Crew Calls Out CREEPY Google Results About COVID, Is This An Artificial Intelligence Manipulating Causing COVID Panic?

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Crew Calls Out CREEPY Google Results About COVID, Is This An Artificial Intelligence Manipulating Causing COVID Panic?

145 responses to “Crew Calls Out CREEPY Google Results About COVID, Is This An Artificial Intelligence Manipulating Causing COVID Panic?”

  1. Sindriss says:

    Just because an article has a name attached to it doesn’t mean it wasn’t written by an ai. Look here

    • SIMONTACCHI says:

      2 out of 3 people have some degree of Neuroticism, 2 out of 25 will be institutionalized in their lifetime, so there are about 8 out of 25 that are fairly normal. In a country of 324 million there would be around 200 Million that would freak out to some degree, and some would lose it, just based on the News and not even knowing anybody with COVID.

  2. adamelawrence80 says:

    Who is the blonde in the red…she’s hot AF!

  3. Globalwarmer says:

    Every time I log onto the BoA app, they tell me “Erica” wants to talk to me if I need help. How do we know the “author” is a real person, just because they have a name?

  4. says:

    Ask the universe if COVID exist, then take a hit of DMT. You’ll get the answers.

  5. says:

    Ask the universe if COVID exist, then take a hit of DMT. You’ll get the answers.

  6. says:

    Here’s a shocker. I’m NOT crazy. COVID doesn’t even exist…
    Think about it. Modern day warfare, psychological.

  7. Bignate says:

    Ivory was awesome at Ch26 in houston. She was the reason I tuned in to the evening program here in H-town.

  8. GuidingSails says:

    Tim…. the “pick 3 numbers” thing actually isn’t that surprising. It’s basic stats. There are a shitload of areas in the world. From states, to cities, to countries, to locales…. whatever…. there’s thousands.

    So the idea that, in the course of 1 1/2 years, EVER possible number from 1-999 would be used honestly isn’t that surprising.

    We’re talking about 1,000 different possible random values. With ~500 days of possible days and 10’s of thousands of cities, states, provinces, counties, locales…….. it shouldn’t be a surprise that you can do this.

    • ssullivan says:

      You missed the entire point of the story. Remove the 500+ days from your equation and reduce it to the past 2-3 days. Now it IS statistically significant and highly unlikely.

      This isn’t finding every number within a chart of statistical data, this is someone/something taking the time to write a story using each number on a regular basis. As they said, this was first reported on over a year ago and has been ongoing since.

    • Legion307 says:

      Yeah but they aren’t using old articles they are using most recent that’s what makes it creepy

  9. Dzikun says:

    The simping is real in this comment section. She has some integrity it seems but so do many other people applying have and also talent to boot. Don’t go simping allover her just because she is a vaguely attractive.

    Also… I wonder how Ian was before the drugs… How much of his mind was destroyed . Don’t do drugs kids… It’s degeneracy.

  10. Macatac007 says:

    Tim, dude, what, please hire Ms. Ivory! Y’all had some great chemistry! Last but not least, she gave you the look, you know, the look! Hire Ivory Hire Ivory Hire Ivory Hire Ivory Hire Ivory Hire Ivory Hire Ivory! Don’t make the biggest mistake of your young business business life!!!

  11. Martin9 says:

    Isnt Google an arm of the USA military structure with Eric Schmidt still in the defense department after the change of administrations?

  12. Vashts1985 says:

    “where does all the trash go, like…”

    idk Ian. to the fucking trash dump???

    dont do drugs kids.

  13. Zacchaeus says:

    TIMMM!!!! Give this lady a fact salary and put her out on the field, she’s spicy, and wants to know the truth! Do everything you can to get her and more reporters like her. I’ve shared a couple videos on my TikTok on top of my news segments to get the Timcast news out. My goal is to be hired by you one day. Zacchaeus out of Portland Oregon

    • Frost27 says:

      She’s amazing. Smart, tenacious, and driven to not only to chase a story to the end but tell the real story when she does. We need more people like her in media, there aren’t many anymore.

    • Bignate says:

      I loved how she looked at him when he asked her if she was looking for work. That was a tell for sure. I hope she joins the band.

  14. UppityG says:

    Pool, when you say “what if some kid (someone new to the planet, who inherently trusts technology and the media, esp corporate legacy media) says to his grandma (someone experienced, who has been both young and old, someone who has some degree of wisdom above that of someone who has not yet been old) “hey grandma, covid cases are going down” and then she jumps onto google and it says cases are going up, and then she turns to the kid and says “Google says they’re going up!” — what the actual fuck? No! No no no no no. Stop smearing elders as stupid, gullible, and easy to manipulate. It is a popular trope among the young because they are tired of being wrong, of being told they’ve made a mistake, they’re eager to be an adult already so they can prove they’re not stupid. What too many of us fail to do is teach our kids that making mistakes is their job and it is really just a lesson on what to do/not do the next time.

