Jack Murphy Member Podcast: FED Forecasts GDP Down 41% But Jack Says That Claim is FAKE NEWS, Banking is Broken

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Jack Murphy Member Podcast: FED Forecasts GDP Down 41% But Jack Says That Claim is FAKE NEWS, Banking is Broken

145 responses to “Jack Murphy Member Podcast: FED Forecasts GDP Down 41% But Jack Says That Claim is FAKE NEWS, Banking is Broken”

  1. pkoflmp2@aol.com says:

    Newt Gingrich, not bill clinton was the person who balanced the budget and gave us the surplus.

  2. SpoodyJ says:

    I can get up to $5000 in the same day from my bank. Any more needs 24 hour notice. Up to any amount in my account.

  3. BFairfax123 says:

    Tim you need a better business account , I’ve personally called the bank at 10AM told them I wanted to withdraw 50K in cash from my account and picked up that cash three hours later . That’s just last week to purchase a car that was a cash deal . But in the past I’ve gotten more than twice that within a single business day , yes banks do actually have cash on hand , though Jack is right likely only about 10% of their current deposits ,but for most banks that’s still a lot of cash and far more than most depositors could withdraw at once .

  4. Chase says:

    Can’t even take any of Jack’s arguments seriously anymore because he’s such a coward

  5. matguerra says:

    Tim trying to justify ripping all of us members off. “You gotta understand, we have alot of employees, we need a lot of things, vehicles, skate parks, food, A HALF A MILLION in alcohol…ya know wood, it goes fast.” Fuck off dude REFUND ME, DO WHAT THE BANK DID FOR YOUR FRIEND AND HIT BACKSPACE FOR THE LAST 5 MONTHS, MR. “WE’RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN NETFLIX, WE HAVE TONS OF SHOWS, LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK!” FUCKING SNAKEOIL SALESMAN

  6. TheReasoningPatriot says:

    Jack, I’m sorry. Its still a 41% drop in the GDP growth. You’re pulling an Ian and arguing semantics. Down 270 basis points is the absolute change. The percentage change is 41%. And you’re just wrong. Its a damned big deal that the Fed reduced GDP growth by 41% . It means they’re admitting the impact of long term, increasing inflation on the economy.

    • Crouching_Patriot_Hidden_Freedom says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I’ma financial advisor. This is BIG worry. It’s not like the economy was flying high like before Covid. These “astronomical” 6-7% predicted levels that Jack is siting that are no longer in play, you’ve got to remember, it’s not true growth. The Biden administration is out there taking credit for “the largest GDP growth ever recorded” because blue states literally tanked the economy over the virus. Naturally, when you press the “on” button of the economy, it’s going to roar back. The truth is, we aren’t even close to levels seen in 2019. We’re also not going to see those levels again unless we get another populist in the White House with some populist support in legislature. Them’s the facts, Jack. Don’t downplay the verbiage. The math of the headline is sound, and it’s VERY alarming.

  7. AR305 says:

    I don’t know what Tim is talking about.. I literally walked into my bank one day, no call no warning no nothing, and withdrew $8k with zero issues.. I went up to the teller, told her I wanted to withdraw $8k, handed her my debit card and ID, she opened up a drawer under her desk, pulled out $5k in $50 bills and gave me $3k in $100 bills.. zero issues.. I think your bank just sucks bro.

    • DanielM says:

      Yeah, there must be something missing from the story here or maybe some kind of security precaution in place outside of the norm. I was a teller for years and though certain amounts had to be reported for legal purposes, it was never an issue of not being able to give it to the customer (assuming it was an available amount).

  8. UppityG says:

    Sorry Pool, but yes you can get your money from the bank, depending on how much you want at once. YOU got 5K, you said so. If you wanted to get even more, all you’d have to do is place the order for whatever.
    Pool: “Miss, I’d like to withdraw 900K please.”
    Miss Teller: “Yessir, we’ll have to place an order, please fill out this form. BTW, are you satisfied with your service or do we need to make some improvements?….”
    Pool: “No, no, your service is just fine, I just have a special need at the moment. Likely I’ll be putting a lot back after it’s taken care of.”
    Miss Teller: “Oh good, I was worried we had not been taking care of you the way you deserve. Ok, everything is in order on the form, I’ll get it processed and it usually takes a day or two, depending on the amount, at most. We’ll call you when it’s here?”
    Pool: “That’s fine, yes, that number there.”
    Miss Teller: “Very good sir. Thank you for your business.”
    Pool: “Great.”

    That’s how it would go for a large amount. MOST people don’t care if their money is actually in the bank or not. They just know that, in their case, if they walked into a branch right now, unless the amount is huge, they’re going to walk out with their money in some negotiable form.

    Which is why you should still demand a monthly PAPER bank statement and not bank online. If you read your bank account agreement, you’d know why.

  9. UppityG says:

    I haven’t played the bonuscast yet, but I’m going to share this link to a Matt Stoller substack piece on The Cantillon Effect which is particularly pertinent on this topic. I strongly recommend everyone read it (as many times as necessary to fully grasp the importance). Repair the link to use it (defaced to avoid moderation).

    hxxps: // mattstoller . substack . com/ p/ the-cantillon-effect-why-wall-street

  10. TheAllelujah says:

    Some of you are just as zealous as the left. Tim isn’t always right a lot of his arguments are just technically correct but ignore the minutia of what he’s trying to explain. If he was rich enough or influential enough the bank would indeed give him the money. Noted by the fact that they wiped the debt when he complained. Our government gives other nations pallets of money. Just because he isnt rich enough for that type of catering to doesnt mean they cant or dont do it.

