INSANE Conspiracy About Vaccines And Aliens Gets The Crew Laughing, Tim Has CREEPY Dream About Feds Taking Arresting Conservatives

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INSANE Conspiracy About Vaccines And Aliens Gets The Crew Laughing, Tim Has CREEPY Dream About Feds Taking Arresting Conservatives

173 responses to “INSANE Conspiracy About Vaccines And Aliens Gets The Crew Laughing, Tim Has CREEPY Dream About Feds Taking Arresting Conservatives”

  1. garyha says:

    Not to worry, dreams are software to find out what your response would be to situations surely.
    In that case it was: If offered luxury/safety, what would Tim decide and do? You never said.

    Much like the stress test code that runs on Microsoft computers overnight.

    What weirds me out about them:
    1. I’ve never looked at my feet/shoes
    2. Only once looked up and the sky was odd as if low res like they didn’t put much into that
    3. Often seems like a very humid warm planet/environment, and for me, seemingly after an apocalypse

    Dreams: Surely someone like angels aka aliens gathering info about us but not even that well written.

  2. nfsmm says:

    Luke’s representation of that video with Schiff is technically correct, but not truthful and it’s missing the point completely. You have to be a cultist or a hater to not to see this. I like them both so it’s not a problem for me at all. Peter could not have been clearer that he doesn’t like either of them and would only support romney as the slightly lesser of two evils, that’s literally the end of it. Luke sensationalised the title in a completely disingenuous way and misrepresent not words, but meaning of what Peter told him. That’s annoying.

  3. MJ_Aruffo says:

    MORE MALICE please and thank you!

    • says:

      Remember our history. Remember the IRA. Half of America wants freedom and to work. Work has meaning. To sit is meaningless. Will of the people will bring us back together no matter the bs they pull. Wegained our freedom as farmers and locals of townships, now we are of veterans and local gun owners. They are scared and the only way for them to be truly protected is for them to get us to vote away our rites. Wont happen.

  4. IanG says:

    Back sometime around 2007 I had a dream where the skies were dark, the moon was red and I could see silhouettes of guard watch towers in the background. I ran into my dad who told me to gather whatever was the most important to me and store it inside a small container. My wife (fiance at the time) and I hid under ground in a sort of bunker. Nazi-like soldiers found us and took us to another bunker location. They separated us into two rooms. I was held at gun point and all I could think of was my fiance and how to relieve her of suffering the same fate. What did the Nazi-like soldiers want to know? It wasn’t whether I was a patriot, militia member or anti-establishment. They wanted to know if I believed in Christ or not. I had no choice but to tell the truth and the moment they pulled the trigger I woke up raising from the bed in a panic thinking it was all 100% real. It took me several seconds to realize I was still alive and in my own bed in my own room. Some dreams are indeed different.

  5. Cerevo says:

    Love MM, he’s totally right about not getting a monkey. Also, did not know BF wrote a piece on farting, definitely a must read!

  6. EtherTea says:

    Luke was VERY misleading about what Peter said. Ron Paul was out of the race at the time of the video and then Luke said PETER was the one throwing chairs at the debate. I watched that too and Max was the one freaking out. I ove you, Luke, but you are scaring me.

  7. Tacsquatch says:

    Wait, is Trump’s uncle the real life equivalent of the Starks in the MCU?? Looking at tech that they may not understand at first, but then developing it and becoming obscenely rich? 😂😂

    • says:

      One thing I haven’t seen or heard anyone mention is John Trump was a Physics Graduate of MIT. I’m not sure about this since it’s been years when I read his Bio. I believe he had a PhD in Physics. That’s why the FBI recruited him in the first place and why they sent John Trump to gather Tesla’s documents/plans. Since he have the capability of understanding to reading the documents/plans. You need to remember what was going in history during 1940’s. Our government was receiving all these scientist from Project Paperclip. The 3 letter agencies needed to understand what these foreign scientists were talking about it and if the information they were receiving was real & true. Who better than our scientist from MIT.

  8. WaterMilan says:

    Will the anunaki accept Bitcoin??🤷

  9. Thndy says:

    You should have Seamus make a cartoon of this Trump-Tesla bit.

  10. jprattie says:

    I once asked a $20/Hr security guard right outside of Wall street why he was protecting a bunch of rich assholes who didn’t give a fuck about him. He said he’d never thought about it that way – and promptly walked off the job right then and there.