    I know you know your mother and father are wiser than you. In fact they may be so wise that when you tell them covid cases are going down, they jump onto google and see the opposite, they turn to you and say “says here the opposite” it’s not because they just believe google. No. They may not look like it to you, but they are weighing what they’ve learned in their heads. Then they just might test you to see if you will question yourself or if you will substantiate your claim. And they wait. They go about their day and will wait and see. Or they might put the whole thing in the back of their heads because really, they don’t care.

    Most young people don’t notice when their parents do little sleights of hand to avoid bruising their child’s feelings because when a child over-reacts to being told an unhappy truth (they cry, they act crushed), parents instantly start formulating ways to break it to them easier the next time. Keep that in mind.

    There’s a marvelous movie I recommend everyone see: “Born Yesterday”, 1950, Judy Holliday, Broderick Crawford, Wm. Holden. Holliday plays a “dumb” blonde.

    Have a nice day.

    • ssullivan says:

      I could not disagree with you more. I don’t know what kind of dynamics go on in your household but statistically, they’re certainly anomalous and do NOT reflect the greater population.

      Your presumption that older people are generally wiser is true when external factors are lacking, HOWEVER, now pretend that these older people have spent their lives being indoctrinated.

      A more extreme example would be an older person who had been in a cult for their entire life. The same principle applies.

      Statistically speaking, women over 60 – particularly college educated ones – are one of the most susceptible to believing “authoritarian news sources” like CNN.

      Boomers were the first generation to be truly exposed to the ‘programming’ of having a TV in their house growing up and the first generation where a large portion went to college.

      They grew up in the days of believing that you could trust what you saw on the television and read in a newspaper.

      You’re assuming that older people are willing to suddenly have their entire world turned upside down by believing everything they see on CNN is fake. That’s a hard pill to swallow for many people.

      Most people go through their lives accepting certain things as true and turning off their brains. YES, older people have far more life experience but this generation hasn’t needed to compile wisdom or survival skills because their government and the TV has done it for them.

  15. sgtspanky says:

    As far as I am aware any party of the conversation can decide to record in a 1 party state, that means Ivory can decide to record any time she chooses (In a 1 party state obviously) as she is part of the conversation without asking or telling anyone at all

  16. MZero1294 says:

    This was heckin’ great! Yes, Ian. We live in a society.

  17. BlueAnon says:

    I’m actually the dude who figured this out.

  18. Wilson says:

    For over a week I can’t see any of the members only content. When I click on any video I get this “We post immediately which means the video may be encoding, it will take just a minute” but the video never loads. I have sent a message with no response. What do I do?

  19. polywana says:

    Was hoping youd ask if she was looking for work 🙂

  20. Turk_Longwell says:

    In the extreme is the book… ‘Robopocalypse” . (great 2 books series)
    An AI now runs the world.
    We have said… Fear Sells Tickets.
    The Stories Still Continue,
    Dun Dun Duunnnnn…

  21. Baronhalt8 says:

    When Biden took office (literally Jan 20th) the WHO “announced” that they were testing Covid differently. The whole thing is f’d up. 2020 was a lie. Nothing about it was real. Talk about a “Cabal”

  22. B3hemoth44 says:

    Have Dr.Saladino on talks about how Diet effects health and chronic sickness as well as several other health benefits might not be directly related to politics but he is counter culture.

  23. Mike280zx says:

    looks like you found a new journalist, hire her!!!!

  24. GingerGoat says:

    The psilocybin discussion is always fun, I’m currently reading The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku and it is all about the mysteries of Eleusis and psychedelics possible role in it along with its connection to early Christianity.

  25. Johnli says:

    Tim said zerio. Tim is becoming Joe himself. He been having lots of slip up moments.

  26. Galgacus says:

    Has anyone considered that hiring someone who is famous for telling on their past employer isn’t very appealing?

    This doesn’t mean that what she did was wrong, it just means as an employer, you have to consider that they could do the same to you and possibly show you in an unflattering light incase there is a disagreement.

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      Well her story is that her superiors were squashing real stories that would help the viewers, causing a principle line to be crossed – either tow the line or blow the whistle. Tims gig wouldn’t try to censor the reporters.