  11. UppityG says:

    ATTN ALL: If your full email is still being displayed as your commenter name, send an email to members (at) timcast (dot) com and tell them to change it to whatever you want and either be very patient, or, give them permission to delete your then existing comments which apparently makes it easier and faster.

    When it happened to me back in March, at that time I had only made two comments, so it was no biggie. At that time, I didn’t know that the general public _can_ see our Members Only comments. Crikey.

    I also cc’d spintheufo (at) gmail (dot) com and corrections (at) timcast (dot) com to maximize swift action.

  12. WMTJ says:

    Bill Clinton didn’t do it. It was Newt Gigritch and the contract with America.

  13. AUDREK says:

    Hey guys. That struggle sesh over the jab was rough. It was powerful to see you guys break that down. My friends family and I are all going thru this shit too. We have big Corp, little guys, military, left right, and all the bunch. Everyone has a different opinion. The worst is the people who get sick from it and tell others to get it. Makes my head spin.

  14. kingstevieb says:

    FED Forecasts GDP Down 41% is incorrect.

    FED’s GDP Growth Rate Forecast Revised Down 41% is correct.

    The problem with the United States economy is caused by 1)Capital replacing Labor. The seemingly 7 million facing eviction primarily caused by lost employment without new employment is caused by companies trying to leverage technology to replace employees because their is better for profit. 2) Haves and Have Nots. To prevent chaos the government is having to do more to take care of these people. The primary tool for this is printing money.

    If we remain stuck to this planet inflation and economic collapse will crush us. However if humans can expand into space and Mars there is much further growth to be obtained. To adventure through space many new technologies will need to be created. A new environment/frontier is the source of new giving humans work to balance out the ratio of capital to labor. As we not longer ride horses we will need to embrace the change. It might be happening faster than we can handle but I don’t believe the economy will collapse. We might become like Brazil but we are not seeing collapse.

    Also fractional reserve banking works. Having multiple claims on the same dollar is fine because there is no practical purpose for everyone with money to need all or most of their funds at the same time.

    Also Tim your payment problem likely wasn’t happened properly. Payments are cleared through the local federal reserve. You go to Bank of America and process a payment to a debt for $10,000 with those funds coming from Chase. Bank of America sends a message to Chase via the local federal reserve and Chase makes adjustments reducing your balance of money you have by $10,000 and sends back a message via the federal reserve to Bank of America to confirm the transaction occurred as expected and Bank of America reduces your debt by $10,000. If there is a problem the Federal reserve should be able to settle this as they will be comparing their records to each banks records.

    Finally as a teller I could just type in any amount into any account. Then a debit card or wire could be processed off of this. The transaction would occur. However since the amount (let’s say one million) wasn’t sourced from anywhere in the banking system. The bank I wire these funds to would have it and it would look normal. The bank I transferred the money would have 1 million less than what the federal reserve expects the bank to have. This would be noticed as there are many audits multiple times a decade by multiple branches of the government and interstates investigated and get the bank shut down.

    So in theory you can just type in anything. However Tim you continue to just imply some Wild Wild West system our current banking system is and this isn’t true. There are daily reports banks run to make sure their balances match the federal reserve in addition to annual internal audits of the entire bank in addition to government audits every few years. There is no way on any meaningful scale you can just start typing in a bank computer and making money. Nor can money be lost due to multiple redundancies at multiple stages of the process.

  15. Missyh says:

    Jack (eye roll), I lost my respect for you with this episode. I was considering going to the event in Jersey City but not now. Baseball substituting for YOUR influence and education of your son due to your divorce….man sports are cool and helpful BUT it’s NOT THE GOAL of a life well-lived. One injury could end that for him. Better to have a solid foundation of principles. morals and marketable skills than just sports. Maybe Tim shouldn’t allow the top-shelf liquor before or during the show?
    PS….I am a 56 yo mom myself 😉 Good luck to you and your son. You both need it.

  16. qnet says:

    I can’t get the video to play

  17. TheRealZac says:

    Jack you are establishment. Lmao

    • TheRealZac says:

      Where did the 4÷ come from? Artificial housing inflation from Blackrock. Now they’ll start selling off early inventory for profit and continue selling the inventory until Americans who just want a house get stuck with the deflation. What a game. We must talk points not percentages because that’s the way the establishment created the narrative. Smfh man.

    • Malfeasance says:

      There is always a shortage of supply, and GDP has never been an accurate indicator of a country’s economy. The only people who cite GDP as proof of a healthy economy are people who are figureheads and mouthpieces of the state. Inflation is real and it isn’t here because of a “supply shortage” it’s because the government is spending trillions of dollars out of thin air. Jack is so off base on this episode

  18. Brooknom says:

    I think Jack was wrong about a lot on this one. Tim what you were telling him is 100% correct anyone with any sizable amount of money in there account can not go and get their money in one shot. I was actually surprised at jacks naivety on the issue of banking ,something was off with him in this episode.