    Those who are simply willing to do the bidding of others for some money are always at risk themselves. Those who do and act and fight because they actually believe in something are not subject. Men motivated by the mission and not money are far more dangerous.


  11. jprattie says:

    To that I ask:

    Who is “they”? The “Government” – the government is just made up of people. Nothing more nothing less. Some good, most mediocre, some really bad. And who would enforce a surrender? Men getting paid? The same men subject to the same “rules” as the people they are suppressing? And how much money would it take to pay these “enforcers”? And if money is worth nothing there where is their motivation? President Reagan said during the cold war that he had sons and daughters too – and that kept him in check with regards to a nuclear conflict.

    So again, I ask – who is they?


  12. Greg says:

    The alien “orb” was a premise of the show “The Adventures of Brisco County Junior” with Bruce Campbell.

  13. Willisthehy says:

    I’m a conduit for the elves 😂

  14. skibum says:

    I can’t think of a single high profile left wing person who advocates for or takes a personal stance of refusing to vote. On the “right”, there’s Michael Malice, Scott Adams, Lin Wood, the Q people, Tim until recently, Torba/some Paleocons. Really makes you wonder 🤔

  15. WafflesSensei says:

    Tim, your dream was basically Frodo peering into Galadriel’s mirror. The elves are watching us lol.

  16. Irris30 says:

    We went on vacation last week. On the way we had just crossed the Ohio river from KY and we saw a big silver shiny round like left/west of the sun. My husband was talking to his cousin on the phone and I was checking notifications. I tried to switch to camera as fast as I could and my husband was yelling take a picture take a picture since he was on the phone and couldn’t. Then I lifting the phone without looking and took a pic. I looked at my shot and it was a light blueish glowing round spot left of the sun with rays. It’s not a moon. It moved so fast I saw it a moment and then when I put down my phone I couldn’t see it anymore. It was gone. But I got a picture. Around two years ago I was leaving for work, and I got out a few minutes early, it was 4:50 am and I saw a bright light like a star and it zigged and zagged and zigged and then was gone. So bright and it was not a plane or a chopter. My husband didn’t disbelieve me when I called him then and there, but when we saw that light together he was telling everyone about what we saw.

  17. The_Middling says:

    Really the lesson is that Tim needs to sleep with his phone on another room 😅

    But seriously it’s coming soon I guess.

  18. Skookum says:

    They’ve already gotten Joe Rogan this way (the money etc)…have you heard him talk shit about the Jan 6th people? Damn shame. I can’t listen to him anymore.

  19. Skookum says:

    They’ve already gotten Joe Rogan this way (the money etc)…have you heard him talk shit about the Jan 6th people? Damn shame.

  20. tulgeykat says:

    Some interesting connections to your conversation:

    You’ve heard of The Monroe Institute? The HemiSync Gateway Experience? The one the CIA investigated and has reports on? (it’s pretty cool to play with by the way)

    Robert Monroe created his system after having private “Seth Sessions” with Jane Roberts. Seth claimed to be an energy personality essence no longer in physical form. Early in the first encounters with “Seth” he supposedly showed himself as an apparition to a friend of hers, who drew a sketch of what he saw and it just so happened to look a great deal like an “alien” with the large oblong head, large eyes, tiny mouth – though this resemblance was never acknowledged. Jane channeled material from Seth for decades, in which he described the nature of reality and identity and how to manipulate one’s personal reality using psychological manipulations unbound by time/space limitations. Within the channeled material were also accounts from “Seth 2” – a collective of entities which claim to have designed the blueprints for our reality. They claim to be fascinated with our experience, which they don’t have directly. They claim to watch us and give humans information that can be used to alter the system and experience. They claim to be both our source and sort of larger more encompassing versions of us. Their descriptions of reality remind me of the simulation theory but without the technology aspect. It’s more dream like yet quantum physics based.

    The Monroe Institute created a technology that puts people into trance states which allows for information gathering and experiences outside the bounds of time/space. This technology was quite possibly seeded by Seth/Jane Roberts during sessions which are referred to but which we don’t have transcripts of. It is unknown what happened to the transcripts. Most Seth sessions are kept in the Yale Archives.