    • hazlema says:

      Nothing too worry about, if you are not withholding the truth from people then there is no problem. I would prefer a whistle blower to join because they would tell us if something was wrong (ensuring Timcast stays honest)

  27. Rachael says:

    Lmao, I love how excited Ian got after Luke told about how he used natural remedies to help his issue.

  28. Plastdunk says:

    Luke.. you seem more serious, have somthing happened? u seems to cooler and wiser… like a teenager that have finally grown up to an adolt.

    if so, dont tell Ian how and that it can actually happen 🙂

  29. Fxs888 says:

    You want to be othered say building 7, say patriot act is a stalinist law…

  30. 50715 says:

    No offense, but her story is like -made- for Tim’s attention.
    Hope Luke checks her background, because seriously should be concerned about infiltration these days.

    • Murtag says:

      @50715 So you believe veritas publishes lies? Or that all her video’s are fabricated? I don’t think Tim needs Luke to run his business for him. There’s a reason Tim hasn’t straight up said that he’s gonna hire her. Probably going through a process first which may involve a background check.

    • qMUGbCKFQkdH says:

      Try inverting that: perhaps Ivory Hecker knew about Tim needing a new reporter and went out with a bang as a great self-directed story to get hired here. If true, then she deserves to get hired! 🙂

  31. Robobagpiper says:

    The husband of a friend of mine in Houston was in the hospital for COVID. His wife posted that he was being treated with Ivermectin by his doctors on FB in a world-renowned Houston Medical Center hospital, and the assholes at FB inserted a warning about “dangerous unapproved treatments”.

    The censorship is incredibly creepy. Its like they want people to die from COVID.

  32. Staylor88 says:

    Gotta say Tim, you kinda man haldled that tease and job offer. No finesse at all, but i still love ya’ll.

    Ps any chance of tours out west? I live in wy and ut.

  33. KTickett says:

    Great closing but we already know 😉

  34. PeterOrchard says:

    I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this woman. That makes me happy. Keep up the good work Tim!

  35. Fringedhorizon says:

    TIMOTHY EVELYN DAVID POOL!! I swear to God you had better higher this reporter. She is obviously one of the only ones left with integrity and a passion to find the truth no matter the consequences.

  36. Chrisj2000 says:

    We need to reintegrate with nature, the more we try to make the world a lab setting the more we separate ourselves from the things that will one-day eventually destroy us. Also on the 3 numbers and 666, Jesus said he was the first and last Adam. Adam was created on the 6th day and thus 6 is the number of man (humanity). Miracles also come in threes. There is a reason any verse involving the number in the bible states that deciphering this requires understanding and being wise.

    • Thomas says:

      Antibiotics are also used preventively on many animals for the meat industry. farmers do this because the margins are so small. the government hardly does anything about this because the pharmaceutical industry here has a nice constant decrease in antibiotics

  37. Smitty says:

    Tim left us on the biggest cliffhanger there at the end.

  38. willc233 says:

    I’d hire Ivory just to have the daily ‘What the Hecker’ report.

  39. ProofofParadox says:

    all of these ask your doctor if __ is right for you bits are real drugs and tim doesn’t even know change my mind

  40. BreadBox says:

    Am I the only one that googled whether or not Tim has a girlfriend to see if Ivory could fulfill that role as well? Both brilliant humans doing great things and Tim deserves some lovin👍

  41. Rockermom96 says:

    The chat was insane tonight, yelling to Tim to hire Ivory. We all love the fact she told the man to stick it live on tv. She is exactly what we expect when we think about the future of Timcast in 5 years. I hope we also get to hear her music, does anybody remember when Tim was doing music on Friday nites to end the week? We could use some of that again…….

  42. says:

    You happened to have my favorite numbers and half my passwords out there so no I gotta change them all

  43. Prinnylord123 says:

    I agree with everyone here get her on your team.

  44. jacobmeacham says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if she was hired right there on the spot after Tim stopped the video lol

  45. Bkeliason says:

    I’m watching this at 2:30 Central Time as you got to your numbers and had typed up 420 cases prior to you guys getting to it and I got the exact same web search almost simultaneously as I watched. Now says 9hrs ago

  46. BurlyD says:

    Great show, looking forward to the new staff.

  47. HotSauceage says:

    F! Yeah! Long time subscriber to everything. I was amazed at the guest you pulled for the night. Amazing crew!

  48. Elmerj3 says:

    Welcome aboard Ivory! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  49. zigdan says:

    No Agenda Podcast has been on top of COVID-19 since last year. As early as January 2020 and they’ve been the most reliable source of calling out the B.S.

  50. SpecialK556 says:

    Hire her lol

  51. Anno713 says:

    Keep up the good fight!