  19. wisdom says:

    Jack, Jack, Jack… Bill Clinton didn’t do that, the tech boom (birth of the wider internet as we know it today), also known as the “dot com bubble” is what created so much prosperity under Clinton, coupled with the long term effects of “Reaganomics”. It’s one of the few times a President could truly say, “I inherited this”. Note: the dot com bubble is proof he mismanaged his “inheritance”.

  20. Slugpudding says:

    First. Zion rhymes with lion. Second take into consideration that what Newt Gingrich did was a major factor of evening off government finances in the 90’s. It wasn’t Bill pushing it.

  21. wisdom says:

    They didn’t reduce the GDP 41%, the “projected GDP” missed by a 41% reduction

  22. Jubsz says:

    Everyone is aware that government spending is a part of GDP, right? I don’t know what that number is this year but GDP is irrelevant if the government is going into debt to create the number. Maybe, despite Greta Thunberg’s doubt, infinite economic growth is possible after all so long as it is denominated in dollars…

    • SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

      This is all a Fiction. The numbers are FAKE. The Communists ‘massage’ the numbers just as the Soviets used to. You know where that led to…
      Biden is nothing more than yet another brainless Marxist Puke, lying to EVERYONE!
      Milley is just another Biden Soviet ‘distraction’…Got FOOD? GUNS? AMMUNITION? You better had. Or ALL those Get Out Of Jail FREE, RIOTERS who hate our guts WILL be visiting your Homes…I’m ready, are you? IF nothing happens? What’s the harm of being PREPARED? The other, less popular scenario is: If you aren’t prepared, but needed to be…You have just killed your entire Family! THINK ABOUT IT…

    • Malfeasance says:

      Yup, American GDP has been primarily imports and the biggest part of our GDP has been debt for a while now. Would anyone consider that they are living in a stable economic situation if almost all the money they spend is through debt? Just cause I’m paying rent doesnt mean I’m rich, especially if the money I spent was borrowed in the first place.

  23. mputerio says:

    Tim – regarding your discussion on money not being physical – this is correct, but there is an important clarification: Bitcoin is also just a ledger, but the trust in the ledger is enforced by everyone’s trust in the cryptography and software behind the system. For the federal reserve system, the value of the currency comes from people’s trust in the US banking system, that is, we trust that the bankers are not cheating with their keeping of the ledger. Bitcoin is trust in cryptography, traditional banking is trust in the government.

    • SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

      IF an EMP takes out our Electric Grid (It IS totally unprotected) BITCOIN becomes a bucket of SNOT! What can you buy with snot? Not Even KLEENEX!!
      If you haven’t been paying attention: There is a Transformer Station, I shall not say where. That is totally unprotected. The “government” ignores this issue. This Transformer station has been attacked in the past, to try to knock it out and cause a NATIONAL blackout! TWICE! THIS EMP will not affect our vehicles, BUT NO Bank in America without electricity will be AVAILABLE TO ANYONE…BITCOIN? PUHLEEESE~

  24. Weckstein says:

    Jack’s dilemma is what most parents feel. Tim’s lack of family make most people less willing to agree with his side. However, Tim is not wrong, he just cannot know for sure that his stance as a parent would be the same as a single guy.
    Ultimately, it is wrong that the government is putting the people in this situation… but it’s the reality. Bend the knee and submit to thee!!!

  25. Mr.BigWater says:

    Love Jack!

  26. Professor_ZZZ says:

    Tim: “Principals, principals, principles all the way down until I’m brave heart getting stretched out by the English!!!!”

    Also Tim: “give me that sweet stinky YT ad revenue until It’s lucrative enough that I don’t have to self-censor any longer”

    • Aarin81 says:

      Man I say that every night.Tim you talk all big on principles and the censorship on YouTube but then you get on your knees every night and unzip YouTube’s pants and please your Tech overlords..I listen to Tim everyday and agree with about 90% of what he says but also he is 35 I didn’t know dick when I was 35 and claim to be as smart and wise as Tim dose

  27. Deutscher says:

    3% growth minus 13% inflation = -10% GDP growth

  28. Professor_ZZZ says:

    Additionally, Tim has retreated from every place he’s ever lived in his entire life. Telling everyone all the while to stand your ground. Maybe strap up and go do a 2A walk through Manhattan see how that shakes out. Tim’s getting pretty hypocritical these days.

    • b_rude13@rocketmail.com says:

      Tim left places because of violence and lawlessness, not because of the government. How is that hypocritical for him to tell people to stand their ground against government mandates?

  29. Professor_ZZZ says:

    When the government finally fucks Tim in the ass, and strips him of his company, and takes his kids (that he won’t ever have), he can sit in the jail cell and think to himself: “I stood my ground”

  30. sartoraaus@gmail.com says:

    Tim, when you justify your decision to avoid financial ruin by not breaking your VICE contract while simultaneously criticizing parents for avoiding political action to benefit their children you’re being hypocritical. When you modify your language on Youtube to protect your empire, but, then criticize corporate employees for doing the safe, you’re being intellectually dishonest.

    When you pretend that you can empathize with parents while claiming that there is nothing that you possess that the government could leverage against you for compliance, you’re not being honest.

    Maybe one day we can discuss how the story of Abraham being asked to sacrifice his only son by the God and how this story brought into question the conflict between the responsibilities of a free individual pitted against the responsibilities of a loving parent.