    Anyway, one of Robert Monroe’s partners, Tom Campbell, created a theory nicknamed “My Big T.O.E” (theory of everything). It is supposedly rooted in knowledge gained while using the Gateway HemiSync Experience to initiate OBOs. It is very much in line with the Seth narrative about the nature of reality and identity and our origins as humans. Though Tom himself doesn’t seem to have had anything to do with the Seth stuff and Robert Monroe didn’t publicly acknowledge his relationship to it either.

    The Seth material is very much in line with many mystical and occult traditions yet different too.

    Before Jane died in the late 1970s, she predicted the internet, smart homes – the internet of things. There are lots of little things like that in her work which give evidence that the Seth stuff wasn’t just the result of psychosis or fraud.

    Christians, however, tend to be horrified of the Seth stuff – of course.

  21. shawnsbrain66 says:

    My friend got the shot and immediately (within 24 hours) had to have an emergency operation to remove his gallbladder.

  22. Mariajohnstone says:

    Beware of your dream Tim. I know this sounds crazy but I’ve had mundane premonition dreams my entire life. When they are premonition dreams they are vivid and in color. As a kid I didn’t know any better so when the dream would start happening I would actually do something to change it. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true.

    • mikeross84 says:

      I agree completely, I’ve had really weird premonitions before, one was a dream I had when I was 13, and exactly what I had dreamed, down to scent, location, and words verbatim, happened when I was 22. 9 years later, exactly in every way what I had dreamed.

    • TheLegend says:

      bruh same here, but it was usually the most mundane things. like order of events of like I look from this point to this point while someone says a very specific phrase.. that I remember dreaming about the moment is happens. sometimes it’s odd event that I thought were odd weeks or months prior that I remember contemplating the dream for a few day just after the dream. it was kind a way to know it wasn’t just deja vu. but when it was happening I too would try to change things, it was my way of fighting destiny…. idk if it was for the best or not, butterfly effect kind of thing but it happened more often while I was young..

  23. Russ says:

    The “plane of answers” is a place I once visited. There I could see in perfect detail anything I looked at and knew its inner working in every detail. Seemed as though everything was there! Even some other people who gave a quick lesson on how to experience this place effectively.

  24. Russ says:

    Read an article in Scientific American, I believe, back in the late 1980s when Scientific America was yet credible and not a political rag, about a study some researcher did to the human genome looking for evidence of retro viruses in the human DNA. His conclusion was finding three cases of retro virus in human DNA to an extent he suggested three times in the past about 97% of humanity was wiped out by retro viruses. A long and catastrophic history humans have had!

  25. Nabaus says:

    There’s an assumption that the aliens are only using a single industry, the gold harvesting.
    This is merely what they went to their producers with- we have a huge plan to create an entire planet of autonomous life-forms, think of the entertainment and research possibilities. / But it will cost 4,600 metric tonnes of gold to finance this. / OK, we’ll get the humans to harvest gold so the logistics are zero sum.
    The drones we see are the filming of alien reality TV, and when it’s boring they gaslight us by dipping the drone low enough to be seen.

  26. Macatac007 says:

    Tim, everything you said bout Annunaki, up until the jab conspiracy, Niburu, or PlanetX, great research! Luke I went and watched, lesser of 2 evils. He even said Obama is worse…

  27. Macatac007 says:

    Tim, everything you said bout Annunaki, up until the jab conspiracy, Niburu, or PlanetX, great research!

  28. Science_Ben says:

    I joined to watch this, best 10 bucks a month investment ever

  29. AlexMichaelGabriel says:

    I love when the gang talks about these topics as it is very mind bending.

  30. Natemckam13 says:

    “Timmuhfuckinpool makin a foundation!” Made my whole week!

  31. Rockermom96 says:

    Machine elf’s and aliens and feds, oh my!!

  32. prcntm says:

    Sounds like the dream was a lot like the vision Frodo had in Lothlórien when he looked into the Mirror of Galadriel. It didn’t show him the world on fire. It showed him the Shire and what would happen to his friends and family if he didn’t succeed in his quest to destroy the Ring. Your dream is definitely synonymous and is a warning regarding what would happen if the Left gets what if wants and rules this country the way Sauron wanted to rule Middle-Earth.