  52. ItsDaFish says:

    “Timcast is the equivalent of the glasses in the movie They Live”


  53. LiquidLogic says:

    One of my favorite episodes! I really believe in what you’re doing and I have no problem contributing every month because I know you are sincere in your attempts to tell the truth.

    I also love how everybody there makes music as well!

    Let us all change the world together!

  54. itsmb8 says:


  55. lettergram says:

    It appears probably there are 26,000+ deaths from the COVID19 vaccines

  56. Nichole says:

    Thank you for standing up and getting evidence before saying anything. Sharing what you have experienced and trying to get others to stand with you. This is how we get the true news every where. With the video proof I have proved to others who didn’t believe now do. We will make it together and honestly. God bless all in this journey for truth and what is right!

    • Texasrob@patriot says:

      Great work. I spent a fair share of my early evening on fox26 yt vids hammering them in the comments. As a houstonian, I see what’s happening to this and other big cities and July 16, I close on my farmhouse on 13 acres. Renting out my condo and will have my own lake! Thanks Ivory for your courage.

  57. Lastandtheleast says:

    Fk you Tim! Lol

  58. DEE-F-DUB says:

    This is the kinds of news that needs to be on youtube.

  59. CapnK023 says:

    Micro-dosing psychedelic mushroom chocolates for a couple weeks, helped me quit drinking cold turkey after a 10 year binge. Worked magic with the cravings and withdrawal. Over 80 days sober so far

  60. frankaron says:

    WOW, this is exactly why I subscribed here for awhile now. Keep up the good work, Tim.

  61. GambitB says:

    I am looking forward to seeing news reports and other content from Ivory Hecker on Timcast!

  62. Floyd says:

    Give her a job, you little shit!

  63. DystopianUtopia says:


  64. Lacktorium says:

    should check out the game We Happy Few, i wonder if that is where we are heading.

  65. PandaSub2000 says:

    Love Ian.

    • qMUGbCKFQkdH says:

      I just join and I’m rather satisfied that Ian gets more time & respect in the members segments. I love hearing from the guy even when I disagree with him. 🙂

  66. DocwoodMD says:

    New member, hearing tim say f**k is oddly refreshing lol

  67. Elated_Echo says:

    That better be a legitimate job offer!!

  68. Hurrad says:

    Gab Gab Gab Are you looking for work?
    OK Every one thanks for watching see you tomorrow.

    He could not end this bonus video fast enough to talk Business with her. If he hires her even as a freelancer we have hit the jack pot. Pray to what ever god you pray to we might have an amazing Journalist to read or see videos from soon.

  69. DorseyWoods says:

    I’m awake… and I’m genuinely not afraid to speak out. Issue for me is, my FB was more or less shut down for posting “misinformation “ that has since been revealed as fact. Then my speaking truth at work made all the snowflakes rat me out to my boss for not being a sheep and hurting their feelings and now I’m not allowed to speak on anything political, religious, or anything that simply goes against the given narrative of any topic. I fully support my family so my wife can stay home with the wee one and the job I have pays well enough to accommodate that because the business is well reputed and more or less the best of the best for the area. My mortgage and other bills rely on this job. So until I can find a substitute for said job I’m forced to deal with it. Truly miserable doing something I love and have done for a decade and a half. Tim should hire me so I can move (further) into the sticks and support my family while doing what I’m driven to do… inform the sheep and build culture.

    • says:

      I work for a large corporation that’s gone totally woke. They’re not only requiring unconscious bias training and pushing equity language, but, they just announced that our end of year reviews (salary increases) will be contingent on our managers subjective assessment of our ability to live into these new company values.

      We all work remote (from home) and now interact with people from all over the country, whereas less than only a year ago I only interacted with other Texans.

      There was a “diversity” training session where a manager said: “Can you send me more material on micro-aggressions? Earlier this week someone had some sort of facial twitch and I’m not sure if they should have been reprimanded for a micro aggression or not.”

      It’s insane. (as Tim would say)

      If I had an exit strategy I would have just quit, but, my family depends on my paycheck and I don’t have an exit strategy (yet). In the meantime, I started recording everything while trying to carefully craft difficult to argue with concerns about the direction of the company’s culture (Tim’s advice of NOT using CRT-language, nor other language traps set by the woke was very similar to what I felt was needed) and I’ll found allies within the company that are helping me pursue this risky “inside job.” Instead of “exposing” what everyone already sees with their own eyes, we’re trying to effect change. The narrow path is risky and difficult – – – quitting and walking away doesn’t seem like the right thing to do…what if we change everything?