  31. guzzi27012 says:

    When you hand your money over to the teller it is no longer your money. Look it up. Also maybe this new IRS rule for reporting $600 is a red herring to keep people from making runs on banks.

  32. GalaxyWhoop says:

    Why are members area comments viewable without logging in and also searchable using Google search? I thought the members area was supposed to be a secret place for only members to share ideas and only members to see the ideas of other members. I posted some crazy ideas that probably only Timcast fans would appreciate and it is searchable on Google search.

    • fellowshipotr52@gmail.com says:

      Very concerning. I rarely comment cuz I can’t figure out how to change my username from my email, and if anybody can read these I definitely won’t be commenting 99% of the time.

      • UppityG says:

        Take 2.
        @Fellow, send an email to the members (at) timcast (dot) com and ask them to change it to whatever you prefer and they will, though it might take about a week. I ended up having to cc the spintheufo (at) gmail (dot) com and corrections (at) timcast (dot) com so more eyeballs would see my urgent request. I also said if it would speed up getting it done, feel free to delete any of my then existing comments. Here it is 6 mos later and the tech team still hasn’t resolved it? Not a good sign. Here’s what I was told back then:
        “On Thursday, March 18, 2021 7:54 PM, Members Accounts wrote:
        Hi again UppityG,
        The issue with usernames is, when you first signed up, we had growing pains and had to migrate to bigger Servers. This led to outage where a lot of accounts were in an incomplete state. And we had to create them by hand (over 2000 people). We had literally everyone in the house working nonstop on it.
        Rather than ask people for their preferred username? we just used your email, And Resolved that we would later fix it.. In the Chaos of the moment – it was a “quick fix” that seemed like the right thing?
        Turns out: Later when we tried plugins to let You Change your own username – all of them failed and broke our test sites. So it Became an issue that we need to develop code for in-house. I know because I was scouring bug reports & trying to test solutions.
        At that point: the only thing we could do is recreate your Account for you with your Choice of username. But since you already have comments? It would wipe out everything.
        The first person who helped you was: Andreas.
        I’m: Ben
        and finally: our Developer had to go into the site and manually Change your username in the database.
        Username Changes is currently one of our Highest Priority features, behind only fixing Payments & Login problems.
        We want to make sure all our users are Happy, and We’re Sorry you had this experience!”

        Now that I see (before I log in) our Members Only comments are visible to the general public, this is even more urgent than I realized back when I first signed up.

  33. AuntieBarb says:

    Got some bad news for you guys–they eliminated the 10% banking reserve in the early days of this pandemic.. (March 26th 2020) so the banks no longer even need to hold 10% reserve–they can loan it ALL out. https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/reservereq.htm

  34. kgres1 says:

    Bill Clinton also signed NAFTA in 1993.

  35. RPascucci says:

    If Tim keeps giving the guests high end whiskey he better start live streaming on site because things will get way to heated for youtube lol. Great show tonight.

  36. SReiske says:

    You can always get a cashiers check. My grandmother took out 30 grand in cashiers check no questions asked. This was a bank in Hawaii.

  37. Rene says:

    We all been in to the arcades where you take your dollar you place it into the coin machine, then you get the coins that only work at that particular arcade. Inside these arcades you have 2 choices, play regular video games or you play games that you win tickets. Once you have those tickets you can go to the display case and buy products with those tickets. It is a mini economy in itself. That is a digital world that we’re moving into. Environments where you take your traditional Fiat and you exchange it for a digital token that gives you access to interact with in a certain environment 🙂

  38. covfefeovich says:

    OK, pet peeve triggered. Adhering to historical narratives painted by the propagandistic media are not worth spreading. Unfuck the propaganda, and you can unfuck your own understanding. Get your fucking facts straight on this one.

    Bill Clinton fought tooth and nail to continue deficit spending, right up until congress flipped for the first time since the great depression. The budget got balanced and only ran a surplus after Gingrich had a congressional majority and enough political will and clout to get Slick Willie to go along. The “slick” term used to describe claiming victory for his defeats was coined as “triangulation”. Gingrich has been continuously vilified for that reason more than any thing else.

    Losing was a very hard pill for the party of slavery to swallow. The party of slavery has always been about slavery, be it actual slavery, debtors slavery, or the more recent embrace of slavery via communist ideology. The fact that you jokers finally realized it is what is new. You are at least 60 years late. Reagan red pilled in the late 1950’s. Probably more like 180 years too late. The period following Andrew Jackson was maybe the first inflection point for the party of slavery.

    Yuri Bezmenov described what was happening contemporaneously, not as a future prediction but as a commentary on contemporary changes already in progress during the prior two generations.

    History did not begin the day we begin paying attention, things have been fucked for a long time. Unfucking the cluster is always the challenge and the cluster has been fucked long and hard and lubricant free. Cluster fucking is synonymous with the phrase “human history”. Start with unfucking your own interpretations of the propaganda you were fed before you realized you were being fed a steady diet of misinformational lies. Cognitive dissonance is real and a true challenge for everyone trying to unfuck their individual heads.

    The lies did not start recently. “Remember the Maine” is a clear warning to continuously question the narratives. Especially our own.

    • covfefeovich says:

      Fuck….I wrote so many words….

