Ian Asks Other Ian About Doing DMT And Its Funny, I swear

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25 responses to “Ian Asks Other Ian About Doing DMT And Its Funny, I swear”

  1. deepseeded says:


  2. BabyHulk says:

    What happened to the episode? I didn’t get to watch it.

  3. lindenfelser1995 says:

    It’s the title for one of the earliest member’s vids. Just search “DMT”. Must’ve been a weird glitch

  4. metalraider2181@gmail.com says:

    Did we get trolled? Vid doesn’t work…

  5. mookie1590 says:

    Did this get pulled? not showing up anymore unless I look in history and the video never came up. hhhmmmm.

  6. Kezia says:

    This is the kind of stuff i signed up for! 💯

  7. redrumax says:

    Helooooo where is the video??

  8. ryansandquist says:

    what video

  9. Ikehela says:

    :3 uh i can`t see this video but i really want to XD

  10. Conservitive_Jay says:

    Ian talking to Ian, I’m interested but no video.

  11. Jnet-Alaska says:

    uhhm ???

  12. Mr.Arnold says:

    Pretty sure the title has to do with one of the first videos (around the tenth video mark) on here where Ian from Atilus gym came to the show. Y’all having a little mess up?

  13. Tom Collins says:

    Intriguing title but no video. Is this some kind of marketing test or a bet between crew members to see how many people will click on it? Wtf guys!

  14. stigler21@gmail.com says:

    Ian and Andreas make the cutest couple.

  15. munchhasen says:

    Still no video. Please book Robert Barnes as a guest. He is currently one of Kyle Rittenhouses lawyers, he is leading several lawsuits challenging vax mandates, one against Tyson foods, he is a very entertaining and informative about the top topics that you typically cover.

    • Kira says:

      I second this. Barnes is versed on everything from law to politics to history – but more importantly, he’s one of the good guys who is leading the legal fight against vaccine mandates.

  16. Raymond says:

    thanks for skipping the super chat

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    Nat Med. 2015; 21(12): 1508–1513.
    Published online 2015 Nov 9. doi: 10.1038/nm.3985
    PMCID: PMC4797993
    NIHMSID: NIHMS766724
    PMID: 26552008

    Discussing “From my interpretation of the longer format document, ‘Google chapel hill north carolina gain of function, its an NPR article with only a link to this document’ ”

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  17. Thekentuckyan says:

    There is nothing there

  18. Eyesshut says:

    No video…

  19. seanthesean8090 says:

    I can’t see it

  20. DanEltringham says:

    Haven’t even finished the episode but the title drew me in, man it’s gonna be a great member’s segment lmaoo