  33. KethAtril says:

    That dream is the real deal. I myself have had similar issues. I am a lucid dreamer. Have been since I was about five. Hell I can remember that dream like it was yesterday. However since then I have had random dreams that were all to real and on top of that I when I would wake up not only would I retain them I would also have weird memories that did not fit with my current life. Well any how when I was around seven I started a dream journal to log it all. What made them so weird was some times I would look like myself and some times I had a random appearance. Some times I would be younger than I am and sometimes I would be older. After being married for a few year i spoke to my father in law about them and he looked me dead in the eyes and told me. What makes you think they are all dreams. Maybe they are all you in parallel worlds. What I am say is sometimes a dream is just a dream. Then sometimes maybe a dream is not a dream. Well that is just my thoughts on all that.

    Once again great segment looking forward to more and Iove reading the articles. Thanks to everyone that make it work.

  34. RubiconSlav says:

    I heard Tim talk about being nervous about the state of the nation but his eyes have never really conveyed nervousness or fear. When he talked about the dream I saw a hint of nervousness/fear. Shits getting real and I hope people are physically and spiritually readying themselves to stand their ground and stand for their principles.

    • BethanyJM23 says:

      …In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams….

    • BethanyJM23 says:

      …In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. It’s no accident Tim dreamt this dream. Events like this will continue with greater & GREATER frequency.

      • tulgeykat says:

        Who is YHWY? Who are the Elohim? Why are there 2 creation stories? Why are the English versions mistranslated? What exactly does the word “heaven” refer to? What does the word “host” mean – in the context of “Lord of the Host of Heaven?”

        What exactly did Ezekiel see? Was it really just a dream? Just a metaphor? If you saw what he claimed to see, how would you interpret that today?

        Who or what are you actually devoted to?

  35. severslates says:

    Listen all I am going to say is I am a Gorilla. Seriously though when man is gone will the machine elves have a chance?

  36. Tristan says:

    Due to one of Tim’s videos a couple months back I decided to go ahead and read Brave New world, it was concerning to say the least. I saw several parallels, from the subtle indoctrination and focus on constant gratification to the sexual promiscuity and disdain for the thought of children. Makes me concerned for the future.

    • IanG says:

      Just read the bible and what happened to Israel and the people every time they abandoned God or engaged in debauchery. It’s all spelled out in one book and no one will read it.

  37. Crazylarry says:

    You just based your premise on the Stargate movie, and you say it sucks. You’re so original. This is worse than the time Peter tried to get out of jury duty by pretending to be racist.

    • LostMarbles says:

      Stargate + Canceled (from South Park) + Cowboys vs. Aliens + The Day the Earth Stood Still + more I haven’t seen probably. Not original at all.

  38. Bundy says:

    That twitch Tim does for the kill switch finger click, fuuuuucken miiint!

  39. Omni_Codex says:

    I love how Tim thinks he has to preface his beliefs before every “conspiracy theory.” It’s cringe.

  40. benben says:

    I believe it was Zecharia Sitchin that came out with a book the twelfth planet that details what Luke and Tim talk about regarding this planet that comes around every so often. these same aliens created us as a slave race to mine gold. very interesting research to read into.

    but a virus programmed into our dna by the aliens?? haven’t heard that before. who came up with that?

  41. Fxs888 says:

    Holy shit! Ian is right.

    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you”
    Oscar Wilde

  42. RogueReaper77 says:

    Hey all, quick question anyone know if the Malice books are on audio book or an equivalent. Don’t read as much and is much easier if I can listen in podcast format for slow days at work or doing household shit.

  43. directorofawesome says:

    Malice is good

  44. MigL says:

    2 things:
    1: the finger point at Malice was great, “BUT, included in our genome, MiCHaEl!” Was rewinded multiple times 😂

    2: the fact that Michael heard there was a kill switch in humans and immediately called for the extermination of all humans multiple times was gold, pun intended.

  45. KDiddy says:

    I love the alien conspiracies and I’m exactly like Tim in the sense that I like to consider them and then think of what a great movie it would all make. They have quite a few movies out there already, that use the terminology of the UFO conspiracy circles, such as grey, annunaki, etc. Were not the only ones considering it. The movies aren’t super high quality but who needs that when you’ve got an imagination.