    • covfefeovich says:

      Banking has always been a ledger. It was even made into a Christmas movie 80 years ago. Try “It’s a Wonderful Life”. It is also a decent rudimentary documentary of how basic banking functions. FWIW, after 20+ years in banking IT, someone would have been fired if a transfer had disappeared like that at any of those places. Credit unions are an entirely less scrupulously rigorous animal.

      Most businesses would use a credit card for petty cash. Using cash for that is so 1990’s. 😮

    • NoOne123 says:

      You’re absolutely right on historical revisionism and propaganda at work. It is fucking HARD to navigate your way to the truth these days and come to the correct conclusions. We’ve been so unbelievably fucked for a long time. If anyone wants some perspective watch and listen to Reagans, “A Time For Choosing” speech. My older brother recommended it to me after i started getting into political ideologies. I watched it and my eyes just went wide and was like, “oh…..my god we’ve been conquered and fucked for a LONG time…..”

      Take note of how the crowd is dressed and what they look like as well

      • covfefeovich says:

        Yup. There is Paul Harvey monologue from the same period(mid 1960s) that sounds like a Cassandra prognostication today. The permanent gub’mint has been at it for a long time. The civil service act spawned consequences far worse than anything that oozed out of the spoils system.

    • covfefeovich says:

      Bringing the receipts – Reference document, Gingrich’s “Contract with America”. You will not find Slick Willie advocating a balanced budget ANYWHERE before the 1994 election.

    • Rawdog says:

      Wow, that was awesome.
      We are so fucked…
      But it is good to know that there are others who see the same shit I do on this sinking ship.

    • gilliardgary@yahoo.com says:

      As someone who was an active political observer, concerned about deficit spending, former resident of Arkansas, and a middle aged financial professional during the time he served as President, I agree with COVFEFEOVICH’s entire comment about Clinton and Gingrich. I have a couple of points of clarification and to add to COVFEFEOVICH’s original comment about the characterization made by Jack during the Clinton years. First, this balanced budget only went on for one or two years. Second, it was made possible because Reagan defied the Democrats and pushed so hard that the Soviet Union formally collapsed under Bush which creating the so-called peace dividend which Clinton used to gut the military. I hate any conversation that paints Clinton as some sort of great statesman politician that bridged the political divide. He has always an extremely corrupt politician going back to his early Arkansas days and his wife, unbelievably, is three or four times worse than he was.

      • covfefeovich says:

        Thanks gilliardgary, agree with your points also.

        Addendum: After acknowledging the idea that all of the important cultural institutions have been infiltrated and controlled by far leftist CommIntern sorts, I am always amazed to see that so many somehow think the GOP was left pristine and un-infiltrated. The GOP is just as full of Kommie moles as everything else. There is always the backstabber(a.k.a. “moderate”) that emerges whenever the Kommies are near to losing a meaningful vote in Congress. A better example might be Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords. Mitt Ro-Money. John McQuacken. And if they can’t beat a vote, the judiciary steps up to do the dirty work.

        If anyone thinks that eradicating the rino moles is a simple, easy process, please do proceed with the demonstration of technique.

        If being coerced into wearing practice burkas and showing papers to get food can’t move people from their idealistic fantasy ideology, what will? It is too late once they slam the cattle car door for their trip to the gulag in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.

  39. alex.pcmobiletech@gmail.com says:

    Yes, we should just carry around gold. People act like we would need wheelbarrels, but a single ounce of gold, roughly the size of a half dollar, is 1800$. So if the majority of people have less than 1k, litterally everyone could carry around there life savings in there pocket with no issue. the reason we moved to paper money, because gold was too cumbersome, is because most people actually had decent savings. But ill tell you right now, i have 20k in gold, and it would fit in my jeans pocket and no weigh me down in the slightest.

    • guzzi27012 says:

      First I agree. Now who is going to take the gold? No one in the general population knows what it is worth. The 16yo cashier is certainly not going to take it. So you could still have a pocket full of gold and starve

  40. NoOne123 says:

    There are very few things in the world that will cause me to turn pale and shit blood and thinking about the economy and how money works is one of them.

    Does anyone have any recommended reading or resources for learning about finance and the economy?

    I’ve read
    – Basic Ecnomics by Thomas Sowell
    – Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman

    are there others i should look into and other resources available?

  41. Element says:

    What happens if you try to walk into a bank and ask for your money? The president can say it’s a “bank holiday” and close it so they don’t have to pay you then.

  42. Element says:

    There was no real budget surplus under Clinton. He took money out of the social security trust fund. Every year the amount owned to intra-governmental holdings increased by a larger amount than the alleged surplus.

  43. Element says:

    Inflation is an increase in the money supply. Government and their loyal economists have tried to redefine it as an increase in prices but that is only a distraction from the true cause of inflation which is anywhere and always the government/banks. Inflation is the cause and price increases is the effect. Prices can rise for reasons other than inflation such as supply shocks but that isn’t inflation. Prices can even fall when there is inflation. In that scenario prices could have fallen even more if it wasn’t for inflation.

    • GalaxyWhoop says:

      Show me your sources. I thought Jack Murphey was right on the money. Fwiw, I don’t think Tim Pool is too sharp with truly understanding finance even though he is super smart with other stuff. Jack on the other hand seems to totally understand finance.

  44. MattRam90 says:

    Jack “strawman” Murphy

  45. CNN_sucks says:

    Vaccines mandate is tyranny.