      Tim…I feel like you’ve read some of my comments before, so, if that’s the case: I’m a litigation adjuster who reads thousands of pages of medical records to find inconsistencies with the deposition statements made by well-coached plaintiffs who immediately went out and hired ambulance-chasing attorneys after having a wreck with my customers who need us to pay for their defense…after combing through all the evidence fleshed out by lawyers and private investigators I hire, I decide if we should risk trial or, not…my point in telling you this? If my long-game of trying to turn the trajectory of this corporate ship doesn’t play out, I’d make a good fact-checker for your team and there’s no reason I couldn’t work remotely from San Antonio, Tx – I could also do PI work at the border – I look forward to seeing you live show when it comes to Austin, which is only 30 mins away

  70. says:

    I haven’t watched the members only, yet, so my comment was about the live stream…from the other comments it seems I was right

  71. Ray3D says:

    Bro, You could just type the Number you don’t even need to type “COVID Cases” and hit the news tab in Google.

  72. says:

    There was such an undercurrent for this show – my wife was like “you 2 just kiss already!” I told her no, no…what you’re sensing is that the guest wants to work for Tim and Tim is trying to be coy about it. It wouldn’t be a professional setting to bring it up live, but, it was priceless sensing the undercurrent all the way here in Texas.

    Tim…your crew could use a pretty reporter who’s got guts, integrity and a nose for sniffing out the story…not to mention she’s a unemployed musician who hobbies in fitness! She can show how to really use that treadmill! Maybe a duet one day…

    Hiring her while she’s hot in the media would be a smart move and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to continually prove herself along the way…you know how it goes: when the door of opportunity opens, all you have to do is walk through it.

    There was a good chemistry between Luke and your guest as well. It was hilarious seeing Ian intimidated by the pretty blonde in the room! I love ya Ian!

  73. SenorSenpai says:

    In Penny Lane, there is a barber showing photographs
    Of every head he’s had the pleasure to know
    And all the people that come and go
    Stop and say hello
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    Penny Lane

  74. Mini_Swaggz says:

    That ending was a dick move lmaoo

  75. In Victoria, Australia randomly typing numbers & Civid Cases, as you guys are doing, and getting similar “stories” except that they relate to things in Australia mainly. This is creepy

  76. Mccmatt says:

    Sparkin up for 42,069. Blaze it.

  77. StateKarnage says:

    Biggest cliff hanger ever….. Did you get her onboard or not!?

  78. JiltedValkyrie says:

    Have you hired her yet?

  79. TheComedian says:

    Good for her. Glad some people still have integrity.

  80. MikeM says:

    That’s not a checkerboard, tim. That’s go. That’s literally the game go. So if that’s what’s happening, that means it’s on purpose. Those people aren’t woke; they’re being run by someone.

  81. Acyour says:

    Tim is a fool if he does not give this woman a job

  82. Ghxstleader says:


  83. Cristiano says:

    Lol, that cliffhanger… good stuff, gang!

  84. micha_elw says:

    Great show everyone! Where can I get more info about the guests?

    • says:

      Your right they should have a guest bio page Orr something and then put the link here and in the main show podcast show notes

    • In Victoria, Australia randomly typing numbers & Civid Cases, as you guys are doing, and getting similar “stories” except that they relate to things in Australia mainly. This is creepy…

      • JiltedValkyrie says:

        I haven’t used Google as my main search engine in YEARS. DuckDuckGo, even on the news tab… typed a random number (699) and it just talks about graphics card prices, votes, and such. No mention of COVID at a glance.

  85. Graysfang says:

    Awesome show, but yall need a web developer?

  86. MusicKitty says:

    Enjoyed the show tonight. Ivory you are strong and I wish you good luck with your future. You are going to do some amazing things.

  87. JamesEagle says: keeps getting better.

  88. xBlitzAce1989x says:

    Awesome guest! I became a new member tonight after hearing Ivory Hecker’s story and it really inspired me. I’m a graduate student in the mental health field and I am debating on whether or not I even want to continue. The field has become insanely “woke” and I lost my worksite last September all because I refused to protest in the name of BLM. I have also experienced first-hand clinical meetings where a far-left CRT narrative is being pushed. Thanks to this story, I might start recording the insane things being pushed.

  89. Dad_Teaches says:

    Future feature for the website – allow members to clip 1 minute of the after hours to share on social media.

  90. empire92892 says:

    AWESOME guest!

  91. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Fact check.
    Are Timcast and Project Veritas working secretly together to poach the best of America’s journalists?
    Mostly false.
    Tim can’t cook.

  92. TheDarkworld says:

    One way or another this girl’s got a job.

  93. NC_NATE says:

    Great show tonight everyone!!!