    I think… they’ll send Bezos and Zuckerberg into space together, the ship gets abducted and then the war begins. It’s not until a millenia later that we find out bezos and zuck are the leaders of the “aliens” but they really just donned a bio enhancement at the space station that China put up there and started kicking our asses with a hybrid cyborg/clone army of hyperactive angry Joe Rogans. (My internet went out so this is my entertainment now) What we didn’t know, is that zuck and bezos battled in space for command of the hybrid army and although zuck won, they do battle every millenia for control. This may be our only chance. *Queue Terminator 2 intro music and insert star wars laser beam noises.

  46. WafflesSensei says:

    They did make that movie. It’s called Battlefield Earth. 😉

  47. dariuswu says:

    love michael interview with PBD.

  48. Brycedag says:

    Did Ian really say “Tweaking their tits” 😂😂

  49. jtrob20 says:

    Tim, I just want to say thank you for doing this. I love the movement and I feel the conviction you have when speaking. Excited to enjoy the ride. It’s funny, the youtube algo/Joe Rogan introduced me to you & ever since, I have expanded my mind in many ways, so for that, again, thank you.

  50. Danlove1989 says:

    I am terrified of Biden saying snitch on your neighbor. Then Tim saying Kyle will get life…..if he does I honestly do not see how things can turn around.

  51. JoshLeBlanc says:

    I have the documents

  52. Northern says:

    Peter Schiff is literally wrong about everything and it’s hilarious. Please have him on and reality check him.

  53. worttito says:

    First comment on Timcast: I will find a way to work for him.

  54. omegahunter9 says:

    I think the movie would be more entertaining if the elites were getting a killswitch installed by using the vaccine.

  55. Zachhernan says:


  56. apann says:

    Tim idk if you read these or not but ive had a dream that was “different”. I was crying in my bed depressed and i shot myself with a chrome long barreled revolver. Rest of the dream i heard my dad scream and cry and i felt air go in and out of the back of my head. Ive had a few of these, in all of them i die but hear and feel everything around me. Theyre so vivid it feels real. Im scared ive died before but thats insane to say. Ive also had a dream i had dementia and cried when i woke up because i could remember things, it was the acid that did that one. The others were just normal nights. Last weird thing about the “different” dreams is im always well rested after no matter how long or short i slept.

  57. Whatnofish says:

    try reading about the doggon tribe of Africa.. their Tribal History talks about a race of “Amphibians endowed with reason” from Sirius B, who created a humanoid creature (us) that could follow basic instructions to help them…when the work was complete Nommo (god)the leader loved what he created and told them to build a boat and as many as possible to get on it as the valley is to be flooded…
    this is a ancient tribe from Mali so not a conspiracy theory totally.

    • ssullivan says:

      Not just the Doggon. There are more than 500 references to the flood worldwide in ancient cultures. I believe atleast 62 have been determined to be completely independent from one another (as in not influenced by Abrahamist religions). Most put the date at around 12k years ago which coincides with the sinking of atlantis AND Gobekli Tepi.

      Many, including Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock had hypothesized that a comet or meteor on the north american ice shelf was likely the cause of the great deluge, and now with the Greenland comet, it’s looking more likely.

      It wasnt just the Doggon with the theory of Sirius B. Most ancient cultures have similar beliefs. The Sumerians, Egyptians, and various pre-Inca civilizations in south America. It’s quite extensive. There are various theories between the different star systems and whatnot, but the Doggon’s knowledge of astrology proves they knew FAR more than we give them credit for as there is NO way they could have known about Sirius B.

      The reptilian creators is very interesting. Sometimes they’re called feathered serpents, or fish people, but they’re more or less universal throughout antiquity.

      I suggest reading Graham Hancock’s books. He and Randall Carlson were on Joe Rogan which was great. Also, Gaia is well worth the $10/mo. I believe “After Skool” has some episodes of their “ancient civilizations” series available on YouTube. I can not recommend them highly enough. Very well done and more scientifically based than ancient aliens, but just as interesting.

      The point is, we can’t even begin to comprehend what we don’t know.

  58. Jhoward says:

    So if the federal government is trying to have people turn family members in, at what point do we start fighting for real? This is the kind of thing that the Nazis, the Soviets, and the Maoists did before committing genocide. If we do nothing, do we resign ourselves to death and subjugation? Do we quietly allow this to happen to us for the sake of not being violent? Or do we stand up and put a hard line down and say “If you cross this line, it’s a revolution”?