  46. MaineWolf says:

    Fucck, sorry

  47. aaronschuck says:

    Became a member the other day. Totally worth it.

  48. KVanBogart says:

    How did Tim know what Ian had in his account? Tim transferred 7,000 into Ian’s account just so he could tweak him in this segment.

  49. Bjorkman says:

    The Airline Polit does not “want” to enforce the masks on the plane but has to … Tim thinks the airline pilot is wrong…

    But yet every day obeys YouTubes rules, letting them piss on freespeech rights…
    Its the same thing.. they bot do things they dont want to but have to in order to fight or fly another day

    • Chuker2s says:

      YESSS. He’s so fucking hypocritical about that point. Like bro, put yourself in Jacks shoes. I was never so close to revoking my membership. Hopefully Tim tries to make it up if not, you’ve lost a 3 year listener…

      • GalaxyWhoop says:

        It’s not that big of a deal! Lol

        Tim is an idealist. Kind of like a super smart teenager who thinks he has the whole world figured out but when he gets older he will realize that the rules of life can not be defined so easily. But Tim is 35 years old and he’s still a super smart teenager. Lol

        • Free4All says:

          Haha exactly. When Tim has said in the past that he will be totally fine if America goes to shit because he can just live off the land in his wilderness and survive…completely missing the point that if we fall into communist or political tyranny, the government will not think of It as Tim’s land that he is free to live off of. I love Tim, but at times I think he has a hard time really grasping the bigger picture. He also goes the YouTube line and has a job that allows him to live wherever he wants. Kudos to him for getting himself into that position and at current climate that pays off for him. Sadly for most people that is not their position. And It isn’t as easy as just quitting everything and moving away.

        • Bjorkman says:

          hahaha man that is 100% accurate .

    • Anony says:

      He’s not violating anybody’s rights by following YouTube’s rules. He’s trying to get more people aware of what he’s doing and if you break YouTube’s rule he’s gone overnight. It’s a completely different situation than violating somebody’s rights directly

  50. wastlerb says:

    Jack Murphy needs to talk with Bob Murphy (https://www.bobmurphyshow.com/). He’ll help Jack understand fractional reserve banking and money being made out of nothing by his and all banks. No bank has sufficient assets to cover its liabilities.

    • scottrpaxton@gmail.com says:

      Exactly! Thank you! I was thinking the exact same thing. For every $10.00 you deposit the bank only needs to hold $1.00. The bank can now loan out the other $9.00.

  51. BoycottCHYNA says:

    I’m a northern VA native, #walkaway, father of two.
    We’ll come homestead for you.
    Just need a roof and some soil.

    Hollah at ya boi.

    Familiar with native species and wild edibles.

  52. BoycottCHYNA says:

    Who uses centralized banks anymore?

    Are you kidding?

    Credit unions, duh?

  53. Bmwc94 says:

    Roberto for president a chicken can fix the country like it can fix your dinner. Brainless mindless and only does as told your old politicians. Vote chicken now and get mashed potatoes on the side.

  54. NastyPaul says:

    Tim “JackPot” Pool

  55. FenixAurora says:

    You should bring on Richard Grove and Prof. Tony Meyers. They host the Grand theft world a weekly 7 hour deep dive into the stories of the previous week.

  56. Brozumaki says:

    The friend he mentioned is Adam lol I remember this story of the bank

  57. DorseyWoods says:

    Dude I had the exact same Bank of America experience when I was 19 but they didn’t give me anything. I just paid the almost $300 of overdraft and negative balance fees and closed the account. I literally have never had a bank account since and I’m 41. I cash my paychecks with a local business who’s owners I am friends with. No credit cards and no payments on anything but my mortgage and that’s in a family member’s name. Cash for everything cars and all… If I can’t afford it I don’t buy it (other than my house because I refuse to pay rent $ to live somewhere I have no control over).

    • GalaxyWhoop says:

      Nice thing about having 5 different bank accounts is that I’m always trying to make sure I have at least a thousand dollars in each account because I don’t want anything to bounce so I end up saving a lot more money than I would if all my money was in one place.

      • DorseyWoods says:

        I’m not holding USD at all other than living expenses. I invest/diversify all of it. The dollar is trash and will get much worse in the coming years. No interest in watching the steady devaluation of my hard earned money.

  58. FenixAurora says:

    Jack has Uncle Sam’s boot so far down his throat that it would be stupifying, were it not for observing this same sheepish behavior in thousands of other brain dead, govt simps.
    He loves that government authority so much
    that he is defending fractional reserve banking. Tim is a very confused and inconsistent minarchist but Jack is just a raging statist, and hes proud of it.

    • Javier_Pwns says:

      Wow Jack is based 💪

    • Keysersozay says:

      He’s a good man. this article’s bias tries to frame otherwise but if your IQ is over 9 you can see right through it

    • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

      The html alone is a red flag for fake news/smear piece.

    • Dozeji says:

      Uhm.. I am not going to give credibility to an article that proclaims Jack Posobiec a “Neo-Fascist propagandist” and claims that Mike Cernovich, who has disagreed with Trump a bunch, is also lumped into this group.

