ClownfishTV etc. Also book super lawyer Robert Barnes

  100. NamrokNamrok says:

    I wish Tim would replace Ian with Chris Karr already.

  101. Turk_Longwell says:

    How dare you call it “American Dream Bullshit”.

    • Romeo1951 says:

      It existed for me but I’m 70. Yeah, it’s probably over.

      • NoOne123 says:

        The, “American Dream” CAN come back. The problem is getting into power and being able to pass economic policies that would favor it. If we lose in 2022 then yeah its probably over and the World Economic Forum will get their Great Reset. If we take back the house in 2022 we can put in some checks of power and if we’re able to overtake a majority in all branches of government then we MIGHT be able to get back there in a decade or two BUT if any of the things that Alex Jones discussed happens in the coming decade than nothing actually matters as we’ll all be culled out of existence and the elites will have America to themselves to shape as they please lmao

    • thndrbrd says:

      Yea, I mean unless we can somehow recover what we had where the American people were proud of their country and proud of their heritage I think we are lost. Personally I think where school goes wrong or did n my era was just teaching the Declaration of Independence, when they should have drawn the lines between each item, by underscoring it with the Federalist papers. I never heard about them till I was like 25 listening to Michael Savage and it’s eye opening. To me that is the founding of America, as they were pitching the idea of federalism to the states. I mean these Governors had their dreams set on being the next European nation state and the founders explained how much stronger we could be united. Today we have totally reversed what the founders had in mind and the woke squad have no foundation on the founding of the country.

  102. TheRealZac says:

    Eaten by their own creation.