  59. fat_cyborg says:

    I love your show. If I knew how to write I’d write for you.

  60. TsPOon911 says:

    Tim pool needs to watch cowboys and aliens. His theory is the premise.

  61. FloradaMike says:

    So if the bible were to be true, wouldn’t this “Kill Switch” be “The Rapture”?

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      Those who belive in pretrib rapture have a theory where mass disappearances of people would be explained away by some sort of alien action. Those left behind experience the events in Revelation.

      However, I think there will be no pretrib rapture – all of us are in for the long haul. That means experiencing the deceptions and lying signs and wonders perpetrated by the antichrist and evil demonic spirits.

      • Necro_P_Hagist says:

        FirstThesselonian exactly as I read it. I kind of get twitchy when people start talking about the End Times; they all think it’s great because they’ll get zooped off the planet while the faithless suffer, and I’m like “huh, I never read that bit in Revelation…” Pretty sure most are going to see strange happenings in the sky and claim it’s Christ. Tip. Top. Irony.

  62. UppityG says:

    I thought I was gonna see/hear Pool read from Malice’s book here — wha? If Malice is Ashkenazy Jew bloodline, this would help explain why he’s so dang smart.

    If DMT will smooth out Crossland’s convo Tourettes, then I’d like to see him ingest it at the top of every show. Thank you.

    Also, I haven’t commented here in a while because the comment section is still janky. Looking forward to the upgrade soon.

  63. Kshthymyla says:

    That would make an excellent movie. A bunch of the typical Q theories would make an excellent TV series, too. Like, as close to reality as you can get away with, but the Q stuff is all true.

    • Oreochild says:

      Why does nobody talk about Donald trump’s kid is named Barron trump. He will be the future

    • UppityG says:

      No, the Q stuff is not true. You’ve been played.

      • MFnHammer says:

        I’m NOT a Q ‘follower’. That said, much of what was said, was true. There definitely was a bit of BS mixed in. TBH, I think it was a PSYOP to placate people. The ‘great’ Q was giving a peak behind the curtain, all the while saying, ‘trust the plan'(keeping people placated). It’s VERY possible that it was run by the ‘elites’/deepstate themselves, again imho.

  64. Chrisj2000 says:

    From just a sentence you can get a paragraph worth of information. From a word you can get a sentence. There is so much hidden information and wisdom compacted into mundane things, it’s just a matter of us noticing it’s there. This is the hidden fractal pattern permeating through reality

  65. Element says:

    Any conspiracy theory that the powers that shouldn’t be are good are actually good people is definitely crazy.

  66. says:

    Dreams can be foreshadowing. One way to learn from your dreams is to write them down as soon as you wake.

    • Tim_Pool says:

      Yeah but that takes forever!! Next thing u know u just spent an hour… But there’s a book that has five or seven steps to dream decoding that makes it much simpler & basically works!
      it’s something like ‘7 steps to decoding your dreams’ or something… the steps are actually online so it’s free

  67. GreyWanderWolf says:

    I broke through once, i saw a entity. It really cant be explained but i will try.
    I was bodyless in a void when a gaint snake like machine came upon me. It was a living machine, it watched me, i watched it. No communication. It wasnt good, and it wasnt evil. When i came too i couldn’t believe it.
    I used to use acid every month or so, and smoked dmt regularly. I have yet to trip since. I still think about that thing in there, i feel its presence every so often.

  68. NoOne123 says:

    That dream. I think your body is actually trying to tell you something. I don’t mean to be a demoralization shill but from what i’ve been watching it doesn’t look like the right has been making very many gains and has in fact been losing ground consistently. The culture war honestly looks lost. There IS some push back in regards to people pushing back against CRT and Antifa/BLM but in the grand scheme of things those seem to be distractions compared to the actual threat that is the World Economic Forum(WEF) and their, “Great Reset”. I don’t see any push back whatsoever from anyone that matters against that particular agenda and THAT is where the real war is and they continue to meet their quarterly goals right on schedule. Does it maybe look a little sloppy to the outsider? Sure. Are they still achieving their goals? Absolutely.