      Frankly put, this article you’re citing is a hit piece/smear piece, not an actual journalistic piece, one that stands in direct ideological opposition to the people they’re describing. For God’s sakes, the site is labeled “On the Frontlines of Antifa” and the articles have titles like “Making Proud Boys cry”

  59. PseudoSwede says:

    Inherent (and implied) in the word ‘forecast’ is the accuracy of what essentially amounts to, at best, an “educated” guess.

  60. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    M&T sucks a bag of dicks. They’ve dicked me out of so much money back when I was broke, and also got sued for doing really weird prioritization of charges to facilitate overdraft charges. The overdraft thing happened like ten or fifteen years ago, but there was a BIG thing that happened because of them being assholes.

    Fuck M&T; misery & thieves.

  61. Mel Lester says:

    Off topic but the left wants to mandate vaccines what if Texas mandated condom use for everyone not willing to get pregnant and kept abortions legal but rare?

    I know this isn’t a real tactic but would be fucking funny to watch the lefts heads explode.

    • PseudoSwede says:

      Hey— whoa, whoa, whoa; are you seriously suggesting that people be held to account for the consequences of their own sexual actions?!?!

      Like “DON’T stick it in unless you’re entirely prepared to deal with the potential consequences of what might come out (possibly 9 months, or worse, IMMEDIATELY after the fact)?

      And I thought I was the only one…;)

  62. Goodwin1776 says:

    Had trouble with buffering on this one. First time.

  63. RyanShhit says:

    Both Jack and Tim are accurate about banking. I had zero issues with withdrawing money when I had > a few grand to take out. However, I had a settlement from a lawsuit many years ago. When I wanted to withdrawal an amount over 50k in cash, I was told they had 20k on hand and I could request an additional amount but it could take up to 5 business days for any amount up to the full amount within my account.

  64. jkbravo3 says:

    Ah…anybody know this slot machine knowledge…I’d love to pay off my student loans quicker…

    • Demosthenes says:

      Copy and paste from my reply to another comment:

      I forget which video he explained this in (it was most likely a member’s only post), but it’s not like he just walks up to a slot machine and puts the minimum bet in and wins a jackpot after one time. He has to keep putting money in to figure out the “random number” algorithm, and then he can predict when the jackpot will happen. So his total winnings after the jackpot is only a small amount of money more than what he had to put in. And the big problem with that is that the government taxes you on your winnings without taking into account the amount of money you had put in to win, so that you actually end up losing money overall.

      There’s a very simple and easy to understand algorithm to winning at roulette. You just need enough money to reach the “jackpot”, but the problem is that in order to game the system you need an exorbitant amount of money.

  65. MFnHammer says:

    COULDN’T even watch this podcast after Jacks straw manning arguments. ESPECIALLY about his kids. He ABSOLUTELY has the means to move them OUT of the D.istrict of C.ORRUPTION. PERIOD, even inb4 custody ‘issues’.

    Then there was the nuke authorization, WHICH was ANOTHER strawman argument! USED to like his opinions, UNTIL the realization of him being a literal social engineer.

    The ‘think tanks’/lobbyists are what’s immediately wrong with the D.istrict of C.orruption. Who do they get their marching orders from, the MFrs(money funders, ie ‘elites’, what THEY call them selves!). Then you can blame the #CORRUPTcapitolhilll(who accept the money, which is 95%+ of BOTH ‘sides’) politicians. Then there are the bureaucrats who have revolving doors insides these ‘institutions’, ect. Trump said all this in a round about way, BUT then hired from WITHIN said institutions. He’s either an idiot, thinking he had to, to ‘get things done’, OR…….. He was a strawman himself, and a wakeup call to the ‘elites’, being they either push their agenda(eugenics, MANY of whom are on record of such, or at the very least their parents). That’s why the ‘forification'(stealing) of the election. Just wish the window licking msm propaganda sheep would realize it all, first they came for……. then they came for…. until there was NO ONE left to speak out!

    Look up the smith-mundt act of ’12. It wasn’t passed as a ‘stand-alone’ bill, BUT it was included in the NDAA of either the same year, or ’13. It legalized LITERAL propaganda. That’s what the MF’rs(money funders) use to run said psyops/propaganda.

  66. munchhasen says:

    Book Robert Barnes just saying.

  67. jrockjlaw007 says:

    Jack with the blue pill shill.

  68. munchhasen says:

    Ian is on his best behavior today. Either that or his meds kicked in

  69. flanned2 says:

    The economy is not growing and hasn’t grown until we reach back past 2019 levels of economic growth. You are arguing from your ass tonight and it is rather annoying. Tim is right on this particular issue. Growth cannot be measured by simply looking at adding new jobs to the economy or gdp increasing. There are record job openings, inflation is out of control and there are mass resignations happening even in my own little town.

  70. lettergram says:

    Tim & Jack, regarding vaccines.

    We don’t know the risks. I wish we could say that all publicly. I understand people believe they are safe and perhaps they are. But we don’t know, we actually don’t have evidence they are. The moderna vaccine is still in phase 1 trials: https://www.modernatx.com/covid19vaccine-eua/providers/clinical-trial-data

    That being said I’ve taken advanced bioengineering courses where we discussed and used mRNA, RNA and CRISPR technology (albeit basic). I’ve read many of the papers that are available about the vaccine and related tech.

    It is indeed amazing tech and I’m convinced it’ll solve 100% of our medical issues. I’m also convinced it will kill everyone on the planet at some point. For what it’s worth everyone I know in this field have similar concerns.

    The particular issues related to the mRNA vaccines were discussed by Brett Weinstein and others. Even in the FDA approval insert, they admit we have no idea on the efficacy or safety of these drugs. That is why they have something like 13 required studies. I disagree with Jack, I would defend my kids by any means against taking these vaccines. We also know these institutions are not accurately reporting what is going on and have actively lied (see opioid crisis) in the past.

    That being said, I would do my best to explain to my children the risk. There’s a significant risk of damage to various organs (as admitted by the CDC). Heart damage is a known risk, implying a significant chance of long-term risks as well, as hearts damage often goes unnoticed and is long-lasting. There’s also unknown risks: reproductive health, mental, genetic, etc.

    If the children still want to take the vaccine, I think they’re clearly old enough to understand. To me this isn’t a decision the parents should make alone. However, I also don’t think saying they are “probably safe” or anything to that effect is honest or accurate. The elderly have a high risk of COVID19 mortality and should get the vaccine, everyone else below 60 it’s really not clear.

    • aphix says:

      CRISPR has shown to produce many (sometimes catastrophic), unexpected downstream effects.

      If you are under 50 with zero co-morbidities it is a clear fact that the risks at this point are known to be higher with any of the current mandated, patented, pharmaceutical injection treatments than without.

    • aphix says:

      I’m agreeing, by the way; I think I write/speak/think in the accent of “asshole,” forgive me.

    • NeverMetTheGuy says:

      It would be phenomenal if comments, statements, and conversations about that could happen on mainstream websites, and in public. This evening I had a remarkably similar (not nearly as well studied as your statement was, but related) conversation with a lady friend that thinks it’ll be fine. Meanwhile, a friend that’s working a federal job that’s forcing mandates may lose his job, AND pension. Until tonight I haven’t heard anyone talking about issues regarding federal employees losing their pension got non compliance, and this is a man I’ll trust with my life.

      This website is fantastic so far for conversation… Hopefully we’ll be able to see replies at some point without actually checking the page.

    • Obrown535@gmail.com says:

      Isn’t there evidence now showing the vaccine is more dangerous to teenage boys than contracting Covid-19? It has been linked to myocarditis if I’m remembering right.

  71. aphix says:

    Everyone nailed it tonight.

    Some silly repetition of assumptions without simply looking up the clear answer (as per usual), but great conversations nonetheless.

    I think Jack deserves more credit in his points, they were honest and steadfastly clear and strong.

    You all got some learning to do with regard to crypto/econ, and ffs give credit to shadowstats.com for that inflation chart, that dude puts in the work hard and it’s weak to only credit him as “superstonk says” (also don’t listen to them, it’s pump ‘n dump BS and shitcoins, too late before you see it, I guarantee; shadowstats is a great example of stuff that “people in the know” follow regularly but don’t post unless they want to ruin a great resource).

    P.S. Ian look up “tech company bullshit generator.”

  72. Apollo.crypto says:

    I’m sorry but tonight’s comparison of our banking system to Bitcoin and the other general crypto talk made me want to drill my eyes out

    Love y’all

  73. Scorpion911 says:

    Tim Crew, you have a typo on the video page:

    “Video With Finish Encoding in A Minute”

  74. owanobi says:

    Man if Tim is so good at winning jackpots, why doesn’t he just go to every single casino and keep winning jackpots. I know the dude is already rich but just seems like easy money to me, especially when he says how easy it supposedly is.

    • Demosthenes says:

      I forget which video he explained this in (it was most likely a member’s only post), but it’s not like he just walks up to a slot machine and puts the minimum bet in and wins a jackpot after one time. He has to keep putting money in to figure out the “random number” algorithm, and then he can predict when the jackpot will happen. So his total winnings after the jackpot is only a small amount of money more than what he had to put in. And the big problem with that is that the government taxes you on your winnings without taking into account the amount of money you had put in to win, so that you actually end up losing money overall.

      There’s a very simple and easy to understand algorithm to winning at roulette. You just need enough money to reach the “jackpot”, but the problem is that in order to game the system you need an exorbitant amount of money.

    • Plaguen says:

      The trick is he sends wave after wave of his own dollars until the limit is reached.

  75. jbaybi.vapes@gmail.com says:

    Thank you for getting me back in @timcast crew!

  76. Devon says:

    Why yes Jack, I would like to walk around with a giant fucking pile of gold. I would find that much more agreeable . Our overlords would have a much harder time knowing about it and demanding it from me .

  77. ShooterMcKevin says:

    Jack isn’t paying attention to what’s going on economically. The amount of research you need to do to see the scrambling pile of ants on wallstreet is exhausting. It’s the big short all over again, and everyone still refuses to see it…. AGAIN.

    Go on superstonk and read. Plenty of memes and GME talk, but tons of general market related stuff to have you worried.

    • Tribe39 says:

      Yep its going to be epic 💩show. It’s basic economics combined with a demoralize public who just doesn’t care any more.

    • aphix says:

      You’re so close. UVXY, SQQQ, VIX,

      *cough* ETH *cough*(Tim’s got some learning to do there, too; it’s far more literally useful than any other crypto right now — at the very least you can do more that “look at it” and “trade it” — it’s the internets’ computer and code *is* law.)

  78. Plaguen says:

    Jack droppin bombs, F bombs.