    Lets review.
    – Bill Gates(and others) owns over 250k acres of farmland (controlling food supply)
    – Black Rock owns and continues to buy out entire neighborhoods (controlling housing)
    – Big Tech owns much of the online space and controls what you can and cant say on their platforms
    – Federal and Intelligence Agencies monitoring and going after political dissidents online and offline.
    – Military vetting those who it recruits
    – White house secured and controlled by many officials who have ties to Black Rock and other similar companies
    – Mandatory Vaccines/Covid Passports pushed. There’s push back on this but those are minor speed bumps and there are many ways to get around local government bans. The big thing is restricting air travel.
    – Financial collapse of the dollar and movement towards a digital currency.
    – The west coast is controlled by those who are in lockstep with the WEF agenda. Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently signed onto the, “zero emissions by 2050” agenda which is part of the WEF plan.

    i could keep going but i’ll just stop there. It honestly looks like we’ve lost and are in more of the clean up stage. Maybe something crazy will happen with that Arizona audit and the audits of other states but i think the most optimistic thing that will come from that is, “yes they cheated.” and maybe they might try to pass some laws that may or may not get signed that more effectively secure future elections but that doesn’t say much to the situation now. By the time we get to elect a new president we’ll already be halfway through the “Great Reset” agenda.

    One last thing about Tim’s dream. I don’t know if there’s anywhere else in the world you can actually flee too. When control has been secured of the most powerful countries in the world, what can smaller countries do to resist them? Nothing really.

  69. Plastdunk says:

    very close to “operation looking glass” now with tesla 🙂

  70. AceG says:

    Great job mate the world needs hero’s like you to inspire

  71. SermonFapple says:

    Can we get some bonus content on conspiracies you all find possible or perhaps just enjoy? Not that these arnt great, but I would totally like to hear something that you have some genuine interest in.

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    Dude this is such a mischaracterization of the relationship of the ‘elite’ and this virus. It’s obvious to me what the ‘real’ conspiracy is w the vax: mRNA is a non-invasive way of gene therapy that can ‘man-in-the-middle’ the protein folding process. This is an incredibly powerful, profound piece of medical technology that will allow you to manipulate gene expression without having to modify (or even sample) someone’s DNA. You can’t just CRISPR every single cell in someones body to ‘fix’ their DNA… but you can use mRNA fragments and viral delivery to effectively alter the process the DNA is using and change fundamentally alter it’s expression.

    So now, how do you test this medicine? Well, the truth is mRNA and transcriptomics are over a decade old and never pass animal trials. Animal DNA is different than ours. It can’t be tested on animals to get definitive results. Then, the next substantial issue is, once it’s tested, what can it do? I, personally think the elite know that they will be able to eat a pill and live forever. I think it’s that strong. Which is why it would make sense that we need to test it on humans, with or without their consent.

    Whatever though, you know? “Ask your doctor!” Right? Alien theories… lol. Idk man makes me feel like Tim Pool is CIA just for saying this. He’s probably not tho. But still.

    • BrooksDuBois says:

      Dude… okay… I may have spoke too soon,. Hearing about your dream is upsetting for me. I had a dream you guys were at my house doing ur show off of my laptop (for some reason, I may have fell asleep listening). So, the dream was we were in my room and all the sudden the office chair in my room starts like moving me around in big circles. It’s distracting, so Ian pulls me aside to the other room and asks about it. He’s like ‘dude wtf ur messing w the show?’ and I’m like ‘nah man its not me it’s aliens or something! Tractor beams!!’ and I like didn’t know how to explain. I wasn’t moving the chair.

      Then, we look outside and we see a car floating in the air. I called the police. Then multiple cars started floating in the air and people came outside noticing. Ian and I were looking like def like ‘wtf?!?’ lol, cars floating in the air, the police showing up, people gathering in the street, the show was ruined. The dream ended with police knocking and me accusing you of being cia and you took off your hat and your hair fell out, you grew old, smiled, I woke up. Creepy AF.

      Damn dude you probably are having some anxiety about what you do, either that or it was a serious warning. Either way haha, I take it back, just like struck by what you said in the context of my dream, and the ‘theme’ of all of this…

    • Drinks says:

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    • BrooksDuBois says:

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    • Karnieasada says:

      I NEED to ADD that I want to believe in Tim I really do. But, I just don’t feel it anymore, I feel he is just letting whoever come on and spout whatever just to get clicks. Just seeing him burn so many bridges and lie so much just makes my skin crawl. Like I know half the stories he tells about how HE stood up to the law are fake. I’m a fucking felon and I know that shit is just tough talk. Just be real, for once in your life tell us the truth about you, or show papers that those charges were dropped I still have all mine so where are yours? I want to see the papers.

      • Karnieasada says: Still waiting for him to address this? With his OWN brother?

        • Rawdog says:

          Just watched the interview. Watched the Quartering video. Thought about some of the things Tim has said that involve his brother. Everybody seems reasonable. Some issues I have with the situation:
          1) Tim starts a new company in a guerilla move but keeps the same name…NOT COOL.
          2)Tim was doing some conflation when he told people that his brother wasn’t doing anything & therefore didn’t deserve any part of the company( I may have misheard some of that). Either way, I am seeing some lack of internal, logical consistency. Logical consistency is what separates the effective from the non-effective, the grifter from the hustler. I need to evaluate this further.

          This last point is something that I noticed which IMO points to character and morals. Very important when evaluating these types of situations.

          3)Tim lies about being poor. His family was not poor, they were upper working class/lower middle class. One does not go to Occupy Wall Street if one is poor. One works constantly to put food on the table & pay rent. If you have some ability to make money as a child, you ARE NOT POOR. You are “California Poor” (I was so poor that at 14 I only made 300/mo). NOT COOL.
          There were definitely some dick moves going on there. In my internal debate, Tim is losing at this time. I am going to spend the next couple of days checking this out. If there are no more posts from me…

          • Rawdog says:

            So I did some cursory research…I think that we are being trolled…It appears that the only people who are upset are the people around this story. The 2 participants seem to not be that upset…

    • MFnHammer says:

      🤔Bringing ‘fact checking’ into the equation, doesn’t really hold water. You realize that, right? The ‘fact checkers’ CONSTANTLY lie, knowingly, omittingly, and/or blatantly. There’s zero debate there. So you’re ‘gripe’ is what again? One POSSIBLE ‘mistake’ that he talked about off the top of his head from 2012!? Yeah, you’ve already revealed your self to be a clown.

      If you would have brought up the prior business venture WITHOUT the other BS, you would have at least been a ‘believable’ troll. Try a bit harder next time, but DO keep subscribing, and giving your money to something you don’t ‘believe’ in🤣😂. It’s the only way you’ll be able to keep trying.


    • pmdouglas says:

      Yup Luke is totally misrepresenting/misremembering his own video. Schiff said he will vote for mittens over gary johnson in the general. I happened to vote for gary myself but he certainly is no ron paul. and schiff actually said if ron paul was the nominee he would be voting for him enthusiastically. Def have schiff on he thinks btc will fail because he doesnt know how to reconcile it with his understanding of economics.

    • FACTBOT5000 says:

      I looked up the Schiff video too and it was all there. What do you think was missing?
      Tim’s brother was in a recent castcastle episode, so it looks like it’s all cool now.
      Everyone who comes successful fails along the way. Past failure does not indicate anything about the future. Current successes, on the other hand…

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    I am hopeful and optimistic that we are stronger than they, because in the end Good always prevails over evil.

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  90. Sc0rp10N says:

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  91. DogFacePonySold1er says:

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    UFO/UAP are SOOOOO scary ‘now’, BUT they wouldn’t even acknowledge them, UNTIL now. Are there really people who will buy into this BS? Really??? By the way, if aliens can travel the stars, and do it faster than the speed of light. I’m pretty sure they could have got rid of us A LOOOONG time ago. If their aliens, their technology is ALREADY so advanced, it kind of doesn’t even matter🤔. BUT, their ‘threats’ now. GTFOH, they need a new boogey man because all their old ones aren’t working anymore! Period, full stop! If their aliens, and they officially call them a threat, I HOPE they make their presence known to man(NOT through govts), and enlighten human kind to the SCUM thats been ‘running’ things(I know that’s VERY hopefully, and not probably, BUT wouldn’t be AWESOME!)!

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  102. Steven.white says:

    I want to hear some fun conspiracy. So where is all the gold from Pompeii here’s a living city that and 79AD A volcano irrupt‘s and everyone dies no credit cards just gold coins as currency every shop every wealthy man should’ve had hordes of gold coins but there has only been a few found. So maybe Loki got it right and somebody time traveled and stole all the gold. LOL

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